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[ANN][ICO] SPINDLE: Blockchain-based investment/asset management platform

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SPINDLE Project Goes in High Gear, to Be Listed on Four Cryptocurrency Exchanges

BLACK STAR&CO., co. ltd, (hereinafter referred to as “BLACK STAR&CO,” head office: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Masamitsu Hirai) has announced that, as part of the SPINDLE project it has been promoting in conjunction with its partners both home and abroad, its SPINDLE tokens (hereinafter referred to as “SPD”) have been listed on four cryptocurrency exchanges around the world by May 21, 2018 (Mon).

HITBTC https://hitbtc.com/exchange/
Yobit https://yobit.net/en/
BTC ALPHA. https://btc-alpha.com/exchange/
Livecoin https://www.livecoin.net/
Exrates https://exrates.me/ (To be listed soon)

This reflects high market expectations for the SPINDLE project and we will strive with our ZETA platform. This listing will give SPD high liquidity and put the project in high gear. SPINDLE/ZETA project started with the hope of promoting investment among the public rather than keeping it exclusive to the wealthy, and now we have proudly created the environment as a first step.

ZETA, the essence of this SPINDLE project, will be operative step by step (for more details, refer to our WP in the SPINDLE website). The expert teams of BLACK STAR GROUP (in the U.K. and Japan) with long years of experience in the financial industry have been promoting the SPINDLE project and ZETA to change the future landscape of investment in cryptocurrency. To realize the philosophy of founders, including early investors who favor the SPINDLE project and the abovementioned expert teams, we will leverage Blockchain and other state-of-art technologies to convert the philosophy into reality.

The listing of SPD is just the beginning to realize our vision. SPD will seek to be listed in more cryptocurrency markets around the world.

SPINDLE Token Issue

Token name and ticker symbol:SPD
Used blockchain :Ethereum ERC20
Type of token:Utility
Registration address of the issuer:4 Bedford Row LONDON, WC1R 4TF, United Kingdom
Total Supply:10,000,000,000 SPD


Telegram Channel:https://t.me/spindlezonechannel

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Hedging Risks on the Crypto Market: Hedge Funds

Masamitsu Hirai



Financial markets open investors up to a whole spectrum of options, offering not just basic instruments such as shares, bonds, and currencies, but also various derivatives: futures, CFDs, options, and so on. Meanwhile, your average investment fund only offers strategies related to buying assets. Such funds’ activities and the financial assets they can manage are strictly regimented by various government and regulatory agencies, while hedge funds are not subject to strict regulation. This allows them to bet on both increases and decreases in the value of a given financial instrument. In this article we will discuss the advantages of hedge funds, their capabilities, and how and where to find a reliable hedge fund with an appropriate strategy for investing in the crypto market.

Check out the full article here

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Your Question to SPINDLE - 2nd Official Webinar!



Join us 5 June, 12pm CET!

Post your question to SPINDLE TEAM on your social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram) using the tag #helloSPINDLE, then share a screenshot of your post in our official Telegram group (https://t.me/spindlezone).

We will choose FIVE questions to answer live during our webinar, and you will earn 30 SPD if your question is featured.



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Your Question to SPINDLE - 2nd Official Webinar


5 June, 12pm CET


Post your question to Spindle on your social media using the tag #helloSPINDLE, then share a screenshot of your post in our official Telegram group (https://t.me/spindlezone).
We will choose FIVE questions to answer live during our webinar, and you will earn 30 SPD if your question is featured.

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Joining Blockchain Industry Alliance Shanghai




BLACKSTAR & CO. has become the first Japanese company to join the Blockchain Industry Alliance Shanghai for its excellence in project performance.


The Blockchain Industry Alliance Shanghai (BIAS) is comprised of excellent Blockchain R&D and related companies/organizations both home and abroad. Under the guidance of Shanghai Institute of Industrial Transformation and Development, they serve as a platform upon which to exchange research ideas among international Blockchain-related corporations for the more practical application of Blockchain technology. Its founding member includes NEO, an up-and-coming smart platform and virtual currency developed by a China-based corporation.


China is now one of the most mature Fintech markets thanks to electronic payments by Ali Pay and TenPay. R&D’s efforts to apply Blockchain technology to society's infrastructure have been highly effective. The induction of BLACKSTAR & CO. to BIAS will contribute to further development of the Blockchain industry through its SPINDLE project, an investment/asset management platform that incorporates Blockchain technology.

Ervin Zhuang, a director of BIAS and a formal member of and advisor to the SPINDLE project, reaffirms the high potential of the SPINDLE project in the Chinese market.


BLACKSTAR & CO. will focus on improving communication with BIAS and on enhancing business in China with the opening of its Shanghai office.

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SPINDLE is an official partner to the 2018 Asia Digital Asset & Blockchain Congress on 2 + 3 July in Tokyo!

Join Evangelist Lina Seiche as she speaks for SPINDLE on the second congress day, 3 July.
Use the discount code “SPINDLE” to get a FREE ticket to the conference:
See you there!

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Fight for Fame and SPINDLE!


SPINDLE sponsors China’s largest e-Sports competition " China Joy"

Spindle will actively support the ChinaJoy event and offer competition winners Spindle Coins as prizes.

"China Joy" competition was held with the world's largest MOBA type PC game "League of Legends" and MOBA-type smartphone game "Kings of glory” which has over 200 million users in China and has become a social phenomenon. The tournament holds after offline qualifying in 10 cities and online qualifying being held, semifinals will be held in July and final match in August will be held.

China Joy is the largest e-Sports competition in China aiming to promote healthy growth and operation of e-Sports in China operated by the China Joy Organization Committee (China Joy Organization Committee) under the guidance of the government. The sponsorship for the event will be a great advantage for expanding the recognition and market acquisition of SPINDLE in the Chinese market.

Since listing on five global cryptocurrency exchanges on May 21, SPINDLE TEAM steadily prepared for developping the Chinese market through joining the Blockchain Industry Alliance Shanghai and setting up the Shanghai office.

Starting with the cooperation for China Joy this time, we are developing a Chinese market with a more aggressive approach and at the same time actively increase the presence of SPINDLE in the game entertainment market and will introduce SPINDLE in the game entertainment market!

Fight for Fame and SPD!

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BLACK STAR & CO. sponsoring the event that hosted by The economist that is the one of the most important political and economic paper in the world, in Hong Kong on 22nd June.




Participating the event "Finance Disrupted" that hosted by The economist that is the world renowned media in Hong Kong, as a sponsor.
This event is held every year to attract a lot of VIPs from financial institutions and companies from all over the world, to give a lecture as a presenter and deepen friendship.


This year, the event will be held at JW Marriott in Hong Kong admiralty, BLACK STAR &CO sponsors it and set up the promotion booth of project "SPINDLE" in the venue on the purpose of raising the perception of project SPINDLE.


Participation in an authoritative media event like this is a proof of the international high confidence of the SPINDLE project.

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SPINDLE appears at TokenSky Tokyo 2018


SPINDLE participates TokenSky Tokyo 2018 that is an Asia's largest event for the token economy and the block chain industry from July 4 to 5, 2018.

On July 5, Shuichi Uda of the SPINDLE Project Founder will be on the stage and present about project SPINDLE.

BLACKSTAR & CO. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Masamitsu Hirai) announced on June 27 that its project SPINDLE will participate TokenSky Tokyo 2018, the largest event for token economy and the block chain industry in Asia on July 4 to 5. Also on July 5, Shuichi Uda, Founder of SPINDLE Project, will be on the seminar by prominent economists, professors, investors, businessmen and other experts, as a speaker.

Since joining Blockchain Industry Alliance Shanghai (BIAS) on June 4, BLACK STAR&CO actively contributes to the development and expansion of the block chain industry, such as sponsoring the largest e-Sports festival China Joy in China.


"TokenSky" is the event for Asia's largest token economy and block chain industry.
Experts such as world-renowned economists, professors, investors, business entrepreneurs gather and discuss various opportunities and problems related to block chains.

At TokenSky Seoul held in Korea on 14th and 15th March 2018, 170 groups participated and 10,000 people visited.

TokenSky Tokyo 2018 will be held at Belle Salle Shiodome Event Hall in Chuo, Tokyo, July 4-5, 2018, by Asobimo Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Katsushi Kondo) and TokenSky Organizing Committee.

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On 14 June, SPINDLE Evangelist Lina took part in BlockchainTalks in Amsterdam, one of the country’s first and most acclaimed blockchain communities which regularly collaborates with renowned companies in the space. Thank you for having us!


Here are some photos for you:)


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SPINDLE in Manila with BlockChats

On 21 June, SPINDLE was part of BlockChats’ Blockchain Dinner in the elegant setting of Manila’s Peninsula Hotel. More than 120 guests from the capital’s blockchain scene, high net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and developers joined the event with SPINDLE and Glitzkoin, with Evangelist Lina representing SPINDLE and speaking about ZETA and the concept the project builds on.


Enjoy the photos 


Watch the video - https://youtu.be/f47C9CUwTB8

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Thank you to all of you who came to meet the SPINDLE team and listen to our founder Uda-san’s speech at TokenSky Tokyo 2018!


We are grateful for your support and hope to see you again soon.



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Spindle: The Tinder for Investors and Everyday People




Yes, you know… the matchmaking platform where you conveniently find your mate from the comfort of your own couch. Well, imagine the match-making concept of Tinder, but for private investors instead. Wow!

We’ve been led to believe that the only people who can really invest are those who have disposable income. Well, SPINDLE has other plans for everyone.

Customers are able to make direct investments using the SPINDLE currency, so there is no third party involved.  What does this mean?  It means saving more money – money that you can invest the way you want.


Read the full article in the blog https://www.wheninmanila.com/spindle-tinder-for-investors-and-everyday-people/

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