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Found 12 results

  1. The Official Cryptocurrency of the Adult Entertainment Industry 5 Plus+ POD (Proof of Developer) Rating INTRODUCTION Titcoin is a crypto-currency that was designed specifically for the $10 billion adult entertainment industry where privacy and anonymity are key consumer factors. Titcoin gives consumers the ability to make discreet micropayments while benefiting businesses with extremely low transaction fees. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Wikipedia: Merchandise: HISTORY Titcoin was originally developed by a group of seasoned professionals with over 75 combined years of experience in digital marketing, finance, business development and technology. Most importantly, the Titcoin Partners were and still are cryptocurrency advocates who saw the adult entertainment industry as the perfect conduit for bringing a mature digital currency into the mainstream. Originally conceived in November 2013, Titcoin has since grown to be the premier digital currency for the adult industry, being a two-time nominee for both the 2015 and 2016 XBiz Award for Alt Payment Services of the Year. On May 27th, 2017 Titcoin was acquired by Joy-Toilet, an digital media group seeking to revolutionize how the general public perceives adult content and the people behind it all. We plan to carry on many of the previous owners' policies regarding transparency and community-involved decisions. To quote our friends and the previous dev team, what you see is what you get and we are more than happy to answer any questions about our objectives and long-term vision. To learn more about the history of Titcoin, see: Cosmopolitan Magazine Behind Titcoin, the New Anonymous Currency for Buying Porn Vice Magazine Titcoin Is a Brand New Cryptocurrency for Porn Soundcrave Magazine Cryptocurrency for the Adult Industry: Titcoin Founders Interviewed >> View All Titcoin Press Coverage DOWNLOAD THE WALLET & SOURCE CODE Windows Wallet: Primary Download Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mac OSX Wallet: Primary Download Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Source Code: GitHub Repository Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Online Wallet: Paper Wallet: Block Explorer: (Backup) MINING INFORMATION Algorithm: SHA-256 Block Reward: 34.5 coins Block Time: 1 minutes (60 seconds) Total Coins: 69,000,000 Retarget: Every block (DigiShield) Halving Interval: 500,000 blocks P2P/RPC Ports: 8698/8697 Symbol: TIT Nodes: addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Mining Pools: Hashlink ( iSpace ( MiningPools ( MiningField ( SlugMonkey ( ( TomPool ( Faucets and Dice Games: KinkyDice ( TitFaucet ( CoinPayments Faucet ( Charts and Statistics: CoinGecko ( CoinMarketCap ( CoinWarz ( CryptoCoin Charts ( Cryptofolio ( Cryptonator ( MarketCapCoin ( MERCHANT INFORMATION Currency Exchanges: Cryptopia ( YoBit ( Payment Processors: CoinPayments ( CoinToPay ( Financial Services: PayServices ( Disclaimer: All external links to third-party sites are not under the control of the Titcoin developers. The Titcoin developers shall not be held responsible for the content nor liable for any damages from any external sites.
  2. Titcoin TIT

    The official digital currency of the porn and adult entertainment industry. Titcoin is a type of electronic cash that can be discreetly exchanged for adult products and services, and subsequently converted into fiat currency (e.g. US Dollars) Titcoin transactions are securely processed on a decentralized computer network eliminating the need to use traditional financial services and payment processors (e.g. PayPal) Titcoin is an extension of the Bitcoin protocol with enhancements specifically designed for online porn and adult entertainment transactions (e.g. 10x faster transaction speeds)
  3. Numbers don't lie.
  4. It's the season for college basketball!!! We are giving away over 1 Million Titcoins in our 2016 NCAA College Basketball Bracket Challenge. Link: Password: TheBitcoinForPorn ================== Grand Prizes: 1) One Million Titcoins will be awarded to all participants of this pool who correctly pick the winning teams in all 63 games of the 2016 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament prior to the start of the first game. 2) 500k Titcoins will be awarded to all participants of this pool (excluding One Million Titcoin winners) who correctly pick the winning teams in at least 60 out of 63 games of the 2016 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament prior to the start of the first game. Additional Prizes: Based on the CBS Sports scoring system, the following prizes will be awarded: 1) 1st Place: 100,000 Titcoins 2) 2nd Place: 75,000 Titcoins 3) 3rd Place: 50,000 Titcoins 4) 4th Place 25,000 Titcoins Please visit the link above for more details.
  5. Video Link: Welcome to Club Titcoin. Voted Best Strip Club in The Commonwealth by Hot Rodder, Guns and Bullets and Taboo Tattoos magazines. Follow us on Twitter (@ClubTitcoin) for daily happy hour specials. Ladies drink free all night long.
  6. Titcoin and Coinsnap Nominated for Adult Entertainment Awards CryptoCoinsNews by Niels Pedersen November 24, 2015 Cryptocurrency Titcoin and adult payment provider Coinsnap have been announced as finalists at the 2016 XBIZ Awards. The XBIZ Awards are a prominent adult entertainment awards ceremony managed by XBIZ, which publishes news and information on the adult entertainment industry. Read More >> Source:
  7. Pulled from the following source: Cryptocurrency Makes Headway in the Adult Industry with 2016 XBIZ Awards Nominations Bitcoin payment provider, Coinsnap, and adult cryptocurrency, Titcoin, earn nods at the 2016 XBIZ Awards recognizing adult industry achievements in business and innovation. Los Angeles, CA – The adult entertainment industry is slowing warming up to the benefits of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as an alternative form of payment for purchasing adult products and services. Historically stigmatized by traditional financial services companies who charge enormous transaction fees and prejudicially freeze settlement accounts, the adult industry continues to innovate and explore payment solutions that free themselves from the shackles of big banks and established payment processors like PayPal. Coinsnap, a Bitcoin payment provider based in Europe, and Titcoin, the premiere adult cryptocurrency, both received nominations for an exclusive 2016 XBIZ Award honoring “The Alternative Payment Services Company of the Year.” The 2016 XBIZ Awards is the adult industry’s biggest business awards event sponsored by premier live cam network “It’s great to see growing interest within the adult industry of the benefits of cryptocurrency as an alternative payment solution,” says Edward Mansfield, Co-creator of Titcoin. “Last year we were the only cryptocurrency company recognized by leaders of the adult industry. The addition of Coinsnap this year tells me this will be an ongoing trend for years to come.” Scheduled for Jan. 15, adult film superstar Stoya will host the 14th annual gala at the spectacular J.W. Marriott located at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles, within walking distance to Staples Center, the Los Angeles Convention Center, Nokia Theatre and the Grammy Museum. A star-studded red carpet affair that attracts the industry elite, the XBIZ Awards show is the most celebrated night of honors in adult. The annual event recognizes outstanding achievements across every facet of the multibillion-dollar business, including movie production, pleasure products, technology and retail. The XBIZ Awards will once again coincide with the industry’s trade events series of the year which annually features an unparalleled lineup of guest speakers and special events dedicated to exploring the future of the adult industry. For the complete list of finalist nominees, visit
  8. We want to announce that we accept BTC, :LTC, :DOGE, :DASH, :NXT, :PEERCOIN, and other Altcoin to buy credit on our marketplace ( - 18+ only - Rent a model market). We hope that this will also help to spread BTC and the other altcoins. ACCEPTED COINS: We also invite any freelancer can offer professional services to join our marketplace.They are welcome: - Models; - Models Recruiter; - Webmasters; - Social Managers; - Web designers; - Advertisers; - Adult Forum Owners; - 18+ Photographers; - 18 + Writers; - Programmers; There is also an affiliate program that allows you to earn 10% on each user referred.
  9. Announcing the launch of TIT / Titcoin mining pool. Interested in mining this coin then please checkout the Titcoin mining pool at Proportional payout system 0% pool fee Stratum support Various difficulty settings to choose from including variable Automatic/manual payout options Low 0.01 TIT fee for withdrawals Secure SSL website Reliable server uptime If you have any problems or questions, please reply to this thread.
  10. Hey guys! My name's Harm, and I recently built a Titcoin pool. For those of you who don't know, Titcoin is a SHA coin and is slightly more profitable than bitcoin. This pool was made by me, I am the sole owner. The pool can be found at: Thanks for reading/mining! Harm
  11. Official Titcoin Bounties and Giveaways The Titcoin team has a history of giving back to the cryptocommunity even before we officially launched. An exclusive 4-hour pre-launch was given to members of the community before the Titcoin wallet was released to the public. We also gave away over 20k Titcoins within the first 5 days to the community. In the spirit of giving back to the community for their support, we will periodically post a variety of bounties and giveaways on this page where you can earn more free Titcoins. Please check back as we update this page with new bounties in the future. September Giveaway Completed September Giveaway (sponsored by @RisenBirds) Get ready for the most crazy giveaway sponsored by a member of the Titcoin community! I believe that the success of a coin depends on the dedication of members of the crypto community and not just on the developers. A healthy Titcoin community is a collection of active individuals who are ready to take charge. As a member of this community, I'm looking for other like-minded members who want to help us all take Titcoin to the moon. As result, I am giving away 1 block of Titcoins (69 TITs) out of my own pocket to 100 members of the Titcoin community. That's 6,900 free Titcoins. But here is what YOU need to do to claim this free block... create a Titcoin meme! Sounds simple enough so here are the rules: Step 1: Be creative and create a Titcoin meme. It can be funny, serious or sexy. Maybe all of them. The meme must help raise awareness of both Titcoin and cryptocurrencies in a positive way. However, please don't create a meme that is hardcore, negative, offensive or racist. I'm going to ignore those submissions. Step 2: Please tweet your meme to the following Twitter accounts: @RisenBirds@OfficialTitcoin Step 3: I will retweet the meme that falls under the requirements in Step 1 (or adheres to the spirit of this giveaway). IMPORTANT: If your meme gets retweeted by me, please reply to the original tweet with your Titcoin wallet address. This is the only way I can keep track of all submissions, and the only way I can send you the free Titcoins. I will send you the free block within 48 hours after I see your Titcoin address in the Twitter Reply. Step 4: But wait... I'm also giving away an additional 3,000 Titcoins to the top 3 memes (1,000 Titcoins each). 3 memes will be selected based on the following judging criteria: - Originality - Creativity - Overall reach and exposure on social media (eg. retweets; comments) I will pick the 3 winners on October 1, 2014 who will each receive 1,000 Titcoins. So open your photoshop and get started Block Explorer Bounty Claimed Now that we successfully forked and updated the Titcoin wallet to v.1.0.0, our old Block Explorer is no longer functional. We are offering a 5,000 Titcoin bounty to anyone who can provide and host a dedicated Titcoin Block Explorer. Please contact us in advance if you are interested in claiming this bounty. Email:
  12. Titcoin [TIT] Pre-Launch Announcement Yes... another Bitcoin clone, but one with a purpose. Titcoin was developed to specifically cater to the adult entertainment industry. We realize Titcoin was an idea loosely spawned many months ago by various individuals in the public forum. We've simply taken this idea to the next level and created the official Titcoin wallet for mining and currency exchange purposes. Foundation: We are a group that consists of financial services, technology and marketing professionals. We're excited (as you are) in the prospect of an open exchange currency untethered by government regulation and high cross-currency transaction fees. One of the biggest hurdles facing cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) is demonstrating real value outside of speculation and future adoption. Our aim is to create value in the currency before Titcoin is even released to the public. This involves generating support within a specific industry (the adult entertainment industry in this case) which in turn creates the demand for Titcoins... which in turn creates value. The following article best captures this philosophy: Strategy: In order to realize the goals of Titcoin, there is one critical group of participants that is needed. Businesses in the Adult Entertainment Industry We are seeking owners and operaters of adult-oriented entities including website owners, adult novelty stores and transaction processing companies. As an incentive for promising to support Titcoin as a method of payment, these businesses will receive a mutually agreed amount of pre-mined coins (see below). To inquire about joining the Titcoin launch, please contact: titcoin [at] We strongly believe that once we secure members in the above group, the value of Titcoin will be established well before it is officially released to the public. Launch Timeline: No exact launch timeline has been established while we first secure support from members in the adult entertainment industry. If all goes well, we can expect an official launch within the March 2014 timeframe. As we eventually secure a solid group of participating adult-oriented entities, the pre-mine and launch rollout will be as follows: Stage 1: One week to secure pre-mine target (see below) Stage 2: One week exclusive launch to members of the cryptocurrency community (that's you) Stage 3: Official public launch via paid advertising, social media campaigns and launch events Note: The pre-mine target will be no more than 0.75% of total coins issued. Future Initiatives: A currency launch is only the beginning of the process. Our plan for the future is to move forward with a major marketing campaign to raise awareness and adoption of Titcoin. ========================================== Website: Contact: titcoin [at] Social: @OfficialTitcoin Specifications: Symbol: TIT Algorithm: SHA-256 Block Reward: 69 coins Block Time: 5 minutes (300 seconds) Total Coins: 69,000,000 Retarget: Every 2016 blocks Halving Interval: 500,000 blocks Downloads: Coming Soon Configuration: Coming Soon Pools: Coming Soon Exchanges: Coming Soon