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  1. Gridcoin Research Released! Mandatory Upgrade! New official website coming soon - Gridcoin Research listed on C-CEX Updated mining tutorials will follow asap. GRIDCOIN - GRC Gridcoin (The environmentally conscious coin) GridCoin is a new peer-to-peer internet based cryptocurrency that aims to provide real benefits to humanity by compensating the coin miners for participating in BOINC projects that may lead to advances in medicine, biology, mathematics, science, climatology, and astrophysics by concentrating a large percentage of the computational power towards BOINC research - instead of generating unnecessary heat and wasted power for the proof of work algorithms required to keep the coin network running. It is estimated that bitcoin is using approximately 23,312 megawatt hours per day (see electric consumption at (24 hour stats)) of electric for block solving algorithms. The aim of the Gridcoin project is to shift the computational power primarily to BOINC projects while the mining operations become a second priority - so as the network is scaled up, BOINC utilization is scaled up in tandem. The coin miners will be rewarded with a small token subsidy if they fail to mine BOINC shares, but a much larger subsidy when mining with BOINC . This digital cryptocurrency allows instant peer to peer transactions, worldwide payments and very low processing fees. The source code is open source and allows everyone to take part in the success of the currency. Gridcoin is based on the Bitcoin protocol but differs from Bitcoin in that it can be efficiently mined with consumer-grade hardware, therefore is not as likely to be replaced by specialized ASIC mining chips in the future. Gridcoin provides faster transaction confirmations (2.5 minutes on average) and uses memory intensive scrypt-based proof-of-work algorithms to verify transactions. Official website: Gridcoin whitepaper: Contact: SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Algo Re-target difficulty: 30 minutes 2.5 min block targets, for quick confirmations for merchants. Block reward: VARIABLE: 5 to 150 subsidy. 5 is rewarded if you mine with a miner like cgminer without BOINC running, 6-150 if you mine with BOINC running, you will receive a calculated subsidy based on BOINC utilization. Total coins: ~168 million (est.) - Based on an average subsidy of 100 GRC per block DOWNLOADS Windows & Linux & Mac Installer Windows BOINC: BOINC projects list: Source Code Mining Instructions Sample gridcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=9332 listen=1 poolmining=false cpumining=true email=your_BOINC_projects_email CPU & GPU Official Mining Pool EXCHANGES SHOPS, SERVICES ETC. Crypto Auction Site - Block explorer: MINING SUPPORT: Solo GPU Mining Tutorial: - Other Notes: Gridcoin officially launched October 16th, 2013 @ 11PM. Miners were notified one week in advance that we would start over on a new port during go-live so that no one could pre-mine. The code contains all of litecoin's security features. What makes Gridcoin different? Gridcoin requires miners to mine with BOINC running ( and aims to benefit humanity by providing real value while mining instead of generating heat and wasting electricity. There are a few technical considerations, to make this coin successful. 1) You must mine against the loopback address. Gridcoin will let you mine against a pool of addresses that are not loopback IPs, using a standard version of cgminer, with scrypt, with Litecoin settings, but you will only receive a 5 GRC subsidy instead of the variable subsidy. 2)When you mine with cgminer against the loopback address with BOINC running, the Gridcoin server will award a higher calculated subsidy to the miner. 3) Video cards are supported, but BOINC must be running to receive the higher subsidies. 4) To start with BOINC, download BOINC separately, add a few projects that you are passionate about and run that program separately. 5) Gridcoin measures your average contribution towards BOINC projects and in comparison with the average contribution of the whole Gridcoin network calculates your reward accordingly. It will not provide a higher subsidy unless all of the checks and security requirements are met. The coin miners are rewarded with a small token subsidy if they fail to provide BOINC credits, but a much larger subsidy when mining with BOINC. This digital cryptocurrency allows instant peer to peer transactions, worldwide payments and very low processing fees. The source code is open source and allows everyone to take part in the success of the currency. About the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing grid: BOINC is an opensource volunteer oriented computing grid that combines the processing power of all of the distributed PC's to concentrate on important projects. Its free, and harnesses the unused clock cycles from PC and Video cards to aid in the research for the project goal. Some of the major projects that you can participate in: * Cancer research to help find cures for cancer and schizophrenia * Rosetta@Home: 3 dimensional protien modeling, HIV, Cancer, Alzheimers * World community grid: Various projects including researching strains of rice for regions where hunger is a concern * Malaria control * Alzheimers and Mad cow research * DNA Sequencing, Microorganism identification, Bird flu research, protien docking algorithms, molecular biology, evolution research * Nanotechnology research to find new molecular materials * Large scale protien structure prediction, understanding diseases and pathologies * Quantum chemistry * Discovery of new drugs * Microgravity and microfluid research * Search for Neutron stars * Particle accelerator research * Cryptographic research * Search for extraterrestrials * Creating better weather models, predicting the weather FORUMS: Mintpal & Cryptsy voting.
  2. Ether Platinum You can buy Ether Platinum before the ICO! Go to Etherdelta click on the token box, go down to other coin. put this address in 0xfdad7d375eb9b127ae8e2adc93aa3080a6dc20f2 put the token in as ETHP and 0 for decimals and there you have it. Purchase before anyone else knows about it, happy days!
  3. [ANN] MyShares [Pre Selling] Rebels against expensive FEE for all transaction MyShares is a cryptocurrency based on PoS (Proof Of Stake) algorithm. MyShares aimed to free user from expensive FEE for all transaction as low as 0.1 MYS. What is PoS? Github repo: The different algorithms used allow MyShares users to mine with exponentially less computing power. MyShares uses Proof of Stake (PoS), a concept initially pioneered by Peercoin, rather than Proof of Work, used by Bitcoin and other coins. MyShares VS NXT (Next) All transaction FEE in MyShares is : 0.1 MYS All transaction FEE in NXT : 1 NXT (More expensive compare to MyShares) Asset Issuance FEE in MyShares is : 300 MYS Asset Issuance FEE in NXT is : 1000 NXT (More expensive compare to MyShares) The first asset issuance is ARAGON with asset id: 17014571236887534914 Total MyShares coin supply : 2000000000 MYS Total NXT coin supply : 1000000000 NXT Minimal Forging : NXT : 1000 NXT (effective balance) MyShares : 1 MYS (effective balance) Complete transaction validation is 24hours to get effective balance for doing forging. In order to do forging you need a public IP and set it up at nxt.myAddress config at conf/ All of the coin will be supplied to all first attempt buyer at and ,please stay tuned for more info by watching (press the watch button) at the github repo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Online wallet: English : Chinese : Test Wallet: English : Chinese : Alternate link online wallet: Test wallet: Use this passphrase/password to login into the test account: 'really dot erase awake past blind waste weave human accident reflect ring' (without quote) WARNING: Use IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, DO NOT USE YOUR REAL ACCOUNT INTO TEST ACCOUNT! Or alternatively you can download the wallet at the release tab of this repo: MyShares desktop wallet also supports English and Chinese language. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The exchange is in progress, please stay tuned for more info by watching (press the watch button) at the github repo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Running the MyShares software: Dependencies: Java 7 or later needs to be installed first. Only the Oracle JVM has been tested and supported. There is no installation needed. Unpack the package and open a shell in the resulting mys directory. Execute the script if using Linux, or run.bat if using Windows. This will start a java server process, which will begin logging its activities to the console. The initialization takes a few seconds. When it is ready, you should see the message "MyShares server 1.0.0 started successfully". Open a browser, without stopping the java process, and go to http://localhost:14725 , where the MyShares UI should now be available. To stop the application, type Ctrl-C inside the console window. Customization: There are many configuration parameters that could be changed, but the defaults are set so that normally you can run the program immediately after unpacking, without any additional configuration. To see what options are there, open the conf/ file. All possible settings are listed, with detailed explanation. If you decide to change any setting, do not edit directly, but create a new conf/ file and only add to it the properties that need to be different from the default values. You do not need to delete the defaults from, the settings in override those in This way, when upgrading the software, you can safely overwrite with the updated file from the new package, while your customizations remain safe in the file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enabling Chinese language: at search for chinese language and remote the '#' before nxt.apiResourceBase=html/ui_zh and put '#' before nxt.apiResourceBase=html/ui It should be like below: # Directory with html and javascript files for the new client UI, and admin tools utilizing # the http/json API. #nxt.apiResourceBase=html/ui #for Chinese language nxt.apiResourceBase=html/ui_zh ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technical details: The MyShares software is a client-server application. It consists of a java server process, the one started by the script, and a javascript user interface run in a browser. To run a node, forge, update the blockchain, interact with peers, only the java process needs to be running, so you could logout and close the browser but keep the java process running. If you want to keep forging, make sure you do not click on "stop forging" when logging out. You can also just close the browser without logging out. The java process communicates with peers on port 7874 tcp by default. If you are behind a router or a firewall and want to have your node accept incoming peer connections, you should setup port forwarding. The server will still work though even if only outgoing connections are allowed, so opening this port is optional. The user interface is available on port 14725. This port also accepts http API requests which other MyShares client applications could use. The blockchain is stored on disk using the H2 embedded database, inside the nxl_db directory. When upgrading, you should not delete the old nxl_db directory, upgrades always include code that can upgrade old database files to the new version whenever needed. But there is no harm if you do delete the nxl_db, except that it will take some extra time to download the blockchain from scratch. The default MyShares client does not store any wallet-type file on disk. Unlike bitcoin, your password is the only thing you need to get access to your account, and is the only piece of data you need to backup or remember. This also means that anybody can get access to your account with only you password - so make sure it is long and random. A weak password will result in your funds being stolen immediately. The java process logs its activities and error messages to the standard output which you see in the console window, but also to a file mys.log, which gets overwritten at restart. In case of an error, the mys.log file may contain helpful information, so include its contents when submitting a bug report. In addition to the default user interface at http://localhost:14725 , the following urls are available: http://localhost:14725/test - a list of all available http API requests, very useful for client developers and for anyone who wants to execute commands directly using the http interface without going through the browser UI. http://localhost:14725/test?requestType= - same as above, but only shows the form for the request type specified. http://localhost:14725/doc - a javadoc documentation for client developers who want to use the Java API directly instead of going through the http interface. http://localhost:14725/admin.html - some more commonly used commands, using the http interface. Compiling: The source is included in the src subdirectory. To compile it on linux, just run the enclosed script. This will compile all java classes and package them in an nxl.jar file, replacing the existing one. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently the exchange registration is still in progress. Anyone who can help us to make it at the exchange will be rewarded 50 millions MYS (MyShares) coin. We are selling the coin as low as 1 Doge. 1 MYS = 1 Doge. Please PM me if you want to buy it. Total first initial offering 500000000 MYS. This coin is not created with no effort at all, please support us! thank you.
  4. For Investing in Local Business - Genevieve Gx Coin - PreSale Currently Active! Ends at 12AM PST July 8 Genevieve & Cie is paving the way to Venture Capitalism for local business and their community using Genevieve Gx Coin. VC’s are usually focused on the wealthy investors and big deals. However, 70% of employed Americans work for small businesses, and there are 4.5M small business owners in the United States, yet, none of them meet the criteria for Venture Capital. Investing in local business provides decreased volatility for investors through real, measurable assets. Pre-sale for Genevieve Gx Coin is currently active and ends at 12AM PST, July 8. Our Website/Invest: Press Release Twitter: Facebook: Our team combined has more than half a century of Venture Capitalist experience. See our website, and the provided attachment (ppt detailing funding, planning, goals, and our team). Gx Dao White paper Presentation v5 [Autosaved].pptx
  5. Genevieve & Cie is paving the way to Venture Capitalism for local business and their community using Genevieve Gx Coin. VC’s are usually focused on the wealthy investors and big deals. However, 70% of employed Americans work for small businesses, and there are 4.5M small business owners in the United States, yet, none of them meet the criteria for Venture Capital. Investing in local business provides decreased volatility for investors through real, measurable assets. Pre-sale for Genevieve Gx Coin is currently active and ends at 12AM PST, July 8. Our Website/Invest: Press Release Twitter: Facebook: Our team combined has more than half a century of Venture Capitalist experience. See our website, and the provided attachment (ppt detailing funding, planning, goals, and our team). Gx Dao White paper Presentation v5 [Autosaved].pptx
  6. Let Coin-NEW COIN GIVE AWAY! LET COIN-NEW COIN GIVE AWAY FREE 5 COINS! Now 1Let Coin =0.49 $ ref link non ref(NO FREE COINS)
  7. ReferralCoins, the one of a kind cryptocurrency for network marketing is now available... Pre-buy them and lead the evolution of network marketing! Digital money is transforming how the World transacts. As digital money grows in utility the value associated with digital money grows. Those who understand the nature of digital money have the chance to contribute to a fundamental change in our society. As the digital money industry continues to develop it creates new opportunities that result directly from the capabilities that digital money enables. ReferralCoin is digital money dedicated to the economics of network marketing. Network marketing is unique in its economic structure. Using digital money can significantly, positively benefit this industry in many ways. Although there are obvious cost-savings optimizations, there also exists potential for benefits that are yet undiscovered. The network marketing business is vast and complex with it’s own set of unique challenges and ReferralCoins were made for those challenges. Leveraging a Network of Networks The referral economy has transformed and expanded exponentially since the spread of social media. Network marketing is a multibillion dollar industry with millions of global participants. Businesses and individuals who are part of the network marketing industry understand value and seek opportunity. Payment Optimization Digital currency can optimize payments and cash management for network marketing organizations. Instant transaction processing enables faster turnaround for order fulfillment. Cashflow optimizations and streamlined payments result in improved overall user experience. ReferralCoins Pre-Sale As ReferralFoundation continues to nurture a growing community it is now making available ReferralCoins as part of a pre-sale effort. You can currently pre-purchase ReferralCoins at their lowest rate during this pre-sale period. There are a total of one billion ReferralCoins available. ReferralCoins are being pre-sold through who are assisting with providing the pre-sale service. The pre-sale exchange rate will increase over time until the pre-sale has ended. Some additional information about ReferralCoins: Name: ReferralCoins Ticker symbol: RCOIN Supply: 1 Billion RCOIN Type: POS Stake Rate: 2%/year Source code and additional information about the technology supporting ReferralCoins will be announced very soon. This is an organic process and we are seeking input from many sources. Help us all build one of the greatest digital money networks in existence. Join our efforts and join our success!
  8. OVERVIEW Eryllium (ERY) was launched in 2016 as the premier digital currency primarily for the Online Business as an open payment network that can be used by anyone anywhere. Eryllium (ERY) PoW/PoS Hybrid uses the X11 algorithm. SPECIFICATIONS Coin Type: PoW/PoS Hybrid Hashing Algorithm: X11 Block Time: 3 min Block Reward: 100 Block Halving Rate: 500,000 Total Coins: ~100,000,000 Premine: 10M PoS Interest Rate: 5% WEB AND SOCIAL Name: Eryllium symbol: ERY Forum: Facebook: Twitter : Github: Website: Foundation: Email: /
  9. NewZealandCoin NZC is no doubt a hands-on company we are now at a time of rapid growth and exciting new global initiatives. This is an exciting time to be working at NZC because the Company offers many growth, development opportunities and investment platform for Crypto Currency. NZC is most trusted provably Coin and User Friendly Application. It is open source software which enables the use of this currency and everyone can contribute NZC team are experts and Professional in their job, All team members enjoy and have fun doing their work, each person is in the heart of the decision making process. This is a group of very talented, dedicated and friendly people. Russian - Pending Spanish - Pending Indonesian Portuguese - Pending Indian - Pending French - Pending Bulgarian - Pending German - Pending Italian - Pending Turkish - Pending Dutch - Pending Polish - Pending Greek - Pending Korean - Pending Romanian - Pending Chinese - Pending *Windows wallet:!d04wFBQB!9s-xGzmW6tNAJ4qpTxZrvnmTseKoyr3ecWmxAJjsMkw *Source code:
  10. Dear Internet Marketer, Now you can start mining the GCRcoin as the 'Wallet' has been activated with no skills needed. Your GCRcoin can be accumulated automatically unlike Bitcoin. Below you can find how Bitcoin is being challenged by GCRcoin. GCRcoin Sign-Up Page! GCRcoin Wallet Page: GCRcoin Start Page: GCRcoin Owners: Bob Wood, CEO Mike Ward, COO Welcome back! You can now start mining your GCRcoin today>>>
  11. AltexIndustries.conf server=1 listen=1 rpcuser=user rpcpassword=pass rpcport=32681 addnode= Click "Invest" button to buy coins. Available on the most popular exchanges, *after launching.
  12. Calling all Wolves, come join the PACK! Exchanges Exchanges Exchanges! - It's all about the Exchanges this weekend! We are now listed on the Exchange but need your help in getting on more! VOTE FOR US! Receive a 'Loyalty Reward" from your fellow pack members in the form of 'Welcome' WLF! All you need to do is vote for Wolfcoin (WLF) and help us get listed onto Exchanges. If you have not done so already, download the Wolfcoin wallet (MAC, PC or LINUX) from and install it onto your computer. If you have any issues then check out our extensive section! Once installed and synchonrized you are good to go! Next, simply vote for us on one of the following (or all of them if you REALLY want to help!) - 0.001BTC to Vote! - FREE to Vote (Depending upon BTR amount in account)! - FREE to Vote! Then once you have voted, simply email us at with your Wallet address and which one(s) you voted on. We will then send you some bonus WLF as a thanks. **** THE 'LOYALTY' REWARD **** First 15 people to email = 1000 WLF each! Next 25 people to email = 500 WLF each! Next 25 people to email = 250 WLF each! So that's a total of 33,750WLF for our loyal pack members in return for a few votes to help the coin flourish.... Help the Pack and your fellow Wolves.... join us! We need to work together as a pack to survive! We will reply to all the first 65 submitted emails within 24 hours of them being sent to us! We will keep everyone updated on the progress via our Facebook ( and Twitter (@wolfcoinpack) pages.
  13. A new cryptocoin has been launched a few days ago, and becomes very popular. Pelecoin brings a whole new concept of coins mining - no need for expensive mining hardware and it is accessible for everyone. it allows unanimous transactions and bonuses for premium transactions, such as for goods selling or providing services. The concept of mining is very simpe - there are two events which cause to emission/generation of coins: 1. opening of a new account (wallet) 2. premium transactions, as mentioned above. Distribution rules are described on the web site The only thing you need to do is open an account - NO INVESTMENT REQUIRED !!! Pelecoin is going to be registered for trading in the biggest crypto currency exchanges in a few weeks, and you better mine as much coins as you can by that time. You will need a referrer ID in order to open a wallet, which I can provide you: 04f92112-912c-4c8a-938f-0c52ced796db Each wallet get his ID which you should to your family/friends in order to open a wallet. Please contact me if you are interested to hear more about it.
  14. Yesterday (15th of July 2014) we launched a crowd sale of our Coin the Crypto Next Coin ("CXC"). The coins are structured like a prepaid token and they are issued on the Mastercoin protocol. Just wanted to open the threat to answer any questions people may have and of course explain regulatory issues/solutions for anyone that is interested.
  15. 1ST BLOCK RELEASED 100MIL COINS SUN, 27 Apr 2014 19:52:33 UTC 2880 BLOCKS DROP WITH NO REWARD BEFORE LAUNCH 28 APRIL 2014 19:52:33 UTC The GlobalBoost® Coin “BST” is a cryptocurrency inspired by a combat wounded veteran as a way to easily crowd-source funding and raise money for wounded soldiers. There will be coins minted, a block drops every 30 seconds, the reward is 95 coins, and it halves every 4 years. It is based on Litecoin and is 10% premined. 5% of the premined coins will be distributed to wounded soldiers on a tiered “Reach & Release” timescale with a total payout of $100+ million to charity. The other 5% will be used to develop the powerful GlobalBoost® advertising platform that enables users to: − Advertise and launch Google+ Hangout webinars broadcasting live on Youtube and your own web page. − Easily advertise, launch, and monetize crowd funding projects − Set planned posts across multiple networks, upload photos to social networks, follow & unfollow users in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram providing an easy and cost effective way to advertise online. − Pay and get paid instantly for sharing content, post and fulfil freelance work. − Launch and monitor targeted advertising campaigns leveraging multiple networks. These products will be available to the public for a small fee, and are available to all wounded veterans worldwide free of charge. The GlobalBoost team is committed to tearing down borders and fiat monetary limitations, providing a platform for wounded veterans to crowd-source funding, and earn money easily. Sound exciting? Visit the website here: Social Media Links: Click the links below to download your wallet and start using BST today! Mac: Windows: Console mining Windows: Github: Mining Pools Ports: p2p port : 8224 rpc port: 8223 p2p testnet : 18224 testnet rpc: 18223 Nodes: -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= Media Contact Bruce Porter Jr
  16. A few days ago I heard about NYC coins launch, and thought it sounded promising. I started mining it and now have some. I did some more research into and was curious as to why it is not getting more attention, my pool alone has 360+ people in it mining it. I heard some others asking about when they think it will be on exchanges... its twitter seems to have very little activity (1 tweet, 20 followers) and they have not yet responded to my emails (also the links on the sight to download its clients dont work, could that be because the wallets are not yet ready?) It seems a little funny to me that they are so silent. what do you guys think about this coin, I have always thought coins centered around geographical areas, and or communities were really cool. How long does it take for a new coin to become more well known / appear on exchanges
  17. I have been wanted to make a crypto-currency in c# for awhile now. If you intersected email me at I need help with making it in mono. If possible I want to make a new type of coin that allow you to use asics and gpu by using both scrypt and sha256. This will make it a-lot harder to mine but more secure. This will mean we will also have to make a miner for it as well. Please if your interested contact me and I will share the code I have so far with you.
  18. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SpartanCoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency based on Litecoin v0.8.6.2 source code. Specification Algorithm: Scrypt Max Coins: 100 billion SPN Block Time: 120 seconds Difficulty Retarget: Every block using Kimoto’s gravity well. Block halving rate: 400,000 blocks Pre-mined: 3% (for use in ICO only) see details here Reward 150,000 SPN per block Special block reward Block 11 – 7,500 = reward 300,000 coins Block 7,501 – 15,000 = reward 200,000 coins Block 15,001 –22,500 = reward 100,000 coins Block 22,501 –30,000 = reward 50,000 coins Download Github Source Source files Windows wallet Windows Wallet link Uploaded non-password protected zip. If you have a protected zip use !amSparta as password. Mac wallet Linux wallet Games coming soon! Faucet coming soon! Reddit (Spartan) tip bot coming soon! Block explorer coming soon! Exchanges coming soon! Pools accepting signups - 1% mining fee accepting signups accepting signups PPLNS, 1% fee, vardiff pool offers its services at 0% fee PROP 1% fee - ( First 10 new accounts 0% fee ) accepting signups accepting signups Spn.LightningHash.Com accepting signups - 0% Fees FOREVER - 1 minute payouts! Configuration file coming soon! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SpartanCoin will be dedicated to building a viable brand: Buying of goods & Services, Trading, Sponsoring, Donating and more. One of our primary goals is to allow the use of SpartanCoins to sponsor individuals or events. There are so many people out there with a multitude of talents who bare that inner Spartan intensity needed to win. We want to reward those people. we want to give each and every person an opportunity. So we aren't just a coin... we are a community of doers. Game changers. Clutch players. We are Spartans. We have a core target but will never limit our reach. Our future is without limits. With that in mind our Team has created a short term and long term goals itinerary to build the user base we need to grow the Spartan coin community. Some features we can build with our own resources and others we will need to employ individuals to build at an expedited rate. Short term targets include: Android and iOS wallets with tipping/sponsorship/donation features. Facebook app for sending/receiving coins Twitter app for sending/receiving coins Youtube button for sending/receiving coins Website add-ons for sending/receiving coins on your personal/business website Long term targets include: Ad based system for "adsense" style feature to earn coins via click-thru campaigns Our own personal exchange to allow people to swap altcoins for Spartancoins Hosted Pre-built splash page for setting up Sponsor/Donation page for anyone needing help.(signup screen and subdomain creation page as well) Paid Marketing campaign to build awareness for Spartancoin Promoting Spartancoin to major markets to buy goods and services Spartancoin is a very ambitious project that needs your help and support. In addition to building a solid long standing coin on the outside, Spartancoin is looking to build an internal structure that is solid and strong enough to live forever. A strong product idea is great but won't last on its own. Even a solid marketing plan, though necessary, wont garauntee success. What we need is a strong internal community. We have created a 2 phase system to attract individuals who have the same desire as us. Our 2 phase system allows individuals to invest bitcoin to help us move our projects forward. The return for your support we will provide Spartancoins to each investor. We are also looking to send monthly coin distributions beyond the initial coins received. This is a long term opportunity for all those that believe in us. You can read more about the ICO available on the investment page. Spartancoin features are being built now. Thank you all in advance for your support. Questions see our FAQ or Contact Us page. *********************************************************************************************** THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SHARED OUR COIN INFO. WE HAVE HANDED OUT ALL 50 PROMOTIONAL ICO SLOTS. If you would like to invest in Spartancoin the ICO is still open. Join Our Community of Spartans Now. ***********************************************************************************************
  19. We are pleased to announce the open beta of GaltCoin, a scrypt-based cryptocurrency that will have 42,000,000 coins in existence and encourages extra layering of anonymity such as tor. We still anticipate live release on 1/31, so stay tuned for that, but we've found that testnet and our limited resources just aren't providing enough testing capacity, so we'll let the world test it for us. GaltCoin is available at and via git and subversion from We have a IRC channel on freenode, #galtcoin, for any feedback you may have during this beta, or in fact anytime. During this open beta, mining is allowed, but there should be minimal need for transactions at this early point in the game. As we are still in beta, please keep comments in this thread constructive, you can express your opinions when the time comes. We also are using Sourceforge's BTS, so if you do find any bugs, please submit them there. Warm regards and happy hunting The GaltCoin Devteam
  20. Hi. I'm not a developer, but the developer of Orobit gave me permision to announce the Orobit launch (on crypto orbit) He is verry bussy right now, so I'm trying to spread the word about new altcoin called Orobit. The official website is: The base line is this (from FAQ section of the website): "The reward for solving a block is automatically adjusted so that in the first 15 months of the Orobit network, 10,500,000 ORO will be created. The amount is halved each 15 months, so it will be 5,250,000 over months 15-30, 2,625,000 over month 30-45 and so on. Thus the total number of coins will approach 21,000,000 ORO over time. The number of blocks times the coin value of a block is the number of coins in existence. The coin value of a block is 50 ORO for each of the first 210,000 blocks, 25 ORO for the next 210,000 blocks, then 12.5 ORO, 6.25 ORO and so on. It will take 6 years and 3 months to complete the block generating process. This should be generated around year 2120. Then the total number of ORObits in circulation will remain static at 21,000,000 ORO." Right now I am mining it and the mining info looks like this: { "blocks" : 1300, "currentblocksize" : 1000, "currentblocktx" : 0, "difficulty" : 1.00000000, "errors" : "", "generate" : true, "genproclimit" : -1, "hashespersec" : 946721, "pooledtx" : 0, "testnet" : false } It's a good coin for begginers with no hardpower mining devices. An average CPU it's ok at this difficulty level, as you can see (amd dual core 4000+ here). When it's idle and generating (full cpu power), the hash could be 1.3Mh/s... I dont know the details about scrypt. Well, this is it for now. Get in now and happy mining!
  21. Hello my name is Sebuh and just a few days ago I created the Genesis block for my coin which is called Sebuhcoin. I named my coin after myself and deployed it with some help from lots of people in the community. So far me and a few friends have mined for just 2 days now. If you would like to join the mining fun and become an early adopter of Sebuhcoin you are welcome to download and install the QT and make sure you create a sebuhcoin.conf file in the %appdata% with addnode=
  22. The Engine That Drives the World Website - Facebook - Twitter - Reddit -Download Wallet - Source Features: [li]Scrypt Algorithm (ASIC Resistant)[/li] [li]42 Million coin maximum[/li] [li]50 coins per block until halving at every 420,000 blocks[/li] [li]Stable nodes[/li] [li]Only 1000 Blocks pre-mined for network testing, bounties and early access rewards[/li] [li]Four active pools[/li] [li]Dedicated Block Explorer[/li] [li]Paper wallet generator is being developed[/li] First I'd like to thank everyone that helped test our network and allowed us to get this far. All of you helped more than you can imagine. Between making sure the network is stable, to identifying documentation problems to getting mining instructions well documented. Thank You! “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” Sign over Galt’s Gulch John Galt concluded he would no longer use his talents to support an over regulated, hyper taxed, war ravaged, and welfare riddled society. The famous Ayn Rand protagonist created a community where scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and others would come together to thrive. We believe that cryptocurrency is the first step to this community. We created a currency not controlled by any single group, by a central authority, or government. A currency that is regulated by the markets, not a select few in secret. A currency that is open, and that encourages development, investment, thrift and savings. A currency that is portable, and not dependent on imaginary lines drawn by a state. That allows for individuals to work together or on their own. GaltCoin is limited creating scarcity, only 42,000,000 coins will ever be made. GaltCoin is based on the scrypt algorithm, making it ASIC resistant. Initially 50 coins per block will be awarded. This halves exactly every 420,000 blocks, which should by most estimates be about every 4 years. Each coin is slowly released into the real-world economy through the “mining” process, which is similar to Bitcoin, involves the computation of mathematical problems (also known as “hashing”). This collective amount of computing power is used to create a secure, worldwide, decentralized ledger of accounting called the “blockchain”. The blockchain is simply a globally maintained file that contains every transaction that has ever occurred on the GaltCoin network. This eliminates counterfeiting and spontaneous printing of money, since all GaltCoin units are accounted for at all times, albeit anonymously (per your choice). Long Term Outlook We are going with the initial par value of US$0.10/GaltCoin (GLT). While par values are effectively meaningless (Berkshire Hathaway class A stock has a par value of $5 for example, and is hovering around $175,000 per share , we are setting the expectation that a GaltCoin is worth about said dime. We do not intend to make it directly linked to any given currency, nor in fact do we plan on making any valuation that wasn’t placed there by Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand”, but we recognize you have to start somewhere. We intend that GaltCoin’s major purposes will be twofold: firstly, to provide an alternative currency that is not tightly controlled by an oligarchy, we fully anticipate letting GaltCoin to its own devices on a relatively quick timescale, maybe a year at most, and we will not lightly make changes during that time. If we have to step in later to break up a Cabal, lord have mercy on them, for we won’t. Secondly, we anticipate that there will be many things that Liberty-minded people will desire to acquire, and that nationalistic governments will oftentimes desire to know who is buying these things or ban the sale outright. By taking the base of Bitcoin, whose major problem right now is the LAST people that should have access to large amounts of Bitcoin, the Feds, have seized a notable proportion of outstanding coin in the SR bust, adding some cultural pressures to always use tor and other best security practices, and through the very name of the coin reminding people that this is not an augmentation of nationalistic currencies but an attempt to replace them with something much better, we anticipate that GaltCoin will be positioned to be the premier currency for Liberty-minded marketeers. While GaltCoin itself should not care on how legal the business that uses it is, the devteam has a strong desire to remain free to go where they listeth, so will focus on increasing GaltCoin’s acceptance in legal ventures. Effectively, what we’d like to see happening in the medium-term is that Galtcoin is becomes enough of a store of value that it can be used to donate to Liberty-minded political candidates such as the Libertarian and Pirate Parties. Why Go Galt when we can bring the Galt to us? We understand many will turn their nose at the coingen method we used to compile the code, but we've been happy with the service provided and it enabled us to build a coin that would have taken a lot more work to get off the ground. The idea of GaltCoin started with myself, and with the help of our devteam we were able to get the coin from idea to full public release in less than 4 weeks. While we did mine 1000 blocks to test our network, the vast majority of those 50,000 coins are in my wallet and have been used mainly for bounties rewards and paying people that helped us find and fix any bugs. My personal view is that we will not negotiate directly with exchanges. If the exchanges, or users find the coin to be of value we will be happy to work with the exchanges to get them the documentation they need. As with anyone else looking to develop any related tools. We did run an open beta for approximately two weeks to allow us to have a couple of pools operating and to get a block explorer developed. This was a completely open test where anyone was able to join in mining, or developing their own tools. Pools: [li]GoldMine P2Pool[/li] [li]CryptoPoolMining MPOS[/li] [li]Nautilusbloomer MPOS[/li] [li][url=]Bardiharborow P2Pool][/li] Block Explorer: [li][url=]Galt-Explorer][/li]
  23. Hey whats up yall, I have a really good idea for a new coin, I would like to get it in the works ASAP! I have basic writing knowledge but nowhere near the know-how that it will take to completely put this thing together. So, I am looking to put together a development team, maybe 5 people or so, however the first of us would like to have it! I would enjoy explaining the concept and see what you have to say at the very least. I don't just want to say it all out loud because it is such a good idea, I don't know if I can trademark something right here? Maybe so, I will look into that, but for now message me and we can talk! Just reply to this topic or message my profile =^$.$^= I know this Coin will Work, I just have to put the right group together and Make it Happen. cj
  24. Gridcoin, I dreamt about this crypto-currency which sell some seconds, minutes of its computing power (the nodes) to science, (such as genetic engineering, protein folding, genome decoding, astrophysics computing...). Selling hashpower: -to develop the softwares wich turn hashpower into specific computing power. -to maintain & develop the Gridcoin, -to fund the Grid-Marketplace where labs can buy the power. -to support the currency. -to fund a Mine-Marketplace where miners can buy GPUs, RAMs, PSUs... with special price. The hashpower price will be lower than the rental price of supercomputer in order to grow human knowledge faster. The hashpower price will go lower and lower as Gridcoin value increase. The Gridcoin must be a scrypt based currency: in order to let everyone building their one rigs in order to multiplicate the number of nodes (one of the problem of bitcoin at my point with the arrivals of Asics: concentration, less nodes). Please feel free to reply, add some comments.
  25. Hey guys,I just want to keep everything organized. so here is the ultimate topic about Cloudcoin that includes everything so far.Cloudcoin is a new alternate exchange currency with proof-of-stake and proof of work scheme.Cloudcoin was created to be the median of all coins in the crypto exchange world. It is simple, easy and energy efficient. It is meant to be a costumer and exchange friendly coin with the benefits of it’s optimized specifications. The proof-of-stake scheme makes the coin and the transactions safe, secure and long living. Stake also helps the coin to achieve a leading role in the future of the crypto currency coins, since it is using proof-of-stake not proof-of-work like other coins.You can read more about the benefits of proof-of-stake here: dev team is working on the final touches of the coin which will be released within weeks. They are also working on the official website which will be released with the coin and will give a simple user friendly interface for the miners, customers and supporters. The team is also working on the development of additional sites that will support cloudcoin. We would like to aim the business and consumer sector with this coin.Our marketing team is getting in touch with exchange sites and merchants too.Specs:- PoW+PoS- total number is 0.1 billion- 60 seconds per block- PoW block: - normal reward of PoW block is 50 coins - daily 1440 blocks with 1 88*50 coins super blocks, 3 18*50 coins super blocks, 10 8*50 coins superblocks, others are normal blocks - daily generation: 82400 coins - block reward halves every 1036800 blocks (2 year) - diff retarget every block - start diff is 0.1- transcation need 3 confirm, mine need 30 confirm- min coin age is 7 days, max coin age is 30 days- transcation comment- min transaction fee is 0.00001 coin- P2P Port:12344, RPCPort:12345Windows Client!vZF0zIBI!cdlGNTa53zdmES9kSh6n8QCloudCoin Source Code: mining poolcloudcoin.miningpool.coOfficial websitecloudcoin.webs.comOfficial Blockexplorerhttp://cryptometer.orgTrade Cloudcoin here until cryptsy: pool - 40000 CDCmac wallet - 35000linux wallet 20000Currently Under DevelopmentOnline WebwalletMake this as you avatar: SO everything is going to be added to this thread from now on. Thank you,The Cloudcoin Team