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SPEEDCOIN [SPD] - New Cryptocurrency with Affiliate Program

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Scrypt-Adaptive-Nfactor, RPC: 24776, P2P: 24777


Linux/Source on Github - https://github.com/spdcoin/Speedcoin




Mining Pools (instruction)  - 
http://spd.dgbpool.com  (port 4011) 
Ready to mine 105,000,000 coins
Exchange - 
Press -


Speedcoin is an open source peer-to-peer internet currency that enables instant payments to anyone anywhere in the world. Speedcoin (SPD) is a light version of Bitcoin and makes online transactions easy and efficient. It is based on the Scrypt-Adaptive-Nfactor algorithm. New blocks are generated every 60 seconds. Difficulty is retargeted after each block using the Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm (KGW).
The main problem with any cryptocurrency so far is that it does not spread widely amongst internet users for several reasons. First because crypto coins are mined by a few hundred people only who understand computers well and need to purchase special equipment. So ordinary internet users cannot mine coins and must buy them. 
Speedcoin is quite different. Its main idea is to evenly distribute pre-mined Speedcoins amongst millions of internet users across the world by an OPEN CLEAR process.
The Speedcoin user simply needs to go to Speedcoin and log in to our website entering his Speedcoin address. 100 SPD will be sent to him automatically. To ensure the same user does not use multiple Facebook accounts we request that the user have verified Facebook and 10+ people in his Facebook friend list.
To promote the success of Speedcoin worldwide, we use affiliate programme on our website Speecoin.co and pay 5  Speedcoins  as a Reward for each new user.
Webmasters can place the Speedcoin affiliate link on their website/s and normal users can sent the affiliate link to their friends or publish it in their blogs. In our opinion, any time you use to spread the news of Speedcoin should be rewarded. That is why we made the affiliate programme. It is unknown if other cryptocoins offer such an affiliate service.
A total of 10 Billion Coins (99% of all Speedcoins) are already premined and now the main task is how to properly distribute them through worldwide internet users. Usually people do not like bitcoin forks with premined coins. So we wish to make this distribution process as full and open as possible so everyone can have full information from the start about current status of this valuable tool. Information will include our Speedcoin wallet addresses with premined coins which you can access online yourself through Blockchain Explorer for statistics/information.
The source of the pre-mined Speedcoins are two offline wallets on two computers which are not connected to internet, each containing 5 billion Speedcoins. We will send a small sum of Speedcoins to our website online wallet from these periodically and that online wallet distributes those coins to our users through the internet. Each day statistics on Speedcoin are published on website speedcoin.co – such as how many users there are worldwide and who has received 100 Speedcoins, how many affiliates have been paid to existing users, etc. Affiliate awards are calculated and are paid on the next working day. 
At all times the total of our Offline Wallet 1 and our Offline Wallet 2 and Website Online Wallet plus the sum of all Speedcoins paid through our website to new users and rewards to existing users will be equal to 10 billion Speedcoins.
When you watch statistics on Speedcoin Pre-mined coins (our Offline Wallet1, our Offline Wallet2 and our online website Wallet) through Speedcoin Block Explorer -
you will see that our Offline Wallet1 and Offline Wallet2 send pre-mined coins to our online website Wallet only. From our Online Website Wallet almost all payments are of 100 SPD (payments to new users) and some payments made for affiliates. 
For example, If 1,000 users signup today we will pay 1,000 x 100 SPD = 100,000 SPD to those new users today from our Website Online Wallet. Because some of those new users come through affiliate links, we will pay affiliate rewards tomorrow for those new users. Maximum rewards theoretically need to pay is 1,000 new users x 5 SPD = 5,000 SPD tomorrow. In reality, of course it will be less. Therefore, when you check statistics on our website Speedcoin wallet addresses tomorrow evening and calculate all payments of sums different that 100SPD, you will see the total sum is less than 5,000 SPD.
We will publish new users/affiliate statistics on our website speedcoin.co
We have made very easy to use and nice design of Speedcoin Blockchain Explorer – so  you can easily use and see all transactions for any Speedcoin address includes our pre-mined Speedcoin wallets addresses.
Here are the our Speedcoin Wallets - 
Our Offline Wallet #1 -
Our Offline Wallet #2 - 
Our Online Website Wallet (it autochange every day, we will publish fresh live data on speedcoin.co) -
Total - 10 billion pre-mined SPD and 105 million coins ready to mine
We will publish live statistics on our website speedcoin.co also
We already own some popular and successful websites on the internet on which we promote Speedcoin. Here are some of them – 
a) myip.ms which has a 4,305 position in world internet rating  according to ALEXA (http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/myip.ms) – myip.ms site provide world web hosting analytics to internet users and universities (including Harvard University Library Innovation Laboratory, etc) ; myip.ms is visited by nearly 80,000 people daily.
B)live.myip.ms -  which provides analytics on  many crypto currencies.
c) gcoupon.com and steelads.com - World trading markets using companies worldwide and through various registered business companies;  visited by nearly 30,000 companies/people daily. 
In total our sites are daily visited by more than 100,000 users each day and we already have thousands of subscribed users. 
We are in process of creating a Speedcoin payment gateway for our websites. We will give thousands of our users choices to pay for our services in USD as before or to pay for them in Speedcoins. We have also decided to accept payments in Speedcoins only for some of our services to promote the system further. 
The clarity this offers and the ease of access, which this offers is the key to our success. Speedcoin is a long-term project and we do not wish to complicate its grown. Having said this, we are very open to co-operating with others to make Speedcoin very successful for all users and will always be open to new ideas and suggestions.
How do you get the new Speedcoins?
You have several choices -
1) Get 100 Speedcoins for Free as new user on speedcoin.co. Go to here
2) Join Speedcoin.co affiliate program and get speedcoins as rewards for each new user who downloads a Speedcoin wallet and starts to use it. Go to here
3) Your third choice is to mine new speedcoins. Instruction here
Speedcoin [sPD] Specifications
Speedcoin [sPD] is a lite version of Bitcoin using scrypt-adaptive-N as a proof-of-work algorithm.
 - 1 minute block targets
 - subsidy halves in 2 million blocks (~4 years)
 - 10,105 million total coins
 - 10,000 million premined coins (distribute through http://speedcoin.co)
 - 105,000,000 coins ready to mine
 - 25 coins per block
 - Every block to retarget difficulty with Kimotos Gravity Well algorithm
Official website: http://speedcoin.co
P.S. We made our Speedcoin [sPD] pre-announcement in March 2014 when no forks with a 'Speedcoin' name existed and 
no other pre-announcement of a Speedcoin existed. On middle of April 2014 someone with another fork announced the same name 'Speedcoin' 
but with a different unit name -  'SPC', Speedcoin [sPC].  Because a lot of work has already been done on our fork and since we made our pre-announcement earlier with a different unit name 'SPD', we have kept the our fork name as before which is Speedcoin [sPD]. Cryptocointalk Forum: Our Speedcoin SPD Topic Created on 31 March 2014 - https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/9407-no-date-pre-ann-spd-speedcoin-coming-soon/ Other coin Speedcoin SPC Topic Created on 22 April 2014 (3 weeks later)


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Where can I mine at


You can mine Speedcoins in SOLO mode now.  


Simple download and install Speedcoin Wallet - https://sourceforge.net/projects/speedcoin/files/latest/download


and use instruction http://cryptojunky.com/blog/2014/01/02/beginners-guide-to-litecoin-mining-with-nvidia-graphics-cards/  (process similar to litecoins)

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     Speedcoin [sPD] started yesterday.

     Today, during half day, 708 visitors visit website. It is very-very good.


     Also getnetworkhashps in 100 times higher than yesterday.

     I.e. some people began to mine speedcoins [sPD] in solo mode without waiting any pool. Don't lose your chance also :)


     Google Analytics below -



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New Mining Pools -
http://spd.dgbpool.com (port 4011)

http://digger.pw/speed/ (port 4044)
http://spd.nitro-pool.com (port 3342)

Exchanges -
SPD/BTC - https://coinaccel.com/#market/122
SPD/LTC - https://coinaccel.com/#market/123

Command example for pool mining -

vertminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET -p xxx -v 1 -w 512 -I 13 -g 1 --lookup-gap 2 --gpu-powertune 20,20 --gpu-vddc 1.085 --temp-overheat 85 --temp-cutoff 90 --gpu-memclock 1500,1500 --gpu-engine 1050,1050 --shaders 2560 --thread-concurrency 10240 --gpu-fan 80

You need to download vertminer from here -

windows build: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5n70hj3izjj64y1/vertminer-0.5.3.zip
github source: https://github.com/Bufius/vertminer-gpu.git

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     We have great statistics for first 3 days - 458 wallet downloads.



       Compare with other coins on sourceforge:


       Bitcoin - 2,578 weekly downloads - http://sourceforge.net/projects/bitcoin/?source=directory

       Chinacoin - 28 weekly downloads - http://sourceforge.net/projects/chncoin/?source=directory

       Bitbar coin - 70 weekly downloads - http://sourceforge.net/projects/bitbar/?source=directory

       Our Speedcoin - 458 (3 days only) downloads - http://sourceforge.net/projects/speedcoin/?source=directory




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