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Found 31 results

  1. Auto Sell I have been teaching my son some things about BitCoins, HBN, Markets and Coding. He was looking around Cryptopia and wanted to know what the "API" section meant. The best way to explain is to show. So we worked on it a bit yesterday and I finished it off last night. It is a simple script(s) that will watch your balance and then sell based on your wishes. It can be used with a headless coin that you might mine to and then send as you get coins, or it can be used with S4C on HBN/CAP/HYP whomever is now using it. It uses ruby and shell. So it should work on just about any system. You only need to install MSYS and Ruby on Windows and you are good to go. Linux and Mac should work with little issue. I have attached the code. To invoke you simply need to have all of the scripts in the same dir and enter COIN TRADE_TYPE The COIN is just the coin you want to autosell eg HBN. and the TRADE_TYPE is ASK, BID or DUMP. ASK will put the trade on the top ask price. BID will sell on the bid without looking at how many coins. and DUMP (for now) will just subtract a few sats and try to sell the entire balance right away. HBN ASK There is only a piece that you might need to fill your self in the ruby code in getbalance.rb . You have to put into an array the COIN to COINID COINHASH = { "HBN" => 84, "CAP" => 213 } And you have to enter your API information into getbalance.rb and placetrade.rb _API_KEY = "YOUR_API_KEY" _API_SECRET = "YOUR_API_SECRET" I have worked with ruby only this once, so it can be created a lot better with time. I also wanted to show him the difference in languages so I used shell with awk for parsing. This is simplistic and not fully vetted code, so use at your own risk. But it works pretty well. coin_info.rb getbalance.rb placetrade.rb
  2. Instead of updating my last post I figured I would just make a Mining Pool Post and keep this one updated. The top four have the largest share of the hash-rate. Even with a hybrid POS coin, keeping the hashes spread out can only help. Happy Mining. 09-05-2015: Active: COINMINE.PW - PPL(Time)S No Payout Fees Block Finder Bonus VAR Difficulty Unique Coin Switching within the pool SCRPT.IO Prop Payout 0.5% Pool Fee CRYPTOTROLL PPLNS No Mining Fees Stratum & VARDIFF support LIFEFORCE Prop payout 1.5% Feet HAMSTERPOOL PPLNS 1.5% Fee VARDIFF with manual set-point Multi-Coin Pool - Mine HBN or use the auto switcher. THE BLOCKS FACTORY PPLNS Fee : 1% Difficulty : fixed or vardiff Block paid after 25 confirmations TOMPOOL - Prop payout Multi-Coin Pool - Mine HBN or use the auto switcher, can create custom list of coins for the auto-switcher. SMARTMINING (Closing Dec 12 2014) PPLNS 0.5% Pool Fee Auto-Payouts every 5min
  3. I have been messing around with getting HBN to compile on the Pi. Finally got it all up and running. Started syncing around 9:15 EST March 16. Any guess on when it will be done? After it is complete I will throw some coins at it and see how it stakes. For those interested in doing the same, Here is what I did: 1) Followed this guide (mostly) 2) Installed newest boost sudo apt-get install libboost1.50-all 3) grabbed HBN from git. And changed the following: 3.1) removed -msse2 from makefile.unix 3.2) removed #include <xmmintrin.h> from scrypt_mine.cpp 4) make -f makefile.unix After a very long compile time, just started it as a normal daemon. And it off and running. sudo ./hobonickelsd getinfo { "version" : "v1.3.1.0-gc722bd8-hobo", "protocolversion" : 70003, "blocks" : 19129, "timeoffset" : 0, "moneysupply" : 95642.85600000, "connections" : 3, "wallets" : 1, "walletversion" : 60000, "proxy" : "", "difficulty" : 0.43170515, "testnet" : false, "paytxfee" : 0.00100000, "mininput" : 0.00100000, "errors" : "" }
  4. Will my HBN daemon continue to stake coins after i issue a setgenerate true command? Thanks.
  5. HOBONICKELS HBN Crypto For Cause Home landing page History of the Hobo Nickel"> The Original Hobo Nickel Society: Block Explorers: Block Crawlers: SPECIFICATIONS Proof of Work: Scrypt 5 coin blocks 30 secs Proof of Stake: ~2% stake every 10 days! 100% yearly degrading over difficultly. 250 Max PoS Reward Features: Dynamically Loadable Wallets Updated Coin Control Auto Check Points Easy Accessible Peer, Stake, and Block information Click-able icons Stake For Charity Built in Block Browser and Network Graph Split/Combine User Settings DOWNLOADS version Newest Windows and Mac Linux Clients Older Windows And Mac Client (Forked off Jan 17, 2015) (Open ssl Security Flaw) (No longer on right chain) Source Block Chain Sample hobonickel.conf listen=1 daemon=1 server=1 rpcuser=*your hobo name* rpcpassword=*Your hobo quote* port=7372 rpcport=7373 rpcconnect= PORTS Connect Port: 7372 RPC Port: 7373 Nodes POOLS Pool list found here EXCHANGES Cryptopia Cryptsy Exchange Warning SERVICES / OTHER Carved HoboNickels - Jay's Jerky and Goodies - Living Style - The Book Store - CryptoCoinTalk Thread SEo Ebook - Free Online Auctions - Web Site Traffic Delivery - Free Scratch off Game - VPN - HBN Icon created by Jay DeBoer. Please check his other work by clicking the coin
  6. This thread will document the changes that will go into the newest version of HoboNickels, version 1.5 There will be both core and gui updates for both fixes and new functionality. As I complete updates to the code I will put the link on github. Others are very welcome to comment and test them out. If you see a mistake(bug) or further enhancement, post your HBN address with the comment(or github PR), as I will be giving out rewards for bug finds. I expect 2 or 3 months code and test time, with an expected release in Q3 '14 Once released this will be a hardfork, with at least a 2 month lead time from the end of development until the fork takes effect. All clients will get an alert 1 month, 1 week, and then 1 day before the fork takes effect. These are the changes that I plan to implement as part of the fork. 1) Fix max stake weight. Currently stuck at 20 days. 2) Lower timedrift from 2 hours to 15 minutes. 3) Fix negative time-bomb attack vector. 4) Lower min input/fee from .001 to .0001 5) Add a max stake value of 500 coins. 6) Add messaging ( this is not for sure) 7) Anything else?? These will be the last section to get coded, so the date can be planned.
  7. The newest version of HBN is now ready. This fixes many key issues, including open ssl bug. This is not mandatory, but is highly recommended. Clients Win 32: Win 64: Coming Soon (Maybe) Mac: Coming Soon Ubuntu 32/64: Coming Soon Pre-Installation Although nothing must be done, when upgrading it is a good idea to take a snap shot of exactly how things were. It is also good to do this periodically as well. Shut down old client Navigate to %appdata%/HoboNickels and create new folder chain_wallet_backup Copy(not move) folders "database", "txleveldb" and files "wallet.dat"(and others) and "blk0001.dat" to this new directory Download version 1.4 Rename old executable to HoboNickels-qt.exe_old(for example) and copy this new one in place. Start it up as normal. Edit: I have added a new version to the release page. This version will decrease start up time by 15 times. It does require re-index. So be sure to follow the procedures above if you would want to revert. But also be sure to make a backup copy of the newly created blk0001.dat and txleveldb directory after you are in sync. In the event of some type of index or data corruption. Core changes Added Seed Nodes Changed Kernel for optimizations Replaced nMaxClockDrift with with Future/PastDrift Moved Mining Code moved to separate module Added NVC Fast Staking Miner Added Stake For Charity Added Scrypt-Arm Compiled with open ssl 1.01g, QT 5.2.0, and is now a static exe Gui changes New menu option wallet Added Lock/Unlock wallet and Check/Repair wallet to wallets menu Added Import/Export Wallet to File Menu Added Backup All Wallets to File Menu Added/changed some icons pics Added New Staking Icon Added Weight to Coin Control Added combined balance to Overview Version displayed at start-up Changed icons to be click able, will give extended information (Similar to getinfo/getmininginfo/getpeerinfo) Fixed some Address and Transaction Page bugs RPC Changes: Changed listwallets shows combined balance of all loaded wallets Added backupallwallets Added getsubsidy Changed walletpassphrase, zero will unlock forever Changed repairwallet, will remove orphans Added stakeforcharity Start-up Switches: -confchange. setting to 1 will require 1 confirmation before you can spend change. Added newtxnotify Added confirmnotify Added blockfoundnotify
  8. Half of the mining pools listed at are dead links, or the pools do not mine HBN. So, I made a list mining pools that are activity mining HBN. Maybe the website can be updated. I have been away from crypto-coins for about 6 months but I have been lurking, I wanted to do something even if its small. DEAD Pools Listed at that no longer support HBN ACTIVE Pools - Currently Listed ACTIVE Pools - NOT Listed (maybe they should be added) I'm sure I missed a few, but anyways, happy mining.
  9. Good News HoboNickels (HBN) has been added to COMKORT EXCHANGE GOOD LUCK & HAPPY TRADING
  10. Post your HBN address and recieve 1 HBN block! Must be a wallet address, not an exchange. And you must hold it until it generates stake. Hey its only 10 days!
  11. Sign up here tips I got it added: Ei5NHnMLSx3FzHN8UEaaFeggzxqewAoyVX show some HBN love
  12. Hobonickels Pool. URL: Fees: 0.5% Transactions Fees : 0.1 HBN Static difficulty : 64 Stratum only (we are in 2014). Server located in France, Europe, on OVH. I'll be using this topic for the support, or to take some suggestion for the pool. You can find me here, on freenode (Meska), or on BTC. Please note, I'm french, so sometimes, I do some typo/mistake with the language of Shakespeare, feel free to report any typo/language errors. Known bugs: Orphans blocks are not always well reported. There is sometimes double payout, I don't correct them, it's covered by the pool fees. (For now, it happened twice in ~1 month) TODO: Allow users to stake directly from the pool. Still trying to play with the coin age in RPC. Force user to withdraw more often (I don't want to be a bank) Suggestions are more than welcome.
  13. What is Stake For Charity? Stake for charity is a new function added to HBN in version 1.4+. This new function will allow sending a percentage of your Proof of Stake reward to another address. So for instance if you held 100 HBN and for 20 days, and you allowed them to stake on the network, You would receive a reward of 4 coins, for your work on the network. Assuming you are donating 25% of your PoS reward, your wallet will send 1 HBN to your designated address. How does it work? When activated the wallet will watch for new blocks coming in from you or the network. After a new block is found and accepted by the network the wallet will check if you have any PoS blocks that have matured. Matured means they have 25 confirmations. At this point the wallet will calculate your reward and send a percentage of that to your address of choice. How do I use it? For now this is activated by a RPC command. Future releases will have full gui support. For default unlocked wallets you simply enter the RPC command, or using the gui in the debug window/console tab, 'stakeforcharity <HBNAddress> <percentage>'. For secondary wallets you can enter the same command, but you need to preface it with usewallet <wallet name> stakeforcharity <HBN Address> <percentage>. If your wallet is locked you will need to unlock it via the RPC command walletpassphrase or using the gui unlock. To stop stake for charity you will need to issue the same type of commands, but set the percentage to zero. Do you have a list of charities? Not yet, but soon a list will be available on Can I get added to the list? If you run a charity and would like to get added to the list, please feel free to drop us a line in this thread or PM Tranz or Presstab here or at bitcointalk. We will need your website and your HBN address. How can I tell I am running S4C? By clicking on the staking icon (green arrow in the bottom right) a window with information will pop up, in there you will get information about your current address and percentage your are giving. Can I send to multiple different addresses? At the current time, no. Each loaded wallet can only send to 1 other address. However each wallet can choose another or no other address to send to. Future releases may allow for multiple s4c from the same wallet. What risk are involved if any? For the network I think the risk is very low. This will only add a small amount of extra transactions being sent out. It will grow the block chain size a little bigger then without it. But shouldn't be very much at all. For the user i think there are 3 risks. First off I have to allow for sending coins using S4C even if the wallet is only unlocked for mint. So an intruder could start up stake for charity and send coins off to himself. But could still not use any of the normal send money commands or gui. So the risk is quite low, and should be noticed by the user very quickly. Another issue that I see is in dealing with wallets. As each S4C is sent out, the change(what is left over) from your block is returned to you to a new address. As the amount of cached keys is used, new ones are generated. If a user lost a wallet and had to restore from an older backup, they may lose some of those coins. There are 2 very quick and easy work around for this. First off the user can use coin control to send the change back to an address they know is safelty backedup. Another way is to use the rpc command keypoolrefill <keys> or usewallet <walletname> keypoolrefill <keys> where keys could be say 500 or 1000. This will generate and store the amount of new keys into that wallet. After that you would then backup that wallet and you would have many keys before new ones are generated. Finally the last issue that I can think of is the potential of lost coin days. The wallet will choose which coin block to use to send the coins to your charity. For all my testing it seems to use the very smallest and the youngest block. But it potentially could choose one that is a bit older. This can be seen and tracked via coin control. So far this issue is pretty low, based on my initial testing. I have plans to address most of these issues in future releases. For the charity receiving the coins. The biggest risk i would see is theft. If someone was able to steal the private key of the wallet being used. They would be able to capture the coins. This is no different then any other user. But they will be a bit more a target. This issue could be combated by generating a wallet offline and using that for the public address. Thereby protecting it. A recipient of S4C may also have a higher network fee when going to spend the coins, as they will be most likely be made up of many small blocks.
  14. There is a known bug, but not yet fully known reason that may affect some users of HBN, sometimes. This guide will help you get back up and running if it should happen to you and help you prepare for a quick recovery. The bug in general shows itself after a shut down and restart. You may start up and receive an error message as such: So what is happening? The best I have gathered so far, is part of the index becomes corrupt or erased and is not loaded into memory. As the index is loaded it is scanned against a hash check. If this fails it aborts the client as shown above. So what can you do? The easiest solution is to Navigate to your %appdata%/HoboNickels directory. There you will see some files and folders. You can remove or rename the folder "txleveldb". Then start up the client. It will request the blocks from the network and rebuild the index. If you are having trouble getting a strong connection from the network, see this guide ( This process can be time consuming, and slightly irritating, but there is no danger to your wallet or coins. How to be prepared? If you want to be prepared in case that could happen to you. Here is one process that can help. After you are up to sync with the block chain, shut down the client. Then in the same directory as above, make a new folder called block_chain_backup. Then copy the blk0001.dat and the txleveldb folder to that new backup folder. If you would get this failure in the future you could use these 2 files and overlay the ones in the root directory. This would save at least some time re-syncing with the network. Be careful not to do anything to other files. Such as wallet.dat or the database folder What is being done? Currently I am working on this piece of the code to remove this nuisance of a bug from the client. But this can be time consuming as the new code is written, I then have to recreate the index, and then try to trash it. Sometimes the crash is quick other times it can be difficult to make it happen. Can I help? Yes! I am offering a bounty of 5,000 HBN to someone who can demonstrably prove where the bug resides and offer a fix to the code base. Otherwise if it does happen to you. Feel free to post in this thread so we can track this issue. Valuable information would be: What version are you on. What system were you on. Did anything new or recent happen to that computer. Such as a hard crash(power failure) or perhaps a OS patch. Or anything else you may think is important. If you have any further information or thoughts about this again feel free to post links or ideas. Thanks!
  15. So I heard Tranz did the same, but I change a little thing for lazy people like me : So no need to find the -X 34 It's just : ./vanitygen -H F1Meska -H for our favorite coin of course I didn't try the oclminer, according to what I read, it's not working with recent AMD SDK (or drivers). usage on linux : git clone cd vanitygen make ./vanitygen -H F1Hobo Still trying to play with the "F1" stuff, or E1, please not Fmeska will work, no FMeska, no idea why, I'm not the only one having this problem. Untested on windows, neither mac. If tranz wants to use my "little modifications", his git may be a better place
  16. I have no idea how it will work if I do this. I'm still trying to understand the staking process, how the "randomness" is working, but I was thinking about loading my wallet from my personnal computer (for the coin control stuff), and also from my dedicated server (good connection to the Internet, no reboot or stuffs like this). So if I'm thinking well (but I'm not sure I am), if I receive some coin, I will see it at the same time on both wallet (depends of the network sync of course), and if I spend some coin, I will see them too (not sure for the last one). My idea was, if I "connect" to the network two wallets at the same time, I will have less chances to orphan, specially if the wallets are in differents locations (US and Europe for example) because the submission of the staking blocks will be done "everywhere". So first question: is there a risk ? Second question: if it's working, does it make senses ?
  17. Hey Guys! New Hobonickels pool! No Mining Fees! No Transaction Fees for both Automatic and Manual withdrawals! Proven Pool Operator Record. Wallet and Stratum are on dedicated, high capacity server in a secure clustered environment. Servers with 24/7 support. 99.9% up time SLA for mining services. (US Location)stratum+tcp:// Once Pool reaches 100 Mh/s alternate stratum servers will be added as backup. PPLNS payout First 50 registered users will get no fees for life! Check out our early miner Reward System: Happy Mining! CryptoTroll
  18. We have implemented a unique (as far as we know) program to reward the miners that help our pools become successful. We first made it available to our WorldCoin and Dogecoin Pools and now we are bringing it to our Hobonickels pool (! We would like to reward you for both participation and results, therefore you will be rewarded in two ways: 1. Early bird reward: First 50 subscribed users will be flagged for No Fees for Life reward. Regardless of our future fee structure, you will never have to pay fees*1. To make sure that this reward goes to mostly unique users, only accounts that have done some mining (you must make at least one coin) with us will be recognized. 2. Founders reward: Once our site hits 100 simultaneous users and have at least 200 MH/s hash rate, top 5 contributors up to that point will be GREATLY rewarded forever. Each of those users will ALWAYS get paid a portion of each found block by our Hobonickels pool, even if they have not participated in mining that block. If they have participated, it would just be additional payment to their share for that block. All the bonuses will be paid from fees we receive. This will not reduce the payouts to all other miners. We will be looking at two categories when selecting top 5 users, found blocks and overall hash rate. · Top 4 users that found the most blocks will get their reward. · The last spot will be given to the user with the highest hash rates that was not lucky enough to get on the top 4 list. Users that already made it to top 4 will not be considered for these last spot. Now to the actual reward details! Large part of all the fees we collect will be paid to our winners forever! · 30% of all fees collected will be distributed as part of Founders reward. · Each of the rewarded accounts will receive 5% of fees collected permanently. · In addition! The account that found the most blocks by the time we reach 100 simultaneous users will get paid additional 5%, totaling 10% of all pools income for life! Other small tokens: · Each user with a Founder reward will have an icon next to their name on all visible lists of the site. This will be (yet to be created) an image of the reward and coin type with your reward number (1 of 5) · We will also link this account to all accounts you have with our other pools (per your approval), where this icon will be displayed next to your name as well. · It would be possible to have multiple icons next to your name, once we launch this program to our other pools. Many new pools are coming! CryptoTroll *1 This only applies to fees paid to Transaction fees paid to network during withdrawals would still apply. Some additional rules to prevent cheating: 1. Miners mining under 100 Kh/s on average will not count toward total of 100 simultaneous miners. (these miners will still have full right at the reward and all other perks). For example if we have have 102 simultaneous miners mining at the same time, but 3 of them are mining below 100 Kh/s rate, we would need one more miner to join in to reach 100 and end the competition. Each of those 3 miners can still win the reward, if they found sufficient amount of blocks to reach top 5. 2. Only one account per IP will count towards 100 simultaneous users. Note, you can have as many workers as you like, they will all count towards your account. All accounts on the same IP will be eligible for Founders reward, there is no limitation other than general calculation of 100 simultaneous miners. The chances of winning for each account will be identical if they run from the same IP versus different IPs.
  19. I am preparing to move HBN to Level DB. There are many advantages to it, first being the block size is decreases by almost 1/2. It also improves the load up time. Has any other developer moved their coins over, that cares to share insight? My main concern is the fork that happened with Bitcoin. See I think this is a lower possibility with HBN as it has much faster block time, so the amount of inputs is generally spread across many more block then with 10 minute btc block time. I do not plan to forcible remove peers that aren't upgraded, instead I was going to leave the checkpoint server at the lower level. At least until I see 80-90% network adaption. At that point I would upgrade this checkpoint server. If my thinking is correct, then any pool or miner who created a large block, which would be accepted by the new software, but rejected by the old, would be safe, as the checkpoint server would reject that large block, thereby keeping the not upgraded version on the same chain. I would send out alerts once the checkpoint server was upgraded, letting the older clients know they were in jeopardy. Again I think the chance for a fork here is very remote, but I don't want to spend days making sure everyone is on the right chain. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  20. There is a known compatibility issue with wallets created in version 1.2 and and then used in later versions The underlying reason is not entire clear to me, but the general reason is. How does this issue manifest itself? A user may experience an issue where they try to start up the client and it aborts with an error message stating the wallet is corrupt and salvage wallet failed. This may also show itself as the client fully loading and then crashing very quickly. A third version of this error would be when a user tries to load a secondary wallet while the client is running, and will get an error 22. Why does this happen? The older version of HBN 1.2 was compiled and released using a different method, different libraries and a different compiler. As such if a user changes from the older version to the newer version, and then subsequently has some type of crash of the computer, or the wallet fails to flush fully during a shutdown this issue may present itself. What do I do? The number one thing to keep in mind is do not panic. Before you do anything read the guide fully and make sure you understand it and feel free to ask for help. The first thing you should do is navigate to your %appdata%/HoboNickels folder, make a new folder called wallet_backup, and put a copy of your wallet.dat and other secondary wallets (wallet-storage.dat) for example, in there. You should also copy the database directory to a backup as well. The wallet and database folder work together to create a fail-safe for each other. If one has problems the other can help it. So be sure you keep both. You should then create a new folder in your root drive(for easy access) called c:\hbn_fix (for example). Then copy the wallet that is having issues to that folder. Remember to also copy the database folder to there as well. If it is a secondary wallet. Then rename it to wallet.dat. After you are done, you should only have two things in that new directory. Now you will need to start up the old client, version 1.2.2 or or I keep a copy of them here. The client will need to be started with 2 switches. -salvgewallet and -datadir=c:\hbn_fix. If it is successful you should see 2 files in your c:\hbn_fix folder. wallet.1396567436.bak(for example) and wallet.dat. Version 1.2 won't be able to fully sync with the network, so shut down the client if it is running. Now you should be able to take that wallet.dat file and call it wallet-fix.dat(for example) and use it with the newer version of HBN. Are only version 1.2 , -> effected Yes, but with a caveat. If you compile your code and you happen to use some of the older options, this may effect you, if you later move to one of my compiled wallets, or upgrade your compiler. I personally have not had this issue and I flip between the both version just about every day. But something to keep in mind. What can I do to help safe guard my wallets? One of the most important things that can be done is to backups of your wallets. In the newer versions 1.3.5+ The file option menu has a Backup All Wallets, and can make saving them off very easy. It is not a great idea to simply copy the wallets while the client is running, as data could be in the process of being flushed to disk and may not create a clean copy. There is also the export wallet option (in version 1.3.5+) which will allow you to create a text readable file of your private and public keys. This is also another safe guard against almost any type of corruption or any unanticipated future issue. As these can be re-imported, or even typed in to any running client. Anything else? This is a pretty rare issue as version 1.2 has been replaced for many months. I have only heard of 5 people this has effected thus far. I do not believe it will be an issue in the future. But I always keep old version of the client out there, just in case, even if they are no longer compatible with the network. If you do get this issue or anything similar and you are sure you created a wallet with 1.3+ and/or are unable to fix this, please feel free to pop in here and let us know. Thanks!
  21. One of my goals with the HBN network is to set in motion coin that can and will be accepted by charity organizations. As such I plan to implement a Stake for Charity (S4C) in the HBN wallet. My initial plan will be to get 1 or 2 charities on board that will use and accept HBN. I haven't worked on the code yet, I am still working out the details in my mind. But I was wondering what others thought of this? Basically you would have a choice in the wallet to designate a percentage of the PoS that would go the one of the charities listed in the wallet. My real quandary is I'm not sure the best practices to implement this? The easy route is to create some offline wallets, and save off the wallets. I would hard code the public wallet address into code. I would then give these private keys in the wallets to the respective charity. I am pretty sure this would be secure, up to a point. The obvious exploits would be someone changing their own code to sent to their own address. But unless they got mass acceptance, through social engineering, I don't see the point of that. The other issue would be if someone stole the charities private wallet and began taking the coins. This is my biggest worry. So I am wondering if anyone has a better more secure implementation strategy?
  22. Have a vote if you have a few seconds.
  23. I plan to release version 1.4 by End of Q2 2014, maybe soon, maybe later. For now I would like to hear some user requests. Here are somethings that will most likely make it in. Extend fMintOnly bool to the gui. This would will allow an encrypted wallet to stake, when unlocked, but will not allow coins to be sent without the password. This is already part of the RPC command, but would now be extended to the gui. Optimize the staking process. Just recently I have had to go through the re-combination of stake, because of splitting and re-splitting after many many months. There were too many coins trying to stake, that it freezes up the gui, and causes a lot of orphan stake. I hope to optimize it a bit more to prevent this problem, or at least push it off for even longer time frame. Add Stake For Charity. At least the rpc command, and if I can start or complete the gui implementation. What else would you like to see? Small requests I may start adding into the github sooner(such as this one, larger ones will wait till the offical release.
  24. Hey guys I wanted to let you know that HBN can now be traded to BTC and withdrawn to USD at It is a start-up site, but hopefully all goes smoothly. Feel free to post your experiences with the site. I have no directly affiliation with them, and I didn't even ask to have HBN there. But I'm happy it is. Thanks!