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  1. Titcoin Digital Currency [TIT] The Official Cryptocurrency of the Adult Entertainment Industry 5 Plus+ POD (Proof of Developer) Rating INTRODUCTION Titcoin is a crypto-currency that was designed specifically for the $10 billion adult entertainment industry where privacy and anonymity are key consumer factors. Titcoin gives consumers the ability to make discreet micropayments while benefiting businesses with extremely low transaction fees. Originally conceived in November 2013, Titcoin was officially announced in January 2014 with a final build of the wallet compiled in February. Titcoin was formally launched to the public on June 21, 2014. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Wikipedia: Merchandise: ABOUT THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM Titcoin was developed by a small group of cryptocurrency advocates who saw the adult entertainment industry as the perfect conduit for bringing digital currency into the mainstream. We are a team that consists of seasoned professionals with over 75 combined years of experience in digital marketing, finance, business development and technology. Our primary goal is to raise awareness of the cryptocurrency industry and increase greater public adoption of alternate forms of currency. We believe Titcoin will help all of us by creating strong cryptocurrency demand in an industry where anonymity and privacy are key drivers. Titcoin launched in June of 2014 and has been well received by the mainstream media. We are committed to making Titcoin a success in the long run which will benefit the entire digital currency market as a whole. Finally, we believe in transparency. We are an independent group of enthusiasts who are very active in the cryptocurrency community. Plus we have a history of giving back to the community through giveaways, bounties and rewards. What you see is what you get, and we are more than happy to answer any questions about our objectives and long-term vision. To learn more about the Titcoin team, read our interviews: Cosmopolitan Magazine Behind Titcoin, the New Anonymous Currency for Buying Porn Vice Magazine Titcoin Is a Brand New Cryptocurrency for Porn Soundcrave Magazine Cryptocurrency for the Adult Industry: Titcoin Founders Interviewed >> View All Titcoin Press Coverage DOWNLOAD THE WALLET & SOURCE CODE Windows Wallet: Primary Download Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Mac OSX Wallet: Primary Download Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Source Code: GitHub Repository Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Online Wallet: Paper Wallet: Block Explorer: (Backup) MINING INFORMATION Algorithm: SHA-256 Block Reward: 34.5 coins Block Time: 1 minutes (60 seconds) Total Coins: 69,000,000 Retarget: Every block (DigiShield) Halving Interval: 500,000 blocks P2P/RPC Ports: 8698/8697 Symbol: TIT Nodes: addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Mining Pools: Hashlink ( iSpace ( MiningPools ( MiningField ( SlugMonkey ( ( TomPool ( Faucets and Dice Games: KinkyDice ( TitFaucet ( CoinPayments Faucet ( Charts and Statistics: CoinGecko ( CoinMarketCap ( CoinWarz ( CryptoCoin Charts ( Cryptofolio ( Cryptonator ( MarketCapCoin ( MERCHANT INFORMATION Currency Exchanges: AllCoin ( Bittrex ( Cryptopia ( Cryptsy ( *Temporarily Disabled SafeCEX ( YoBit ( Payment Processors: CoinPayments ( CoinToPay ( Financial Services: PayServices ( Disclaimer: All external links to third-party sites are not under the control of the Titcoin developers. The Titcoin developers shall not be held responsible for the content nor liable for any damages from any external sites.
  2. BLADE BLA Blade is a proof of work/proof of stake hybrid for the future! The proof of work portion of coin distribution will be fast and end in a total of 28 days. Proof of stake will take over as the main protocol at that time ensuring the network can run forever. This is similar to Mint's POW to POS distribution model. The stake is a more generous version of Hobo. Blade is currently on the exchange and we are looking to get it added to more. Please vote for blade! The more miners that mine blade early the better distribution there will be. Make sure to get in before the POW coins are all mined out. Giveaways are hosted in the various trollboxes throughout the crypto community for now and Twitter in the near future. I am currently seeking more exposure for Blade. If you would like to create a reddit, facebook, or other social media please PM me! Faucets are also needed at this point in time. Blades will be used in the future to fund bladerunners hunting down rogue replicants on earth. Seeing as we should all be humans on earth, mining some Blade now while you can is a must. POS will ensure you have a size-able account to properly fund the future bladerunners in their mission by the year 2019. Website Block Crawler / Explorer Contact You can contact me here on cryptocoin talk in this forum or on twitter at @bladecoin_ Unofficial contact SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt 1024. 5 minute block times. Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. There are 2019 tokens awarded per block. The stake is set at 10 days minimum coin age and 30 days full weight 100% return/year Coins take 6 confirms to send and 120 to spend after mining. The difficulty retargets after each block to give everybody a chance to enjoy it. Starting difficulty .2 not zero so no easy mining just because you hop on quick. 16,305,444 Proof of Work Coins Are Coded to be produced, but a few extra coins got mined ! The proof of stake settings will make sure the network can run forever. STATS / RANKINGS None Available. DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS (not latest build) Linux!A1dTQbLJ!XowpV7Ua_N-xW46Lf9VRube73nQYpIGnLJTeaqaIwSw (not latest build) Source Code Sample blade.conf rpcuser=usernamerpcpassword=passwordrpcallowip=localhostrpcport=45557port=45555gen=0server=1addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 45557 P2P Port: 45555 POOLS None Available. POW has ended. EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook None Available. Reddit None Available. SERVICES / OTHER Faucets: BOUNTIES AVAILABLE ! (edited) all bounties were paid - the bounties exceeded the 10 block premine of the coin Since the proof of work phase is over all bounties are considered paid.
  3. At the inception of VegasCoin the idea was to both put the power of money in the people’s hands just like bitcoin and many other alternative crypto currencies do, but also to give Las Vegas a new promotional tool for business and tourism. As a local currency dedicated to Las Vegas, VegasCoin provides a platform to help keep money cycling inside the city. Similar in ambition to AuroraCoin, a crypto currency created for the people of Iceland, VegasCoin seeks to gain acceptance in the local Vegas market while being traded on the larger international market. In this capacity it is a great vehicle for promoting Tourism in Nevada. Although the number of people who participate in Crypro Currency exchanges is relatively small, participants are international in scope and their numbers are rapidly growing. Even if one does not buy and sell VegasCoin on an exchange its there and people see it. It would be like having a Vegas Dollar appear on the Forex exchange. That’s free advertising! And where are you going to spend your VegasCoins? One might start in the one city that they are accepted. See how this could potentially boost tourism? VegasCoin is not saturated and never will be. We chose to use almost the same algorithm as litecoin whose total run equals 84,000,000 coins to our 100,000,000 coins. As of this writing this on March 7th 2014, VegasCoin is trading between $0.05 and $0.30 per coin, is listed on two exchanges, and provides a faster more secure system protocol than even bitcoin has. If I have lost you dear reader I must apologize. This letter is prefaced on the idea that you have some knowledge of what crypto currency and bitcoin even are. If you do not I encourage some research and I have provided some links at the footer to get you started. Without going into all the heady details I will explain it like this. Crypto currency functions like digital cash without any or at extremely low transaction fees, VegasCoin functions in this capacity. Our mission since day one has been to get VegasCoin created then accepted by local businesses that can then benefit from Vegascoin’s growth in popularity. At this juncture we are in negotiation with a limo company, nightclub, and advertising company. Future plans include meetings with Las Vegas casino & hotel Marketing Directors, Presidents, and Owners. In closing, it took just under 25 days to create VegasCoin, the website, wallet, and get listed two major crypto currency exchanges. Point being that VegasCoin is in its infancy but is moving very rapidly and people are getting excited. Most who hear about the coin, instantly say what a great name! The Las Vegas brand is already world famous and is overdue for its own currency. Technology moves at a pace that will make your head spin, but those who do not adopt and change risk being left behind. You don’t want to be the last fast food joint to put in a drive through window. Thank you for reading this, and please feel free to show your support at Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Algo. 100 million coins. 120 second block time. 30 coins per block. Re-target every 1 day. NO PREMINE DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Linux See the source code, from there linux wallets can be easily compiled Source Code Sample vegascoin.conf rpcpassword=your_password rpcuser=your_username rpcallowip=192.168.*.* rpcport=52401 port=52400 daemon=1 server=1 PORTS RPC Port: 52401 P2P Port: 52400 POOLS EXCHANGES crypto currency exchange allows you to trade VegasCoin VGC for Bitcoin BTC, Litecoin LTC, and Dogecoin DOGE is a new VegasCoin Exchange, Use it to buy and sell VGC. is a new VegasCoin Exchange, more details coming soon! SOCIAL Facebook Google+ Twitter Reddit
  4. MURRAYCOIN MRY A descendant of Bitcoin and Litecoin, Murraycoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer currency enabling worldwide instant payments. Murraycoin provides 100 second transaction confirmations, 6 times faster than Bitcoin, offering an excellent balance of speed and consistency. Utilizing scrypt in its proof-of-work algorithm, Murraycoin can be efficiently mined on consumer hardware. Murraycoin is backed by an experienced development team dedicated to its success. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Algo [scrypt-2048 begins July 4th, 2014] 100 second block targets Subsidy halves every 300k blocks (~350 days) 60 coins per standard block 36 blocks to retarget difficulty with 504 sample and .25 damping [Retarget after every block starting at block 130k] 67% maximum change on difficulty retarget [New weighted adjustment starting at block 130k] Total Coins: 58 Million 1st month, ~16 Million Coins will be generated 1st Year, ~34 Million Coins will be generated Through the next few decades the Remaining 24 Million will be generated. 19.5 Million come from first 2 Years of 300K Blocks BLOCK REWARDS First 5,000 Blocks are promo blocks with a 1950 coin reward (Bill Murray was born in 1950.) Early miners are encouraged to be generous with promo block rewards. Every 5,000 Blocks (~6 days) the reward steps down from 1950, 500, 320, 210, 130, 80. During the following 80,000 blocks (~90 days) the reward is 75. Block 1 - 5000 yields 1950 coins per block. Block 5001 - 10,000 yields 500 coins per block. Block 10,001 - 15,000 yields 320 coins per block. Block 15,001 - 20,000 yields 210 coins per block. Block 20,001 - 25,000 yields 130 coins per block. Block 25,001 - 30,000 yields 80 coins per block. Block 30,001 - 110,000 yields 75 coins per block. Block 110,001 and above yields 60 coins per block. COINS IN CIRCULATION CG = Coins Generated / TC = Total Coins Block 1 - 5000 / 9,750,000 CG / 9,750,000 TC Block 5001 - 10,000 / 2,499,500 CG / 12,249,500 TC Block 10,001 - 15,000 / 1,599,680 CG / 13,849,180 TC Block 15,001 - 20,000 / 1,049,790 CG / 14,898,970 TC Block 20,001 - 25,000 / 649,870 CG / 15,548,840 TC Block 25,001 - 30,000 / 399,920 CG / 15,948,760 TC Block 30,001 - 110,000 / 5,999,925 CG / 21,948,685 TC DOWNLOADS Windows Installer Windows MacOS Source Code Sample murraycoin.conf listen=1 server=1 daemon=1 rpcuser=murraycoinrpc rpcpassword=murraycoinpassword rpcport=11950 port=11951 addnode= addnode= MINERS / MINING AMD GPU Miners Source Code: nVidia GPU Miners Source Code: CPU Miners Source Code: PORTS RPC Port: 11950 P2P Port: 11951 POOLS None. EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook None Available. Reddit SERVICES / OTHER Reddit Tip Bot
  5. CONTINUUMCOIN CTM Website None Available. Block Explorer / Crawler None Available. Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS SHA256 Proof of Work, based on Bitcoin 0.8.99 30 seconds block target 524,288 (2^19) coins per block, halves every month (86,400 blocks) Difficulty retargets every hour (120 blocks), with accelerated re-targets at the beginning. 3 confirms per transaction. Total about 90,600 millions coins (90+ billion coins) First 120 blocks are valued at 1 Coin will never halve below 1 QR Code Support Level DB Support Addresses start with 'C' Downloads Windows: OSX 10.9(stable): LINUX: (compile with "qmake" and "make") Sources: Sample continuumcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport=25536 port=25535 gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 25536 P2P Port: 25535 POOLS EXCHANGES None Available. SOCIAL Twitter Facebook https://www.facebook...243831155797906 Reddit SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  6. Murraycoin MRY

    What is Murraycoin? A descendant of Bitcoin and Litecoin, Murraycoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer currency enabling worldwide instant payments. Providing the perfect balance of speed and consistency, Murraycoin has 100 second transaction confirmations (6 times faster than Bitcoin.) Utilizing Scrypt-2048 in its proof-of-work algorithm, Murraycoin is ASIC-resistant and can be efficiently mined on consumer hardware. Launched Jan 20th 2014, Murraycoin is developed and maintained by a professional software development team. The goal of The Murraycoin Project is to raise money for charity, educate the population on the use and advantages of cryptocurrency, and to have fun.
  7. Can't access my account ... HELP Hi I created my multipool account a couple of years ago but I can't access it. I'm freaking out because I had some coins on there and I really need to sell them a I need the money. I emailed the multipool admin but no response. Any one else having the same problem or have a solution or suggestion , do let me know. Thanks in advance
  8. TRUSTPLUS TRUST Trust is built Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script> SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: X11 45 Second Block Time PoW to 30,599,799 coins Estimated 5.6 Day PoW POS INFORMATION PoS is 18% APR PoS to 250,000,000 coins Interest starts after 8 Hours Interest stops after 30 Days BLOCK REWARDS 2 to 50 = 1 51 to 100 = 50 101 to 200 = 100 201 to 400 = 200 401 to 800 = 400 801 to 1600 = 800 1601 to 3200 = 1600 3201 to 6400 = 3200 6401... 12800 = 6400 PREMINE 1,800,000 TRUST split between two devs. All Coins have been distributed. STATS / RANKINGS DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Linux Android Raspberry Pi (with block chain loaded.) Source Code Sample trustplus.conf server=1 daemon=1 listen=1 rpcuser=MitchellMint rpcpassword=TwoYearsold rpcport=36998 port=36999 maxconnections=8 rpcconnect= PORTS RPC Port: 36998 P2P Port: 36999 POOLS PoS coin... please buy and start staking. EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit IRC LinkedIN VKontakte SERVICES / OTHER We encourage people to mine and use profits to buy Trust at Our coin is active with many different coins. We use the coins we earn durring launch to PoS (Mint) more coins. We have a GPU farm capable of 800M X11 Hash and soon 1T SHA256 using Solar Power. Our PoS is done on RPi, and we encourage others to Vault all their coins on RPi's. You can buy our hardware at
  9. Lisk LSK

    Lisk (LSK) is an open-source cryptocurrency and decentralised application platform, written in JavaScript. It was formally launched in May 2016 after a highly successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO, an early opportunity to purchase the new cryptocurrency) which raised over US$5 million. The Lisk network operates using a Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism which is secured by 101 democratically elected delegates. Another interesting component of Lisk is its decentralised, JavaScript-based application platform which allows the deployment, distribution and monetisation of decentralized applications and custom blockchains (also called "sidechains") onto the Lisk blockchain.
  10. ArtByte ABY

    ArtByte was created to help artists gain support from fans all over the world, through the technology of digital tokens.​
  11. Belacoin BELA

    Belacoin, backed by the Ambia Fund's investment and leadership, is helping supercharge entrepreneurship with blockchain-based solutions.
  12. Synereo AMP

    Synereo’s Attention Economy The Future of Content Creation, Publishing and Distribution Synereo is developing tools which allow content creators to easily monetize original works without having to turn their channels into advertisment real estate, while granting their followers the opportunity to be rewarded for getting the word out.
  13. Bitcoin Classic stands for the original Bitcoin as Satoshi described it, "A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". We are writing the software that miners and users say they want. We will make sure it solves their needs, help them deploy it, and gracefully upgrade the bitcoin network's capacity together.
  14. Poloniex

    A US-based cryptocurrency exchange offering maximum security and advanced trading features.
  15. Bitcoin CCT Forum

    Bitcoin BTC forum on
  16. Cryptocoinsnews

    Cryptocurrency news and information.
  17. AltCoiner

    Welcome to 1st online gateway for Alternative Coins Trading & Investments. AltCoiner has been set up in Hong Kong back in 2013 under the umbrella of Alternative Limited (Company No. 2012774) in an effort to give international investors a chance to tap into an ever growing market of Alternative Coins using the most advanced Crypto-currency of today - Bitcoin.
  18. DASH

    Dash is Digital Cash You Can Spend Anywhere Use Dash to make instant, private payments online or in-store using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world.
  19. PIVX

    PIVX, Private Instant Verified Transaction, is a privacy-focused, decentralized, open source cryptocurrency run by a global community run by creators, innovators, and technology enthusiasts.
  20. Bitcoin BTC (core)

    Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network. Bitcoin is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls Bitcoin and everyone can take part. Through many of its unique properties, Bitcoin allows exciting uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system. _________________________________________________________________________ Are you the owner of this business? Would you like to manage the entry? Contact Support:
  21. FootballCoin XFC

    Our motivation in developing FootballCoin comes from our desire to introduce an important part of Fantasy Football players to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies. _________________________________________________________________________ Are you the owner of this business? Would you like to manage the entry? Contact Support:
  22. Effects of cryptocoin in third world countries How will the cryptocoin affect the third world countries economically
  23. BTCjam

    BTCJam is the first global peer-to-peer lending network and transparent credit scoring / repuation system, powered by bitcoin. _________________________________________________________________________ Are you the owner of this business? Would you like to manage the entry? Contact Support:
  24. bloq

    Bloq provides blockchain technology solutions for global enterprises. Our software platform allows companies to build, manage, and scale robust blockchain-enabled ecosystems, backed by enterprise grade security and support. _________________________________________________________________________ Are you the owner of this business? Would you like to manage the entry? Contact Support: