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  1. CoinMiners.Net ** Powerful Altcoins Pool Located In Europe ** #1 Welcome To CoinMiners is a UNOMP powered pool, located in Europe and running on a dedicated server with great resources! Check all coins from here. Now we serve 33 different cryptocurrencies! : You don't need to register to mine. Just set your wallet as your username and some random password will do the job. All coin diffs set. 4 Port selection, first port is low diff and also varDiff, others are static. Pool makes auto payments every 1 hour. It's not low as other pools because very low payment threshold just cause more and more transaction fees which is a disadvantage for you! Coin OPs can reach me over PM. Setting pool for new coins generally takes 30mins and i accept every new coins for my pool. Also, every week dead coins will be removed from server. That's why always keep watching. This pool is 100% mine! So you have admin here. Better to use a pool with known admin CoinMiners Twitter
  2. SYE Services -- beginning of New era in Crytpo Services SYE Services beginning of New era in Crytpo Services Our featured product SYE Blockchain Explorers Multiple Payment Options Our Store Options Get in touch with us since orders will be queued up on First Come First Serve basis. Dont forget to use coupon era2017 during your checkout SYE.HOST
  3. BTCC

    BTCC is a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency company offering a digital currency exchange, a mining pool, and consumer wallets. _________________________________________________________________________ Are you the owner of this business? Would you like to manage the entry? Contact Support:
  4. With again a heavy DDOS-attack on most Boolberry mining pools it seemed like a good idea to have a list of alternative pools in case one or more pools go offline. .... Please feel free to list more boolberry pools in the comments.
  5. Quiero iniciar una pool con una desarrollador que no tenga los recursos para poder instalar su propia pool esto es un proyecto personal, anteriormente ya he instalado varias pools MPOS para algunas monedas, pero ahora quiero hacerlo enserio para ver si podemos sacar algun beneficio o hacer la moneda mas estable y reconocida. Actualmente cuento con el siguiente hardware y software i5 -3470 12GB RAM DDR3 120GB SSD 1.5TB HDD 50MB/5MB Internet Ubuntu 16.0.1 La pool sera montada sobre una maquina virtual alojada en mi pc. El desarrollador no tiene que pagarme nada solo complir con las siguientes condiciones: La Moneda debe usar el algoritmo SHA256 o Scrypt La moneda debe ser Nueva. La pool Tendra un 5% de feed. Aquien le pueda ayudar porfavor contactarme a mi correo
  6. Our new Karbowanec (KRB) mining pool is now live! Karbovanets — is electronic cash, Ukrainian national cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin but anonymous thanks to Cryptonote technology. The karbovanets has been a distinct unit of currency in Ukraine during three separate periods. Nowadays it is obsolete and replaced by Ukrainian Hryvnia. It is resurrected in digital form of cryptocurrency as people's electronic cash not connected to government or officials. No one owns or controls Karbovanets. Only you control your funds and are responsible for their security. You can send and receive Karbos without any intermediaries and authorities — everything works in decentralized and distributed computer network. You can earn Karbos as a reward for securing network providing your PC's recources. Get the offcial wallet here:
  7. Researchers, I wanted to create an official thread for supporting Feel free to also use the below methods to contact me for support... 1) facebook page: (and good to follow for updates and pool information) 2) pool's email: 3) sometimes the IRC as 'bgb': Also just a couple quick bullet points about me: I started crunching on Seti@Home about 17 years ago before BOINC existed and haven't missed much crunching since then. I have been involved in cryptocurrency related projects for 5 years. I work full-time as a programmer (19 years) in the telecommunications industry.
  8. Multi-Pool I'm launching my own pool to the public. It is located in EU and it's completely based on MPOS (front end) NOMP (stratum). The good thing is that it actually has no fees (donation are well accepted eheh ) Currently we have the following coins: Vcoin (sha256) Klondikecoin(scrypt) Litecoin(you know this one) They will be added when we will have some khashes on the pool and within time. We have: Stratum VARDIFF Every 1 Min block stats update Every 10 Seconds Dashboard Stats update Instant payout once a block is confirmed PPLNS 0% Fee Payouts every 1 minute DDOS Protection Mobile friendly interface. (tablet and phone) Dedicated Staff (We are here everyday for you) The addresses for the various pools are these: You can start mining instantly after the registration (mail confirmation) and the instruction on how to do it are on the help tab of the menu. To navigate the pools just click "meisterpool" on the top left corner and a curtain will popup HAPPY MINING
  9. Hi Everyone, I was bored so I created a mining pool from zone117x's backend source and cryptonote-universal-pool front end source. I think it looks nice and works great Here is the pool url: Here is the source git url: There is an easy deploy script somewhere in the git as well as some systemv service files Enjoy,
  10. Hi everyone, I am very new to the Gridcoin community. I have been participating in BOINC for a few months now on my Mac laptop, but just recently discovered Gridcoin. As I have seen a lot of people say, setting up Gridcoin on a Mac is pretty complicated, and I am finding this out as well. I've pretty much hit a wall trying to install everything. My question is, do I still need to install everything on my Mac if I had one computer (say a Raspberry Pi) running my wallet and everything? I already have BOINC setup with the pool, but that's about as far as I got. Sorry maybe this seems like a very novice question, but I would like to get set up with Gridcoin and can't seem to get much further than that. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!!
  11. We BetByBitcoin happy to announce our first Segwit Signalling Litecoin Pool SparkPool Sparkpool is a PPLNS mining pool. The pool is one of the FIRST to signal support for segregated witness for Litecoin. The fee is 1% to cover our hosting costs, plus relay nodes to reduce orphan risk, as we have set up relay nodes around the world. -- Website: -- Payout method: PPLNS -- Fee: 1% ( To cover the server and relay node cost ) -- First pool to support segregated witness for Litecoin -- Min Withdrawal: 0.01 -- Primary Server: Singapore -- Relay nodes to reduce orphan risk ###We will offer promos and bonuses now and then! Our first promo is the first block finder will receive a 2 LTC bonus to their mining address, although we will announce the finder in this thread so we can pay them their bonus. ### Configure your miner. If your using Linux, Then type the following into the console: CGMiner ./cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword BFGMiner ./bfgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword If you want to mine on a Windows Operating System, then you'll need to create a batch file to start your miner. Simply open notepad and then copy and paste the following: CGMiner cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword BFGMiner bfgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword MinerD minerd -a --scrypt -t 6 -s 4 -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword Cudaminer For NVIDIA Cards cudaminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword [li] You MUST register and use a valid email address [/li] [li]MPOS front end running on NOMP stratum[/li] How to Contact Us Here on this thread Email: Facebook: On the pool's website: Contact Us Happy Mining
  12. MINING POOL: BipCoin(BIP) has the same algorithm as XMR and BCN, so you can use the same miner you use for those coins. Looking at the current price on Cryptopia BipCoin is much more profitable to mine at the moment than both Monero and Bytecoin. ----- ----- ----- BipCoin is NOT a Bitcoin clone. The CryptoNote base of BipCoin solves the main problems of Bitcoin. So BipCoin has Untraceable transactions Can be mined on ordinary computers Adaptive limits. BipCoin is covered by the BipCot No-Government license, which allows use and re-use by anyone except governments and government agents. There are no government guns for violators, only shame. Also, CATS! -----
  14. Join our pool today! Multipool with cross pool web chat for real time community support. Eth Dash START DGB We will be adding other coins as we go depending on how the market goes or suggestions As we grow we will be giving a % away to a lucky winner monthly We are trying too be everything the other pools are note. Driven by a passion for what we do. MXD POOL Mxd Pool is a highly profitable mining pool that is very active in development and expanding. If there is any coin that you are missing in our pool list please leave me a message here or send an email to We currently have four pools: Ethereum - Ethash (Dagger-Hashimoto) DASH - X11 Startcoin - X11 Digibyte - Sha256 We are working fast to expand our pools and would appreciate requests for pools to add. MXD Mining Pools are coded with the best performance optimizations possible to provide YOU the miner with the fastest returns to your hash power possible. The Pool website is: (all other pools can be accessed through all other pool sites) The chat: We have a cross pool chat so you can communicate with all other miners on the website at one time across all of the other pools. Thanks for using our pools! - Henke
  15. Hello everyone. Here is my pool with new UNOMP script. It means; there is no registration needed to mining. Pool has 14 coins which are all profitable to mine. <- Updated 04 July 2016 argentum ARG scrypt bonescoin BON scrypt cakecoin CAKE scrypt exitcoin EXIT scrypt flavorcoin 2FLAV sha256 fweecoin FWEE scrypt goldblocks GB x11 highvoltagecoin HVCO sha256 kuwaitcoin KUC scrypt martexcoin MXT x13 sexpistols SP scrypt staketoken ST x11 yocoin YOC scrypt You don't need to register to mine. Just set your wallet as your username and some random password will do the job. All coin diffs set. 4 Port selection, first port is low diff and also varDiff, others are static. Coin OPs can reach me over PM. Setting pool for new coins generally takes 30mins and i accept every new coins for my pool. Also, every week not active coins will be removed from server. That's why always keep watching. This pool is 100% mine! So you have admin here. Better to use a pool with known admin 8)
  16. Introducing BON BON is your new digital currency, available to mine, trade, buy and sell. BON has a total of 100 million coins available, and rewards that significantly exceed those offered on the BTC, (see specifications below). Modelled on the 20th Century Polish currency Bon PeKao, BON also offers you access to exclusive products and services unavailable in any other currency. So get ready for your new altcoin investment, launching on 6/6/16 Why you should choose BON BON is a high-tech solution to digital currency with millions of coins just waiting to be mined into circulation. BON offers double the block size and double the reward of BTC, and only requires 120 seconds between blocks – a fraction of the time required elsewhere. More generally, BON offers the benefits typical to digital currencies: • Security through community, • Growth through participation, and • Low costs BON offers these benefits and more, including exclusive products you can’t get anywhere else or with any other currency. But don’t just take our word for it – let our famous friends show you how excited we all are about BON… What you should do next + Put a big circle around this date in your calendar: 6/6/16 + Get ready to start using BON: Get your BON Wallet (for Windows users) to be ready to start filling it up as soon as BON launches! + Stay up-to-date with all the latest news via the BON Facebook page or the Bon PeKao blog Specifications of BON Coin Name: Bon PeKaO Coin Abbreviation: BON Coin Type: PoW/PoS Hybrid Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt Time Between Blocks (in seconds): 120 Block Reward: 100 Block Reward Halving Rate: 500,000 Total Coins: 100,000,000 Yearly Interest %: 7 Minimum Stake Age (in days): 14 Maximum Stake Age (in days): 365 Maximum Block Size: 2 MB Developer : PeKaO
  17. SayaCoin Pool ⚒ MineBlocks ⚒ Configure Your Miners stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR WALLET -p x Happy Mining
  18. New Pool Sha256 BITCOIN21 Configure Your Miners stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR WALLET -p x Happy Mining Rewards : 2KqTuvXF2YmKE2uJLyoGC92qFT7SujietC
  19. ⚒ MineBlocks ⚒ Miners Configuration cgminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR WALLET -p x Twitter Facebook
  20. Hello everyone, I have added BillCoin (BILL) to my site! This will be a 1% fee pool with P2Pool style mining. BGtHhWXXbQ2mk5gj9vcKEKb7DwkWPdnPeF
  21. I found a miner, who for the extraction of Doge uses power not only video, but also the processor of your computer (in combination). Miner advantages are: - It does not require special skills to install and configure - it can easily be installed even a student (as usual legenkimi program) - Activation miner occurs 1 time in the first run it (enter a unique code) - Automatically run (startup) after turning on the computer - Easily customizable boot the computer (drag the slider to the mouse pointer), which gives you the opportunity to perform at maynenge in full work, watch videos, play games (no brakes) - To produce quite a good number of coins even on the older computers (from 1,000 to 10,000 Doge night) - this is achieved due to the involvement of the graphics card and processor, as well as high-speed pool. - Ability to display extracted as a means to Dogecoin purse, and the purse PayPal (minimum salary of 0.10 Euro recruited for half a day) - Miner is free, but there is also the possibility of getting high (and very high) income, if you put money and use Power steering does not own a computer, and to sign a contract to use the facilities of the system (range of contracts at the price and cost). LINK Miner JOIN and high income earners on autopilot !!!
  22. [ANN] Guarany. The original brazilian cryptocurrency [GUA] 1. What is Guarany Guarany is a digital currency created by Brazilians and released in November 2014. It has as one of its proposals be an educational tool so that more people can understand and adopt Bitcoin. Like every rookie currency Guarany is facing numerous challenges and chief among them is to point the way toward the adoption and use of digital currencies in Brazil, in the main, the Bitcoin. With elegant design, a Brazilian culture and aggregate being more affordable than the Bitcoin due to its value, the Guarany facilitate entry laymen, and even experts criptocurrencies. The mission of Guarany community is to attract people's attention to Bitcoin, teaching them and educating them, using as a basis a friendly and intuitive interface Guarany and all peripheral resources that will be part of the universe of coin and also look for establishments business to adopt the Guarany. Enjoy! The success of Guarany is directly linked to engagement and adoption by the people. 2. Specifications Guarany Network Coin Suffix: GUA Algorithm: Scrypt PoW/PoS IPO/ICO: No IPO, no ICO PoW Period: 990000 Blocks ~4,7 Years PoW Ends: Block 990,000 PoS Min: 8 Hours PoS Max: 7 Days PoS Interest: 1.0% Annually Premine: 1% Premine used in swap* Transaction Fee: No Fee ​Confirmations: 4, Maturity: 150 Transaction Confirmation: 4 Blocks/10 Minutes Target Spacing: 2.5 Minutes Difficulty Retarget: Every 1 block Maximum Coins: 10,000,000 GUA Block Halving: Never P2P port: 8745 RPC port: 8744 Seed Nodes Verified Proof of Developer coming soon... Guarany General Stats Coming soon... Follow the Guarany stats in real time Market Cap (BRL): R$ 172.710,75 Total supply: 102156.00000000 Volume (GUA): 1367.10890362 Volume (BTC): 2.22027488 Price (BTC): 0.00117815 Price (BRL): R$ 1,69 Price (USD): US$ 0.61 3. Official Guarany Block Explorer You can search for block id, block hash, transaction hash, address. Visit Guarany Block Explorer 4. Guarany Mining Pool Join our pool and mine Guarany with other users. 1. Guarany Official Pool 2. Guarany 3. 4. 5. 6. 5. Guarany Wallets You need to get a wallet to store your Guarany. These are the Guarany Vaults. You can download and install them on your PC to keep your kgs of GUA safe. Downloads by MEGA Note: we do not endorse storing your coins on exchanges or other online services. You should always use a storage where you control the private keys to the wallet yourself. Guarany Wallets (for desktops) Guarany Windows wallet Guarany Linux wallet 32Bits Guarany Linux wallet 64Bits Guarany Mac OSX wallet Guarany Wallets (for servers) Guarany Linux daemon 32Bits Guarany Linux daemon 64Bits Guarany Wallets (Single wallet, Paper wallet e Bulk wallet) Guarany Paper wallet 6. Exchanges Buy Guarany. Once you've got your wallet, you can now buy Guarany directly or trade for them with Bitcoins. Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange Cryptocurrency Exchange 7. Merchants Spend your Guarany. You can do some shopping at many online and retail merchants. You are a merchant? Receive Guarany as payment! Contact us. Guarany Payment Button Download the Guarany marchants pack buttons here. 8. Community Get in touch with the Guarany community! Join our community and collaborate with the development of Guarany. 1. Twitter 2. Facebook 3. Bleutrade Forum Announcement thread 4. Bleutrade Forum discussion board of Guarany community 5. Announcement thread 6. IRC Chat on Freenode 7. Reddit Guarany 9. GitHub Download the Guarany source code on GitHub. 10. Logos & Branding These Guarany logo & branding resources are made available to you for your own publications. Thank you for not editing, changing, distorting, recolouring or reconfiguring the logo in any way. Downloads by MEGA Guarany branding pack Download the Guarany logo and branding pack in ZIP archive format. Coming soon... Others formats Guarany logo 350x105px horizontal application Guarany logo 575x1074px horizontal application Guarany logo 875x265px horizontal application Guarany Font Roboto: 11. Faucets Earn Guarany every 1 hour, completely free. Donate Guarany and help us keep the faucet, send any value to this address: GTX6ED4seEucpEQvGYp9FVkEmkH4hCxfsb. Entire amount donated will be distributed via Faucet. objectives: 1. To spread awareness of the brand. Faucets will maintain the online presence and encourage new users to test Guarany. 2. To build a community. Faucets will serve as a tool for community members, to attract new users. Objectives: 1) To spread brand awareness – faucet will maintain online presence and encourage new users to try. 2) To build community – faucet will serve as a tool to community members in attracting new users. 12. Rewards Implementation of Guarany is a community effort and we offer several rewards for your help. 1. Articles A well written article, blog post or similar will be eligible for a 100 GUA reward (If written in two or more languages it will be eligible for a further reward of 50 GUA). 2. Merchant Referrals If you successfully sign-up a new merchant to accept Guarany you will receive 500 GUA as a reward. For every 5 merchants you will receive a 1000 GUA bonus. 3. Software Suggestions As Guarany is completely open-source, you can look at the software and suggest new features which you wish to see. For any fix, change or new feature we will reward between 50 GUA to 500 GUA. 4. Pay us a coffee The development team puts in a lot of hours and we need a little entertainment whilst we are having a break. Send us Guarany themed memes and other funny material and we’ll reward you with between 5 GUA and 20 GUA. 13. Games Play games and earn Guarany totally free. Coming soon... 14. RoadMap Follow the Guarany RoadMap for updates. 1. Guarany Website √ 2. Guarany Cryptocurrency √ 3. Official Block Explorer √ 4. Windows Wallet (Vista/7/8) √ 5. Linux Wallet 32Bits √ 6. Linux Wallet 64Bits √ 7. Daemon Linux 32Bits √ 8. Daemon Linux 64Bits √ 9. Mac OS X √ 10. Exchanges √ 11. Merchants Coming soon... 12. Mining Pool √ 13. Community √ 14. Faucets √ 15. Games Coming soon... Tips appreciated for effort GUA: GaeaoYdD4Zpr4cihc9cA8J2JnSdXVTvHcn LTC: LR1J6htTwiUsHh2DQ6RknRymRcezYUsXDG BTC: 18oAg3AxzTXZdKTivtvR4JbZeaDVUh8ot © 2014 Guarany. Made with love in Brazil.
  23. we very pleased to introducing you the new pool, 0% massive servers pool,currently servers in California, Asia & Europe - Soon. Spread the word and dont be shy to donate so we will be able keep it 0% fee DPLdHiyQM1A4k2QJqGgGNU8RauunwUcXFv
  24. Short introduction: Our vision is to create a quick and inexpensive system of payment that encourages users to tipping "just because" strengthening open projects and works of Argentine artists. Similar coins are already being used in Bitcoin forums, but ArgenBits is going to get people who never used digital currencies such as Bitcoin, start doing it from the comfort of not needing initial investment. ARBT or ArgenBits is our digital currency. The operations are carried out by ArgenBits network, so that they are faster and cheaper than similar operations in the platform of Bitcoin. -I want to get involved. ¿How do I start?: If you are a facebook user, you just need to put "like" on the fanpage and send the address of your wallet by private message. We will send you 50 ARBT as welcome! If you don't have or don't wanna use facebook, you can write to ARBT features: Coin Algorithm: Scrypt Block mining time: 5 minutes Difficulty retarget time: 10 minutes Initial block prize: 100 ARBT Reward halves each: 100,000 blocks (1 year) Coins maturity: 12 blocks Blocks for confirmations: 3 blocks Premined coins: 15,000 ARBT (150 blocks) [reserved to XARBT asset swap and faucet] Total coin supply (max emission): 20,000,000 ARBT Why would I use ArgenBits?: * Send and receive money quickly and at distance: A substantial advantage, it takes just 10 minutes to confirm a transaction. * Form of investment and saving: Like all cryptocurrency, ArgenBits functions both as a means of payment, as an investment or asset of savings. Phases of project development: Free distribution: The project began with the creation of 50000 coins, which were given to developers and project stakeholders to initiate distribution of free and fair to anyone who wanted some. These distributions were performed manually from the facebook fanpage and through tickets on the official site. Issuance and payment of dividends: In periodic rounds of issuing, new coins intended for giving away will be created. For example there are 50000 XARBT in total, then 10000 XARBT are issued. So each user recibes 1 XARBT per 5 XARBT in his wallet. Standalone client: ArgenBits is migrated to its own standalone desktop client. The distributed XARBT tokens in Horizon platform would be exchanged 1 in 1 with ARBT coins from ArgenBits client. Proof of work: When ArgenBits desktop client be launched, new coins will be distributed using proof of work. Mined blocks will give a initial prize of 100 ARBT, halvin each 100,000 blocks (1 year), till a total of 20,000,000 ARBT. Miscellaneous: RPC Port: 5846 P2P Port: 5845 Do you want to donate to the project? Buy some ArgenBits [ARBT] in the exchanger and help all users! Get started creating your wallet: Thank you very much for reading! Now you can ask for a giveaway here in this post! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Block explorer: Soon... Download wallet: Get started creating your wallet Windows Linux Faucet: ArgenBits Airdrop Horizon Platform assets swap: Using this form you will be able to exchange your assets for ArgenBits. Exchanger: Wide Exchange Contact: Facebook: email: Site: Or message me! Pools: ArgenBits Pool ! 2% fee Pool : Nodes: addnode Donations ARBT : LcLV5b5TWEfZ2Th8BYcBRT3wmCGgpo5yuN Happy Mining !!!