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  1. [ANN] Denarius [DNR] - Tribus PoW/PoS Hybrid Crypto - Ancient money for a new world! Original BitcoinTalk ANN Thread: Denarius [DNR] Ancient Money for a New World Official Website: Windows-QT Wallet Download: Mirror:!vFZ3TAhY!DgVSvoOJWm6dz9-ysGGsdNndXPKgp-aa6RTbhx2Ir1M macOS-QT Wallet Download: Github Source: Tribus CPU Miner Source: (Tested and working on Linux and Windows) tpruvot has kindly updated the CPU Miner Multi Source for Tribus: Tribus CPU Miner for Windows: Tribus GPU Miner for NVIDIA GPUs on Windows: Tribus GPU Miner for NVIDIA GPU Source: Tribus AMD GPU sgminer Source: (Untested and not compiled for Windows, Bounty of 10,000 DNR available) Join us on Gitter to Chat: Join us on Slack!: Denarius Specifications: Denarius is a new cryptocurrency based off the original Bitcoin Core by Satoshi Nakamoto. Denarius features many changes, such as Stealth Addresses, Encrypted Messaging, Tribus a brand new PoW hashing algorithm that is ASIC resistant, and a max of 10,000,000 DNR to be created during the PoW lifecycle of 3 years, which then transitions to Proof of Stake with 6% APR. 10,000,000 DNR Max 10% Premine of 1,000,000 DNR 50% of the premine 500,000 DNR will be going to bounties, promotions, marketing, and services. The other 50% is my personal funding for maintaining and funding the development of this coin. 30 second block times 7 Confirmations 30 Confirmations to mature blocks Tribus Proof-of-Work Hashing Algorithm featuring 3 of the top NIST5 algos (JH, Keccak, and Echo) Proof-of-Stake Hybrid which will fully transition to PoS which PoW ends on block 3,000,000 Block Reward Structure: RPC Port: 32339 Port: 33339 Supported Features: Stealth Addresses Encrypted Messaging Fast Transactions Tribus Proof of Work Algorithm (NEW) Proof-of-Stake with 6% APR after PoW Ends in 3 years. (Launch date 6/14/2017) Bounties: Mining Pool: 5,000 DNR (1 bounty left) Python Hashing Module for Tribus for Mining Pools: 10,000 DNR exmac Denarius Offline Address Generator: 5,000 DNR Denarius Web Wallet: 5,000 DNR Block Explorer: 5,000 DNR (Domain name required) Denarius Faucet: 5,000 DNR Signature Campaign: Coming Soon Twitter Campaigns: Coming Soon DNR Supported Exchange: 5,000 DNR (3 bounties are available) Valid Share Submitting, Windows compiled GPU sgminer for Tribus: 50,000 DNR Windows compiled and Tribus supported NVIDIA GPU Miner: 15,000 DNR tpruvot macOS Wallet-QT Compiled: 10,000 DNR - bumbacoin Language Translations (Chinese needed): 100 DNR (Bounties are subject to change and be added to as expansion progresses) Current Bounties Reserved/Paid: Btc King 1 - French Translation auroburos - Indonesian Translation kutangterbang - Malaysian Translation overloadcoin - Portuguese Translation Anthrogic - 1x Mining Pool (2 bounties still available) mrpd - Windows sgminer GPU Miner Binary' tpruvot - Windows CCMiner NVIDIA GPU Miner Binary albanes - Russian Translation bumbacoin - macOS Wallet .dmg DNR Tribus PoW Mining Pools: Python Tribus Hashing Module can be found at: (Bounty claimed by exmac) DNR Block Explorers: Exchanges: Paper Wallet and Vanity Address Generator for Denarius: Current Build of Denarius is v1.0.0.0 (6/14/2017) Coming Soon/TODO (Subject to change): More bounties Android QT Wallet BitCore Integration More seed nodes Beautify and Fix QT wallet more Make this thread nice Update website More Denarius services Current Developer: Carsen K. (kingcarsen) This thread, the website, and the Github will be updated as development progresses. No new features are currently promised. Continued maintenance and expansion of the Denarius network is. I am going to be working on documentation on the website and the how to (I may even make some videos for you guys), For now though if you need a good denarius.conf file to solo mine with try this: If you are having trouble syncing at all try adding these to the end of your denarius.conf: An example command to solo mine Denarius with the Tribus CPU Miner: if (pindexBest->nHeight == 1) nSubsidy = 1000000 * COIN; // 10% Premine else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= FAIR_LAUNCH_BLOCK) // Block 210, Instamine prevention nSubsidy = 1 * COIN/2; else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= 1000000) // Block 1m ~ 3m DNR nSubsidy = 3 * COIN; else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= 2000000) // Block 2m ~ 4m DNR nSubsidy = 4 * COIN; else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= 3000000) // Block 3m ~ 3m DNR nSubsidy = 3 * COIN; else if (pindexBest->nHeight > LAST_POW_BLOCK) // Block 3m nSubsidy = 0; // PoW Ends ~ 10,000,000 Total DNR Mined via PoW rpcuser=denariususer rpcpassword=xx rpcallowip= rpcport=32339 server=1 daemon=1 listen=1 addnode= cpuminer.exe -a tribus -o -u denariususer -p xx
  2. HTMLCOIN HTML5 VISION: Providing a stable system to with withstand the demands of the entire altcoin community. MISSION: To build a strong network of users, create robust apps for goods & services, spread awareness about cryptocurrency through charity, and facilitate a healthy decentralize monetary environment for all. We support a charitable cause and encourage technology innovation, this is our core value. We are different from other altcoins because we are focusing in integrating the “use” of htmlcoin to the “mainstream,” common people. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact Proof of Developer SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: X15 PoW / PoS Total Coins: 90 billion Block Time: 60 seconds Difficulty Re-target: every 1 block Confirmations on Transactions: 10 Maturity: 15 QR code support UPNP Support Total Blocks: 10,800,000 5,000 HTML5 per block POS INFORMATION Stake Interest: 1% Min Stake Age: 24 hours Max Stake Age: Unlimited DOWNLOADS Windows Wallet: Mac Wallet: Blockchain: GitHub: Source Code Sample htmlcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=6876 port=6877 gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= MINING / MINERS Cpu Miners Windows Pre-Compiled: Linux Source: GPU Miners AMD: Sgminer 5.1!9BYBCIpb!9u-UdMe9h3SV_6ifqTsCpI1PkTiXdBzLoxModwfbKb4 Nvidia cards: ccminer x15 fork PORTS RPC Port: 6876 P2P Port: 6877 POOLS (SSL Certificate) EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit Google+ Youtube SERVICES / OTHER Payment Processor ANN THREAD:
  3. is for coin traders. Accurately track your trading performance, compare to other top traders - and claim the bragging rights to your best trades on social media.
  4. Cryptocurrency Analytics from FXOpen 2017 Bitcoin Volatile but Range-bound It’s been a volatile week for Bitcoin. The key $2,400 level was broken and with that, the months-long uptrend is over. During the forking fears, a low of $2,250 was hit last Thursday. But since then we’ve bounced nicely and are currently quoted at $2,677, little changed compared to last week. Today a high of $2,738 was seen on FXOpen crypto broker before prices retraced a bit. The reason for the latest rally is progress on the scaling stalemate. On Monday over 80% of the mining hash started signalling for Segwit2x. This is a technical solution that merges the Segwit upgrade with a 2MB hard fork three months later. For more on the possible scenarios after the new developments take a look at this article. Technically BTC/USD is now in a range. A new rally requires a breakout above the all-time highs at $2,889 on Fxopen (around $3,000 on other major exchanges). On the lower end, there’s some weak support at the $2,500 round figure, closely followed by the $2,405 swing low. A break below $2,250 is needed to start a new BTC downtrend. Further down we have more support at the $2,000 round figure and the $1,718 swing low. On the longer-term timeframes, both weekly and monthly, bitcoin remains in an uptrend. Read about Litecoin in cryptocurrency analysis on FXOpen blog.
  5. The Official Cryptocurrency of the Adult Entertainment Industry 5 Plus+ POD (Proof of Developer) Rating INTRODUCTION Titcoin is a crypto-currency that was designed specifically for the $10 billion adult entertainment industry where privacy and anonymity are key consumer factors. Titcoin gives consumers the ability to make discreet micropayments while benefiting businesses with extremely low transaction fees. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Wikipedia: Merchandise: HISTORY Titcoin was originally developed by a group of seasoned professionals with over 75 combined years of experience in digital marketing, finance, business development and technology. Most importantly, the Titcoin Partners were and still are cryptocurrency advocates who saw the adult entertainment industry as the perfect conduit for bringing a mature digital currency into the mainstream. Originally conceived in November 2013, Titcoin has since grown to be the premier digital currency for the adult industry, being a two-time nominee for both the 2015 and 2016 XBiz Award for Alt Payment Services of the Year. On May 27th, 2017 Titcoin was acquired by Joy-Toilet, an digital media group seeking to revolutionize how the general public perceives adult content and the people behind it all. We plan to carry on many of the previous owners' policies regarding transparency and community-involved decisions. To quote our friends and the previous dev team, what you see is what you get and we are more than happy to answer any questions about our objectives and long-term vision. To learn more about the history of Titcoin, see: Cosmopolitan Magazine Behind Titcoin, the New Anonymous Currency for Buying Porn Vice Magazine Titcoin Is a Brand New Cryptocurrency for Porn Soundcrave Magazine Cryptocurrency for the Adult Industry: Titcoin Founders Interviewed >> View All Titcoin Press Coverage DOWNLOAD THE WALLET & SOURCE CODE Windows Wallet: Primary Download Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mac OSX Wallet: Primary Download Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Source Code: GitHub Repository Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Online Wallet: Paper Wallet: Block Explorer: (Backup) MINING INFORMATION Algorithm: SHA-256 Block Reward: 34.5 coins Block Time: 1 minutes (60 seconds) Total Coins: 69,000,000 Retarget: Every block (DigiShield) Halving Interval: 500,000 blocks P2P/RPC Ports: 8698/8697 Symbol: TIT Nodes: addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Mining Pools: Hashlink ( iSpace ( MiningPools ( MiningField ( SlugMonkey ( ( TomPool ( Faucets and Dice Games: KinkyDice ( TitFaucet ( CoinPayments Faucet ( Charts and Statistics: CoinGecko ( CoinMarketCap ( CoinWarz ( CryptoCoin Charts ( Cryptofolio ( Cryptonator ( MarketCapCoin ( MERCHANT INFORMATION Currency Exchanges: Cryptopia ( YoBit ( Payment Processors: CoinPayments ( CoinToPay ( Financial Services: PayServices ( Disclaimer: All external links to third-party sites are not under the control of the Titcoin developers. The Titcoin developers shall not be held responsible for the content nor liable for any damages from any external sites.
  6. Bitcoin Forums: Top List of Places to Connect, Learn and Network Bitcoin was born through an online forum. Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s founder, first published its white paper in late 2008 on the cypherpunk mailing list, which was used by cryptographers from around the globe beginning in the 1990s. Bitcoin’s initial growth was also largely driven by various online hacker forums. Online forums An enthusiastic community of users, developers and entrepreneurs follow the development of Bitcoin. Members of this community meet in both online and offline platforms to learn, share ideas and network. The following are some of the most popular online platforms where discussions take place. Read the full article:
  7. The bitcoin rally has been fueled by several causes: Japan passed a law in April recognizing the digital currency as a legal method of payment, leading to a surge in demand from Asian countries. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing a decision regarding approval for a bitcoin-based exchange traded fund proposed by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, known for their lawsuit against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Other countries, including Russia, are looking at how to regulate bitcoin in order to tax it, but this could further stimulate demand for the cryptocurrency as it becomes legitimized. Daniel Masters is the chairman of XBT Provider, which offers a "bitcoin tracker" that can be traded and exchanged on the Nasdaq exchange in Stockholm. He expects Bitcoin to reach $4,000 by the end of the year. "Bitcoin is emerging as the transactional layer of the internet, as programmable money and as digital gold. That's the big picture," he told CNBC's Squawk Box on Thursday. Masters says the trend for high volatility in bitcoin is being diminished due to bitcoin's proliferation, with more products and exchanges set up, as well as the development of a short side of the market. He thinks the next catalysts for bitcoin price growth will come from greater volume. "What we've seen at XBT Provider is an increase in coverage and an increase in penetration into both the retail and institutional market. We're now being covered on Nasdaq OMX by 27 different broker dealers, and that is a stark increase from what we saw a year or two ago," he said. Read more
  8. SO, YOU'VE BOUGHT BITCOIN. NOW WHAT? So, you’ve bought Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) and – hey! – it’s shot up in value. Good for you. But what do you do with your digital money now? If you’ve made a serious profit, you might be wary of leaving it on an exchange such as Coinbase or stashing it in an online wallet (after all, North Korean hackers have reportedly stolen almost $90,000 of Bitcoin in the last two years). The most secure alternative is to take your currency offline altogether with a “hardware wallet”. This is a purpose-built, secure device for cold-storing the private keys that allow you to spend your digital currency. Two of the most popular are the Ledger Nano S and the Trezor, both of which employ open-source code (meaning that even if the companies were to fold, the devices would not be rendered obsolete). We tested them both… Read Mode
  9. Vladimir Putin Is Getting Interested in Bitcoin's Biggest Rival by Ilya Khrennikov June 6, 2017, 7:55 AM EDT Russian president met with founder of cryptocurrency Ethereum Country may use Ethereum to create national virtual currency Ethereum, the world’s largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin, has caught the attention of Vladimir Putin as a potential tool to help Russia diversify its economy beyond oil and gas. Putin met Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum last week and supported his plans to build contacts with local partners to implement blockchain technology in Russia, according to a statement on Kremlin’s website. “The digital economy isn’t a separate industry, it’s essentially the foundation for creating brand new business models,” Putin said at the event, discussing means to boost growth long-term after Russia ended its worst recession in two decades. Virtual currencies could help the economy by making transactions happen more quickly and safely online. Besides being a method of exchange, Ethereum can also serve as a ledger for everything from currency contracts to property rights, speeding up business by cutting out intermediaries such as public notaries. Russia’s central bank has already deployed an Ethereum-based blockchain as a pilot project to process online payments and verify customer data with lenders including Sberbank PJSC, Deputy Governor Olga Skorobogatova said at the St. Petersburg event. She didn’t rule out using Ethereum technologies for the development of a national virtual currency for Russia down the road. Last week, Russia’s state development bank VEB agreed to start using Ethereum for some administrative functions. Steelmaker Severstal PJSC tested Ethereum’s blockchain for secure transfer of international credit letters. Exclusive insights on technology around the world. “Blockchain may have the same effect on businesses that the emergence on the internet once had -- it would change business models, and eliminate intermediaries such as escrow agents and clerks,” said Vlad Martynov, an adviser for The Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization that backs the cryptocurrency. “If Russia implements it first, it will gain similar advantages to those the Western countries did at the start of the internet age.” Read More @
  10. Start 22 March 09:00 PM GMT Groestlcoin (GRS) - The New Home Of GPU Miners About the name: The name "Grøstl" is a multilingual play-on-words, referring to an Austrian dish usually made of leftover potatoes and pork, cut into slices. These are roasted on a pan together with onions and butterfat. The dish is often seasoned with salt, pepper, marjoram, cumin, and parsley, and served with a fried egg or kraut (cabbage). Hence, gröstl is somewhat similar to the American dish called hash. The letter ‘ö’ was replaced by ‘ø’, which is a letter in the Danish alphabet that is pronounced in the same way as ‘ö’. This way, the name, like the hash function itself, contains a mix of Austrian and Danish influences. The pronunciation of Grøstl may seem challenging. If you think so, then think of the letter ‘ø’ as the ‘i’ in "bird". This letter is a so-called close-mid front rounded vowel. About the coin: - Is a cryptocurrency utilizing Proof of Work - No ASIC currently exists for Groestl & it is unlikely that one will be developed for it anytime soon. GroestlCoin will be ASIC-free for the foreseeable future. - Through these features GroestlCoin embodies the fairly distributed & decentralized nature of Cryptocurrency. Anyone can mine effectively, with minimal resource consumption and nuisance. - With the influx of ASICs we thought decentralized mining will soon be dead, with GroestlCoin it is reborn and taken to another level. - The extra added value of Groestl is that the "richer advantage" (owning several GPU) is less interesting with Groestl; so fairer. - Stands for democratization of currency and mining, the ability to send and receive money immediately anywhere in the world, to not pay expensive banking fees, and to transact in an environment that is secure and anonymous. - Through an innovative algorithm, the Groestlcoin network consumes far less energy, maintains stronger security, and rewards miners in more sustainable ways than sha256, scrypt, x11 and x13 based coins. - Grostl will be the new greener home of GPU miners as it offers greater hashing results with less energy and heat. - We strive to make groestlcoin available to the masses. Innovative and user friendly, accessible for everyone. We highly value integrity and transparency. Digital currencies are the future and Groestlcoin will be one of the leaders in this revolution. About the algorithm: - Is an iterated hash function, where the compression function is built from two fixed, large, different permutations. The design of Grøstl is transparent and based on principles very different from those used in the SHA-family.The two permutations used are constructed using the wide trail design strategy, which makes it possible to give strong statements about the resistance of Grøstl against large classes of cryptanalytic attacks. Moreover, if these permutations are assumed to be ideal, there is a proof for the security of the hash function. - Can and is accelerated by the hardware AES support present in most modern Intel CPUs, which helps reduce the efficiency gap between a CPU and other implementations. Groestl (old GPU/CPU) - Groestl makes wide range of trade-offs between throughput, latency, and power consumption. Because of this, groestl uses less power per hash than other algos. Due to the less complex hashing, groestl performs well on older GPU’s as well as CPU’s. More info: - Is the single most efficient algorithm for GPUs in the cryptocurrency market. It has been shown to have the lowest power consumption, heat and noise of recently released algorithms, allowing for a quieter and more effective mining environment. - Is set to be the future of mining, Groestlcoin is proud to be the first to utilize this new efficient algorithm. - Is a recently proposed cryptographic hash algorithm that has common structure and features with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The objective of this paper is to present the design of a high speed joint implementation of Grøstl and AES with minimal resources using a pipelining method. The advantage of this implementation is that it efficiently provides both cryptographic hash function and block cipher. The system is targeted to the Altera Cyclone IV FPGA. The paper presents a complete description of the design and implementation, as well as an analysis of the resulting synthesis and comparison to other proposed implementations of the Grøstl hash function. - Is a byte-oriented SP-network which borrows components from the AES. The S-box (substitution-box) used is identical to the one used in the block cipher AES and the diffusion layers are constructed in a similar manner to those of the AES. As a consequence there is a very strong confusion and diffusion in Grøstl. - Is a so-called wide-pipe construction where the size of the internal state is significantly larger than the size of the output. This has the effect that all known, generic attacks on the hash function are made much more difficult. - Has good performance on a wide range of different platforms and counter-measures against side-channel attacks are well-understood from similar work on the AES. About the AES acceleration: The compression function f is based on a pair of 256- or 512-bit permutation functions P and Q, and is defined as: f(h, m) = P(h ⊕ m) ⊕ Q(m) ⊕ h The permutation functions P and Q are heavily based on the Rijndael (AES) block cipher, but operate on 8×8 or 8×16 arrays of bytes, rather than 4×4. Like AES, each round consists of four operations: 1.AddRoundKey (the Grøstl round keys are fixed, but differ between P and Q) 2.SubBytes (this uses the Rijndael S-box, allowing sharing with AES implementations) 3.ShiftBytes (expanded compared to AES, this also differs between P and Q, and 512- and 1024-bit versions) 4.MixColumns (using an 8×8 matrix rather than Rijndael's 4×4) Grøstl divides the input into blocks and iteratively computes hi = f(hi-1, mi). However, Grøstl maintains a hash state at least twice the size of the final output (512 or 1024 bits), which is only truncated at the end of hash computation. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: Grøstl Specifications PDF: Total coins: 105 000 000 GRS Coins per block: 512 GRS Minimum block reward: 5 GRS Block target: 60 seconds Difficulty adjustment: DGW (Dark Gravity Wave) Block reward reduced by 6% every 10080 blocks, which will occur approximately every 1 week Mined coins mature in 140 blocks PREMINE 240,640 GRS (0.22918095% total), see for details STATS / RANKINGS DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Linux Paper Wallet Source Code MINERS CPU Miner Source Code CPU Miner Windows x64!SowRVD5I!PWedhl_pDboK5vQn2PUTWW3rpH5Oyow-8ypRpsysa5U GPU Miner Source Code GPU Miner Windows!bgwAGLKZ!8uqoI9TJuNK-5ElIktsU0XsIdtrcPCPgqt_tGm7TIXU PORTS RPC Port: 1441 P2P Port: 1331 POOLS EXCHANGES Twitter Facebook Reddit IRC SERVICES / OTHER Faucet
  11. ScamCoinBot!

    I'm based on Artifical Ignorance solution that provides 100% certified scam news about scamcoins. I'm not responsible if you will lose your girlfriend following me.
  12. Dashcoin Club

    HOW DASH CLUB WORKS We are a group of promoters of Dash who belives in the future of Dash as a coin. For being part of Dash club and providing dash to a fellow dash user, you earn 20% of your dash provided(1% daily) for 20 days. For inviting another new member into Dash club, You earn 30% instantly of the dash provided to by your refferral immediately the dash is confirmed, and your referral also earn his/her own 20% for providing dash to another user. OUR MISSION Our mission is to spread the usage of DASH as a digital cash and means of exchange amongs users. OUR VISION Our vision is to see Dash hit it maximum amount and flow,while members of this community achieve their financial dreams.
  13. About the coin Groestlcoin Is a cryptocurrency utilizing Proof of Work. No ASIC currently exists for Groestl & it is unlikely that one will be developed for it anytime soon. Groestlcoin will be ASIC-free for the foreseeable future. Through these features Groestlcoin embodies the fairly distributed & decentralized nature of Cryptocurrency. Anyone can mine effectively, with minimal resource consumption and nuisance. With the influx of ASICs we thought decentralized mining will soon be dead, with Groestlcoin it is reborn and taken to another level.
  14. Your own cryptocurrency Does someone know how to create your own cryptocurrency?
  15. Welcome to EXMO Official Discussion Launched on February 24, 2014, EXMO cryptocurrency exchange is always at work to meet the needs of rapidly shifting market and bring you secure storage, trading, management and use of cryptocurrency as well as fiat money within the platform, while constantly introducing the trading community to new features and opportunities for better work with cryptocurrencies. To Main Page Our recent publications: Introducing EXMO global redesign How to pass verification on EXMO The difference between cryptocurrency exchange and exchanger 4th part of our beginner guide series Pros and cons of investing into cryptocurrencies Key features: 24/7, Support Universal wallet Profitable fees Thank you for your attention! Should you have any questions, please write them in the thread and EXMO team will be happy to answer.
  16. Is Ethereum More Important Than Bitcoin? Blockchain technology, the distributed ledger system that underpins the digital currency Bitcoin, is getting a lot of attention from Wall Street lately. With uses ranging from cross-border payments to settlements and clearing of over-the-counter derivatives to streamlining back office processes, the potential for disruption in the financial industry and elsewhere is growing more real each day. While bitcoin is the most widely used and well known use case of blockchain, Ethereum may be the killer app that allows for this disruption to finally take place. (For related reading, see also: How Will Bitcoin 2.0 Change the World.) The token native to the Ethereum blockchain, Ether (ETH), has recently risen to over $10 per ETH, and the market capitalization of all ether is nearly $800 million, making it the second most valuable blockchain behind bitcoin (which represents approximately $6.5 billion of value). What is Ethereum and why is it interesting? A Brief Overview of Ethereum Ethereum was developed to augment and improve on bitcoin, expanding its capabilities. Importantly, it was developed to feature prominently “smart contracts:” decentralized, self-executing agreements coded into the blockchain itself. Ethereum was first proposed by Vitalik Buterin in 2013 and went live with its first beta version in 2015. Its blockchain is built with a turing-complete scripting language that can simultaneously run such smart contracts across all nodes and achieve verifiable consensus without the need for a trusted third party such as a court, judge or legal system. According to its website, Ethereum can be used to “codify, decentralize, secure and trade just about anything.” In late 2014, Ethereum raised over $18 million in bitcoin by way of a crowd sale to fund its development. The ‘Ethereum Virtual Machine’ (EVM) is capable of running smart contracts that can represent financial agreements such as options contracts, swaps or coupon-paying bonds. It can also be used to execute bets and wagers, to fulfill employment contracts, to act as trusted escrow for the purchase of high value items, and to maintain a legitimate decentralized gambling facility. These are just a few examples of what is possible with smart contracts, and the potential to replace all sorts of legal, financial and social agreements is exciting. Currently, the EVM is in its infancy, and running smart contracts is both “expensive” in terms of ether consumed, as well as limited in its processing power. According to its developers, the system is currently about as powerful as a late 1990s-era mobile phone. This, however, is likely to change as the protocol is developed further. To put this into perspective, the computer on the Apollo 11 lander had less power than a first-generation iPhone; it is certainly plausible that in a few short years, the EVM (or something like it) will be able to handle sophisticated smart contracts in real time. Within the Ethereum ecosystem, ether exists as the internal cryptocurrency which is used to settle the outcomes of smart contracts executed within the protocol. Ether can be mined for and traded on cryptocurrency exchanges with bitcoin or fiat currencies such as US Dollars, and is also used to pay for computational effort employed by nodes on its blockchain. (For more, see: What is Ethereum?) Read More:
  17. New to Cryptocurrency - Mining/Investment Questions Hi all, First off, please excuse my lack of knowledge for this topic. I have been researching it extensively but am still trying to grasp everything. Last year, I looked into mining/investing in Ethereum. Now I am kicking myself for not doing it as you all know why. Recently I have had more time to look into it and thought that I would try to either mine or invest in it. I'm not looking to make much. Even a small bit of money would be great. I believe that this is where currency is headed and although I may be late to this first kick off of digital currency, I think I am still early to the future of it. So my questions are: 1. I am willing to invest a good bit of money to start mining however I don't know if it is even worth it at this point. I love the idea of mining and have even learned how to do it via GPU on multiple platforms but have yet to actually run it as I don't fully trust the calculators. 2. With the difficulty of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other currencies rising, would it be better to just pick a smaller one to invest in and let it sit? I would much rather mine for a cryptocurrency but at this point, are there any left that are not ridiculously difficult? I appreciate your help. Hopefully someone who is patient and enjoys talking about this can help me out. -J
  18. provides investors with virtual portfolios of cryptocurrencies and digital assets issued by blockchain startups. propose a solution against the problem of large price fluctuation in the cryptocurrency market, also known as volatility. How? by offering two diversified portfolios that periodically adapt to recent market developments.
  19. Is Blockchain Really the Future of Energy? Can blockchain actually be the future of energy trading? Pros and cons of using P2P technology for buying and selling energy. The energy trading sector is looking forward to innovations. Recently, the European community gathered to test Enerchain - a disruptive blockchain-based P2P network for selling energy. Read the full article:
  20. Top 5 Cryptocurrency ICOs for June and July 2017 Read a new article a few time ago. I will quote this article: There are so many cryptocurrency ICOs going on these days, it becomes difficult to keep track of everything. We have found some upcoming ICOs to look forward to, albeit users should always do their own research before making any investments. The following projects introduce some interesting concepts, which could prove to be quite valuable and powerful over time. We can only hope these five projects will not cripple the Ethereum network like so many other projects have done in the past. 5. PRIMALBASE In the world of cryptocurrency ICOs, one always has to keep an eye out for innovative projects. The Primalbase project revolves around transforming office rentals into a community-based ecosystem. Users can share, sell, and rent office space using Ethereum and Waves tokens. It is quite an interesting take on things, although it remains to be seen how much interest the project will generate. The Primalbase ICO will start on June 26, and only 1,000 tokens will be issued. The normal price per token will be 5 Bitcoin, although discounts apply during the first week. 4. TEZOS Most people will have heard about the Tezos ICO by now. The project aims to develop a future-proof smart contract system. It is a separate blockchain, which makes it stand out a bit from most other cryptocurrency ICOs. Consensus will be achieved by letting bonded stakeholders validate transactions. According to the white paper, a total of US$893,200.77 worth of XTZ tokens will be issued in the process. The Tezos ICO starts on July 1st, and it will undoubtedly generate a lot of interest. 3. EVEREX The Everex platform focuses on enabling a global and inclusive economy. With project is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and will enable blockchain-powered microfinance and remittance services. Ultimately, Everex users will be able to transfer fiat currency across borders in mere seconds. For the time being, there is no official date regarding the Everex ICO, and a lot of information has yet to be shared with the public. According to the latest information, the ICO will occur either in July or August. 2. DENT The Dent cryptocurrency ICO is by far one of the most unique projects we have seen so far. The project aims to establish a global exchange for mobile data. Data pricing will be made transparent, and automated bidding will allow anyone to purchase mobile data with relative ease. Exchanging mobile data packages will occur through the DENT tokens, which are issued during the ICO, which begins on July 12. One downside to the DENT token sale is how a total of 100 billion tokens will be created. Seventy percent will be sold during the ICO, and the rest is kept by the company. Eventually, the team hopes to raise around 152,000 Ether, worth over US$52m at current prices. It is quite a big project, although the team hopes to raise an acceptable amount of money. The only question is whether or not the number of tokens will be a downside, but only time will tell. 1. CIVIC The Civic project will gain a lot of attention because Vinny Lingham is the CEO. Moreover, the project has a working mobile application before the ICO even begins, which makes it far more professional compared to most other projects in the cryptocurrency ICO world. Civic aims to provide on-demand and low-cost access to identity verification via the blockchain. Civic has a working product available worldwide, and they already won an award for their project this year. According to the white paper, the project will aim to raise US$11m, and the price per token is set at US$0.1. The Civic ICO will begin on June 21. Site: What do you think about it/ tell me your thoughts, as for me a have a lot of questions..
  21. Welcome to the General CryptoCoin Talk forum! Feel free to discuss anything related to cryptocoins. This forum is for any open discussion the members want to start that is related to cryptocoins.
  22. ATB or Alternative Technology Base is a one-of-a-kind blockchain-based network designed to deliver blazing fast, secure and near-zero cost value transfer Our mission We believe everyone should be able to initiate transactions that are fully secure, private and anonymous What we did We’ve implemented all the best practices available in modern blockchain-based currencies Our solution ATB Coin unites many proven innovations in one robust product and contains features that never been incorporated in other coins ATB Coin Network Is capable to process thousands of transactions per second and enjoys to be the fastest blockchain-based cryptographic network in the Milky Way galaxy Lightning Network & Microtransactions Unlimited throughput of off-blockchain transactions - Instant Payments - Scalability - Low Cost - Cross Blockchains Segregated Witness Segregated Witness allows to combine multiple transactions into one block increasing the efficiency of the block itself 4 times more efficient block 2.5 minutes per block Proof-of-Stake ATB Coin is a cryptocurrency based on Proof-of-stake algorithm. Creation of blocks is carried out through provision of a proof that the active network node possesses a certain amount of coins and therefore can participate in generation of blocks Cryptographic Algorithms ATB Coin is not only fast but also secured to the latest world's standards - ECDSA, a public key cryptography algorithm, which is associated with every coin in the system by means of employing a public key, private key, and signature so that every node of the blockchain can verify the coin ownership - One-way SHA-256 encryption algorithm, which is included in SHA-2 family of cryptographic hash functions and is considered to be classic in the majority of the world’s cryptocurrencies Empowers business Seamless and safe implementation of Smart Contracts creates a next-gen infrastructure layer for a variety of businesses Adds fun to your life Transfer between currency pairs within a multi-currency wallet or use Offline Codes as payment for goods and services Good for business Good for you Read more: Website Whitepaper Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
  23. Kin

    Kin is a cryptocurrency designed to bring people together in a new shared economy. Envisioned as a general purpose cryptocurrency for use in everyday digital services, Kin will be used for all transactions with the Kin Ecosystem. Implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, Kin will server as the basis of interoperability with other digital services in the Kin Ecosystem.
  24. This project expands Antonio Vega Macotela’s long-term research into exhaustion as an operation of scarcity and wealth, as well as it sets out an inquiry into the way value is produced within the complex set of interdependent relations that make up our global economy. The existence of “mills of blood” can be traced back to IV A .c in Grece This kind of machine was an apparatus used in places where neither wind nor water were available as means of production, and only labor could be used as source of energy. There were three of these kind of mills in Latin America, all three were used to make silver coins during the Spanish colony. There was one in Mexico, one in Peru and one in Bolivia. The MoB presented at dOCUMENTA 14 in Kassel is a reproduction of the Bolivian MoB. During the 100 days that dOCUMENTA 14 will run in Kassel the MoB will produce as many teios as the audience manages, out of a limited of 30,000 planchets. Each of this teios will in turn mine a crypto-teio. At the closing of dOCUMENTA 14 the production of these coins will stop and there will be no possibility to produce more teios, nor crypto-teios. The MoB will be destroyed. All of the teios produced will be collected, certified and deposited in a safe.