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  1. Hi Guys. Here's our offer: Thanks GCoin. Have you 1000+ followers on Facebook or Twitter ? Like or tweet for G200,000 + Doge 200 per 1000 followers. Re-do every week. Until we end this offer you may repeat this every week. You will be a partner advertiser with us You could get G2,000,000 plus Doge 2000 per week if you have 10,000 Crypto followers. (Max GCN 5m) Tweet for us: Like and share for us: Post your GCoin address and your Doge address here. The GCoin Android and Windows wallet address are below. We will send your funds Best Greg We have done something similar to Dogecoin at except you can have fun & earn GCoins without mining. This is a way in to the Bitcoin world without having tech know how or financial clout. As users earn GCoin they will have a direct relationship and an interest. All you need is a PC or a Mobile phone. The door is now open. GCN wallets
  2. Do you think Litecoin will have a stronger position? August 1, 2017 in the walls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will launch a crypto-Litecoin-oriented project, the details of which are still covered with a veil of secrecy. This writes Livebitcoinnews. At the moment, Taj Dryidge, one of the authors of the whitepaper of the Lightning Network micropayment protocol, is only available. As the newspaper notes, the date of launching the project may not be accidental: on that day, August 1, the so-called user-activated soft-key (UASF) may take place in the bitcoin network, as a result of which the Segregated Witness protocol should be activated. And the day before, on July 31, activation of another network scaling solution called SegWit2x, which has already received significant support of the miners, is not ruled out. It is possible that the authors of the project have prepared a surprise for the crypto-community, which, against the background of possible chaos in the bitcoin network these days, will help Litecoin to take stronger positions.
  3. Captains New P&D Group Whats going on guys, a really good friend of mine who I've known for a long time has been a original member in "The Captain's" P&D group and recently left because it has been infested with bots and many people are losing money instead of making profit. He started his own P&D group that he is making bot free and making it relatively small so more people make profit. By no means am I telling you to join this or forcing you to join, feel free to have your own opinion but if you're interested the links here
  4. Cryptocurrency Analytics from FXOpen 2017 Bitcoin Volatile but Range-bound It’s been a volatile week for Bitcoin. The key $2,400 level was broken and with that, the months-long uptrend is over. During the forking fears, a low of $2,250 was hit last Thursday. But since then we’ve bounced nicely and are currently quoted at $2,677, little changed compared to last week. Today a high of $2,738 was seen on FXOpen crypto broker before prices retraced a bit. The reason for the latest rally is progress on the scaling stalemate. On Monday over 80% of the mining hash started signalling for Segwit2x. This is a technical solution that merges the Segwit upgrade with a 2MB hard fork three months later. For more on the possible scenarios after the new developments take a look at this article. Technically BTC/USD is now in a range. A new rally requires a breakout above the all-time highs at $2,889 on Fxopen (around $3,000 on other major exchanges). On the lower end, there’s some weak support at the $2,500 round figure, closely followed by the $2,405 swing low. A break below $2,250 is needed to start a new BTC downtrend. Further down we have more support at the $2,000 round figure and the $1,718 swing low. On the longer-term timeframes, both weekly and monthly, bitcoin remains in an uptrend. Read about Litecoin in cryptocurrency analysis on FXOpen blog.
  5. Hi Guys. Here's our offer. GCN. Get G100,000 plus 300 Doge coin to try our site. Post your GCN address and your Doge address here with the filename. The GCN Android and Windows wallet address is below. We will send your funds Both addresses must be sent. Recommend a friend for surprise extra. Best Greg Have you been to The easiest file transfer system in the world. Get free GCN when you do a download. No email and no links. Max 5GB. We have done something similar to Dogecoin at except you can have fun & earn GCN without mining. This is a way in to the Bitcoin world without having tech know how or financial clout. As users earn GCN they will have a direct relationship and an interest. All you need is a PC or a Mobile phone. The door is now open. (Allow 3 hours for the block chain to catch up before play) GCoin is changing name to GCN
  6. New to Cryptocurrency - Mining/Investment Questions Hi all, First off, please excuse my lack of knowledge for this topic. I have been researching it extensively but am still trying to grasp everything. Last year, I looked into mining/investing in Ethereum. Now I am kicking myself for not doing it as you all know why. Recently I have had more time to look into it and thought that I would try to either mine or invest in it. I'm not looking to make much. Even a small bit of money would be great. I believe that this is where currency is headed and although I may be late to this first kick off of digital currency, I think I am still early to the future of it. So my questions are: 1. I am willing to invest a good bit of money to start mining however I don't know if it is even worth it at this point. I love the idea of mining and have even learned how to do it via GPU on multiple platforms but have yet to actually run it as I don't fully trust the calculators. 2. With the difficulty of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other currencies rising, would it be better to just pick a smaller one to invest in and let it sit? I would much rather mine for a cryptocurrency but at this point, are there any left that are not ridiculously difficult? I appreciate your help. Hopefully someone who is patient and enjoys talking about this can help me out. -J
  7. Dear forum users! We are pleased to present you trading platform/system for buying/selling Bitcoin, Litecoin. is a trading platform/system for crypto-currency such like: Bitcoin and Litecoin with many advanced features including buy, sell and exchange. also offers a 24/7 hour online exchange that provides the instant and automated matching of orders between its registered members. provides an easy, secure, and affordable exchange for you to buy and sell Crypto-Currencies. Our advantage: -trading without commission; -advanced many functional security system; -momentary input and output of the popular electronic currency and crypto currencies; -low Commission on the input and output of electronic currencies; -vauchery eCoin. Trading with no commission 0%. To earn this, to trade without commission, you need to enter website and log in to your account and press the like button on the bottom of the website and you will get a commission-free trade for a week. On the page of commission you can find all the available directions of input and commissions: Contacts: Write to us:
  8. [FAUCET] ETHEREUM, MONERO, PIVX, ZCASH Faucet- Rocketfaucet Hi, I've created a faucet that allow you to earning ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Pivx and litecoin every hour and without investing anything. The faucet in question is: wink We have a Facebook group curated by an Italian moderator: A Facebook page where we publish news regarding payments: A Twitter account where we respond for direct support. A Blog on Steemit: We offer free ETH, ZEC, XMR every hour and we pay monthly. In addition, we also allow you to sponsor your services through PTC advertising. We will integrate the support to the English language. Yes... We also have a referral system in this faucet that pays up to 50% per affiliate of your account. I also remember that we are in beta, but that development continues every day as we want to make this activity our main activity. Hoping to have done a good thing for the community by sharing with you this link, I wish you a good day and I will be happy to answer every question, request and idea about this faucet. Tharozay
  9. According to your experience which one is a better investment, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Ripple? Im for BTC but another cryptocurrencies have great potential and assets as well...which one to choose for making money asap?
  10. CryptoAcquire

    My name is Andrej. I’m a 29 years old guy from Slovakia. I work as a freelance web designer and in my free time I build websites like, for example, this one.
  11. Litecoin: Supplanting Bitcoin as the Cypherpunk Cryptocurrency? June 2017 may be remembered as the month that the true ‘flippening’ occurred, from bitcoin to litecoin, precipitated by a Prague-based group promoting and educating the public on crypto-anarchist philosophy... Read more Here: Follow BTCMANAGER for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Etheruem, and Bitcoin!
  12. Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day! Have patience when teaching your dads about cryptocurrency.
  13. Litecoin Surges Past $48

    Litecoin surges past $48 today. Here what Charlie Lee had to say.
  14. BRAND NEW LITECOIN FAUCET! CLAIM .00005 (.0001 with shortlink ) LTC EVERY 30 MINS! INSTANT FAUCET HUB PAYMENT! Another new faucet on faucethub. It's currently giving away 5000 litoshi ( or 10000 litoshi if you click the shortlink everytime ) every 30 minutes. I've already claimed twice, giving me 20000 litoshi in an hour . Payment is instant through Faucet Hub.
  15. Newbie and Litecoin Hello all, I'm new to this community and kinda new to mining. I know how to mine and all of that jazz, the thing I'm posting about now is; Litecoin. It's currently $28. From the news that I've heard of ethereum turning into PoS, and not being able to be mined rather soon; do you think it would be worth now to buy like, 5 Litecoin and sit on it to wait until Ethereum turns into PoS? Like, when ethereum turns into PoS, would it cause Litecoin to go up in price because all of the miners would go there? Or would all of the miners just go back into BTC or something? Thank you all!
  16. Giga Watt (WTT) Token LaunchBest Home For Your Mining The world’s first full-service mining solution provider Giga Watt Token Launch is live! White PaperWebsite · Telegram · Twitter · Facebook · Instagram · FAQSTART June 2, 2017 at 12:00 PM PDT END July 31, 2017 12:00 PM PDTThe offering will be open to the public globally.Giga Watt WTT Token Referral ProgramGiga Watt Bounty Program Token Cap: 30m WTT tokens Token Price at Issue: Equivalent of USD $1-$1.2, depending on the date of purchase Distribution of Tokens: For every 100 tokens sold in this offering 15 additional tokens will be issued and retained for the team members, partners and advisors Website link: Accepted forms of payment: Bitcoin (“BTC”), Ether (“ETH”), wire transfer Token Launch Start Date: June 2, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT Token Launch End Date: July 31, 2017, 12:00 PM PDT Initial Token Issue Date: August 7, 2017, 12:00PM PDT Why should I purchase WTT tokens? You can build your business on mining. You can rent out your tokens and get rental income. Here are just a few advantages of WTT tokens: First ever tokens backed by hardware infrastructure Backed by one of the largest mining providers in the US WTT tokens can be used from the very first date of issue Facility has a 50-year lifecycle (compared to 2.5 years for miners, due to constant increase in mining difficulty) Opportunity to receive income from renting tokens out to other miners CalculatorCalculate how much you can save by using your tokens to host your miners or how much you can earn by renting them out at your chosen rental fee.Calculate nowCapacity WTT can be used from the very first date of issue. Giga Watt facility`s distinctive infrastructure consists of numerous independent mining units. This unique design allows for record-fast expansion, and the first units can be operated while the new ones are still being built.More about Giga Watt design At this time, there are 3 units already in operation, and we continue to build new units with our own resources. Capacities are allocated to token holders on a first come, first served basis.Status of construction and renting out capacitiesGiga Watt projectWhy should I consider Giga Watt as a miner? You have an opportunity to build a your personal business on mining. You gain access to professional mining – with an extraordinarily low entrance threshold. Here are just some of the advantages for Giga Watt miners: You can save up to 59% on mining costs You can significantly increase mining rewards You can balance out your mining risks On-site Service Center: no more waiting for repairs abroad Complete Transparency. Tour Giga Watt facility in Wenatchee, WA Token Launch platform Token Launch is conducted through the groundbreaking Cryptonomos platform. All payments for WTT tokens will be collected by Cryptonomos. Upon the completion of the Token Launch, on August 7, 2017, Cryptonomos will issue and distribute its initial batch of WTT tokens, with subsequent batch issues to follow upon the completion of new capacity construction.TeamMore photos on Giga Watt’s instagram.Official LinksFor token buyers: Token Launch Website: Twitter: Facebook: Telegram chat: Instagram: Medium: For Giga Watt’s clients: Giga Watt Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Slack (support): Blog (coming soon): Media mentionsGiga Watt: The North American Bitcoin Conference 2017 (Youtube) YouTube Teaser Amazing bitcoin billboard near LAX! • r/Bitcoin Coindesk Nasdaq Steemit Bitcoinchaser Mostly Bitcoin Wenatchee World Finance Magnates Zentrade Inside bitcoins BTCoin Bitmakler Bits Media Crypto Insider MegaBigPower Coindesk #1 Coindesk #2 Coindesk #3 Ars Technica El money Bitcointalk Bits Media NewsBTC Quora Cryptocoinsnews Kitco News Epodcast Network Reddit Coinspot Bitcoinfo Youtube #1 Youtube #2 Steemit Bitcoinmagazine processing
  17. Why You'll Want to Consider Adding GDAX

    The same programmers at Coinbase have created an intuitive, sophisticated trading platform for crypto enthusiasts. They provide detailed charts and lower feeds. Learn more here.
  18. GENESIS MINING I think the best way to invest your BTC is to further mining, because that is the future that has already begun.BTC code:nszL0h
  19. ✪✪✪✪✪ SweepCoins | Bitcoin & Litecoin | Minesweeper | Instant Withdraw ✪✪✪✪✪ What is SweepCoins? SweepCoins is a new minesweeper game to gamble cryptocurrencies, click on the grid(example) and hope for the next bits. How to deposit/withdraw? You can deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin or Litecoin, withdraws are instant, for deposits only one confirmation is needed. Do you have an affiliate program? Yes, we provide a referral program to invite players from which you can earn 5% of all profits forever. Is the game provably fair? Every game has an unique hash(of secret) to determine bombs before the player actually clicks. Can I have multiple accounts? You can have multiple accounts up to 5 per endpoint, but it necessary to use different emails. I found a bug/Need help? Contact us at
  20. Fast Bitcoin Debit Cards from 1. Do you know what is Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, OkPay, FasaPay, BTC-e USD codes? 2. Are you interested in fast and secure crypto and e-currency withdrawals? 3. Do you need convenient debit card? If you answer YES for at list one of this questions, than probably you should read further information. team is happy to inform all forum members that currently: - ID verification isn't required for the first card order; - it is possible to order up to 4 Unichange cards - plastic and virtual cards in USD and EUR currencies; - Virtual cards are free and issued instantly; - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money, OkPay, FasaPay, BTC-e USD codes are withdrawn to Card within 15 minutes; - Card balance can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted. Bitcoin Debit Cards from Unichange have already made life of many Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Okpay and FasaPay users easier. Now it's your turn to get Fast Bitcoin Debit Card from Unichange! If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact our Support team.
  21. Top Fastest Growing Cryptocurrencies in May In May 2017 almost all the most popular cryptocurrencies have shown unbelievable market capitalization growth. Last month the capitalization of the whole market rose from $36.585 billion to $82.76 billion. Following the skyrocket of the Bitcoin price that in May rose by 70% from $1347 to $2290 per BTC, several altcoins have also managed to overcome new psychological levels. You can read the full article and take part in the discussion here:
  22. Hi Guys. Here's our offer: Tweet for us: Post your GCoin address and your Doge address & your Tweet link here. The GCoin Android and Windows wallet address are below. We will send your funds Also if you have more than 500 followers say Bonus for a surprise. The more you have the bigger the surprise. Best Greg We have done something similar to Dogecoin at except you can have fun & earn GCoins without mining. This is a way in to the Bitcoin world without having tech know how or financial clout. As users earn GCoin they will have a direct relationship and an interest. All you need is a PC or a Mobile phone. The door is now open. GCoin wallets
  23. XMLGold is an e-currency exchange company. With, you will always be able to instantly exchange the following: AdvCash EUR AdvCash USD Bitcoin BTC-E Code C-CEX USD CoinMate EUR Ecoin-code-USD EPay EUR EPay USD Litecoin OKPAY EUR OKPAY USD Payeer USD Payeer EUR PerfectMoney EUR PerfectMoney USD Online Bank Transfer EUR Visa Prepaid Card EUR Visa Prepaid Card GBP Visa Prepaid Card USD XMLMoney USD XMLMoney GBP XMLMoney EUR In the semi-automatic mode: Bank Transfer EUR Bank Transfer PLN Bank Transfer CZK Bank Transfer GBP Bank Transfer USD PayPal USD SEPA XMLGold offers Bank transfer all around the world! Thanks to the professional team working at the market of e-currencies since 2006, the XMLGold company has gained the reputation of a reliable partner. *XMLGold - Our service is meant for those who want to safely and profitably change an e-currency. *XMLGold provides the necessary security. All transactions are protected with the protocol of SSL 256-bit encryption. One of the main advantages of XMLGold is the user-friendly interface. Its simplicity and convenience makes it easier for everyone to use. "Get Nothing more, only what you need " - that was our motto behind "XMLGold". More advantages: XMLGold offers the profitable Referral Program which gives you an opportunity to earn 10% of our profit on each transaction made by the user who have you referred using your Referral Link! Click here to know more about our Referral System: 3 Different XMLGold Visa Prepaid Card Types: You can choose XMLGold Prepaid Card in EUR (10.06EUR) , GBP (9.28GBP) or USD (13.18USD) Visa Prepaid Card offers: Embossed prepaid card with chip. Cards with no-name. Maximum balance of ( 15 000 €) ( 20 000 USD) ( 10 000 GBP) Fixed fee for ATM withdrawals. Daily ATM limit € (1,500.00) ( 1 000 GBP) (2 000 USD) Valid up to 3 years. Hold up to 3 cards at once. PIN and CVV code protection. Online balance and transaction history. Load cards via bank transfer or from your XMLGold account. Order here: For more information, news, special offers and other information, follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: If you have questions, you can contact Customer Support: Customer support working hours: Daily from 9:00 till 21:00 ( + 1 GMT)
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