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Found 85 results

  1. Hey, I'm new to GridCoin and do not have the initial GRC needed. Uscore tells you that it will take up to a week. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give 20 or so GRC to me to start mining. I also noticed that there's no thread dedicated to a simple "I need starter coins" type of exchange. I know you can buy them at the exchanges, but with all of the security problems I'm having trouble trusting any of the exchanges atm. So I'm kind of hoping 1. that someone will give me starter GRC and 2. that this thread will become a place for beginners to ask for starter GRC. My address is S4bKZG6UDaYSpGgoTN8HuML9gaBmxjZxdF. Thanks! I'll repay some other beginner once I'm mining.
  2. Earn Cryptocurrencies with Crypto Exchange Hello Guys, here I bring an another genuine way to earn some cryptocurrencies without any investment.. You will just need to open an account with this well known Crypto Exchange and get free coins every 24hrs.. You may transfer your balance to your other wallets or trade it with available pairs.. Moreover you may also multiply your earnings by playing dice on the same exchange(but I won't recommend to it bcoz its like gambling and you may lose your earnings too).. Well, If you are interested in crypto trading and want to get some more free coins everyday, here is the single platform for your multiple tasks.. Join me on this Crypto Market and let's grow together.. Thanks for reading and Happy Earnings
  3. FREE COINS EVERYDAY - BTC, LTC, DASH etc. START WITH FREE COINS Guys, here I bring a genuine way to earn free cryptocrrencies without any investment schemes.. You will need to signup and you will get free coins into your wallet everyday with: 0.00000250 BitCoin 0.00007671 LiteCoin 0.00604838 FeatherCoin 0.24640460 Virtacoin 0.00056826 PeerCoin 0.00004063 Dash More coins are being added constantly on the website.. Some other coins are locked and can be unlocked and multipliers up-to 1250% by achieving the different levels.. You may transfer your coins to your other wallet whenever you want.. So, what are you waiting for?? Join me on : https://[REMOVED].com/2f9e822900aa03f07f236b3cf623cbd3 And let's grow together.. Happy Earnings :)
  4. Race for coins your opininon...
  5. Restore send coins that are not received by recipient Hi everyone, I did send coins to some friends, but they never received them, the Transaction history in my wallet says that the coins are not received by the recipients, apparently they made a mistake with the address! The coins went out of my wallet, but never got anywhere, is there a way to recover them back into my wallet? We are talking about more or less 25.000 GRC´s.... All Transactions were made last year (2016) I woould appreciate every help I coud get. THX Tinn
  6. Mining coins Is there a single cryptocurrency that can be mined by all mining rigs? How would the coin need to be structured? For example, ABCoin can be mined by all existing and future existing mining equipment .... regards, Noob
  7. Dear friends! 1.5 years ago, on the first day of spring, we have launched our Exchange During this time we have done a lot to build better service for you. We won’t claim that we are the best, the coolest and other nonsense. That is not true. There are some older exchanges, which, perhaps, for someone are much better. We can only say that we have a strong and experienced IT team, great financial power and the most serious intentions to become one of the leaders among altcoins cryptoexchanges. Let us introduce our benefits briefly: - Easy registration, no verification required; - Easy to use, intuitive and powerful interface; - Flexible trading fee, which depends on the trading volume; - Different types of orders: Market, Limit, Pending; - Low fees for deposit and withdrawal of funds, a wide choice of payment systems; - Modern 2–level account security system: 2-factor authentification, white list of IP-addresses, pluggable e-mail and sms notification; - The Game; - Friendly and fast support; - Profitable affiliate program, that allows you to choose interest rate. Over 50 markets are available for trading currently. The list of available cryptos is expanding permanently. Please find the list of currencies and fees following this link. We're happy for new clients and ready to improve our trading platform by clients' demands. Contacts: E-mail: support @ ICQ: 668931696 Feedback forms: Registration: Twitter Facebook Stay tuned! Stay with LiveCoin!
  8. Any good meme coins I can buy out for less than $3000? I want to take over and buy out a coin. I suspect the coin to be low cost. I'm looking for something in the range of 100-300 million shares. Let me know if you have any ideas.
  9. Most potential coins with a value under 1 USD? Hey there What coins valued under 1 USD have the most potential to become a major player? I've heard the Quantum Coin will be doing very well in the short-term? What are your thoughts and why?
  10. Venezuelans Are Seeking a Haven in Crypto Coins as Crisis Rages (Dash mentioned ; ) by Camila RussoJune 15, 2017, 6:00 PM GMT+8Crypto coins’ gyrations require nerves of steel, but to an increasing number of Venezuelans, they’re the safest currency they can own.Demand for digital coins is soaring in Venezuela amid an escalating political crisis that has protesters demanding that President Nicolas Maduro step down. Inflation has spiraled to the triple digits, debasing the bolivar and depleting savings, while citizens struggle to find everything from food to medicine on store shelves.third-largestdigital coin by number of transactions. “We’re seeing huge demand in Venezuela through inquiries in our support line, as more and more people join our forums and chat rooms, even on how-to Youtube videos that have popped up.”Bitcoin trading volume in Venezuela jumped to $1.3 million this week, about double the amount that changed hands two months ago, according to, an online exchange which allows users from across the world to swap their local currencies to bitcoin. Users in Venezuela for Cryptobuyer, a platform for bitcoin and Dash trading, jumped to 8,000 last month from 6,000 in the previous month, a record increase, the exchange’s CEO Jorge Farias said.Venezuela’s currency has become nearly worthless in the black market, where it takes more than 6,000 bolivars to buy $1, while bitcoin surged 53 percent in the past month alone. But it’s not just about shielding against the falling bolivar, as some Venezuelans are using crypto currencies to buy and sell everyday goods and services, Farias said.To read more on street protests in Venezuela.“Venezuelans use these alternatives not only to safeguard their savings, but also to be able to operate in daily business and commerce,” Farias said in an email. Digital currencies are “an alternative to entrepreneurs and people who lack the means to buy and sell not only merchandise but services, and to send and receive remittances.”The market is still small though, and far from providing a viable way for Venezuela’s 31 million citizens to escape the current turmoil. Only 62 percent of the population had an Internet connection as of 2015, according to the CIA Factbook, and over 80 percent live below the poverty line.Digital coins as a way to escape currency controls and inflation isn’t a new phenomenon. Argentina saw a spike in bitcoin trading after former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner banned dollar purchases, and China is one of the main sources of bitcoin demand as traders use the digital currency to skirt capital controls.The London School of Economics created a Bitcoin Market Potential Index based on technology penetration, inflation and financial repression and found that the two countries with the highest BMPI were Argentina and Venezuela, as of last year. Argentina removed currency controls, but inflation is still above 20 percent.“It’s in these locations where the incentives to go into digital currencies is the strongest,” Dash’s Taylor said. “We’re seeing a lot of growth in the region.”
  11. FREE 100 RAISR Coins Join CryptoFundRaiser and receive 100 RAISR coins for FREE. An additional Bonus e-book "How To Get Rich In The Cryptocurrency Blockchain Movement". In addition, if you join, you will have the opportunity to start your own crowdfunding team and turn a $50 (paid through bitcoin) one time payment into over $800,000 to fund your own business, help out a charity, or any other purpose you need to raise funds for. Personally my desire is to raise enough funds to purchase a couple of jetskis to enjoy out on the lakes this summer ;-) A bit more about this opportunity: Our sole focus at CryptoFundRaiser is on providing our valued Members with a seamless, simple, safe, and completely transparent Cryptocurrency Team Crowdfunding Platform. PLUS our remarkable Cryptocurrency Trading & Investment Platform puts you front and center to discover all the possibilities and opportunities in this new and exciting cryptocurrency and blockchain space. A space where such reknown business people such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson and many others recognize it to be the biggest thing to hit the world since the internet!
  12. Paper/Cold storage of alt coins Hi, I've put bitcoins in cold storage in the past and am considering buying Ether and some other currencies. I'm wondering if all/most cryptocurrencies require the same method as bitcoin to put them in cold/paper storage or if they differ much. You need a different wallet for most types of currencies, right? And is the process of putting the alt-coins in cold storage the same for all coins- or are there big differences? For example, do you put ripple and ether in cold storage in the same way that you'd put bitcoin in cold storage?
  13. With the new gridcoin client upgrade lost 6 months of coins I have been mining for last whole year. I upgraded the gridcoin client yesterday now I lost all the coins I mined from January of this month till today. I reindexed multiple time and there is none. How do I go back getting them back?
  14. DESCRIPTION: free to use in detail trade-analysis spreadsheet based on the tradehistory.csv file provided by REFERENCE TO BITCOINTALK:
  15. Need coins, will give back after i've earned Hey guys, i need some starting coins, I will return it after i've earned some just post address in this forum and mine is Ryj1EJz6iCaAAUBaYP2mvZFiGKxrhdpm63 thank you.
  16. recovering lost coins I recently had a hard disk problem and lost my wallet and coins. And, although I thought I was backing up the wallet, it was not on the backup media. OK, my bad won't make that mistake again. Now have gotten things running again with a new wallet address. I had resigned myself to losing the coins. However, today I discovered the old wallet address and that it was tied to my CPID. Is it possible to somehow recover these coins from the old wallet address without a backup? If so, I suspect this has been discussed before but haven't been able to find the information. Any info appreciated.
  17. is a new cryptocurrency service which allows you to convert one type of cryptocurrency to another (e.g.: Bitcoin to Litecoin). advantages: There is no need in registration All conversions are happening automatically once there is certain amount of confirmations on the blockchain[/li] Rate is fixed for 10 minutes Simple and powerful API Deposit address is bound to destination address and can be reused How to use website? You need to choose type of source/destination cryptocurrency you’d like to exchange (e.g. Bitcoin to Litecoin)[/li] Fill your receiving address (e.g. Litecoin address) All other fields are optional, but you can use them as wellRefund address is used in case you send more than a maximum allowed amount for this direction, refunds are automatic if refund address was specified otherwise please contact our support. If you would like to get certain amount of cryptocurrency - use optional Amount field. will give you a deposit address You need to send cryptocurrency to the deposit address. It will take some time to get required number of confirmations and after that you’ll get a converted cryptocurrency to your receiving address (Litecoin address in this example). After completing these 5 steps you can reuse the deposit address: just send suitable amount to deposit address without visiting a website and you’ll get your coins automatically exchanged at the address you’ve specified in 2). Adam Saferite, the head of “CoinReform simplifies the process of cryptocurrency conversion for everyone. CoinReform blurs the difference between blockchains. Just make one exchange at the website, record your deposit address and convert your cryptocurrency from one type to another without visiting CoinReform saves your time.” was founded in 2016. It’s a young and highly demanded service for quick cryptocurrency exchange. Reform your coins with!
  18. PAY ATTENTION!!! Best investment! *Price always Up by 0.1% to 5% daily *Never goes down in value and; it can only go up in price * $20 Minimum purchase OBC coin in your Dashboard and no maximum limit. *With Unilevel Reward up to 16th Level * Bitcoin to OBC when Buying in the dashboard *OBC to Bitcoin when Selling in the dashboard * OBC Unilevel income multiply by its Current Rate * OBC Vission is tobe among one of the TOP Currency in the world * OBC Mission is to provide WEALTH to Everyone. SIGN UP HERE>>> and let's grow our money with of the hottest crypto!!!
  19. Dragon Knights of Valeria - The Game That Pays You To Play! About Dragon Knights of Valeria Dragon Knights of Valeria ( is a popular MMORPG game with over 1,500 players. Players can earn DOGE, HYPER, GP, HTML5, SWIFT, BTC, LTC, and Dragon Points (DP) as they play the game which can then be traded for up to 3 different cryptocurrencies (CC) and withdrawn in game. The creator, Anarchist of Crypto Database (, is also responsible for curating a CC library that catalogs over 1,400 different coins and supplies information for each one. Once inside the world of Dragon Knights of Valeria players can explore the map in search of new towns, fight monsters for rewards and DP, and do quests that also award DP for each part completed. Each town offers its own set of equipment, pets, quests, exchanges, gambling, banks, clans, and assorted other options. Towns also offer a gateway into their very own Kingdom where they can build villages, purchase more land, gather resources such as wood and fish, upgrade their fishing and woodcutting levels to increase the amounts gained, and train their own army once they reach level 10. You can send your soldiers to attack other players kingdoms in the hopes of taking more land, gold, and DP from your opponent. The current options for withdrawal from the game are HYPER, HTML5Coin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitswift, Dogecoin, and GoldPieces. The amount that players can withdraw depends on the coin they choose and is mainly based on the coin's worth and game balance. The higher the balance is for a coin the more players can get when they withdraw. The quests in game tell a short story and is broken up into many parts. Each part of the story requires players to travel across the map in search of the next part, and each one that they find will reward them with some Dragon Points and/or other items such as gold or pets (coming soon). There are currently 3 quests with one ready and waiting to be added. The maximum level that can be gained is currently 596. This could take players a long time to gain this tremendous achievement which adds to the duration of the game. As the player progresses in the game the experience required per level will get higher and higher. Monster stats will also adjust with each level gained by players. Dragon Knights of Valeria has a chat rain bot that randomly awards a user HTML5, HYPER, BTC, LTC, SWIFT, DOGE, and GP every 10 minutes if they have posted in chat within the last 50 posts. Players can also pay the Dark Wizard to cast a Meteor Spell which will split what you donated and send it to 3 random people in chat. Dragon Knights of Valeria is a supporter of PICISI. PICISI will be the leading CC crowd funding website that allows campaign starters to choose their host CC. All CC funds donated towards each campaign will then be exchanged for the chosen host CC. PICISI's motto is 'Promotion, Promotion, Promotion'. No other crowd funding website helps their campaign starters promote their campaign and this will be a huge plus when looking for donors. Supported Currencies HTML5Coin - HTML5 Bitcoin - BTC Litecoin - LTC HYPER - HYPER GoldPieces - GP BitSwift - SWIFT Dogecoin - DOGE Game Features In the world of the Dragon Knights of Valeria you can explore the map fighting over 150 different monsters, build your own Kingdom, fight other players for gold, take over other players land, outfit your character with the best weapons the game offers, complete quests for each city, create and join Clans, and much more! Sponsors Bitcoin BTC - Crypto Database Litecoin LTC - Crypto Database, jagrapolite5 HTML5coin - Kernik, Marlenac, jagrapolite5 Coin2 C2 - KingArbinV HYPER HYPER - HYPERfuture GoldPieces GP - HYPERfuture BitSwift SWIFT - bitswift Dogecoin DOGE - Crypto Database Game Staff Anarchist - Developer, Customer Support Epiales - Developer Suggestions We value your opinion and would like to hear what you have to say regarding this game. If you have suggestions for the game please email them to me at or post on our original thread found here, If you would like to donate to the game to help keep it running please use the addresses below. 100% of all coins donated or earned by DK 2.0 are put back into the game in one form or another. HYPER - H7tc7rnXxpogrvsUtvLmR1NfMcvMBKfLUS HTML5Coin - H8KVscC3eAYtNCCxa6uXM82p6LkQyFXbzA GoldPieces - GToaAjqtP9zPPkXdQeP5uCPHfNXZK4h8LF Bitcoin - 1Fsb6ddMwebYinpsbn1DMSKBGaaJyGNufB Litecoin - LTqJBkDptNfcAjgj38AXRWLy9KhgCUFgxM BitSwift - bUG4ckyxatNzokt2xNFXb87e9tUzeDNG3f *Withdrawals are processed when payments for our faucets go out. Credits Makingmoneyhoney for providing monster images for DK. whywetrance for providing the Dragon Points, Gold, Experience, Shop, Pets, and more images.
  20. Hello people from the internet, I Have (in my opinion) a top 5 satoshi faucets for you. but first ill explain what satoshi faucets are. A satoshi is the smallest fraction of a bitcoin you are able to trade: 0.00000001 btc is one satoshi. A faucet is a web page which gives you free satoshi. the only thing you have to do is enter your wallet adress and then enter a captcha. Different faucets have different pay-out systems. With some of them you can only claim every hour but then u will get a larger amount then with the ones with a claim every 5 minutes. Then there is Xapo. Xapo is one of the safest places to store your bitcoins plus with most faucets you will get an extra bonus for using Xapo. So you might be thinking, why sould i use faucets instead of mining? well, first of all faucets are free, no fee's, no monthly payments, just free. Second, there is no need to get any hardware or spend crazy amounts of money on bills for using power. Third its easy to start and fun to whatch the money roll in. So for my top five i have chosen this faucets: 5. Free bitcoin is at 5th place because it has a very low pay-out-per-hour. but still worth doing do 4. BitcoinZebra is at 4th place because it has a pretty good pay-out-per-hour rate. 3. Bitcoinker is at 3rd place because you can claim every 15 minutes and has a good pay-out per 15 min. 2. MoonBit is at 2nd place because it generates satoshi overtime. you may decide when to claim so you dont have to claim after an hour of 15 minutes. its just goes on generating. 1. Mother Faucet is at 1st place, it has the highest pay-out-per-hour rate. and you have even the chance to triple the amout you have claimed. Thanks for reading, i hope ill read some comments about your own opinions and how you did on making money with these sites. PS: sorry in advance for my english, im from The Netherlands. Plz let me know how i did on the english Kind regards CasperK Proud owner of this post.
  21. Hello everybody, I would like to present my new website It's a simple & light-weight system that has a built-in faucet and reward system. All payments are directly goes to your wallet. The rewards are vary between 50-5000 but you are able to grab some bonuses on different periods. It is based on Bitcoin only and you will earn coins after you register an account. A coin is referred as one satoshi so they are equal (1 Coin = 1 Satoshi) and they are displayed on the Stats and Profile tabs. There is a nice referral system what pays you 25% after each roll your refs making! There is no need to log-in or roll by yourself to receive these coins. BitcoinTalk Topic: Open an account within seconds here:
  22. New Faucetbox 50 (60%), 100 (30%), 250 (8%), 500 (2%) satoshi every 180 minutes.
  23. Bitmine - Bitcoin mine Android download - Play Store New app for android try and comment need feedback from you! Do you have smartphone? Do not use it only to play meaningless games, make some of the most popular internet currency at this moment - Bitcoin. You do not need to register or give us any other information than your bitcoin wallet. Features - Statistics - - Promotions for active users - - Special gifts - - Fast payouts - Android download - Play Store
  24. SayaCoin Pool ⚒ MineBlocks ⚒ Configure Your Miners stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR WALLET -p x Happy Mining
  25. Hello and Welcome Back !! I'm an investor at OneCoin..