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Found 34 results

  1. Hi Guys. Here's our offer. GCN. Get G100,000 plus 300 Doge coin to try our site. Post your GCN address and your Doge address here with the filename. The GCN Android and Windows wallet address is below. We will send your funds Both addresses must be sent. Recommend a friend for surprise extra. Best Greg Have you been to The easiest file transfer system in the world. Get free GCN when you do a download. No email and no links. Max 5GB. We have done something similar to Dogecoin at except you can have fun & earn GCN without mining. This is a way in to the Bitcoin world without having tech know how or financial clout. As users earn GCN they will have a direct relationship and an interest. All you need is a PC or a Mobile phone. The door is now open. (Allow 3 hours for the block chain to catch up before play) GCoin is changing name to GCN
  2. Cryptocurrency Investment Invest Market Free $50 in Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Invest Investment Marketplace Free Bitcoin Unlimited $10 Free Signups Make Money Online with CryptoCurrency Bank Free Bitcoin Investment Free $50 in Bitcoin -Make $10 Per Referrals Unlimited 20 levels deep -2x2 Bitcoin Martix -Free $50 in Bitcoin for signing up Cryptocurrency , Free Bitcoin , Free $50 , Free $50 in bitcoin , Free Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency marketplace, Cryptocurrency make money online, Cryptocurrency bank, bitcoin make money, get bitcoin, Cryptocurrency invest , Cryptocurrency investment , Cryptocurrency money online, Cryptocurrency money, free Cryptocurrency, bitcoin invest, bitcoin investment online, totally free bitcoin , Free Bitcoin Investment Free $50 in Bitcoin -Make $10 Per Referrals Unlimited 20 levels deep Free Bitcoin Investment Free $50 in Bitcoin
  3. Hi,...I am new here,...I am learning this forum,...I am also a blind person...
  4. What is Trade Coin Club? Trade Coin Club is a membership club, created to revolutionize the market of digital trading coins. In a competitive Billion Dollar market to only a few have the access to, TCC's software is Developed by a specialized team Bringing the opportunity to anybody to start in the trading market of digital coins, obtaining automated GAINS in three levels of risk, with little or no skills in the trading world. TRADING SOFTWARE Since the start of this millennium, a standard mobile device being has gone from no more than a simple two-way pager to being a mobile phone, an embedded web browser and instant messaging client, and a handheld game console. Tablets are available on the 3G and 4G networks. You can read the full article and take part in the discussion here: Full information about the business opportunity with Trade Coin Club: Full Guide detail here:
  5. This is not my coin but i have been given 1 Million wcc to giveaway to you forum members by wccdev, the 1 million is being held at this address WCC-B56P-23TC-LXP7-8TTLE The giveaway is for 5,000 wcc to help promote and circulate this new currency. Send encrypted messages Start your own store Exchange currencies Built in block explorer Market place Plus many other features and more coming! Install instructions: You will need to be running Java 8 for the wallet to work correctly. You can get that free here :- Java Download/Update Wallet Download!IEQmUL5S!Pz6cFZMcrnoDEbNM3YYE4hDfRkDi0GTfiVGPpWG1Zms Once you have unziped your folder, open it and run the "wcc (executable jar file)" Now open a web browser and go to :- Follow the on-screen instructions to setup you wallet! (Write down your passphrase and don't lose it. If you forget your passphrase you'll never get in to your wallet again and you'll lose your money!). After you have finished send me a message here with your account address and i'll send you 5,000 wcc. One account per person! but if you want more coins then start promoting this coin with your forum signature. I'll give each member 1,000 wcc per members forum signature, in addition each participating member will be given a chance to win random daily bonuses + extra bounuses for best signature. Just say hello here and i'll see your signature with your wallet address in there and send you 1,000 wcc, you'll then be entered in my list for random daily bonuses! A signature example:- World Crypto Currency [wcc] Free Distribution - Claim now! Click HERE To Claim 5,000 WCC Coins! YOUR-WALLET-ADDRESS-HERE For example:- [b][color=#000000][size=5]World Crypto Currency [wcc] Free Distribution - Claim now![/size][/color] [size=5][url=][color=#0000cd]Click HERE To Claim 5,000 WCC Coins![/color][/url][/size] [color=#000000]YOUR-WALLET-ADDRESS-HERE[/color][/b] How to edit your forum signature:- Click on your name >>Profile>>Edit (a little pen on the right hand, below the banner) you'll see signature on the left! Run a node If you would like to run a node then please contact wccdev who is running a promotion here for 5 million wcc per member Earn even more wcc coins by creating a video to show people just what this amazing wallet can do! Have fun and don't forget to tell your friends! If you don't have an account at CryptoCoinTalk you can send me your wallet address via email
  6. First Coin on Nuclear Fission Technology STARTS in World Wide, You all on TOP...!!! DO it FAST n EARN Daily COINS FREE..!! Register Free Today Now First time Currency growth at per month fix ratio, mnz you have Business of Benefits Exchange into any currency, Without need any Exchange..! For FREE Account : 3 COINS Daily FREE... More Promotions EARN more COINS FREE.. .. Upto 7 Levels of COINS Bonus... For INVESTMENTS Accounts : EARN Daily 4.5 COINS Free.. EARN 3% coins upto 120 days... 10% Direct Refferal coins Bonus... 2% Upto 7 Level Refferal coins Bonus.. Coins Distribution on every Level.. Minimum Package to START with BRONZE Coins, But I Suggest to Start with GOLD Coin min. Package.... *Read Below* Coins INVESTMENT Options 1- Bronze Coins Min. 1000 Coins at 0.019 BTC Means $12 2- Silver Coins Min. 500 Coins at 0.0098 BTC Means $5.5 3- Gold Coins Min. 100 Coins at 0.002 BTC Means $1.2 Choose min. / max. Coins Package Quantity of Single or Multiple Coins according to your Choice Register Free Today Now.. After JOIN must VERIFY your mail, phone, social n/w & full access of Account Follow this link to view how verify your Account..? Follow this Link to view How take daily coins from Minings NOTE:- Daily open manual Minings option to EARN free Coins and Automatic Minings for 3% Coins Minings according to your investments and my suggestion it will be holding upto min. 6 months..... ★ ★ For more information... Every Problems Have Solutions Also... visit here : Rahul Singh Sirohi DreamzMiner visit :
  7. REIF digital is a currency 100% backed by real estate. We will be launching soon and are planning a giveaway. If you are interested please respond to this post or feel free to follow the link and and sign up.
  8. Qora – новое возрождение, соц сеть, голосование и биржа CCEDK Qora, криптовалюта второго поколения, которая пропала из виду в прошлом году, но им благопалучно удалось вернуться на рынок, с отличным набором функций и поддержкой от Датской биржи #1. Заявив о себе в начале 2014 года, Qora, криптовалюта второго поколения, которая обещала впечатляющие 2.0 функции, но пропала в безызвестность. Сейчас, с новой девелоперской командой, новым маркетингом и уникальными дополнениями в кошельке, выглядит как птица феникс. Qora не нуждается в майнерах – поддерживая интересы владельцев монеты и тех, кто занимается безопасностью сети. План развития включает в себя обмен активами на крипто акции; способ связать информацию с символами, что позволяет работу с разными видами приложений, включая в себя децентрализованную регистрацию DNS; деценртализованное голосование; зашифрованные или обычные вольные тексты и много другое. Сложные месяцы Было многообещающее начало, но был ряд проблем. Задержки по открытию своего кода, вызвало ряд негодования и начались компании негодования на bitcointalk; схожести с Nxt, другой популярной платформы 2.0, вызвало слухи, что за этим стоит основатель BCNext, анонимный создатель Nxt – и что платформа не была постороена с нуля. Сообщество сократилось, развитие приостановилось, и главный разработчик Qora, который начал это, так же покинул проект. Капитализация монеты, с $5м снизилась до $100,000, и к концу 2014 стоило всего пару Сатоши каждая монета. Qora 2.0 Люди, которые остались в комьюнити, были очень преданы, включая несколько талантливых разработчиков. После некоторых сомнений в будущем монеты, Qora вернулась с новой девелоперской группой. Команда Qora сосредаточилась на кодировании, но не забыла про макретинг, который является ключем ко всем крипто проектам, так же дальнейшей интеграции на биржи, и восстановление подорваной комьюнити. Новая Qora содержит много впечатляющих функций, которые планировались раннее. Например, как система голосования и обмен активов. Новый кошелек Qora имеет встроенную соц сеть, и децентрализованную сеть. Автоматические транзакции так же были включены пару месяцев назад, Atomic Cross-Chain Transfers. Универсальный кошелек будет работать на всем, где используется Java – что подразумевает почти все. Продвижение от CCEDK Наконец, Датская биржа CCEDK добавила Qora в список своих крипто валют, предоставив новое место для монеты, и новый источник ликвидности. Qora будет торговаться в паре с BTC и 3мя фиатами: USD, EUR и CNY. CCEDK запустила продвижение, и ждем новых мемберов в растущую коммьюнити Qora Первые 500 юзеров, которые торгуют мин 100,000 Qora в течении недели первого месяца внедрения на CCEDK получат бонус в 10,000 Qora: • Поделяться свои трейдом, упоминая #ccedk, #qora, CCEDK и торговые пары, на Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ или Weibo • Упоминая ваш отзыв работы на CCEDK на bitcointalk или другом известном форуме, включая, почему именно Qora стала вашим выбором • Email с ссылками, подтверждающими это, в течении первого месяца запуска Qora на CCEDK. Чтобы узнать больше, послушайте Beyond Bitcoin Hangout или прочтите тему на bitcointalk. WELCOME WILLKOMMEN BIEN VENUE BEM-VINDO BIENVENIDOS BENVENUTO 欢迎 ようこそ ДОБРО ПОЖАЛОВАТЬ أهلا بك CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS Web: Twitter: Facebook: Linkedin:
  9. The FuelCoin is the world’s first tradable social currency that enables users to send money around the world safely and efficiently. Through multiple partnerships and collaborations with various social media enterprises and non-profit organizations, users of FuelCoin are privy to not only international fast track electronic money transfers, but to a whole new socially based virtual one-stop-shop for online trading of funds, shopping, mobile banking, charitable donations, and social networking. Encrypted Labs Inc., the software company that built the infrastructure to support the FuelCoin application, has developed the program to learn from its users’ activity. This will eventually result in personalized accounts for each active member. Once our users begin using the FuelCoin app, the software is able to learn from them and develop the ability to suggest charities, investment opportunities, and even online products based on their preferences. The software takes into consideration the users’ search history, feedback from our various personality quizzes, and general activity within the application. This component creates a personalized central hub for online spending, unique to each of FuelCoin’s consumers. As this concept grows, as will its users abilities when it comes to using FuelCoin. With every new partnership, collaboration, and investor, the Fuelcoin will gain more and more access to various types of internet transactions and trading around the world. Unlike regular online transactions where all your stored card information is “confidential”, Fuelcoin is a one-time untraceable transaction from your account that you can use on as many online shops as you want without risking the chance of unauthorized card use, the sharing of your account information, or identity theft. Aside from completely revolutionizing online finance for everyone from your average consumer, to small business owner, and finally to major corporation, FuelCoin is also a proud advocate for the philanthropic community. While users are facilitating a transaction, online shopping, or just simply browsing the many modules that are featured, Fuelcoin passively creates social impact for sustainable development, disaster relief, as well as raises awareness for different issues and causes around the world. With a few clicks, a user can encounter a cause or charity they like, learn more about said cause or charity, and then donate however little or many Fuelcoins they want; all in one place! This feature simultaneously raises awareness and facilitates donations in an effortless and swift fashion that appeals to any consumer that doesn’t want to deal with charity mailing lists, junk mail, or submission of their personal information to a charity’s database. It gives the consumer a way to donate to whatever charitable cause that may appeal to them with total confidentiality and ease. FuelCoin is fast, easy, secure, accessible, and combines tons of different web platforms into one convenient and easy to use application, separating it from past virtual currency concepts and making it the next big thing in social and virtual finance. Bittrex:
  10. POP Paper Wallet Generator! Just follow this link: Post in this Thread if you have any questions on how to use it. Its not too difficult Eventually we will get a tutorial together There is also a Silver and Platinum design, but we will let you Check out the Generator to see the other designs! Please Feel free to create your own design for the Wallet, If you create a nice looking wallet, there is a 100,000 POP Bounty and we can always add more designs to the Generator! It is recommended for Security that you download the ZIP from Github and Run the Generator Offline to Ensure that no-one else can see your Private Key Enjoy
  11. CryptoHours gives you 2% interest on your Bitcoins and DASH (and other altcoins!) every HOUR! You invest, e.g, 0.1BTC, and you'll get 0.002BTC every hour until you have a total of 0.2BTC! Is it paying? YES!! I have 0.24BTC in the site and here are my proofs which you can track right from my address link. Original Deposit: 0.24BTC - Payouts (just 3, the rest can be found on my address link) Paid to: 0.0048BTC - 0.0048BTC - 0.0048BTC - THE LIST GOES ON! Visit my address link and you'll see tens of payments every hour. What else does the site offer? + 2% Interest paid HOURLY until 200% ROI (100% profit) + Real Company (GreenSSL and registration within 2 weeks) + 10% Affiliate Commission + Fast Support + Unique Platform + 15+ Altcoins, new coins added weekly JOIN NOW! URL: My ref:
  12. Cevo Is giving you a chance to win from 1$ to 1000$ in the giveaway. You just need to verify your Xapo account. You see your earnings immediately. Step 1: Go to this link: Step 2: Register , Then Verify your Xapo account (Don't have a Xapo account? Create one here, then they ask you for Ref Code in 4th step Put this in that place. d2I3WGFkZ1BqeWhmNkZtbkkrOHdxMTkwKzZ5dTR6SURKU0RvYjhWNS9oST0 (Using above code increases your chance to win by 25%) Step 3: Open your vault! and EARN from 1$ to 1000$ I earned 2 $ in this give away Win now Good luck!
  13. Friends! Let's make Bitcoins together. Here's the seven Bitcoin wallets. 1. 1BJeRvSqcdbN2sFtM7a5MjJckdtCALUrMz 2. 19qax1AFZEQ3CEYeCb1TXRcRZQUa56XkJt 3. 1CKh1kpsBU6EkHY8ULsNnvcMGt6ywu86qP 4. 16RavK3JgSQegFVXkpoZ6VjjUkjA7ELXqT 5. 1GA5zhDWwAYAC1my8hB7hMxCWbfihMennE 6. 1JBJg5cquN46US8PtLPatZZ5ENrhG3xBLG 7. 1FQLAbMkiyq3mdVfjJtSA4NqwS798J9GE1 The marketing is simple. Send 0.01 BTC to each wallet. Delete the first wallet from the list. Move the remaining wallets up on one position. In the end of the list put YOUR BTC wallet. Now save this message and distribute it over the internet. So you will create a positive energy for your wallet that begins to work and earn your money. Don't have a Bitcoin wallet? Create one here The more people will use this marketing, the more everyone will be able to earn. That's all. Everything is very simple. And these simple steps sending positive financial energy to your wallet. Good Luck!
  14. Name: BitSis Abrv: BSs Algo: Sha256d Type: Proof Of Work Coins Per Block: 25 Halving: 105,000 blocks roughly 2 years Block Time: 10 minutes Max Coins: 28,000,000 Coinbase Maturity: 250 to compensate against dumper's we have no interest in them Confirmations 2 TXFee = 0.01 to help the miners Expceted Blocks Per Day: 144 Blocks 60 / 10 = 6 x 24 = 144 Expected coins per day: 3600 (BSs) 144 x 25 =3600 Expected year mining ends: Year 2036 28,000,000 / 3600 = 7777.7777 7777.7777 / 365 = 21.3 years 2015 + 21.3 = 2036.3 Why BitSis ? Why not BitSis just because we are in our infant stages we will continue to grow and thrive in a tough market into a fully fledged system built from the community with no entity having full control, Aiming to maintain a high prescence in the Crypto Currency World just like Bitcoin. We're also not here for the dumper's, bagholder's, whales or Bankster's but for every single person out there with no premine a cancelled ico @ community request and a team willing to put the time in for your trust. What do you offer ? We are free We are for the people you can mine straight away secure payment system based on sha256 fast transactions with only 2 confirmation's needed extra fee's for miner's to help increase network just like the original we're not too big on all these little tabs and apparently 100% anon feature's instead we wish to saturate the world with BitSis and gain more acceptance within the public sector to free up Bankster control. Launching advertising campaign for our goals of adoptance into a monetary system (Non Regulated) and putting forward a professional buisness plan into action for our services to real world buisnesses for the likelyhood of mass adoption with a record pace. Regular poll's will be held for community's voice Our Main buisness goals: Gain Adoptance @: with the World's Population Postal Services (ie ukmail, ups, parcel force) (not royal mail) CEX Overclockers Clothing stores Food Retail outlets Alcohol outlets within music and film ie (netflix, lovefilm etc) Improve network stability Create: BitSis Pool Tournament Entry cost: 1BSs Contestant/s: 16 Prize 16 More info to come. Auction's for any goods we or the user's wish to sell with only BitSis accepted 1 coin will equal £50 or $75 on the auctions. Release ??????? for beta testing Release ??????? to general public Wallets: 13.4.2015 22:00PM GMT Source Code: 13.4.2015 22:00PM GMT Block explorer: 13.4.2015 22:00PM GMT Mining pools: Miners: Exchanges: WE WILL NOT PAY FOR AN EXCHANGE NOR DO WE CONDONE OUR USER'S TODO SO EITHER WE WANT MASS ADOPTION NOT MASS BRIBERY Price Tag: We are hoping to get 1 BitSis to the value of £50 or $75 and to keep it there with a total market cap of £1,400,000,000 or $2,100,763,001 Release Date: 16.05.2015 22:00PM GMT
  15. BitClub Network is a HUGE new passive bitcoin mining opportunity that is NOW LIVE! BitClubNetwork allows members to purchase mining shares and get paid DAILY passive income for 1,000 days! Bitclub is far superior to traditional cloud mining contracts in that a percentage of your daily earnings will be used to constantly upgrade to bigger, faster, and more powerful rigs. This will allow for much more stable earnings over the course of the 1,000 days of payouts. However, it gets better! Each day you will be earning additional partial shares, that will also each earn for 1,000 days. Therefore, even though the original mining share pays for 1,000 days, the residuals will be paid out for the life of the company. There are huge bonuses for sponsoring others, but even if you never sponsor anyone, you will still get paid for 1,000 days. The cost to join is $99 for your membership, and then there are 3 separate mining pool. The pools cost $500; $1,000; and $2,000 respectively. You can purchase as many or as few shares as you'd like. The only accepted payment method for the mining shares is bitcoin. More information is available on the website but most of your questions can be answered through this recorded webinar: Lock in now at: If you have any questions or need any help please don't hesitate to contact me. Make Every Second Count, Brian Skype: SecondsOld
  16. Hello Dear CryptoCoin Talk Altcoin User and Firends. Our CCnex's Exchange system is a bit simple and pretty to show this image. On December 8th, we're expected to do a lot of update activity. Phew ... it is hard to I'll work hard.!!! ThanX! Contact Us
  17. Dear CCEDK Trader, We have now been up and running for a bit more than 4 months, and it is great to see that we are finally getting up there being noticed worldwide, and we feel it is only the very beginning to something big, which we hope you will be a part of by using CCEDK as your preferred place for trading now and in the future. To reach this goal, we will constantly be adding new features, payments systems and improving our compliance overall, as well as adding any additional security procedures. We welcome you, and are always ready to listen to constructive criticism, in order to always do our outmost to please and to make you feel comfortable when trading at the exchange. We want to be able to offer you a “WOW” effect every once in a while as well, making us stand out among all the other exchanges out there and eventually to offer you a trading experience above expected. Ronny Boesing, CEO CCEDK ApS CCEDK will be starting to send out a news release every 1st day of the month. What you read here, you will also be able to see at as we are using this forum for future official news on what is going on at CCEDK, to reach out to the social network via Twitter, Facebook,Linkedin and other channels. Below link is taking you directly to all content presented by CCEDK on Cryptocointalk, giving you a quick overview of what’s up and available to access as information stream: We hope you will help us make your friends and followers know about CCEDK, by using the social network options mentioned just below headline on thread, easily accessible and quick to do, and will help traffic to our site, and eventually create more trading, which will make CCEDK a preferred future place to go! Payment systems added in October: Just to let you know we will be adding Skrill Direct Instant payment like SOFORT but just so much better and secure, with their offering of instant deposit possibility from 3600+ banks in the major countries like UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Austria and Hungary and soon also even Denmark and Norway. Sofort was not able to offer this for France, UK, Spain and Hungary, so it is a great improvement, and even 0,5% cheaper in deposit fees as well. We also offer EGOPAY in October, which should enable more people to access through initial support from credit cards or other alternative payment systems, so a great alternative to wire transfers and the long wait to do your trading. In connection with last month achievement · Listed on Cryptocoincharts with 7th place of NBT currency and 11th place as exchange · Listed on Coinmarketcap - with 7th place of NBT currency and 12th place as exchange · Google 2FA - available for integration for your own safety · More than 1 million transactions October will consist of · Article out from Cointelegraph in multiple languages: English - Chinese - Russian - If u like the article pls use option to share Facebook, Twitter the article, share it on Linkedin. It will all help give CCEDK a lot of good attention. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. · Language interface of Chinese, French and Danish, (German, Portuguese, Japanese and Spanish added November) · The bold plan of listing 6 crypto coins and an additional 27 crypto pairs, "within one week, not to mention the additional fiat pairs" added as well. We did that two weeks ago! Adding DRK, DOGE, RDD, BTM, FimK and BTSX. Crypto Coins Payment Terminal, expected launch Oct. 20th - The first Online Crypto Coins Payment Terminal where you can exchange your cryptocoins and instantly Top-Up your user account to BTC at CCEDK as well as Fun-Casino. · Marathon Trading October 16th to 23rd both days included – We offer a “LOTTERY TICKET to win 100 NBT – 3 POSSIBLE WINNERS” to any traders making minimum 10 Transactions in total within 24 hours any given day from Thursday October 16th to Wednesday October 23rd midnight (Amsterdam time) . This offer is presented to people already registered or registering, so you are most probably a limited amount of people of some 1200 active users thus making chances of winning that extra prize quite big! Requirements to qualify: Each transaction must be minimum the equivalent to 100 USD/100 NBT of any of the 27 NEW Crypto Trading pairs(see below for which pairs), and all participants must send e-mail to mentioning: Maraton Trading, User ID and time frame trading in subject, and will receive number for the final draw of Winner · Happy Hour October 16th to 23rd both days included – Any transactions performed at 21.00 (9 PM GMT+1 Amsterdam Time) and next hour until 22.00 every day in mentioned period will qualify for 1 NBT(equals 1 USD) as a special thank you for trading. 1 NBT per user per day – see below requirements! Requirements to qualify: Each transaction must be minimum the equivalent to 100 USD/100 NBT of any of the 100+ Trading pairs available (use dropdown menu for further details), and all participants must send e-mail to mentioning: Happy Hour, User ID and date of trading in subject prior to any withdrawal of NBT Giveaway. · Compliance Anonymously Trade accepted at CCEDK: You may anonymously trade ALL crypto to crypto on CCEDK trading platform. It does not need any further validation, apart from your registration and the offered Google 2 Factor Authentication for your own safety, now available via numerous apps. under settings in My account. Fiat Deposits and Withdrawals: Once you decide to deposit and especially in the case of any withdraw in any of the Fiat options available, we may need to ask you for further documentation (It depends really on your location, as any trading inside EU in general is accepted without any further documentation primarily because of the information received upon bank transfer). Provided of course no suspicious activity is observed. For EU deposits without any of below mentioned verification, we will be able to accept withdraw only after three working days from date of deposit. Verified, this point is not needed. Validation procedures: You may avoid any delays in regards to deposit and withdrawal in this matter by sending copy of passport or national ID to verify your identity, a copy of either utility or electricity bill to verify your address, and a phone number to verify these documents and yourself, should that be considered necessary. Please send these details via our mojohelp desk as the mentioned link: start a new ticket, and mention in subject: Validation, User ID and User name. We will after receipt, delete from mojohelpdesk and save information on a secure server. All of this information will not be shared with anybody else, according to our privacy policy mentioned on site. New Faces at CCEDK: China support - Welcome to Mr. Yasha Wang, Our new Public Relations & Marketing Manager for the Chinese speaking countries. North America - CCEDK Office of Information and Marketing in Our Los Angeles office, as well as online support to the North American population Ms. Alina Kunkevich, Sales & Markeeting Manager and available for online support via our mojo help desk. South America - In the middle of October starts Public Relations & Marketing Manager for the Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries - Presentation to be announced next week. Philippines - Office in General Santos City (Gensan - The Tuna Capital), PR and Marketing Manager to be presented beginning of November The 6 NEW Crypto Currencies NOW listed: BitsharesX (BTSX) - Crypto Pairs: BTSX/BTC, BTSX/LTC, BTSX/PPC, BTSX/NXT, DOGE/BTSX, RDD/BTSX, FIMK/BTSX, BTM/BTSX, DRK/BTSX Fiat Pairs: BTSX/EUR, BTSX/USD, BTSX/DKK, BTSX/RUR Dogecoin (DOGE) - Crypto Pairs: DOGE/BTC, DOGE/LTC, DOGE/PPC, DOGE/BTSX, DOGE/NXT Fiat Pairs: DOGE/EUR, DOGE/USD, DOGE/DKK, DOGE/RUR Reddcoin – (RDD) - Crypto Pairs: RDD/BTC, RDD/LTC, RDD/PPC, RDD/BTSX, RDD/NXT Fiat Pairs: RDD/EUR, RDD/USD, RDD/DKK, BTSX/RUR Darkcoin – (DRK) - Crypto Pairs: DRK/BTC, DRK/RDD, DRKT/LTC, DRK/BTSX, DRK/DOGE Fiat Pairs: DRK/EUR, DRK/USD, DRK/DKK, DRK/RUR Articles connected to launch: Bitmark (BTM) - Crypto Pairs: BTM/BTC, BTM/LTC, BTM/PPC, BTM/BTSX, BTM/NXT, Fiat Pairs: BTM/EUR, BTM/USD, BTM/DKK, BTSX/RUR FimKrypto – (FimK) - Crypto Pairs: FIMK/BTC, FIMK/NXT, FIMK/BTSX Fiat Pairs: FIMK/EUR, FIMK/USD, FIMK/DKK, FIMK/RUR NB: Did you know that Blackcoin and the new currency Nubits NBT considered as a hedge and stable to the dollar is also available at CCEDK? Blackcoin (BC) available in the trading pairs BC/BTC, BC/EUR, BC/USD, BC/DKK Nubits (NBT) available in the trading pairs NBT/PPC, NBT/BTC, NBT/USD, NBT/EUR The World’s First Stable Digital Currency: Quote “Are you all ready for this? I hope to see you on the exchange this week, to do some trading and to experience our new features like the 2FA and Dropdown menu as well.” Feel free to make twitter of below, or go to @CCEDK_ to follow and retweet: Happy Hour Giveaway, Marathon Trading w/2FA and 100+ Trading Pairs! - #altcoin via @cryptocointalk @CCEDK_ Like The Kangaroo, CCEDK Exchange Always Moves Forward Progressively - https://cryptocointa...-progressively/ @CCEDK_ Danish exchange breaks sales record with NuBits launch! The World's First Stable Digital Crypto Currency! -https://cryptocointa...rypto-currency/ @CCEDK_ If We Can’t Use PayPal 100%, What Is the Purpose Then?” – Ronny Boesing, CEO CCEDK - @CCEDK_ - http://cointelegraph...esing-ceo-ccedk Yours Sincerely, Ronny Boesing CEO CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS DK-9492 Blokhus Phone office: +45 36 98 11 50 Web: Mail: Twitter: Facebook: Reddit: Forums: Bitcointalk as ronnyb, Litecointalk as CCEDK, https://litecointalk...97812#msg197812 Peercointalk as ccedk, http://www.peercoint...g30545#msg30545 Nubits as ccedk, http://www.peercoint...g33050#msg33050 Nxtforum as ccedk, Cryptocointalk as ccedk, https://cryptocointa...ivity&mid=16143 as ronnyb, https://cryptocointa...ivity&mid=16143 Bitcoin Garden as ccedk, http://bitcoingarden...g73645#msg73645
  18. Октябрь 10, 2014 JP Buntinx, это датская биржа, которая славится своей надежностью, и сейчас они обьявили, что принимают Darkcoin. Торги с Darkcoin будут включены в пары с другими коинами, а так же с Euro и Российским рублем, что откроет новые возможности и увеличит популярность Darkcoin. представлена как первая надежная крипто биржа. Обладая двойным языковым интерфейсом английским / русским, она направлена ​​на широкую аудиторию, но зачастую остается незамеченной. Но в ближайшие дни планы на добавление языковых интерфейсов на испанский, португальский, немецкий, французский, датский и китайский, так что расширение уже на горизонте. Их подход и забота о безопасности более чем приветсвуется, так как пользователи стали более осторожыми после краха всем известного Mt. Gox. Чтобы обезопаситься от такого, держит резервный фонд в размере тридцати процентов от выручки крипто валюты, чтобы защитить своих клиентов в случае потери. Это главное новшество сродни тому, как крупные банки возвращают средства жертвам мошенничества, которые предоставляют клиентам степень безопасности в случае, если они стали мишенью преступных элементов. Поскольку все больше и больше пользователей криато валют появляются на рынке, важно, чтобы больше учреждений взяли во внимание финансовую безопасность. С точки зрения торговли, платформа пообещала внедрения Skrill в ближайшие сроки, чтобы поможет облегчить фиатные депозиты. Так же впечатляет диапазон валют, который используются на бирже, включая Датскую/Норвежскую крону, Британский фунт, дол США, и Евро, счета могут пополняться через банковские переводы SWIFT, SEPA, и депозиты и выводы денег в RUB/UAH/EUR/USD, используя более чем 150 способов оплаты с помощью провайдера Payee! CCEDK достаточно уверены в своей безопасности, и разместили информацию их адвоката и они четко обозначили, что следуют и будут следовать правилам единой евро системы (SEPA), чтобы помочь интегрировать крипто валютные торги, сделав мэйнстримом. С юридической принадлежностью, что является основной особенностью сайта, становится ясно, что будет одним из самых безопасных обменников и безусловно, эта биржа является настоятельной рекомендацией для людей, которые только попали в мир крипто валют. Стоит отметить, что безопасность может быть отлично совмещена с приватностью, предлагаемой многими крипто валютами, в частости Darkcoin. Эта монета уже имеет большое количество приверженцев в Европе и набирает дополнительную тягу в России, Украине, Польше и многих других. Таким образом, это отличное место, дом для Darkcoin торгов, учитывая его двойной языковой интерфейс. Darkcoin, который анонимизирует сделки, если один выбирает, медленно стал одной из самых главных альтернатив, и с появлением новых инноваций, ежедневно эта позиция укрепляется. Darkcoin входит в мэйнстрим наряду с безопасными и транспарантными обменникамии, как, и мы окажемся в твердой позиции объединения финансовой безопасности и финансовой конфиденциальности, открывая крипто валюты для более ширового применения. Ресурс: CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS DK-9492 Blokhus Phone office: +45 36 98 11 50 Web: Mail: Twitter: Facebook: Reddit:
  19. Интервью с генеральным директором датской крипто биржи CCEDK, Ронни Боэсингом, сделало много шума, представив 6 крипто монет с 27 соответсвующими парами, а так же с основными фиатными парами! NBT/BTC - NBT / Bitcoin 10-дневный график and ордера на CCEDK http://www.cryptocoi...r/nbt/btc/ccedk NBT/PPC - NBT / Peercoin 10- дневный график and ордера на CCEDK http://www.cryptocoi...r/nbt/ppc/ccedk Помимо выше упомянутых интервью и чартах, я рад представить вам следующие мерчанты, как часть семьи CCEDK: Ронни Бэсинг, цитата: Я бы хотел отметить прогресс, который мы сделали за последние месяцы, имея возможность представить проекты, которые помогли нам в этом: – Отличное, новое и удобное Биткоин Казино, предлагающее анонимную игру с мгновенным депозитом и выводом средств, и впечатляющие 80% от дохода для партнеров аффилиатов. Пользователии Fun-casino так же могут сделать депозит на биржу и обменять их на биткоины (BTC), и вернуться, чтобы сыграть в казино. – отличный рекламный инструмент, который сконцентрирован на бизнесах, относящихся к крипто миру. Удобен и для рекламодателей, и для вебмастеров, которые получают доход в BTC. – Crypto Coins Payment Terminal отличные инструмент для всех видов крипто монет, когда надо непосредственно обменять на BTC, и в будущем будет главной частью сделок с любой цифровой валюты на BTC. Анонимность конечно предполагается по умолчанию. Все что вам надо сделать, это зарегестрировать свой аккаунт на CCEDK, и вы можете загружать все свои валюты на для мгновенного обмена на BTC, и вернуться на CCEDK для обмена на 9 разных фиатных валют, как USD, EUR, GBP etc. !!! CCPAYT абсолютно новый и запуститься полностью во второй половине Октября 2014, основываясь на полученные данные. Все выше упомянутые мерчанты для обмена BTC на 9 фиатных валют сами осуществляют на CCEDK.
  20. CCnex – Opening Notice CCnex Exchange has officially opened as of today. Hello to all users who have been waiting for this moment. As of October 8th, we can finally offer our newly designed innovative trade system. CCnex is now providing our services. We have received first 5000 pre-registrants through our teaser website, and now we are going to begin the CCnex Grand Opening Event as we promised to reward those who pre-registered. We are glad to see that we have total of 8015 pre-registrants already on our system. Once again, we thank all of you who showed interest and supported us. CCnex Grand Opening Event has started! CCnex Opening Event 01. We are giving out up to 100,000 Satoshi to first 5000 CCnex pre-registrants upon tutorial completion. CCnex Opening Event 02. We are giving out 5 BTC through random draw upon all tutorial completion For more information, please visit our official website at CCnex promises for continuous updates. We promise to provide quality services with continuous updates. Also, CCnex mobile page will be available on October 22th. CCnex mobile page is not just a duplicate of desktop version, but it is simple mobile exchange designed to easily make various transactions for all users. You can check our news and other further newest information at our official website, Facebook, and Twitter page. Official Website : Official Facebook : Ofiicial Twitter : Thank you. Start your trade at CCnex!
  21. Good News. -Official- October 8 Site Open ! Experience true Innovation With the birth of CCnex!
  22. In connection with the last week achievement Listed on Cryptocoincharts with 7th place of NBT currency and 11th place as exchange Listed on Coinmarketcap - with 7th place of NBT currency and 12th place as exchange Google 2FA fully up and running satisfactorily More than 750 transactions at an equivalent of half a million USD on 6 currency pair This week will consist of Article out from Cointelegraph in multiple languages throughout the week: Monday English, Wednesday Chinese, Thursday Spanish and Portuguese if we're lucky, Friday Japanese, and Saturday Arabic. Language interface of Chinese, French and Danish, (German, Portuguese, Japanese and Spanish added in October) The bold plan of listing 6 crypto coins and an additional 27 crypto pairs within one week not to mention the additional fiar pairs added as well Dropdown menu to cover all 90+ currency pairs - working now Tuesday 30th. check it out The Listing Crypto Currency This Week will be as follows: Launch Thursday October 2nd, maybe even from the morning BitsharesX (BTSX) - We offer you to begin with 13 different trading pairs: WE WILL WORK ON THE BITUSD! BTSX to BTC/NXT/LTC/PPC/DOGE/RDD/FIMK/BTM/DRK/EUR/USD/DKK/RUR Crypto Pairs: BTSX/BTC, BTSX/LTC, BTSX/PPC, BTSX/NXT, DOGE/BTSX, RDD/BTSX, FIMK/BTSX, BTM/BTSX, DRK/BTSX Fiat Pairs: DRK/EUR, DRK/USD, DRK/DKK, DRK/RUR Payment options: Deposit and withdrawal with SEPA in Europe, Ultimo October Skrill Direct Instant payment from 3600 banks in Europe, SWIFT to and friom the world, Payeer deposit and withdrawal with USD, EUR, RUR, UAH via 150+ payment options, and other ones to follow in November. Feel free to make twitter of below, or go to @CCEDK_ to follow and retweet: CCEDK ApS @CCEDK_ A Currency A Day - Danish Echange CCEDK to Launch 6 Crypto Coins in One Week! -https://cryptocointa...-in-one-week/ … #altcoin via @cryptocointalk @CCEDK_ If We Can’t Use PayPal 100%, What Is the Purpose Then?” – Ronny Boesing, CEO CCEDK: … After these we are working towards adding: Exclusivecoin Noblecoin Vericoin Counterparty Mastercoin Storjcoin NB: Provided we can have the sufficient support from their community in order to have satisfactory co operation for development. Yours Sincerely, Ronny Boesing CEO CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS DK-9492 Blokhus Phone office: +45 36 98 11 50 Web: Mail: Twitter: Facebook: Reddit: Forums: Bitcointalk as ronnyb, Litecointalk as CCEDK, https://litecointalk...97812#msg197812 Peercointalk as ccedk, http://www.peercoint...g30545#msg30545 Nubits as ccedk, http://www.peercoint...g33050#msg33050 Nxtforum as ccedk, Cryptocointalk as ccedk, https://cryptocointa...ivity&mid=16143 as ronnyb, https://cryptocointa...ivity&mid=16143 Bitcoin Garden as ccedk, http://bitcoingarden...g73645#msg73645
  23. Dear future business partner, First of all thank you for your interest in our exchange! By opening this thread, I asume you must have some sort of interest in knowing more about what this is all about, right? Things have definitely developed in regards to activity on our exchange since we opened for registration and trade on May 26th, and the work we have achieved, as well as the media coverage within same period have all been valuable contribution to an ongoing improvement on the overall experience when being a user trading on the CCEDK exchange! In order to know more about CCEDK and what we are all about you might want to check out this other official thread of CCEDK exchange: We have the following points in mind when talking about any future contribution to our exchange, and they are all expected to be added week by week in August and September: • market api and with this to be listed on coinmarket cap, cryptocoinscharts, trading bots etc. expected to be implemented end of august • two factor authentication using authy, - expected to be implemented first week of September • drop down menu, primo September • adding a validation procedure when it comes to FIAT deposits and/or with withdrawal to be adapting step by step with due diligence and KYC procedures, in order for us to be fully ready once Danish FSA decides to follow any international set of rules. September • adding some additional language interfaces like Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Danish, and more, September • adding additional crypto currencies, ongoing operation in coming months, depending on mutual understanding and willingness to make a difference on an ongoing basis • creating a general access to follow the fund we have established on the base of 30% of profit from crypto currencies trading fees, September and so on, so things are obviously not perfect, but I guess we have to start somewhere, and it seems an ok start improving inside ccedk alongside with the increase in interest from the communities with a potential currency listed on CCEDK. We have already successfully added NXT to our exchange as the 1st exchange to offer NXT >< Fiat worldwide in so far 9 fiat currencies like EUR/USD/GBP/DKK/NOK/SEK/CHF/RUR/UAH as well as crypto's BTC/LTC and PPC, and consider their community activities a great example of what is possible to achieve when you all work together to reach a common goal! We would like in future to be involved in as many projects as possible inside proactive altcoin communities, which would mean initially to have the coin listed on our exchange! We wish to do so in order to create awareness of CCEDK to become eventually the number one choice of exchange, especially when it comes to exchange to and from FIAT, but obviously we would like to have the other parts of trading included as well! Having said all of the above, I would like to show my interest in having your altcoin added to CCEDK, there is a time issue involved, so in order to organize, prepare and establish best possible base for our future co operation, I would appreciate your feedback in case of interest by making me a PM. I would then be able to forward to you a criteria sheet with questions towards choosing the future altcoin to be added to CCEDK. These questions I consider needed to be answered in order to establish the initial interest and willingness to participate on an ongoing basis in a close knit relationship enabling both parties a mutually interesting co operation with constant success stories to back it up! Our aim is to have a top 10, well perhaps even more, in crypto currencies, not on the base of what is indicated on coinmarketcap, but more based on what each currency is able to contribute with on an exchange believing in the altcoin communities, as a vital factor for a constantly increasing amount of users and trading and in this way eventually becoming an important factor as exchange and future trendsetter. We might be many different individuals, but if we rise together with one common goal, history shows, anything is possible! I will be looking forward to hearing from you again soon Yours Sincerely, Ronny Boesing CEO CCEDK / Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS DK-9492 Blokhus Denmark Web: Twitter: Facebook: