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  1. The Official Cryptocurrency of the Adult Entertainment Industry 5 Plus+ POD (Proof of Developer) Rating INTRODUCTION Titcoin is a crypto-currency that was designed specifically for the $10 billion adult entertainment industry where privacy and anonymity are key consumer factors. Titcoin gives consumers the ability to make discreet micropayments while benefiting businesses with extremely low transaction fees. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Wikipedia: Merchandise: HISTORY Titcoin was originally developed by a group of seasoned professionals with over 75 combined years of experience in digital marketing, finance, business development and technology. Most importantly, the Titcoin Partners were and still are cryptocurrency advocates who saw the adult entertainment industry as the perfect conduit for bringing a mature digital currency into the mainstream. Originally conceived in November 2013, Titcoin has since grown to be the premier digital currency for the adult industry, being a two-time nominee for both the 2015 and 2016 XBiz Award for Alt Payment Services of the Year. On May 27th, 2017 Titcoin was acquired by Joy-Toilet, an digital media group seeking to revolutionize how the general public perceives adult content and the people behind it all. We plan to carry on many of the previous owners' policies regarding transparency and community-involved decisions. To quote our friends and the previous dev team, what you see is what you get and we are more than happy to answer any questions about our objectives and long-term vision. To learn more about the history of Titcoin, see: Cosmopolitan Magazine Behind Titcoin, the New Anonymous Currency for Buying Porn Vice Magazine Titcoin Is a Brand New Cryptocurrency for Porn Soundcrave Magazine Cryptocurrency for the Adult Industry: Titcoin Founders Interviewed >> View All Titcoin Press Coverage DOWNLOAD THE WALLET & SOURCE CODE Windows Wallet: Primary Download Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mac OSX Wallet: Primary Download Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Source Code: GitHub Repository Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Online Wallet: Paper Wallet: Block Explorer: (Backup) MINING INFORMATION Algorithm: SHA-256 Block Reward: 34.5 coins Block Time: 1 minutes (60 seconds) Total Coins: 69,000,000 Retarget: Every block (DigiShield) Halving Interval: 500,000 blocks P2P/RPC Ports: 8698/8697 Symbol: TIT Nodes: addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Mining Pools: Hashlink ( iSpace ( MiningPools ( MiningField ( SlugMonkey ( ( TomPool ( Faucets and Dice Games: KinkyDice ( TitFaucet ( CoinPayments Faucet ( Charts and Statistics: CoinGecko ( CoinMarketCap ( CoinWarz ( CryptoCoin Charts ( Cryptofolio ( Cryptonator ( MarketCapCoin ( MERCHANT INFORMATION Currency Exchanges: Cryptopia ( YoBit ( Payment Processors: CoinPayments ( CoinToPay ( Financial Services: PayServices ( Disclaimer: All external links to third-party sites are not under the control of the Titcoin developers. The Titcoin developers shall not be held responsible for the content nor liable for any damages from any external sites.
  2. This discussion was started by members of the Unobtanium community as a moderated forum to share news, ideas, and resources about Unobtanium, an exciting and useful crypto-currency/crypto-commodity. German Uno thread. Chinese Uno thread. A backup of this UNO Bitcoin Thread Un is rare, fair SHA256d, pure Proof of Work crypto-currency with fast 3 minute block targets and KGW difficulty adjustments every block. It was fairly launched October 18, 2013 by Blazr2. There was no pre-mine of Unobtanium, not even a single block, and no IPO. There is no POS inflation. The launch was an undisputed fair start, with low rewards of .001 Un the first 2000 blocks to give all miners a fair shot. Unobtanium's blockchain (aka "The Rockchain") has been consistently mined at high difficulty since it's launch. Block rewards began with 1 coin per block, halving every 100,000 blocks and finishing with a minimum subsidy of .00001 Un. The final 250,000th Un will be mined in about 300 years. The current Un block reward is .015625. Un is often referred to as a crypto-commodity due to it's rarity and desirability, and it's tendency to hold it's value even in a declining Bitcoin market. Uno has an active community, a trust-based exchange, a secure merged mined blockchain. Take a look at Unobtanium, and you'll quickly see that it is set apart from other cryptocurrencies in important ways, including low inflation, community, longevity, fairness, rareness, distribution, simplicity, security, and optimism. Uno is a different kind of cryptocurrency, and is well on its way to becoming the first cryptocurrency desired as a non-asset backed commodity. Merged Mining Uno implemented merge mining with Bitcoin at block 600,000 in May, 2015. Merge mining allows a Bitcoin miners to also mine for Uno. As a result the security of Uno's blockchain increased significantly. Bitcoin miners earn more for their hash, while contributing to the security of Uno's blockchain. Miners will continue to receive Uno block rewards for the next 300 years. Developers Bryce Weiner, Lead Blazr2 (aka HagbardCeline), UNO Founder. Tips: uVjbsx6tAhySeJpN7xLBieAzWcD7rEVmYp Other Devs welcome to contribute. Community Telegram chat Bitcointalk CryptocoinTalk Cryptopia Forum Reddit Twitter Facebook Tumblr UNO Launch UNO Backups UNO "Off Topic" UNO Merge Mining Email: Hello at UNO Chat IRC: #Unobtanium on Website: Tip the website dev (Learminer): uewrE9QWc54EXjCZehWDPkjqgsyRDpQmK8 GitHub repo Wallets (v0.10.1.1bluechist complied by Blazr2): Windows wallet compiled by Blazr2(VirTotal Report) Mac wallet compiled by Blazr2(VirTotal Report) Mac wallet compile by Pnoch (VirTotal Report) Linux (VirTotal Report) How to compile a Uno wallet for Linux. Does your wallet not sync? Read this. Exchanges Embedable Uno Price Ticker Exchanges & Trade Pairs: Trade UNO directly with nearly 200 other altcoins! UNO/BTC Cryptopia Bittrex Bleutrade C-Cex UNO/ETH UNO/USD C-CEX UNO/CNY CNY Market Wanted UNO/LTC Cryptopia C-CEX UNO/DOGE Cryptopia C-CEX Bleutrade UNO/USDT Cryptopia Voting for UNO BTer Former or Defunct Uno Exchanges since 2013,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Price Converters Metaf.Net Chains Explorer (UNO tips to: uNm5btp8Qr3k6gwdca1Ue9VLw9ts4RXMKx ) Insight Explorer (Send UNO tips to uQkoQyjd4K2ALowKnZuRMJxaemUWec9N5w ) Cryptopia CoinPayments Abe Explorer by Cryptapus ProHashing Explorer Crypto Guru Zpool Explorer UNO Blockchain (Rockchain) Download Merged Mining Pools - Earn Uno while mining Bitcoin (merged mining began May 10, 2015) UNO Blocks Found stratum+tcp:// -u <BTC WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=BTC Mine on Port 3345 for UNO/BTC merge mining (Temorarily not merge miningUno) MultiPools - Earn UNO payouts [Down:] MultiPools - Earn UNO payouts Earn Uno payouts for Scrypt Hash - Earn Uno payouts for Sha256/x11/lyra2/scrypt Mining Pools (Please spread the hash around.): - stratum+tcp:// Stats: - port 3353 Community Sponsored Nodes These nodes are sponsored and managed by known members of the UNO community. addnode= Sydney, Australia, sponsored by 'D L EX.' through 10/2/2017. addnode= Ireland (W. Europe), sponsored by Anonymous through 10/4/2017 addnode= Singapore, sponsored by Bitcoin Charlie addnode= Frankfurt, Germany, Sponsored by FallingKnife through 10/1/2017. UNO Hashrate!extraction UNO Difficulty Chart Online Wallet for UNO Track Your UNO Portfolio UNO Faucets: UNO Rich Lists!rich Historical Rich List Games: Dice, Coinbomb and Ponzi (tips: uaZuxyC7ux2a7x17WgJRVEo8evWp78hQjm) Paper Wallets: (tip: uQkoQyjd4K2ALowKnZuRMJxaemUWec9N5w) (tip: uZ8Gq61NGJ2wz3PLybXyXKLYC1FhRpz8Kq ) Vanity Wallets: Linux & Windows Windows [VirTotal] Click here for vanity wallet instructions. UNO Payment Processor Your business can accept UNO payments! Precious Metals Trade UNO for metals UNO Merchants Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader, Software Bitphone telephone calls CryptoThreads T-Shirts UBC Auctions UNO Engraved Wallet UNO Poker Chips BitStickers Use Unobtanium to acquire Giftcards UNO Artwork & Logos Blue Logo: Blue Logo: "Uno Accepted" "Uno Accepted" Paper Wallet Template Media, Articles & Videos about Unobtanium 10 Altcoins that can't be neglected. Bitcoin Rush: Interview with Blazr2, Unobtanium founder (26th min) UNO MarketCap CoinmarketCap CryptMarketCap BitInfoCharts Charts UNO/BTC UNO/DOGE UNO/USD Difficulty UNO Machine Stats UNO Mining Stats & Profitability If you want to try solo mining Unobtanium, or if you are having any problems connecting to the network, enter the below text into your Unobtanium.conf file. To find Unobtanium.conf in Windows, start Internet Explorer, then paste this into your browser: %AppData%\Unobtanium Edit the file Unobtanium.conf and paste in the text below, making the appropriate edits where noted. If you do not find Unobtanium.conf, you'll need to create one by right clicking in the folder > new > text document. If you need peers, only use 0.1.0 nodes from:!network Click here to instructions on how to install a Unobtanium.conf file on Windows. Click here for instructions on how to install the Unobtanium.conf file on a Mac. rpcuser=user (change to something else) rpcpassword=x (change to something else) rpcport=65535 port=65534 server=1 listen=1 daemon=1 rpcallow=192.168.* addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= #-------end copy------ ASIC: [tt]cgminer.exe --userpass user:x --url --disable-gpu --queue 4[/tt]
  3. CONTINUUMCOIN CTM Website None Available. Block Explorer / Crawler None Available. Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS SHA256 Proof of Work, based on Bitcoin 0.8.99 30 seconds block target 524,288 (2^19) coins per block, halves every month (86,400 blocks) Difficulty retargets every hour (120 blocks), with accelerated re-targets at the beginning. 3 confirms per transaction. Total about 90,600 millions coins (90+ billion coins) First 120 blocks are valued at 1 Coin will never halve below 1 QR Code Support Level DB Support Addresses start with 'C' Downloads Windows: OSX 10.9(stable): LINUX: (compile with "qmake" and "make") Sources: Sample continuumcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport=25536 port=25535 gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 25536 P2P Port: 25535 POOLS EXCHANGES None Available. SOCIAL Twitter Facebook https://www.facebook...243831155797906 Reddit SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  4. CHIKUN! KUN Website None Available. Block Explorer / Crawler Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS PoW Algorithm: SHA256 Difficulty Retarget: Kimoto Gravity Well Total Coins: 10,043,203.125 Subsidy halves every month! Starting coin reward: 100 per block Block Maturity: 120 blocks Block Spacing: 60 seconds DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS None Available. Linux None Available. Source Code Sample chikun.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=41254 port=41255 gen=0 server=1 addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 41254 P2P Port: 41255 POOLS (P2P) EXCHANGES None Available. SOCIAL Twitter None Available. Facebook None Available. SERVICES / OTHER Spin Game!
  5. EMERCOIN EMC Cryptocurrency with Proof-of-Stake + Proof-of-Work mining. Developed by our team on Based on PPCoin. More focused on the production of coins by PoS than PoW. Mining has a bonus on the interval 1-512 difficulty for high initial issue of coins. Further difficulty will gradually increase, making PoS mining more promising. EMC established as the local currency of a number of Internet projects (social networks, research projects, networking, games) as well as to support and sponsor hightech projects (robotics, electric vehicles, submersibles). Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 Algo Total coins: 1 * 10^9 EMC PoW block spacing changes from 10 seconds to 10 minutes depending on number of found blocks and difficulty. Award for block is 5020 EMC ( decreases depending on complexity) Difficulty is recalculated each block PoS - 6% per year Confirmations for new block : 32 DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS None Available. Linux Source Code Sample emercoin.conf server=1 daemon=1 rpcuser=*username* rpcpassword=*password* rpcallowip= rpcport=8100 port=8101 PORTS P2P Port: 8101 RPC Port: 8100 POOLS EXCHANGES None Available. SOCIAL Twitter None Available. Facebook None Available. SERVICES / OTHER Faucet
  6. VERSION V Version has a great and growing community. Version was created by an experienced crypto currency developer as a favored project and will always receive the attention it deserves, protecting your investment. It was not created by decepticons out to manipulate markets and dump on you. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 Proof of Stake 2.5 million total coins 10% Per Annum Proof of Stake Interest 5 day minimum coin age 30 day for full stake Block target time: 20 seconds Confirms: 10 Mined block maturity: 30 blocks Difficulty retarget: Kimoto Gravity Well BLOCK REWARDS 25: 0-10,000 4.0: 10,001-260,000 2.0: 260,001-510,000 1.0: 510,001-760,000 0.5: 760,001-1,010,000 0.25: 1010001+ DOWNLOADS Windows!cBMX0axJ!JpE5F5dpXwrLJXd4VTQVr1GRIDGsRfyFngg8S4_L_Ts MacOS None Available. Linux None Available. Source Code Sample version.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=9908 port=9988 gen=0 server=1 addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 9908 P2P Port: 9988 POOLS EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook None Available. Reddit IRC SERVICES / OTHER Wallet Generator
  7. OCOIN OSC Ocoin stands for OpenSourceCoin. It is a SHA 256 POW/POS cryptocurrency with 1 minute block times, transaction messages and starting diff of 1, and a total of 21 million coins to be minted proof of work and unlimited proof of stake. Coins must remain in your wallet for 1 year to generate stake. Updates to the GUI and an improved SSDRA retarget algorithm make it resilient against instamining. Ocoin was premined 177,777 coins. Website Block Explorer / Crawler None Available. SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: Sha256 POW/POS** TX Message Feature PPCoin Checkpointing System Total Coins: 21 million 19.8 million coins by Year 8 Subsidy: .0777 - 25 coins Halving: 400,000 blocks Minimum Subsidy: .0777 Block Times: 1 minute Symmetrically Scaling Difficulty Retarget Algorithm(SSDRA) without Rollback UPNP DOWNLOADS version 1.2 Windows Linux Linux Daemon Source Code Sample ocoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport=38532 port=28532 server=1 gen=0 PORTS Connect Port: 28532 RPC Port: 38532 POOLS EXCHANGES SERVICES / OTHER Online Wallet unlaunched pr9me's faucet zelles' faucet IRC Channel #fridaynightunix
  8. CROWNCOIN CRW CROWNCOIN IS A EUROPEAN DIGITAL CURRENCY Crowncoin was created in 2014 as a proof of work digital currency and an alternative to FIAT currencies. CRW is a peer to peer digital currency, which enables to send and receive online payments between two parties without the need of financial institution. Crown represents the historical legacy of medieval European kings, and through modern technologies, it brings their heritage to all of its users. The symbol of the Crown – a golden royal crown on a black background, radiates prosperity, strength and hope of a honest ruler in a better tomorrow. It is solely on the users of the Crown, whom they they will put on his place – Crown is fully decentralized, you control the Crown and you are becoming a king! Website Block Explorer / Crawler None Available. Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: SHA256D POW 42,000,000 Total Block generation - 1 minute Block confirmation - 6 Retarget - 20160 Blocks (roughly 2 weeks) 10 Crowns per block. Halving every 2100000 blocks. Mining time - 14 years STATS / RANKINGS None Available. DOWNLOADS Windows 64 Windows 32 MacOS Linux 64 Linux 32 Source Code Sample Crowncoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=9341 port=9340 gen=0 server=1 addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 9341 P2P Port: 9340 POOLS EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter None Available. Facebook Reddit None Available. Forum SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  9. ASICCOIN ASC A SHA-256 crypto-currency, is based on Bitcoin version 0.8, with super random blocks. It is a coin for ASICs! Website Block Explorer Contact SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 Algo Each normal block has 1024 coins 30 seconds block time Difficulty retargets every 60 blocks (approximately 30 mins). Mining payout will be halved every 3 months (259,200 blocks) Expected total mined coins will be 675,925,530 coins (not including 1 coin/block maintenance) 4 confirmations for transaction (2 mins) 70 confirmations for minted blocks The minimum payout will be maintained at 1 coin/block. RANDOM BLOCK BONUS 1/10 chance (about every 5 mins) for one 2048-coin block (2^11 coins) 1/100 chance (about every hour) for one 8096-coin block (2^13 coins) 1/10000 chance (about every 3.5 days) for one 65536-coin block (2^16 coins) DOWNLOADS Windows Source Code Sample asiccoin.conf: listen=1 server=1 rpcuser=**Yourusername** rpcpassword=**Yourpassword** rpcport=13435 rpcconnect= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Getting Started Start up asiccoin-qt, wait for it to load, then exit. Put asiccoin.conf (see sample file above) in your c:/users/**yourcomputername**/AppData/Roaming/AsicCoin Restart asiccoin-qt, and you should connect and sync. For solo mining, launch cgminer or the mining program you use and begin mining. cgminer ex: cgminer.exe -o localhost:13435 -u **yourusername** -p **password** (without **) Additional Nodes addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS P2P Port: 13434 RPC Port: 13435 POOLS EXCHANGES CoinEx Exchange SOCIAL Twitter None Available. Facebook None Available. SERVICES / OTHER Asicoin Lottery
  10. SHILLINGCOINS SHI We are on a huge planet and there is space for more than one cryptocurrency. Shillingcoins are like Bitcoins for late birds. We decide to start with identical parameters like the famous Bitcoin for this new Shilling. If you ask yourself why do you don’t participate in the first days of Bitcoin, you should try to participate on one or more new Cryptocoins like Shillingcoin in the first days. Take your chance and start right now! Download our wallet and try our Shillingcoin faucet to get your first coins for free. You can also mine Shillingcoin by yourself. The mining process is the same as in the Bitcoin world. At this time it is much more easy to get some new mined Shillingcoins than mine a fraction of a Bitcoin. Website Block Explorer / Crawler None Available. Contact SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 Algo 21 million total coins 50 coins per block 6 block per hour DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS None Available. Linux x32 Linux x64 Source Code Sample shillingcoins.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport= port= gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: None Available. P2P Port: None Available. POOLS EXCHANGES None Available. SOCIAL Twitter None Available. Facebook None Available. SERVICES / OTHER Faucet ANN THREAD:
  11. CARPEDIEMCOIN DIEM Our Story Some would call us a ninja mined coin. In the original specs for Carpe Diem Coin the block rewards halved daily so if you weren’t mining in the first couple days it wasn’t worth mining. Unfortunately our original dev didn’t have a plan for what would happen once the block reward got so low no one would mine it. Once DIEM got a little traction and rose in value he disappeared, after I would assume he sold off his coins. We haven’t heard for him since. It took a while for the community to realise what had happened and as the fact that he was gone became obvious we got worried. However that didn’t last long, we went through our panic stage and quickly went into fix it mode. Tripppn (me) and apmapm12 (neither of us are “devs” in the technical sense) took the reigns with the support of a small group of core DIEM believers and after many rough patches got DIEM into a stable place. DIEM’s blockchain was slowly dying even with a couple people mining for nothing there was no stopping the bleeding. Our only choice was to create a whole new coin from scratch and have a trade in of the old DIEM for the new DIEM. This was not an easy choice but the only choice from what we were told after talking to many devs of other coins. So we did a trade in that lasted about a month at which time the old blockchain eventually withered and died. Because of the trade in we were left with what we call the “Unclaimed Fund” holding a large number of coins that went unclaimed. We thought about what we could do with this fund and put it up for a vote on the Bitcoin Talk thread. Option 1: Destroy the unclaimed coins. Option 2: Put it to use much like a pre mine would be used. The vote went heavily in favor of putting it to good use. The plan with the fund will be talked about later on. So out of the chaos of our dev leaving us our community was given a gift of a large amount of coins to do rebuild with. The Plan The plan is to use this fund to further develop DIEM into a top tier coin with resources at our disposal that are unlike any other coin currently in existence. To do this we are going to have to convert the unclaimed fund into BTC which will then be known as the “Carpe Diem Investment Fund”. This will be done with multiple rounds of smaller IPO style sell offs as the value rises. Unlike other IPOs, we have proven value so we won’t be over charging and getting dumped on after the sale is over like just about every other IPO ever done. Once we have BTC to put to use the first stage of our mission can go into effect, coin rehab with an emphasis on profiting from the our teams work. Stage 1 - Coin Rehab How this works is we will find a coin that needs work and has been left(to some extent) for dead. We use the btc in the DIEM fund to buy as much of the coin as we can giving ourselves a large stake in that coin. Once we are done accumulating we go into rehab mode. Every coin will be different but we will fix the code in whatever way is necessary, put into place the infrastructure required for a coin to survive in this environment(games, exchanges, block explorer, multipool), and build the community to a point where we are no longer needed for the day to day management of things. I want to be clear here, we are not pumping and dumping these coins. Our goal is to leave these coins with a solid team from their own community to run things. We hand over the keys only when the community is at that point. On top of that we are bringing them into our family and we will be there for support at any time but we need to move on to the next coin. Once the coin has reached this point we responsibly sell off some of our holding for a profit adding to the DIEM fund and we move on to the next coin. It is in our best interest to have a stake in all coins we work on as we are a family and the DIEM fund will be used to further the development of that coin as well. Real emphasis will always be on DIEM but the long goal is to build a family of strong coins what all rally behind each other in an effort to strengthen crypto currency as a whole. Stage 2 - Brand Awareness via Targeted Sponsorships This is the stage where we follow in DOGE’s path but go far beyond anything they could ever accomplish. They sponsored a NASCAR, I personally believe this was a waste, it’s the wrong audience(no offense nascar fans). The sponsorship did get the broadcasters and fans asking “What is DOGE coin/bitcoin” which is great but we need to go after an audience that has already hear of bitcoin and might have some grasp on what it is. This is also where having a whole family of coins opens up our possibilities. Let me give you a couple of examples. DIEM would be a perfect fit for something like the X-Games. A younger crowd of people who already might have a mindset of “damn the man”. We have been working closely with LOVE coin and their head dev. LOVE coin wouldn’t be a good fit for X-Games but it would be perfect for a music festival. This is the kind of targeting sponsorship we’re looking for. When we bring a coin into our family one of the first things we ask ourselves is how can this coins name be used in a way that gets people’s attention. Stage 3 - Venture Capital Following the ideals behind the phrase Carpe Diem we want to take advantage of every opportunity and help others reach their goals when they want to seize the day. This means using the fund to help people looking to follow their dreams and start a business or create a product. I don’t want to go into too much detail but we would own a portion of whatever they are trying to do and if crypto currency can be used in their idea it will be. All 3 stages equate to massive multiplication of the value of the DIEM fund. Over time the fund we grow so large we will have the ability to bring crypto currency to the masses in ways no other coin couldn't even dream of. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS Carpediemcoin [DIEM] Pure Proof of Stake 21.6 Billion Proof of Work Coins + 26,280,000 DIEM over 100 years 1% Annual Stake 8 day Coin-Age Required 2 minute PoS block targets 100 blocks to coin maturity PREMINE 10 blocks at 40,000 coins each to sync the seed nodes, then hard forked it with new clients to set rewards to 1,000,000 to ensure it was not seen as a premine. DOWNLOADS Windows!hs9wDBST!yhZ2XgsZgxiIXNEnS8raRNEhaj61XpgD-PtAux9emNI MacOS Linux None Available. Source Code Sample carpediemcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=6480 port= gen=0 server=1 connect= connect= connect= connect= PORTS RPC Port: 6480 P2P Port: None Available. POOLS EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit IRC SERVICES / OTHER Faucets Games Merchants
  12. ACOIN A new SHA-256 Currency with Super Rewards and quick Blocktimes. Acoin - a new idea in digital currencies Acoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. Confirming transactions and the issuing of Acoins is carried out collectively by the network. Acoin is open-source, its design is public. Nobody owns or controls Acoin and everyone can take part. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: SHA-256 Limited Coins: Only 800,000 to 1,600,000 Coins will be issued (this varies due to the random rewards system) The coin reward starts at 1 and halves every 6 months. Super Rewards: One in ten blocks will have a reward that is 2x - 10x the normal block reward. Quick transaction speed: only 6 Confirmations needed for transactions. DOWNLOADS Windows 32!qtlz0I6A!w6_tvwhkqGUx8vaPL91E-_reOS0D6g4dAtFHA5w-VxA Windows 64!LoViiIiI!n6B-1Q2A-yc0VdbMiS4xsYU7GsRr0JQWkaP9Pc7OVoE MacOS Android Source Code Sample acoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=8332 port=8333 gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 8332 P2P Port: 8333 POOLS EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook None Available. Reddit None Available. IRC Freenode: #acoin Forum SERVICE / OTHER None Available.
  13.] BITCENTAVO NBE =================================================================================================== Nuevo BitCentavo Electronica is a Decentralized CryptoCurrency that is Open Source and not controlled by any Central Bank or Government. In the United States these CryptoCoins are considered Legal Property according to The Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) along with The Internal Revenue Service and subject to Taxes along with a certain amount of Regulation. BitCentavo has a SHA-256D Algorithm like BitCoin which means it will need to be mined virtually with ASIC BitCoin Miners or from the Cloud through Contract Mining. There will be a total amount of 10 Billion POW coins mined which will take a long time to accomplish. This CryptoCoin is a great entry level Coin to get involved with, regardless if your a skilled professional miner or trader or just a beginner. We did not Pre-Mine BitCentavo. All development that is not first distributed from the BitCentavo Official Foundation. Please read the White Paper titled BitCoin by Satoshi Nakamoto to better understand how all this works. We hope that people from Mexico down to Argentina can get involved with CryptoCurrencies in general. BitCentavo is a great starting point towards the broader CryptoCurrency World which includes BitCoin, LiteCoin. Help us make BitCentavo one of the most widely used CryptoCurrencies in the World. Only you can make that happen so lets do it. =================================================================================================== Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256D Algorithm ASIC Friendly 10 Billion Coin Cap 2 Minute Block Times Difficulty Retargets Every 5 Hours Halving 500,000 Blocks Coin Maturity 5 Blocks Halving at 500,000 Blocks Zero Pre-Mine STATS / RANKINGS DOWNLOADS Windows Virustotal MacOS Never Linux Go to Github and obtain the Source Code and compile your own linux wallet. Source Code Sample coin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=21032 port=11032 gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 21032 P2P Port: 11032 POOLS EXCHANGES SWISSCEX vote SOCIAL Twitter SERVICES / OTHER Faucet BitCentavo TV LotWin Casino NBE AltDice Media Mentions ========================================================================================================================= ========================================================================================================================== Disclaimer: BitCentavo is strictly for entertainment and educational purposes. It is not as of yet considered legal tender and we do not claim it to be. We request that you seek out the laws in your jurisdiction relative to CryptoCurrencies in general along with others services that can be related to them. This terms of Use and Disclaimer waves all parties involved in Development, the Official BitCentavo Website, its content or images or anything else relative to liability or legal action brought on by any individual or groups of individuals from any and all Civil or Criminal lawsuits or prosecution. BitCentavo is licensed by MIT License and open Source Initiative, Fair Use Act and Creative Commons Licensing.
  14. VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT MEA: 2014/12/14 Middle Earth Coin must change its name because of a Warner petition. Middle Earth coin will have a new name soon. The network will be the same as MEA but with other name. Now is Medium Earth Coin Website (INACTIVE, SOON A NEW ONE) Block Explorer / Crawler SPECIFICATIONS SHA256 Proof Of Work Algorithm Based on Bitcoin Total number of coins: 100,000,000 MEA 500 coins per block. Halving every 100,000 blocks. Generation block 3 minutes. Difficulty retarget: every 100 blocks (5 hours) PREMINE 0.75 % premined (1500 blocks) for development of the coin and for the community. DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS None Available. Source Code Sample middleearthcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=21058 port=11058 gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 21058 P2P Port: 11058 POOLS EXCHANGES Soon new exchanges SOCIAL ANN THREAD:
  15. PACCOIN PAC Paccoin is a peer to peer digital crypto currency to enable individuals to send money to each other directly without the need for banks. The Pilcrow (¶) sign is the symbol for designating Paccoins which can be created on the windows keyboard by holding the "ALT" key followed by "0182". The symbol on the coin is the greek capital letter PHI which looks like a P and a C combined. The block size of 500 coins is due to the numerical value of PHI is 500. Paccoins were created by William Corless. He wanted a digtital currency that would be the official currency of the Pacifica Nation. The Pacifica Nation is a new nation whose borders are the pacific plate. 99% of Pacifica is under water, and is one of the largest continental plates on the planet. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Whitepaper SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 Algo 500 coins per block 1 Trillion Total Coins 1 minute block time DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS See Source Code below Linux See Source Code below Source Code Sample paccoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport=8212 server=1 gen=0 PORTS [*]P2P Port: 8112 [*]RCP Port: 8212 EXCHANGES Bleutrade Cryptopia SOCIAL Twitter Facebook SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  16. POLCOIN PLC We believe that as PLN (Polish złoty) can live in the shadow of EUR (euro), polcoin may exist in the shadow of Bitcoin. Make quick and free of charge payments all over the world! Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm : SHA256 Block Rate : 60 second (dynamic) Value of block: 50 PLC Block halving rate: 2100000 Maximum Coins: 210.000.000 No premining !!! (2 block for start) DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS None Available. Linux Source Code P2pool Sample polcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport= port=9338 gen=0 server=1 PORTS RPC Port: None Available. P2P Port: 9338 POOLS EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter None Available. Facebook None Available. SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  17. Need a fast pool to mine? We are adding new coins daily to the pool. Come share some hash on our multi algo stratum servers. Check out All Pools now 0.5% New coins added to the pool
  18. PLATINUM COIN PT Platinum is a chemical element with the chemical symbol Pt and an atomic number of 78. Its name is derived from the Spanish term platina, which is literally translated into "little silver". It is a dense, malleable, ductile, precious, gray-white transition metal. Platinum has six naturally occurring isotopes. It is one of the rarest elements in the Earth's crust and has an average abundance of approximately 5 μg/kg. It is the least reactive metal. It occurs in some nickel and copper ores along with some native deposits, mostly in South Africa, which accounts for 80% of the world production. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS Sha256 Algo Each normal block has 78 coins 120 seconds block time Difficulty re-targets every 60 blocks (approximately 30 minutes) Mining payout will be halved every 3 months (259,200 blocks) Expected total mined coins will be 195,084,000 coins 4 confirmations for transaction (2 minutes) 100 confirmations for minted blocks DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Linux Source Code Sample platinum.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=10126 port=10125 gen=0 server=1 PORTS RPC Port: 10126 P2P Port: 10125 POOLS stratum+tcp:// stratum+tcp:// stratum+tcp:// EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook SERVICES / OTHER Auction House Launch ANN thread located here:
  19. LUSOCOIN LUC Lusocoin is an altcoin crypto-currency just like bitcoin. Uses the same technology and it's opensource. Bitcoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is also the name of the open source software which enables the use of this currency. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 Algo 21 million total coins 2016 block re-target 50 coins per block PREMINE 6000 LUC (120 blocks), so we could test it and published the code online right after on git. DOWNLOADS Windows EXE Virustotal Windows Daemon MacOS Linux Source Code Sample lusocoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport=8444 port=8442 gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 8444 P2P Port: 8442 POOLS None Available. EXCHANGES None Available. SOCIAL Twitter Facebook None Available. SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  20. EMBARGOCOIN EBG This coin is under an EMBARGO! 20 minute block times as the blocks have to break through the Embargo to be rewarded. 220 blocks for coin creation (3 days for coin creation) as the blocks slowly find their way around the Embargo. 5 confirmations for all other transactions. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS SHA256 based Crypto Currency Slow moving blockchain No Premine Block Target: 20 minutes Difficulty retargets every 1 block using KGW (Patched) BLOCK REWARDS Blocks 1-251 - 50 EBG Blocks 252-503 - 100 EBG Blocks 504-755 - 150 EBG Blocks 756-1007 - 200 EBG Blocks 1008-1259 - 250 EBG Blocks 1260-1511 - 300 EBG Blocks 1512-1763 - 350 EBG Blocks 1764-2015 - 400 EBG Blocks 2016-2267 - 450 EBG Blocks 2268-8747 - 500 EBG Then Trade Sanctions (halving) every 6480 blocks (Approx every 90 days) at block 60588 reward stays at 1 EBG indefinitely. DOWNLOADS Windows!uFxzBbDQ!PGyJVjfu7gEqzL1AEn8NPZKhzx45qLpH_N2y5dAz_6Y MacOS Linux!vEJWhLhB!5qG1p_wFJ3EnUED7hk0dPvzbDJ1wUtwEx1FOhVwxP5Q Source Code Sample Embargocoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=11971 port=11973 gen=0 server=1 addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 11971 P2P Port: None Available. POOLS http://ebg.520Cn.Com EXCHANGES!coin/btc/ebg SOCIAL Twitter Facebook None Available. IRC Freenode #EmbargoCoin SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  21. TAKCOIN TAK TAKcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency created to aid in the global fight for human rights through massive charity fundraising, community outreach, and online awareness campaigns. By combining a strong, supportive user-base, transparent development and management, and a unified mission, built around a positive cause, we aim to not only shine a much-needed, favorable light on virtual currency, but break down the barriers which currently stand between cryptocurrencies and the mainstream masses. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS SHA256 Algo Total coins: 7,515,187,520 ABBREV: TAK NO PREMINE! NO INSTAMINE! FORCED FAIR LAUNCH! Blocks: 1-240 = 1 coin per block >240 = 1000 coins per block Block Spacing: 30 seconds Difficulty Retarget: 5 blocks DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Linux None Available. Source Code Sample takeicoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport=35697 port=35698 gen=0 server=1 addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 35697 P2P Port: 35698 POOLS EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit SERVICES / OTHER Faucet
  22. UNBREAKABLECOIN UNB While new coins are often released, none since Bitcoin can match the pure potential of UnbreakableCoin. UNB started taking the world by storm right away by being one of the first fully transparent coins in the crypto world. We were the first crytpo coin to offer live support via web and telephone. The Unbreakable Team is unmatched when it comes to user support,and everything we do as a team is open and transparent. We encourage people to ask us questions or for help anytime even if you need a website built to accept crypto. UnbreakableCoin is like no other group before, and we are here to stay! Our Unbreakable Team is worldwide and working around the clock to make UNB a serious commodity in this Crypto world. Vendors have already started accepting UNB and several more are in current negotiations with us. UnbreakableCoin is listed on Cryptsy and C-CEX Bitcoin exchanges. As we continue expanding in the Crypto world, we are expanding in the real world. Unlike any coin before us, we offer free live support via Google Hangouts, telephone during business hours, and more live support in our #IRC group with Team Speak voice chat. Our main #IRC server is a private server for security purpose, and we are also on the Freenode network now too. We are doing everything we can as a large team to make a better and more trusting Crypto Currency. Our mission is expanding crypto into the mainstream as the #1 payment option online and expanding UNB to the point of worldwide awareness and acceptance. UNB products and services give real world usage to UNB and other crypto coins! UNB is designed with a game plan to go the long haul! Our auction site will change the way the world looks at Crypto Currency. We offer the easiest way possible to get crypto, no mining needed, no money needed! Just sell some of your old stuff for UNB BTC or 100+ crypto coins! Backed by Escrow Services! Mining UNB means you too believe Crypto Currency will be mainstream and coins like UNB stand a chance to be a part of that. Join our wild ride as we aim straight for the top of the crypto empire. We encourage you to research UNB and see everything we are doing, it's unlike all the rest! Unbreakable Crypto Products LLC. offices are located at 5160 W Patrick Lane in Las Vegas Nevada 89118, and can be visited by appointment. Website Block Explorer / Crawler / Rich List / Total Supply / Difficulty Contact 1-406-CALLUNB SPECIFICATIONS UnbreakableCoin aka UNB, is a POW Sha256d clone of BTC. UNB is based directly on Satoshi's original plan for crypto currency, it is designed to pick up where he left off. 80 Million UNB will be available in total around the year 2050. That's about 2.4 million mined out per year ratio Almost 4 times the size of Bitcoin, giving equal opportunity to Crypto users for a long time Zero % Premine. Absolutely no premine at all on UNB. Block Reward is 50 UNB and will half at Block#800,000. There are no bonus blocks of any kind. New block creation speeds at an average of 300 seconds, with equal hash to difficulty ratio. Blocks can be faster or slower. Difficulty readjustment every 2016 Blocks - same as BTC - No Gravity Wells - Making UNB harder to get than most coins. It will take 35-40 years to mine out all 80 Million UNB Designed to implement the same features BTC implements, including blockchain technologies. UNB is designed for long term growth and proper technical changes, regulations, and leadership in Crypto Currency Markets. UNB Wallets Support Multisig Transactions for added security. 5 Star Plus - Max POD (Proof of Developer) rating from Crypto Asian - one of very few Five Star Plus. First Crypto to launch an online auction site allowing sellers to accept over 100 cryptos for payment - First Crypto with a phone number 1-406-CALLUNB First Crypto released by a software company with an LLC License! Unbreakable Crypto Products LLC. of Las Vegas Nevada WALLET DOWNLOADS Windows 2015 Wallets: Blue Windows Version Black Windows Version Mac 2015 Wallets: Blue Mac Version Black Mac Version Linux 2015 Wallets: Blue Linux Version Black Linux Version SOURCE CODES Github: Original UNB Source Code Github: 2015 UNB Wallets Source Code Sample unbreakablecoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=9337 port=9336 gen=0 server=1 listen=1 addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 9337 P2P Port: 9336 UNB MINING POOLS EXCHANGES NEWS & UPDATES AUCTION SITE SOCIAL Twitter Facebook SERVICES / OTHER Faucets Tipbot Located in our IRC Chat room #Unbreakable IRC Webportal Chat Room #Unbreakablecoin on Chat Room #Unbreakablecoin on
  23. AURUMCOIN AU AURUM coin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Aurum uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority:managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. The competitiveness of other coins, the total amount of only 300K Aurum, a small reward for block 1 AU makes the value of the coins become value and will benefit many users. Greetings and welcome to the miners mining AURUMCOIN is also the name of the open source software which enables the use of this currency. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: SHA256 Halving 150000 blocks Initial coins per block 1 coins Target spacing 1 min Target timespan 5 h Coinbase maturity 2 blocks Max coinbase 300000 coins PREMINE 0.9 % For Exchange,pool,advertisement STATS / RANKINGS None Available. DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Linux None Available. Source Code Sample coin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=21080 port=11080 gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 21080 P2P Port: 11080 POOLS EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit None Available. IRC SERVICES / OTHER AurumCoin the best profitable on go to mining AU
  24. ZETACOIN ZET Zetacoin is an open source crypto-currency based on Bitcoin. It has faster transaction times and faster difficulty adjustments. Initial coin mining is 160 million coins, thereafter a yearly inflation of 1 million coins. Website Block Explorer Contact SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 Algo Based on latest Bitcoin 0.8.99 source Block target: 30 seconds (20x Bitcoin) Difficulty retargets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick difficulty readjustment) Block reward: 1000 ZET, halving every 80640 blocks (about 1 month), not dropping below 1 ZET (inflationary) Total coin supply: 160 million ZET + small yearly inflation 160 million coins will be mined in around first year Thereafter around 1 million per year (inflationary). This small inflation is a better incentive to keep the network hashing than purely transaction fees. STATS / RANKINGS DOWNLOADS Windows 32 Windows 64 MacOS Linux Andriod Paper Wallet Source code Sample zetacoin.conf file: rpcuser=myname rpcpassword=mypassword maxconnection=200 rpcallowip= rpcallowip=192.168.0.* rpcport=17335 port=17333 server=1 daemon=1 listen=1 addnode= PORTS P2P Port: 17333 RPC Port: 17335 POOLS EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit None Available. IRC Join channel #ZetaCoin Forum Youtube SERVICES / OTHER Coin payment Zetasteam Dice games CryptoGameKeys Penny Alts (UK based cryptocoin seller)
  25. 23 Skidoo The official cryptocurrency of the Illuminatus! A very odd SHA256-token indeed, if even to be called that. This is the only listing of its specifications, as provided by Malaclypse the Third only to be released upon you in this time: 23 total skidoo, ever. No 'pre' mine/special blocks, however the chain has already undergone its first offerings to Eris. The reward structure confirms to the Law of Fives and the 17 and 23 Enigmata and is as so: If the block height is divisible by 2, the offering is rewarded with .00000001 Skidoo If its not divisible by 2, but it is by 3, the offering is rewarded with .0000001 Skidoo If its not divisible by 2 or 3 but ends in a 5, the offering is rewarded with .000001 Skidoo If it doesn't conform to the Law of Fives, but is divisible by 17 or 23, the offering is .00001 Skidoo All other blocks don't pay, yea that's right, 0. It will take nearly 400K of blocks to have 1 whole Skidoo A LIE! - See davethehat's spreadsheet in thread. 1/1000th of a Skidoo is a Chao, and this is the default method of divding Skidoo. Default RPC Port is 10023. The Discordian Gravity Well was directly ripped off from Kimoto and as such, the difficulty is self-regulating. Blocks take 23 confirmations to be valid and to be infuriating, there is a 5000 milliChao limit to how much you can send at once. Oh and plus a silly fee structure that could cost you as much as you'd like to send in fees payable to the Discordian network of Skidoo pushers. Source, Binaries, and Decoder Ring can be found at Skidoo is numbers/math/electricity based worship of Chaos and the Goddess Eris and can be used by Discordians (including the ODD, LDD, EDD, first and second order or of any degree) or the Syndicate in place of hempscript of flaxscript for transactions amongst themselves. Should thou choose to value Skidoo, thou taketh it upon thineself. Ewige Blumenkraft! Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact Consult your Pineal Gland. Exchange SPECIFICATIONS SHA256D - Bitcoin 0.9x 2 minute 23 seconds block targets Proof of Work 23 total coins DiscordianGravityWell DOWNLOADS Windows MAC Source Code Sample skidoo.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=10023 port=10005 gen=0 server=1 addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 10023 P2P Port: 10005 ANN THREAD: