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  1. Hi Guys. Here's our offer: Thanks GCoin. Have you 1000+ followers on Facebook or Twitter ? Like or tweet for G200,000 + Doge 200 per 1000 followers. Re-do every week. Until we end this offer you may repeat this every week. You will be a partner advertiser with us You could get G2,000,000 plus Doge 2000 per week if you have 10,000 Crypto followers. (Max GCN 5m) Tweet for us: Like and share for us: Post your GCoin address and your Doge address here. The GCoin Android and Windows wallet address are below. We will send your funds Best Greg We have done something similar to Dogecoin at except you can have fun & earn GCoins without mining. This is a way in to the Bitcoin world without having tech know how or financial clout. As users earn GCoin they will have a direct relationship and an interest. All you need is a PC or a Mobile phone. The door is now open. GCN wallets
  2. Exchange Thebillioncoin (TBC) for Bitcoin Litecoin And Ethereum, Automated Transactions I have started trading with this site for sometimes now and I noticed their mode of transaction can be trusted, it is swift, automatic and secure, If you are an investor of The billion coin, you can check the site out yourself and start exchanging your coins for other altcoins, though there are limits to transactions you can do at a time, but you might find it favourable for you if you so desire to exchange some of your TBC. You can click below to join, please make sure you use this link below as there is a reward for me if you do so. There is a proof of my total transactions so far attached here.
  3. New P2P Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple Marketplace Hello Everyone, I am the CTO of that is held by Coinket ltd london : (Company number 10598172) P.S : ( the domain name isn't online yet) . The Coin Portal (Cointal) is a Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency marketplace. We are the first Ripple and Ethereum marketplace. Our main objective is to simplify and to secure the purchase of cryptocurrencies. For the moment, you can buy & sell Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and Litecoin with any payment method you can imagine, other Cryptocurrencies will be added soon. Our Website has a simplified system, which was conceived to help beginners learn how to trade. The smoothness of the design makes both beginner and experienced traders comfortable while navigating through their trades. We use the escrow system during the trades, which is considered as the most secure way of trading. Our website dispose of a high level of security that you can adjust depending on your preferences. Cointal offers it client an insurance that covers all your loss because of a social frauds. We also dispose of a unique sponsorship system; you will earn a percentage on each trade of every referred friend that uses our services. We used BitGo to secure our wallets and Intercom to manage the support tasks (24h/24 live chat ,phone & tickets Support). Our fees are very low : Free for buyers : 0% //// for sellers : 1% Here are some pictures so you can see the advancement of the work : Let me know if you have any questions !! Thank you. 😋
  4. Hi Guys. Here's our offer: Tweet for us: Post your GCN address and your Doge address & your Tweet link here. The GCN Android and Windows wallet address are below. We will send your funds Also if you have more than 500 followers say Bonus for a surprise. The more you have the bigger the surprise. Best Greg We have done something similar to Dogecoin at except you can have fun & earn GCN without mining. This is a way in to the Bitcoin world without having tech know how or financial clout. As users earn GCN they will have a direct relationship and an interest. All you need is a PC or a Mobile phone. The door is now open. GCN wallets Have you tried out Earn more GCN there :)
  5. Bitconnect Coin (BCC) Hits New All-Time High at $115, as Bitcoin Price Surges Throughout last week, during the strong rally of bitcoin, Bitconnect Coin (BCC) gained upward momentum, surpassing the $100 mark for the first time in history and establishing a new all-time high at $115. According to cryptocurrency market data providers including Coinmarketcap, the trading volume of BCC peaked at $10 million, reaching a market cap of $742 million and a price of $115. Read the full article:
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  7. CoinMixer

    The way bitcoin transactions work causes them to be chained together in a permanent public record. They are traceable along the blockchain from one bitcoin address to another. Bitcoin mixer severs the links between your old address and a new address by sending coins from you to other people and coins from them to you. It also randomizes transaction amounts and adds time delays to the transactions. Generally there is no link between the original transactions and the final address of the coins. This process protects your privacy and prevents other people tracing your payments on the internet. Anonymous Bitcoin Mixer Our bitcoin mixing service does not require any account or personal information and doesn't collect any information about visitor's activity. Transparent Policy We have large amount of pre-mixed bitcoins prepared for you. You can verify that your bitcoins have been properly anonymized via checking output address in a block explorer such as Intuitive Interface Our bitcoin mixing service is designed to be as intuitive as possible. The whole process of bitcoins anonymization should not take more than few minutes. Why to Choose Us? There is multiple mixing services on the web, however, our service is the most user friendly one. Main goal of CoinMixer is to provide secure and easy to use bitcoin mixing service for everybody. Letter of Guarantee signed with our PGP key is created for every participation. This letter works as proof of your participation and prevents the mixing service keeping your bitcoins without compromising it's reputation.
  8. Japan's Fisco Ltd. Issues First 'Bitcoin Bond' In a first such deal in Japan, Fisco Ltd. has issued bonds denominated in bitcoins. The financial information provider designed the ‘bitcoin bond’ so it could meet regulatory requirements and the development of a vast array of bitcoin instruments is helping to galvanize its status as an asset class in its own right... Read more Here: Follow BTCMANAGER for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  9. Top Cryptocurrencies in 2017 There were over 650 cryptocurrencies in existence at the end of 2016. In 2017, the trading volume for the 8-year-old cryptocurrency market has grown to exceed $100 billion. Five of the top cryptocurrencies in 2017 are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Dash. The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has helped bolster the market value of these five coins during the first half of 2017. 1. Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) is the first public blockchain and was launched on January 3rd, 2009. When Bitcoin first launched, $1 traded for over 1300 BTC. By 2017, 1 BTC has exceeded $2,000 in value and the market cap for the flagship cryptocurrency surpassed $30 billion in May. Bitcoin’s value actually doubled within the first half of 2017. Bitcoin currently accounts for over 35 percent of the total cryptocurrency market. On the busiest days, the number of BTC transactions each day averages around 350,000. 2. Litecoin Litecoin launched on October 7th, 2011. The market cap reached $1.2 billion in 2017 and the coin cap is currently set at 84 million LTC. Litecoin was the first altcoin to exceed $1 billion in market share. One of the main appeals for this cryptocurrency is its ability to provide faster transactions while building off the Bitcoin network protocol. The most promising feature of Litecoin is its activation of Segregated Witness, or SegWit, an optional upgrade that utilizes a soft fork to increase the amount of transactions that can be posted on a single block. Since SegWit activation, Litecoin has seen significant market price increases and continues to be a strong substitute to Bitcoin. 3. Ethereum Ethereum is the altcoin with the largest market cap, currently at $34 billion. This was the second altcoin to have a market cap surpass $1 billion. This cryptocurrency has been dubbed by many as ‘Bitcoin 2.0’, a platform designed to support decentralized applications and smart contracts. With new ETH releases each year, the platform has a strong following and a solid development roadmap. In addition, ETH transaction times are fast, taking 15 seconds on average between blocks. Pricing for this cryptocurrency has increased by over 1000 percent during 2017. In conjunction with other factors like the superior technology and processing time, the ability to store innovative tech programs provides ETH with an additional edge over other digital currencies. 4. Ripple Ripple launched on March 1st, 2011. The market cap for Ripple hit $8.2 billion in 2017. The initial ledger for Ripple was created with 100 billion XRP. This was completed through an iterative consensus process, unlike the public ledger used for Bitcoin. This design difference allows Ripple to process transactions within a matter of seconds using far fewer computations. Ripple operates as its own exchange so traders need not worry about exchanges falling off. This digital currency was designed to engage financial sector leaders in a next-generation payment network. During 2017, price gains built momentum for weeks before climbing over 70 percent in a single day. 5. DASH DASH launched on January 18th, 2014. The market cap reached $914 million in 2017 and the unit cap is estimated to be 19 million DASH. This was one of the most popular altcoins during 2016. The primary feature for this cryptocurrency is providing more privacy and anonymity. The ability to complete instant payments or secure in-store transaction are the other main features associated with this digital cash peer-to-peer network. In many ways, it was designed to improve upon the weaker aspects of Bitcoin. During 2017, the price for this digital currency increased by 100 percent in just two weeks.
  10. ZeroLink: Anonymous Bitcoin At Last ZeroLink, the product of the combined efforts between developers from SamouraiWallet and HiddenWallet, promises to make using Bitcoin fully anonymous, something that has never been achieved before... Read more Here: Follow BTCManager for the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  11. Falcon Private Bank Expands Crypto Offerings for Clients Falcon Private Bank Expands Crypto Offerings for Clients Swiss-based Falcon Private Bank announced today that it is expanding its current blockchain asset management services to provide its customers access to three additional cryptocurrencies. The bank made news in July when it began offering its clients the ability to use their bank cash holdings to buy and hold Bitcoin in their bank portfolios. Next week, that service will expand to provide those clients with access to Litecoin, Ether, and Bitcoin Cash as well. Read full brief -
  12. History of Bitcoin

    I've been doing some research on cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in particular, and just found this interesting website. Not sure how accurate the timeline is, but thought I'd share... DrZelenka
  13. is giving away free virtual bitcoin debit cards. Post here how you would use a bitcoin debit card and we will send you a voucher for a free bitcoin debit card. The virtual bitcoin debit card costs only 0.5USD and physical only 8USD, card are available in GBP,USD and EUR.
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  15. Bitcoin, Ethereum Mining in Venezuela There is a great inflation of prices of basic needs in Venezuela; people look for alternative ways to get what they need. Getting bitcoins and ethereum seems to give them what they could not normally buy. Do you think that people in Venezuela would mine other crypto currencies as well?
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  17. Cryptocurrency Analytics from FXOpen 2017 Bitcoin Volatile but Range-bound It’s been a volatile week for Bitcoin. The key $2,400 level was broken and with that, the months-long uptrend is over. During the forking fears, a low of $2,250 was hit last Thursday. But since then we’ve bounced nicely and are currently quoted at $2,677, little changed compared to last week. Today a high of $2,738 was seen on FXOpen crypto broker before prices retraced a bit. The reason for the latest rally is progress on the scaling stalemate. On Monday over 80% of the mining hash started signalling for Segwit2x. This is a technical solution that merges the Segwit upgrade with a 2MB hard fork three months later. For more on the possible scenarios after the new developments take a look at this article. Technically BTC/USD is now in a range. A new rally requires a breakout above the all-time highs at $2,889 on Fxopen (around $3,000 on other major exchanges). On the lower end, there’s some weak support at the $2,500 round figure, closely followed by the $2,405 swing low. A break below $2,250 is needed to start a new BTC downtrend. Further down we have more support at the $2,000 round figure and the $1,718 swing low. On the longer-term timeframes, both weekly and monthly, bitcoin remains in an uptrend. Read about Litecoin in cryptocurrency analysis on FXOpen blog.
  18. DowBit - Daily Press News Hi! I'm starting a new project! Everyday I will post the most important news from the cryptocurrency world, so that we can gather all informations in one place and talk about it. If it is not enough for you, for more cryptocurrency news visit my facebook fanpage: Feel free to share you opoinions! Let's start: Cryptocurrency news – August 7th 1. Bitcoin skyrockets over $3300 2. Experts in India recommend discouraging cryptocurrency use 3. 150 new Bitcoin ATMs to be installed in Ukraine 4. Korean mall bans BTC and ETH mining 1. Another . Cryptocurrency not only went over psychological level of $3000 but today it’s worth more than $3300. The price advance also pushed bitcoin’s collective market capitalization past the $50 billion mark for the first time. Some analysts forecast further growth mentioning levels of $4000 or even $5000 by the end of the year. SegWit activation is almost guaranteed fostering further Bitcoin development. To the moon and beyond or the bubble will burst? What is your opinion? Source: Bitcoinist 2. The multi-ministerial panel created by India’s Finance Ministry has reportedly recommended that the government take urgent steps to discontinue or discourage the use of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin in the country. The panel also proposed that the government should regulate any commercial establishments and intermediaries if they continue using the digital currencies. The use of digital currencies, particularly Bitcoin, continues to grow rapidly across India. If the government doesn’t proceed according to the recommendation it would help in boosting cryptocurrency value and development. Source: CoinTelegraph 3. 150 Bitcoin ATMs will be installed in Ukraine this year, including 20-30 machines set to be installed on the streets of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, by the end of the summer. Currently, there is only one BTM in Ukraine according to Coinatmradar. What is important the device - Cryptomat does not require user identification. Ukrainians will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies using local currency the hryvnia. Source: 4. An electronics retail marketplace in South Korea has reportedly taken the unusual step of banning vendors from mining bitcoin in their stores. Yongsan Market, based in Seoul, has told merchants that they aren't allowed to mine cryptocurrencies – bitcoin and ether, specifically – because of electrical costs, rising temperatures and the risk of fire. The unusual decision is notable given the size of the market (the site boasts thousands of retail storefronts), and is a reflection of the growing popularity of small-scale cryptocurrency mining. Source:Coindesk See you tomorrow!
  19. Bitconnect Coin (BCC) Hits New All-Time High at $115, as Bitcoin Price Surges Throughout last week, during the strong rally of bitcoin, Bitconnect Coin (BCC) gained upward momentum, surpassing the $100 mark for the first time in history and establishing a new all-time high at $115. According to cryptocurrency market data providers including Coinmarketcap, the trading volume of BCC peaked at $10 million, reaching a market cap of $742 million and a price of $115. Over the past two weeks, the price of bitcoin continued to reach new highs primarily due to the imminence of the activation of the Bitcoin Core development team’s scaling solution Segregated Witness (SegWit), increasing adoption from institutional investors and rising tension between the US and North Korea, as investors seeked for safe haven assets to protect their wealth from economic uncertainty. Naturally, as the value of bitcoin increased, BCC followed its upward trend. A rising number of bitcoin traders and users started to demonstrate growing demand towards BCC. In the upcoming weeks, as adoption from institutional investors continues and large-scale financial institutions including the Chicago Board Options Exchange(CBOE) pursue their plans of integrating bitcoin, the value of bitcoin and BCC will likely rise at a consistent rate. CBOE, the largest US options exchange with an annual trading volume of 1.27 billion contracts, is set to integrate bitcoin within 2017. CBOE CEO Ed Tilley wrote: “We very much look forward to responding to the growing interest in cryptocurrencies through the creation of bitcoin futures traded on a regulated derivatives exchange, with the many expected benefits that this brings, including transparency, price discovery, deep liquidity and centralized clearing." As liquidity for bitcoin trading and opportunities for major investors rise within the bitcoin sector, leading cryptocurrencies like BCC that offer services related to the main bitcoin blockchain will highly likely see mid-term success. Already, BCC has evolved into the 12th largest cryptocurrency in the market, surpassing Monero, EOS, Zcash and Waves in market cap. For years, Monero had remained within the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies list and this week, as BCC recorded a historic rise in value, Bitconnect overtook some of the largest cryptocurrencies in existence. In addition to the rapidly growing value of BCC, it is important to acknowledge the depth of the BCC market. Bitconnect has a substantially high daily trading volume of $9.2 million, which is significantly higher than that of Waves, Lisk, Augur and Golem, prominent cryptocurrencies that have been around for a long period of time.
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