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[ANN][ICO] SPINDLE: Blockchain-based investment/asset management platform

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How Blockchain Technology Makes You a Hedge Fund Investor


Investment bears risks. Many of them, which is the main reason it has a history of unattainability to those who cannot call themselves “qualified investors”. 

Openly confronting these issue, the concept of SPINDLE came into being as the brainchild of the Tokyo and London-based investment and blockchain engineering company BLACKSTAR GROUP. With it grew the ambitious vision to build a platform that brings together individuals and fund managers SPINDLE allows for fair and genuine work relationships to form, and lets individuals pursue confident investment in fund managers who are able to develop and execute their operations to the fullest of their abilities.

A well-know media source Finance Magnates recently published an interesting article about SPINDLE. Check it out following the link

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Our Dearest community! We have an important announcement to make

Official notice to all SPINDLE holders and those who wish to participate in the conference “BLOCK ONE powered by SPINDLE” on 1 May

“BLOCK ONE powered by SPINDLE”, scheduled for 1 May 2018 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, received more than 12,000 registrations for a venue with a capacity of 3,000. As we had prepared a procedure which would allow participants to freely enter the location, we evaluated that if we were to continue our preparations as we had originally intended to, it would lead to chaos and the danger of the occurrence of accidents; with all participants’ safety being our highest priority, we decided to postpone the conference. We sincerely apologise to everyone who has been looking forward to the event.

At “BLOCK ONE powered by SPINDLE”, we had planned to share with you the descriptions of our business, announcements on the official listing, and much more; but with the number of attendees exceeding our expectations by far, concerns were raised among our international relations that if we held the conference under these circumstances and, in the worst case, any incidents were to take place, it would negatively influence our listing position.

With that in mind, we are going to change the date and location for “BLOCK ONE” to a point in time after listing.
Further, we were planning to also perform a conference airdrop program. With the latest changes, we are going to issue said airdrop to everyone who has signed up. As soon as “BLOCK ONE’s” updated schedule is finalised, we are going to get in touch with everyone who has registered.
We are truly sorry for many of you have been anticipating the conference, but if there were any incidents or accidents to happen, we would be seen as mistaking means for ends. We believe that this kind of outcome is also not what our holders wish for, which is why we sincerely hope for your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you for always supporting SPINDLE.



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Guys, Meet the Top Blockchain-Based Platforms for the first-second Quarter of 2018!
SPINDLE is among them!

Check this Entrepreneur article https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/312652

Another one of the top cryptocurrencies for the second quarter of 2018 is SPINDLE. It is an ecosystem, where private investors and investees can meet and interact on a fair and equal base, using SPINDLE (SPD) tokens as a ticket to a confident and transparent investing and asset management experience.

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We have another interesting article for you to read!


Cryptovest featured SPINDLE talking about the Asset Management via Blockchain Technology. If you would like to know more about ZETA and SPINDLE, how it works and get a better vision on our plans - read the full Cryptovest article

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Successful Crypto-Investing With A One-Currency Portfolio



Cryptocurrency turned out to be the main topic of 2017. Despite the skepticism from opponents of digital currency, the number of offerings on the market expanded, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) even began trading Bitcoin futures, thereby granting the recognition of professional players in the financial world. Nonetheless, investing in cryptocurrency is highly risky due to high market volatility and the impossibility of predicting future movements. The unpredictability of digital currency entails the need to carefully choose which assets to invest in and to create as balanced an investment portfolio as possible. For that, you have to have the right knowledge and experience.

This is why managing risk and creating an investment portfolio should be entrusted to professional market actors. The SPINDLE platform allows that

Read the latest article about SPINDLE on INVESTING.COM
Follow the link

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“The Secrets Of Crypto Investment for you” Webinar With Asia’s Largest ICO

Asia’s largest ICO, SPINDLE, will be holding a webinar to talk about the issues in cryptocurrency investing as well as how to bridge those problems and create transparency and access to investment, for everyone. 

High volatility and technology imperfections portray a hurdle that stands between investors and cryptocurrency. Traditional investors tend to be taken aback by the heavy price fluctuations and refrain from investing in these new financial instruments. Such sense of vagueness and randomness in investment needs to be erased for traditional investors to actively join in.

At the same time, cryptocurrency attracts a new group of investors that has not made it to the big stage of the conventional financial market - people that do not have access to large funds or can call themselves "qualified investors" in the traditional sense. The low entry barriers create opportunities; what is needed now is accessibility and the confidence of investors.

On May 8 at 12 PM CET join SPINDLE’s stream on Youtube to learn about:

What are crypto hedge funds, why are they relevant for you, and why are you not yet invested?
How can you take the "privilege" out of investment and make it an actual option for everyone?
How does SPINDLE support your entrance into confident, unlimited investment?

The webinar will be led by the core representatives of the SPINDLE team - Masamitsu Hirai, SPINDLE CEO and president of the investment company BLACKSTAR GROUP, and senior analyst of SPINDLE, Lina Seiche. 

To learn more about a new era of investment, join SPINDLE’s webinar on the 8th of MAY at 12 PM CET via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y3lK2i0-c4.

Don’t forget to set a reminder!

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Asia’s Largest ICO Spindle Goes Global

Spindle announces the start of its SPD crowdsale event. The SPD token will be usable in Spindle’s ZETA platform

After January’s market correction cryptocurrency projects have matured in their ambitions. The need for proper consumer facing products has become evident, especially ones that provide private investors with transparency and access to expertise in asset management.

SPINDLE is such a team of experts in technology, law, and investment banking. Lead by former Bullion Japan CEO Masamitsu Hirai, they’ve built the ZETA platform to connect any person with tried and true cryptocurrency funds. The platform is designed so that every fund’s history, plans, and performance is recorded and made available to users via smart contracts.

SPD tokens are the way to a cleaner and more informed market.

Spindle Crowdsale Details

Starts May 9th at 00:00 a.m. GMT.
Ends May 15th at 00:00 a.m. GMT.
SPD is an ERC20 token.
Supply for sale is 4 billion SPD.
Price per token will be 0.00033 ETH during the whole sale.

Bonus schedule is following:
9th – 30% Bonus
10th – 25% Bonus
11th – 20% Bonus
12th – 15% Bonus
13th – 10% Bonus
14th – 5% Bonus
15th – No Bonus

Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are acceptable. Bitcoin (BCT) will not be accepted.
Mainland China, Japan, and the United States are excluded from the crowdsale.

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Japanese Investment Matchmaking Platform To Make Humans ‘Financially Autonomous’



As of autumn 2017, assets under management by the hedge fund industry were estimated at $2.5 tln. A Japanese venture is set to reshape this booming marketplace through Blockchain technology, and aims to challenge the handful of dominant players in the sector by seizing a 1 percent share of the sector.    

SPINDLE, which plans to connect cryptocurrency hedge funds and users easily and on an equitable level, successfully completed a private sale earlier this year, centered predominantly in Japan. The investment matchmaking platform now hopes to go global. Its blockchain-based system is designed to make investments and the cryptocurrency market available to everyone, regardless of their background or wealth. Its platform ‘ZETA’ will use a combination of blockchain and smart contract technologies to create an environment where information on investment opportunities is delivered with “utmost transparency,” enabling investors to directly communicate with fund managers and make confident decisions based on reliable information.

Read the full article on COINTELEGRAPH

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SPINDLE crowdsale has started. Everyone, join us!  ;)
People from the United States, China and Japan can not participate. Also, SPAM is rampant.
Thus please, pay attention to such a site because we do not publicize the remittance destination contract address! Have a good day! https://ico.spindle.zone/

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We have something interesting for you - a video guide about ZETA platform :)

SPINDLE is now developing an advanced platform, ZETA. ZETA-1, which will be released at Stage 1, is a monitoring & reporting service platform that builds on Blockchain technology currently under development by BLACK STAR&CO., Inc. ZETA-1 offers freemium services to cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto hedge funds, and cryptocurrency investors.

Watch it on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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Fly Yourself to the Moon:  How Cryptocurrency makes us Autonomous People — Once and For All

Lina Seiche, Senior Analyst


Investment is not the kind of word you hear yourself saying on a daily basis if you are a university student, a housewife, or an employee at a local business. Unless you actively work in a financial environment or can call yourself one of the “accredited investors” according to the definition, the term investment has a certain exclusiveness and unattainability attached to it. 
Not everyone is a trader. Your expertise may lie in the field of fine arts, gastronomy, or languages. Does that mean you are less eligible to pursue financial independence? 

At BLACKSTAR, we believe true wealth is to not feel sorrow when you hear the word “wealth”. You can invest, you can trade, and you can do it with a lot of money, or you can do it with small amounts. You can do it at your pace, and you can do it at a scale that you feel comfortable with.

Check out this amazing article written by Lina Seiche. LINK

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HEY, GUYS! We would like to share this YOUTUBE review with you. 

Spindle is an investment and asset management platform that aims to bring people autonomy via decentralized financial structures. This is part of the Zeta initiative that also includes a credit scoring system, copy trading platform, and much more! The idea is to make it easy and transparent to invest and improve financial literacy. The SPD token is used throughout the whole Zeta initiative programs. If you're interested in the initial coin offering, it has already started.

Watch the video HERE

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On 28 May, Evangelist Lina will be speaking for Spindle at Kuala Lumpur’s BlockChats Dinner


SPINDLE's Evangelist Lina Seiche will be sharing a close-up on Asia's largest ICO - the first match-making platform for private users and cryptocurrency funds, taking the privilege out of investment and allowing everyone access to confident asset management - whenever, wherever. 

Register now if you want to join!


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