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  1. HTMLCOIN VISION: Providing a stable system to with withstand the demands of the entire altcoin community. MISSION: To build a strong network of users, create robust apps for goods & services, spread awareness about cryptocurrency through charity, and facilitate a healthy decentralize monetary environment for all. We support a charitable cause and encourage technology innovation, this is our core value. We are different from other altcoins because we are focusing in integrating the “use” of htmlcoin to the “mainstream,” common people. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact Proof of Developer SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: X15 PoW / PoS Total Coins: 90 billion Block Time: 60 seconds Difficulty Re-target: every 1 block Confirmations on Transactions: 10 Maturity: 15 QR code support UPNP Support Total Blocks: 10,800,000 5,000 HTML5 per block POS INFORMATION Stake Interest: 1% Min Stake Age: 24 hours Max Stake Age: Unlimited DOWNLOADS Windows Wallet: Mac Wallet: Blockchain: GitHub: Source Code Sample htmlcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=6876 port=6877 gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= MINING / MINERS Cpu Miners Windows Pre-Compiled: Linux Source: GPU Miners AMD: Sgminer 5.1!9BYBCIpb!9u-UdMe9h3SV_6ifqTsCpI1PkTiXdBzLoxModwfbKb4 Nvidia cards: ccminer x15 fork PORTS RPC Port: 6876 P2P Port: 6877 POOLS (SSL Certificate) EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit Google+ Youtube SERVICES / OTHER Payment Processor ANN THREAD:
  2. WALLET AND FILES Windows Wallet: Mac Wallet: Blockchain: GitHub: UPDATES for 3rd Week of October 2014: Added to CRYPTSY, C-CEX and Many More After 30 Days I - We are in CRYPTSY now. Yes you read it right! See the link: - We are currently trading in ripple at cryptsy, we aim to be listed in Litecoin and Bitcoin in the nearest future, depending on the volume and our coin's market value. -To be in cryptsy is a big step. This will show who determined our community members to make html5 succeed! -We are planning to be listed in major trading sites, making html5 visible to the altcoin community. II - Included in Coinpayments, see: - Payment gateway providing buy now buttons, shopping carts, and more to accept Bitcoinand other altcoins like html5 online. - Recently, Newnote Financial Corp. acquires equity in Coinpayments Inc. Just imagine where HTML5 is heading! IV - Added in CoinToPay, see: -Cointopay International B.V. is providing crypto payment and web wallet services. V - Relisted in again, see: -C-cex believes in our coin by relisting. The is another great news. Trading now is expanding there. -Like bleutrade. c-cex has the ability to trade in any coin you want. -You can also use the merchant app if you want to accept html5, see: VI - Listed in CoinGecko, see -CoinGecko aims to collect all the data required to quantitatively and qualitatively rank the potential of an altcoin. VII - Added in CoinToPay, see: -Enables you to use virtual crypto currencies like BitCoin in an easy way. E.g. buy goods online, receive invoice payments from your customers or enable shopping cart checkouts. VIII. One Block Crawler & One Block Explorer: IX. Two Faucets now: -A place to some coins for free! X. Verified Proof of Developer, see: -Establishing integrity and trust. XI. Honest article about us: HTMLCOIN… Approximately 30 Days Later By Take to Task Ok. So… for those who have been following, htmlcoin went through a transition in a way that most cryptocurrencies have not. I’d even argue, in a way that most stocks have not. Let’s recap up to the transition to html5coin: -The original htmlcoin was stupidly easy to acquire *and* in large amounts. -The original algorithm was flawed. -The difficulty never rose. -People in general declared this coin dead. -The coin mysteriously and confusingly traded *well* for Dogecoin and, on occasion, traded for a small amount of Litecoin. -The developer never gave up on the coin. Always promoted it. -The developer announced a new, fixed algorithm, an updated coin name, and a reverse split of 1:15 (depending on when you did the trade) for the new coin. Now, you have to understand, many of those attributes listed above should have meant htmlcoin’s demise. So many coins have disappeared, and they had far less flawed attributes than what was listed here. Hell, so many stocks in the regular world of Wall Street would have been looked upon unfavorably just for that reverse split alone (especially penny stocks). Here’s the difference, and this purely opinion. -Ian, the promoter (and developer, I think) of html5coin, never gave up! He lived up to the title of promoter – he pushed this coin everywhere. -Ian was not in it for a get-rich-quick-with-bitcoin scheme. If he had been, he’d have given up long ago. Instead, he wanted (and *still* wants) this coin to succeed and become something more. -The entire html5coin community wants this coin to become something more. And, to clarify, that does not mean it has to supplant bitcoin or even ever be worth more than bitcoin. It just has to thrive and continue to have a use, whether that’s in an exchange, or in a marketplace (or both). So, how does hmtl5coin appear to me today, just (approximately) 30 days after the transition? More bullet points… -htmlcoin still trades well with Dogecoin. -htmlcoin trades well with Litecoin. -htmlcoin trades with Bitcoin (at 1 satoshi, so far), and never did that before. -htmlcoin is now one of the “premium coins” at Bleutrade. That means, html5coin is grouped with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin (although Bleutrade allows any coin they have to be traded with any other coin they have). Now, while we can all argue that Ian may have offered them some money, I don’t think that matters. Why? If I were running an exchange and you offered me what I perceived as “monopoly money,” I would not accept. Instead, they put html5 at the top with the three coins everyone in the crypto world knows. That means the Bleutrade has faith in the coin. And why shouldn’t they, html5coin is actually trading for higher value coins in a way it never did before. I’ve even heard the conspiracy theories of Bleutrade being behind html5coin, but I don’t believe that. Though, even if that were true, I’m still doing well with html5coin and I’ve lost nothing in the process. Isn’t that what we want – to play in the cryptocurrency world with as little risk as possible? html5coin certainly exemplifies that and has done so since its inception. I know things can change in a heartbeat, but I wanted to give you a perspective – my perspective – of how html5coin is doing so far. HTMLCOIN Trading Markets and its Transparent Community HTML5 Transparency and Community Article See:
  3. HTML5 COIN Hy people, the train is here, don't miss it guys- it is only one time. Just Buy this coin now, when price is low. You can become financially independent. Today there are more than 700 virtual coins, but not all will survive. HTML5 coin is one of the most stable and sustainably coin. Read on your own. Look at the stiffness of the past few days. Do not miss this opportunity. It is time to tell your friends about this currency. At this time, the development team is working to improve this coin. Let us build a better world together
  4. Html5 Wil go up Html5 Will explode
  5. Play now at ~~Knights of Old~~ A new monthly mini game has been added to Dragon Knights of Valeria. Compete with others to become the greatest Knight in Valeria playing on the original version of Dragon Knight. The object of this mini game is to become the highest level you can before or without dying. At the end of the mini game the player with the highest level will win and be rewarded with 80% of the fees to join. Each mini game will have a fee of roughly $0.50 that can be paid using any coin offered in game. 80% of the collected fees will go to the victor while the remaining 20% will be added to the games balance which will be able to be earned by players. Once the fee has been paid you will have an account auto registered on the old server located at This server will be unavailable to those who have not paid the fee to enter and will remained closed until a new mini game begins. Mini games will run from the 1st of every month until the end of the 7th. The remaining days in between each mini game will be the registration period. You can register yourself or any other player you want. Once you register you will be unable to cancel it and your account will be ready to log in.
  6. "Your One Stop Crypto Shop" Cryptopia is the land of cryptocurrency for all of your crypto services and needs. Looking for a new beginning or new home for you favorite crypto? Tired of being delisted because of low trade volume? Coin voting at cryptopia offers the community a place to get their favorite crypto listed with a "NO DELIST POLICY"! Sign up, register and submit your coin today. Buy, sell, trade in the open market place. Mine and track your crypto at the click of a button. Exchange and meet new peers in the land of Cryptopia. BUY/SELL/TRADE ​Buy, sell, & trade virtually anything worldwide and pay with your favorite cryptocurrency. marketplace allows you to sell anything from collectibles and art to video games peer to peer for any cryptocurrency available. Free of charge with no transaction fees. Direct transfers allow you to send any amount peer to peer with no fees. MINESHAFT The cryptopia mineshaft has 76 pools with 7 different algorithms and a profit switching pool. Mine one of the top 5 pools on crytopia or point your hash power to one of the featured pools. Whatever you crypto heart desires, let fulfill it. BLOCK EXPLORERS All transaction and blocks can be viewed with block explorers. Are you looking for nodes to sync your personal wallet client? Cryptopias block explorers offer node info for all cryptos available on the site. Rich list and last block info will also be available. EXCHANGE Need a quick and easy way to convert your crypto to btc, ltc, doge, dot or another cryptocurrency? Cryptopias exchange has 968 markets with 8 market pairs to choose from.
  7. Best place for free coins! rains 24/7 ! Come join the fun! Just say hi in chat and coins will rain on random 5 ppl in chat. Home of the forever rains: Come bring your bucket! and play in the rain! /c seen screenname = tells you when the last time they where on! /c msg screenname = will leave a msg for the next time the bot sees that screenname. /c bans = show list of ppl banned from the coin bot, to be removed from the rainbot ban list do not type anything for 15 mins, if you do the timer resets and you have to wait another 15 mins, /c ban @name = anyone can use this command to ban anyone from the rainbot for 15 mins, but at what cost? /c 10000 HTML5 to ltc = will give you a price of how much one coin transfers into the other coin. /c "any language" = it will translate it to english Best Way To Promo Your Coin! rainbot = direct transfer coins to make all of them rain to 5 random ppl in the room sprinklebot = direct transfer for slow drips of the coin through out the day! = these are the leaderboards! = this faucet feeds the bots at bleutrade and its fun! To fill the faucet with your coins direct transfer coins to / bleufaucet / Ctrl+F and type what coin your are looking for! News!!! Coins Supported! And their info! Total coins Coin INFO - 90B HTML5 - infinite,100b soft cap DOGE - 200B Gcoin - 100B? PANDA - 384.4B MOON - 100B? BUNNY - 100B CAGE - 100B NYC - 70B MINT - 27B REDD - 23B HEX - 1T PAC - 10B TROLL - 92B KARMA - 10B FUJI - 16.55B DOGED - 21B VIRTA - 1Q MUE - 91.8B SOLAR - 500m POW - 90m DONATION - 16.3m BLA - 100m BLK - 200m BLU - 22m BTCD - 3.3m BEAVER - 92m CANNABIS - 100m Canadae - 1B Cryptoescudo - 100m Check - 15m CLAM - 100m ZcechCrown - 200m Digital - 20m DigitalPrice - 22m Dark - 21m electronic gulden efl - 100m Frei - 65m Granite - 10m Guarany - 500m GUN - 21m HAM - 51m Imperium - 64m Ireland - 100k Lemur - 82m Litecoindark - 3m Mary Jane - 250m MAX - 42m Mega - 168m MONA - 21m NEOS - 1.68b GULDEN - 21m NAME - 3.77m ORBIT - 36.3m Pimp - 420m POT - 20.5m Peer - 247m Quark 63.9m Sterling - 84m Start - 4m Bit Swift - 250m SEX - 69m TIT - 250k Unobtanium - 1m+ URO - 1Q? USD - 50m Veri - 266m WORLD - 21m WANK - 50m WOLF - 25m MAGI - 25m PRIME - 12.5m? PAY - 450m Ziftr - 1m BleuTradeShares On-Site Arb Indicator - Yet another epic toy!!! -
  8. Hello there everyone! I'm new here. How do I go about validating my account? Is that necessary? I'm here to learn more about crypto-currency. I'm not a total n00b but not a pro. I may like to create an altcoin one day. For now I just support and promote the ones I like and use them. I also do some web design and basic coding. And I work in adult media. I'm not so much into coin for profit, more into it because I support alternative industry and economy. Feel free to befriend me on my social networks, here and elsewhere. I'm on tumblr as Have a great day and see ya around.
  9. Former Head football coach, Robby Wells of Savannah State University is roaring onto the National platform for 2016. The Democratic Presidential candidate is now working to become America’s next coach. At the Rise UP Festival in the Great American State of Georgia, Robby Wells will be accepting a political donation of crypto currency of html5coin much faster than bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin html5coin does not require miners or using up Earth’s Natural Resources to function. We Believe Robby Wells energy policy and sound principal economics strategy. The Future is now with Democratic Presidential candidate Robby Wells and HTML5coin.
  10. Sign Up to Make some great friends and earn some HTML5 Super Simple Right Just head over to a Social network site for Cryptocurrencly Lovers Register an account Respond to this Post with your Friendsforcash username and HTML5 Address I will send Each New Member 1000 HTML5 to get you started Just For Signing Up The First 5 PPL That Respond to this post will get a BONUS If you are a Coin Developer Please Make a Page for your Coin is a emerging social network site where you get paid in Crypto for the Things you do on Social Media anyway (ie: Posts, Status Updates, Blogs, Comments, Invites, Polls) If you would like to Work with Sent me a private Message We are always looking for great people to grow with
  11. WELCOME TO CRYPTOCHAIN PROMOTIONS... Congratulations! Your search is over... If you have landed on our website you are here for one reason and one reason only... HELP!!! CryptoChain Promotions is here to offer the help you need in achieving your marketing goals, building and expanding community, creating buzz and giving your project the exposure it needs to survive and thrive on the Blockchain... WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE DO... CryptoChain Promotions consists of a small dedicated group of focused individuals specializing in community development, digital marketing, content creation and social media, exceeding more than a decade of marketing and promotion experience combined. As a group, every member of our marketing team has actively been a part of or has contributed in some way to the phenomenal growth and development of the blockchain or cryptocurrency since 2010.... CryptoChain Promotions is focused on helping developers and merchants on the blockchain market, promote and develop a community around project, service or business objectives. We have many resources at our disposal to help spread the word socially and an existing targeted community in place as a launching pad for any type of innovation being developed on the blockchain. There is a step by step formula for success if you want to be successful in this environment and if not applied success will not come easy, we will be your guide to finding that success. Services include the following: Digital Content Creation (Articles, Press Release, Launch Announcements) Community Development Social Media Forums Bounty Listing Exchange Requests & Voting Training... FLEXIBLE & AFFORDABLE... CryptoChain Promotions is flexible and affordable, we offer a variety of different payment options to choose from and understand the importance of staying within budget and this is why we work with every prospective client to design a custom solution based upon budgetary restraints and the needs of that prospective client... WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT... CryptoChain Promotions knows there are many marketing companies to choose from these days however, very few understand this new and exciting industry, they may put on a song and dance and even break out the technical lingo but do they really know what they are doing and have your best interests in mind or do they just want to take the money and run so to speak? CryptoChain Promotions is different, we love what we do, this industry is our passion and we consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of it's development and are proud to call ourselves pioneers of this amazing technology. Marketing and promotion is what we do, the blockchain and cryptocurrency is our niche, we know both like the back of our hands but are humble enough to admit that we do learn something new everyday in this ever changing and expanding environment. It is important to us to build solid, trusting relationships with our clients to give them piece of mind knowing that we have their back so they can move on to focus on other areas of interest to keep moving forward... CORE BELIEF & MISSION STATEMENT... CryptoChain Promotions is old school, we believe in the founding principals and ideals of the blockchain and the benefits of transparency, anonymity and decentralization as laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto. We do not believe in greed or corruption and we view this amazing new technology as an opportunity to eliminate it or at least reduce it and make efforts to restore freedom to all... Contact Us Today For Free Review...
  12. Introducing Shadow, the wallet experience will never be the same. After more than 500+ developer hours, we've completely reworked the Satoshi client framework from old and busted into the . Our initial goal for this release was to create a user and developer friendly experience, while keeping privacy a cornerstone of the project. We believe we’ve succeeded and our new interface is the foundation that will shape the future of the Shadow ecosystem. Shadow resembles more modern application frameworks both on the frontend and the backend. We’ve taken a different approach to our privacy counterparts at DarkWallet. Instead of building a wallet into a browser framework, we’ve built a browser framework into a wallet. The entire front end is written in HTML5/CSS3/JS using QtWebKit widgets and C++. The result is a more interactive and streamlined Shadow experience for the end user. We've made sure not to put passwords or anything insecure in Javascript or Html, so your information is just as safe as the prior client. To our knowledge, this is the first “cryptobrowser” to hit the scene. Although there isn’t actual web browser functionality, the application framework is there to build applications that run on top of the Shadow network. In the future we’ll be releasing a ShadowSDK for interested developers and entrepreneurs. The new interface includes all of Shadow’s previous innovations: dual key stealth addresses (ShadowSend), encrypted messaging (ShadowChat) and our simplified payment verification system (ShadowLite). It also includes UI improvements on existing CoinControl technology. Our next step for the will be integrating the new interface into our mobile line (ShadowGo) as well as adding features to improve upon the new interface. Coin Control Q: What is Coin Control? A: When you send coins to someone else, the Shadow client randomly chooses which of your addresses will send the coins. With coin control you can choose exactly which of your addresses will be the sending addresses. More specifically which of your unspent outputs will be the sending inputs. ( In this release, we’ve moved coin control to the front end to make it easily accessible to the end-user. ShadowChat Shadow’s advanced P2P encrypted messaging system is back with a massively redesigned front end. The new interface is more modern and user friendly. Unlike other messaging platforms, ours has no central server routing messages; everything is encrypted end-to-end and P2P. Setting up a new conversation with a friend, colleague or business associate has never been easier. To get started you’ll need an address and a public key. 1. Create an address 1a. Your public key will be created That’s it! Share your address and public key with your desired counterpart and begin communicating privately and securely. To begin a conversation with someone, you’ll need his or her address and public key. 1. Select the “ShadowChat” tab and click “Start Conversation” 2. Enter their SDC address into the “address” field 3. Enter their name or alias in the “name” field 4. Enter their public key into the “public key” field 5. Select the “Start conversation” button All done! You’ve successfully created your first ShadowChat conversation! Enjoy chatting knowing that “Big Brother” isn’t listening in! ShadowLite The product of over 400 developer hours - our Simplified Payment Verification system is still going strong, reducing sync times by orders of magnitude. To take full advantage of “thin mode” use the following directions: 1. Close your Shadow Client 2. Open up a text editor (Sublime, TextWrangler) 3. Enter the following: a. thinmode=1 b. thinstake=1 c. thinfullindex=1 4. Save as shadowcoin.conf in your Shadow directory a. Windows i. C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\ShadowCoin (Vista and 7) b. OSX i. ~/Library/Application Support/ShadowCoin/ c. Linux i. ~/.shadowcoin/ 5. Reopen your client Done! Your client should now be in “thin mode” and you can enjoy the benefits of a shorter sync time, while still securing the Shadow network. Shadow’s Future When we started working on the interface, we wanted to develop a friendly experience for the end-user. While a unique user experience is commendable, we saw an opportunity to develop a platform that also made it easier for contributing developers to work with; something absent from other crypto-currency projects. This is when the wallet development shifted and became framework development. We believe we’ve succeeded on both fronts with our latest release. In the future, we’ll be releasing a digital distribution platform like GooglePlay to allow developers to create apps or games for the platform using a ShadowSDK that takes full advantage of Shadow’s privacy technology. This will allow for an entirely new generation of privacy-focused zero knowledge applications. ShadowSend 2.0 (SS2) Research and development is well under way for our upcoming ShadowSend update. Our dedicated privacy technology developer, “tecnovert”, has been successful in implementing the latest advancements in zero knowledge cryptographic primitives. Rest assured, our unique implementation will be unrivaled. ShadowChat v2 Update The voice, video and file attachment ShadowChat update was pushed back so we could focus on the core framework. Our decision to focus on the core will increase long term usability for ShadowChat and provide a better experience for the end user. Thanks to our Community! Ultimately, our work here gives Shadow one the strongest foundations in the cryptocurrency space and will support the building of a new Shadow economy, not bound by prior programmatic restrictions. Our community is also equally important to that foundation. We want to give a big thanks to everyone in the Shadow community for sticking with us during our last development cycle, everyone that helped contribute to and test this release. It was no doubt the single biggest effort made towards the project. Without your support this release would not have been possible. We look forward to shaping the interface based on the community’s feedback! Downloads: Please let the team know what you think and if you have any ideas about how it could be further improved! Forum: Facebook: Reddit:
  13. FOLLOW US HERE FOR DISCUSSION VISION: Providing a stable system to with withstand the demands of the entire altcoin community. MISSION: To build strong network of users, create robust apps for goods & services, spread awareness about cryptocurrency through charity, and facilitate a healthy decentralize monetary environment for all. We support charitable cause and encourage technology innovation, this is our core value. We are different from other altcoins because we are focusing in integrating the “use” of htmlcoin to the “mainstream,” common people. We transitioned from HTML to HTML5 at BleuTrade and ComKort. Swapping ended in September 25, 2014 Chicago Time. See: THE TEAM (Above is our Prof of Developer) Our team is composed of different nationalities, diversity is our strength. The educational backgrounds and the experience of our members are commendable, they are expert in their own field. We are composed of doctoral candidates, masters degree holders, adjunct faculty, a skilled geek -- like you and me! GENERAL INFO: Name: HTMLCOIN Symbol: HTML5 or </> Website: Prof of Developer: CONTACT: Email: Support: Update: MEDIA: Video: Articles: HTMLCoin Transitions To HTML5 HTMLCOIN Announces BIG Changes To Its Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency HTMLcoin Is Launching - Alt Coin HTML5 Launches With An Upgrade + New Cryptocurrency Features For Miners and Users ABC 12 International Business Times Miami Herald Boston News DISCUSSIONS, FORUMS, & THREAD: MARKET PLACE TRADING EXCHANGE: Bleutrade: (multi-trading all coins) Many more! ComKort: (3 trading pairs) BTC Market Cold Cryptos (soon) PAYMENT SYSTEM: More services to come Cointopay: While Puma Multipple Tipping App in Facebook: Coinpayments: (soon) Casheerapp: (soon) WALLET AND EXPLORER WALLET: WINDOWS: LINUX 64 BITS: LINUX 32 BITS: Explorer: POOL, MINING, AND SOURCE CODE POOL: (SSL Certificate) The "1601 blocks" or "800500 HTML5" used to process transactions in order to move orders in Bleutrade and ComKort during Pre-Sale will be given out in our FACEBOOK GROUP. We will be using a tipping app to distribute the coin. If you want to get your share, join us here: SOURCE CODE: Bitbucket: Github: MINING: Cpu Miners Windows Pre-Compiled: Linux Source: GPU Miners AMD: Sgminer 5.1!9BYBCIpb!9u-UdMe9h3SV_6ifqTsCpI1PkTiXdBzLoxModwfbKb4 Nvidia cards: ccminer x15 fork [/url]
  14. HTMLCOIN Cryptocurrency Releases HTML5 Today At Bleutrade For Pre-Sale Currently At 13:1 Ratio... If you own any HTMLcoins hurry over to Bleutrade to swap them out at a 13:1 ratio... the longer you wait the more they will cost you on the swap so urgency is critical. HTML5 is an upgrade from its original version to X15 DGW3... The HTML5 community is one of the largest cryptocurrency communities on the net currently and has achieved th growth of its community through organic methods. HTMLcoin now HTML5 has always been a supporter of other cryptocurreny and altcoins around the world including Dogecoin who at this moment is also experiencing an increase in growth due to some of the changes they have adopted. They believe in "open source" projects and have always believed in charity as well. HTML5 is going to be lauching in 10 days and will make history and news around the world. HTML5 has been described as an underdog coin and possibly the sleeper coin of the year but every time HTMLcoin got knocked down or against the ropes they just kept getting back on their feet. If you do not have any of the older HTMLcoins get your self a wallet at Bleutrade and visit the community to see if you can participate to earn some and then swap out for HTML5 when you are ready... Communities:
  15. HTMLCOIN Has Announced The Coming Of HTML5 Featuring X15 Algorithm And A New Logo... Current owners of HTMLCOIN will now be able to swap to HTML5 at ratios between 8:1 to 20:1 depending on timing of the swap as an incentive to make the swap as soon as possible. This is a huge reward for the early adopters of HTMLCOIN and looks to reward them very well.Cryptocurrency News sites are reporting that HTMLCOIN is the sleeper coin of 2014 with the transition to HTML5 and it looks fairly certain that along with the massive organically grown dedicated community that has surrounded HTMLCOIN since inception that HTML5 will surpass all expectations and skyrocket to the top of the ranks competing with many of the top rated cryptocurrencies including bitcoin. Read More
  16. Hello folks! I have been working on a new app this summer. The motivation was to have a multiplatform app that can be used with the same account and with the ability to track the wallet balance of more than 100 crypto coins. Give it a look