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  1. Pool (beta) This pool is under active development and may have issues/bugs from time to time. However things have been pretty stable and everything, including payments, are working normally. Please leave any issues/bugs you run into here or leave me some feedback! ♥ The front page of the site should have all the info you need to be able to connect to the pool and start researching right away. If anything is unclear or you think something should be added, please let me know! I want to make this as easy as possible! This pool works a little differently then the previous pool. So I will give a brief summary on how it works. Instead of relying on BAM!, I have created my own account manager which will handle attaching the pool's projects to your BOINC client. It will also upload your host information to my database, allowing you to link your host to the pool automatically, you do not have to do anything. I have a script that runs every two hours to pull host RACs from the pool's account on each project. This is then updated in my database and displayed on your profile page. For now payments will be done semi manually, in that, once we stake a block, or once a day, or whenever I feel it should be necessary, I will run a payment script that reads everyone's RAC, compares it to everyone else in the pool and assigns you percents. "Project Percent", which is the percent of your host in that project compared to all other pool members in that project. "Total Percent", which is the percent of your host compared to the entire pool, all projects. Your total percent is now the final percent used against the pool's staking balance. For now, the script crafts a sendmany command that I can use in the wallet's console. (This will be made all automatic once I am happy everything works correctly and is stable) A word about my account manager, this does mean you wont be able to use other managers while using mine, however once you have confirmed your host and projects are showing up on your profile, it would be perfectly fine to stop using the account manager, your RAC is updated independently of the account manager. Just make sure to connect once again if you want to add new projects or change settings. Also, it is possible to research projects on this pool as well as research your own projects. Solo and Pool researching can be done together so long as your wallet is setup to your solo CPID BEFORE you start using the pool. Thank you to everyone on IRC who has helped me test the pool, I wouldn't have been able to get this far without you all. ♥ Pool's CPID: 204d178f9b6d4de25297c99fed0ed860 Projects not currently supported: bitcoin utopia - Pointless without being able to set apps leiden classical - Doesn't support weak auth keys rosetta@home - Doesn't support weak auth keys world community grid - May add in the future yafu - Not accepting new accounts yoyo@home - Doesn't support weak auth keys To-Do: (Updated: Jan 10th, 2016) - Add more info to profile (Last payment date/amount) - Leaderboards and overall pool stats. Updates: (Updated: Jan 10th, 2016) Jan 10th, 2016 - Payments will be sent out more frequently. - New profile/project settings have been added. - Work begins on leaderboards and overall pool stats. Dec 23th, 2015 - First test payment!
  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) CopyPasta [CTRLV] Bounty Thread ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Help the CopyPasta chefs spread the word about our fresh new X11 crypto! Join in on our official bounties to help our community grow, and help us get listed on more exchanges! Bounty Hunters and rewards will be posted on the google docs form available on bitcointalk, will update this thread soon with forms. Exchange Listing & Nova Voting: 5,000 CTRLV per listing 1,000 CTRLV for every 50 votes on novaexchange addcoin: Nodes: 500 CTRLV per node Social Media Bounty (facebook, etc.): Signature: ▄▀▀▄░▀▀█▀▀░█▀▀▄░█░░░█░░░█░| ▬▬ CopyPasta [CTRLV] ▬▬ ALGO X11 ▬▬ FAIR LAUNCH 1% Pre-Mine ▬▬ Bounties & airdrops ▬▬ █░░░░░░█░░░█■█░░█░░░█░░░█░| ▬▬ CopyPasta CTRLV ▬▬▬▬ LAUNCHED 21st JULY 2017 ▬▬▬▬ CopyPasta CTRLV ▬▬ ▀▄▄▀░░░█░░░█░░█░█▄▄▄░▀▄▀░░| ▬▬ Coming soon ▬ novaexchange ▬ cryptopia ▬ coinexchange ▬ yobit ▬▬ -----> Vote for CopyPasta on NovaExchange! Click here <-----
  3. [ANN] CopyPasta [CTRLV] X11 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) NOVA VOTING LIVE! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Fair launch! CPU Miners can enjoy low difficulty as we've just begun. Eleven hashing algorithms, staking rewards, and a bright future awaits as we enjoy a fair launch of the latest and greatest of copy and paste-its! 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit Coin Specs: Proof of Paste - Post sum CopyPasta with your CTRLV address for a forkfull! The CopyPasta team is looking for members and investors! We need developers and designers to clean up the wallet & code, and investors to help get us listed at exchanges. The CTRLV premine of 1% will go towards rewarding these members. Explorer: Source: github Windows Qt: github mega Linux: CopyPasta is CPU & GPU mineable. Bounties, airdrops, and future project development info coming soon. Releasing v1.0.0.0 first, will update OP soon :) git clone cd copypasta/src/leveldb chmod 777 build_detect_platform cd .. make -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP=1 USE_QRCODE=1 USE_IPV6=1 strip copypastad cp copypastad copypastad copypasta.conf: rpcuser=copypastarpc rpcpassword=copypastarpcpassword rpcallowip= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode=2001:0:53aa:64c:1004:70a0:a1ec:b27:18197 port=44635 rpcport=55637 listen=1 Create a text file, re-name to copypasta.conf, edit rpcuser and rpcpassword & place in your %appdata%\Roaming\copypasta folder. Use this user and pass for -u and -p for CPU mining: RunMe.bat: cpuminer.exe -a x11 -o -u copypastarpc -p copypastarpcpassword Many CPU miners show up as false positives for viruses, so if someone could link a clean miner here it would be appreciated. Nodes: 500 CTRLV per node Social Media Bounty (facebook, etc.): Signature: ▄▀▀▄░▀▀█▀▀░█▀▀▄░█░░░█░░░█░| ▬▬ CopyPasta [CTRLV] ▬▬ ALGO X11 ▬▬ FAIR LAUNCH 1% Pre-Mine ▬▬ Bounties & airdrops ▬▬ █░░░░░░█░░░█■█░░█░░░█░░░█░| ▬▬ CopyPasta CTRLV ▬▬▬▬ LAUNCHED 21st JULY 2017 ▬▬▬▬ CopyPasta CTRLV ▬▬ ▀▄▄▀░░░█░░░█░░█░█▄▄▄░▀▄▀░░| ▬▬ Coming soon ▬ novaexchange ▬ cryptopia ▬ coinexchange ▬ yobit ▬▬ -----> Vote for CopyPasta on NovaExchange! Click here <----- Pools:
  4. Mining Bitcoins becomes easy. Just download our software, Start It and be patient. Free Satoshi will be credited on your bitcoin wallet everyday How does it work? 1. start the software and fill your wallet information (bitcoins address). 2. Then choose your computer power allocated to the software 3. And finally click on « Start Mining » Button Estimated Satoshi Rewards per day will be displayed Here's the link:
  5. That is what the twitter for this looks like up there. Only Bitcoin or crypto associated accounts for this please. (no bots) Do you want more followers on twitter? Do you have a Bitcoin or crypto associated twitter account? Here is an easy way for you to get Bitcoin or crypto related followers at twitter: 1- Just like this tweet 2- Follow everyone Bitcoin or crypto associated who likes this tweet 3- If someone with a Bitcoin or Crypto associated twitter follows you, Then Follow Them Back Participaction, Get With The Action
  6. "Your One Stop Crypto Shop" Cryptopia is the land of cryptocurrency for all of your crypto services and needs. Looking for a new beginning or new home for you favorite crypto? Tired of being delisted because of low trade volume? Coin voting at cryptopia offers the community a place to get their favorite crypto listed with a "NO DELIST POLICY"! Sign up, register and submit your coin today. Buy, sell, trade in the open market place. Mine and track your crypto at the click of a button. Exchange and meet new peers in the land of Cryptopia. BUY/SELL/TRADE ​Buy, sell, & trade virtually anything worldwide and pay with your favorite cryptocurrency. marketplace allows you to sell anything from collectibles and art to video games peer to peer for any cryptocurrency available. Free of charge with no transaction fees. Direct transfers allow you to send any amount peer to peer with no fees. MINESHAFT The cryptopia mineshaft has 76 pools with 7 different algorithms and a profit switching pool. Mine one of the top 5 pools on crytopia or point your hash power to one of the featured pools. Whatever you crypto heart desires, let fulfill it. BLOCK EXPLORERS All transaction and blocks can be viewed with block explorers. Are you looking for nodes to sync your personal wallet client? Cryptopias block explorers offer node info for all cryptos available on the site. Rich list and last block info will also be available. EXCHANGE Need a quick and easy way to convert your crypto to btc, ltc, doge, dot or another cryptocurrency? Cryptopias exchange has 968 markets with 8 market pairs to choose from.
  7. It's a great new software called S- Crypto Miner and it allows for both regular asic crypto mining and scrypt/ litecoin mining. Has both a simple GUI for newbs and more advanced features for bitcoin lovers! Either way check it out here is the link....hope you all can benefit from it and bring in some bitcoin form your miners! I know its getting harder and harder everyday to break those blocks and get that bitcoin. Happy mining
  8. Mine Bitcoins Remotely & Invest in Custom-Built ASIC Miners at the Same Time! CloudThink is the #1 Self-Sustainable Bitcoin Mining Service in the World. CloudThink is a successful multi-national enterprise spanning the U.K. and Taiwan. Founded in 2013, CloudThink consistently generates 100% of its own renewable electricity, while our highly qualified team of experienced financial advisers and traders ensures the most effective management available. Our dedication to secrecy regarding our machinery and technological innovations ensures that our competitors hate us, and our investors love us. We believe in the future of Bitcoin, do you? Mine Bitcoins Remotely & Invest in Custom-Built ASIC Miners at the Same Time! Long gone are the days of being able to mine Bitcoin on your personal computer, but thanks to the progress of innovation, you can still enter the race for profits with the most energy efficient equipment on the market. By investing in our Investment Packages, you will be able to mine Bitcoins long-term while your hardware maintenance and electricity costs are entirely FREE. If you apply today, your investment in CloudThink will yield you daily profits from our mining facility and technical Bitcoin / Altcoin trading program. To ensure that your Bitcoin mining opportunity is never obsolete, CloudThink allocates significant resources to specialized research and development of new, custom ASIC chipsets with superior kWh / SHA256 hash ratios than those available on the public market. >> Become a Member & Start Mining Bitcoins Now << >> CLOUD THINK COUPON CODE: INVEST30 << Investment Invest $349 with 30%OFF. Use coupon code: INVEST30. Earn $600 in 6 months with CloudThink Standard Investment Package Earn $600 in 6 months, INVEST30 coupon code
  9. InstaMineNuggets ($MINE) is a unique cryptocurrency designed to offer its users decentralized blockchain "Crypto Coin Contracts" offering potential rewards while striving to become a viable storage of wealth for the long-term. $MINE launched on 02-25-15 offering open-source desk top QT software for download and mining purposes. $MINE aims to produce an efficient network for miners and adopters alike. $MINE was developed utilizing the underlying algorithm and scrypt of Litecoin and is capped at 21649485 million coins with 30 coins per initial block and rewards halving at block 350000 to 15 coins. $MINE's mining reward will continue to halve every 350000 blocks; EX: 30, 15, 7.5 until all coins are completely mined and in publics hands. Target spacing is 3 minutes with a target time span of 33 hours with rewards maturing every 3 blocks mined. $MINE COIN PROPERTIES Coin Type: Litecoin Scrypt Halving: 350000 Blocks Initial Coins Per Block: 30 Coins Target Spacing: 3 Minutes Target Timespan: 33 Hours Coinbase Maturity: 3 Blocks Pre-Mine: 3%=649485 Coins Max Coinbase: 21000000 + 649485=21649485 Coins $MINE has launched 1.5 million ($MINEW) (CLASS A CRYPTO COIN CONTRACTS) on 02-27-15 $MINEW is convertible into $MINE at a set ratio of 2-for-1 with a 2 year Expiration Date of 02-27-17 or can be bought and sold freely like $MINE. $MINEW is a seperate 1.5 million capped "Crypto Coin Contract" blockchain based cryptocurrency that trades freely alongside $MINE. $MINEW can be bought and sold with "no lockup period". $MINEW COIN PROPERTIES Coin Type: Litecoin Scrypt Halving: 7500 Blocks Initial Coins Per Block: 50 Coins Target Spacing: 3 Minutes Target Timespan: 33 Hours Coinbase Maturity: 3 Blocks Pre-Mine: 50%=750000 Coins Max Coinbase: 750000 + 750000=1500000 Coins $MINE has launched 1.5 million ($MINEZ) (CLASS B CRYPTO COIN CONTRACTS) on 02-27-15 $MINEZ is convertible into $MINE at a set ratio of 2-for-1 with a 3 year Expiration Date of 02-27-17 or can be bought and sold freely like $MINE. $MINEZ is a seperate 1.5 million capped "Crypto Coin Contract" blockchain based cryptocurrency that trades freely alongside $MINE. $MINEZ can be bought and sold with "no lockup period". $MINEZ COIN PROPERTIES Coin Type: Litecoin Scrypt Halving: 7500 Blocks Initial Coins Per Block: 50 Coins Target Spacing: 3 Minutes Target Timespan: 33 Hours Coinbase Maturity: 3 Blocks Pre-Mine: 3%=750000 Coins Max Coinbase: 750000 + 750000=1500000 Coins SOCIAL LinkedIn Twitter *WE DON'T DO FACEBOOK $MINE NETWORK RESOURCES GitHub (Source Codes) $MINE $MINEW $MINEZ Wallets $MINE Windows Wallet $MINEW Windows Wallet $MINEZ Windows Wallet Ports $MINE P2P Port: 11040 $MINE RPC Port: 21040 $MINEW P2P Port: 11055 $MINEW RPC Port: 21055 $MINEZ P2P Port: 11060 $MINEZ RPC Port: 21060 Nodes $MINE addnode add $MINE addnode add $MINEW addnode add $MINEZ addnode add Block Explorers $MINE $MINEW $MINEZ Backup Block Explorers (Cryptopia) $MINE $MINEW $MINEZ $MINE Mining Pools $MINE Cryptopia (MineShaft) Miner Pools iSpace Mining Pools $MINEW Cryptopia (Mine Shaft) iSpace Mining Pools $MINEZ Cryptopia (Mine Shaft) Listed Trading Exchanges $MINE/$BTC Cryptopia $MINE/$BTC MinEx $MINEW/$BTC Cryptopia $MINEZ/$BTC Cryptopia Alternative Trading Pairs (Cryptopia) $MINE/$DOGE | $MINE/$DOT | $MINE/$FTC | $MINE/$HTML5 | $MINE/$LTC | $MINE/$POP $MINEW/$DOGE | $MINEW/$DOT | $MINEW/$FTC | $MINEW/$HTML5 | $MINEW/$LTC | $MINEW/$POP $MINEZ/$DOGE | $MINEZ/$DOT | $MINEZ/$FTC | $MINEZ/$HTML5 | $MINEZ/$LTC | $MINEZ/$POP Market Capitalizations $MINE $MINEW $MINEZ Market Statistics $MINE (WorldCoinIndex) Website:
  10. http​s:// Every new member gets a Celeron G1830 cpu for free!! Register Buy hardware, mine coins sell coins for credits Withdraw btc of invest in hardware
  11. Up and running 24/7 on a Dedicated Secure Server! We host new coin launches and your favorite coins too! No registration needed, and upon found block, payouts go directly to miners wallet! We keep no coins in the register! Currently hosting: Darkcoin Dogecoin Cannabiscoin Bluecoin Crackcoin Gcoin Gryfencoin Kryptonite Litecoin Litecoindark Potcoin Powcoin Vertcoin Zetacoin * Your Coin Here! * We are available on twitter, facebook and IRC chat! We plan on adding features to the site over the next few days, but we think you'll enjoy it... Coin devs, drop us a line if you are looking for a pool to host your coin!
  12. How to solo mine with a GAW Miner Fury, Black Widow, Falcon, War Machine, etc. This tutorial explains with Litecoin, but the method is the same with all coins. 1. Open the following folder: Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application data\Litecoin\ Win Vista, 7, 8: C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\Litecoin\ 2. Create a text file in the directory above and enter the following: rpcuser=MyUser rpcpassword=MyPass rpcallowip=* rpcport=8888 server=1 3. Once your done save the file as "litecoin.conf", in the directory above. 4. Now download and Extract cgminer in a folder. *You can find updated miner versions here: 5. Download and install the needed driver. 6. Open up notepad and paste: cgminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// --userpass MyUser:MyPass --nocheck-golden --chips-count 6 --ltc-clk 328 -S //./COM3 7. Change COM3 to your devices COM port. Your devices COM number can be found in the computers device manager. 8. Change the chips count to the amount of chips in your miner. Here is the current miners chip spec's: Fury: 6 Black Widow: 64 Falcon: 128 War Machine: 256 9. Save the text file as startup.bat and place it in the same folder as cgminer.exe. 10. Click to open the batch file to run the miner. Note: To aim other miners on your network to it, use the machines local area network IP... Not the your outside IP. If this helped you, please donate Dogecoin. Donation Dogecoin: DQ7oQ4hScvKir9mAcLiEBhZj7vXsoLTjqU
  13. why not mine some CAGE while the difficulty is low?
  14. This section is about mining BTQ
  15. The IPCO is now LIVE! Visit the website to learn more! Hello everybody! I am excited to be part of your community and I have good news for a brand new cryptocoin called Guncoin(GUN). It was created on the Litecoin platform for scrypt mining. If you are familiar with buying and selling firearms-related goods or services online, then you are aware of how difficult it can be to process your transactions. This prompted the creation of Guncoin, with a big nod to 2nd Amendment supporters and firearm enthusiasts. Guncoin was created specifically with the fundraising campaign in mind to ensure that it starts off with a bang. 10% (50,000,000) of the coins are premined and allocated directly to the initial fundraising campaign contributors. Therefore, all campaign contributors will receive digital wallets containing Guncoin. The official website is complete and the blockchain explorer site is currently in process and will be announced after completion. Currently there are only Windows based wallets available with Linux/Unix, Mac/Apple and Android wallets being planned. UPDATE - SECURE, OFFLINE PAPER WALLETS HAVE BEEN CREATED! The official Guncoin public release date is May 1st, 2014 so get in on the IPCO early! Regardless of how well the IPCO does, the launch will happen on May 1st. Official Guncoin Website: BTC IPCO - BTC Fundraising Campaign with ESCROW: Escrow Provided by: Dabs (reputable forum member. See thread for more information) Official Guncoin Facebook Page: Follow @TeamGuncoin on Twitter: INITIAL SPECIFICATIONS: NAME: Guncoin SYMBOL: GUN CRYPTOGRAPHY: Scrypt POW (Proof of Work) MAXIMUM COINS: 500,000,000 PREMINED: (10%) 50,000,000 BLOCK REWARDS: Only 1 for the first 180 blocks for launch. Adjusted to 200 after block #180 BLOCK TIME: 2 Minutes DIFFICULTY RETARGET: DigiShield implemented at block 30 REWARDS HALF: Every 500,000 Blocks INTERESTED IN SETTING UP A MINING POOL? Please email us ( with your contact information so that we can make sure to get you started immediately at launch. More information to come! Please help spread the word!
  16. This is POOLS topic for BonesCoin pools announcement and questions.
  17. Faucetcoin Want to trade but cannot mine? Don't mine, just come and get it! 100 000 000 coins max Faucetcoin is created to change the usual way of distribution of coins, to make it more trader-friendly. Everyone can get a bit, and there's no need to ask someone to give it to you or to buy special devices for mining. All you have to do is just go to the faucet page, enter your Wallet Address and push the button! Almost all coins will be freely distributed through the faucets (1% reserved for bounties and giveaways), however 10% of the coin will be given to miners as a usual block reward. The rest of mining is going to be made for transaction fees. Transaction fees are 0,010 Faucets limit: about 180 000 coins a day total Launch: 09 april 2014, 19:00 UTC/GMT Source (github): To be updated with the password-protected zip Windows Wallet: To be updated with the password-protected zip Mac Wallet: Available at launch Faucets: Available at launch Exchange: Coming soon Specifications: 100 000 000 coins total Algo: scrypt Block time: 60 seconds Retarget: every 10 minutes Transaction: 3 confirmations RPC port 9939 P2P port 9949 Block reward: 1000 FEC Website: To be updated Twitter: BlockChain Explorer: Available at launch Pools: To be updated Sample faucetcoin.conf: Available at launch Happy trading!
  18. Hey guys, I got ALL IN HAND hardware - little bit more than 10 Bitmain AntMiner S1 Dual Blade 180-200 GH/s 0.73 BTC each (shipping included) - 300 Gridseed Dualmine 300+ KH/S ASIC SCRYPT & SHA MINER 0.27 BTC per device (shipping included). By 5 units minimum= 1.35 BTC for 5 - 10 Butterfly Labs 50-55 GH/s SHA Bitcoin Miner 1.55 BTC each (shipping included) - …and only 2 Cointerra TerraMiner IV, 2TH/s Out of stock anywhere else... 11.5 BTC each (shipping included) If you want specs, see it below. I accept only BTC. (Let's use the future money!) I send worldwide. Under 6 BTC command, I could add a tiny bit shipping, depends how far your country is from US/Canada. PM me (click my name and send me a message) before any payment: give me your real address & to check payments, I'll give you a personal payment BTC address. All in-hand. For gridseed buyers, I'll send units when the min number is reach (50 units) Specs: Bitmain AntMiner S1 Dual Blade 180-200 GH/s: Hash rate: 180-200 GH/s depending on overclocking Power consumption: About 360 W on wall without overclocking... overclocking gets you up to around 550 W Power supply (not included): Requires 2x PCIe connectors per unit. Get a respectable name brand model and you won't have any problems. Power efficiency: About 2+ W/GH/s on wall Size: 135 mm x 155 mm x 300 mm (Dual blades assembled, with fans or mounting bracket), Network connection: WIFI / Ethernet Cable. Ethernet is infinitely more reliable Cooling: 120mm PWM fan and double-heat sink, expected to be very quiet at 25? ambient and should be able to test up to 35~40? ambient. (Price does NOT include the PSU) Gridseed Dualmine 300+ KH/S ASIC SCRYPT & SHA MINER: The worlds first ASIC miner that can operate in three modes. Plug and Play units!! DualMiner USB Hub Recommended Dimensions: 95 mm diam × 70 mm, including fan Mode 1: Scrypt (Litecoin) only Mode 2: SHA (Bitcoin) only Mode 3: SHA & Scrypt combined. speeds: Scrypt only mode: 70 KH/S (X5 = 350 KH/S) SHA only mode: 2.25 GH/S (X5 = 11.25 GH/S) Combined Scrypt & SHA mode: 1.6 GH/S SHA & 60 KH/S Scrypt (X5) Butterfly Labs 50-55 GH/s Bitcoin Miner: SHA mining rated 50 GH/s +/-10% (however producing 55 GH/s) Included accessories: USB Cable and Power Cord Comes in original shipping box PSU included (Ready to mine) Software used: bfgminer (free software available here : ). USB Driver available here : Dimensions: 9.75" x 5.25" x 5.25" Unit’s system board has a lifetime warranty from Butterfly Labs ( ) for defect or component failure. Cointerra Terraminer IV Embedded controller to allow for standalone mining Power Supply Included State-of-the-art Liquid Cooling System 4 X 500GH/s GoldStrike1 ASIC Chips inside = 2TH/s FCBGA Package 1.4GHz clock frequency yielding a minimum of 2 TH/s per box (i.e. a minimum of 500 Gh/s per chip). There are 4 GoldStrike1 chips in a TerraMiner IV.
  19. Hello, We have open new pools for new coin You can mine other coins Main website is in building SSL – protect DDOS – Hq server Happy mining!
  20. New Netcoin Pool. Getting some new miners and going great. Need more hashes. Netcoin needs to be redistributed a bit since one of the major pools is more than 50% of the network! Hashes are low right now and that's why we need you! Features: * Var Diff * Stratum * Proportional Payout * Full block reward * 1% fee (PM or email me at and I'll set it to 0 for 1 week) Please check it out and PM any comments. Read more:
  21. Come join us @ Team CatCoin mining pool! We have an amazing community and superior support for our members! Join us @ IRC #teamcatcoin Benefits: 0% Fees An AMAZING Community Superior Member Support PPLNS, Stratum Fast Dedicated Servers I Can Has Best Cat Gifs?
  22. NEW and very nice pool
  23. This page was created in order to address any issues/problems you may be experiencing with LiteBar (LTB). Should you feel you have an issue, kindly post it here and we will do our best to have it resolved in a timely manner. Thank you Regards
  24. CEX.IO Bitcoin Commodity Exchange implemented a phone verification feature with the Two-Factor Authentication. The decision to introduce this system aims to strengthen CEX.IO security system in general and increase safety of each member of CEX.IO continuously growing user base.