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  1. TRUSTPLUS TRUST Trust is built Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script> SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: X11 45 Second Block Time PoW to 30,599,799 coins Estimated 5.6 Day PoW POS INFORMATION PoS is 18% APR PoS to 250,000,000 coins Interest starts after 8 Hours Interest stops after 30 Days BLOCK REWARDS 2 to 50 = 1 51 to 100 = 50 101 to 200 = 100 201 to 400 = 200 401 to 800 = 400 801 to 1600 = 800 1601 to 3200 = 1600 3201 to 6400 = 3200 6401... 12800 = 6400 PREMINE 1,800,000 TRUST split between two devs. All Coins have been distributed. STATS / RANKINGS DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Linux Android Raspberry Pi (with block chain loaded.) Source Code Sample trustplus.conf server=1 daemon=1 listen=1 rpcuser=MitchellMint rpcpassword=TwoYearsold rpcport=36998 port=36999 maxconnections=8 rpcconnect= PORTS RPC Port: 36998 P2P Port: 36999 POOLS PoS coin... please buy and start staking. EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit IRC LinkedIN VKontakte SERVICES / OTHER We encourage people to mine and use profits to buy Trust at Our coin is active with many different coins. We use the coins we earn durring launch to PoS (Mint) more coins. We have a GPU farm capable of 800M X11 Hash and soon 1T SHA256 using Solar Power. Our PoS is done on RPi, and we encourage others to Vault all their coins on RPi's. You can buy our hardware at
  2. DASH Treasury

    Dash Treasury The Dash network allocates 10% of its coin generation to its treasury system. The treasury funds are allocated monthly to any independent contractor or service provider who wants to be "hired" by the network to provide services including programming, marketing, graphic design, or any other services that help improve and promote the Dash currency.
  3. More info about Bolivarcoin here Just download the wallet from Win wallet Linux wallet And post your Bolivarcoin wallet adress and you will receive 1 Bolivarcoin
  4. BeachCoin BeachCoin is a globalized and transparent digital currency for everyone. Send and receive BeachCoin to and from anyone, anywhere in the world in nearly an instant. BeachCoin relies on a decentralized P2P network to process transactions and issue coins. There’s no central authority to control or manipulate the network. BeachCoin is a secure alternative to the traditional banking system. BeachCoin is a tribute to all the beautiful beaches across the world. Specifications: Type: PoW Algorithm: X11 Difficulty Retargeting: DGW Time Between Blocks: 120 secs. Block Reward: 100 Daily Block Count: 720 Coins Generated per Day: 72,000 Block Reward Halving Rate: 100,000 Time Between Halvings: 4.57 mos. Max. Block Size: 1MB Total Coins: 21,000,000 Ticker Symbol: SAND Block Explorer: Exchanges: Inquired with or waiting for listing: Wallets: Mac OSX Linux (Ubuntu) x64 Windows x86 Paper Wallet Mining: CPU mining is possible through the BeachCoin Qt wallet. Visit our Facebook or Twitter to get the latest updates on BeachCoin and its’ development:
  5. Did you ever have a piggy bank? Well now the piggy bank is back in the form of a cryptocurrency, to teach kids about saving, finance, and cryptocurrencies! (We call them piggybanks) Desktop PiggyBanks (Windows, Mac, ...) Source code (Optional) Blockchain bootstrap file (Updated daily) This saves you time downloading the blockchain when you first use your Desktop PiggyBank. On Windows, unzip into your C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\newpiggycoin directory. You can also find a recent blockchain bootstrap file at Android PiggyBank Online PiggyBank Note: There is a 0.15% withdrawal fee from the Online PiggyBank. Paper PiggyBanks Block time target: 60 secs Difficulty retarget: every block Interest/year: 3% PoS started at block: 8000 Min stake age: 8 hours Max stake age: 270 days P2P port: 54481, RPC port: 54480 Premine: 1% PoW PHASE (finished now) Algorithm: X11 Block reward: 23700 (First 100 blocks: 100 PIGGY each) Number of blocks: 10,000 (+-7days) Today's total supply: > 473,490,056 PIGGYs are currently in circulation (265,353M were mined in the old chain) See the Chainz block explorer for the exact number of PIGGYs in circulation right now. Chainz blockchain explorer See all transactions and addresses Cryptofolio A site to help you keep track of your investments payment processor An online tool to make PiggyCoin transactions. Needs documentation. API Conforms to bitpay's Insight api. Source code Use this if you are having trouble getting connections in your Desktop PiggyBank. Call it newpiggycoin.conf and put it in your %appdata%\newpiggycoin folder (if you are using Windows). Piggy Coin Website: News: Educators — Get involved! History: Twitter | Facebook | Google+ #piggy Freenode IRC Reddit | Voat BitcoinTalk thread: forum CryptoCoinTalk BitcoinGarden CryptoMoms forum You can buy and sell PIGGY at: Cryptopia (NSFW chatbox) NovaExchange TradeSatoshi Crypto-Trade (has fiat deposits and markets) Vote for PIGGY to be on more exchanges: Livecoin | Bter | C-Cex | ShapeShift A faucet gives you free coins for completing a small task. Educative quiz faucet: PiggyFacts Normal faucet (Registration required): TheCryptoChat faucet Normal faucet (Registration required): TradeSatoshi faucets Teachers: Get PiggyCoins for use in your classroom: The PiggyCoin Educational Seed Fund The PiggyCoin Shop PexPeppers The PiggyCoin song! PiggyCoin Crossword Presently the PiggyTeam consists of: neurocis — Software developer Mo Green — Apprentice developer, Community officer (The original 'piggydev' seems to have abandoned the project...) 2016-02-01: DCEBrief: Are Your Kids Ready for Satoshi Math? 2015-03-08: New PiggyCoin Sets the Pace for Future Generations Ana Munoz blog: New Money for a New Generation Forbes: CryptoKids: Altcoins, Apps And Authors Aim To Bring Bitcoin To Children Huffington Post: Back to School with a Little Digital Lunch Money Yahoo! News: Piggycoin brings cryptocurrency to the classroom
  6. MiningRigRentals

    We are Marketplace service and Mining community that lets Bitcoin and Altcoin miners list their hardware on our website for hourly leased contracts, which prospective renters can view and purchase a contract from owners of the hardware. Renters can view the list of hardware available for lease, and purchase a hourly contract from the rig owner, enabling people without the hardware to gain access to a wide range of available Bitcoin or Altcoin miners. We also operate a scrypt pool with daily payouts if you are only looking to mine. We provide an interface for both rig owners, and renters to manage their contracts, view live, and historical hashing rates, as well as gain access to the necessary backend connection service to enable the hardware to be rented out securely and privately to the renter for the rental contract length. We provide support for these contracts, limited to disputes where rig owner hardware did not perform for the renter, we review all rentals, and provide a fair review and will offer refunds if the rig owner did not live up to the advertised working hash rate.
  7. Hello, I'm Steve Jefferson of the team, we will offer again for ASIC BaikalMiner x11 on April 25th. We will have MiniMiners, Quadruple MiniMiners and Giant Miners! We hope lots of you come ! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at Our site: Have a good day
  8. Hey Guys, Just wanted to let everyone know that we have setup a new mining pool hub for cryptocoins. We have owned a rack of servers in a data center for a little while now and wanted to use some of them to make up some mining pools. We have a love for Cryptocoins and we trade modestly on exchanges, so we wanted to push our boundaries further. We are using MPOS with uNomp as the backend and it is fully DoS protected. We are trying to setup Nomp for direct wallet address for the user name but we are have trouble with that now and working on it. We have two pools setup as of now, a GameCredits pool and a Lunacoin pool but we plan to launch more soon limiting only two coin daemons per server so we have even load balance and redundancy. We do own Xeon servers. Our main page takes you to the GameCredits pool but you can switch pools with the link on the header. It is a little basic right now but these pools are here to stay and we worked hard to get them up and running. In the future we plan to make the sign ups merge between all the pools but we only have a per pool sign up. We do apologize for that but we are working on the merged sign up process. The pool fees are modest from only 0.5% to 0.7% and we only charge for the maintenance of our servers. We are basically just doing this for the community because we have a passion for doing this. Thank you guys and i hope you enjoy mining from our pools if you decide to do so
  9. Neptune NEPTUNE WILL RISE & WILL BE BIGGER p2p: 15521 rpc: 15523 NEP 10 million 10% staking interested block tine : 30 sec min stake : 3 hours max no limit 30 block mature block 1 = 5 million coin minable 20,000 block = 50 coins each. neptune.conf addnode= Please reply and send me an inbox message with your address. In forum bonus is 2000 NEP Twitter retweet bonus is 1000 NEP Wallet , source is on google sheat. Wallet: Wallet:!csJGQQIJ!l3Dm0v5rwll9TZo98fY9n0xaFf8MgXvDCzw_TaCkSVc Source:!VlpyiCQQ!4XGj68SVg_vfQwvGPO5tQ8aLjzlK6CF2GjGYWkiktKc Here pool for extra Neptune lovers:
  10. HYPERSTAKE HYP Faster-than-light crypto High PoS coins like HBN (100%), CAP(200%), TEK(500%) is not enough? Enter HyperStake, the coin light-years ahead. Who are the devs? Captain presstab and Commander davidlatapie are experienced holders and freelance devs of several coins. They are currently the only devs but are open to accept pull requests and submission from other community members. What is HYP? HyperStake will be created via hard fork of an existing coin, TruckCoin. SUCCESSFULLY FORKED ON BLOCK 31781! HyperStake is meant to be an experimentation in cryptocurrency economics. Do you like the thrill of living on the bleeding edge, and get the features before the others? Then HyperStake is for you. HyperStake's primary goal is to create a cryptocurrency that provides a generous return for securing the block chain without massive inflation. Currently inflation is managed through the maximum stake reward of 1000 HYP per stake. It is expected that in the near future HYP will be forked to reduce this amount and reign in short run inflation. HyperStake also aims to redesign the fundamentals of proof of stake, and is currently brainstorming ideas that can make PoS more efficient and sensible. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact Presstab SPECIFICATIONS X11 PoW (already phased out) Proof of Stake - 750% Annual 90 Second Block Target Minimum Stake Age ~ 8 days Maximum Stake Age - 30 days Recommended Block Size - 10,000 HYP BLOCK REWARDS 750% Annual Rate Maximum Stake Reward of 1,000 HYP per block (not address) PREMINE There was a premine of TRK of 120k coins, which have no relation to the HYP team. STATS / RANKINGS DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Linux https://github.comhyperstake/HyperStake/releases Raspberry Pi Source Code Block Chain Bootstrap Updated every hour: - extract bootstrap.dat into data directory (for Windows go to "run" and type in %appdata% and find HyperStake folder), remove blkindex.dat and blk0001.dat. When you fire up your QT wallet, it will automatically detect the bootstrap and begin to work. Bootstrapping may take an hour or two depending on the machine, please be patient, the bootstrap happens from the splashscreen, and clicking on it while bootstrapping may cause it to quit. Please note that it is common for the bootstrap to load 90k or so blocks at a time and jump out of bootstrap mode. If you client does this, simply turn it off. Go back to your datadir and rename bootstrap.dat.old to bootstrap.dat and restart your client, it will pick up where it left off. If you are using the daemon you will need to enter the following startup switch: ./hyperstaked -loadblock=bootstrap.dat Sample HyperStake.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=18776 server=1 listen=1 PORTS RPC Port: 18776 P2P Port: 18775 EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit IRC SERVICES / OTHER Faucet
  11. Dash - DASH What is Dash? Dash (DASH) is a privacy-centric digital currency based on the Bitcoin software. It allows you to remain anonymous while you make transactions, similar to cash. With Bitcoin, transactions are published to the blockchain and you can prove who made them or to whom, but with Dash the anonymization technology makes it impossible to trace them. This is important because the blockchain is accessible to anyone with an internet connection – a significant drawback for those don’t wish their transaction history and balances to be publicly available. Dash does this through a mixing protocol utilizing an innovate decentralized network of servers called Masternodes, avoiding the need for a trusted third party that could compromise the integrity of the system. Why choose Dash? PRIVATE Keep your payments private so nobody can track you, your transactions and balances are nobody’s business. With Dash’s ahead of time anonymization only you have access to your financial information. FAST Payments are received almost instantly by the other party thanks to faster block times. Ahead of time anonymization lets you send Dashs anonymously without waiting for processes or people. SECURE Advanced encryption and a trustless protocol for complete security in your payments and anonymization process. GLOBAL You can send money anywhere in the world and it will take the same time and cost to send. LOW FEES Much lower than banks or credit cards, usually even free. You don’t pay profits to anyone, just the network costs. PEER TO PEER No central authorities to trust because of full decentralization, even for the anonymization process. Everything stays between you and the other party in the transaction. Masternodes and Proof of Service In addition to traditional Proof of Work (PoW) rewards for mining Dash, users are also rewarded for running and maintaining special servers called “Masternodes”. What are Masternodes: Simply put, a Masternode is a server connected with the network that performs certain tasks related with Darksend, which is what the anonymity feature is called, and gets paid for it. It is Proof of Service. Anyone can run a Masternode. The objective is to have enough of them for decentralization so nobody controls an important fraction of Masternodes. On the other hand, to avoid bloating the network or having reckless operators, there is one condition that needs to be fulfilled: proof of ownership of 1000 Dash. The coins don't need to be in the Masternode, but they need to be kept in a certain way. If the owner moves or spends those coins, the Masternode stops working. Masternodes are get paid by the network for the services they provide for Darksend. 45% of the new block's reward goes to pay the Masternodes. Masternodes are selected from MN list by deterministic order (the one that got it's payment the most time ago and has been in the list enough time at the same time), so in the long term all Masternodes will converge to a similar amount of rewards. Having so many servers with the full block chain working for the coin can be extremely useful. Thanks to the reward system, there is no risk of not having enough master nodes and the developers can rely on them for any new decentralized feature they want to implement. This is huge. Tell any developer that he can count on a thousand distributed servers working 24x7 for him and he will tell you. The more Masternodes the better and safer for the Dash Network. In the moment we are at over 3000 MN’s (in 22 countries and counting). Please support The Masternode Network ! Do not let your Dash just sit in the Wallet, put them to work ! There are many services and guides (see bellow) to help you achieve your own Masternode. The payment returns speak for themselves, please check the charts (Link bellow) Welcome to the Dash Masternode Network, the best investment/return in the Crypto World. - In general your 1000 Dash (which are hold in your Wallet for the MN) will return 18% payment per year ! (Around 14.88 Dash per month /180 Dash per year) - With 5.6 Masternodes you will get (receive 1 new Masternode = 1000 Dash per year) Do the count yourself ….> (Above based on May 2015) Masternode Guides: Masternode Services (Hoosting / Pooling / ....): WhitePapers Dash: Translations: Website Block Explorer / Crawler Full Official Page listing: Contact SPECIFICATIONS Release date: 11PM EST, 18th January 2014 / No premine X11 hashing algorithm: 11 rounds of scientific hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo) Block reward is controlled by: 2222222/(((Difficulty+2600)/9)^2) CPU/GPU mining Block generation: 2.5 minutes Difficulty Retargets using Dark Gravity Wave 7% decrease in the number of coins generated per year Est. ~22M Max Coins Decentralized Masternode Network Superior Transaction Anonymity using Darksend DOWNLOADS Windows / MacOS / Linux Electrum Wallet Paper Wallet Source Code Wiki + Confluence: Scam Warnings: Mining: ASIC HW: MINERS Guides: (CPU/GPU) Cpu Mining SGminer / graphics cards Reuben's Guide to Mining Dash with an AMD GPU on Windows GPU Mining for Nvidia tpruvot version - focused on the core, api and monitoring, compatible with linux and windows. Releases - Source code - Forum sp-hash version - optimized kernels for windows Releases - Source code - Forum KlausT version - close to SP version, more clean. Releases - Source code Christian Buchner original version (inactive since june 2014) Releases - Source code Mining Hardware (CPU/GPU) Listing: Useful 3rd party software for mining Afterburner Tri X graphics card tweaker CG watcher by Justine Milone PORTS RPC Port: 9998 P2P Port: 9999 POOLS Multi-Pools P2Pools source EXCHANGES Dash/Bitcoin Pair - Highest Volume (May 2016) Dash/Litecoin Pair BleutradeDASH/LTC CEX.IODASH/LTC CryptsyDASH/LTC Dash/Ripple Pair CryptsyDASH/XRP PoloniexDASH/XMR Dash/Doge pair BleutradeDASH/DOGE Dash/Pound pair BittyliciousDASH/GBP We sell Crypto Dash/Yuan Pair(CNY) BTERDASH/CNY btc38 Dash BTC/CNY Dash/Euro Pair LiteBit.euDASH/EUR useCryptosDASH/EUR CEX.IODASH/EUR Dash/Dollar pair LivecoinDASH/USD CEX.IODASH/USD CryptsyDASH/USD DashcurexDASH/USD PoloniexDASH/USDT Dash/Ruble pair(RUR) LivecoinDASH/RUR Dash/Polish Zloty(PLN) DashcurexDASH/PLN SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit IRC / Freenode #Dashpay Forum Minds G+ Instagram YouTube SERVICES / OTHER Faucets Games
  12. SPECIFICATIONS: Symbol:B3 Type: PoS/PoW Hybrid Maturity : 80 Port: 66648 RPC port: 44468 POW MINING Hash algorithm: x11 Block time = 360 seconds Difficulty retargeting: Every block Block Rewards 1 - 500 = 0 501 - 1500 = 100 1501 - 10000 = 10 10001 - END = 5 POS MINTING Block time = 360 seconds Minimum stake age: 1 hour Maximum stake age: Unlimited Minting maturity: 80 confirmations Block Rewards 10001 - 15000 = 500% 15001 - 20000 = 750% 20001 - 25000 = 1000% 25001 - 30000 = 5000% 30001 - 35000 = 1000% 35001 - 40000 = 500% 40001 - 45000 = 250% 45001 - 50000 = 100% 50001 - 1,000,000 = 20% 1,000,000 - END = 5% GENESIS BLOCK Code: const char* pszTimestamp = "China launches Gaofen-3 Staellite to get accurate images of earth on 11-august"; SOURCE CODE Wallets:!8Yx1CAhT!kWY8cnlB8GmrZ-DUkZJZLAJbjpJNJ8i_2L-FUj4vpZM 05:05:21  getinfo 05:05:21  { "version" : "v1.2.2.3-61402", "protocolversion" : 61402, "walletversion" : 60000, "balance" : 0.00000000, "darksend_balance" : 0.00000000, "newmint" : 0.00000000, "stake" : 0.00000000, "blocks" : 2, "timeoffset" : 0, "moneysupply" : 0.00000000, "connections" : 2, "proxy" : "", "ip" : "", "difficulty" : 0.00001526, "testnet" : false, "keypoololdest" : 1471885497, "keypoolsize" : 1000, "paytxfee" : 0.00000000, "mininput" : 0.00000000, "unlocked_until" : 0, "errors" : "" }
  13. EXCLUSIVECOIN EXCL Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: x11 (POS) Total supply: 3652566 Block reward: 1 EXCL MasterNode:10 000 EXCL to start, 10% stake reward POS INFORMATIONMin Stake Age: 24 hoursBLOCK REWARDSBlock = 1STATS / RANKINGS None Available. DOWNLOADS Windows!CQN21Z6b!vDSdwc50dLOr9T_z2xs6OcT3GXAFpaKx9tISU2OjmII Source Code RPC Port: 23230 P2P Port: 23231 EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit Youtube SERVICES / OTHER Android/Windows APP + Websites Widget and Online Wallet
  14. BITEMINER.COM | New Cloud Mining | 15 KH/s to every new user for free and forever REGISTER HERE! REGISTER HERE!
  15. WWW.HASHOCEAN.COM Five data-centres. High earning power. Return on investment within 5 months. 15 KH/s to every new user for free and forever. TRY MINING TODAY!
  16. How to Mine DASH with AMD GPU
  17. IBELINK DM 384MН/s DASH MINER - X11 in action
  18. ⚒ MineBlocks ⚒ Miners Configuration cgminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR WALLET -p x Twitter Facebook
  19. OZZIECOIN OZC Bitcoin and altcoins are becoming more complex due to technological improvements. We've taken the deliberate step of making ozziecoins more accessible to the general public by introducing key features such as: equitable widespread distribution, simple online ozziecoin accounts, a mobile web app and sending ozziecoins via email. We believe it's critical that more Australians use Blockchain technology and realise the technology's potential to decentralise almost anything. We've built an ozziecoin distribution zone to distribute ozziecoins widely and in an equitable manner. Registration on the site will be available at launch. For those interested in the technical side of the protocol, the usual tools and functions remain available. Ozziecoin has been developed with important important safeguards in place including ASIC resistance, a cool hashing algorithm, time warp limitation, fast block difficulty retargeting and automatic checkpointing. Ozziecoins are for micro transactions and research. We leave the investment side to the more well established currencies such as bitcoin and Australian dollars. Our primary objective is to get Blockchain technology out into the wider Australian community. We would prefer if people did not speculate on ozziecoins. We had a lot of help from Hiro, the developer of Hirocoin. He is a genius with the protocol. We also would like to mention the developers of darkcoin and auroracoin because we've learnt many lessons from their experiences (though we have not had direct contact with them). And of course we need to thank Satoshi Nakamoto for inventing the Blockchain, a truly remarkable piece of technology. Key features: Very widespread distribution to Australian residents: 500 ozziecoins per person Valid Australian mobile required per claim Nominal registration fee per claim Intended for micro-transactions and research Objective: to introduce blockchain technology to the wider Australian public Simplified ozziecoin online accounts via the ozziecoin panel Send ozziecoins to email addresses! Basic Android web app for mobile phones iPhones, we'll provide a link soon. Structured distribution to manage volatility Website None Available Block Explorer / Crawler Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS X11 hashing algorithm (lower power consumption and cooler GPUs) Block time: 2.5 minutes 625 ozziecoins per block 23 Billion ozziecoins over 88 years Notional maximum of 1,000 ozziecoins per Australian resident Addresses of pre-allocated ozziecoins to be published Total claims to be independently verified Min transaction fee: 0.0001 OZC Difficulty retarget: DGW2 Automatic checkpointing PREMINE 11.5 Billion ozziecoins pre-allocated for distribution to Australian residents STATS / RANKINGS None Available. DOWNLOADS Windows None Available MacOS None Available Source Code Sample .conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=39052 port=39042 gen=0 server=1 addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 39052 P2P Port: 39042 POOLS EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter None Available. Facebook None Available. Reddit None Available. SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  20. Hello everyone, I have added BillCoin (BILL) to my site! This will be a 1% fee pool with P2Pool style mining. BGtHhWXXbQ2mk5gj9vcKEKb7DwkWPdnPeF
  21. Welcome to the official thread for the C-bit Bitcoin [XCT] The C-bit Bitcoin takes a pragmatic approach to addressing the issue of the looming Bitcoin blockchain problem. Technical Specifications TRADING SYMBOL: XCT Algorithm: SHA-256 Seconds/Block: 600 Coins/Block: 500 Coins/Day: 72,000 Total Coins: 210 Million Blocks/Day: 144 Blocks/Halving: 210,000 Months/Halving: 47.95 Appr. 1st Halving: Feb 2020 Block Size: 2 Meg Source Code: Bitcoin .12 Official Website (Be sure to read our Mission Statement: Wallets Latest wallet release: v0.12 (Feb 20, 2016) Windows (64 bit): Windows (32 bit): Linux: Web Wallet: Paper Wallet: Source: Web Wallet: Blockchain Explorers Cryptobe C-Cex Explorer Forum/Talk/Community Forum: Support Forum: IRC:|?&theme=cli#cbit Social Media Twitter: Facebook: Donations to C-bit development: 1GfGpC4N1LzVuk6k79TXrbPtVQzD5cMjjG Pools C-BIT Officials Pools superninjapool (dot) tk Exchanges C-Cex: XCT/BTC C-Cex: XCT/USD C-Cex: XCT/LTC C-Cex: XCT/DOGE Cryptopia: XCT/BTC Cryptopia: XCT/LTC Cryptopia: XCT/DOGE Cryptopia: XCT/FTC Cryptopia: XCT/UNO Eliminates The Bitcoin Blockchain Problem. C-bit is a parallel Bitcoin to the original blockchain. This new blockchain can develop independently to Bitcoin — becoming, in a managed way, more centralized — while allowing the original Bitcoin to return to its decentralized vision. Based On The Bitcoin Source Code For Stability. C-bit uses the modern Bitcoin source code as a starting point, and when Bitcoin gets updated in the future, C-bit automatically gets updated as well, ensuring that C-bit is always up-to-date with every Bitcoin patch, fix, and update for maximum compatibility. Compatible With All Bitcoin-based Technology. Because C-bit is so tightly paired to the original Bitcoin source, it is compatible with any product or service that works with Bitcoin blockchain technology. As Bitcoin — and Bitcoin-based technologies, products, and services — evolve, so will C-bit. Are You A Developer? Check Out Our Source. Our code, because it is based on the original Bitcoin code, is open source. Because of this, C-bit is every bit as easy to work with a Bitcoin is — so there is a world of opportunity waiting for developers and an entire community there to back them up.
  22. After recent news for Asic X11 Miner from iBeLink, community member oaxaca stopped by their office to have a look for us: (a test model is on the way to the foundation, we will have more details when that arrived and being checked)
  23. ### EDIT ### Pools fees are now lowered to 1%. Happy mining ! ########### Hey everybody ! We are pleased to inform you that we officially opened our new pools, dedicated to these coins : Orbitcoin, the space research oriented currency. Neoscrypt. Great POW, decent POS. Stable diff, great community, heavily maintained. ## EDIT : New ! Feathercoin, says it all :-) Phoenixcoin, POW only, Neoscrypt. This coin was really rocking the exchanges in december, one of the best out there. Big community, successful hardfork to Neoscrypt, stable mid-low diff. Halcyon. Big POS rewards, decent POWs. Successfully hardforked to Neoscrypt. Listed on two major exchanges, heavily maintained by Ghostlander. # Edit : VAPE PoW mining is over, pool has been shutdown. Vape. X13 algo. Still very new. Typical market-oriented crypto-currency. Focused on the E-cigarette users/community. Dev seems absent these days... But seen the chrome around the coin and its objectives, I guess this might be a hit ! # Edit : the CKC project has been put on hold, pool has been paused. Checkcoin. x11 algo. Our very own pick for January. This will make a hit ! A coin with a real plan, focused on real world experiences. We strongly encourage you to take a look of this coin's project, starting in february. Pools key features : Hosted in multiple data-centers (US east, Europe, Asia); Automatic geo-based/latency stratum server selection; Monitored 24/7; Updates and pool activity reported live on our twitter account; Fast support when/if needed; CloudFlare DNS protection; Encrypted communication with TLS (for the Orbitcoin mining pool - Comodo certificate); DDoS protected servers; Fixed and variable stratum mining diffs; PPLNS payout system; Only 1% fees for hosting, maintenance and transactions; New features added constantly. You can follow the pools news, tips and updates on twitter : Let's find some blocks !! Dave
  24. Hello Everyone, The following coins are available to mine on My pool has P2Pool style mining with a 1% fee on coins mined. Follow me on Twitter -> @wmikrut72 Coins Available: keccak SlothCoin (SLOTH) <-- New! 2015-09-08 lyra2re Amsterdamcoin (AMS) <-- New 2015-08-24 / Coin switched to Lyra2RE on 2015-10-14 Vertcoin (VTC) <-- New 2015-10-21 neoscrypt FeatherCoin (FTC) GunCoin (GUN) quark MonetaryUnit (MUE) <-- New! 2015-09-12 qubit Cassubian Dekt (CDT) <-- New! 2015-09-07 scrypt Beavercoin (BVC) Bellacoin (BELA) Bitcoinfast (BCF) <-- New! 2015-08-08 Canada ecoin (CDN) Coincoin (COI) <-- New! 2015-08-24 CryptoBuck (BUK) <-- New! 2015-09-05 Czechcrowncoin (CZC) DollarCoin (DOLLAR) <-- New! 2015-09-05 / Discontinued on 2015-09-28 Damacoin (DMC) <-- New! 2015-08-11 Dobbscoin (BOB) <-- New! 2015-09-19 Dogecoin (DOGE) <--New! 2015-08-30 DogecoinDark (DOGED) <-- New 2015-10-10 Experiencecoin (EPC) <-- New 2015-10-14 Failcoin (FAIL) <-- New! 2015-08-26 FuzzBalls (FUZZ) <--New 2015-10-05 GameCredits (GMC) <-- New! 2015-09-04 Gcoin (GCN) Mincoin (MNC) Newyorkcoin (NYC) <-- New! 2015-08-19 ParanoiaCoin (PAC) <-- New! 2015-09-20 Plncoin (PLNC) TopCoin V3 (TOP) <--New! 2015-09-30 sha256 23skidoo (CHAO) Aurumcoin (AU) MyriadCoin (MYR) <--New 2015-10-13 Polcoin (PLC2) Sooncoin (SOON) Tigercoin (TGC) <-- New! 2015-10-24 Trinity (TTY) <--New! 2015-09-18 Unbreakablecoin (UNB) Vcoin (VCN) <-- New! 2015-08-08 Zetacoin (ZET) x11 Cannabiscoin (CANN) Checkcoin (CKC) Chipcoin (CHIP) InfluxCoin (INFX) <-- New! 2015-08-26 LGBTQoin (LGBTQ) <--New! 2015-08-27 Karmacoin (KARM) <-- New! 2015-08-09 SecretCoin (SCRT) <-- New! 2015-09-02 Startcoin (START) <--New! 2015-08-10 / Discontinued 2015-09-19 Volumecoin (VOL) <--New! 2015-08-17 x15 Html5coin (HTML5)