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Found 55 results

  1. 3000 satoshi / 150 min Minimum withdrawal amount 100.000 satoshi Withdrawal fee 50,000 satoshi
  2. With Proof of Payment Unlimited Dogecoins Free No Investiments Claim Best With Proof of Payment Unlimited Dogecoins Free No Investiments Claim Best
  3. FREE DOGE FAUCET! 1 DOGE EVERY 5 MINUTES! INSTANT PAYMENT TO FH Not sure how long this promotion will be going on, but currently this faucet is giving 1 whole DOGE every 5 minutes. Payments are direct to Faucet Hub , and instant. So far I've claimed twice.
  4. DOUBLE/TRIPLE YOUR BITCOIN WITHIN 30 DAYS METHOD (WITH PAYMENT PROOF) hi bitcoiners i found this great way of getting 1 BTC out of $200 in about 90 days. its a HYIP - i confess. BUT IT WORKS! The system pays 3.84% per DAY. I have been paid more than 30 times by now (see payment proof below). If u invest about 0.05 BTC (deposit starts at 0.005) it will (if you follow the formula) bring you about 1 BTC in 90 days and increasingly more if you keep on following the formula. Withdraw your profit from 0.0005. Here is your step by step plan to get started: 1. Register your account for free here: 2. Deposit at least 0.05 BTC (and gain 192.000 satoshis profit per day on it) 3. Once you have gained 500.000 you can "reinvest" these 500.000 satoshis on top of your initial deposit. 4. Once you "reinvested" you will have 0.055 as your investment which will give you 211.000 satoshis per day.. and so on. 5. If you repeat this procedure of earning & reinvesting you will end up with 1 BTC in about 90 days and even more if you want... If you have any questions plz feel free to contact me ;) Here is my payment proof:
  5. Claim up to 200 satoshis every 5 minutes - payment proof This is an old faucet... BITFUN let´s you claim every for 5 min or you can let it accumulate. Join with this link : Payment proof:
  6. Fleex: New Cloud Mining 100 GH/s For free, Also you will receive 5 Gh/s for each registration on your referral link!!!!!!!!!!!! 12% Gh/s - from acquired by level 1 referrals 5% Gh/s - from acquired by referrals 2 level LINK
  7. hi bitcoinersi found this great way of getting 1 BTC out of $200 in about 90 days. its a HYIP - i confess. BUT IT WORKS! The system pays 3.84% per DAY. I have been paid more than 30 times by now (see payment proof below). If u invest about 0.05 BTC it will (if you follow the formula) bring you about 1 BTC in 90 days and increasingly more if you keep on following the formula. Withdraw your profit from 0.0005. Here is your step by step plan to get started:1. Register for free here: Deposit at least 0.05 BTC (and gain 192.000 satoshis profit per day on it)3. Once you have gained 500.000 you can "reinvest" these 500.000 satoshis on top..4. Once you "reinvested" you will have 0.055 as your investment which will give you211000 per day.. and so on.5. If you repeat this procedure of earning & reinvesting you will end up with 1 BTC in about 90 days and even more if you want...Here is my payment proof:
  8. Local Bitcoins Best Place To Convert Your Btc To Usd Or Another Currency, Payment Proof. Local Bitcoins: is a different sort of exchange that allows anyone anywhere to trade. It therefore has the largest amount of markets - although some without much liquidity - for example in Venezuela and other emerging markets. LocalBitcoins works like an open outcry with people in the same location as you - if you want to trade you can place a buy or a sell for a price and wait to be contacted by someone who wants to execute that trade. After agreeing the trade funds are released and held in escrow and depending on the specifics of the local banking system and times for transactions to get confirmed, the trade will eventually be completed. LINK
  9. CREDO [pre-ICO]: the nextgen payment system CREDO NOW: CHINA / UAE / SPAIN / RUSSIA > 9 000 TRANSACTIONS > 16 120 000 EURO TURNOVER > 1 000 CUSTOMERS CREDO Pre-ICO CONTRIBUTE SOON YOU NEED CREDO IF YOU ARE A: TRADER CREDO tokens will be tradable and their value will totally be corresponded with the capitalisation of the company! You will get dividends every year proportionally to CREDO profit! SELLER CREDO meets you with your new clients! Your customer traffic will rapidly increase whithout any payments for marketing and advertising! CREDO pays you in advance and your money are free to make more money for you! CUSTOMER CREDO gives you discounts when you buy the same goods in the same shops! No fees for conversion! You may pay by every currency you wish including cryptos even if your shop does not accept it! PARTNER CREDO is your fast-track to success! Your efforts for expanding CREDO-market will be rewarded with great bonuses and you will get new opportunities to start your own business in finance! CREDO IN THE WORLD OF BLOCKCHAIN FREEDOM for cryptocurrencies CREDO is the ultimate absolutely legal way to use bitcoin and altcoins for people in their every day shopping or business transactions all over the world! STORAGE for money CREDO-card stores your money as your personal private hardware-wallet! You may carry on it either BTC or USD and use it as usual credit card! INSTRUMENT for investing CREDO is the real sector company that is going to issue tokens connected to its internal financial state! CREDO-tokens are similar to securities of fintech-companies! CREDO KEY POINTS SCALABILITY CREDO is a turnkey system ready to work with all types of clients in all countries. You can buy and sell with CREDO for any currency and from any country you wish. Bitcoin and altcoins are accepted for purchaising. PROFITABILITY CREDO is profitable for all participants of business: - sellers get cash forward; - buyers get great discounts; - banks get increasing transactions. You can become a CREDO partner and make money through CREDO-franchising. INNOVATION CREDO has an international patent as an innovative financial system and it is already approved by independent banking european experts as a highly progressive fintech-product. LEGAL COMPLIENCE CREDO grants financial institutions and retail companies legal access to cryptocurrencies. CREDO lets customers buy for dollars with full comply of international and national legislation. SECURITY CREDO is a safe way of transferring money. CREDO is a processing platform combined with independence, decentralized token access and transaction encryption. Why CREDO CREDO invites you to a new world where everyone can make shopping with great discounts and no borders. CREDO is the key to the traditional financial systems for cryptocurrencies. CREDO gives huge profit for partners and especially for tokenholders due to its perfect financial model and flexibility. Innovative multi-brand loyalty program Ultra-high discounts for all types of goods and services Electronic certificates sold for crypto-currency Electronic card linked to a personal bank card Own processing system independent out of banks Own high-speed payment system using NFC technology Own POS-terminals and PayPass cards Intellectual patent Fully completed and ready for implementing Created to work everywhere in the world just like VISA or MasterCard RAISED: $ 0,000,000 0 TOKENS SOLD WE NEED MONEY FOR: MARKETING The more marketing money - the more clients use CREDO and the more dividends CREDO pays to the tokenholders. SECURITY AUDIT Everything is already secure that is why CREDO is going to invite the most authoritative independent software auditors TURNOVER To launching global market expansion CREDO needs cash turnover to buyout huge discounts for people. CREDO-TEAM Konstantin Galibus Russia, St.Petersburg «Idea Generator» Credo CEO & Founder Zurab Mahateli USA, Miami «Commerce Leader» Co-founder & Buisness Partner Alexey Movchan Russia, St.Petersurg «Vice President» Technology Strategy Director Alexander Kopnin Russia, St.Petersburg «Technical Director» Chief Development Officer & Blockchain Expert B2С ICO Retail License DOWNLOAD ENG CHN B2B ICO Tokenization License SOON IN OCTOBER C2C ICO Credit License SOON IN DECEMBER 2010 IDEA 2012 1-ST MODEL 2014 OWN PROCESSING 2016 PATENT 2017 INT.CONTRACTS 2018 GLOBAL MARKET EXPANSION
  10. My own personal Faucet! 19 Satoshi Every 90 Minutes. Instant payment through faucethub. So I decided to create my own faucet based on my username and my love for the 1990's To commemorate my favorite year of my favorite decade, I am giving 19 Satoshi every 90 Minutes. 50% Referral fee payouts and automatic instant payment to faucethub. EDIT: Now with a chance of 90 Satoshi every 90 Minutes!
  11. TelcoMiner: Cloud Mining 15 KH/s For Free!!!!!!!!!! We are using one of the most advanced Bitcoin miners on the market today with great efficiency therefore lower power costs and low maintenance fees for us. 10% Referral Commission. Minimum Purchase: 0.005 BTC 20Khs. Withdrawal: Automatic 0.005 BTC. Payment Methods: BitCoin. LINK
  12. is an all in one solution for Bitcoin offering Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin exchange, Bitcoin debit card and Bitcoin payment processing services. We serve clients in more than 150 countries and we aim to offer the highest speed at the lowest price. SpectroCoin offers: BITCOIN WALLET Store, send and receive bitcoins with online or mobile (Android, iOS,Windows ) wallets. The API integration is also available. SpectroCoin wallet supports over 20 currencies including Bitcoin, DASH, USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, PLN, CHF, CZK, XAU, CNY, GEL, RUB, HRK, BYN, ZAR, TRY, SGD, SEK, NOK, HKD, DKK, CAD, AUD. We offer full support of DASH wallet as well. Wallet API – easy RESTful API to send, receive bitcoins and DASH, exchange between currencies, initiate mass payments and more BITCOIN EXCHANGE Bitcoin exchange allows to buy and sell bitcoins versus more than 40 different currencies with over 20 payment options including: Local Bank Wire Credit or Debit card SEPA International Bank Wire iDEAL Neteller SOFORT GiroPay Perfect Money OKPay Skrill Payeer Cash Mobile top-ups – Top up your mobile phone with bitcoins in over 140 countries. Amazon vouchers – buy,,,, and vouchers with bitcoins. Altcoin deposits – Deposits with over 40 types of Altcoins: Augur, Ether, Novacoin, StartCoin, Clams, Litecoin, Reddcoin, Voxels, Dogecoin, Emercoin, Namecoin, SingularDTV, BitShares, Lisk, Peercoin, Vertcoin, DigixDAO, Monero, StorjcoinX, BlackCoin, LBRY Credits, PotCoin, VeriCoin, DigiByte, Monacoin, Siacoin, BitCrystals, Factoids, Nxt, Tether, Dash, Mastercoin, ShadowCash, Bitcoin, Ether Classic, NuBits, Steem, Counterparty, MaidSafe, Ripple, Zcash. BITCOIN DEBIT CARD Bitcoin debit card allows spending bitcoin in any online or physical locations where VISA or MasterCard is accepted. BITCOIN PAYMENT PROCESSING Bitcoin payment processing enables merchants to easily accept bitcoin as a payment in their businesses. API – We offer Merchant API to ease and simplify Bitcoin integration into your business. With Bitcoin Merchant API, we entrust you with your wallet management and give examples how Bitcoin integration works. Bitcoin Payment Plugins – We offer Bitcoin payment gateway plugins for: WHMCS Bitcoin Plug-in, WooCommerce Bitcoin Plug-in, Drupal Bitcoin Plug-in, PrestaShop Bitcoin Plug-in, Magento Bitcoin Plug-in, OpenCart Bitcoin Plug-in Payment Buttons – We have created payment buttons that allow you to accept donations from other people and your received bitcoins can be automatically converted to any currency you want, such as, USD, EUR, CHF, PLN and more. Merchant libraries – We have made open source Merchant libraries for PHP and JAVA with all codes and documentations included. Affiliate program - Recommend SpectroCoin and earn 10% from all exchange fees paid by your referrals. If the affiliate program is not enough for you, you can join Partnership program and earn more commission by bringing merchants and business clients to SpectroCoin. CONTACT US Website: E-mail: Skype: SpectroCoin FOR MERCHANTS Skype: spectrocoin_merchant Email:
  13. payment As that and the form of payment of the site if it has to have in the masimo 4 anoncoin to pay or more
  14. SinglePoint To Develop A Safe Bitcoin Payment Solution For The Cannabis Industry SinglePoint and First Bitcoin Capital (FBC) signed a Joint Venture agreement to develop and distribute a proprietary payments solution which will allow large-scale, risk-free use of credit and debit cards within the Cannabis industry... Read more Here: Follow BTCMANAGER for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  15. 10 Gh/s to every new user for free and forever. 8% Referral Commission. Minimum Purchase: 0.007 BTC 30Khs. Withdrawal: Manual 1 Usd, 0.005 BTC. Payment Methods: AdvCash, PM, Payeer, BitCoin. LINK
  16. NEW FAUCET! 70000 BLACKTOSHI EVERY SECOND! NO TIMER! DIRECT PAYMENT TO FH! Another really good blackcoin faucet has just arrived on FH. There is no timer, just keep claiming and filling out the captcha. Very few popups or hassle. Right now you receive 70000 BLACKTOSHI a claim, so the balance will probably go quick. Check it out in the link below. Make sure to use the blackcoin address linked to your FaucetHub account.
  17. 2 WHOLE FREE DOGE EVERY 180 MINUTES! DIRECT PAYMENT TO FH No fuss, no bells and whistles. Just 2 free DOGE straight to your FaucetHub account every 180 minutes. If you combine this with my previous post about 2 whole free dog every 30 miunutes ( found here: 2 FREE DOGE FAUCETS! GET WHOLE DOGE EVERY 30 MINUTES! ) You will add 4 Doge every 2 hours while still collecting at least 2 every hour . Now I must warn you, sometimes the ads on the above site contain adult material, so I just wanted to give a heads up, in case there are any underage thinking about clicking. If the faucet is out, please check back later. I've claimed twice today already.
  18. 2 FREE DOGE FAUCETS! GET WHOLE DOGE EVERY 30 MINS! INSTANT PAYMENT THROUGH FH! DOGE seems to be rising now are, in my opinion, the two highest paying, consistently working, and always legitimate dogecoin faucets on FH. and they are each paying 0.5 - 2 whole DOGE per claim which means the minimum between the 2 faucets you will get is 1 WHOLE DOGE Every 30 minutes.They were paying 1-3 whole DOGE per claim ( which when done together meant 2-6 DOGE every 20 minutes) But they have since lowered the reward a little and upper the timer, but its still pretty darn high. Payment is direct through FaucetHub. Very few hassling popups, loads pretty quick.
  19. Daily earn $5-10. Only for sharing link like Bestchange (with payment proof) Now you can easily earn $5-10 daily just sharing link like Bestchange details of earning: You will get 0.35$ Per Refer 1 visitor of your link => 0.04 100 visitor => 4$ 1000 visitor => 40$ Minimum Payout is 1$ Follow this introduction: 1. First go to this link: HERE 2. Then click "Affiliate Program" 3. Scroll Down then you see "Registration" Link. Click on it. 4. Fill the from with right information. 5. Confirm your email address. 6. Login in your account 7. Go your Affiliate Dashboard. Share your link and earn. PAYMENT PROOF:
  20. A simple, secure way to pay your everyday Australian bills (electricity, rego, phone, credit card etc) with bitcoin.
  21. The rest of my daughter's preschool tuition is due on June 1st. I just got a message from the school informing me that they are pleased to announce that they will now be accepting bitcoins for tuition payments. It's a really interesting time to be getting this email given that the value of a bitcoin has gone up 30% in the past week and has doubled in less than two months. If I chose to take them up on their offer I would be paying them about nine and a half bitcoins at the current price. If I had paid my bill in bitcoins a month ago it would have cost over 17 bitcoins. Two months ago I would have owed them nearly 24 coins. This seems a bit too speculative for both us and the school.
  22. 1st payment proof for BitGarden investment my 1 st payment proof for Bitgarden investment site 7% daily for small investment for lifetime if you enjoy you can join Certificate Join Now
  23. The First Japanese Airline Company To Accept Bitcoin Japanese airline company Peach Aviation has announced it plans to accept Bitcoin as payment for airline tickets by the end of 2017. This decision aims to attract more customers, especially tourists from other parts of Asia. According to a report, Peach Aviation Ltd. will accept bitcoin as payment for airline tickets at a discount. You can read the full article and take part in the discussion here: