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  1. Avrorum - Private and Security CRM\ERP Avrorum is an international economic Blockchain platform for business. The objective is automation and optimization of enterprises. Technical language: Avrorum is a Blockchain CRM \ ERP system for B2B \ B2C. Website Whitepaper Twitter Telegram Slack Facebook Also Avrorum is a platform - aggregator for providing services and selling products, both offline and online. CRM – Customer Relationship Management ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning What tasks does Avrorum solve? Creation of effective tools for business at Blockchain, as a result - attracting business to the industry. Popularization of using of cryptocurrency in the business sector. Creation an ecosystem for business. Promotion of "Economy 2.0". Creation of a universal platform for analytics and business accounting in "Economics 2.0". Creation the possibility of anonymity in business activities. How is Avrorum built? The idea of "DAO" (the Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is invested in the Project Architecture. Avrorum project is not built as a company, the project is created as an economic tool for the whole [Suspicious link removed]munity, without central control, without a "point of failure" which can be the developers themselves. Why is it important ? A project similar to Avrorum, but centralized in management: under a small group of developers or a large well-known company, can lead to abuse on the part of managers, both under the pressure of "external structures" and on their own initiative. What can create a threat of control by "external structures" for companies that use the сryptocurrency. Technical Architecture TOKEN VALUE - Ability to use the platform for free. Anyone who participates in the PreICO \ ICO with an amount of 500 conventional units (in dollar equivalent) will be able to further free use of the platform. - Entering the DAO Avrorum and receiving dividends. After PreICO \ ICO, specialized tokens (SmartContract) will work, the tokens with PreICO \ ICO will be exchanged 1 to 1 for these tokens. Revenues of the Avrorum project will be charged to the budget of the "DAO" in an automatic mode, after the coordination of all expenses in the DAO, monthly, the revenues will be accrued to all owners of AvroToken by their number. The prices for the services provided are formed on the basis of the principle of "Daily automatic write-off from an internal account.". But not all services on the project are paid. Acceptance of payments is carried out only in the cryptocurrency. For convenience of perception, prices are equated to the dollar. ● CRM \ ERP - $ 1 per day. ● Marketplace - free of charge. ● Guarantor service on the Marketplace - 5% of the transaction amount. ● Exchange - 0.3% per transaction. ● Paid applications in the 'Application Market' - 5%. ● POS Terminals - 50% of the profit for transaction servicing (50% of the profit is received by partners Avrorum - Octopus Engine) On the whole platform, you can operate with such crypto-currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash (Other cryptocurrencies will be added during voting of participants). Dividends can also be paid in the same cryptocurrency as the user chooses (Bitcoin \ Ethereum \ Dash + when connecting other cryptocurrencies to the platform, you can specify them). - Ability to receive additional rewards. Remuneration for participating in voting (in DAO Avrorum). Remuneration for the distribution of cryptocurrency POS Terminals. Remuneration for the development of decentralized modules in the application market. Remuneration for maintaining the network. The possibility of speculation AvroToken on exchanges. TEAM
  2. Blockstream Satellite Ignites Bitcoin Access On August 15, Blockstream, a leading provider of blockchain technologies, launched Blockstream Satellite, an innovative service that provides free access to the Bitcoin network. It will target an estimated four billion people currently not connected to the internet, due to lack of availability or affordability... Read more Here: Follow BTCManager for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  3. WEBSITE • BLUEPAPER • ROADMAP • BOUNTY • TOKENSALE Twitter ▮ Facebook ▮ Medium ▮ Slack ▮ Telegram ▮ Contact
  4. Stratis' TumbleBit Wallet Is One Step Closer On August 10, the Stratis Platform team announced the attainment of a major milestone in the development of their Breeze Wallet, which is one of the first implementations of TumbleBit, a protocol to improve Bitcoin’s anonymity... Read more Here: Follow BTCMANAGER for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  5. 8-Year-Old Computer Prodigy Programming ‘WoorannaCoin’ to Grasp the Blockchain A group of elementary students, including eight-year-old computer prodigy Seth Yee, at the Wooranna Park Primary School in Australia work on programming ‘WoorannaCoin’ under the guidance of former network engineer Kieran Nolan, which teaches them methods of developing software behind Bitcoin, including the blockchain... Read more Here: Follow BTCMANAGER for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  6. Microsoft's Coco To Speed Up Blockchains for Enterprise Microsoft, a company familiar with the cryptocurrency scene, announced on August 10 a new technology looking to speed up blockchain-based systems and make them more private at the same time on the enterprise level... Read more Here: Follow BTCManager for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  7. Decentralized mobile eCommerce platform with no big brother, no fees and no restrictions Website Whitepaper English: Spanish: Filipino: Twitter Slack Github
  8. Blockchain Startup Uses Hybrid Intelligence to Disrupt International Finance Artificial intelligence has been around for a while now. Even though it hardly resembles sentient computers seen in sci-fi movies, it has found numerous use cases in businesses and the sciences. Neural networks and deep learning have made it possible for computers to process huge amounts of data and even successfully mimic human behavior. Using artificial intelligence for financial markets isn’t news either. Computers processing big data and returning some predictions are among the most popular solutions for professional traders and brokers. However, the efficiency of such solutions can be surprisingly low sometimes. This all may change if artificial intelligence is combined with the collective intelligence of human beings... Read more Here: Follow BTCManager for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  9. Ergo Platform - Decentralized Blockchain Platform ERGO is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that introduces multiple improvements to different layers of the blockchain. ERGO intends to create a truly decentralized platform and provide accessible tools for trustless blockchain exploration and verification. ERGO is designed for mass adoption. Its efficient blockchain protocol will allow it to be widely used while still remaining friendly to application protocols thanks to its unique transaction language. ERGO implements numerous scalability enhancements resulting in the ability to process thousands of transactions per second without mining centralization or an decreasing number of full nodes. The links on this page provide a more comprehensive understanding of ERGO. Under Foundational Papersare links to most of the papers that have informed the creation of the ERGO protocol. In our soon to be released videos we will provide a brief but thorough explanation of ERGO’s foundational ideas. A coming series of white papers will provide a fuller vision of how each piece of our solution work together to create a blockchain unlike any other. We will be conducting regular Q and A sessions on Slack and possibly other venues. Transcripts of these sessions will be posted in our News section as they happen. We will also update our FAQ page with the latest answers to the most frequent questions we receive. Website Twitter Telegram Email What makes ERGO unique among blockchains? FUNDAMENTAL APPROACH ERGO's platform is based on a variety of ideas that complement each other and aim to provide solutions for various cryptocurrency problems. The concepts that underlie our vision have been presented at top conferences and have received positive reviews from a wide audience. LIGHT TRUSTLESS WALLET ERGO will require just a few Kb of data to synchronize the network and begin processing blocks in a trustless manner. This less intensive data requirement means user-friendly mobile wallets can be created with full node security guarantees. A new kind of network decentralization will be possible eliminating the need for centralized exchanges as wallets. SMART MONEY ERGO's transactional language is the flexible alternative to Bitcoin scripting language. It combines environment conditions and cryptographic Σ-protocols with AND, OR, k-out-of-n connectives. Despite it not being Turing-complete, it allows developers to build smart contracts with features and capabilities that are currently not possible with existing platforms. Its unique attributes allow users to perform efficient cost analysis and are also protective against DoS attacks. SCALABILITY While there is no "silver bullet” to solve all blockchain scalability issues, ERGO will make great strides in this direction by implementing a variety of unique approaches at the same time. ERGO's protocol will take the higher on-chain throughput made possible by the Bitcoin-ng proposal (up to 1000 tx/s) and combine it with a flexible transactional language that allows developers to build off chain protocols on top of it, thus increasing throughput by an additional factor of 1000. ERGO will create even more scalability by allowing users to launch additional blockchains that can feature side chain token transfer between them. BLOCKCHAIN AS DATABASE One of the main barriers to using the blockchain as a database has been that users are currently required to download and process all transactions in order to find what they are looking for. ERGO solves this problem with its Aspen protocol that partitions a blockchain so that users need only access the subset of the blockchain that is relevant to their search. ERGO's unique model will open up a host of new capabilities like allowing miners to control storage rent in the blockchain. TEAM
  10. Zen Protocol - A Financial Engine Website Twitter Facebook Medium Telegram Linkedin FINANCE FOR THE BITCOIN ERA Finance today is dominated by large, trusted intermediaries. They reduce counterparty risk, but restrict what sort of agreements are possible, and who can take part in them. Decentralized finance reduces counterparty risk without using middle men. It has the potential to make possible trades and asset types that are impractical in the current centralized system. Zen is a decentralized platform that allows anyone to create meaningful, secure and reliable financial instruments. FAST DEVELOPMENT Writing smart contracts doesn't have to be scary. With Zen you work out what transactions you want your contracts to make, then prove that your contracts only make them in the right conditions. Other contracts can't break your contract, either—the only way contracts talk to each other is one transaction at a time. USABLE TOOLS FOR FINANCE Once you prove an asset meets a spec, anyone searching for that kind of asset will automatically find your contract and see how to use it. Users can add new specs to their client and get access to new assets right away. You can even create provably correct contract generators, so your users can make their own searchable contracts.
  11. Stamping Out Fake Wine with the Blockchain Shanghai-based blockchain company BitSE has teamed up with Direct Imported Goods (DIG), China’s largest importer of fine wines, to establish a proprietary blockchain to address wine counterfeiting. Fueled off of an Ethereum-based model, DIG is currently listing over one million bottles of wine on BitSE’s VeChain portal... Read more Here: Follow BTCManager for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  12. Total Supply - 100 000 000 Bounty Canpaign Wallet - 40 000 000 Wallet adress - 0xEF5ecc795E35C039AB10Bd012bC7E21e08fcb496 Telegram Channel Telegram Chat Twitter Website E-Mail: 1wrongcoin [at]
  13. Platooreum

    With our team’s expertise in quality software development and system integration for over the past 7 years. Since 2016, we have dedicated our focus to research and development of Blockchain products and services to make sure our customer always get the best solution.
  14. Businesses should not be afraid to work with cryptocurrency A lot of praise has come towards Bitcoin’s way thanks to its unique qualities. It has proven itself advantageous in terms of security and efficiency. With the unique characteristics of Bitcoin, it is now possible to make transactions with conditions you cannot find in any fiat currency, which involves anonymity, lack of expensive processing charges, and restriction-free transactions. These three alone give Bitcoin the upper hand. Regardless of Bitcoin’s reputation in the government, many find it useful for many purposes. Online businesses continue to patronize and encourage users to check out Bitcoin and its ability to make online payments easier and much more convenient. What are your thoughts on the relation of Bitcoin and online businesses today? Reference:
  15. Blockchain Startup Provenance Debuts Meat Products Tracking Platform in the US UK-based blockchain technology company Provenance has debuted technology in conjunction with Grass Roots Farmers Cooperative in Arkansas that will allow customers to use the blockchain to track their meat products from farm to fork. The project is supported by Heifer USA, and the products will be sold through the Golden Gate Meat Company... Read more Here: Follow BTCManager for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  16. The World's First Decentralized Web Hosting Ecosystem Powered by Cryptocurrencies Nametoken seeks to implement a modern decentralized web hosting ecosystem that will utilize Ethereum's blockchain technology to revolutionize the domain registry industry. Through the incorporation of an intuitive mobile app, Nametoken seeks to create a community of domain registry investors to work together in determining the overall ROI potential of future domain names. Read the full article:
  17. Blockmason

    Providing world-class decentralized programs on the Ethereum Blockchain. At BlockMason, We Believe In The In The Future Of Ethereum And Blockchain Technology. Our mission is to enrich the dapp ecosystem with secure and functional apps that are both immediately usable and possess the capacity to fundamentally transform our daily lives. If you are interested in our work, our team, or becoming involved, please reach out -- you can find us on the blockchain! Foundation Foundation creates a single Master ID (e.g. “FoundationID”) from multiple Ethereum public addresses. This FoundationID establishes a unified identity and transactional platform for individuals on the Ethereum Network. It acts as a back-end name resolving protocol that matches multiple Ethereum address tIo a single FoundationID. Unlike ENS which resolves one address to one ID, Foundation resolves multiple addresses to one ID. Information stored on the ledger of one address can be shared and accessed by all addresses associated with the same FoundationID. Therefore, Foundation forms an essential building block for a unified identity that can interact with the blockchain, and lays the foundations for countless future applications. Debt Protocol Until now, it was only possible to move money on the blockchain in the form of cash. Bitcoin democratized the transfer and storage of money, and Ethereum democratized the creation and storage of monetary contracts. With the Debt Protocol, BlockMason has taken the next logical step in the decentralized economy: democratizing currency creation through permanently recorded debt and credit obligations between parties. Friend In Debt Friend In Debt offers a jurisdiction agnostic social platform for creating and settling debts with friends on the blockchain. It combines the power of long-term debt tracking, credit extension through trusted friends, and social networking to build an application that provides a far more flexible and complex array of financial interactions than possible with existing Ethereum wallets or limited spot-settlement applications like Venmo or Alipay.
  18. The WannaCry Bitcoin Funds are on the Move It seems that about $143,000 from the WannaCry ransomware attack is on the move... Read more Here: Follow BTCMANAGER for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  19. Study Suggests 57% of Large Corporations Considering Blockchain DCEBrief - Study Suggests 57% of Large Corporations Considering Blockchain -
  20. Bitcoin Cash Launches with Rocky Start: Labelled as Altcoin by Major Chinese Miner Chandler Guo, a major Chinese investor in bitcoin, ether and cryptocurrency mining, recently criticized Bitcoin Cash, led by China-based mining pool operator ViaBTC, which successfully forked away from the Bitcoin blockchain on August 1. Mainstream media outlets have added to confusion amongst the general public with inaccurate representations of the Bitcoin Cash markets... Read more Here: Follow BTCMANAGER for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  21. What is Siacoin and is it a Good Investment? Sia is a platform for decentralized cloud storage. By allowing the formation of storage contracts with peers, Sia permits its users to store data across a wide network of participants in a secure, private, reliable and fault-tolerant manner. Contracts define the conditions under which a storage provider keeps user data, and require the provider to periodically submit proof of storage to reassure the client that their data is in safe hands. These contracts are stored on the blockchain such that they are publicly auditable... Read more Here: Follow BTCMANAGER for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  22. MINDPASS You are your password MindPass is a revolutionary and futuristic authentication/identification system on the blockchain Website Twitter Github Medium Whitepaper What is it? MindPass is a new concept utilizing dynamic biosignals instead of classical static biometric methods. By biosignals we mean various neuro-physiological parameters that yield a unique signature in response to specific stimuli. Why is it more secure? Unlike classical biometric methods such as fingerprints and iris scans where there is only one password (you cannot change your fingerprint or iris!), our system uses a unique challenge-response tandem where your reaction to different stimuli is verified each time. Utilizing a random X out of Y combination on each login attempt means that the system is practically unbreakable. You can read more details in our White Paper. Uses Some of the potential uses are depicted below and include secure physical identification, border control, government identification, secure online banking, access to virtual worlds, among many others. Device and Implementation We will be working on an open source and easily assembled prototype device based on existing cost-effective off-the-shelf technology, further enhanced in all aspects: software (algorithms) and hardware (design). The whole system will work on the blockchain utilizing smart contract technology in Ethereum. We are also considering to introduce versions that work on alternative (NEO, EOS) blockchain platforms as well. The MindPass token (tentative ticker: EEG) will be used as transaction fuel throughout the system for password updates and new registrations. Roadmap Date (approximate) Milestone Q3 '17 Pre-sale Q4 '17 Initial Coin Offering Q1 '18 Proof-of-Concept Prototype Q4 '18 Fully functional product Q1 '19 Marketing/expansion Research Unlike other blockchain projects, this one needs extensive applied research to be conducted by a team of technology experts. We will be trying different device arrangements and conducting extended field tests involving real-world scenarios and subjects. This research is paramount not only to create a very effective product/service, but also to later deliver it with affordable off-the-shelf components. Plan Our plan is to build a functional product that can be used by anyone that wants to hook up on the Mainnet and assemble the hardware. Further down the road we plan to make advanced models of the hardware available pre-assembled and with client-customised extra functionality. We are exploring the possibility to give out dividends from this. We envision a legal entity that would provide consulting services as well. Furthermore, we will be looking to get in contact with highly-secure facilities/organizations/governments, achieve interoperability with existing protocols for Digital ID systems, attend pertinent international conferences, etc. Pre-sale We plan to make a limited pre-sale, first, that enables us to: Buy necessary hardware components and organize a pilot field test Organize a full-blown ICO with extended marketing/PR Assemble a larger team The thread will be updated with the pre-sale specifics and we anticipate the starting date to be in the next few weeks. We will be conducting a bounty and social media campaign and there will be a separate thread for this. We are looking for someone to run this. Prior experience is required. Please get in touch. Team Aris Giachnis Lead Developer. Serial founder and blockchain enthusiast. Konstantinos Michailidis Lead Researcher. Physician and neuroengineer. We are actively looking for people to expand the team including experienced smart contract developers, security experts, and hardware/software engineers, either as part of the core team or providing consultancy. Please contact us if you are interested.
  23. July 24, 2017 - Fintech Finance - Token Crowdsale for New Health Data Ecosystem and Marketplace July 24, 2017 - Coinspeaker - Blockchain Startup BurstIQ Announces Token Sale July 21, 2017 - Bankless Times - BurstIQ crowdsale to propel health data company July 20, 2017 - The Blockchain - BurstIQ Announces Token Crowdsale for its Health Data Ecosystem and Marketplace June 15, 2017 - 5280 - How 3 Local Tech Gurus Are Solving National Health Problems June 7, 2017 - The Gazette - Colorado Springs startup makes individual medical records safe in the cloud June 5, 2017 - 101010 - 10.10.10 announces first of its kind data repository to support health innovation entrepreneurs April 20, 2015 - The Denver Post - BurstIQ, first 101010 health firm to emerge, tackles patient data UCHealth PV Ventures Colorado Longitudinal Study Catalyst CBInsights
  24. Overview Crowdsale Roadmap Progress Links bHotspot is a blockchain-driven (decentralized) WiFi hotspot system allowing users around the world to connect to nearby WiFi networks without involving a third party and at a much better cost than current WiFi hotspot or mobile data solutions. What if you could get paid to share your Internet connection at your house or work place when you want to? What if you could connect to WiFi anywhere in the world at a better price than your current mobile data roaming plan, and get a better connection? What if you could connect automatically to nearby WiFi networks as you move around and keep control of how much you are paying? Crowdsale Start Block #4104168 2017-07-30 ~ 9AM UTC End Block #4187815 2017-08-15 ~ 8PM UTC Creation Goal 15,000,000 BHT Cap: 40,000,000 BHT Ether Goal 29,000 ETH* Cap: 79,000 ETH* Crowdsale address: 0x396d62edb4eb725ec867023d8bdfc9e64d30a82d By way of a crowdsale, we aim to raise the amount of money necessary to develop and bring the system to market, including lobbying manufacturers to get them on board as quickly as possible. The participants in the crowdsale will be given tokens that will be tradable on crypto-currency exchanges but more importantly, these tokens will be the fuel of the system once it is live. As a participant, you are free to hold on to your tokens for future use, or trade them at will on crypto-currency exchanges. The number of tokens sold during the crowdsale will determine the total supply (+500,000 reserved tokens -see below-). A minimum of 15,000,000 tokens has to be sold in order for the crowdsale to be successful, if not, participants will be able to get a refund on what they invested. Goals The goals of the crowdsale are: to provide an income for the team members during the development and testing of the system to buy hardware to test the system on as many routers/platforms as possible to market the system worldwide, particularly to the key players in the industry to lobby manufacturers to build the Service1 into their routers for broader reach Estimated Budget This estimate is based on a 3 years plan which should cover the time needed to bring the product to market and shield against possible roadblocks/set-backs. Description Estimated Cost Project Manager / Developer2 300,000 USD Embedded System Engineer3 290,000 USD Sales & Marketing Engineer4 280,000 USD Lobbying 1,500,000 USD Marketing 2,500,000 USD Hardware Testing 15,000 USD Travel Expenses 100,000 USD Miscellaneous 50,000 USD TOTAL 5,035,000 USD Token bHotspot Tokens (BHT) will be given to crowdsale participants. The bHotspot Token (BHT) is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to as a currency and to validate transactions on the bHotspot network. The crowdsale will determine the total supply. The reserved tokens will be used to reward contributors and provide a pool for donations to various organizations to promote the use of the system. Description ETH USD BHT Ether price 1 200 500 Dollar price 0.005 1 2.5 Token price 0.002 0.4 1 Token minimum amount 30,000 6,000,000 15,000,000 Token maximum amount 80,000 16,000,000 40,000,000 Token reserved 1,000 200,000 500,000 Note: A value of 200 USD/ETH is used for estimations to provide a reasonable margin to counter market swings. How to participate Requirements: A ERC20 compatible wallet (like Mist or A valid Ethereum address on the mainnet loaded with enough Ether to buy the amount of tokens you desire and pay the gas fee (see above for the token price). To participate in the crowdsale, send the amount of Ether (ETH) you want to the contract's address below. bHotspot Tokens (BHT) will be automatically created and deposited at the address you used to make the transaction. Contract's address: Will be made available at the start of the crowdsale. Disclaimer: We offer the following instructions only as helpful guidance for participating in the token sale. Buyers should do their own research and not rely solely on this material. We make no representations or warranties that the following material is complete or accurate, or that the wallets (or any associated software or services) will be reliable or function as described. As such, Buyers assume all risks associated with the use of a wallet in connection with the token sale. * 1,000 ETH has been deducted because of the 500,000 tokens reserved (see above). Roadmap As every developer knows, planning for strict deadlines for software releases can lead to unnecessary pressure and bugs crawling all over the place. The blockchain environment is constantly evolving, making it even more likely. We are committed to delivering a quality-first product, that has been properly battle tested. As such, most of the dates in this Roadmap are to be taken as a general idea of what we would like to have achieved upon reaching these dates. 2017-06-01 Project Start 2017-07-15 Official Announcement 2017-07-30 Crowdsale Start 2017-08-15 Crowdsale End 2017-08-30 Hiring Embedded System Engineer 2017-11-01 Working Prototype 2017-12-01 Hiring Sales & Marketing Engineer 2017-12-30 BETA Release (with partial source code) 2018-01-01 Start Lobbying Manufacturers 2018-06-01 Official Release (with full source code) 2018-12-30 First router with built-in support Future The 802.11u standard can be refined to be more bHotspot-friendly by defining more specifically the parameters broadcasted and used by the bHotspot network. Devices can benefit from built-in support instead of using the App to connect to the Service1, making the connection easier and more seamless for users. References Whitepaper
  25. BTC-E Domain Seized, ICOs in the SEC's Crosshairs: BTCManager’s Week in Review July 31 For the week ending July 30, BTC-E’s involvement in the Mt.Gox hack was revealed by a WizSecruity Report according to which Hackers collaborated with BTC-E and its owner Alexander Vinnik to steal the wallet.dat file stored in the centralized databases of Mt. Gox to gain access to nearly 630,000 bitcoin. The wallet.dat file was stolen in September 2011 and the hackers moved the coins from Mt. Gox to BTC-E owner Vinnik’s personal wallet in mid-2013... Read more Here: Follow BTCMANAGER for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!