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Found 108 results

  1. Hey, I'm new to GridCoin and do not have the initial GRC needed. Uscore tells you that it will take up to a week. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give 20 or so GRC to me to start mining. I also noticed that there's no thread dedicated to a simple "I need starter coins" type of exchange. I know you can buy them at the exchanges, but with all of the security problems I'm having trouble trusting any of the exchanges atm. So I'm kind of hoping 1. that someone will give me starter GRC and 2. that this thread will become a place for beginners to ask for starter GRC. My address is S4bKZG6UDaYSpGgoTN8HuML9gaBmxjZxdF. Thanks! I'll repay some other beginner once I'm mining.
  2. Bitradio - Listen or Not, Yet You Get to Earn Free Bro Coins Typing captchas for some satoshis is a hard job. Get free BRO coins by listening to Bitradio. You can even mute it. Go to given link and register. Also download wallet. Add wallet id in your account profile. Click charts and select radio station. Go away from your PC/Laptop if you like. To see how much you have earned, click Profile. Exchange BRO coins at Cryptopia exchange for bitcoins or other coins. Refer others and earn ref com for their activity. BRO coin is about 4000 satoshis at the time of this post. REFER FRIENDS AND EARN BRO Share your personal ref code with your friends. When a friend registers and listens to Bitradio, you receive activity points. Level 1: Your direct referred user. You will earn 5%. Level 2: A friend from your user. You will earn 2.5%. Level 3: Next Level. You will earn 1% of all activity points the users earned. Users who keep their wallet open to secure the network via staking will get 0.5 BRO per Block. Register HERE.
  3. DowBit - Daily Press News Hi! I'm starting a new project! Everyday I will post the most important news from the cryptocurrency world, so that we can gather all informations in one place and talk about it. If it is not enough for you, for more cryptocurrency news visit my facebook fanpage: Feel free to share you opoinions! Let's start: Cryptocurrency news – August 7th 1. Bitcoin skyrockets over $3300 2. Experts in India recommend discouraging cryptocurrency use 3. 150 new Bitcoin ATMs to be installed in Ukraine 4. Korean mall bans BTC and ETH mining 1. Another . Cryptocurrency not only went over psychological level of $3000 but today it’s worth more than $3300. The price advance also pushed bitcoin’s collective market capitalization past the $50 billion mark for the first time. Some analysts forecast further growth mentioning levels of $4000 or even $5000 by the end of the year. SegWit activation is almost guaranteed fostering further Bitcoin development. To the moon and beyond or the bubble will burst? What is your opinion? Source: Bitcoinist 2. The multi-ministerial panel created by India’s Finance Ministry has reportedly recommended that the government take urgent steps to discontinue or discourage the use of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin in the country. The panel also proposed that the government should regulate any commercial establishments and intermediaries if they continue using the digital currencies. The use of digital currencies, particularly Bitcoin, continues to grow rapidly across India. If the government doesn’t proceed according to the recommendation it would help in boosting cryptocurrency value and development. Source: CoinTelegraph 3. 150 Bitcoin ATMs will be installed in Ukraine this year, including 20-30 machines set to be installed on the streets of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, by the end of the summer. Currently, there is only one BTM in Ukraine according to Coinatmradar. What is important the device - Cryptomat does not require user identification. Ukrainians will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies using local currency the hryvnia. Source: 4. An electronics retail marketplace in South Korea has reportedly taken the unusual step of banning vendors from mining bitcoin in their stores. Yongsan Market, based in Seoul, has told merchants that they aren't allowed to mine cryptocurrencies – bitcoin and ether, specifically – because of electrical costs, rising temperatures and the risk of fire. The unusual decision is notable given the size of the market (the site boasts thousands of retail storefronts), and is a reflection of the growing popularity of small-scale cryptocurrency mining. Source:Coindesk See you tomorrow!
  4. [ANN] Volpcoin [VCP] || AIRDROP || EARN FREE COINS NOW!! What is Volpcoin? Volpcoin was designed as part of a pilot project, where it will be realized an implementation of a new protocol that will solve a few problems related with scalability and the dimension of blockchain. With the application of the Volpcoin protocol, the blocks will be compressed before being added in the blockchain, in this way it will be possible to have a large number of transactions and commands at the same time. Note: If you want to collaborate to the Volpcoin Project, go to this website: Original ANN Thread : THE 1ST AND 2nd AIRDROP CAMPAIGN FINISHED = 14 MILIONS DISTRIBUTED 1- Go to our website: Airdrop Volpcoin 2- Download our wallet , if you don't have yet Linux Qt Wallet (64) : Windows Qt Wallet (32/64) : 3- Paste your Volpcoin Address and Submit The Volpcoin Airdrop is a completely FREE . You don't need to register and everyone can get free coins. Every person can claim VCP at least 1 time per day. Payout Chances: - 50% - 20 VCP - 20% - 45 VCP - 15% - 60 VCP - 10% - 75 VCP - 5% - 80 VCP After you submit your Volpcoin address , automatically after a few minutes , it will show the coins that you received in your wallet. For more information or any doubts , Contact our send us a PM !!
  5. Any suggestions for other coins ? I currently use Btc,Doge,ETH,Litecoin, and Dash.For Monero I still consider it.So,do you have any suggestions for another coin ? because I want to add another coin.
  6. Dear friends! 1.5 years ago, on the first day of spring, we have launched our Exchange During this time we have done a lot to build better service for you. We won’t claim that we are the best, the coolest and other nonsense. That is not true. There are some older exchanges, which, perhaps, for someone are much better. We can only say that we have a strong and experienced IT team, great financial power and the most serious intentions to become one of the leaders among altcoins cryptoexchanges. Let us introduce our benefits briefly: - Easy registration, no verification required; - Easy to use, intuitive and powerful interface; - Flexible trading fee, which depends on the trading volume; - Different types of orders: Market, Limit, Pending; - Low fees for deposit and withdrawal of funds, a wide choice of payment systems; - Modern 2–level account security system: 2-factor authentification, white list of IP-addresses, pluggable e-mail and sms notification; - The Game; - Friendly and fast support; - Profitable affiliate program, that allows you to choose interest rate. Over 50 markets are available for trading currently. The list of available cryptos is expanding permanently. Please find the list of currencies and fees following this link. We're happy for new clients and ready to improve our trading platform by clients' demands. Contacts: E-mail: support @ ICQ: 668931696 Feedback forms: Registration: Twitter Stay tuned! Stay with LiveCoin!
  7. Earn Coins For Playing Games Earn Money For Playing Game Like Clash of Clans. No deposit required. 1. Register & Activate 2. Build your city 3. Earn Gold from buildings 4. Convert Gold To Real Cash Register Here Good Luck & Have Fund Let me know if you need any help
  8. The Best Experience of Gambling Welcome to Luckygames, the Best Multicoin Gambling Site. The main goal is to bring you the greatest gambling experience ever with all the high-end features. We are always open for your feedbacks and suggestions that may help to improve ourselves and our favourite website.[/size] Our Features: ★ 4 Awesome Games ★ 30 Cryptocurrencies Accepted ★ Low House Edge - 1% ★ Provably Fair System ★ Cryptocurrency Exchange ★ Affiliate Program ★ Contests with a Huge Prizes! ★ Faucet up to 2,000 Satoshis ★ Friendly Support ★ Built-in Exchange ★ Online Chat ... and much more Our Games: Description: Exclusive game, with exciting animation. There are 11 numbered balls in a row. The player is available to choose from 1 to 8 pcs. After choosing and betting, the magnet starts moving and pulls the winning ball. Automated Betting: Available (4 Speeds + Mods) Provably Fair: Available House Edge: 1% Min. Multiplier: 1.21x Max. Multiplier: 10.89x Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC Description: Well known Dice game with the highest multiplier available (99x) and Extremaly Fast automated betting support. The player is available to choose a number from 1 to 98 and a direction of prediction (Under/Over). After choosing and betting, the dice starts moving and choosing the lucky number. You win, if the lucky number hits the predicted range. Automated Betting: Available (4 Speeds + Mods) Provably Fair: Available House Edge: 1% Min. Multiplier: 1.01x Max. Multiplier: 99.00x Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC Description: European roulette is the most player-friendly version of the game, with only a single zero on the wheel providing excellent odds for gamblers. The European roulette wheel has 37 divisions, where numbers from 1 to 36 and 0 can be found. Numbers from 1 to 36 are alternately colored in red and black, while the single zero is marked in green. Bet on where you think the ball will land by placing chips on the Roulette table and spin the roulette. Once the ball finds its way into the pocket with that particular number, the respective players get paid. Automated Betting: Unavailable Provably Fair: Available House Edge: 1% Min. Multiplier: 2.00x Max. Multiplier: 36.00x Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC Description: The first multiplayer game at Luckygames! Multiplayer means that other users may play on the same grid with you. There are 156 cells available. You can win up to 5 times of your bet. Each round generated with a fixed number of randomly placed rewards. New round starts, if at least 110 cells are opened. Automated Betting: Unavailable Provably Fair: Available House Edge: 1% Min. Multiplier: 1.10x Max. Multiplier: 5.00x Min. Bet Amount: 1 Satoshi Max. Bet Amount: 0.1 BTC Each of the games has its own jackpot which starts at 0.01BTC ![]( Cryptocurrencies: Built-in Exchange where you can exchange any currency available Daily & Weekly Contests worth over 0.77BTC weekly wager as much as you can to win prizes. Support If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us via support form
  9. STeX Smart Token Exchange is the 1-st smart platform to trade all coins in one place. Website White paper Twitter Telegram Facebook We have what other exchanges don't have - a complex solution to solve liquidity problem and we know precisely how to implement this into reality. STeX is publicly owned cryptoexchange with 100% commission distribution among token holders. Have you tried to switch between coins, following trends in emerging tokens? That is the problem we focus on at this stage: many coins and tokens suffer from one biggest problem – the lack of liquidity. This leads to enormous implications for active traders/investors. Imagine, you have coin A and a nice opportunity to sell it with profit. And at the same time, you wish to invest in a new promising token or coin B. The only problem - they are traded (or have best rates) in different exchanges, and if you try to trade this idea, you must finish first trade, then transfer your assets from one exchange to another - wasting days and (the world is fast nowadays, remember?) finally missing the brilliant opportunity to raise money - and just because of market insufficiency. Behind our system lie years of experience in trading on world's largest stock exchanges and years in developing trading algorithms for private hedge-funds and brokers. This unique combination of understanding end-user needs and knowledge of how to build infrastructure able to deliver services to millions of users, with sophisticated HTF market-making algorithms ensures that project will be successful and at the same time very hard to copy, if someone wishes to compete. Business model is simple and more secure than most known blockchain-based projects. With any other project you need it to succeed in a new field - which is always risky. On the other hand, we do not test a new idea - just focusing on providing an excellent and in many aspects unique service which is in high demand. This project will be profiting from commissions - and we do not even depend on current coin rates, because we will stay afloat even if market drops. Find out more at
  10. [ICO][BOUNTY] SPARC - Supercomputer Coins Website: We have delayed a bounty campaign for our upcoming ICO. BTC ANN Thead: It will begin again approximately September 1st Slack Twitter Please Sign-up for the campaign at: Signups, and results can be viewed: We have the following categories available: Translations - 1,000,000 Reserved Coins: 1 Stake per translation of ANN Thread for all bitcoin thread languages 1 Stake per translation of website for all bitcoin thread languages 3 Stakes per translation of whitepaper (We are only looking for Chinese and Russian here). Turkish -> Cean Indonesian -> TopBitCoin French -> Laeti Vietnamese -> Watarabu1505 German, Dutch -> Jurgen We are still looking for Chinese and Russian translations, as well as others. Social Media Posts - 5,000,000 Reserved Coins: 1 Stake per 100 followers for small posts (twitter, facebook, etc.) Max 1 every 3 days. 3 Stakes per 100 followers for large posts (blog, medium, etc) Max 1 every 5 days. BTC Talk - 2,500,000 Reserved Coins: 1 Stake per post in any forum or language. Max 1 per 3 days. - We are looking for users to talk and create excitement in the English, or their Language Announcement Threads: English - We are not running a traditional signature campaign, we are seeking direct talk. - We are looking for chatter and posts that mention our coin (SPARC) or company (KingsDS) and hopefully you will link to the ANN thread as well (if appropriate). - Please do not spam For Social Media and BitcoinTalk stakes: You may either link your posts after they are made in this thread, or keep your own list and present it at the end of the campaign. We will be manually verifying each post. Twitter Example: "I have made a post to twitter about SPARC here: (url link to tweet)". BitcoinTalk Example: "I have posted in another Bitcoin thread that references SPARC: (url to post)". If your posts are in the English, or other Translation official SPARC threads, it is not necessary that you link it here. We will also be monitoring these threads. We reserve the right to remove stakes we feel are illegitimate. We are also looking for a reputable solidity validator and official press out-reach. If you are qualified in these areas, send us a message! [/quote] Bitcointalk thread:
  11. King Birds: Play Now, Produce Eggs, & Earn Money – With free "Lory" + 450 silver coins as a gift No investment! Just play, produce eggs and earn money. When register you will get a “Lory” bird and 450 silver coins as a gift Register HERE Eggs storehouse Here you can collect and sell eggs to get silver coins which you can swap for real money. The silver coins got after processing are divided between two of your accounts (the account for purchases - 70% and the account for withdrawal - 30%). You can collect eggs even once a month, decide on what is the most convenient for you. Everyday bonus Bonus is given once in 24 hours. Bonus is given out with silver coins to the account for purchases. The sum of the bonus is generated accidentally from 10 to 100 silver coins. Withdrawal Minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin is 250,000 silver or 0.01 BTC with transaction fee of 15%. In Payeer, you need 100 silver for payouts = equivalent to 0.98 RUB already deducted the 1.5% for the transaction fee. *There’s also a 100% replenishments bonus here where you can get free birds when you replenish up to 10,000 RUB.
  12. Analyzing the Top 10 alt coins (criteria a blend of short term and long term growth potential) on the eve of the Bitcoin Cash fork/airdrop Hope you all enjoy!
  13. 1000 CybCSEc [XCS] coins to win - THREE Winners 1st Place will receive 500 XCS2nd Place will receive 300 XCS3rd Place will receive 200 XCS
  14. Jessabelle Mining Tool We are glad to offer and present you best mining tool that available right now - JessaBelle Miner, fastest way to get coins! Mining all kind of cryptocoins WITHOUT paying for electricity, buying expensive video cards, processors and etc. Thousands computers will work for you via our Mining Bot technology. www.jess-virus.comMining Botnet: - Works with all kind of forks - Monero, Zcash, Bitcoins, Etherum, Litecoins, Decred and others. - When you start the task manager, the miner is off, when close task manager - it's turned on. Even if you try kill the process, anyway bot will resume it's work. - Definition of nvidia / radeon. - Transitions to another server - easy. - Clears the cache. - Can work with TOR. - Bypass UAC. - Not detected by antivirus software and other secirity appliactions. Bypass lockers. - Support any algorithms and pools (cryptonight, hashimoto, blake14 etc.), can be mined on any coin you want. - In addition to the miner, there is a module for uploading any file. - Support for both cpu and gpu miners, it is also possible to mine them simultaneously. - There is a small panel where you can see the number of live and online, as well the config files of machines are written to the table (id, cpu, gpu, ip etc.). - Example: Buy Install/Loads for 1k (which costs - 60$) computers and averagily it will mine over 500$ in a month. Install for 10k (which costs - 600$) computers it'll make - 5000$ or more in a month. All victim computers will mine for you, even when you're sleeping. Mining Stealer: - Stilling bitcoins wallets. - Interception of passwords from wallets with successful input. - Replace Bitcoin addresses on the clipboard for a different one. It is possible to expose up to 10 purses, the replacement will happen accidentally. - .NET 2.0 x86, other versions are supported. - Registration at startup. - Does not require admin. Privileges for execution. - Loyalty from the side of anti-virus programs (since operations performed with files are legitimate). - Ability to install "gasket". - Encryption of traffic between the client and the server. - Support for multiple domain names / IP addresses. - Supported clients - Bitcoin Core - Bitcoin Knots - Electrum - mSIGNA - Bither - MultiBit - Armory. - Completely in English. - Ability to download wallets and passwords individually or together. - Ability to download multiple logs (up to 50) simultaneously. - When you intercept the password from the user, the log will turn green and will stay on until you open it. - Ability to close the gate; Stop getting logs. - Ability to enable / disable duplicates (identical purses). - Function of wipe database and files. - Detailed stats on installations, simple control of logs. - The optimal version of PHP is 5.6+. At lower versions, incorrect work is possible. - The optimal server is Apache; Nginx is also welcome, but installing the panel will take more time. Best Regards, Jess.
  15. Earn 50 CS coins now !!! Huge token drop . They will allow to exchange the token immediately after crowdsale. Get daily extra 0.43 tokens ($1.37) by visiting daily. Please register through my link below as a token of appreciation. Click here to register and earn coins!!!
  16. why all coins crashed??? why ether and all other coins crashed today 20-30 percent? is there any news that I dont know about? thank you
  17. 500 OFW COINS GIVEAWAY As a promo for the coin, the first 20 people to post their address in this thread will get 500 free OFW Coins, no strings attached apart from you must have not joined today.
  18. ANN OFWCOIN Giveaway 1000 OFW COINS Hi, 1000 OFW Coins to the first 20 people who post here showing their twitter account where they have posted about OFW Coin 2 times and they have more than 2000 followers. 5000 OFW Coins to the first 5 people who post here 3 posts about OFW Coin if that user has more than 10 thousand followers. Please ensure you post link to twitter posts and your wallet addy. Thanks.
  19. CRYPTOCURRENCIES AND A COMPARISON ON LEADING COINS - (BTC, ETH & XRP) Comparison of bitcoin, ripple and ethereum with brief description! Do you know the comparison of leading coins in the market.. Checkout the details in a brief description now:
  20. Try “CoinAlarm” available on android & iOS for price alert & chatroom on ALL COINS, ALL EXCHANGES Hi, everyone. I’m part of a small team that helped develop CoinAlarm, a beginner-friendly app for checking prices and receiving real-time price alerts for ALL CRYPTOCURRENCIES currently in the market. Whatever Exchange You Use, Whatever Coin You Invest In, You Can Check Prices through our App or Widget, and be alerted when the price reaches a certain target price that you can set. You can also use the spam-free chatroom provided in our app, to share information on price changes and market situations. CoinAlarm is completely free, and there are no ads to disturb you in any way. Here's a link to the app store: We’re all working hard to improve our app (adding charts, more languages available), and all we ask is you leave us your feedback when you give our app a try :D +) we've also been receiving positive reviews from cryptocurrency communities! Check out these reviews at Steemit:
  21. Try “CoinAlarm” available on android & iOS for price alert & chatroom on ALL COINS, ALL EXCHANGES Hi, everyone. I’m part of a small team that helped develop CoinAlarm, a beginner-friendly app for checking prices and receiving real-time price alerts for ALL CRYPTOCURRENCIES currently in the market. Whatever Exchange You Use, Whatever Coin You Invest In, You Can Check Prices through our App or Widget, and be alerted when the price reaches a certain target price that you can set. You can also use the spam-free chatroom provided in our app, to share information on price changes and market situations. CoinAlarm is completely free, and there are no ads to disturb you in any way. Here's a link to the app store: We’re all working hard to improve our app (adding charts, more languages available), and all we ask is you leave us your feedback when you give our app a try :D +) we've also been receiving positive reviews from cryptocurrency communities! Check out these reviews at Steemit:
  22. Coins left in Vault of Satoshi Hi all, So Ive not been following crypto news for a few years, then the other day I saw that Dark/Dash coin had jumped in value. I had 14 DRK coins in VOS then I have just found out they closed dow the exchange 2 years ago!!. What really baffles me is that I didnt get any email to inform me the exchange was closing down. Are my coins now lost forever? what happened to the dormant accounts? Does anyone have a contact? i know im clutching at straws....
  23. Junk coins best for Exchange? With junk coins being the ones that go up and down the most, it would appear that they would be the best coins for trading on exchanges. My only concern is coins that vanish or dont work anymore, because the dev or the mining pools have dried up Anyone know of any coin that is classed as junk, but will still be around in a few years?
  24. Why are all the coins tanking right now? Hey guys, im fairly new to the crypto game. Was just curious as to why everything has been tanking recently, especially today!.
  25. Free CLAM Coins Every Min. or every Hour Directly to your Poloniex Account How about getting 0.00001 CLAM every min. 0.0006 per hour or How about getting 0.0001 CLAM every hour A Clamcoin faucet. You tell your address, and they will send CLAMS to it. You can exchange those CLAMS for Bitcoin (or anything else!) Clamcoin is a cryptocurrency & that's our business. We want to give the cheapest and best user experience possible for the lowest price. Bitcoin, as you may have noticed, is a bit costly to send at the moment & CLAM can easily be converted to Bitcoin. We send small payout transactions every minute (Clamcoin has one minute blocks compared to Bitcoin's 10minute blocks) You can get coins sent to your address every minute, hour, and day. Daily payouts are only available for logged in users. Start claiming today You can register & claim coins every min. or every hour or claim every Min. without login click ''Get Free Coins'' on top & then click '' Cryptocurrency faucet'' as shown below in images enter your ''CALM address'' & enjoy your free CALM coins YOU CAN USE YOUR POLONIEX CALM COIN ADDRESS & GET YOUR CALM COINS DIRECTLY TO POLONIEX EXCHANGE YOU CAN ALSO CLAIM TO Just-Dice BustaClam SO WHY ARE YOU WAITING. JOIN NOW