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Found 30 results

  1. P2Pool for Phoenixcoin has been launched for testing yesterday and open for anyone since today! Now the PXC miners have a flexible DDoS resistant solution in addition to big traditional pools and solo mining. Choose a P2Pool node near your location and enjoy low latencies, 0% fees and 2% block finder's reward. You may also set up a P2Pool node of your own. PXC NeoScrypt P2Pools online: (InfoRelay Online Systems, New York, NY, the USA) (QuadraNet, Los Angeles, CA, the USA) (NFOrce Entertainment, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) Stratum and Getwork supported. No registration required. Payouts are sent automatically once a block is found. Configuration example for CPUminer: minerd -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u <address> -p x <address> is your PXC address; password can be any or none All blocks found by our P2Pool network can be found at PtoPXC8MmB5VwfHFNhVTynATLSHLzq5MgF If you're interested in setting up a P2Pool node, the source code is on GitHub: ghostlander/p2pool-neoscrypt Enjoy!
  2. ### EDIT ### Pools fees are now lowered to 1%. Happy mining ! ########### Hey everybody ! We are pleased to inform you that we officially opened our new pools, dedicated to these coins : Orbitcoin, the space research oriented currency. Neoscrypt. Great POW, decent POS. Stable diff, great community, heavily maintained. ## EDIT : New ! Feathercoin, says it all :-) Phoenixcoin, POW only, Neoscrypt. This coin was really rocking the exchanges in december, one of the best out there. Big community, successful hardfork to Neoscrypt, stable mid-low diff. Halcyon. Big POS rewards, decent POWs. Successfully hardforked to Neoscrypt. Listed on two major exchanges, heavily maintained by Ghostlander. # Edit : VAPE PoW mining is over, pool has been shutdown. Vape. X13 algo. Still very new. Typical market-oriented crypto-currency. Focused on the E-cigarette users/community. Dev seems absent these days... But seen the chrome around the coin and its objectives, I guess this might be a hit ! # Edit : the CKC project has been put on hold, pool has been paused. Checkcoin. x11 algo. Our very own pick for January. This will make a hit ! A coin with a real plan, focused on real world experiences. We strongly encourage you to take a look of this coin's project, starting in february. Pools key features : Hosted in multiple data-centers (US east, Europe, Asia); Automatic geo-based/latency stratum server selection; Monitored 24/7; Updates and pool activity reported live on our twitter account; Fast support when/if needed; CloudFlare DNS protection; Encrypted communication with TLS (for the Orbitcoin mining pool - Comodo certificate); DDoS protected servers; Fixed and variable stratum mining diffs; PPLNS payout system; Only 1% fees for hosting, maintenance and transactions; New features added constantly. You can follow the pools news, tips and updates on twitter : Let's find some blocks !! Dave
  3. Another Phoenixcoin Give-Away! This continues our closed give-away at Bitcointalk as their new forum rules don't allow give-aways. Phoenixcoin (PXC) is a decentralised open source digital currency. It was founded as a further development of Litecoin in May of 2013. No matter what people say, this coin is here to stay. If you want some PXC for free, you have it here! New to PXC? Visit and download a wallet of your choice. Install, launch, copy your PXC address from the 'Receive' tab and paste it in this thread. Would be nice if you care to say what you think about Phoenixcoin, too. The conditions: 1) anyone with at least 10 forum posts can participate; 2) only 1 payout per user (nicknames and addresses are logged); 3) regular payout is 1 PXC; 4) you get double the regular payout if you've ever mined to the address you provide (we shall verify with a block explorer, but you tell us first). For example, you can spend the coins on dice games at Altcoin Dice or whatever else. The coins are given away in small batches to minimise time consumed and transaction fees, so be patient.
  4. Phoenixcoin v0.6.5.1 (1-Feb-2014) Although this v0.6.5.1 release isn't a major one, there have been many various improvements made. You a get a better wallet interface, working DNS seed nodes, new RPC commands and options, minor performance and security improvements. Many wallet translations have been de-uglified, though there is a lot of work to do still. The built-in mining interface for pooled mining has been enhanced with the Stratum support. It relies upon Pooler's CPUminer, so the performance is very good. Those of you who still mine PXC with processors now can do that straight from the wallet. Our pre-compiled wallet binaries for Windows come bundled with the latest CPUminer for users' convenience. The source code is available at GitHub. 32-bit Windows client & daemon can be downloaded from MEGA or our site. 64-bit Windows client & daemon can be downloaded from MEGA or our site. 64-bit Linux client & daemon can be downloaded from MEGA or our site. MD5: cbef1705c1f7fa33899e4bdca4fead35 MD5: a510817882bccf9c0baf04eb61062ab3 MD5: 865e16ff6117c5ffbd5cd40594efa2c4 phoenixcoin-lin-amd64-
  5. Hello Guys, well, i was googling about neoscrypt and PXC and FTC, etc... and i noticed that some people are talking about that a lot this days... (specially FTC) So this topic is for those who like to buy (or rent) cloud hashing! Please, whenever you find a place where we can make good deals with that... post it here! Thank You, José Évora
  6. Earn 1 PXC per Hour Voting at You get 1 PXC per every vote for PXC at AllCoin com You can vote every hour. Post your PXC address (once) and vote count below. Payouts are sent in small batches to minimise time consumed and transaction fees. Download your Phoenixcoin Wallet v0.6.5.3 below: 32-bit Windows client & daemon 64-bit Windows client & daemon 32-bit Linux client & daemon 64-bit Linux client & daemon 32-bit and 64-bit MacOS X client
  7. Phoenixcoin v0.6.5.3 (29-May-2014) There are many important improvements in this release. Additional address (peer) DB engine with a network filter, -defaultkey option for solo miners, better performance overall. Dual magic number support without a hard fork (moving away from the Litecoin magic number). v0.6.5.3 peers communicate using the new magic with each other and use the old magic while talking to the previous versions. There is also a soft fork at block #340000 to enable the enhanced block limiter reducing efficiency of future time travels. Upgrade isn't required, though advised generally. The source code is available at GitHub. 32-bit Windows client & daemon 64-bit Windows client & daemon 32-bit Linux client & daemon 64-bit Linux client & daemon 32-bit and 64-bit MacOS X client
  8. Phoenixcoin v0.6.5.2 (20-Mar-2014) This v0.6.5.2 is an important update over the previous release. The Coin Control has been implemented which enables user control over unspent outputs (disabled by default; may be activated at "Settings->Options->Display->Enable the Coin Control (for experienced users only)"). Transaction fee schedule has been modified. Most transactions are free if they are less than 2000 bytes in size, have enough coin age and don't get caught by the dust spam filter (any output < 0.01 PXC). A simple transaction (1 input, 1 output) is 192 bytes. The minimal transaction fee is unchanged at 0.1 PXC for those transactions which require a fee. Another important improvement is a soft fork at block #270000 which enables a better protection against time travel attacks and the block limiter against hostile coin hoppers (no more than 6 blocks per 2 minutes can be accepted). There are also a few important security fixes. This is the 1st time we offer an official client for MacOS X (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions supported, 10.5+). A 32-bit Linux build (i386) is also available in addition to the 64-bit one (amd64). As usual, 32-bit and 64-bit Windows builds. The source code is available at GitHub. 32-bit Windows client & daemon can be downloaded from MEGA or our site. 64-bit Windows client & daemon can be downloaded from MEGA or our site. 32-bit Linux client & daemon can be downloaded from MEGA or our site. 64-bit Linux client & daemon can be downloaded from MEGA or our site. 32-bit and 64-bit MacOS X client can be downloaded from MEGA or our site. MD5: 1db608e48e22be5344211bfc07d12d05 MD5: 66577d0e3705ae7b83d394ca5a0f96d0 MD5: a960c855fe28bcb78acf860d62d5b019 phoenixcoin-lin-i386- MD5: 5b2816cde2bd19385b237b8ea3097705 phoenixcoin-lin-amd64- MD5: c6558a18db8091c16a9f2909ad6226cb phoenixcoin-mac-
  9. Phoenixcoin Development Fund In order to advance the development of Phoenixcoin and associated projects, our core team has decided to establish this development fund. As you may know already, the PXC pre-mine has been stolen and sold at Cryptsy by the previous developer in June and July of 2013 (Phoenixcoin Wiki) After taking over the development, most Phoenixcoin related activities have been funded by the core team members. Phoenixcoin is a community driven coin, so if you are interested in making it a success, please consider a donation. All incoming and outgoing funds are accounted with a public ledger. These funds are not to be used for personal needs of the core team members. They shall be used to expand the development of Phoenixcoin in particular and crypto related projects in general. The current objective is to establish our crypto gambling infrastructure as well as to assist independent crypto game developers. The donations to be made in PXC to the address below. Thank you. PhoeniXzfbYF4gZWnn1PvUL2oj2DobdLTa
  10. There is an regarding what altcoins to add to This is the largest altcoin payment processor which allows merchants to accept payments in over 20 altcoins at low fees. It would be very good to have them accepting Phoenixcoin as well. We are a great altcoin, so why not? Don't be silent, voice up in that thread and make them honour Phoenixcoin!
  11. Phoenixcoin is getting popular and needs to expand better into a non-English speaking audience. Google Translate helps much, but human translation by a native or fluent speaker is always better. So, we need to translate our web site and README files supplied with our binary releases to languages other than English. Any language with a few million speakers at least is welcome. This is your opportunity to participate in the Phoenixcoin development. Your contribution is appreciated highly. Please write down in this thread if you're willing to help. Translations completed: German (thanks to JeanCool); French (thanks to ZeWaren); Russian (thanks to phantom); Chinese (thanks to lcfnx); Italian (thanks to Mosesh); Polish (thanks to PXCFan); Ukrainian (thanks to phantom);
  12. Cryptsy has started a crypto Wiki a couple of days ago using the WikiDot engine and has created empty pages for all altcoins they have listed. Of course, Phoenixcoin has also got a page there. I've edited it today with the information I have. Must say I have a lot of it. If I've missed anything, let me know Phoenixcoin Wiki
  13. Phoenixcoin block #200000 has been mined today! There are over 8 million PXC in circulation now. That's an important mile stone for PXC and our community. When the previous developer quit by the end of September 2013 and I took over the development, PXC was at block #88000. Over the last 3 months, PXC has got a new web site, a new block explorer, two client releases, two gambling sites, two large pools returned to PXC, and this forum stopped to look like a dead place. Phoenixcoin v0.6.5.1 is coming this month once I get enough time to complete the build environment (setting up a Hackintosh for MacOS X releases) and test a few new things. Stay tuned
  14. Phoenixcoin 6 Months Old Official Give-Away Phoenixcoin was released to the public 6 months ago on the 20th of May 2013. There have been good times and bad times, but we are still in business. In order to celebrate this date, here we have a give-away! Every forum user with at least 3 meaningful posts who provides a Phoenixcoin address in this thread receives 3 PXC! (posts with addresses at give-aways or with no single complete sentence aren't considered meaningful) They can be spent on dice games at Altcoin Dice, blackjack at Crypto Blackjack or whatever else. If you're new to Phoenixcoin, download and install your wallet first: Windows (32-bit) Windows (64-bit) Linux (64-bit) The source code is available on GitHub if you want to compile it yourself. Payouts are processed daily usually.
  15. Oxford Blue becomes first Pub in U K to accept Feathercoin.Press release link:
  16. Head on over to the new Unocs site and see what this major service announcement is all about.This will help bridge the much needed gap and allows for more flexibility. About UNOCS (Phenix,Feather,World coins)United Open Currency Solutions provides the consumer, business and entertainment sectors with quality services and applications A UNOCS website can be visited at where you will find a countdown timer in preparation of our first services launch. We would love to say more, this is exciting for us and want to release the information with a big bang to the community in general.
  17. Listen to my interview on Phoenix Rising Radio: Special! Phoenix Coin! PXC We have talked about the history of Phoenixcoin, the current situation and the future development. P.S. The similarity in our name and the radio station name is a mere coincidence
  18. Phoenixcoin has disappeared earlier today (18-Nov-2013) from Cryptsy, both PXC/BTC and PXC/LTC pairs. First of all, it's not delisted or dead or whatever. There are internal security scripts at Cryptsy to monitor every coin. If they detect any reversed transactions or highly suspicious activity, they terminate trading automatically. It seems the last PXC hard fork (2 days ago) didn't go very smooth at Cryptsy for some reason. Trading will be restored once the investigation is complete. The Phoenixcoin network is secure, there is no DDoS or 51% attack. UPD 19-Nov-2013: Trading restored.
  19. This is a complete guide on how to get Phoenixcoin for Linux compiled and installed. I must say this is a real guide to build everything from source, no distribution specific binary packages and their horrible dependencies involved. Takes a lot of time to go through, but it's worth the effort. Although all steps have been verified on Ubuntu 13.04, this guide can be applied to any decent Linux distribution with minimal changes. You are supposed to have GCC and G++ compilers installed already (Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install gcc g++). Everything is done in command prompt, so you may even do the job remotely through ssh. 0. Prepare the build directory cd mkdir pxc-build cd pxc-build 1. Install OpenSSL v1.0.1j wget tar xfz openssl-1.0.1j.tar.gz cd openssl-1.0.1j ./config no-shared --prefix=/usr/local make -j2 sudo make install cd .. 2. Install BerkeleyDB v5.3.28 wget tar xfz db-5.3.28.tar.gz cd db-5.3.28.tar.gz/build_unix ../dist/configure --prefix=/usr/local --disable-replication --enable-cxx --enable-shared=yes make -j2 sudo make install cd ../.. 3. Install Boost v1.54 wget -O boost_1_54_0.tar.bz2 tar xfj boost_1_54_0.tar.bz2 cd boost_1_54_0 ./ --prefix=/usr/local ./b2 --with-chrono --with-filesystem --with-program_options --with-system --with-thread --with-regex toolset=gcc link=shared stage sudo ./b2 --with-chrono --with-filesystem --with-program_options --with-system --with-thread --with-regex toolset=gcc link=shared install cd .. 4. Install MiniUPnP v1.9 wget -O miniupnpc-1.9.tar.gz tar xfz miniupnpc-1.9.tar.gz cd miniupnpc-1.9 make sudo INSTALLPREFIX=/usr/local make install cd .. 5. Install the Phoenixcoin daemon wget tar xfz v0.6.6.0.tar.gz cd Phoenixcoin- make -f makefile.unix -j2 sudo cp phoenixcoind /usr/local/bin/ 6. Create your Phoenixcoin configuration file Be sure to specify your own username and userpassword below. cd mkdir .phoenixcoin cd .phoenixcoin echo rpcuser=username > phoenixcoin.conf echo rpcpassword=userpassword >> phoenixcoin.conf 7. Start the Phoenixcoin daemon phoenixcoind It says nothing if started successfully. Any activity is written to .phoenixcoin/debug.log; leave it downloading the block chain in the background and continue to the next step as it will take a while. 8. Install Qt v4.8.6 cd cd pxc-build wget tar xfz qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.6.tar.gz cd qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.6 ./configure -prefix /usr/local/ -release -opensource -confirm-license -shared -graphicssystem raster -no-opengl -no-openvg -fontconfig -openssl-linked -qt-zlib -qt-libtiff -qt-libpng -qt-libjpeg -no-libmng -no-accessibility -no-qt3support -no-multimedia -no-phonon -no-svg -no-webkit -no-javascript-jit -no-script -no-scripttools -no-declarative -no-nis -no-cups -no-pch -no-dbus -no-gtkstyle -no-glib -nomake tests -nomake demos -nomake docs make -j2 sudo make install cd .. Depending on your Linux distribution, you may need to install Expat, Freetype and Fontconfig prior to compiling Qt. Most desktop systems have them installed by default. It is possible to compile Qt without these libraries if you're comfortable with ugly looking fonts. This Qt configuration employs built-in Zlib, LibTIFF, LibPNG and LibJPEG. It may take a long time to compile Qt even on a not so slow machine. 9. Install the Phoenixcoin Qt client cd Phoenixcoin- qmake -makefile make -j2 strip -s phoenixcoin-qt sudo cp phoenixcoin-qt /usr/local/bin/ cd .. 10. Stop the daemon, start the Qt client phoenixcoind stop phoenixcoin-qt Enjoy!
  20. Phoenixcoin v0.6.5.0 (11-Nov-2013) This v0.6.5.0 release is a very important mile stone for Phoenixcoin. It introduces a major re-write of the code base with many network protocol settings examined and changed. All users of v0.6.4.12 and older clients must upgrade to v0.6.5.0 before block #154000. The source code is available at GitHub. 32-bit Windows client & daemon can be downloaded from MEGA, Google Drive or our site. 64-bit Windows client & daemon can be downloaded from MEGA, Google Drive or our site. 64-bit Linux client & daemon can be downloaded from MEGA, Google Drive or our site. MD5: a2b837f0fd170dacdac162cc0bdb6bd4 MD5: 2da8c034196b9a4d4a596fb93bc3fe27 MD5: 10283311b34faa2663c85a3aabeb9aed phoenixcoin-lin-amd64- Be sure to take a look at README.txt before running the new client or daemon. Phoenixcoin New Specification for v0.6.5.0 (hard fork at block #154000) total coin supply: 98 million (before: 168 million advertised) block target: 90 seconds (before: 45 seconds) block reward: 50 PXC (before: 25 PXC) block reward halved: every 1000K blocks (before: every 1680K blocks) retarget: every 20 blocks (before: every 126 blocks) max. difficulty change: 2% (before: 9%) averaging window: combined 100 + 500 blocks 0.1 damped (before: 126 blocks) future time stamp limit: 30 minutes (before: 2 hours) past time stamp limit: median of 19 blocks (before: median of 11 blocks) Also supports Advanced Checkpointing developed by Sunny King for PPC/XPM.
  21. Blackjack is the most popular casino game, and now you can play it with PXC at Crypto Blackjack! The rules are simple enough. Here is a Wiki page on blackjack just in case. Good luck
  22. PHOENIXCOIN PXC Designed and crafted with open source ideas in mind, Phoenixcoin is a digital currency for everyone. It doesn't depend upon very expensive hardware and can be mined successfully with popular computer video cards or processors. It is also a fast and reliable way to send money worldwide. Phoenixcoin is developed with a high level of transparency and community involvement to embrace the most advanced technology. Anyone can contribute to the development. Every little thing matters. Web site: Block explorer: Wiki: PXC is the 1st NeoScrypt powered coin! SPECIFICATIONS NeoScrypt (N = 128, r = 2, p = 1, etc.) ~98 million total coins block target is 1.5 minutes block reward is 50 coins block reward halves every 1 million blocks retargets every 20 blocks (~30 minutes) +2% to -5% max. change on every retarget advanced averaging: 100 + 500 blocks 0.1 damped advanced checkpointing against 51% attacks the default P2P port is 9555, RPC port is 9554 TestNet: the default P2P port is 19555, RPC port is 19554 DOWNLOADS Client version (27-Jul-2014) 32-bit Windows 64-bit Windows Linux (i386) Linux (amd64) 32-bit and 64-bit MacOS X Source code GitHub NeoScrypt Miners NSGminer (for AMD and NVIDIA video cards) CPUminer (for any CPUs) POOLS P2Pool nodes (1% fee, 2% block finder's reward, PPLNS) (2% fee, proportional) (2% fee, PPLNS) (2% fee, 2% block finder's reward, proportional) (2% fee, PPLNS) EXCHANGES Safecex PXC/BTC Cryptopia PXC/BTC SERVICE / OTHER Mining Calculators, Tools and Charts WhatToMine CoinMarketCap CoinWarz Coinplorer CryptoCoinStats
  23. Today is the official Beta launch of cryptocurrency exchange! Sign up with the referral link in this post and get a lifetime reduction on trading fees. Sign up here! Please use the above link to get a discount on your trading fees! We will be launching PhenixEx with the following currencies: Bitcoin Litecoin Phenixcoin Feathercoin worldcoin Bbqcoin Digitalcoin Frankocoin Megacoin Hobocoin Alphacoin We will be adding new coins shortly. Please see for the Latest News and newest coin added. Trade Fees: Fee on sell orders on accounts not signed up through a referral code are 0.3% Fee on sell orders on accounts signed up through a referral code are 0.25% Fee on buy orders on accounts not signed up through a referral code are 0.2% Fee on buy orders on accounts signed up through a referral code are 0.15% Affiliate program: For every account you refer to with your referral code you will receive 25% of the transaction fees payed by that account, for life. You will find your affiliate code under "Affiliate system tab". It is our aim to provide unprecedented service for users of digital currencies. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions, problems or request for new features. Please visit the support section for PhenixEx at the PhenixCoin forum or e-mail us at Api coming soon! Thanks JohnCar
  24. Phenixcoin Giveaway I have 300 PXC to giveaway. Post your address to receive 5 PXC. Appreciation giveaway thread for all the hard work Jimmy is doing. Keep up the good work. NEW MEMBERS ONLY!
  25. Pool underwent complete make up: Stratum only now - Less than 1^% rejects - PXC credited after 30 confirms! If you had positive Balance on old pool go here and withdraw your funds. Features from old pool will be transferred in the next day, like Charity, Link section etc. Jackpot Mining PXC Join Jackpot Mining PXC until Tuesday! Random Blocks got extra fees for miners - Jackpot grows until Block is found More info here: Fiat coming to PhenixEx - save up to 25% on fees! Trade your freshly mined coins at PhenixEx - Fiat coming to this Exchange soon! Sign up with this link and save up to 25% on trading fees: Latest patch success! Last patch addressed diff and reward issue. Now coin again in line with old tech specs. Go get recent client here: