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Found 10 results

  1. Viable methods to profit off your Cryptocurrencies (GRIDCOIN, Bitcoin, Etherum & LTC) EBook & Program Get the EBook & The program for free at: Greetings, we'd like to share with everyone this EBook and Program we made on how to profit with Bitcoin, Etherum, & LTC, I genuinely hope a lot of you would use those methods to their full extent: *The EBook* This EBook covers how to profit off your Bitcoins & other cryptocurrencies, such as Etherum, LTC (as long as they have enough of a market cap) in both the short-term and the long-term. We provide various methods on how to analyze, chart, and easy application of said methods for you to apply on your own. This EBook has so far been 99% accurate since 2017 January when it was introduced, we feel its time to share it with the public to give back to those who are willing and brave enough to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies, it also covers the usage of the tools and relevant programs. *The Program* Our trading program goes hand in hand with our E-Book, you can profit with both tools on their own but we recommend both for maximum profit. With our instructions the program is simple to use, the image is old which is why the Bitcoin price in it is old as this program has been in development for over 2 years now. All of this can be found at:
  2. Free 16 SilverCoin (SVC) for every referral signup Registration: bounty / details / join Sale will be available on the exchange
  3. Polybius ICO- The first blockchain bank. Bomb! Hurry! And the affiliate program :) Meet Polybius It will be a contemporary banking institution with a progressive approach With the support of global banking experts and renowned tech veterans, Polybius aspires to build a comprehensive banking solution for all. Very loud start-up! Many call the blockchain event number one this year! Hurry! A few weeks to go. Bonuses are decreasing Polybius ICO (Affiliate link) 袗ffiliate program Polybius ICO 5% RevShare (Affiliate link) Bonus 15%: 00Days 00Hours 27Minutes!!! Hurry!
  4. What is the best program to buy all crypto currencies? Not just the top 5. Which one do you use?
  5. Dash Wallet for Android - Incentive Program to Fix Bugs and Get Screen Shots There will be a small incentive program to help me fix bugs and get screen shots for Google Play of the Dash Wallet in other languages. #1 - Screenshots of Dash Wallet in other languages (max of 0.05 per language per device): Only for supported languages that are already in Dash Wallet Send screen shots of the app (minumum of 3: main screen, send screen, receive screen) Do not leave the keyboard on the screenshots. In the Send and Receive screens, type an amount. If your wallet is empty, we can erase the message about insufficient funds. If you want to hide your transactions, you can make them blurry before sending the main screen. Device used can be phones or tablets (any size) Send to with your Dash payment address The first person to send screen shots for a particular language and device size will be paid. For instance, one person can send screens on a Russian phone, while another on a Russian Tablet. A person can send in screens on multiple devices and multiple languages. Keep different languages in separate emails with clear naming of languages used. English language screen shots are eligible for devices larger than phones. Screen shots will be added to the Dash Wallet GitHub ( repo and the Google Play store ( and possibly used in other cases. Maximum of 1.60 Dash in payouts Some Languages we need include, but are not limited to: Portuguese (Brazil) Dutch (Netherlands) French (France) Russian (Russia) Spanish Indonesian (Indonesia) Korean (South Korea) German Italian (Italy) Turkish (Turkey) Greek (Greece) Bulgarian Chinese Vietnamese Japanese etc... #2 - Bug Fixes from your Crash Reports (Max payment of 0.1 Dash per bug) If the app crashes, send a crash report (when the app starts) or from Settings / Diagnostics / Report Issue. If the app crashes and you cannot start it there is still a way to report serious issues at If your crash report helps us fix a bug, then we will ask for your Dash address and send you 0.1 DASH per bug that is fixed. Only the first person to submit a crash report will get paid. This will be retroactive - I will go back through the emails of this year searching for crashes with bug fixes - there have been several. Maximum of 1.6 Dash in payouts. (16 payments)
  6. Giga Watt (WTT) Token LaunchBest Home For Your Mining The world鈥檚 first full-service mining solution provider Giga Watt Token Launch is live! White PaperWebsite 路 Telegram 路 Twitter 路 Facebook 路 Instagram 路 FAQSTART June 2, 2017 at 12:00 PM PDT END July 31, 2017 12:00 PM PDTThe offering will be open to the public globally.Giga Watt WTT Token Referral ProgramGiga Watt Bounty Program Token Cap: 30m WTT tokens Token Price at Issue: Equivalent of USD $1-$1.2, depending on the date of purchase Distribution of Tokens: For every 100 tokens sold in this offering 15 additional tokens will be issued and retained for the team members, partners and advisors Website link: Accepted forms of payment: Bitcoin (鈥淏TC鈥), Ether (鈥淓TH鈥), wire transfer Token Launch Start Date: June 2, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT Token Launch End Date: July 31, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT Initial Token Issue Date: August 7, 2017, 12:00PM PDT Why should I purchase WTT tokens? You can build your business on mining. You can rent out your tokens and get rental income. Here are just a few advantages of WTT tokens: First ever tokens backed by hardware infrastructure Backed by one of the largest mining providers in the US WTT tokens can be used from the very first date of issue Facility has a 50-year lifecycle (compared to 2.5 years for miners, due to constant increase in mining difficulty) Opportunity to receive income from renting tokens out to other miners CalculatorCalculate how much you can save by using your tokens to host your miners or how much you can earn by renting them out at your chosen rental fee.Calculate nowCapacity WTT can be used from the very first date of issue. Giga Watt facility`s distinctive infrastructure consists of numerous independent mining units. This unique design allows for record-fast expansion, and the first units can be operated while the new ones are still being built.More about Giga Watt design At this time, there are 3 units already in operation, and we continue to build new units with our own resources. Capacities are allocated to token holders on a first come, first served basis.Status of construction and renting out capacitiesGiga Watt projectWhy should I consider Giga Watt as a miner? You have an opportunity to build a your personal business on mining. You gain access to professional mining 鈥 with an extraordinarily low entrance threshold. Here are just some of the advantages for Giga Watt miners: You can save up to 59% on mining costs You can significantly increase mining rewards You can balance out your mining risks On-site Service Center: no more waiting for repairs abroad Complete Transparency. Tour Giga Watt facility in Wenatchee, WA Token Launch platform Token Launch is conducted through the groundbreaking Cryptonomos platform. All payments for WTT tokens will be collected by Cryptonomos. Upon the completion of the Token Launch, on August 7, 2017, Cryptonomos will issue and distribute its initial batch of WTT tokens, with subsequent batch issues to follow upon the completion of new capacity construction.TeamMore photos on Giga Watt鈥檚 instagram.Official LinksFor token buyers: Token Launch Website: Twitter: Facebook: Telegram chat: Instagram: Medium: For Giga Watt鈥檚 clients: Giga Watt Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Slack (support): Blog (coming soon): Media mentionsGiga Watt: The North American Bitcoin Conference 2017 (Youtube) YouTube Teaser Amazing bitcoin billboard near LAX! 鈥 r/Bitcoin Coindesk Nasdaq Steemit Bitcoinchaser Mostly Bitcoin Wenatchee World Finance Magnates Zentrade Inside bitcoins BTCoin Bitmakler Bits Media Crypto Insider MegaBigPower Coindesk #1 Coindesk #2 Coindesk #3 Ars Technica El money Bitcointalk Bits Media NewsBTC Quora Cryptocoinsnews Kitco News Epodcast Network Reddit Coinspot Bitcoinfo Youtube #1 Youtube #2 Steemit Bitcoinmagazine processing
  7. Polybius ICO- The first blockchain bank. Bomb! Hurry! And the affiliate program :) Meet Polybius It will be a contemporary banking institution with a progressive approach With the support of global banking experts and renowned tech veterans, Polybius aspires to build a comprehensive banking solution for all. Very loud start-up! Many call the blockchain event number one this year! Hurry! A few weeks to go. Bonuses are decreasing Polybius ICO (Affiliate link) 袗ffiliate program Polybius ICO 5% RevShare (Affiliate link) Bonus 15%: 00 Days 16 Hours Hurry!
  8. Hey, Wondering if someone could create a sha256 coin for me. Exact same/specs/clone of bitcoin 1-5 hardcoded dns seeds compiled windows 32 bit / 64 bit wallet / linux 32 bit / 64 bit wallet / & mac wallet is it possible you could run a miner for a bit to keep the blockchain active (i dont have enough hash to keep the block chain going) blockchain explorer a stratum pool compiled daemon and source source uploaded onto github an exchange, i guess which one can you get it listed on? as for a wallet just a regular one, i guess something off the bitcoin core wallet cool, thats just about it, if im missing anything let me know, and pm me a quote or post it on the thread, thanks
  9. hi, I made program for myself and want to share with you smiley.gif program can check proficy for configured coins and change mining in cgminer for best pool without stoping cgminer. use PROP pools for better results smiley.gif
  10. Many users have problems with the mining YAC under Windows x64, because of low speed. Compiled minerd under Window 7 x64 with support for SSSE3 and AVX. Features: - I haven't finished it yet but sources is included - compiled under VS2010 - sha256 and scrypt not work, i haven't enough time to fix it. Only scrypt-jane works correctly. - command line parameters supported only in Win style ("-o" but not "--url"). AVX support started from Windows 7 x64 SP1, check your version of OS. And some results (AVX support): Using: minerd_scrypt_jane_x64_ssse3.exe -a scrypt-jane -o http://URL:PORT -O USER:PASSWORD minerd_scrypt_jane_x64_avx.exe -a scrypt-jane -o http://URL:PORT -O USER:PASSWORD minerd_scrypt_jane_x64.exe -a scrypt-jane -o http://URL:PORT -O USER:PASSWORD minerd_scrypt_jane_x32.exe -a scrypt-jane -o http://URL:PORT -O USER:PASSWORD Download [x86 and x64 versions in one pack]: Link 1: Link 2:!IdtmXQxQ!CBnopwIKXj_NBR54aHL9v2WS9f8gxUj8w0fTHWy6ie0 If you wonna MSVC2010 runtime's: (32 bit) (64 bit) [sourced from] Original sources: My sources configured for VS2010 Release Build (with 3rdpart libraries inside): Link 1: Link 2:!ME9DzaqL!XLC_imUBr6VcuMvSYp_Ho39LzJQna3YGbVrT6GXU1ko Donate is welcomed: LTC: LYvfDcVAyUPZgeSPX1aYmj5qjXREhHd8o7 BTC: 16v77px3xPmSpcku8g2EcvfdcZR9gX9hQq YAC: YLMBwJA4gUarSpxFdgWurXKBWXBhSpurFs Some users statistics: Intel Core2 Duo L9400: 14 KH/s [sSSE3 version] Intel Core2 Duo P8600: 52 KH/s [sSSE3 version] Intel Core2 Duo T6600: ~50 KH/s [sSSE3 version] Intel Core2 Duo T9400: 69 KH/s [sSSE3 version] Intel Core2 Quad Q6600: 180-190 KH/s [sSSE3 version, 3.6GHz] Intel Core i3 3220: 120-130 KH/s [-t 10] Intel Core i5 760: 160 KH/s Intel Core i5 760: 192 KH/s [3.8GHz] Intel Core i5 2430M: is not working Intel Core i5 2450M: 105 KH/s [AVX version, 2.9 GHz] Intel Core i5 2500K: 200 KH/s [AVX version, 3.6GHz] Intel Core i5 2500K: 230 KH/s [AVX version, 4.2GHz] Intel Core i5 2500K: 275 KH/s [4.5GHz] Intel Core i5 2500K: 270 KH/s [AVX version, ? GHz] Intel Core i5 2600K: 300 KH/s [AVX version, 4.2 GHz] Intel Core i5 2520M: is not working Intel Core i5 3210M: 94-104 KH/s Intel Core i5 3470: 200-210 KH/s [AVX version] Intel Core i5 3570k: 170-180 KH/s [-t 3] Intel Core i5 3570k: 207 KH/s [-t 3, 4.2 GHz] Intel Core i5 3570k: 300 KH/s [AVX version, 4GHz, -t 10] Intel Core i5 3570k: 315 KH/s [AVX version, 4.7GHz] Intel Core i7 2670QM: 120+ KH/s [2.2GHz -t 6] Intel Core i7 2600K: 320 KH/s Intel Core i7 2600K: 320 KH/s [AVX version, 4.43 GHz] Intel Core i7 2600K: 325 KH/s [sSSE3 version, 4.43 GHz] Intel Core i7 3770K: 310-320 KH/s [AVX version, -t 10, 4.2 GHz] Intel Core i7 3930K: 425 KH/s [sSSE3 version, -t 8, 4.7 GHz] Intel Xeon W3520: 200 KH/s Intel Xeon 5345: 240 KH/s [sSSE3 version, -t16] 2x Intel Xeon E5649: 482 KH/s [sSSE3 version, -t20, 2.533 GHz, Windows Server 2008, HP ProLiant DL360 G7] Intel Xeon E7520: 1165 KH/s [iBM x3850, SSSE3 version, -t 63, 1.87 GHz, Windows Server 2008] AMD K8 3200+: 20 KH/s [sSSE3 version] AMD Phenom II X4 940: 140-160 KH/s [sSSE3 version, Windows XP 64] AMD Phenom II X4 955: 105 KH/s [sSSE3 version] AMD Phenom II X6: 190 KH/s [sSSE3 version, 3.0 GHz] AMD Phenom II X6 1090T: 250 KH/s [sSSE3 version, 3.6 GHz] AMD A10 4655M: 60 KH/s [AVX version] AMD FX-8350: 280 KH/s AMD FX-8320 : 190 KH/s [-t 6] AMD Opteron 6247: 590 KH/s [-t 31, 2.3 GHz] AMD Opteron 6128: 900 KH/s [sSSE3 version, -t 32, 2.5 GHz, Windows Server 2012] [sourced from]