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  2. Todos os novos Dash utilizadores sejam bem-vindos! Como um pequeno presente de boas vindas, temos uma 'oferta' de 0,5 Dash para cada novo usuário.
  3. Buying Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies used to be a complicated process, especially for beginners. For this reason we started the company Bitplaats in April 2013. Soon we became one of the trusted Bitcoin companies of the Netherlands and Belgium. After being active for one year in the Netherlands and Belgium Bitcoin market we wanted to expand our services to the rest of Europe. We repeatedly got questions from our customers if we were also going to sell Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. These question led to starting the project Anycoin Direct. At you can buy and sell Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies easy, fast and secure. Our goal is to let the buy and sell process be as smooth and simple as possible without compromising the security. By supporting various direct European payment methods (iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay and MyBank) and SEPA transfers it will be possible to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies fast and easy. When we receive a successful payment the coins will automatically be send to your address. In case of a SEPA order we fix the price at the moment the order is initiated, the coins will be send when we receive the money. When you sell cryptocurrencies to Anycoin Direct the money will be send within 12 hours (at most 2 business days) after receiving the coins. We will wire the money to your bank account through a SEPA bank transfer. Feel free to take a visit to our website, we will be happy to answer any questions. Kind regards, Team Anycoin Direct
  4. Dash - DASH What is Dash? Dash (DASH) is a privacy-centric digital currency based on the Bitcoin software. It allows you to remain anonymous while you make transactions, similar to cash. With Bitcoin, transactions are published to the blockchain and you can prove who made them or to whom, but with Dash the anonymization technology makes it impossible to trace them. This is important because the blockchain is accessible to anyone with an internet connection – a significant drawback for those don’t wish their transaction history and balances to be publicly available. Dash does this through a mixing protocol utilizing an innovate decentralized network of servers called Masternodes, avoiding the need for a trusted third party that could compromise the integrity of the system. Why choose Dash? PRIVATE Keep your payments private so nobody can track you, your transactions and balances are nobody’s business. With Dash’s ahead of time anonymization only you have access to your financial information. FAST Payments are received almost instantly by the other party thanks to faster block times. Ahead of time anonymization lets you send Dashs anonymously without waiting for processes or people. SECURE Advanced encryption and a trustless protocol for complete security in your payments and anonymization process. GLOBAL You can send money anywhere in the world and it will take the same time and cost to send. LOW FEES Much lower than banks or credit cards, usually even free. You don’t pay profits to anyone, just the network costs. PEER TO PEER No central authorities to trust because of full decentralization, even for the anonymization process. Everything stays between you and the other party in the transaction. Masternodes and Proof of Service In addition to traditional Proof of Work (PoW) rewards for mining Dash, users are also rewarded for running and maintaining special servers called “Masternodes”. What are Masternodes: Simply put, a Masternode is a server connected with the network that performs certain tasks related with Darksend, which is what the anonymity feature is called, and gets paid for it. It is Proof of Service. Anyone can run a Masternode. The objective is to have enough of them for decentralization so nobody controls an important fraction of Masternodes. On the other hand, to avoid bloating the network or having reckless operators, there is one condition that needs to be fulfilled: proof of ownership of 1000 Dash. The coins don't need to be in the Masternode, but they need to be kept in a certain way. If the owner moves or spends those coins, the Masternode stops working. Masternodes are get paid by the network for the services they provide for Darksend. 45% of the new block's reward goes to pay the Masternodes. Masternodes are selected from MN list by deterministic order (the one that got it's payment the most time ago and has been in the list enough time at the same time), so in the long term all Masternodes will converge to a similar amount of rewards. Having so many servers with the full block chain working for the coin can be extremely useful. Thanks to the reward system, there is no risk of not having enough master nodes and the developers can rely on them for any new decentralized feature they want to implement. This is huge. Tell any developer that he can count on a thousand distributed servers working 24x7 for him and he will tell you. The more Masternodes the better and safer for the Dash Network. In the moment we are at over 3000 MN’s (in 22 countries and counting). Please support The Masternode Network ! Do not let your Dash just sit in the Wallet, put them to work ! There are many services and guides (see bellow) to help you achieve your own Masternode. The payment returns speak for themselves, please check the charts (Link bellow) Welcome to the Dash Masternode Network, the best investment/return in the Crypto World. - In general your 1000 Dash (which are hold in your Wallet for the MN) will return 18% payment per year ! (Around 14.88 Dash per month /180 Dash per year) - With 5.6 Masternodes you will get (receive 1 new Masternode = 1000 Dash per year) Do the count yourself ….> (Above based on May 2015) Masternode Guides: Masternode Services (Hoosting / Pooling / ....): WhitePapers Dash: Translations: Website Block Explorer / Crawler Full Official Page listing: Contact SPECIFICATIONS Release date: 11PM EST, 18th January 2014 / No premine X11 hashing algorithm: 11 rounds of scientific hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo) Block reward is controlled by: 2222222/(((Difficulty+2600)/9)^2) CPU/GPU mining Block generation: 2.5 minutes Difficulty Retargets using Dark Gravity Wave 7% decrease in the number of coins generated per year Est. ~22M Max Coins Decentralized Masternode Network Superior Transaction Anonymity using Darksend DOWNLOADS Windows / MacOS / Linux Electrum Wallet Paper Wallet Source Code Wiki + Confluence: Scam Warnings: Mining: ASIC HW: MINERS Guides: (CPU/GPU) Cpu Mining SGminer / graphics cards Reuben's Guide to Mining Dash with an AMD GPU on Windows GPU Mining for Nvidia tpruvot version - focused on the core, api and monitoring, compatible with linux and windows. Releases - Source code - Forum sp-hash version - optimized kernels for windows Releases - Source code - Forum KlausT version - close to SP version, more clean. Releases - Source code Christian Buchner original version (inactive since june 2014) Releases - Source code Mining Hardware (CPU/GPU) Listing: Useful 3rd party software for mining Afterburner Tri X graphics card tweaker CG watcher by Justine Milone PORTS RPC Port: 9998 P2P Port: 9999 POOLS Multi-Pools P2Pools source EXCHANGES Dash/Bitcoin Pair - Highest Volume (May 2016) Dash/Litecoin Pair BleutradeDASH/LTC CEX.IODASH/LTC CryptsyDASH/LTC Dash/Ripple Pair CryptsyDASH/XRP PoloniexDASH/XMR Dash/Doge pair BleutradeDASH/DOGE Dash/Pound pair BittyliciousDASH/GBP We sell Crypto Dash/Yuan Pair(CNY) BTERDASH/CNY btc38 Dash BTC/CNY Dash/Euro Pair LiteBit.euDASH/EUR useCryptosDASH/EUR CEX.IODASH/EUR Dash/Dollar pair LivecoinDASH/USD CEX.IODASH/USD CryptsyDASH/USD DashcurexDASH/USD PoloniexDASH/USDT Dash/Ruble pair(RUR) LivecoinDASH/RUR Dash/Polish Zloty(PLN) DashcurexDASH/PLN SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit IRC / Freenode #Dashpay Forum Minds G+ Instagram YouTube SERVICES / OTHER Faucets Games
  5. [NEW] SoleDash faucet get High amount of Dashtoshi every 15min!! [NEW] Highly Recommended!! SoleDash rewards are doubled every week Wednesday Dash Easy get 15000 Dashtoshi every 45min Pays straight to Dash Faucet get 2000-50000 Dashtoshi every 180min Pays straight to Dash Arcia (25sec.!) get 2000 Dashtoshi every 25 Seconds!!!! Pays straight to Highly Recommended!! Dash Arcia (5min) get 3000 Dashtoshi every 5min!!!! Pays straight to Highly Recommended!! Dash Arcia (10min) get 7000 Dashtoshi every 10min pays straight to Highly Recommended!! Coin-x Dash faucet Earn 5000-50000 Dashtoshi every 60min!! Recommended!! Moneyinpjs Dash faucetEarn 1000-100000 Dashtoshi every 60min!! Recommended!! Dash faucet Earn 15555 Dashtoshi every 25min!! Recommended!! Cryptroller(black) faucet Earn 12500-30000 Dashtoshi every 90min!! Recommended!! Cryptroller faucet Earn 7000-20000 Dashtoshi every 60min!! Recommended!! FreeDash faucet Earn 8000-12000 Dashtoshi every 120min!! pays straight to Coolweb faucet Earn 8800-100000 dashtoshi every 45min!! pays straght to Rena Dash faucet Earn 7000 - 4714000 dashtoshi every 30min!! pays straight to Digitalgain Earn 15000 dashtoshi every 30min!! pays straight to Satoshiismoney get 14000 dashtoshi every 60min!! pays straight to PrediFaucet DASH Earn 10000-20000 dashtoshi every 240min!! pays straight to SuperDash Earn 2000-5000 dashtoshi every 60min!! pays straight to [NEW] FaucetDashFree Earn 2000-7500 dashtoshi every 180min!! pays straight to [NEW] [NEW] AllDash Earn 6000-25000 dashtoshi every 60min!! pays straight to [NEW] [NEW] CMMonitor Earn 2000-10000 dashtoshi every 5min!! pays straight to [NEW] [NEW] Constellation Earn 8000-24000 dashtoshi every 180min!! pays straight to [NEW] [NEW] THE Dash faucet Earn 500-25000 dashtoshi every 720min!! pays straight to [NEW] [NEW] Solid Dash faucet Earn 20000 dashtoshi every 60min!! pays straight to [NEW] [NEW] TheCryptolia Earn 200-8000 dashtoshi every 5min!! pays straight to [NEW] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Get early access to LBRY Credits (LBC) and join now!!! This site is invite only so get your chance to get free LBC now LBRY-Credits-invite come and join now!! LBRY Credits last price on Bittrex: LBRY Credits 1LBC= 0.00117202 BTC LBRY Credits last price on LBRY Credits 1LBC= 0.00120387 BTC remember this invite only!! Want Priority Access? Click ->HERE<- Get early access to LBRY and join now!!! There's still time to join,get your free LBRY Credits remember this is invite only !! LBRY-invite come and join now!!
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  7. Dash faucet where you can get the following rewards every 45min : » 8800 (67%) » 12500-17500 (24%) » 17500-27500 (7%) » 27500-40000 (1.8%) » 40000-60000 (0.1%) » 100000 (<0.1%)
  8. CNY - Dash pair now available on btc38
  9. The Origin of Dash and the Future of Money The introduction of Bitcoin to the world sparked a revolution of finance and economics. Bitcoin set money’s value free from government constraint; now the value could be determined solely by the market. Instead of depending on centralized third parties for every financial transaction, people could exchange value around the world cheaply and in a completely decentralized manner. Bitcoin ushered in the age of truly digital cash. But Bitcoin isn’t the whole story. By creating an open-source money, Satoshi Nakomoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, unlocked vast vistas for others to explore. Over the years many developers have taken up the challenge and built upon the foundation that is Bitcoin to solve many real-world problems. One such person is Evan Duffield, and his project: Dash. This article was provided by the Vanbex Group on behalf of the author, Eric Sammons. The Importance of AnonymityWith a background in both software development and finance, Duffield was captivated by Bitcoin from its earliest days. Most particularly, he was intrigued by the idea of digital cash: a technology that could replicate the features of physical cash but without the drawbacks inherent in conventional currency. According to Duffield, “I started tinkering with Bitcoin in 2011, really early in it’s development. I decided I wanted to dive into cryptographic currency and like all things, the best way to learn something new is to sink or swim.” As he studied Bitcoin more deeply, however, he discovered a weakness in its design: a lack of true anonymity. Why is anonymity important? Some might argue anonymity is only essential for those who wish to engage in illegal activities. But this is not the case. Anonymity is necessary for cash for two reasons. First, it gives each transaction privacy, so that no one can pry into the financial transactions of others. Imagine giving public access to everyone’s credit card transactions. Such information, aside from just violating individuals’ privacy, could be used to manipulate people in many ways. Second, anonymity makes the currency “fungible,” meaning every unit of the currency is worth the same as any other unit. Why is this true? If people could track coins to specific people and transactions, efforts could be made to “taint” coins, for example, if they were involved in illegal activities previously, making them worth less than others. Unfortunately, Bitcoin does not supply true anonymity; each transaction is broadcast on a public blockchain for anyone to study. True, those transactions are not publicly linked to specific individuals, but with enough forensic research one can draw connections between transactions and individuals. Duffield at first wanted to improve anonymity in Bitcoin itself, but he found that his suggestions were not accepted by the core Bitcoin developers. So, in the grand tradition of open source technology, he decided to fork the project and create his own digital coin. He called it “Darkcoin,” reflecting the anonymity of the currency, and released it on January 18, 2014. Calling Darkcoin a “more private blockchain,” Duffield marketed it as a “privacy-centric” currency. Thus was a new coin born. The initial reception was nothing short of remarkable. People quickly realized that Darkcoin solved a real-world digital currency problem, and the price reflected that realization. Users flocked to the coin, and soon its market capitalization was one of the highest of any digital currency. In its first year Darkcoin overcame a number of technical hurdles – inventing a whole new way of doing money isn’t for the faint of heart – and became one of the top digital currencies on the market. From Darkcoin to DashThat’s only the beginning of the story, however. From these humble origins something greater was introduced to the world, perhaps even greater than Duffield himself realized. For the technical solution to implementing an anonymous currency held the seeds to much more. Duffield created an incentivized 2nd-tier of nodes (called “Masternodes”), more powerful than regular Bitcoin nodes, which would be the foundation for a whole host of future features, many of which weren’t even considered when Darkcoin was first created. Anyone who has worked in software development knows how important the initial foundation of a project is. Without a robust infrastructure, there are limitations to what can be accomplished as the project matures. By creating a Masternode network, Duffield gave his coin a leg-up in building future features into the coin. Unlike Bitcoin nodes, Masternodes receive payments for their service to the network. Because they are incentivized, more can be demanded of them: more powerful hardware, required software upgrades, etc. This Masternode network became the robust foundation to which more and more features could be added – features which are not possible for Bitcoin or other coins without a 2nd-tier network of nodes. As Duffield notes, “I first discovered a way to make a decentralized anonymity engine, something that had never been done before, then I continued to find other new concepts such as decentralized funding, decentralized governance and a decentralized storage engine.” As the project began to include more features, however, the Darkcoin name became a liability instead of a strength. It emphasized only the one aspect of the project – anonymity – and not everything it had the potential to become. Further, public perception was that the Darkcoin name referred to its use in illegal activities, which was never the intention of the project. As Duffield noted, “It became apparent that the Darkcoin branding was getting in our way, so in order to accomplish our greater mission, we decided rebranding was necessary.” So the name was changed from Darkcoin to “Dash.” A shortened form of “digital cash,” the revised name is a reflection of Duffield’s original vision for the project. Looking to the FutureSince its creation, the Dash Masternode network has shown itself capable of handling new features. Over the past two years, new Dash features have continued to be added. For example: InstantX: To solve the problem of lag time in transactions, Masternodes are able to instantly lock transactions. Self-Budgeting: To solve the problem of lack of funding for development, Masternodes can direct funds right from the blockchain to support development. Self-Governance: To solve the problem of making governance decisions on the future of the currency, Masternodes can vote on what development occurs. This is just the beginning. Dash’s powerful Masternode network allows for features in the protocol level that other digital currencies must push off to centralized third parties. With Dash, almost any feature can be decentralized and included at the protocol level. For example, the next phase of the Dash project, called Evolution, will introduce a new level of user-friendliness to a space which is not known for it. Duffield’s excitement for the future of Dash is apparent: “[Dash Evolution] is a next-generation platform for purely decentralized e-commerce. This system when deployed will allow low-risk reputation-based e-commerce and a completely decentralized arbitration system that can replaced centralized escrow services.” And with Dash’s strong foundation, who knows what else is possible in the future? From its origins as an anonymous Bitcoin clone, Dash has evolved over the past two years into “digital cash.” With its powerful infrastructure and self-governance/self-budgeting system, Dash is poised to break into the mainstream and become the future of money.
  10. DGBB the past and the future with Rob| Part 1 (Rob / Mazaclub - Electrum )
  11. Dash (as DSH) now trading on btc-e !!
  12. Dash now on Exodus Wallet – Announcement
  13. Evan Quote: This is my first draft of the finalized timeline for evolution. I believe I can commit to this and it should be pretty easy to accomplish based off of my recent discoveries. If you're a programmer, you should be able to understand it. I'll explain this (timeline and discoveries) in much greater detail on The DashRoundtable on Sunday, April 24th. As for the code, it's a real rough specification of all of the various pieces of technology required to build out dash. It's goal is to decouple the core code, in the form of a generic governance object, then secure our network using a completely dynamic python implementation (sentinel) via masternode network voting. The concept is pretty simple actually, it should allow us near infinite flexibility.
  14. Dash Roundtable Episode 4 Bill Cassidy, Dan aka 'Oaxaca' and Fernando G. Interview Amanda B. Johnson, The Daily Decrypt
  15. How to Mine DASH with AMD GPU
  16. BIT.AC Launches Multi-Currency Crypto Wallet (Dash integrated)
  17. IBELINK DM 384MН/s DASH MINER - X11 in action
  18. Bitcoin and the Rise of the Cypherpunks (Dash mentioned)
  19. Dash: The Future Internet Of Money? We've all heard the term "Internet Of Money" thrown around. A lot of different projects, centralized or decentralized, feel like they can lay claim to the title of IoM. The centralized projects can be excluded right away from the running, as they fail in a crucial aspect of internet ideology. Centralized services are not permissionless, and to lay claim to this lofty title, you can not have any failure by not having all of the properties of money, and not having all of the properties of the internet. So that leaves decentralized projects such as cryptocurrencies likeBitcoin and Dash. In this article I will demonstrate how the cryptocurrency Dash fulfills or has a plan to fulfill all of the qualities of the internet and of money, whereas Bitcoin fails in several key areas. Dash, the leading candidate to be the Internet Of Money. First, let me introduce Dash. Dash is a cryptocurrency which is based on and makes several improvements to Bitcoin (the first cryptocurrency)'s open source code. It has all of the properties of Bitcoin (decentralized, open ledger, security through proof of work, easy transfer of value) but it improves on the areas that Bitcoin is lacking to lay claim to the IoM. Dash was launched in 2014, and since then has gained popularity and market cap. It's founder, Evan Duffield, is a brilliant man in the fields of finance and technology, so it was fitting that he would combine the best of both worlds to create the only real candidate to be the "Internet Of Money". In the cryptocurrency space, there still is a lot of people who believe that Bitcoin is the one and only currency to rule them all. Competing projects such as Dash and Ethereum are routinely ridiculed, even though they introduce concepts that Bitcoin can't or will take years to do so, for reasons I will explain later. It will be quite a shock to them to realize that the network effect can be broken if something comes along that is significantly better and has features that will enable it to be used by the general public. So why is Dash the best candidate right now to be the Internet of Money? Properties of Money As you can see from the graphic above taken from this site, you need to have quite a few features to be considered money. Bitcoin and Dash are the same in that they are a medium of exchange, they are a unit of account, and they are a store of value. But further down, we see a subset of qualities that money must be. Bitcoin has most of these as well, with a couple of exceptions. To be money, a currency must be fungible and uniform. This is not the case with Bitcoin, as it's open ledger is on display for anyone to see at any time. This leads to problems of companies offering services to track people's Bitcoins and see if they have been used in any nefarious dealings. In a vacuum, that would not be a bad thing, but as we have seen in the past, this can lead to censorship of people's assets. Bitcoin community members have introduced centralized services to try and make your transactions more opaque, but as we've seen before, once you introduce centralization, you automatically are disqualified from being the IoM. Dash's privacy software Darksend (PrivacyProtect) Dash does not suffer from this problem as it has introduced a decentralized technology to protect your privacy, and therefore the fungibility of your currency. Dash does this by utilizing a second tier masternode system. Nodes can be established by anyone with a collateral of 1000 DASH, and once established perform all of Dash's open source functions. One of these functions is Darksend (soon to be renamed PrivacyProtect) which is a system of pre-mixing Dash in-wallet before use. Dash are sent through multiple rounds of mixing with other users, without ever leaving your wallet. The result is a stash of untraceable Dash which makes them fungible and uniform, resistant to censorship. Bitcoin fails in a few key areas in its quest to be the IoM. Another area that Dash separates itself monetarily from Bitcoin is in the speed of transfer. Bitcoin uses proof of work to confirm transactions. It's algorithm is designed to have transactions confirm in 10 minute intervals, and to be fully confirmed after 6 confirmations. 60 minutes is a long time to wait for any retail situation, no one wants to pay for something and then wait around an hour to see if it went through. But if the merchant doesn't wait, they risk being the victim of a double-spend, meaning that someone could send the same Bitcoins to another address before your transactions confirm. Dash has lightning quick transactions with InstantX. Dash saves the day here again with a system known as InstantX. Remember the decentralized second tier masternode network? Another one of it's open sourced services is making transactions instantaneous. When a user selects InstantX in the Dash wallet, a quorum of masternodes, decided by Dash's proof of work algorithm, locks your transactions and signals to the network that no other transactions with those inputs may be permitted. This effectively means that as soon as you hit send, the Dash are transferred from buyer to seller, and both may go on about their day. The transaction is then considered "fully confirmed" after one proof of work confirmation, on the Dash network this is roughly 2.5 minutes. However, this is only a formality as the transaction, once verified by InstantX, cannot be double spent. Dash is designed to be liquid money, and change hands fast. As you can see, Dash ticks every box to be the Internet Of Money, where Bitcoin does not. The IoM requires ease of use and decentralized scalability. However, even if Dash is the closest thing right now to the IoM, there still is a lot of work to do to get there. Dash faces a number of challenges. It's market cap is a fraction of Bitcoin's and has a huge but not impossible network effect to overcome, it has to create a self-sustaining governance and funding system that will outlive it's founders, and it has to make this Internet Of Money easier to use for outsiders. Dash has a very ambitious plan to take the strong base it's created, improve on it, and propel itself into the future using decentralized funding and governance. How can this be achieved? Dash's funding and governance system (DGBB) Once again, the second tier masternode network proves it's usefulness with yet another protocol-level functionality. The masternode operators, who have a large stake in the future of this money, get in exchange for their 1000 DASH collateral a say in the direction of Dash, and by doing so get a share of the block reward. Acting similar to shareholders or parliamentarians, they evaluate proposals and vote on each one. If an idea makes sense for Dash, it will be supported. If it frivolous or not well detailed, it will not garner much support. This system, known as Decentralized Governance By Blockchain, or DGBB, enables Dash to make key decisions in a timely manner to improve the Dash protocol. Bitcoin relies on social media and websites for governance. By contrast, Dash's competitor, the initial cryptocurrency Bitcoin, has no such way of deciding on anything. It relies on social media, message boards and semi-centralized miners to make decisions. Just to make a simple decision of whether or not to raise the Bitcoin blocksize to allow more transactions has taken over a year. Dash made this decision in 24 hours. So, Dash has the potential to make multiple decisions while Bitcoin struggles with one. Going forward, that will be a huge advantage for Dash as it continues to take bites out of Bitcoin's market cap. Bitcoin gets funding from and cedes influence to centralized entities such as Blockstream. The DGBB also allows for decentralized funding, with Dash coming straight from the blockchain to pay for improvements and proposals. This means that Dash, as a decentralized entity, will not have to answer to any outside influences to decide the future of digital money. Sadly, Bitcoin fails at this aspect as well, as it relies on benevolent donors, or centralized organizations such as Blockstream or MIT. And as Dash acceptance and marketcap grow, the more projects and improvements can be approved, leading to more acceptance and marketcap in a positive feedback loop. Once again, all of these innovations are brought to you by Dash, the future Internet Of Money. Now, how will Dash tackle the mass adoption issue? For the Dash team, this means making the Internet Of Money easier to use for people. Making it easier to use would mean giving people easy to understand addresses and streamlined wallet experiences. For this we turn to Dash's latest innovation Evolution. Evolution will make Dash easier to use than any other cryptocurrency. Evolution has ambitious goals of bringing cryptocurrency to the masses via easy to understand usernames, and a decentralized API which will allow access to your "account" (wallet) from anywhere just like people access a centralized website. A user simply signs up for a Dash Evolution account, creates a username and password, and is good to go. In the Evolution account, you can create links to other users or "friends" that you can exchange Dash with. This account, backed by the decentralized and secure Dash network, can be accessed from anywhere via the DAPI which is hosted on the second tier mastenode network as well. In addition, this model will see the masternodes host the blockchain so the average person won't have to worry about downloading it. As mentioned before, the masternodes recieve block rewards for performing all of these open-sourced services, so the blockchain will have room to grow and scale through expensive high-capacity computing. These innovations in Evolution are game-changers in cryptocurrency usability, and should give Dash the push it needs to be the de facto Internet Of Money. Bitcoin is finding ways to scale also, but the time it takes to make a decision in that ecosystem will lead to fighting over the best solution for a long while. Bitcoin as is will have difficulty making key decisions. So, due to Dash's superior current technology, and the means to innovate faster and more efficiently than it's competitors, Dash is the only project today that has a clear path to becoming the undisputed IoM. I am a sportsman, however, and I do wish Bitcoin luck with its quest as well.
  20. is closing down / Please secure your Funds
  21. ASIC Miners Coming to Dash ASIC Miners Coming to Dash Coin Hans Lombardo April 6, 2016 Recently, two Chinese manufacturers, DualMiner and Pinidea, announced that they had developed the first ASICs for mining the privacy-centric cryptocurrency Dash. ASICs generate enormous hashrates, and therefore make a network much more difficult to attack. Evan Duffield, founder of Dash, said of ASICs: Moreover, there is also a fix for these centralization risks in the works. While the details have not yet been formally announced, Duffield said, “The centralization risk comes from a problem with the alignment of incentives.” He cited issues such as “private mining with bleeding-edge hardware before it’s publicly accessible, mining at extremely low electrical cost, and utilizing free labor,” and that when these three were combined, it resulted in only a few places in the world where mining is profitable. The Dash development team is not considering changing the hashing algorithm from X11 to something more ASIC-resistant. The plan, instead, it “to re-align these incentives under a new model which incorporates X11 and ASICs.” “there is no better possible technology for our network to be secured by” and that “the only concern with ASICs is due to the centralization risk that has occurred in Bitcoin and Litecoin.” Xinjiang Shao, web developer at Pinidea who is manufacturing the X11 ASICs, said that his company is very excited about the future of Dash and that he hopes Dash will continue to develop “as a great payment option for all people.” He further reiterated that the team at Pinidea is dedicated to making Dash “less centralized even with the development of ASICs.” The advent of ASIC mining for Dash, assuming the centralization risks can be mitigated, is generally seen as a positive thing for the project. Not only do ASICs promote network security, but they are also very expensive to develop. The fact that two companies have dedicated the resources necessary to building these ASICs seems promising.
  22. DashPayments for WooCommerce Released Developer of the Dashpayments for Woocommerce plug-in has released the first version of the Software today. The project back by DGBB has finally been released and is available for download with very straightforward user interface and amazing features like no payment processing fees with PrivacyProtect support. What’s more, Dashpayments for Woocommerce is secured because this plugin only accepts public keys using BIP32 to generate addresses, due to this merchants will not have to worry about their Dash being stolen because the private keys will not exist on your server. If private keys are entered, they are detected and marked as invalid. Other features include PrivacyProtect support, the plug-in can handle these transactions as long as the funds get sent to the customer address. The only let down here is the unavailability of InstantXsupport which the developer recognizes and is working on. The open sourced Dashpayments for Woocommerce plug-in is the the first of its kind, offering an opportunity for merchants to accept Dash on their online stores powered by WooCommerce without paying any fees. You can download it directly here or visit its Github repository.
  23. As you might know , Dash is working on Lamassu ATM’s integration. This project (as all) is Funded by DGBB Announcement: Voting: We are very please to present the 1st ever Dash Lamassu ATM Transaction ! Tx to Ira Miller and his Team, the software is still in testing , but will be released to the public/ BTM Operators very soon. The options then are: Dash only Dash / BTC parallel on 1 Machine. When complete and released, Dash will be one of the 1st Ever Altcoins (next to Eth) to be available on Bitcoin ATM’s
  24. Security Advisory For Evan: Hello Everyone, Unfortunately we broke on January 4th and the seeding process for generating a wallet was insecure since then. There are no known Dash thefts that have taken place because of this (yet), but if you created a wallet using between January 4th and April 5th, please move your money to a new place. We take these kinds of issues quite seriously and believe it's our fiduciary responsibility to create the most secure environment for users to store value safely in our ecosystem. To address the issue we’ve reverted the patch that caused the issue and have also reverted to an earlier, much safer version. Thanks, Evan Duffield Please read comments bellow !