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Review Platincoin - Scam or legit

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PLATINCOIN is an innovative cryptosystem which combines a learning academy, a revolutionary hybrid blockchain technology, a trendy business platform and a social network. Today, these business directions are viewed as the most popular and profitable ones on the multibillion market of internet technologies.



One of the PLATINCOIN cryptosystem benefits is a team of international experts working for Platin Genesis DMCC company. This team makes every effort to develop and promote PLATINCOIN brand. The company is expanding its investment portfolio by acquiring precious metals and participating in lucrative business projects.

The mission of Platin Genesis DMCC is to make complicated crypto technologies available to mass audience which is not well-versed in IT and to decrease the digital divide.


  • Platin genesis DMCC real assets
  • Unique security system
  • Innovative learning platform
  • Investment in the future
  • Technology breakthroughs
  • Global presence


PLC Academy is an electronic learning platform providing materials on the theory of cryptography and blockchain technology as well as materials on the basics and strategies for successful online business promotion and effective sale communication.


PLC Business is a platform for everyone who believes that profitable companies and corporations can grow from a simple idea. The members of the cryptosystem can vote for projects. Their project evaluations may help to understand how interesting various business projects are, whether there is a sales market for them and who potential promoters and buyers of their products are.


PLC Network social network unites people of various ages and nationalities. Due to its tremendous potential, it creates unlimited opportunities of successful personal growth and business development for each of us.


PLC Market online shop based on the PLATINCOIN platform aims to provide real services and sell mass consumption products. The company comprehensively verifies information on seller identities and effected payments, monitors sellers compliance with their obligations and return policy.

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After reading the white paper my interest is totally gone: no philanthropic project here-> you gonna have to pay. 5 to 1000$ what you gonna have? You need to register for know that...
What can you mine? 
Sha-256, so if your not fully equipped this is pointless.
With such criteria no doubt: you never gonna taste the POS too.
It was an interesting project, at the beginning I was thinking "that's weird why it is in the Hyip section? It's a crypto" But finally, I understand the unconscious mistake :).
I don't say it's a scam; I just say it's for investor only.

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