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Found 350 results

  1. Hey, I'm new to GridCoin and do not have the initial GRC needed. Uscore tells you that it will take up to a week. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give 20 or so GRC to me to start mining. I also noticed that there's no thread dedicated to a simple "I need starter coins" type of exchange. I know you can buy them at the exchanges, but with all of the security problems I'm having trouble trusting any of the exchanges atm. So I'm kind of hoping 1. that someone will give me starter GRC and 2. that this thread will become a place for beginners to ask for starter GRC. My address is S4bKZG6UDaYSpGgoTN8HuML9gaBmxjZxdF. Thanks! I'll repay some other beginner once I'm mining.
  2. ☆☆☆[POP] 5,000 FREE to your wallet! PopularCoin Giveaway for Likes On Twitter! ☆Get 5,000 POP!☆ POPULARCOIN.COM Tweet/retweet/follow all of the PopularCoin Twitter accounts for 5,000 POP!!! (Up to 50 people) ☆After you tweet/retweet/follow @popularcoin and @popularcoinpop Just post your POP Address and you will get sent 5,000 PopularCoins!
  3. More info about Bolivarcoin here Just download the wallet from Win wallet Linux wallet And post your Bolivarcoin wallet adress and you will receive 1 Bolivarcoin
  4. Hi Guys. Here's our offer. GCN. Get G100,000 plus 300 Doge coin to try our site. Post your GCN address and your Doge address here with the filename. The GCN Android and Windows wallet address is below. We will send your funds Both addresses must be sent. Recommend a friend for surprise extra. Best Greg Have you been to The easiest file transfer system in the world. Get free GCN when you do a download. No email and no links. Max 5GB. We have done something similar to Dogecoin at except you can have fun & earn GCN without mining. This is a way in to the Bitcoin world without having tech know how or financial clout. As users earn GCN they will have a direct relationship and an interest. All you need is a PC or a Mobile phone. The door is now open. (Allow 3 hours for the block chain to catch up before play) GCoin is changing name to GCN
  5. GET 40 XLM STELLAR FOR FREE AND 46 XLM STELLAR FREE EVERY WEEK (1 XLM equal ±2000 Satoshi) 1. To get 40 XLM (equal ±80000 Satoshi) just register to their stellar forum ( make 10 free reply on their forum post and admin will give you 40 XLM FOR FREE 2. They also paid every post that you made (just dont post spam post,or they will ban you now), 1 post = 1 XLM, after you post 50 XLM,you can get another 50 XLM bonus (just ask admin) 3. Help them advert their forum in other media (like i do in this forum ) and they will give you 20 XLM-40 XLM 4.To get 46 XLM FREE EVERY WEEK (equal ± 60000 Satoshi per month), just use Centaurus Stellar wallet,you can download it from android store (, to get 50 XLM per week,you must have at least 100 XLM in your wallet,you can do task no1 but u need another 60XLM,just buy it from somewhere If wallet fail generate address,you can try make manual address here :, just generate it,and you also can get unique wallet address, after that, just export address and secret key to Centaurus wallet So in 1 month you can get 400.000 satoshi per week... Stellar is free coin, very very low transaction fee, just 0.000001 XML In that official stellar forum you can find some stellar giveaway and in next couple month (June) they will held 16 billion stellar giveaway...thats not a small amount! Even it just free coin but of course you can trade it to bitcoin or other altcoin and also you can buy it too ...(use poloniex or other trade exchange site).. Rate : 1 XLM ~ ±2000 Satoshi (
  6. Hi Guys. Here's our offer: GCoin. Have you 1000+ followers on Facebook or Twitter ? Like or tweet for G200,000 + Doge 200 per 1000 followers. Re-do every week. Until we end this offer you may repeat this every week. You will be a partner advertiser with us You could get G2,000,000 plus Doge 2000 per week if you have 10,000 Crypto followers. Tweet for us: Like and share for us: Post your GCoin address and your Doge address here. The GCoin Android and Windows wallet address are below. We will send your funds Best Greg We have done something similar to Dogecoin at except you can have fun & earn GCoins without mining. This is a way in to the Bitcoin world without having tech know how or financial clout. As users earn GCoin they will have a direct relationship and an interest. All you need is a PC or a Mobile phone. The door is now open. GCoin wallets
  7. 1000 GH/s giveaway, lucky game , up to 10 levels of referral!!!!!! 1000 GH/s giveaway, lucky game , up to 10 levels of referral!!!!!! Minimun Withdraw: 0.005 Minimun Purchase: 0.01 LINK
  8. LBRY - Credits, [105 FREE credits] Hello, The system has ganged and you can now get 105 LBRY-Credits for FREE just join and get your rewards for example Channel Surfing in LBRY or Watching a bunch of stuff to get free credits Get LBRY early access begins April 2017. There's still time to join,get your free LBRY Credits remember this is invite only !! LBRY-invite come and join now!! -------------------------------------------------------- Get early access to LBRY and join now!!! There's still time to join,get your free LBRY Credits remember this is invite only !! LBRY-invite come and join now!!
  9. Love is in the air at BetChain, and just in time for Valentine's Day we are offering 14 Free Spins on of our most popular games - Cherry Fiesta. Just sign up between February 14th and February 28th and join the fun!
  10. Accepted here Your first pal in Gaming, We as “1stpal” team offer you awesome titles with awesome prices, valuable for gamers all around the world. -%100 Secure Transactions with SSL Certification. -We Respect to customers rights, Refund policy (+4% Cash back (wallet credit) + New Cd Key _ According to Terms mentioned on FAQ page ) -Live support chat. -Most of the games are Region Free and all of them are instant delivery. -We’ll do our best to provide you the best ever offers. -All cd keys are provided for Gamers from wholesale legal distributors and because of buying huge amounts of cd keys, prices are cheaper than steam and other stores. -The important and exciting part is “Discount Rocket” you can get exciting discount on your orders easily and get games cheaper than the cheap ones which are now in our store. -Exciting Giveaways that you can enter to win AAA games, Prior giveaways you can check, such as: Rainbow Six siege, Metal Gear Phantom pain and Rocket league. Be sure that you’ll be %100 satisfied after your purchases.Check more details and info at Pls leave a comment on our Trustpilot Page after your purchase, it will help us to provide you better deals. >>> Be with us, We are with you -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trustpilot>>> Steam>>> Twitter>>> Facebook>>> Youtube>>> ... rYWjmpTWlA
  11. Hello CryptoCoinTalk! Up for a treasure hunt?! Check out the treasure map below for a FREE TEN DOLLARS worth of BAY!
  12. free 500 coins worth $5 from eQuid until 30 Apr 2017 eQuid is a new digital currency, eQuid system is a secure ledger built on top of the Stellar protocol, during prelaunch eQuid give 500 coins worth $5 with build team or MLM program Sign up at the link: Level 1 Free 500 coin. Level 2 Free 400 coin. Level 3 Free 300 coin. Level 4 Free 200 coin. Level 5 Free 100 coin. How to get Free 500 Coin 1. Go to the website: 2. Open the Wallet menu and register (wait a minute until your account have finished setup) 3. Open the menu MLM OFFER and scrol to the lower side 4. In MLM offer the option to fill in the details: - The username of your equid (_username_ * - Name of the user Referrers (sizal * 5. Click GO !!!! Note: Fill (sizal * as username referral to get 500 equid coin. Now you get a 500 coin equid. Free launch date of May 1, 2017 How to see balance: 1. in the wallet section you will see ballance in the form of USD, GBP etc and ballance still zero. and it will be accumulative after launch date of May 1, 2017.. for detail see at 2. to see XLM ballance that you have, in the wallet section you just choose usename and it will be show XLM ballance with secret key 3. to see eQuid ballance that you have, in the mlm offer section you just insert again your equid username and equid who reffers you and than click go .. it will be show your equid coin earning with level thanks before , not wrong to try, because it is 100% free, as we already know about the previous stellar giveway program, I hope this equid giveway program from stellar will be successful again..
  13. Join CryptoFundRaiser and receive 200 TADA coins for FREE. Built on the exciting Ethereum Blockchain, TADA coin is designed to be used as a currency exchange within media and entertainment, as well as in educational spaces. Tada is a Limited One-Time-Minting (21 Million Total TADAs will ever be in circulation) Ethereum Token that is being giving away for a VERY LIMITED TIME as free bonuses to members using our crowdfunding platform as well as guests who register for a free account. In addition, if you join, you will have the opportunity to start your crowdfunding team and turn a $50 (paid through bitcoin) one time payment into over $640K to fund your own business, help out a charity, or any other purpose you need to raise funds for.
  14. The new cryptocurrency ! Earn free 2000 UR Money when you join the community by invitation. Sign Up and start earning free UR now: No investment Sell 2000 UR => 0.008 BTC = $10 Exchanger in here :
  16. ☆ Popular Coin Give Away ☆ 200,000,000 POP Coins To Give Away! BIGGEST Altcoin Giveaway EVER ☆ Get 5,000 POPCoins Per Vote ! Follow This Link and Vote for POP! All You Have to Do is Make A Vote on Cryptsy and Post Your POP Address For Every Vote you Make on Cryptsy for POP you Get 5,000 Coins ! Just Vote and then Post in this Thread the Number That Your Vote Was And Post Your POP Address! POP, You Will get 5,000 Coins For Every Vote! If you Vote More than once Post e.g. 37-41 or 100-210 and then your POP Address If You Are Vote 100-210 That gets you 550,000 Coins!! Lets Get POP on Cryptsy! Alas, NO More Voting on Mintpal No Worries, No big deal, We Have Some Great Exchanges already and have some Really Good Ones we are Talking to that will come soon!
  17. Celebrating Luckycoin block 88888! Post your Luckycoin address and get 8 LKY! First come, first served! Disclaimer: One address per CryptoCoinTalk user. The offer is valid as long as supplies last. Payout once per day.
  18. Giveaway from Bitcoin Exchange Japan Get Free 2.000 JPY (0.0138 BTC) Just sign up & Verify your account Register CLICK HERE Verify your mail Login and go to your WALLET Verify your profile: Click Seting -> Verify identity and phone number. Note: If you are a citizen of Japan you can verify your identity with ID card. If you are from another country, you have to use a passport for identity verification Payment proof:
  19. HELLO At BonusBitcoin you can claim a variable amount (current average is 158 Satoshi) + bonus every 15 minutes. Simply complete the captcha and then click on the claim button to get prizes. Minimum withdrawal amount is 10,000 Satoshi (no fees). Payments are sent within 48 hours - avg. 158 Satoshi every 15 minutes. UPDATE! They now offer a Dice game... UPDATE! They added OfferWalls...
  20. FREE 120 RBD From Richmondberks Deposit a sum of money as an investment then we will make a profit of 1.4% every day forever. But for those of us who do not have enough funds for investment, Richmondberks provide up to $ 110 FREE bonus that we can use as an investment with the profit earned of 0.05% every day forever. How to get this bonus is very easy from Richmondberks koq like to complete a profile and others such as the following: Bonus up to $ 120 ( 120 RBB) with the calculation of the profit of 0.05% per day whereas when we deposit a sum of money, the profit we get is 1.4% per day forever. So if we want to get the higher profit of course we require a deposit. Register here: complete all tasks and start your investments
  21. HYPER HYPER HYPER is designed to be a low energy 100% PoS coin: PoW mining is only available for the first two weeks before the coin shifts to the 100% PoS phase 1. Coins will stake daily at an interest rate of 5% per month. Compound interest will build up fast for stakeholders. HYPER is also designed to be a valuable cryptocurrency for use in online games, emerging virtual worlds, online MMO's, simulations and more. As well as beingtraded for Bitcoin and Litecoin HYPER aims to be tradeable with many currently popular virtual world currencies such as World of Warcraft Gold and Second Life Lindens. HYPER will also sponsor the development of an MMO space strategy game where players can build an intergalactic empire which earns them HYPER. SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Algo 72.5 coin blocks 3 million coins mined for the first 2 weeks HYPER wallet includes coin control for serious staking 30 second block time Difficulty retargets every 10 mins Website: Here is what you have to get free Hyper: 1. Follow us on twitter and retweet our latest post: = 3 Hyper 3. Subscribe us on reddit: = 2 Hyper Come here and post your twitter id and your reddit username along with your hyper address to get the free hyper. Thank you.
  22. Hi I'm looking for digital products related to Bitcoin that have either giveaway rights, (master) resale rights, source code or private label rights. This can be reports, ebooks, scripts, software, tools, articles, video course,... anything goes... preferrable up-to-date Digital BTC-related products with rights are pretty hard to find (I do have like a 1000 copies of Bitcoin Rush ), so I hope to find some new stuff this way. Let me know if you've got something, please.
  23. STELLAR NETWORK present LUMENS (XLM) STELLAR Successor As you can remember about the stellar, or STR, their giveaway might be the one and only giveaway that create bitcoin activist out of their den because of the STR phenomenon. After sometimes, stellar is hiatus with the STR coin, now they back in the form of LUMENS or XLM Coin, being reborn, back with new face, system and new community DAILY LUMENS GIVEAWAY HELD BY MYSTELLAR.ORG One of the stellar forum, held a daily active giveaway. They giveaway some XLM coin to the active user, straight from their wallet. The giveaways that still active by far is : 1. New user giveaway - they giveaway 100XLM to each new registered user that has 3 post and set their avatar picture, you can find the thread here 2. Centaurus wallet weekly giveaway - one of the forum user, centaurus held a weekly giveaway, they giveaway 50 XLM to the LUMENS user that install and use their android LUMENS wallet, you can find the detail here 3. Advertise forum giveaway, the administrator and staff of will give you 100XLM per post or topic about promoting the stellar or forum at the other media. You can find the giveaway detail here 4. Forum Posting reward, the admin and the staff giveaway 1 XLM to user per post they make in the forum, 5 XLM for each topic they create and 10 XLM per user they invite to the, head to this forum for the detail 5. Show Stellar Project giveaway, they giveaway 3500 XLM if you show off your stellar-related project (application, exhange, wallet, anchor, etc) in the forum, open the forum thread here for the detail 6. Paid to get reply giveaway, they'll give 1 XLM for each of reply in topic/blog/post that you create in the other media, you can find the detail here All of the giveaway, you can find the detailed forum, and ask the community by yourself by registering your account here WHY SHOULD I INVEST MY TIME AT LUMENS LAD ? at 2014, stellar price is at rate : 240 satoshi/STR, by the mid of 2016, the price rate is hugely increased by 15900 satoshi/STR. So LUMENS is still under the control of STELLAR NETWORK, which is create the Stellar. What are you waiting for ? Work for the LUMENS NOW!!
  24. To get coins answer a couple of questions there and leave your BCN address! Everybody can help me with this giveaway by sending me some coins to this giveaway address: 26NTxi7Ruvv6PPZj64sfLtHmn7y6fsSTnDNmZau1A8UESumefYoAmnNNc2YQaZEEB3ak1siRY3Lz5bV 7gGHd3brvBXTYvKq Please take into account that it is MANUAL giveaway so receiving coins will take some time!
  25. BITLUNA Company RegistrationBitLuna is an advertising network platform. What is BitLunaBitluna is group of people that created a ariety of website that bought together is trying to increase the potential of earned money online, our services stat from Coin Mining, Investment and much more. How we are differentHaving our own mining coin called Luna™ is bringing a lot of funds that are transactioned and exchanged in real time between our miners, beside that we have a lot of unique features in our website that will assure a long stable income opportunity and you don't have anything to lose, if you try us, in contrary you will only win. GET Free As a registered member in prelaunch you are entitled to a $10.00 free start BONUS. 14 Days until prelaunch End Register here: Minimum withdraw is $1.00. Register here: