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  1. Website | Slack | Reddit | Whitepaper | GitHub Do you like this ANN by Qbert? Consider donating 0xa5FcDe34a3F4C7D822E3073388f375684b2DE692
  2. TorrentChain Anonymous & blockchain based P2P file sharing Website :
  3. [ANN][ICO] BitdealCoin - A coin for Sharing Economy and Shopping Deals What is Bitdeal? Bitdeal = Cryptocurrency + Sharing Economy + Industrial Revolution 4.0 Bitdeal Coin aim to provide professional trading and exchange tools within the legal boundaries and with a strong technological and legal protection of financial assets. The ecosystem we are launching on the global market includes instruments for regular users and private cryptocurrencies investors, as well as for institutional investors and financial organizations. Why you should join? It does not matter if you want to use BDL for trading, longterm investment or day-to-day financial activities, with BDL you will always be gaining value. The entire ecosystem will be governed by this power algorithm based on predetermined formulas, written by professional economists. Bitdeal Ecosystem Roadmap Bitdeal Coin Specifications Total amount: 300,000,000 BDL Block rewards: 50 BDL Hashing algorithm: Scrypt Network: POW Block size: 1 MB Block time: 2.5 min ______________________________________________________________________ Home page: Block Explorer: Mining Pool: Wallet: ______________________________________________________________________ I have posted a post to help miners receive their coins after the pools error by inbox to me, here is the list payments I sent them: - @Predator10 GWJJSYuGArFSwBjD9Xd1TKmMtAK1egdyiw: 2100 BDL - @Fireeyes GfDFdDX5XkmQFkaaUKuvw5keYxAzhPMEAh: 100 BDL - @Saracenis GYSP7hKjHa56QRazkjswyduehgUhm8H7Su: 2000 BDL processing - @yamilife GKEJucwCNt5WJxzZXr6SPjjUiSSKtWShtf: 100 BDL processing
  4. World decentralized and secure information system for selling and sharing of content Website Facebook Twitter Reddit Medium Telegram The Principle of the DASERON system operation "DASERON" is the world decentralized and secure information system for selling and sharing of content. The system allows to connect the content purchaser and the content seller. What creates a common scalable platform for the content sale regardless of transaction participants location. Any user will be able to obtain information from every spot on the globe, ordering media agent. The system unity is reached by blockchain technologies applications, which are represented by decentralized database. In addition, "DASERON” also solves many problems in the sphere of media and cyber-security, covered above, in spite of market place of content selling creation.
  5. Website Facebook Twitter Telegram Slack Wi Coin (WiC) is a coin that will bring crypto to the masses. Today, 99% of the people involved in crypto currencies use it either as a speculative asset or hoard it with a dream of becoming a millionaire overnight. This is the primary reason for the lack of adoption and WiC is a coin that will solve this issue. WiC will give the average person a reason to buy and use crypto in his everyday life. Introducing the killer app of the crypto world, “CryptoWi”, an app which rewards its users in Wi Coins (WiC) for doing what they do every day, use their Wi-Fi! This is how it works: First, you will need to create an account to use the app and earn and store your WiCs. Second, the user can upload passwords of the Wi-Fi connections from the "WiFi" tab as shown above. The user is awarded 100 WiC per correct password uploaded in order to grow the network initially. The user will also be able to set a custom price in WiC for each of these networks. Anybody who wants to connect to these networks will have to pay this amount and it will be credited to the original password uploader. This gives an added incentive to people for not changing the password and helps the community grow larger. 5,000,000 WiC have been reserved for distribution to the users in the early stages of the app to grow the user base. At 100 coins per password, this will be 50,000 passwords. The “Map” tab shows the number of available WiFi passwords at any location in the world and can be searched for by the user. The user will also be able to navigate to these wifi spots in offline mode in the future. For more information please have a look at the video demo of our app below: Features planned to be implemented by 2018 are as follows: 1. Shapeshift integration to convert earned WiC to other cryptos instantly. 2. Offline navigation to wifi spots 3. Private Messaging 4. Private Transactions 5. WiC re-loadable cards at retail outlets like gas stations 6. Partnering with renowned travel agencies to promote CryptoWi among tourists We will be having a token sale for WiC. Details will be out soon. Please subscribe on our website to be the first when they are out. 1) When you invest in WiC, you are investing in something that is real and already developed, not a pipe-dream. We have worked very hard to get you something complete and real and hence the chances of success increase manifold. 2) We are not asking for thousands of BTCs for our project and that reduces the total initial market cap of the coin. At the ICO price, the market cap of WiC will be well under 5 million dollars (exact price will be out soon) which is around the 200+ mark on Evidently, our project is better and worth more than most of the coins with a higher market cap than that and hence there is a very good chance that your investment will give you a huge ROI on launch. 3) There is no crypto currency today that has anything even similar to what we are offering with WiC and CryptoWi and hence WiC will be the first and only player in this untapped market. As a result, the potential and room for growth is tremendous. 4) With a potential ready user base of more than 50 million, WiC is very likely to succeed and revolutionize the WiFi sharing industry. As more people start to buy WiC to use it in the CryptoWi app, the early investors are expected to receive the best returns. 5) Since Wi Coins (WiC) is the ONLY accepted method of payment in the app, anybody wanting to use it will have to buy WiC first, naturally increasing its value. 6) WiC is one of the very few crypto currencies today with a real world use case which gives it real value. In the long run, only such currencies are likely to succeed. We are launching WiC as an Ethereum ERC20 token. Token Name: Wi Coin Ticker: WiC Total Supply: 100,000,000 coins The coins will be allocated as below: Token Sale: 90% or 90,000,000 coins In App Distribution: 5% or 5,000,000 coins Team: 3% or 3,000,000 coins Bounties: 2% or 2,000,000 coins
  6. ARK Delegate - SwissArk - 90-93% Profit Sharing Hello together Maybe you already have heard of ARK Ecosystem if not you should definitely look at it. There are 51 active delegates, everyone earn ~400 ARK per day / ~12k ARK per month. Its sounds easy but it isn't. Actually are over 900k ARK votes needed to get an active delegate and earn something. There are already many other delegates, who share their profit with others, some delegates share more other fewer. Now I have registered as delegate and setup a node. The only thing is I need votes from other ARK owner to become an active delegate. I'm not interested about money so I have a really good profit sharing. 90-93% Profit Sharing (daily/weekly payouts - manual) 2-5% Fund (ARK Project Support and Community Help) 4,5% Stability + Growth 0,5% Free Use You can read my full proposal here. (I hope its ok, otherwhise edit it and PM me please.) If you are interested to help me and get some ARK you can just reply here or join my Slack. When you already have some ARK I would be happy if you vote for me "arkswiss", even if you have not soo much ARK's. When I become an active delegate, everyone will get a gift from no matter how much your vote count + profit sharing (90-93%) starts. Thank you and if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
  7. [ANN] TOMOCOIN crypto - Decentralized knowledge sharing network TOMO TERMS Tomocoin is the cryptocurrency native to the Tomo network. Tomo application is the crypto-powered knowledge sharing network. Tomochain refers to the initiative to build a decentralized blockchain foundation for Tomocoin and Tomo network. MOTIVATION Tomocoin will help to incentivize different groups of Tomo’s network participants such as users, core developers, tool and service developers, investors, marketing operators to contribute to the network and align them together to increase the value of Tomocoin and the value of Tomo network. Blockchain industry and a new protocol layer “Internet of Value” are being built rapidly around the globe and to many the atmosphere is eerily similar to the building of Internet in the late 90s that pioneers and dreamers are coming together to build a new future. Tomo network and Tomocoin can be a leading part of this phenomenon by seamlessly merging an excellent knowledge and social application useful for millions of mainstream users with a native crypto-currency allowing for a secure, decentralized and trustless store of value. Our mission is to be a leading force of building the “Internet of Value”, working toward a reality that knowledge, decentralization, financial independence and opportunities are accessible to everyone from every corner of the globe. Our goals are building Tomo network to be the decentralized source of knowledge that is as important as Wikipedia or Quora, and Tomocoin being one of the most important digital asset being valuable and widely used by million of people. By serving users-contributors who actually use the product in a meaningful way and by researching and innovating decentralized consensus technologies needed to build an end-user-friendly currency and network, Tomo and Tomocoin will pioneer and “cross the chasm” toward being a popular digital asset and currency of mainstream users. That will give a tremendous value to Tomocoin in the growing ‘Internet of Value’ industry. TOMOCOIN, TOMO APPLICATION and TOMOCHAIN Tomo application is a knowledge sharing application that aims to build a knowledge network that is available to everyone and everywhere frictionlessly. It is differentiated from Quora by focusing on the content form that is more modern and more mobile friendly such as short-form videos. It is differentiated from Wikipedia by focusing on personal analyses and advices from experts instead of Wikipedia’s objective information. It is differentiated from Facebook, Instagram and other social networks by using the cryptocurrency Tomocoin to reward content and knowledge contributors. In turn, content and knowledge contributors would become early adopters of Tomocoin and help to evangelize the value and usage of Tomo’s network and Tomocoin. Tomocoin and Tomo network are complementary and this combination is the essential of the business model. By issuing and using Tomocoin to reward early contributors, Tomo application has a built-in economic incentive that will help “bootstrapping” the knowledge network until the network effect kicks in. At the same time, Tomocoin will gain a fundamental value by being the native crypto-currency of the knowledge network. Each Tomo application account would integrate a coin wallet that hosts Tomocoin and use coins for financial transactions within the application. There are varieties of ways that Tomocoin can be used within the Tomo network such as: a) Experts can set the coin price that they are willing to answer a question. Askers will need coin to pay the price to have the question sent to the expert. b) Boosting a question: a question can be asked in the “open question” section and having the question “boosted” with Tomocoin will attract more answers c) Boosting an answer: an answer can also be “boosted” to reach more people by using Tomocoin and by having more view and “love” an answer can earn more coin back from the Tomo Reward Engine. These are just the surfaces of what Tomocoin can do within Tomo’s network. There will be more use cases later on as the Tomo network expanding and gaining a critical mass. While the initial value of Tomocoin will be based on its utility within the Tomo network. It is expected that Tomocoin will have its own life after being able to set up a wide and useful payment network. It is expected that in time a separate Tomocoin wallet will be built so that different services can be built upon and use Tomocoin. Tomo network will become just one of many service providers that use Tomocoin and Tomocoin will chart its own course by being one of the most widely distributed and used crypto-currency. In a sense, Tomocoin helps “bootstrapping” Tomo knowledge network and at the same time Tomo network helps with Tomocoin initial distribution and “bootstrapping” Tomocoin payment network. That is why this combination is an integral and novel business model innovation. Tomochain is an ongoing research and development effort to build the decentralized foundation for both Tomocoin and Tomo network. Initially, it is likely that Tomocoin will be issued as ERC20 token in the Ethereum blockchain. At the beginning, Ethereum blockchain will be utilized to be the settlement’s layer to get Tomocoin from Ethereum blockchain into Tomo application and from Tomo application to Ethereum blockchain. We plan to build a high performance semi-centralized ledger that hosts Tomocoin within Tomo network. Eventually, it could be engineered that all transactions within Tomo network settling on a blockchain instead. Nevertheless, Tomo application performance should be at the level of the best mainstream social application and Ethereum blockchain currently would not allow for instant and free financial transactions. We are actively researching and evaluating distributed consensus technologies from Ethereum’s Casper POS, Bitcoin Sidechain, Ouroboros POS, EOS, Catapult etc. to build our own Tomochain solution. PRODUCT ROADMAP coming soon TECHNICAL DISCUSSION coming soon TOKEN SALE coming soon TOMO TEAM coming soon Tomocoin Website Tomo app demo Join our Slack discussion
  8. Introducing Opus ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fully decentralized music streaming built using IPFS and Ethereum _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________ Website | Whitepaper | Beta | Team | Github | Slack | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | Reddit _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________ Opus is a decentralized music-sharing platform that tackles the issue of music ownership and sharing at an infrastructure and protocol level. Leveraging the speed and redundancy of a novel Interplanetary FileSystem, IPFS, Opus can scale and deliver thousands of tracks per second in a fully decentralized manner. This throughput is achieved by encrypting music tracks on the fly and storing the encrypted music files permanently on the IPFS swarm. Only the decryption keys, and file hashes, are saved immutably on the Opus smart contract. By only storing the decryption keys and reference hashes, we can facilitate a number of novel features such as file ownership, trade, and full decentralization. With Opus, artists can monetize their content by selling permanent access to their IPFS music files and decryption keys directly to a fan’s Ethereum contract, without any middleman. With additional application layers, Opus music players introduce a novel way for users to maintain ownership of music tracks they played across different players and different continents. As everything is transparently stored in the Opus smart contract, we will also facilitate additional governance mechanisms such as a Opus DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) treasury funded from a small percentage of each sale, and an artist bounty system that allows artists to pay a small amount for people to share their tracks. The possibilities are endless The music industry is a rapidly growing industry. In fact, the music industry generated $42.9Bn in revenue in 2016. At the same time, we have observed a decrease in artist's revenue. Something is wrong. 1. Fees. Streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer , and Apple Music take up to 80% of artist’s revenue, and while larger artists can accept it, small artists are often unable to make a living from music streaming 2. Fragmentation. With streaming services competing for exclusive deals and fragmenting the music industry, fans often have to struggle between numerous different platforms just to listen to their favorite artists 3. Playlist makers are also not compensated at all for the hard work they put into creating well-crafted playlists that, experts say, drives most of the growth in the online streaming industry. 4. Censorship and legislation that restricts a global audience. In fact Spotify and apple are not available in over 120 countries due to mass bureaucracy. We do not deny that in an ideal world a central server could potentially overcome challenges such as not taking exorbitant commissions from artists. In fact, this would be an easy route. However it's impossible in practice because of greed and shareholder pressure. If only there was a way to ensure prices are permanent from inception that is efficient and yet user friendly... Made up of researchers, computer scientists and engineers, our team's main focus is on the technological side of the platform. Opus technology overview Opus runs on a novel 4 layer stack that ensures fully decentralization and anti-censorship with minimum latency. ▶ Application layer. This is the top layer where the Opus API interacts with various 3rd party players to decode and deliver music tracks. ▶ Logic layer. This layer, is a system of smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain. On this layer, resides the user contract which stores each user’s decryption keys, reference file hashes to the IPFS storage, and the business logic that handles transactions. ▶ Directory layer. While each track has it's permanent IPFS hash, the directory layer is a JSON database that stores all the Hashes of tracks available on the Opus network. ▶ Storage layer. Due to gas constraints, we store all the tracks on the IPFS network. This ensures that songs are available permanently, decentrally and with low latency. For more in-depth information about the technology behind Opus, please check out our white paper below. All of our code is open-sourced. If you're a developer please check out our Github here: Blockchain startups are only as good as the team behind them. The Opus team, backed by VC funding, and situated on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, has a strong sense of community. We are all geeks and programmers at heart and we love to explore different avenues of development. Our Philisophy is simple "Work Hard, Play hard", and with that in mind, I would like to introduce you to the team driving the development behind Opus. Read more about the team on the website Why use Opus compared to other streaming services? Enough talk! You can check out our working Demo below. It's running on the Rinkeby testnet. Note: There are two demos, Basic and Advanced. The basic demo simulates the feel of the advanced demo without requiring Metamask or Mist. If you wish to test the advanced demo, you need to install Mist or Metamask and switch to the Rinkeby testnet. Purchasing songs on the blockchain takes approximately 15 seconds but playing back songs from your contract is instant. If you run out of test OPT, you can request more from our contract. Why crowdfunding? Our ultimate goal is to build a scalable and fully decentralized music player that will revolutionize the mainstream music industry. While the Opus team did receive a seed round of funding in December 2016, the Opus foundation will reject additional VC and series A funding because our core philosophy is to decentralize and bring power back to the artists and fans. Having shareholders not only alters the incentives of the Opus foundation but also causes unnecessary centralization of our platform. We would like to dictate the direction of Opus. We want to make the crowd sale process as fair to all participants as possible. However, we also don’t wish to collect unnecessary amounts of money and so we will be implementing a hard cap at around $20MM. To ensure decentralization, we will also be limiting the amount of donation received from each address to 1000 ETH + 1% of the total supply. Use of funds Amount Development 45% Marketing & Promotions 25% Artists & Licensing 13% Operations and admin 10% Legal fees 7% What makes OPT have value? ▶ The supply of tokens. The OPT supply is inherently deflationary with a burning treasury fund. This means that as time passes, each individual OPT token will become more and more valuable. ▶ The underlying music sold on the platform. Opus token are effectively linked by the value of the songs sold on the Opus platform. The more songs that are sold, the greater the value of the network and with a deflationary supply, will mean increased OPT valuations. ▶ The ability to vote on the OpusDAO. Important marketing and development decisions are made by the Opus DAO which is voted on every month. Each vote is weighted by the number of OPT the voter holds, having more OPT will enable you to have a greater say on the direction of the Opus project ▶ Pre-Crowdsale release July 14th ▶ Ends on July 21st ▶ "Angel Funders" phase1 July 22nd (Planned) ▶ "Early bird" phase2 July 29nd (Planned) ▶ "Standard phase" phase3 August 5th (Planned) ▶ Ends August 19th (Planned)
  9. What is Rntl? Rntl is designed for regular people and businesses to provide and utilize a near limitless option of goods, spaces, & services. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Rntl bridges the utility of modern smart contracts with the existing sharing economy to provide a decentralized platform that gives the users control over their transactions. Through the service as sharing economy platform, Rntl will be on the forefront of mainstream dApp adoption What can the Marketplace Provide? Rntl's Marketplace is not limited to any specific niche, it is created to provide a near limitless variety of goods, places, and services. We believe by having such a wide variety of offerings, we solve the growing competition of current niche sharing economy platforms and let renters & lenders have access to completely new opportunities in entrepreneurship and satisfaction. Below are just some of the offerings that can be provided on the Rntl marketplace. What is the Sharing Economy? The Sharing Economy is a system of exchange that exists between people, eliminating limitations from corporate domination of the exchange process. Consumers can trade amongst each other; instead of forcing the purchase or corporate loan of costly equipment for a single task. Members of the Sharing Economy can provide needed goods to each other for the benefits of profiting off the transaction by the loaner, while reducing the costs for the loan. The Sharing Economy is growing quickly around the world. Coupling updated technology with its growing popularity, the Sharing Economy can become more and more effective, reducing corporate impact on unnecessary spending and providing individuals the means to profit from their own hard-earned goods. Current Issues With This Economic Movement The current Sharing Economy suffers from underdevelopment and adherence to outdated models. Through centralization, users experience high fees. Providers are heavily limited in both what they can provide and what they can request. Providers are even endangered by the increasing automation of other sharing networks for the profit of the centralized platform. Rntl changes all of this. Why We Designed This Peer Economy Platform Conducting business through unnecessary intermediaries is an old, outdated and costly system that can be entirely circumvented with modern technology, simply by connecting consumers. In order to modernize the sharing market we provide a platform designed to let regular people and businesses have access to an extensive market of digital and non-digital goods, no longer limited by business market centralization. Marketplace Features INEXPENSIVE/NO EQUIPMENT Seamless Ethereum Smart Contract on Blockchain technology create an easy-to-use automated platform for creating and engaging in contracts between other users TOKEN Our Token will be the backbone of our rental marketplace by adding a financial incentive to maintain honest with our reputation system and decentralized escrow handling. REPUTATION Our Reputation System will be automatically handled by Witness Nodes ran by Rntl Token Holders to limit fraudulence on the marketplace. DECENTRALIZED ESCROW HANDLING RNTL token holders manage all disputes occurred on the platform to ensure users are treated without bias towards either party. Team Maxwell Tyutyunik Founder/Strategist Erica Butts Smart Contract/Backend Developer Devon Auerswald Front-end Developer Josh Tilson Content/Communications John Baran Technical Advisor John MacPherson General Advisor Receive Updates Don't want to miss anything? Subscribe for updates Contacts Twitter Github Facebook Telegram Medium Website
  10. RNTL

    What is Rntl? Rntl is designed for regular people and businesses to provide and utilize a near limitless option of goods, spaces, & services. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Rntl bridges the utility of modern smart contracts with the existing sharing economy to provide a decentralized platform that gives the users control over their transactions. Through the service as sharing economy platform, Rntl will be on the forefront of mainstream dApp adoption What can the Marketplace Provide? Rntl's Marketplace is not limited to any specific niche, it is created to provide a near limitless variety of goods, places, and services. We believe by having such a wide variety of offerings, we solve the growing competition of current niche sharing economy platforms and let renters & lenders have access to completely new opportunities in entrepreneurship and satisfaction. Below are just some of the offerings that can be provided on the Rntl marketplace.
  11. Daily earn $5-10. Only for sharing link like Bestchange (with payment proof) Now you can easily earn $5-10 daily just sharing link like Bestchange details of earning: You will get 0.35$ Per Refer 1 visitor of your link => 0.04 100 visitor => 4$ 1000 visitor => 40$ Minimum Payout is 1$ Follow this introduction: 1. First go to this link: HERE 2. Then click "Affiliate Program" 3. Scroll Down then you see "Registration" Link. Click on it. 4. Fill the from with right information. 5. Confirm your email address. 6. Login in your account 7. Go your Affiliate Dashboard. Share your link and earn. PAYMENT PROOF:
  12. Ride Tokens

    Ride, Fly, Earn, Spend Ride Tokens are a revolutionary new crypto-currency based on the Ethereum platform, specifically designed to complement the travel and ride sharing industries. ​ As you travel, you accumulate tokens at a ratio of one token per kilometer. This will be tracked via an app with GPS functionality that is currently being developed. ​ You can then spend these tokens on gift cards and other merchandise. We have partnered with industry experts to ensure that we have a variety of options to choose from. ​ The tokens may be exchanged for other crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, or directly for USD. We are in partnership negotiations with various exchanges.
  13. Alexandria

    Independently Publish, Distribute, & Sell Digital Content
  14. Yours

    People who create, discover and moderate good content should be paid for their work, but most social platforms do not have any monetization mechanism for their users. Furthermore, the status quo of free, ad-funded content on the internet has incentivized low quality, false, hateful content and poor curation. Yours is a social platform with peer-to-peer monetization so that our users earn money for creating and discovering good content and consumers can pay for quality and curation. We do not have or need advertisements; our business model is to take a percentage of payments. Our payment models are based on market economics analogous to the physical economy. Our technology is based on a smart contract network on bitcoin for truly zero marginal cost non-custodial peer-to-peer micropayments, the first such technology for a consumer application on the web. We have a prototype and are working with our users to help us iterate towards launch.
  15. BlockchainHub

    Network of Hubs BlockchainHub is a network of decentralised hubs that act autonomously, but share the same vision and goals. What started as a Berlin based Hub in 2015 has panned out into different cities. We share resources, but stay independent. Contact us if you want to become a Local Hub. _________________________________________________________________________ Are you the owner of this business? Would you like to manage the entry? Contact Support:
  16. XCLOUDCOIN CLD XCloudcoin brings the best to both worlds together Crypto and Cloud, from file sharing to video streaming, from Proof of stake to P2P trader, the current development of xcloudcoin is pointing to the new frontier for crypto currencies, where there are no boundaries. The development is currently focus on features that are applicable to daily user activities and user privacy perks combine in the cloud service and the XCloudcoin wallet. FEATURES Cloud Storage This system will allow users to upload send and receive files this will be the main flagship product of the coin. Cloud integration is a very important movement in crypto currency because data transfer has to be fundamentally optimized inside the crypto community. Cloud Storage Encryption Cloud Storage Encryption will be used to make sure users have the optimal security for the files that they upload and distribute. Enhanced Password Security Users will be required to enter the optimal characters necessary for a secure password this is to enable the privacy of users and to make sure accounts cannot get cracked. 2Factor Authentication Users will have the ability to use 2Factor Authentication this is to secure the user from password leaks and enable an extra security layer. Cloud Safe File Storage This Safe File Storage mechanism will allow the users to backup data specifically on their system. This system will allow more layers of encryption methodologies also time release backups will be integrated. Cloud Music Player The Cloud Storage System will host all sorts’ music files for the users. Users will be able to send and receive new music and be able to play it from not only mobile devices but also their personal computers. News Feeds News Feeds from social media networks will be integrated into the client for the user to organize their social media collections. Websites can also be integrated into the news feed so users can receive daily news from websites that they enjoy. Encrypted Notes Documents can be stored in the Cloud Server these documents will be encrypted on the server eventually these documents will be publishable by the user through the interconnected News Feeds. Picture Gallery Pictures can be stored on the cloud system, these pictures will be encrypted and viewable by the users. Group Share Files Files can be viewed in a group share format. This will allow certain groups to have specific reading and writing abilities. Public Share Files Users will be able leave files open to public access for users. In a similar manner they can also restrict and close files to make them extremely private in the system. Personal Calendar Users will be able to have a personal calendar that allows specific timelines, these are integrated with the social networks and file transfers. This will allow the user to log certain documents on certain dates so they can be assigned to a date for specialized use. For example an important document for a business meeting. Papers Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: PoS/X11 Ticker:CLD Coin Name: Xcoudcoin Total coins: 5,000,000 - 3,850,000 CLD will be destroy, New Total 1,150,000 Proof of Stake Reward: 1% Block Time: 60 seconds Coin Maturity: 50 blocks Min Coin Age: 6 hours Coin Age Maturity: 30 days Min Tx Fee: 0.0001 CLD STATS / RANKINGS None Available. DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Linux None Available. Android Source Code None Available. Sample xcloudcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport= port= gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: None Available. P2P Port: None Available. MULTI-POOLS None Available. EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook None Available. Reddit None Available. Youtube SERVICES / OTHER None Available.