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  1. The Best Experience of Gambling Welcome to Luckygames, the Best Multicoin Gambling Site. The main goal is to bring you the greatest gambling experience ever with all the high-end features. We are always open for your feedbacks and suggestions that may help to improve ourselves and our favourite website.[/size] Our Features: ★ 4 Awesome Games ★ 30 Cryptocurrencies Accepted ★ Low House Edge - 1% ★ Provably Fair System ★ Cryptocurrency Exchange ★ Affiliate Program ★ Contests with a Huge Prizes! ★ Faucet up to 2,000 Satoshis ★ Friendly Support ★ Built-in Exchange ★ Online Chat ... and much more Our Games: Description: Exclusive game, with exciting animation. There are 11 numbered balls in a row. The player is available to choose from 1 to 8 pcs. After choosing and betting, the magnet starts moving and pulls the winning ball. Automated Betting: Available (4 Speeds + Mods) Provably Fair: Available House Edge: 1% Min. Multiplier: 1.21x Max. Multiplier: 10.89x Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC Description: Well known Dice game with the highest multiplier available (99x) and Extremaly Fast automated betting support. The player is available to choose a number from 1 to 98 and a direction of prediction (Under/Over). After choosing and betting, the dice starts moving and choosing the lucky number. You win, if the lucky number hits the predicted range. Automated Betting: Available (4 Speeds + Mods) Provably Fair: Available House Edge: 1% Min. Multiplier: 1.01x Max. Multiplier: 99.00x Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC Description: European roulette is the most player-friendly version of the game, with only a single zero on the wheel providing excellent odds for gamblers. The European roulette wheel has 37 divisions, where numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 can be found. Numbers from 1 to 36 are alternately colored in red and black, while the single zero is marked in green. Bet on where you think the ball will land by placing chips on the Roulette table and spin the roulette. Once the ball finds its way into the pocket with that particular number, the respective players get paid. Automated Betting: Unavailable Provably Fair: Available House Edge: 1% Min. Multiplier: 2.00x Max. Multiplier: 36.00x Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC Description: The first multiplayer game at Luckygames! Multiplayer means that other users may play on the same grid with you. There are 156 cells available. You can win up to 5 times of your bet. Each round generated with a fixed number of randomly placed rewards. New round starts, if at least 110 cells are opened. Automated Betting: Unavailable Provably Fair: Available House Edge: 1% Min. Multiplier: 1.10x Max. Multiplier: 5.00x Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC Each of the games has its own jackpot which starts at 0.01BTC ![]( Cryptocurrencies: Built-in Exchange where you can exchange any currency available Daily & Weekly Contests worth over 0.77BTC weekly wager as much as you can to win prizes. Support If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us via support form
  2. BITCOIN SCRYPT - BTCS Bitcoin sCrypt is the decentralized alternative to Bitcoin-core and is the first cryptographic currency to utilize CryptoVoter's decentralized blockchain voting to decide development issues and shift power away from developers and mining pools to coinholders themselves. CRYPTOCOINTALK FORUM LINKS GENERAL Main Announcement Thread: DOWNLOADS Version 1.4.0 is the latest version and v.1.3.3 and v.1.4.0 are backwards and forward compatible. Windows v.1.4.0 (Windows Installer) Windows v.1.4.0 (Standalone Executable) Mac OSX v.1.3.3 (DMG) Linux v.1.3.3 (32 & 64) SOURCE CODE AND COMPILE INSTRUCTIONS BTCS v.1.4.0 Source-code Release (Sept-10-2015) [latest]: Compile BTCS v.1.4.0 on Linux (Sept-14-2015) [latest]: Compile BTCS v.1.4.0 on Windows (Sept-13-2015) [latest]: BTCS v.1.2.0 Source-Code and Compile Instructions (Jan-07-2014) [incompatible with current blockchain]: BLOCKCHAIN VOTING PROPOSAL Vanity Voting Proposal White Paper (Jan-20-2014): Roadmap to Decentralizing BTCS Development (Mar-17-2014): Decentralize Development through Coinholder Consensus (Aug-31-2015): CRYPTOVOTER BTCS LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENTS CryptoVoter Launch Teaser (Aug-24-2015): CryptoVoter BTCS Announce (Aug-31-2015): CryptoVoter BTCS Launch (Sept-14-2015): BTCS BLOCKCHAIN VOTES BTCS Blockchain Vote 1 (Oct-01-2015): BTCS Blockchain Vote 2 (Oct-14-2015): BTCS Blockchain Vote 3 (Oct-28-2015): EXTERNAL LINKS Websites - Official Website - Developers' Blog - Old Official Website (no longer updated) Block Explorers (new blockchain explorer) (old Abe explorer) SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Proof-of-Work Algorithm (100% POW) Difficulty re-targets: nTargetTimespan = 60 * 60; nTargetSpacing = 2 * 60; nInterval = nTargetTimespan / nTargetSpacing 50 coins per block, 25 coins per block, Due to block halving now 12.5 coins per block. 21 million total coins. Source Code Sample bitcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport=30200 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= server=1 PORTS P2P Port: 30201 RPC Port: 30200 Testnet Port: 30300 POOLS CGMINER MINING POOL cgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_BTCS_ ADDRESS -p x EXCHANGES CRYPTOPIA C-CEX SOCIAL Facebook You Tube Twitter SERVICES / OTHER Coin Cap Coin Market Cap Coin Market Info Crypto Coin Rank Mining Calculator SHA256 FILE CHECKSUMS: c6d1d8158dca815b587d5e943e1d66d91eadb925ac411fad9ba2baa813f23cad Bitcoin-sCrypt-1.4.0-win32-setup.exe 92d0ec4831712c94a783f6e23c15eba3f54ccef3019ab5df2366412016f87039 Bitcoin-sCryptd.exe 427cebe8179f9821868f3a474462ecbcf07e678a460685f340378e605948ff05 Bitcoin-sCrypt.exe 93ed9c6350604a56f101a845005ad1733ce0fc23f2365b40c24f365fc95ca5c3 Bitcoin-sCrypt-1.3.3-macosx.dmg c734b885319a8ed46307d8ef6a5f9242e98abe5b738945b48a211bc5c57dfc0e 889848a3cfe2de8087b9faf470c7274d0fa597e6b8cb62487862efd1d57cd7c0 bitcoin-scrypt-linux-1.3.3.tar.xz
  3. xViata | Multi Crypto-Currency Cloud Mining i am not owner / Admin i just found from other forum , New Multi Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Please Visit Web for More info XVIATA
  4. This discussion was started by members of the Unobtanium community as a moderated forum to share news, ideas, and resources about Unobtanium, an exciting and useful crypto-currency/crypto-commodity. German Uno thread. Chinese Uno thread. A backup of this UNO Bitcoin Thread Un is rare, fair SHA256d, pure Proof of Work crypto-currency with fast 3 minute block targets and KGW difficulty adjustments every block. It was fairly launched October 18, 2013 by Blazr2. There was no pre-mine of Unobtanium, not even a single block, and no IPO. There is no POS inflation. The launch was an undisputed fair start, with low rewards of .001 Un the first 2000 blocks to give all miners a fair shot. Unobtanium's blockchain (aka "The Rockchain") has been consistently mined at high difficulty since it's launch. Block rewards began with 1 coin per block, halving every 100,000 blocks and finishing with a minimum subsidy of .00001 Un. The final 250,000th Un will be mined in about 300 years. The current Un block reward is .015625. Un is often referred to as a crypto-commodity due to it's rarity and desirability, and it's tendency to hold it's value even in a declining Bitcoin market. Uno has an active community, a trust-based exchange, a secure merged mined blockchain. Take a look at Unobtanium, and you'll quickly see that it is set apart from other cryptocurrencies in important ways, including low inflation, community, longevity, fairness, rareness, distribution, simplicity, security, and optimism. Uno is a different kind of cryptocurrency, and is well on its way to becoming the first cryptocurrency desired as a non-asset backed commodity. Merged Mining Uno implemented merge mining with Bitcoin at block 600,000 in May, 2015. Merge mining allows a Bitcoin miners to also mine for Uno. As a result the security of Uno's blockchain increased significantly. Bitcoin miners earn more for their hash, while contributing to the security of Uno's blockchain. Miners will continue to receive Uno block rewards for the next 300 years. Developers Bryce Weiner, Lead Blazr2 (aka HagbardCeline), UNO Founder. Tips: uVjbsx6tAhySeJpN7xLBieAzWcD7rEVmYp Other Devs welcome to contribute. Community Telegram chat Bitcointalk CryptocoinTalk Cryptopia Forum Reddit Twitter Facebook Tumblr UNO Launch UNO Backups UNO "Off Topic" UNO Merge Mining Email: Hello at UNO Chat IRC: #Unobtanium on Website: Tip the website dev (Learminer): uewrE9QWc54EXjCZehWDPkjqgsyRDpQmK8 GitHub repo Wallets (v0.10.1.1bluechist complied by Blazr2): Windows wallet compiled by Blazr2(VirTotal Report) Mac wallet compiled by Blazr2(VirTotal Report) Mac wallet compile by Pnoch (VirTotal Report) Linux (VirTotal Report) How to compile a Uno wallet for Linux. Does your wallet not sync? Read this. Exchanges Embedable Uno Price Ticker Exchanges & Trade Pairs: Trade UNO directly with nearly 200 other altcoins! UNO/BTC Cryptopia Bittrex Bleutrade C-Cex UNO/ETH UNO/USD C-CEX UNO/CNY CNY Market Wanted UNO/LTC Cryptopia C-CEX UNO/DOGE Cryptopia C-CEX Bleutrade UNO/USDT Cryptopia Voting for UNO BTer Former or Defunct Uno Exchanges since 2013,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Price Converters Metaf.Net Chains Explorer (UNO tips to: uNm5btp8Qr3k6gwdca1Ue9VLw9ts4RXMKx ) Insight Explorer (Send UNO tips to uQkoQyjd4K2ALowKnZuRMJxaemUWec9N5w ) Cryptopia CoinPayments Abe Explorer by Cryptapus ProHashing Explorer Crypto Guru Zpool Explorer UNO Blockchain (Rockchain) Download Merged Mining Pools - Earn Uno while mining Bitcoin (merged mining began May 10, 2015) UNO Blocks Found stratum+tcp:// -u <BTC WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=BTC Mine on Port 3345 for UNO/BTC merge mining (Temorarily not merge miningUno) MultiPools - Earn UNO payouts [Down:] MultiPools - Earn UNO payouts Earn Uno payouts for Scrypt Hash - Earn Uno payouts for Sha256/x11/lyra2/scrypt Mining Pools (Please spread the hash around.): - stratum+tcp:// Stats: - port 3353 Community Sponsored Nodes These nodes are sponsored and managed by known members of the UNO community. addnode= Sydney, Australia, sponsored by 'D L EX.' through 10/2/2017. addnode= Ireland (W. Europe), sponsored by Anonymous through 10/4/2017 addnode= Singapore, sponsored by Bitcoin Charlie addnode= Frankfurt, Germany, Sponsored by FallingKnife through 10/1/2017. UNO Hashrate!extraction UNO Difficulty Chart Online Wallet for UNO Track Your UNO Portfolio UNO Faucets: UNO Rich Lists!rich Historical Rich List Games: Dice, Coinbomb and Ponzi (tips: uaZuxyC7ux2a7x17WgJRVEo8evWp78hQjm) Paper Wallets: (tip: uQkoQyjd4K2ALowKnZuRMJxaemUWec9N5w) (tip: uZ8Gq61NGJ2wz3PLybXyXKLYC1FhRpz8Kq ) Vanity Wallets: Linux & Windows Windows [VirTotal] Click here for vanity wallet instructions. UNO Payment Processor Your business can accept UNO payments! Precious Metals Trade UNO for metals UNO Merchants Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader, Software Bitphone telephone calls CryptoThreads T-Shirts UBC Auctions UNO Engraved Wallet UNO Poker Chips BitStickers Use Unobtanium to acquire Giftcards UNO Artwork & Logos Blue Logo: Blue Logo: "Uno Accepted" "Uno Accepted" Paper Wallet Template Media, Articles & Videos about Unobtanium 10 Altcoins that can't be neglected. Bitcoin Rush: Interview with Blazr2, Unobtanium founder (26th min) UNO MarketCap CoinmarketCap CryptMarketCap BitInfoCharts Charts UNO/BTC UNO/DOGE UNO/USD Difficulty UNO Machine Stats UNO Mining Stats & Profitability If you want to try solo mining Unobtanium, or if you are having any problems connecting to the network, enter the below text into your Unobtanium.conf file. To find Unobtanium.conf in Windows, start Internet Explorer, then paste this into your browser: %AppData%\Unobtanium Edit the file Unobtanium.conf and paste in the text below, making the appropriate edits where noted. If you do not find Unobtanium.conf, you'll need to create one by right clicking in the folder > new > text document. If you need peers, only use 0.1.0 nodes from:!network Click here to instructions on how to install a Unobtanium.conf file on Windows. Click here for instructions on how to install the Unobtanium.conf file on a Mac. rpcuser=user (change to something else) rpcpassword=x (change to something else) rpcport=65535 port=65534 server=1 listen=1 daemon=1 rpcallow=192.168.* addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= #-------end copy------ ASIC: [tt]cgminer.exe --userpass user:x --url --disable-gpu --queue 4[/tt]
  5. For Investing in Local Business - Genevieve Gx Coin - PreSale Currently Active! Ends at 12AM PST July 8 Genevieve & Cie is paving the way to Venture Capitalism for local business and their community using Genevieve Gx Coin. VC’s are usually focused on the wealthy investors and big deals. However, 70% of employed Americans work for small businesses, and there are 4.5M small business owners in the United States, yet, none of them meet the criteria for Venture Capital. Investing in local business provides decreased volatility for investors through real, measurable assets. Pre-sale for Genevieve Gx Coin is currently active and ends at 12AM PST, July 8. Our Website/Invest: Press Release Twitter: Facebook: Our team combined has more than half a century of Venture Capitalist experience. See our website, and the provided attachment (ppt detailing funding, planning, goals, and our team). Gx Dao White paper Presentation v5 [Autosaved].pptx
  6. Crypto-Currency Wallets Can someone explain to me why we need so many different crypto wallets for individual coins, why not have one wallet for many different crypto currencies? I think this is a bit much. I can across a site that had 66 crypto coins, and I believe every single for of them had their own wallet, like really? So, if I want to run with all the different ones I have to install 66 different wallets, that is crazy. Why not just one wallet that has the ability to convert all the individual coins, hell, developers can deliver complex programs, and from what I am seeing, they can not deliver one wallet that does this function, seriously?
  7. SHITCOIN SHT I'm so tired of seeing so many CrapCoins pop up everyday and nobody at least admits their coin is total dogshit. So I'm Launching a new coin in hopes this will jump the CrapCoin Shark: SHIT. ShitCoin will be the biggest POS coin you've ever seen. No, not proof of stake, that's absurd, but piece of shit coin. SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 Algo 500,000,000 per block reward, halving every 2000 blocks (every 1.2 days). Minimum block reward 1,000,000 coins. Maximum of 100,000,000,000,000 coins. 100 Trillion! No more need to cringe at the thought of how many billions the next ShitCoin is gonna have. There is not an idiot big enough on this planet to top 100 Trillion. That's way beyond monopoly stupid. .0001% stake after 69 days 60 second block times Retarget every 4 hours DOWNLOADS Windows Source Code PORTS RPC Ports: 8505 P2P Port: 8506 POOLS Dsync Pool EXCHANGES None Available. SERVICES / OTHER None Available. IMPORTANT NOTE Please see the original launch thread on bitcointalk:
  8. EMERCOIN EMC Cryptocurrency with Proof-of-Stake + Proof-of-Work mining. Developed by our team on Based on PPCoin. More focused on the production of coins by PoS than PoW. Mining has a bonus on the interval 1-512 difficulty for high initial issue of coins. Further difficulty will gradually increase, making PoS mining more promising. EMC established as the local currency of a number of Internet projects (social networks, research projects, networking, games) as well as to support and sponsor hightech projects (robotics, electric vehicles, submersibles). Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 Algo Total coins: 1 * 10^9 EMC PoW block spacing changes from 10 seconds to 10 minutes depending on number of found blocks and difficulty. Award for block is 5020 EMC ( decreases depending on complexity) Difficulty is recalculated each block PoS - 6% per year Confirmations for new block : 32 DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS None Available. Linux Source Code Sample emercoin.conf server=1 daemon=1 rpcuser=*username* rpcpassword=*password* rpcallowip= rpcport=8100 port=8101 PORTS P2P Port: 8101 RPC Port: 8100 POOLS EXCHANGES None Available. SOCIAL Twitter None Available. Facebook None Available. SERVICES / OTHER Faucet
  9. UNICOIN UNIC Website Block Explorer / Crawler None Available. Contact SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: SHA256 Premine: NONE Block time: 4 minutes Retarget: 80 blocks Totalcoins: 16 Millions Reward halved every year until it hits minimum reward of 1 Unicoin BLOCK REWARDS Blocks 0-360: 0.2014 UNIC* Blocks 361-1000: 1 UNIC* Blocks 1001 and Over: 8 UNIC *This is to prevent Insta-Mine of the coin SPECIAL BLOCK REWARDS When the block number will be a multiple of 16. Ex. Block numbers 32,64 and 128 will give a Special reward 1st year: 24 UNIC 2nd year: 32 UNIC 3rd year and Over: 64 UNIC DOWNLOADS Windows!elJTDbaD!C4SVRHYX3KsYGS4L4JoA6FwObrN9x800VF0M76WZ_1Y MacOS None Available. Linux None Available. Source Code"> Sample unicoin.conf rpcuser=yourusername rpcpassword=yourpassword listen=1 server=1 daemon=1 rpcport=50666 addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 50666 P2P Port: 50667 POOLS EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  10. ALPHACOIN ALF Alphacoin is a new and innovative decentralized p2p crypto coin. It is based on Litecoin, and is using the same scrypt algorithm. Alphacoin is a fast difficulty retarget coin. It matches network hashrate quickly. It has a relative faster transaction confirmation time, so it is actually a real-usable crypto coin in the real-life shopping and other transactions. Website Block Explorer / Crawler None Available. Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt 30 sec block target Difficulty retargets every 30 mins (60 blocks) 50 coins/block, halves each two block years (2073600 blocks) Total 210,182,000 coins. Transaction 4 confirmations. So 2 mins confirmation time. For minted coins, 70 confirmations for maturity. DOWNLOADS version 1.1 Windows!FkEihZCC!EJITlRang4BptpmRoIG3Pg6S8cdRehYkA-ZFut7BkwM MacOS None Available. Linux None Available. Source Code Sample alphacoin.conf: listen=1 daemon=1 server=1 rpcuser=**Yourusername** rpcpassword=**Yourpassword** rpcallowip=10.1.1.* rpcport=9539 rpcconnect= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Getting Started: 1. Start up alphacoin-qt, wait for it to load, then exit. 2. Put alphacoin.conf (see sample file above) in your c:/users/**yourcomputername**/appdata/roaming/Alphacoin 3. restart alphacoin-qt, and you should connect and sync. 4. For solo mining, launch cgminer or whatever mining program you like and begin mining. cgminer ex: cgminer.exe --scrypt -o localhost:9539 -u **yourusername** -p **password** (without **) PORTS P2P Port: 9538 RPC Port: 9539 POOLS EXCHANGES Cryptsy Exchange Coins-e SERVICES / OTHER Faucets Gaming Sites
  11. BLAKECOIN BLC Blakecoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Blakecoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. Forked from Bitcoin reference wallet 0.8.6 Blake-256(optimized) faster than Scrypt and faster than SHA-256 in Sphlib C code. The algorithm was written as a candidate for SHA-3, Based on round one candidate code Blakecoin Merged Pool (run by BlueDragon747) eloipool Source Code Market Tools Blakecoin is listed on Crypto-Currency Market Capitalizations Blakecoin is listed on CoinGecko EXCHANGES Cryptopia allows trading of Blakecoin AskCoin allows trading of Blakecoin Explorers full: basic: Source SOCIAL Twitter Forum Here Games Here is a sneak peek at a zone 1 boss and mob of the official MMO FPS Thanks to the efforts of Ignatius Blakecoin has a couple of Games to play while the work is done on the official MMO FPS and RPG Blakecoin based Counter-Strike 1.6 server ("The traditional CS currency system has been replaced" with Blakecoin) Info Here Server Blake Dice SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  12. NETCOIN NET Netcoin is a scrypt type crypto currency, similar to litecoin, that features a Super block every hour equal to 8 times the regular blocks. Now with Kimoto Gravity Well. Website Block Explorer / Crawler SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Algo 60 seconds block time Difficulty Retarget: Kimoto Gravity Well (every block) Total coins will be 320,636,160 6 confirmations for transaction 50 confirmations for minted blocks 512 coins per block, and a random super block each hour that has 8X the normal payout (4096 coins) The payout will be halved each 3 months (129,600 blocks) STATS / RANKINGS DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Linux x64 Linux x86 Paper Wallet Online Wallet Source Code Sample netcoin.conf testnet=0 listen=1 maxconnections=100 server=1 daemon=1 rpcuser=user rpcpassword=pass rpcport=11311 rpcconnect= addnode= Getting Started: 1. Start up netcoin-qt, wait for it to load, then exit. 2. Put netcoin.conf (see sample file above) in your c:/users/**yourcomputername**/appdata/roaming/netcoin 3. restart netcoin-qt, and you should connect and sync. 4. For solo mining, launch cgminer or whatever mining program you like and begin mining. cgminer ex: cgminer.exe --scrypt -o localhost:11311 -u **yourusername** -p **password** (without **) PORTS P2P Port: 11310 RPC Port: 11311 POOLS EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Google+ Linkedin VK Forum SERVICES / OTHER Games Merchants
  13. INCAKOIN NKA Like Bitcoin, Incakoin Uses Peer-To-Peer Technology To Operate With No Central Authority: Managing Transactions And Issuing Money Are Carried Out Collectively By The Network. Website Block Crawler / Explorer Contact SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 ASIC Friendly Proof of work/Proof of Stake Starting addy will be letter N or NK 420NKA per block not to drop below 2 Max coins 190 million coins half every 6 months 5000 blocks to mature 5 blocks to re target Transaction messaging 30sec/blocks Only 3 confirms for transaction UPNP & QR support logo imbedded in wallet DOWNLOADS version Windows Linux Source Code Sample IncaKoin.conf rpcuser=user rpcpassword=password rpcport=17420 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 17420 P2P Port: None Available. POOLS EXCHANGES Coinedup SOCIAL Twitter #incakoin SERVICES / OTHER Dice Game CASINO GAMING: Faucet Casino Merchants
  14. Promises of Dreamland; Offerings to Cthulhu As the equinox approaches we begin the ritual; four weeks and five days long it builds until Cthulhu awakens and one worshipper is rewarded greatly! The time draws near, the return of The Great Old One is upon us. Join us in our ritual. During the first and second weeks of the ritual, sacrificial amounts are placed in special, once a day blocks. These blocks are a reward to the worshipper for sacrifice made. During the third and fourth weeks of the ritual the rewards build, small at first, then larger as the worship increases with fervor. During the last five days, the 'Tharanak shagg,' or "promise of dreamland," the ritual reaches final pitch and the daily special blocks are highly increased. Finally Cthulhu will return after the 50665th offering has paid tribute to the Great Old One and he will bestow a bounty deserving of Him upon one lucky worshiper. The ritual can be repeated after six months time, following the great halving. Website - NEW site, only site for OFFicial releases. Block Explorer / Crawler Contact SPECIFICATION Algorithm: Quark 60 Second Block Target Diff Retarget every 20 Blocks .0675 Starting Difficulty 30 Confirms for spendable-coins 5 Coins Per Block, halving after 6 months, ~5 years worth of mining, min block reward .001 4-week+5day Ritual Special Blocks, Once per day special rewards, special blocks will become checkpoints DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Source Code Blockchain Sample offering.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport=1928 port=20000 server=1 gen=0 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Solo Mining In Wallet Mining = Open Console in client and type at bottom (without quotes): "setgenerate true" MINERS Quark v2 x64 CPU Miner Smelter GPU Miner PORTS RPC Ports = 1928 (testnet 11928) P2P Ports = 20000 (testnet 20001) POOLS EXCHANGES SERVICES / OTHER Faucet
  15. ARGENTUM ARG Argentum is the Latin name for the element silver. It is the perfect name to represent this currency and the potential it has with a dedicated development team. Argentum is a fast, unique, anonymous and secure way to make transactions of any size at any time. We didn't settle for making just another digital currency; instead, we decided to push the limits of what is technologically possible. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Algo Optimized client Achieved 0% orphans for extended periods of time during testing in perfect conditions Maximum block size increased to 10mb Maximum signature operations per block maximum increased to 100k 32 Second block time Re-targets every 250 blocks 64 million total ARG. Once this limit is reached, it is increased by 1.1% annually, the rate of human population growth. Mined blocks mature after 30 confirms DOWNLOADS version 1.3 Windows QT MacOS Source Code Sample argentum.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport=13581 gen=0 server=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS P2P Port: 13580 RPC Port: 13581 POOLS EXCHANGES Cryptsy Exchange Coins-e Exchange SOCIAL IRC #digitalcoin Argentum Forum SERVICES / OTHER Casino Lotto IRC Wallet Online Wallet
  16. ASICCOIN ASC A SHA-256 crypto-currency, is based on Bitcoin version 0.8, with super random blocks. It is a coin for ASICs! Website Block Explorer Contact SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 Algo Each normal block has 1024 coins 30 seconds block time Difficulty retargets every 60 blocks (approximately 30 mins). Mining payout will be halved every 3 months (259,200 blocks) Expected total mined coins will be 675,925,530 coins (not including 1 coin/block maintenance) 4 confirmations for transaction (2 mins) 70 confirmations for minted blocks The minimum payout will be maintained at 1 coin/block. RANDOM BLOCK BONUS 1/10 chance (about every 5 mins) for one 2048-coin block (2^11 coins) 1/100 chance (about every hour) for one 8096-coin block (2^13 coins) 1/10000 chance (about every 3.5 days) for one 65536-coin block (2^16 coins) DOWNLOADS Windows Source Code Sample asiccoin.conf: listen=1 server=1 rpcuser=**Yourusername** rpcpassword=**Yourpassword** rpcport=13435 rpcconnect= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Getting Started Start up asiccoin-qt, wait for it to load, then exit. Put asiccoin.conf (see sample file above) in your c:/users/**yourcomputername**/AppData/Roaming/AsicCoin Restart asiccoin-qt, and you should connect and sync. For solo mining, launch cgminer or the mining program you use and begin mining. cgminer ex: cgminer.exe -o localhost:13435 -u **yourusername** -p **password** (without **) Additional Nodes addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS P2P Port: 13434 RPC Port: 13435 POOLS EXCHANGES CoinEx Exchange SOCIAL Twitter None Available. Facebook None Available. SERVICES / OTHER Asicoin Lottery
  17. NUTCOIN NUT Nutcoin is a decentralized payment network made by people like you and me. You do not have to trust third parties and centralized systems anymore. Nutcoin Payments are simple, fast, private and irreversible. It only takes a few seconds for the money to reach your target. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Algo 40 second block targets 20,000 coins per block Subsidy halves every ~6 months Difficulty retarget every ~2 hours 92,000,000,000 total coins DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Source Code Super Node addnode= PORTS RPC Port = 9507 POOLS EXCHANGES Freshmarket SOCIAL IRC #nutcoin Reddit SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  18. Lolicoin will not be part of CryptoCoinTalk. Regardless of the disclaimer the developer states about not endorsing childporn, etc. Lolicoin will NOT be on this site and I hope the coin, when it's launched, dies. Information below sourced from Lolicon (ロリコン), also romanised as lolikon or rorikon, is a Japanese portmanteau of the phrase "Lolita complex". In Japan, the term describes an attraction to underage girls (whether prepubescent, pubescent, or post-pubescent) or an individual with such an attraction. It is also commonly used when referring to lolicon manga or lolicon anime, a genre of manga and anime wherein childlike female characters are often depicted in an "erotic-cute" manner (also known as ero kawaii), in an art style reminiscent of the shōjo manga (girls' comics) style. --Wikipedia Announcing the crypto-currency for the Lolita community. This coin is intended to be used by Lolicons to trade Lolita-related merchandise, including manga, animes, dolls, dresses & costumes, jewelry & accessories, etc. LoliCoin is a Scrypt-based coin with 2.5-minute block targets and 12 coins per block. The number 12 is chosen to pay homage to the 12-year-old Dolores Haze, the original Lolita in the famous 1955 book. More details will be disclosed when LoliCoin is formally released in exactly 3 days from now. Rejoice! LoliCoin is here to power Lolicons in the world! Disclaimer: we promote legal and moral expression and practice of our love towards Lolitas. Illegal behavior including, but not limited to, child porn, are strongly opposed to.
  19. DIGITALCOIN DGC Digitalcoin is a simple currency that keeps its value well and does not experience as much volatility as some other crypto currencies. This regard for stability is inherent in the design. It is optimized for performance and is one of the fastest ways to send and receive transactions in the world. digitalcoin is a real usable currency with multiple vendors and ways to purchase a variety of items including hardware, software, Steam games, food, jewelry, precious metals, and more. Website Block Explorer SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: Scrypt Block Time: 20 seconds - Enough time to minimize orphans but still provide almost instant transactions. Difficulty: Starts at 0.00024414 – It will take 6-8 difficulty adjustments (or ~13000 blocks) to reach desired difficulty of 1. It retargets quickly to adjust to the environment, so stability should not be much of an issue. Miners should also find the system adjusts fast enough to be up to date, but not so fast as to make the environment unpredictable and unstable. 6 hours is target time. Every 1080 blocks (6 hours @ 20 seconds per block), the network scales the difficulty accordingly. Example: If target is 6 hours and it took 3 hours to find 1080 blocks, difficulty will increase 200%. Reward: 20 coins per block, halved every 3 years – Consistent rewards encourage miners to support the network long term. Loyalty is rewarded. This also reduces volatility by setting the foundation on a stable path. Due to the fair launch policy, block rewards will grow in value until they reach the 20 coins per block reward. More details below. Maximum coins: 200,000,000 DOWNLOADS version 1.1 Windows MacOS Source Code Getting Started 1. Create a file called digitalcoin.conf and put it in the root directory of your digitalcoin files. *In windows, choose save as All files in Notepad to save it with a .conf extension. Sample digitalcoin.conf contents: rpcuser=yourusername rpcpassword=yourpassword server=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= 2. Mine with the digitalcoin-qt wallet by launching it, navigating to Mining and putting in the username(rpcuser), and password(rpcpassword) you chose above. For port number, use 7998. The server will be the local IP of your machine, oftentimes localhost also works in the server field. Alternatively, mine with cgminer using a .bat file or a modified shortcut command line. To do so, use the following command line: cgminer.exe –scrypt -I 11 -s 1 –expiry 1 –queue 0 -g 1 -o -u 1 -p 1 Please note is one possible local IP and yours can be different. 7998 is the local port the rpc miner listens on. Forward port 7999 if you would like more incoming connections and to avoid any synchronization issues. PORTS RPC Port: 7998 P2P Port: 7999 POOLS Pushpool P2pool EXCHANGES Vircurex Cryptsy Crypto-trade SOCIAL Portal Digitalcoin Forum Facebook IRC Server Web chat Channel: #digitalcoin SERVICES / OTHER Faucet Stores Marketplace: Buy and sell anything for digitalcoin. Advertising Platform: Buy advertising for digitalcoin. CoinGas.Com - Buy steam games for digitalcoin. - 18+ ONLY | Buy sex toys for digitalcoin. iGotSpots.Com: Buy spot remove for digitalcoin. Games CoinCasino.Cc: Fully featured digitalcoin casino with roulette, blackjack, dice wars and slots. Dice: BitGrenade: Online Wallet
  20. PACCOIN PAC Paccoin is a peer to peer digital crypto currency to enable individuals to send money to each other directly without the need for banks. The Pilcrow (¶) sign is the symbol for designating Paccoins which can be created on the windows keyboard by holding the "ALT" key followed by "0182". The symbol on the coin is the greek capital letter PHI which looks like a P and a C combined. The block size of 500 coins is due to the numerical value of PHI is 500. Paccoins were created by William Corless. He wanted a digtital currency that would be the official currency of the Pacifica Nation. The Pacifica Nation is a new nation whose borders are the pacific plate. 99% of Pacifica is under water, and is one of the largest continental plates on the planet. Website Block Explorer / Crawler Whitepaper SPECIFICATIONS SHA-256 Algo 500 coins per block 1 Trillion Total Coins 1 minute block time DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS See Source Code below Linux See Source Code below Source Code Sample paccoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport=8212 server=1 gen=0 PORTS [*]P2P Port: 8112 [*]RCP Port: 8212 EXCHANGES Bleutrade Cryptopia SOCIAL Twitter Facebook SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  21. GOLDPRESSEDLATINUM GPL Latinum is a rare silver-colored liquid used as currency by the Ferengi Alliance and many other worlds. It cannot be replicated. For ease of transaction, latinum is usually suspended within gold as a binding medium to produce "gold-pressed" latinum. Denominations of gold-pressed latinum, in order of increasing value, include theslip, the strip, the bar and the brick. Website None Available. Block Explorer / Crawler Contact None Available. SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt-Jane Algo Proof of Work + Proof of Stake 0.2 coins per block 1 million total coins 30 second blocks 2% transaction fee DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS None Available. Linux None Available. Source Code MINERS Modified Ybc miner set up for GPL CPU and GPU Yac miner modified for GPL Windows Binary of a Ybc miner You can also mine using the client below just add gen=1 to your .conf file Sample goldpressedlatinum.conf rpcuser=myusername rpcpassword=mysuperspecialpassword server=1 listen=1 daemon=1 port=7688 rpcport=8344 rpcconnect= rpcallowip=192.168.0.* addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 8344 Connect Port: 7688 POOLS Gplcoin Pool EXCHANGES Scifi-Ex SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  22. DIAMOND DMD Diamond Coin - be your own bank and a creator of wealth which can be transferred instantly to any place in the world! Diamond Coin (DMD) is an amazing digital currency that allows people to send cash anywhere in the world instantly, securely and at near zero cost. At the same time, DMD is an ultra-scarce store of wealth for people wishing to invest in a non-government controlled, instantly transferable asset with zero storage cost. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ + 50% Interest per year + Superior PoW/PoS security + Only 4.38 million coins + Ultra fast transactions --------------------------------------------------------- Website Block Explorer / Crawler SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm is ASIC resistant Grøstl. 4.38 million total coins. Block solving target time ~ 100 seconds. Low transaction fee at 0.001. Mean time per block under 60 seconds. Difficulty retargets at every block. Endless Hybrid Network Security. Transaction Message. Fast and secure transactions with 6 required confirmations. Provision for continuous promotion and development. Brand new code base with up to date security patches and significant performance improvements. POS INFORMATION Block solving target time ~ 600 seconds. Minimum 9 days coinage required. PoS is set to 25% per annum. Once we reach total coins of 2,500,000 PoS is reduced to 5% per annum. Once we reach total coins of 3,500,000 PoS is reduced to 1% per annum. BLOCK REWARDS The reward is 0.21 DMD per solved block: 0.2 DMD is granted to the miner while 0.01 DMD is contributed to coin support. Once we reach total coins of 2,500,000 reward is reduced to 0.02 DMD per solved block. After that there will be no further reductions to the reward per solved block – the coin will remain protected by continuous hybrid PoW/PoS approach DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Source Code Paper Wallet Ticker Android App Block Chain!TIVljLhD!TT20WU3abSC3R2fa1spa2qtiHtm5ohK774zTWV3Zago Sample diamond.conf: listen=1 daemon=1 server=1 rpcallowip=* rpcuser=yourusername rpcpassword=yourpassword rpcport=17772 rpcconnect= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Ports: P2P Port: 17771 RPC Port: 17772 MINING POOLS Diamond Multipool Mine: Scrypt, SHA256, Scrypt-N, X11, X13, Keccak, X15, Nist5 and NeoScrypt. danbi's pool 1% Fee , PROP, stratum & pushpool Mining Field (USA) 1% Fee, No Payout Fee, PROP, DDoS protection, IRC support Donkey Pool (USA) 1% combined Fee, NOMP Stratum EXCHANGES Bittrex Cryptopia SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit Forum SERVICES / OTHER Diamond Cloud Mining & Diamond Multipool
  23. LUCKY7COIN LK7 It is a PoW/PoS coin with a completely new algorithm to compute superblocks. Lucky7Coin is in the family of PPCoin/Novacoin with latest available algorithms that fixed various problems in the recent PoW/PoS coins. As compared to the PoW only coins, the proof of stake coins are more resilient to 51% attack. Also it is a long term energy-efficient cryptocurrency. Website Block Explorer SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Algo 60 seconds block target 77 coins per block for normal blocks 777 or 7777 coins per block for super blocks depends on the number of lucky 7s Difficulty retargets every block Mining payout will be halved every half year (259200 blocks) Mining coins per block will not be lower than 1 coin per block Expected total mined coins will be 99,792,000 coins 7 confirmations for transaction 77 confirmations for minted blocks Total coins (hard limit): 500 millions DOWNLOADS Windows!kx1gXYwC!dbcnukb7vKRm3C1g2y8jpgTFxy5z3W-KLJYy6r6wxOs!107&authkey=!APgcWj4YxGq6ax0 MacOS None Available. Linux None Available. Source Code Sample lucky7coin.conf listen=1 daemon=1 server=1 rpcuser=**Yourusername** rpcpassword=**Yourpassword** rpcport=17778 rpcconnect= addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS P2P Port: 17777 RPC Port: 17778 POOLS None Available. EXCHANGES None Available. SOCIAL Twitter None Available. Facebook None Available. SERVICES / OTHER None Available.
  24. DOUBLOONS DBL This here be Doubloons! [DBL] Cryptocurrency for pirates, arrrrh! Website Block Explorer / Crawler SPECIFICATIONS Another-another-another Litecoin clone. 6.77 coins per block, just like 6.77gms of gold in a real doubloon! Digging can continue until 8 million coins or 5 years, whichever comes first. No block decreases, diff adjustments targeted for 720 blocks. Need a node? Seed Premining? Argh, sure why not, we’re pirates. DOWNLOADS Latest: v0.10.0.0 Windows Source PORTS RPC Port: 1337 POOLS Doubloons Pool Coinming Pool EXCHANGES Cryptsy Exchange SERVICES / OTHER Chat Gambling Faucet New 0.9.0 Wallet
  25. BITGEM BTG Why BTG BitGem? It's a cryptocurrency not extant until now. PoW scrypt and PoS like NovaCoin, but adapted to gem's character, providing semi-scarce, precious and highly valuable currency properties. Mining a block you could to get up to 3 BTGs, standing the most representative gems: diamond, ruby and emerald ... who would not want it? Website Block Explorer / Crawler SPECIFICATIONS PoW scrypt PoS Retargeting each 10 min Difficulty adjustement each block Semi-scarce: reward 3 BTG BitGems per block Smoother reward adjustement, providing 3 BTGs as long as possible Latest upstream updates from litecoin, ppcoin, novacoin incluided Built with latest lib dependencies, enterenly with linux tool-chain Installer provided No premining, no dust, no crapping, just providing a critpocoin not extant until now Simple 4Cs gemstone model implementation GemWallet let to query your balance in gemstones with a lot of settings Simple 4Cs gemstone model: Let to translate your BTGs into the different type of gemstones, diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald. 4Cs model take 4 gemstone properties: Carat, Clarity, Color an Cut (shape is considered too) and it is a grading system for taxing gemstones, including diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. CARAT A carat is an weight unit and is equal to 0.2 grams. Usually, there is an exponential relation of value wih carats. COLOR Is a graded scale, from 'D' to 'Z', beeing D the best grad and Z the worst. In, diamonds, colorless is better and perfect colorless would be D. In, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, more definited hue color are more valued, and more intense colors (saturated) are most valued too. Best defined, intense, briliant colors are graded from D (best) to Z. CLARITY Clarity is referred to the lack of inclussions in gem. To most invisble and smaller inclussions, gem is most valued . The Clarity Scale contains 11 grades, FL: Flawless - No inclusions or blemishes are visible to a skilled grader using 10× magnification IF: Internally Flawless - No inclusions and only blemishes are visible to a skilled grader using 10× magnification VVS1, VVS2: Very, Very Slightly Included - Inclusions are difficult for a skilled grader to see under 10× magnification VS1, VS2: Very Slightly Included () - Inclusions are minor and range from difficult to somewhat easy for a skilled grader to see under 10x magnification SI1, SI2: - Inclusions are noticeable to a skilled grader under 10x magnification I1, I2, and I3 - Inclusions are obvious under 10× magnification and may affect transparency and brilliance CUT Cut is referred to the symmetry, finish, style and proportiosn of cut. Just graded like EXCELLENT, VERY_GOOD, GOOD, FAIR, POOR. SHAPE Some of most popular forms are valued too. While round shapes are preferred over all, shape is a a personal choice rather. Shapes included are:ROUND, OVAL, PEAR, MARQUISE, HEART, SQUARE, SQUARE_EMERALD, SQUARE_CUSHION, BAGUETTE, TAPERED_BAGUETTE, RECTANGLE, EMERALD_SHAPE, CUSHION, TRIANGLE, TRILLION. DOWNLOADS version Windows Source Well-known secure nodes UPDATED 25/JUL/2013 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Instructions for install current version : REDOWNLOAD OF BLOCKCHAIN REQUIRED 1. Uninstall previous version. 2. Delete into C:Users<user>AppDataRoamingBitGem all files except wallet.dat and bitgem.conf. A pervious backup of this directory is recommended. Note that delete peer.dat is recommended. Add secure nodes showed above. 3. Install current version . PORTS Connect Port: 7692 RPCPort: 8348 POOLS Pnwminer Stratum Only 2% Fee VARDIFF Support PPLNS Dyndns PPLNS with 0% fee (for a limited time) Stratum only Email notification of dead workers, blocks found, and some other things Fairly comprehensive stats EXCHANGES Cryptsy Coins-E PPC market Xnigma SERVICES / OTHER Houses, plays, casinos etc.