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  1. HTMLCOIN HTML5 VISION: Providing a stable system to with withstand the demands of the entire altcoin community. MISSION: To build a strong network of users, create robust apps for goods & services, spread awareness about cryptocurrency through charity, and facilitate a healthy decentralize monetary environment for all. We support a charitable cause and encourage technology innovation, this is our core value. We are different from other altcoins because we are focusing in integrating the “use” of htmlcoin to the “mainstream,” common people. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact Proof of Developer SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: X15 PoW / PoS Total Coins: 90 billion Block Time: 60 seconds Difficulty Re-target: every 1 block Confirmations on Transactions: 10 Maturity: 15 QR code support UPNP Support Total Blocks: 10,800,000 5,000 HTML5 per block POS INFORMATION Stake Interest: 1% Min Stake Age: 24 hours Max Stake Age: Unlimited DOWNLOADS Windows Wallet: Mac Wallet: Blockchain: GitHub: Source Code Sample htmlcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=6876 port=6877 gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= MINING / MINERS Cpu Miners Windows Pre-Compiled: Linux Source: GPU Miners AMD: Sgminer 5.1!9BYBCIpb!9u-UdMe9h3SV_6ifqTsCpI1PkTiXdBzLoxModwfbKb4 Nvidia cards: ccminer x15 fork PORTS RPC Port: 6876 P2P Port: 6877 POOLS (SSL Certificate) EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit Google+ Youtube SERVICES / OTHER Payment Processor ANN THREAD:
  2. LITECOINPLUS XLC It's built on Scrypt PoS 221,400 coins and 15% Annual Stake! LitecoinPlus is the silver to Bitcoinplus's gold. Due to the low coin supply, both coins would be considered crypto commodities and are a valuable storage for wealth. LitecoinPlus has four times the supply of BitcoinPlus with faster transactions. In comparison to Litecoin, LitecoinPlus uses an advanced green algorithm called Proof of Stake which is not computing intensive. This will ensure LitecoinPlus's future as a powerful next generation commodity. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS Algo: Scrypt Proof of Stake Transaction time: 30 seconds Supply: 221,400 coins (x4 XBC supply) POS INFORMATION Interest rate (15% annually) Minimum age (6 hours) Maximum age (30 days) STATS / RANKINGS None Available. DOWNLOADS Windows!o5MXmZSa!ssMwX868BV3MC0YB1dNbrlgrHzdKbKAE-dUKOnS0cCU MacOS Linux None Available. Source Code Sample litecoinplus.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=44350 port=44351 gen=0 server=1 addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 44350 P2P Port: 44351 POOLS None Available. EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit IRC #XLCPlus SERVICES / OTHER Faucet
  3. Bata's Specifications Algorithm: Scrypt - Proof-Of-Work Symbol: BTA Difficulty: DGW (Dark Gravity Wave) Block Time: 90 Seconds Block Reward: 25 Block Halving: Every 100k Blocks Premine: Zero ICO: Zero Crowdfund: Zero Total BTA: 5,000,000 I2P website - http://bata.i2p Unzip the file into the same directory as the BATA-qt.exe Then with a shortcut or in the command prompt: BATA-qt.exe -loadblock=bootstrap.dat Seednode in your BATA.conf file just at this line: addnode= COINTELEGRAPH PRESS RELEASE What is BATA? The predecessor of barter trade dollars. Soon to release new POW/POS Hybrid. Bata (BTA) is a currency that has been developed to replace trade dollars in traditional Barter Systems. As the "Sharing Economy" grows, so does the decentralized market. Bata aims to change way the way we trade, by introducing Barter on the Blockchain. A Barter Currency has been re-invented on a blockchain, decentralized, secure and widely available in the form of BTA, replacing a Trade Dollar. Trade Dollars are just like cash and for that matter are based on regular currency, but in current Barter Systems they are controlled and issued by a central party. BTA is traded on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges right across the globe. Our vision is to create a new system of commerce that will create new jobs for an information based economy, and to help break away from the current system of debt based money. BBP | Bata Barter Platform. We are changing commerce for the better. BBP| Bata Barter Platform, Exchange, and Marketplace represent a transformative vision of the future of commerce, with the goal of removing the greatest pain points in the lives of sellers and buyers of goods and services. Providing unique interfaces, tools and automation features for traders of goods and services, commerce will be redefined by Bata. Users will more easily participate in barter as means of trade, while also allowing traditional buying and selling, and adding a system of incentives and leverage to traders and users in unique ways. It will build up a new form of trading community around the Exchange and Marketplace, and bring value to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. Traditional Barter Platform vs. BBP Bartering helps you exchange goods or services at once, without money. It has no limits and can be done both on a very small-scale and on an exceedingly larger-scale. The arrangements are under the control of member-only associations, with credit units the channel of exchange, (other terms like trade exchange, barter exchange and countertrade exchange). To explain the channel of exchange, different terms like credits, units, barter dollars or trade dollars are being used. As the medium of exchange, the term which is mostly used is trade dollar. Looking deeper into barter deals there is huge difference between direct barter and exchange barter. In return barter, you may use your capacity, inventory or excess time to trade for goods and services you need. For such deals, you don’t need money as long as you are part of a barter group with other businesses. Each business earns trade dollars which can be employed for the exchange of the things you want. Direct barter means to swap the service or product for the service of your seller. The scale of the projects required three white papers outlining the implementation. White Paper One - BBP | Bata Barter Platform White Paper Two - PoW / PoS Hybrid BTA’s transformation from a Proof of Work Scrypt based cryptocurrency to a POW / POS Hybrid and the introduction of Uber-Nodes, our version of a "Masternode". BTA’s growth has been organic, much like Bitcoin, with no funding or premine and established late April of 2015. White Paper Three - Profit Shares / Internal Exchange BBP will offer Profit shares and run an internal exchange which will also have numerous functions including exchanging BTA for TRADE, Profit Shares and help generate funds. It’s still early and we want to get feedback from the community, early and often. We are getting the vision, whitepapers and roadmap out to the world now, because we need the best developers in the world to come help build the best commerce system in the world, built on blockchain technology with Bitcoin at the base of it all. bata.IO COMMUNITY TRANSLATED русский язык Russian : 中国语文 Chinese: עברית Hebrew: Italiano Italian: Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian: Türk Turkish: Português Portuguese: Nederlands Dutch: India Indian: Español Spanish: Français French: Ελληνικά Greek: Community Credits: Kondiomir;u=231050 Images systh;u=394937 Cryptocoins – vector/webfont cryptocurrency icon pack; just released a new update (1.6) including Bata Demo (see it in action): Download (get them for free): Github repo (fork & contribute):
  4. How to make serious money by investing into Proof-of-stake – PoS Hey guys, I see a lot of threads here about where to invest BTC or how to make BTC. I also get a lot of questions, especially from new crypto issuers, where to invest BTC long term, what is safe and what brings money. So, here is something I have been using for the last 2.5 years and it has brought me nothing but profits – DMD Diamond Proof of Stake system. Before I share this with you, let me say I am a long term DMD holder and I would never share something with people without testing it first with my own money. There are no referral links here, I do want to see DMD Diamond community grow but only because this is very nice coin and even better related services. I do not personally get any fee if u decide to join or not, DMD Diamond represents favorite part of my personal portfolio and I simply would like to share info about it, especially with new crypto users who might be less familiar with PoS. How does DMD Diamond Proof of stake system work? For those of you who might be unfamiliar with PoS, the easiest way to present it is as a form of mining which does not require ASIC, graphic cards of any significant hardware investment. All you need to do is to buy coins, place them in your wallet, let them mature for 9 days and these coins will stake and generate new coins. The current PoS rate is 25%, which means you will get 25% interest for your staking coins. In other words, once you acquire DMD, it becomes interest bearing asset with significant returns. You can find more info on DMD Diamond home page. There are several ways to make money with DMD Diamond and I have personally tested each and every one of them. Simply buy DMD Diamond, put them in your wallet and let them stake at current rate. All you need to do is to unlock your wallet for staking and you will start receiving new coins. This process resembles classic PoW mining, just without excessive heat, noise or electricity bill which generate classic GPU rigs or ASIC machines. All in all Proof-of-stake is much more advanced form of “mining”, that is why Etherum is going to switch to PoS sometime in the future. The main DMD Diamond exchange is Bittrex. Here is DMD Diamond Bittrex page link. DMD masternode system. This is a new DMD Diamond investment option which will become available in the next two months. It requires 10k DMD and a static IP address to be able to get masternode receipts. Once you setup your masternode, you should be getting 10 DMD per masternode per day on average. This system will distribute around 1000 per day between all active masternodes. During the first year or so, DMD team expects to have around 100 masternodes, so this would result in 10 DMD per masternode per day on average. Make sure to understand this is a rough estimate since the system will be active in July/August 2017 when more precise info will be available. Even more interesting option is to set up your masternode and to send receipts from that node to your DMD Diamond staking wallet. This way you get paid from your masternodes and your receipts continue staking and generating even more DMD. All in all, this is again very advanced staking system which is used by several large coins, Dash, for example. It is also significantly more advanced compared to classic mining. Invest into DMD cloudmining. Differently from lots of other cloud mining services we have seen available in crypto economy, DMD cloudmining is a much more superior investment vehicle which grants you regular, hassle free, flowing stream of Diamonds. The system is designed in such way where people who have not reached ROI receive increased DMD Diamond payouts in order to recoup their funds as soon as possible. Once you reach ROI, you will keep receiving DMD payouts at a standard rate. In other words, it is designed to make sure you ROI as fast as possible and then keep earning from your DMD Diamonds as well as your cloudmining shares. This is NOT a get rich quick option, it is a long term investment but it is a one which I have extensively used and I was quite happy with regular payments. DMD Diamond multipool system. If you do have unused rig or a GPU, you can set up your Nicehash miner to mine whatever currency you select, connecting it to DMD Diamond multipool and get paid DMD Diamond to your address. It is very easy to set it up and it is another hassle free mining system which will bring you more Diamonds to stake or use into masternodes. However, if you are a more experienced miner, you can use more advanced mining options if you prefer. The accent here again is on simplicity, DMD Diamond multipool is a set it and forget it option, once you set it up, it can operate hands free for as long as you want. Also, make sure to understand by using DMD Diamond multipool, you again have opportunity to earn from two revenue streams, you get DMD Diamonds from mining via Nicehash and after u get you coins you can send them to your wallet to stake and generate additional income. For more info, you can visit DMD Diamond multipool page. DMD scarcity. The number of DMD Diamonds is limited to 4.38 million and this crypto is very, very scarce. Scarcity combined with all these different way to make money push the price up and limit availability of new coins. I strongly believe this will continue in the future, this coin can go quite high. Finally, DMD Diamond team s extremely hard working and honest group of people. During almost 4 years of DMD development, there has not been a single scam or major crisis. The community is also quite vibrant, we help each other and I invite you to join us whether you decide to acquire some DMD or not. You can find us via DMD Diamond Bitcointalk thread. Another recommended option is to join DMD Diamond slack. Let me know if I can help out in any way. As always, stay safe, protect your portfolio and always differentiate your investments! Cheers! Once more important links: DMD Diamond Home Page - DMD Diamond Bittrex page - DMD Diamond Bitcointalk thread - DMD Diamond slack - DMD Diamond multipool -
  5. BOOTSTRAP FOR FAST FIRST SYNC | REPORT WALLET ISSUES ADDNODES LIST (UPDATED EVERY SIX HOURS) ▲ TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Initial Swap Fund: 8,300,000 ▲ MOIN (10:1 with MoinCoin) Unclaimed Coins Burned: 3,568,555 ▲ MOIN Supply Cap: 21,000,000 ▲ MOIN Block Time: 64 Seconds Difficulty Retarget: Every Block Stake Rewards: 10% (PoS v3.0) Min Transaction Fee: 0.0001 ▲ MOIN Min Pvt Transaction Fee: 0.001 ▲ MOIN PoS Min Stake Time: 8 hours Max Stake Time: Unlimited Transactions: 10 confirmations Min Stake Confirmations: 450 P2P port: 7997 RPC port: 7996 Testnet P2P port: 17997 RPC port: 17996 ▲ COMMUNITY WEBSITE ▲ LIVECOIN.NET MOIN/BTC ▲ CRYPTOPIA MOIN/BTC | MOIN/LTC ▲ COINEXCHANGE.IO MOIN/BTC ▲ NOVAEXCHANGE MOIN/BTC | MOIN/LTC | MOIN/ESP2 | MOIN/DOGE ▲ BITSQUARE.IO (DECENTRALIZED) WEBSITE ▲ C-CEX MOIN/BTC | MOIN/LTC | MOIN/USD ▲ WEBSITE ▲ BLOCK EXPLORERS Official | Testnet ▲ MARKET INFORMATION CoinMarketCap | CoinGecko | Count My Crypto | WorldCoinIndex ▲ MOIN PROMO VIDEO YouTube (courtesy of @farelka9) ▲ MOIN WALLPAPER imgur (designed by axllht) ▲ FAUCETS Cryptospout (hourly) | Cryptospout (daily) | TheCryptoWorld ▲ TRADING TOOLS CrypTrader | Arbitrage Opportunities ▲ TRANSLATIONS
  6. Wallet:!1n4glZrQ!rcOTmHiLYzraPoyx3BQN85lQggErIa7h4ZjT5GVVCbw Source: Twitter:
  7. [ANN] Denarius [DNR] - Tribus PoW/PoS Hybrid Crypto - Ancient money for a new world! Original BitcoinTalk ANN Thread: Denarius [DNR] Ancient Money for a New World Official Website: Windows-QT Wallet Download: Mirror:!vFZ3TAhY!DgVSvoOJWm6dz9-ysGGsdNndXPKgp-aa6RTbhx2Ir1M macOS-QT Wallet Download: Github Source: Tribus CPU Miner Source: (Tested and working on Linux and Windows) tpruvot has kindly updated the CPU Miner Multi Source for Tribus: Tribus CPU Miner for Windows: Tribus GPU Miner for NVIDIA GPUs on Windows: Tribus GPU Miner for NVIDIA GPU Source: Tribus AMD GPU sgminer Source: (Untested and not compiled for Windows, Bounty of 10,000 DNR available) Join us on Gitter to Chat: Join us on Slack!: Denarius Specifications: Denarius is a new cryptocurrency based off the original Bitcoin Core by Satoshi Nakamoto. Denarius features many changes, such as Stealth Addresses, Encrypted Messaging, Tribus a brand new PoW hashing algorithm that is ASIC resistant, and a max of 10,000,000 DNR to be created during the PoW lifecycle of 3 years, which then transitions to Proof of Stake with 6% APR. 10,000,000 DNR Max 10% Premine of 1,000,000 DNR 50% of the premine 500,000 DNR will be going to bounties, promotions, marketing, and services. The other 50% is my personal funding for maintaining and funding the development of this coin. 30 second block times 7 Confirmations 30 Confirmations to mature blocks Tribus Proof-of-Work Hashing Algorithm featuring 3 of the top NIST5 algos (JH, Keccak, and Echo) Proof-of-Stake Hybrid which will fully transition to PoS which PoW ends on block 3,000,000 Block Reward Structure: RPC Port: 32339 Port: 33339 Supported Features: Stealth Addresses Encrypted Messaging Fast Transactions Tribus Proof of Work Algorithm (NEW) Proof-of-Stake with 6% APR after PoW Ends in 3 years. (Launch date 6/14/2017) Bounties: Mining Pool: 5,000 DNR (1 bounty left) Python Hashing Module for Tribus for Mining Pools: 10,000 DNR exmac Denarius Offline Address Generator: 5,000 DNR Denarius Web Wallet: 5,000 DNR Block Explorer: 5,000 DNR (Domain name required) Denarius Faucet: 5,000 DNR Signature Campaign: Coming Soon Twitter Campaigns: Coming Soon DNR Supported Exchange: 5,000 DNR (3 bounties are available) Valid Share Submitting, Windows compiled GPU sgminer for Tribus: 50,000 DNR Windows compiled and Tribus supported NVIDIA GPU Miner: 15,000 DNR tpruvot macOS Wallet-QT Compiled: 10,000 DNR - bumbacoin Language Translations (Chinese needed): 100 DNR (Bounties are subject to change and be added to as expansion progresses) Current Bounties Reserved/Paid: Btc King 1 - French Translation auroburos - Indonesian Translation kutangterbang - Malaysian Translation overloadcoin - Portuguese Translation Anthrogic - 1x Mining Pool (2 bounties still available) mrpd - Windows sgminer GPU Miner Binary' tpruvot - Windows CCMiner NVIDIA GPU Miner Binary albanes - Russian Translation bumbacoin - macOS Wallet .dmg DNR Tribus PoW Mining Pools: Python Tribus Hashing Module can be found at: (Bounty claimed by exmac) DNR Block Explorers: Exchanges: Paper Wallet and Vanity Address Generator for Denarius: Current Build of Denarius is v1.0.0.0 (6/14/2017) Coming Soon/TODO (Subject to change): More bounties Android QT Wallet BitCore Integration More seed nodes Beautify and Fix QT wallet more Make this thread nice Update website More Denarius services Current Developer: Carsen K. (kingcarsen) This thread, the website, and the Github will be updated as development progresses. No new features are currently promised. Continued maintenance and expansion of the Denarius network is. I am going to be working on documentation on the website and the how to (I may even make some videos for you guys), For now though if you need a good denarius.conf file to solo mine with try this: If you are having trouble syncing at all try adding these to the end of your denarius.conf: An example command to solo mine Denarius with the Tribus CPU Miner: if (pindexBest->nHeight == 1) nSubsidy = 1000000 * COIN; // 10% Premine else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= FAIR_LAUNCH_BLOCK) // Block 210, Instamine prevention nSubsidy = 1 * COIN/2; else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= 1000000) // Block 1m ~ 3m DNR nSubsidy = 3 * COIN; else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= 2000000) // Block 2m ~ 4m DNR nSubsidy = 4 * COIN; else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= 3000000) // Block 3m ~ 3m DNR nSubsidy = 3 * COIN; else if (pindexBest->nHeight > LAST_POW_BLOCK) // Block 3m nSubsidy = 0; // PoW Ends ~ 10,000,000 Total DNR Mined via PoW rpcuser=denariususer rpcpassword=xx rpcallowip= rpcport=32339 server=1 daemon=1 listen=1 addnode= cpuminer.exe -a tribus -o -u denariususer -p xx
  8. It Sucks ! Specifications MOZZI [MOZZI] No ICO Algorithm: PoW/PoS Sha-256d Hybrid Block Time: 2 Minutes Difficulty Adjustment: Sophisticated Re-targeting Every Block Max Coins: 49,500,000 (49.5 Million) Reward: 453,600 Coins (Pre-mine for Bounties, Giveaway, Promotion & Development) BLOCK 1 60 Coins BLOCK 2 - 5040 80 Coins BLOCK 5041 - 10080 100 Coins BLOCK 10081 - 15120 120 Coins BLOCK 15121 - 20160 TOTAL MONTH Estimate: 1,814,400 Coins -------------------------------------- 40 Coins BLOCK 20161 - 25200 60 Coins BLOCK 25201 - 30240 80 Coins BLOCK 30241 - 35280 100 Coins BLOCK 35281 - 40320 TOTAL MONTH Estimate: 1,411,200 Coins -------------------------------------- 20 Coins BLOCK 40321 - 45360 40 Coins BLOCK 45361 - 50400 60 Coins BLOCK 50401 - 55440 80 Coins BLOCK 55441 - 60480 TOTAL MONTH Estimate: 1,008,000 Coins --------------------------------------- TOTAL Current Supply Estimate at 3 MONTHS: 4,233,600 Coins (MINING ONLY Without Taking Into Consideration Staking) Then 10 Coins Forever No Halving Block 60481+ TOTAL MONTH Estimate: (201,600 Coins per month) --------------------------------------- (Estimate of 2,628,000 Coins will be created Per Year at 10 reward after the initial suck *Staking Not Included in Estimate*) Yearly Interest: 7% per year Min Stake Time: 12 Hours Max Stake Time: Unlimited Block Confirmations: 8 Block Maturity: 20 Default RPC: 17165 Default P2P: 17164 Downloads Windows QT V1.2.1.3:!cXBm2bYB!39Xopi6g0XnT8Vw7nP7bhvpBZCzfHzre1O5DfUpW9Tc MacOS X QT V1.2.1.3: Source: Nodes addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Pools/MultiPools Block Explorer Dice Faucet Exchanges Twitter Links Solo Mining/Synchronization Guide To solo mine/synchronize make a MOZZI.conf text file with the following rpcuser=USERNAME rpcpassword=x rpcallowip= rpcport=17165 daemon=1 server=1 listen=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Then save it (as all Files) into C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\MOZZI Restart your wallet and mine to your IP address & the port number
  9. BLADE BLA Blade is a proof of work/proof of stake hybrid for the future! The proof of work portion of coin distribution will be fast and end in a total of 28 days. Proof of stake will take over as the main protocol at that time ensuring the network can run forever. This is similar to Mint's POW to POS distribution model. The stake is a more generous version of Hobo. Blade is currently on the exchange and we are looking to get it added to more. Please vote for blade! The more miners that mine blade early the better distribution there will be. Make sure to get in before the POW coins are all mined out. Giveaways are hosted in the various trollboxes throughout the crypto community for now and Twitter in the near future. I am currently seeking more exposure for Blade. If you would like to create a reddit, facebook, or other social media please PM me! Faucets are also needed at this point in time. Blades will be used in the future to fund bladerunners hunting down rogue replicants on earth. Seeing as we should all be humans on earth, mining some Blade now while you can is a must. POS will ensure you have a size-able account to properly fund the future bladerunners in their mission by the year 2019. Website Block Crawler / Explorer Contact You can contact me here on cryptocoin talk in this forum or on twitter at @bladecoin_ Unofficial contact SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt 1024. 5 minute block times. Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. There are 2019 tokens awarded per block. The stake is set at 10 days minimum coin age and 30 days full weight 100% return/year Coins take 6 confirms to send and 120 to spend after mining. The difficulty retargets after each block to give everybody a chance to enjoy it. Starting difficulty .2 not zero so no easy mining just because you hop on quick. 16,305,444 Proof of Work Coins Are Coded to be produced, but a few extra coins got mined ! The proof of stake settings will make sure the network can run forever. STATS / RANKINGS None Available. DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS (not latest build) Linux!A1dTQbLJ!XowpV7Ua_N-xW46Lf9VRube73nQYpIGnLJTeaqaIwSw (not latest build) Source Code Sample blade.conf rpcuser=usernamerpcpassword=passwordrpcallowip=localhostrpcport=45557port=45555gen=0server=1addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 45557 P2P Port: 45555 POOLS None Available. POW has ended. EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook None Available. Reddit None Available. SERVICES / OTHER Faucets: BOUNTIES AVAILABLE ! (edited) all bounties were paid - the bounties exceeded the 10 block premine of the coin Since the proof of work phase is over all bounties are considered paid.
  10. Proof Of Stake Mining, How it actually works I've seen tons of broad descriptions of proof-of-stake mining like "instead of using computing power, you just leave your wallet open with your coins", but this doesn't explain anything as to how PoS actually works, how it's secure, and why more computing power doesn't give any advantage. So, here I would like to explain it in technical terms, but hopefully broad enough that non-technical people can understand it. Proof-of-stake mining is similar to Proof-of-work at a technical level. It involves a sort of lottery, similar to proof-of-work, but the difficult of this lottery is weighted depending on how many coins you are staking. The overall process for "attempting" to mine a PoS block is like so: Add a coinbase transaction, and a staking transaction (in most coins, must be hardcoded as the second transaction) Prepare block normally, with transactions from network etc Compute the PoS "kernel" Compute the "staking difficulty", which is the base difficulty, reduced by a ratio of how many coins you are staking (or in PoS version 1.0's case, the coinage of your coins) Compare the kernel's hash against the staking difficulty If the hash meets the difficulty then continue, otherwise go back to step 1 trying other UTXOs in your wallet that are suitable for staking Now you have a valid PoS block. The final step is to sign the block header, proving that you own the staking transaction from step 1. Now I'll try to go into a bit more depth. First, the staking transaction is a special transaction that is not possible on the normal Bitcoin blockchain. It includes the concept of negative fees. Because all stakers know the reward, they add this reward to this transaction, meaning that there are more output coins than input coins. This kind of transaction is only valid in a staking context. Next, the PoS kernel. This is a bit complicated, but the important part is that nothing in it can be easily changed in the context of this block. In the case of blackcoin, the kernel consists of "stake modifier"(I'll explain that in a bit), current block's timestamp, and data from the "txPrev". The txPrev is the transaction of the output which is spent by the staking transaction(ie, the input to the staking transaction). The data pulled from the txPrev includes blocktime, transaction time, hash, and output number (vout 'n'). Because the txPrev data has already been confirmed in the blockchain, it is immutable. The only piece of data that is mutable is the current blocktime. The current blocktime in PoS coins is actually masked though (ie, the bottom bits are set to 0), so that there is very little entropy that can be had by making minor modifications to it. And the blocktime can not be beyond certain network drift limits, or not all nodes will accept the block. Finally the stake modifier is a value generated by taking some entropy bits from the previous (iirc) 64 blocks and hashing it together to form a relatively random number. It's primary purpose is to make computing future block's (beyond the next block) kernel difficult. Finally, all the data for the kernel is hashed together. The staking difficulty is computed simply. It takes the standard difficulty from Bitcoin, but makes it so that this difficulty is for 1 coin. If you stake 2 coins, then it's only half the difficulty. For 4 coins only a quarter of the difficulty, etc. There are some restrictions to this. In order to prevent someone from being able to control the network for a chain of blocks with a large number of coins, there is a limit to the amount of staking coins, and thus there is a limit on how much the base difficulty can be reduced by. Finally, a signature is made, proving that the staking transaction actually belongs to the person creating this block. The signature itself goes into the blockheader so that the signature is part of the blockhash. All of this put together causes the following effects: PoS block "mining" does involve hashing and difficulty like PoW, but there are very few mechanisms to change the hash that is given, and so no matter how much computing power you have, it won't help any The stake modifier prevents predicting which block you will be able to successfully stake, because it adds a lot of uncontrollable entropy to the kernel hash The more coins you stake, the better chance you have at successfully creating a block, because of the weighted difficulty In case the network gets stuck due to a sudden drop in the number of people staking, the low-entropy version of the blocktime will eventually allow new kernel hashes to be generated given enough time, giving stakers left on the network a chance to have a successful PoS block Original Article Follow @earlzdotnet on twitter:
  11. DASH Treasury

    Dash Treasury The Dash network allocates 10% of its coin generation to its treasury system. The treasury funds are allocated monthly to any independent contractor or service provider who wants to be "hired" by the network to provide services including programming, marketing, graphic design, or any other services that help improve and promote the Dash currency.
  12. CharlieBrownCoin CBC CharlieBrowncoin is a digital currency that uses cryptography on a decentralised peer-to-peer network. CharlieBrowncoin is exclusively designed towards communication to all bitcoin and alt-coin enthusiasts. This is the latest incarnation of a community forum to enable discussions in a powerful and secure way. Scrypt PoW/PoS Name: CharlieBrownCoin Ticker: CBC Block Time: 500 sec. Block reward: 777 Premine (19,6%) Total coins: 4,835,000,000 Min. stake age: 1 day Max. coin age: unlimited PoS: Yearly Interest 30% Ports: RPC Port: 22290 Network Port: 22291 wallet and source!f0Vn2ZBK!jJ7GVJ1fE8lDYMZfVZpkRQ8wzLXVWPkLGgkJ_w4uycA
  13. Giracoin Presentation

    Giracoin Presentation in English.
  14. ORBITCOIN ∅RB ∅RB is one of the first 30 Altcoins in the world !!! ∅RB is old and young to same, because Orb has a life time of 38 years ORB is a absolutely decentralized currency, everyone can do something to make them strong! ORBitcoin is a long term project! NOT the fast and the furious. But for a long time very profitable! "Orbitcoin is one of the oldest PoW/ PoS altcoins launched on the 30th of July 2013 Orbitcoin is the 1st PoW/PoS hybrid coin with fixed block rewards and limited supply. 33% of blocks are generated through PoW and the remaining 67% are produced through PoS. Difficulty changes every block using a secure and flexible algorithm. Everyone can mine ORB with general purpose hardware. The PoS (Proof of Stake) generation features very low energy consumption." Why Orbitcoin? Because first of all, we don't like central banks and corrupt governments, and would love to see them lose their monopoly. If you haven't noticed, they aren't so happy about Bitcoin and all the other coins out there. And they will try to stop them. Orbitcoin's goal is to be used on darknets like I2P, Tor and others as well as the normal Internet (clearnet) + in Orbit. At the current moment it works with SOCKS over I2P/Tor. Native support for I2P should be in place soon. It's an advanced Scrypt based PoW/PoS coin and has some other nice features, too. This is by far the first crypto coin to truly help science. The Orbitcoin Society mission goal is to support open source science and bring some of that power back to the people! Proof-Of-Stake Orbitcoin's major distinguishing feature is that it uses proof-of-stake/proof-of-work hybrid system. The proof-of-stake system was designed to address vulnerabilities that could occur in a pure proof-of-work system. For example, there is a risk of 51% attacks in Bitcoin or Litecoin resulting from a monopoly on mining power (a 51% attack is when a single entity possesses over a half of the network hash power), which would possibly allow this entity to double spend coins. With a proof-of-stake system, a network attacker would also need to gain a large quantity of coins. This has the effect of making a monopoly more costly, and stops the risk of a monopoly from proof-of-work mining shares. Orbitcoin is the 1st PoW/PoS hybrid coin with fixed block rewards and limited supply. 33% of blocks are generated through PoW and the remaining 67% are produced through PoS. Difficulty changes every block using a secure and flexible algorithm. Everyone can mine ORB with general purpose hardware. The PoS (Proof of Stake) generation features very low energy consumption." POS INFORMATION PoW and PoS blocks carry the same fixed reward of 1 ORB The 1st implementation of 0% PoS minimal age NOW 1 Day 33% PoW blocks and 67% PoS blocks delivering 1 ORB each Considering 20 ORB staking +1 ORB every 10 days, it's 1*(365/10)/20=183% per annum. Compound interest earns (1+1/20)^(365/10)=593% per annum. Things are more complicated in reality, so actual earnings are somewhere between the two above. by Ghostlander 593% per annum is theoretically, only when the POS Diff is low! If the POS Diff increases also reduces this value! The first are so clear advantage! But that's what happens. The early bird catches the worm! Digital money made for the Internet Orbitcoin was born from the Internet, bringing the freedom of physical money to the virtual world while making payments easier and more secure in both worlds. Orbitcoin can offer an alternative to previous cumbersome and costly systems, and it can increase online business access to developing countries,as well as helping to advance open source science. Orbitcoin is set to bring the Seed node of Freedom to the Scientific community! Once Orbitcoin gains enough public awareness we will be able to offer funding to scientist that would like to investigate these theories currently but know that their reputation would be ruined if they were to ask for funding from their normal sources to look deeper into these things. What most people do not know, Ghostlander has never created a own Coin! He has just taken over the coins after the scammers Dev's are gone! He himself has invested a lot of time and money! He saved this Coins and the Communities for the death! Website spain Block Explorer / Crawler SPECIFICATIONS Advanced hybrid proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) 3.77 million coins to be produced block hashing is BLAKE2s PoW hashing is NeoScrypt PoS hashing is SHA-256d 1 minute combined block target (3 minutes for PoW, 1.5 minutes for PoS) Retargets every block using Orbitcoin Super Shield (OSS) Time warp and instamining protection Advanced checkpointing against 51% attacks Transaction messaging supported 6 confirmations for regular transactions 200 confirmations for minted coins Very low transaction fees (most transactions are free) No destruction of transaction fees (all collected by a block finder) The default P2P port is 15298, RPC port is 15299 I2P/Tor ready POS INFORMATION PoW and PoS blocks carry the same fixed reward of 1 ORB The 1st implementation of fixed PoS block rewards monitoring) monitoring) ORB as Neoscrypt now EXCHANGES fast witdraw, only one sceond DOWNLOADS Wallet's + BLOCKCHAIN Windows Linux (i386) Linux (amd64) 32-bit and 64-bit MacOS X GUI client Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit OS releases, v10.5 and above. Intel only, no PowerPC support as it's big endian. BLOCKCHAIN Block chain data for rapid deployment: blocks, Windows only, 322Mb) md5sum (data.7z) = 4d3741b01d6609bf8f8a4b4fe36e863a blocks, Linux only, 521Mb) md5sum (data.7z) = d4635ab1de4e0d8be6cbad158ee19861 so if anyone needs a full Blockchain incl. config file, date 02/23/2015 of me!!! important you have used v1.5.0.0 of wallet so works ORB Raspberry Pi 2 will run to stake ORB Wallet's. updated the OP with a link to the Linux block chain data. The energy consumption is thus even lower IF YOU USED POS! NEW!! 06.05.2015 Golden Gateway accepted ORB that's nice VOTE!!! for ORB New 11.05.2015 much thanks to Bobby Good news! Orbitcoin is now listed on CoinGecko: Do keep us updated on your progress and you might find this price ticker widget useful for your website: Regards, Bobby Ong Co-founder, CoinGecko A listing on was a prerequisite for adding to an online wallet on Now do I contact the people from again! ORB is now on too Ghostlander explained how the stake out work, here again ORBitcoin GIVEAWAY CHANGED!!! 4 ORB = 0,000560000 BTC, ORB for your vote on, cost 0.0004 BTC http://exchangewar.i...inprice?ORB_BTC
  15. GeyserCoin is a new look at the PoW / PoS reward system! A real geyser - GeyserCoin can be in one of two states in one ittotzhe period of time - calmness (PoW), when the geyser is gaining momentum to push the water mass up and eruption (PoS)! The New System has allowed to exclude monopoly (the main holders of the money supply), which could reduce the rate of production at the PoS phase of mining at other participants Difficulty retarget every blocks on PoW and PoS! Algorithm: scrypt Total coin supply:4500000 Pre-mine:300000 GSR ~ 6% Coinbase maturity:120 Blocks Confirmations:10 Blocks PoW revard: 3 coins reward per block (Started on 1-st block Transition to PoS after the next 10080 PoS blocks) PoS interest:100% During phase PoW - PoS turns off (Transition to PoW after 10080 PoS blocks) Minimum age of coin: 6 hours RPC port: 10555 P2P port: 10556 Nodes built into the wallet and will be added in the future! But if your wallet is not synchronized - add these nodes: Code: addnode = addnoge = Source Code Windows None Mac None Android None Coming soon! Website Facebook None Twitter None Windows wallet: 1000 GSR; Mac OS wallet: 1000 GSR; Online wallet: 2000 GSR; Translate to other language: 500 GSR/lang. indonesian reserved by auroboros Russian reserved by ANTiVIR BTC: 1GvEFVDStrTTo3JJWyAcb7BSNKuxQnbYDq For byuing GeyserCoin before adding to exchanges send PM to GeyserCoin developer on thish forum!
  16. Problem with Blockexplorer/staking Hi, I found a great problem at Blockexplorer ( about money transfers. The Problem is payments from a pool, which uses multi-target transfers, will not registered as Block in the Blockexplorer and it will happen no staking with the received money. So if u got that money u cant get ur solo mined earnings. How could that solved? How long it takes until update of the blockexplorer correct that problem?
  17. [ANN] OMG | Built-in BlockChain Lotto and Lucky Treasure | Pure PoS - Ticker: OMG - Coin Type: Pure POS - Block Target Time: 60 seconds - Initial Supply: 40.000.000 - Stake reward: 5% per year RELEASE DATES TBA
  18. OMGame OMG

    OMG is an anonymous online cryptocurrency dedicated to gambling and cryptocurrency games. It features a hierarchical deterministic wallet with POSv3, originally developed for SDC and now implemented in the OMG wallet too. Our team has the strong belief that OMG can ride the wave of the cryptocurrency heat and rise to a significant position due to the pleasant mix of security features and innovative blockchain gambling opportunities. The main attractivity of OMG is perhaps the gambling games built on top of it such as the BlockchainLotto and the LuckyTreasure. Specifications Ticker: OMG Coin Type: Pure POS Block Target Time: 60 seconds Initial Supply: 40.000.000 Stake reward: 5% per year
  19. Stake Coin is a digital currency used to operate transactional processes online. It is a modern form of payment where one can transfer money in any corner of the world without worrying about protocols. StakeCoin is public generated currency without a central governing body. It can be used for educational services, bill payments, trading, buying and selling etc. You can exchange Stake coin similarly like daily currency. Finance and investment experts all over the world have deemed digital currency to be the most valuable owned asset whose value is highest among all world currencies.
  20. Did you ever have a piggy bank? Well now the piggy bank is back in the form of a cryptocurrency, to teach kids about saving, finance, and cryptocurrencies! (We call them piggybanks) Desktop PiggyBanks (Windows, Mac, ...) Source code (Optional) Blockchain bootstrap file (Updated daily) This saves you time downloading the blockchain when you first use your Desktop PiggyBank. On Windows, unzip into your C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\newpiggycoin directory. You can also find a recent blockchain bootstrap file at Android PiggyBank Online PiggyBank Note: There is a 0.15% withdrawal fee from the Online PiggyBank. Paper PiggyBanks Block time target: 60 secs Difficulty retarget: every block Interest/year: 3% PoS started at block: 8000 Min stake age: 8 hours Max stake age: 270 days P2P port: 54481, RPC port: 54480 Premine: 1% PoW PHASE (finished now) Algorithm: X11 Block reward: 23700 (First 100 blocks: 100 PIGGY each) Number of blocks: 10,000 (+-7days) Today's total supply: > 473,490,056 PIGGYs are currently in circulation (265,353M were mined in the old chain) See the Chainz block explorer for the exact number of PIGGYs in circulation right now. Chainz blockchain explorer See all transactions and addresses Cryptofolio A site to help you keep track of your investments payment processor An online tool to make PiggyCoin transactions. Needs documentation. API Conforms to bitpay's Insight api. Source code Use this if you are having trouble getting connections in your Desktop PiggyBank. Call it newpiggycoin.conf and put it in your %appdata%\newpiggycoin folder (if you are using Windows). Piggy Coin Website: News: Educators — Get involved! History: Twitter | Facebook | Google+ #piggy Freenode IRC Reddit | Voat BitcoinTalk thread: forum CryptoCoinTalk BitcoinGarden CryptoMoms forum You can buy and sell PIGGY at: Cryptopia (NSFW chatbox) NovaExchange TradeSatoshi Crypto-Trade (has fiat deposits and markets) Vote for PIGGY to be on more exchanges: Livecoin | Bter | C-Cex | ShapeShift A faucet gives you free coins for completing a small task. Educative quiz faucet: PiggyFacts Normal faucet (Registration required): TheCryptoChat faucet Normal faucet (Registration required): TradeSatoshi faucets Teachers: Get PiggyCoins for use in your classroom: The PiggyCoin Educational Seed Fund The PiggyCoin Shop PexPeppers The PiggyCoin song! PiggyCoin Crossword Presently the PiggyTeam consists of: neurocis — Software developer Mo Green — Apprentice developer, Community officer (The original 'piggydev' seems to have abandoned the project...) 2016-02-01: DCEBrief: Are Your Kids Ready for Satoshi Math? 2015-03-08: New PiggyCoin Sets the Pace for Future Generations Ana Munoz blog: New Money for a New Generation Forbes: CryptoKids: Altcoins, Apps And Authors Aim To Bring Bitcoin To Children Huffington Post: Back to School with a Little Digital Lunch Money Yahoo! News: Piggycoin brings cryptocurrency to the classroom
  21. The Orbitcoin is not controlled by any authority or organization. It is carried by a community of independant individuals forming a community. The ORB (Orbitcoin) community members are free to build any kind of ORB-related projects, forming one of the first example of an Open-source startup. Name : Orbitcoin Ticker : ORB Symbol : ∅ example ($10) $ is the symbol for USD, so 10 ORB would be 10∅
  22. About Marijuanacoin Marijuanacoin (MAR) was created, and left by it's original developer in Jan/Feb 2017. After a good 2 months of inactivity we decided to take over this project and bring MAR to new all time heights with a new development plan. Our new plans will be shared with the public when our new platform is completed.
  23. PoSWallet

    PoS staking service for multiple PoS altcoins.
  24. Goldblocks did what nobody has done Gold will be legal in the world. For this reason alone, the company already has a unique feature on the complete market. How it works? This question is posed by many people and I belonged to it. I would like to describe in this section my experience with Goldblocks. Once, banknotes were not money but precious metals like gold and silver. In the 21st century, everything is about the digitalization of money. In Sweden, Finland or India, digitalization has already been underway and partly completed. In Germany the digitalization is planned by 2019. The fact is, money is always lost in cash, giro accounts and building society contracts. Goldblocks is THE ANSWER! "Do not use their money and you are free." Gold? Cryptocurrency? Bitcoin did it before! Goldblocks is next! As far as innovation is concerned, cryptic stimuli have the potential to influence the financial market and the global economy in many ways. They can drastically reduce transaction costs, provide access to financial transactions, and avoid traps in certain monetary systems. What's special about Goldblocks? It’s the first company in the Crypt industry which unifies Cryptography and Gold. The Goldblocks Team will buy Goldblocks on the stock exchanges and pass them on to investors, which will increase the price of GB. The POS (proof of stake) process generates thousands of gold blocks each day. All in all, the value and the long-term appreciation for all who invest in this project will be given. The prices for the investment can change, just as the gold and coins prices fluctuate constantly. The sooner you start here, the more advantages you will have. ---CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED--- ---CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED--- Cryptocurrency & Gold The direct comparison related to anonymity Both - Cryptocurrency and Gold are an anonymous payment. With Bitcoin transactions, everything is stored in the blockchain. Only the one who has made them can be seen, and thus one speaks of a transparent anonymity. On the other hand Gold is completely anonymous when it’s purchased with cash. If cash should remain in existence, gold would be the more anonymous payment method. The 5 most important reasons to own Cryptocurrencies: - Low transaction fees - Decentralized network - Regardless of FIAT currencies and inflation - The opportunity to invest in a limited and non-reproducible currency - Easy handling via smartphones The 5 most important reasons to own Gold: - Gold offers protection against inflation. - Gold bars are accepted worldwide as a means of payment. - Gold is a stable investment in times of crisis. - Gold is and remains of value as its reserves are limited and not reproducible. - Purchase and sale of investment gold is tax free. FACTS: Goldblocks is the first company in the crypt industry, which unifies Gold an Cryptocurrency. Great! That will write history! ---TRADE, CRYPTO & GOLD PACKAGES--- Exchanges Marketcap worldcoinindex Bleutrade C-Cex Social Media Twitter Facebook Website and Links Website ♦ article ♦ SteemIt post, with video ♦ GB ♦ review article ♦ bitcoingarden
  25. PIVX was originally launched under the name Darknet (DNET). It was re-branded to PIVX on January 1st 2017 PoW Phase Period: January 30th 2016 to August 17 2016 (FINISHED) PoS Phase Period: August 17 2016 to Forever Block Time: 60 Seconds with retargeting every block (approx. 1440 blocks per day) PoW Phase Max Coin Supply: 43,199,500 PoW Algorithm: Quark PoW Block Reward: [block# 2-151200] 250 PIV [block# 151201-259200] 50 PIV Premine: [block# 1] 60k Premine for creation of 6 Masternodes for the functioning of the network. Premine: [block# 1] 60k Premine was publicly burned at block 279917. No more premine exists. PoW Rewards Breakdown: [block 000002-432000] 20% MN (50 PIV) / 80% MINER (200 PIV) [block 043201-151200] 20% MN (50 PIV) / 70% MINER (200 PIV) / 10% BUDGET (25 PIV) [block 151201-259200] 45% MN (22.5 PIV) / 45% MINER (22.5 PIV) / 10% BUDGET (5 PIV) PoS Rewards Breakdown: PoS Phase 1: [blocks 259201-302399] 50 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete) PoS Phase 2: [blocks 302400-345599] 45 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete) PoS Phase 3: [blocks 345600-388799] 40 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete) PoS Phase 4: [blocks 388800-431999] 35 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete) PoS Phase 5: [blocks 432000-475199] 30 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete) PoS Phase 6: [blocks 475200-518399] 25 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete) PoS Phase 7: [blocks 518400-561599] 20 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (Complete) PoS Phase 8: [blocks 561600-604799] 15 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) (In-Progress) PoS Phase 9: [blocks 604800-647999] 10 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) PoS Phase X: [blocks 648000-Infinite] 05 PIV (90% SEESAW ~ 10% BUDGET) Blackcoin PoS 2.0 White Paper Blackcoin PoS 3.0 White Paper Seesaw Mechanism White Paper Zerocoin Protocol White Paper Main Website: WIKI Site: Masternode Info Site: Chinese ANN: Russian ANN: Bittrex Cryptopia NovaExchange YoBit Altex Exchange EmpoEx BitSquare - The First Decentralized Exchange! Macro Exchange Presstab's Block Explorer PIVX Masternode Stats CoinGecko Node Hosting Service MP-Hosting Node Hosting Service Payment Processors CoinPayments CointoPay Misc Links Help with Translating PIVX Borris123 Windows Masternode Setup Guide Cryptochat PIVX Faucet We are always in need of extra hand. If you have any skillsets that you may be able to to provide, please feel free to PM s3v3nh4cks!