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  1. [ANN][NOBT]✔NOBT Hybrid PoW+PoS ◕◡◕ Zerocoin Protocol - AIRDROP ➤ WINDOWS Wallet OSx Wallet Paper Wallet ➤ Quote SYE Services - Mining Pools Miner Settings: stratum+tcp:// <--> LowDiff stratum+tcp:// <--> VarDiff stratum+tcp:// <--> HiDiff Username: your wallet address Password: anything Payouts Every 30 mins SYE Website - Mining Pools - Explorer - Nodes - Shop C-Cex bonus link Vote for nobtcoin on c-cex bounty link ◉ NOBT POOLS ◉ NOBT ANDROID WALLET ◉ NOBT [BOUNTY] ◉ NOBT EXCHANGES ◉ NOBT CAMPAIGN ◉ NOBT WALLET REDESIGN ◉ NOBT PLATFORM ◉ NOBT FORUM Nobtcoin Dev - Leader │ │ ∖ ∖ │ │ hoop Founder - Leader │ │ ∖ ∖ │ │ brazilman37 Promotion and Marketing Manager │ │ ∖ ∖ │ │ jooj Support │ │ ∖ ∖ │ │ [ProTrader] Graphics Designer ◉ Promotion Manager ◉ Manage Signature Campaign ◉ Manage Social Media Campaign [ connect with hoop ] ◉ Add nobtcoin to any exchanges/services for voting ≫ 1000 NOBT ◉ Voting for nobtcoin at exchanges/services ≫ 100 NOBT ◉ Promote nobtcoin at any crypto forums ≫ 1000 NOBT ☑ MAC OS Wallet ≫ 10 000 NOBT ☐ Android Wallet ≫ 20 000 NOBT ☐ IOS Wallet ≫ 30 000 NOBT ☐ Electrum future - all wallet OS ≫ 100 000 NOBT ☐ Translations ≫ 5K NOBT ☐ Japanese ☐ Indonesian ☑ Spanish ☐ Croatian ☐ German ☐ Greek ☑ French ☑ Italian ☑ Dutch ☐ Korean ☐ Russian ☑ Romanian ☑ Chinese ☐ Portuguese ☑ Filipino ☐ Esperanto We're happy to launch NOBT's Signature, Avatar and Personal Text campaign. By participating, you can now earn WNOBT tokens from our bounty pool! campaign period is three months. Terms: 1- The whole bounty pool of 1 Million WNOBT will be divided among the participants proportionally to the amount of their stakes. 2- The stakes will be distributed weekly in the following ratio: Legendary/Hero : 2 Stakes Sr./Full : 1.5 stakes Member : 1 Stake Newbie/Jr. Members : 0.5 Stakes 3- Newbie,Jr. Members and Member (Users wearing the official signature and personal text will be eligible for their stake) 4- Users wearing the official avatar and personal text will be eligible for a 0.5 stake increase in their weekly stakes. 5- The stakes will be distributed weekly to the participants. 6- Users are not allowed to change their signature in the middle of the campaign. 7- All members need to post at least 75 posts wearing the signature by the time the campaign ends to be eligible for a reward. 8- Post must be at least 100 Character long. 9- Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from any other bounty campaign. How do I sign up? Simply wear the NOBT signature matching your account rank and fill this form! Application form: You can check your applications' status here: Signature Codes:;topicseen Set the personal text: NOBT - WONBT your saving bank Avatar: OBT-WNOBT Social Media Campaign. Weekly Payouts So We have finally decided to run a Social Media Campaign for NOBT-WNOBT for three months. ANN -Twitter -Facebook Requirements: 1:You must have twitter followers more then 1000 (They must be crypto-related) I'll review your twitter profile. 2:There is no limit on having 500 friends (You must have real profile). You must join any Crpyto-Related Facebook group and when you post there you must copy the permanent link of your post. Note* 1 post per group a day. So you will have to join 3 groups in order to make 3 posts. The group must be active and have enough followers around 3k. 3:Only 1 account per twitter/Facebook Rules: You can make post or tweets only Twitter or Facebook no need to do both. This Campaign is limited to Full Members/Senior Members/Hero Members/Legendary Members. 1: You must make 3 Tweets everyday using your twitter account. 2: You must make 3 Facebook posts on daily basis. 3: You must send me your work daily in PM or you can post below. 4: Try to use different groups every time when you do a post. Payouts: All the users will be paid equally. You will get paid at the end of every week (from the day you enrolled). 2000 WNOB/weekly to all users who will make 3 Tweets/ 3 Facebook posts daily. How to apply? Your Bitcointalk Username: Your Twitter Profile link: Twitter Followers: Twitter Audit Link: Your Waves Address: Tweets: Here are some tweets select any one of it. NOBT#NOBT is an Anonymous Cryptocurrency #Zero Protocol #open source, #Take care of your financial privacy, #decentralized WNOBT token Highly accessible #Fast, low-cost and scalable#Fiat transfer#Decentralised exchange (DEX) Just use any of the above tweets or make any new and don't forget to use hashtags#. Facebook: You must post this post otherwise you will not be paid. The thumbnail will be generated automatically.
  2. [ANN] Tokensale July 24th- Everex Blockchain-Powered Microfinance & Remittances EVEREX Download OP (PDF) With only 2 weeks of the Token Sale being live, and 3 more to go, Everex has raised 800+ Bitcoins and 26.500+ Ethers! The success of the Token Sale campaign is getting bigger every day and we are really excited to announce that the soft cap to have a solid start of the project has been reached! All the funds raised on the stages following are going to help us to expand Everex and reach new markets. Do not miss the opportunity to join us helping 2 billion people to be included the new digital economy revolution! _______________________________________________ Let's Start This Journey Together We're Adding 2 Billion People To The World Economy Link to Video _______________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Everex does not operate on the basis of P2P loans. Instead, we invest our aggregated Capital to provide microcredit services, accessible globally and instantaneously on Mobile devices. Offering microcredit via smartphones allows Everex to lend at professional levels of risk management. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Everex transactions are settled on the basis of 100%-backed, Ethereum-based Cryptocash currencies. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Everex builds a global network of partners and vendors that accept Everex transactions as payment, while functioning as cash-out stations at which Cryptocash can be redeemed against fiat currency. _________________________________________________ Download EVERX Wallet (Remittance only version) Web version is available at (iOS, Mac, PC) _________________________________________________ In order to make our vision a reality, Everex has developed one of the first mobile Ethereum wallets, capable of hosting and transacting ERC20 tokens and browsing blockchain transactions, as well as acting as a smart contract viewer. _________________________________________________ Use Cases The EVX Token - Token Sale: July 24th The EVX token fulfills a multitude of utility functions on the Everex remittance and microcredit platform: 1. Membership Proof of EVX ownership will be required to access advanced features, such as immediate on demand credit. 2. Tradable Credit Scores & Collateral Accumulation of EVX will allow low rated individuals and small businesses to improve their credit score. Furthermore, EVX will be accepted as collateral, enabling borrowers to access credit at lower interest rates along with other perks. 3. Incentive Mechanism Loans paid back in time will reward users with an EVX bonus, adding to a credit scoring, while late payments will entail an EVX levy, reducing one. 4. Everex Shares Success with EVX token holders Surpluses from successful business activities will be used to launch quarterly buy backs, in which Everex will purchase EVX at market price from EVX holders via “reverse ICO". EVX tokens acquired this way will be distributed among the community for free as a means of user acquisition. For more information please visit our website: Join The Conversation Slack: Telegram: Twitter: WeChat:
  3. [ANN][ICO] LookRev - First Decentralized P2P marketplace (VR + Blockchain + Business) announces its crowdsale opening LookRev: The first blockchain-based marketplace for creative products announces its crowdsale ICO opening on August 30th, 2017 LookRev is a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace that enable ordinary people to form distribution chains for their own creative products, make sells and earn money. VR + Blockchain + Business LookRev virtual outfitting system offers on-demand product ordering and customization services. It’s virtual try on technology helps customers trying on products with their selfies or pictures of their homes, customize products based on their personal preferences, pre-order and buy custom made products. It helps the product maker quickly find the matching elements and best design configuration for a custom product, discovering its product-market-fit, find customers and make sales. LookRev Website LookRev Whitepaper Token Sale We are launching an initial token sale to raise funds for LookRev to further build the platform and community. The sale will last four weeks from 08/30/2017 to 09/30/2017. We will be raising minimum 10 million LOK during this token sale. The number of LOK tokens issued per Ether is 2,400 LOK tokens per ETH (Ether). Token Sale Start Date & Time: August 30th, 2017, 10AM PDT ( 5PM UTC) Token Sale End Date & Time: September 30th, 2017, 10AM PDT (5PM UTC) or Earlier Token Sale Duration in Days: 31 Days Token Price: 2,400 LOK Tokens per Ether Minimum Funding Target in LOK Token: 10,000,000 Maximum Funding Cap: To be announced Token Purchase: Instant Purchase of LOK Token Using LookRev Smart Contract Token Symbol: LOK Token Sale Smart Contract Name: LookRev Token Compliant: ERC20 Token Technology Platform: Ethereum Token Decimal Points: 18 Token Total Supply: Exact Amount will be Decided by Contribution Token Transfer: Token Transfer is Available upon Finalizing the Token Sale LookRev Products With six years development, LookRev has more than a dozen Android, Apple and web apps launched in the market, has more than 400,000+ organic downloads, 5 million+ usages, bringing many benefits to consumers and product makers. Token Usages LookRev token has multiple utilities, and can be used in several ways. A. Utility token for purchasing custom products on LookRev platform. Consumers can use LookRev token to order and buy custom products from product makers. B. Utility token for receiving and exchanging services. LookRev tokens are used to exchange for custom services, and/or custom products on the platform. C. Preorder token. Preorder tokens are used to pre-purchase custom products before they are completed by the product maker. D. Utility token that exchange one type of usage to another one. E. Revenue share token to receive continuous rewards from the LookRev community pool. LookRev collects 10% of the sales revenue from each sell in cryptocurrency, and directly contribute it to the community pool. Members receive his/her percentage of the share in cryptocurrency from the community pool based on the percentage of his/her tokens to the total amount of tokens in the circulation. LookRev Roadmap LookRev Bounty Program Bounty Program You can reach us at Slack: Twitter: Facebook: Email:
  4. [ANN] [Pre - ICO] REcoin - the first cryptocurrency backed by real estate [ANN] [Pre - ICO] REcoin - the first cryptocurrency backed by real estate REcoin is a new Ethereum-based cryptocurrency with Smart Contracts, that provide the solution to any real estate rental activities B2B, B2C, and P2P. The value of REcoin is guaranteed by American real estate assets, which are held in a trust equal the value of all REcoins sold. This gives a sufficient reason to consider this currency as reliable and stable one. Official sources Website | White Paper | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit ICO started on Aug 07 2017 ends Oct 09 2017 1. First 10 000 000 REC - sales 15 %, 1 REC = 0,85 $. 2. Next 15 000 000 REC - sales 12 %, 1 REC = 0,88$. 3. Next 20 000 000 REC - sales 9 %, 1 REC = 0,91$. 4. Next 25 000 000 REC - sales 6 %, 1 REC = 0,94$. 5. Next 30 000 000 REC - sales 3 %, 1 REC = 0,97$. REcoin provides both investors and the average person a safer, more secure and superior alternative to storing their wealth in the form of digital currency. REcoin is a new cryptocurrency alternative designed to accommodate a wide range of financial transactions and investment goals. Its security is ensured through the use of one of the soundest and most reliable currency backings there is: real estate. Many of those who are looking to invest their earnings face the dilemma of putting their savings into low interest rate bank accounts or lacking other investment alternatives due to a lack of liquidity. The world’s widely used fiat currencies are backed by no real commodities. REcoin is backed by real estate in countries with a developed and stable economy such as the United States, Canada, the U.K. and Switzerland. How Does REcoin Work? ReCoin users purchase the REcoin currency as an alternative to storing their savings bank accounts or other options, converting their money into a more stable and secure investment. The value of the currency can grow at least two ways: through the steady increasing value of the real estate investments that ReCoin is used to purchase, and a higher ReCoin value when the demand for REcoin rises. The management of the REcoin supply and its security is guaranteed through the latest blockchain cryptocurrency technology. REcoin offers its users an easy and intuitive buying and selling process, and furthermore it is designed to be easily used as a currency alternative for a full range real estate transactions and services. The Unique Advantages of REcoin. REcoin offers numerous distinct advantages compared to other currencies and real estate purchasing methods. ● REcoin simplifies and speeds up real estate transactions and allows independence from several traditional third-parties involved in real estate transactions. ● REcoin lowers the cost of real estate transactions by limiting third-parties and increasing their speed, allowing for greater profitability for brokers, agents, and lower prices for buyers. ● REcoin offers a new international real estate marketplace and facilitates connections for investors, brokers, and real estate sellers. REcoin’s Guarantees. REcoin offers several guarantees to its users to protect their investment: ● REcoin’s activities are in full compliance and governed by United States law. ● 100% of our proceeds from ReCoin sales minus maintenance costs are invested into real estate. ● In worst-case scenarios, The ReCoin Trust guarantees a liquidity ratio of up to 70% of the currency’s market value. Compare this to the Federal Reserve requirement for liquidity ratios for financial institutions, which is set at a maximum of 10%. ● The REcoin Purse is secured by the latest cryptocurrency tools and designed to be user-friendly and convenient. ● New technical and economic solutions will be developed for the benefit of REcoin users. Smart Contracts. As one of its most important features, REcoin implements Smart Contracts which are implemented from Ethereum, the most widely used secure smart-contract platform. Smart contracts are algorithms that facilitate, automate, verify or enforce financial contracts. They are designed to reduce the traditional costs and time associated with developing and enforcing contracts through the use of automatically enforced contractual conditions. In the world of real estate, smart contracts can be used to ensure that payment terms, service fees or liens are paid for once the contract is executed. Smart contracts allow for cryptocurrencies like REcoin to be safely used as working capital for real estate transactions. Why Should You Use REcoin? ● Preserve your wealth by converting it from unstable and uncertain currency into a cryptocurrency solely used for stable and secure real estate investments. ● A safer, easier and faster way for real estate buyers and sellers throughout the world to find investments, close real estate deals and securely pay for their transactions. ● Use REcoin for less expensive and more efficient real estate transactions and services with limited third-party involvement and a lower overall cost. ● Use REcoin to invest in the most widely known and trusted global charities. STAY TUNED! 14 Jul 2017 - added White paper link - Our website was update In the following technical white paper we would like to provide you with some more details and information about REcoin: We are pleased to announce that REcoin Group Foundation LLC as well as REcoin Trust is officially registered. We are pleased to announce that ICO has just started!REcoin tokens now on sale!
  5. [ANN][preICO LAST DAY]🔥Crystal - join the 🚀REVOLUTION🚀 in local service🔥 join the 🚀REVOLUTION🚀 in offline local services 🔥LAST DAY - Crystal Clear pre-ICO with 50% bonus🔥 You can join it on our ICO site 🚀PLEASE SEE OUR STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO JOIN CCS PRE-ICO🚀 WHITEPAPER | WEBSITE | BLOG | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GITHUB | TELEGRAM | SLACK READ OUR WHITEPAPER
  6. [ANN][ICO] BitdealCoin - A coin for Sharing Economy and Shopping Deals What is Bitdeal? Bitdeal = Cryptocurrency + Sharing Economy + Industrial Revolution 4.0 Bitdeal Coin aim to provide professional trading and exchange tools within the legal boundaries and with a strong technological and legal protection of financial assets. The ecosystem we are launching on the global market includes instruments for regular users and private cryptocurrencies investors, as well as for institutional investors and financial organizations. Why you should join? It does not matter if you want to use BDL for trading, longterm investment or day-to-day financial activities, with BDL you will always be gaining value. The entire ecosystem will be governed by this power algorithm based on predetermined formulas, written by professional economists. Bitdeal Ecosystem Roadmap Bitdeal Coin Specifications Total amount: 300,000,000 BDL Block rewards: 50 BDL Hashing algorithm: Scrypt Network: POW Block size: 1 MB Block time: 2.5 min ______________________________________________________________________ Home page: Block Explorer: Mining Pool: Wallet: ______________________________________________________________________ I have posted a post to help miners receive their coins after the pools error by inbox to me, here is the list payments I sent them: - @Predator10 GWJJSYuGArFSwBjD9Xd1TKmMtAK1egdyiw: 2100 BDL - @Fireeyes GfDFdDX5XkmQFkaaUKuvw5keYxAzhPMEAh: 100 BDL - @Saracenis GYSP7hKjHa56QRazkjswyduehgUhm8H7Su: 2000 BDL processing - @yamilife GKEJucwCNt5WJxzZXr6SPjjUiSSKtWShtf: 100 BDL processing
  7. Globaltoken is a PoW SHA256 Algo Coin The total Coin Supply is about 168000000 GLT (This Coin has no Premine!) Block Reward starts with 100 GLT and halves each 840,000 blocks Every Minute the Miners will build a block and each 10 Blocks calculates the network the current difficulty The idea behind GLT is to provide fast online Cryptocurrency with a fast Blockchain Confirmation and lowest fee as possible a new Coin which has been created in the begin of December, 2016 BTC: DOGE: LTC: ETH: OTHERS: DEFAULT WALLETS ARM Wallet 32bit: ARM Wallet 64bit: Linux 32bit: Linux 64bit: Windows 32bit (Installer): Windows 64bit (Installer): Windows 32bit (ZIP): Windows 64bit (ZIP): Mac OSX (Installer): Mac OSX (tar.gz): MOBILE WALLETS Android Wallet Google Play : WEB WALLETS Web Wallet for Globaltoken: SOURCE CODES Source Code Default Wallet: Source Code Android Wallet: Currently we have no Giveaways to share with you. What are the Standard Ports? Ports are 9319 for Nodes and 9320 for RPC Marketcap: Coinmarketcap: Communities: Twitter: Gambling: Website: Telegram: || GLT Telegram Official Group || GLT Telegram Official Turkish Group (not managed by GLT Team) Support the Development: BTC: 12nctH2CvdQsDYJFm8oB5hZpK4GXsG9YCf GLT: GHtwzDBT2PFdEpVa68Fn4qYuwzB7pjQnAq NOTE: Cointicker has been changed from GTC to GLT Latest downloads: You can find the latest release here: <--
  8. ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ POPULAR COIN ☆ ☆POP Genesis 1/28/2014 0 Premine ☆ A Popular Coin For Popular Products ☆ Throughout the Entire World POP is a Concept that Everyone Can Relate to. Popularity Exists in Every Culture Within Every Nitch - There is a Popularity ☆ Social Innovation ☆ What makes POP Coin Socially Innovative is how it plays on very specific words that are imprinted into our culture, POP and Popular. Keeping this in mind, our development has been and will continue to be based on a play to those words. Pop IRC Channel Popular Coin Kiwi IRC Channel Block Explorer Popular Coin Block Explorer Popular Coin ShowCase POP Market Cap ShowCase Popular Coin Ranking (Lets Make Some Moves!) SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Proof of Work Algorithm 99 Coin Block Reward 51 Second Block Spacing Epic 5,000x Reward Every 10,000 Blocks Bonus Rewards 5x Reward - 4 per hour 10x Reward - 1 per hour 25x Reward - 12 per day 50x Reward - 1 per day 100x Reward - 1 per week 500x Reward - 1 per month 10,000x Reward - 6 per year DOWNLOADS Windows Wallet Windows Wallet v7.1 Decription Key: !lAbyK2VtFyhS9Jc6asx5ZlilGLUlcUdf3lcdkUMSKg0 MacOS Wallet Mac OSX Wallet v7.1 Decription Key: !J7MHFvrnDbkvpTh9bNUpwEl9SSJhXZE8Ic7tTkWTpiw Linux Wallet (Compile it) v7.1 Source Source Code Github Source Code Virustotal Virus Total Virus Check (Shows False Positive from BitcoinMiner = Virus Free) Sample popcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip=localhost rpcport=9425 port=9426 gen=0 server=1 daemon=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= PORTS RPC Port: 9425 P2P Port: 9426 Official Pools Cryptopia Minshaft Aika Pool iSpace Pool Scrypt Pool Pro Hashing Profit Pool EXCHANGES Mining, Market Place and Exchange - Cryptopia ☆ New LTC/POP Market on - NOVAEX Popular Coin Price Chart Popular Coin POP Market Price Chart SOCIAL Follow us on Twitter @PopularCoin @PopularCoinPOP Like us on Facebook Popular Coin POP Facebook Comment and Keep in the Know about POP on Reddit Popular Coin POP Reddit WALLET DEMO Get the HTML Code For Your Own POP Donation Bar! (Special Thanks to
  9. [AIRDROP] lOTTEREUM - smart contract token Ethereum AIRDROP RESULTS The token which gives the right to increase the chance of winning by 50% can be sold by the owner until it is used in the lottery! The participant receives a token with these characteristics free of charge as a result of participation in AIRDROP. Free tokens with the advantage can be obtained 10 times for 100 tokens. When the contract is deployed to those Eth addresses that will be registered in it, 100 tokens will be credited. A new batch of tokens will be credited after the first batch of tokens is destroyed in the lottery. Send message in this thread mandatory for AIRDROP member! This needs to be done to include your Eth address in a smart contract! Lottery - smart contract Ethereum. The smart contract is cyclical. The price of the lottery token is 0.01 Eth, 0.1 Eth, 1 Eth, 10 Eth alternately (This property of a token in accordance with a smart contract takes only after the completion of the collection of participants of the lottery). The lottery starts when the participation of 1000 participants is confirmed. If the required number of participants is not dialed in 1 week, then the lottery value is reduced to the minimum. Confirmation by purchasing those wishing to participate 1 token for the price of participation (the property of the token before the start of the lottery). Participants are notified of the time of the lottery by e-mail. The lottery is conducted by counting transactions with a smart contract. The first transaction brings its owner 10% of the amount of the lottery. Each tenth transaction brings its owner 0.2% of the total lottery collection amount, 20% of the amount is played. Each 20 transaction brings its owner 0.4% of the total amount of the lottery, 20% of the amount is played. Each hundredth transaction brings its owner 2% of the total amount of the lottery, 20% of the amount is played. 10% of the collection of the lottery to the organizer's fund. 20% is distributed among owners of investment tokens. After the draw, the tokens of the lottery participants are redeemed by a smart contract. 1% of the organizer's profit is spent on redemption of tokens of lottery participants. The purpose of collecting Eth addresses from AIRDROP members Tokens of the game advantage give the participant a one-time increase in the chance to win in the lottery 2 times (when counting transactions, his transaction will be counted twice). Total tokens for contract disclosure 2000 * 100 = 200,000, after all mining 100 * 10 * 2000 = 2,000,000 Then they will burn in the game. Then for those participants who during the AIRDROP period contributed to the development of the 0.1 Eth project, production will begin a new cycle. The token which gives the right to increase the chance of winning by 50% can be sold by the owner until it is used in the lottery! The participant receives a token with these characteristics free of charge as a result of participation in AIRDROP. Free tokens with the advantage can be obtained 10 times for 100 tokens. When the contract is deployed to those Eth addresses that will be registered in it, 100 tokens will be credited. A new batch of tokens will be credited after the first batch of tokens are burned into the lottery. After placing a smart contract, you can become a participant by purchasing a token at the participation price during the period of collection of applications for participation. ICO from 1000 Eth to the purse address of the organizer from which a new token will be added. An ICO participant can become by entering his data into the form in the section "Investor ICO" and transfering Eth to the Eth organizer of the lottery 0x1cF460DB4a2290498616C2D9AeA2ad1Ed201fA39. The receipt of funds and the charging of tokens will be reflected in the table. A total of 1000 tokens of 0.1 Eth with an "investment" sign. Tokens of this type under the terms of a smart contract can be sold in any available way. Investment tokens (this property of the token is activated by a smart contract when it is deployed) Smart contract, upon completion of the lottery cycle, these tokens will not be redeemed. On the wallet Eth their owners a smart contract will be credited with the share of the profit from the lottery Depending on the number of tokens. 50% of the organizer's income from the lottery will be used to buy tokens from investors.
  10. [ANN] [ICO] SynchroLife - Recomendación de Restaurantes Descentralizado SynchroLife es la primera plataforma en el mundo, para la recomendación de restaurantes basada en la cadena de bloques, proporcionando información y reseñas de confianza sobre restaurantes de todo el mundo, premiando a los que realizan las revisiones con tokens. Construyendo el servicio más inteligente del mundo para descubrir restaurantes gracias a la Inteligencia Artificial y a la cadena de bloques. - LA CROWDSALE (ICO) EMPIEZA: EL 3 DE AGOSTO DE 2017 A LAS 12:00 PM GMT - Sitio Web: White paper (Libro blanco): Twitter: Facebook: Slack: Introducción SynchroLife es la primera plataforma en el mundo, en la recomendación de restaurantes que esta basada en la cadena de bloques, proporcionando información y reseñas de confianza sobre restaurantes de todo el mundo, premiando a los que realizan las revisiones con tokens. El Equipo de Synchrolife lanzará el Token SynchroCoin (ERC20, Symbolo del Token: SYC) con una crowdsale que empezará el 3 de Agosto de 2017 a las 12:00 PM GMT. Los detalles de la Crowdsale serán anunciados en nuestra Página Web ( Ya existe una beta de la plataforma de SynchroLife (sin la tecnología de la cadena de bloques ni el token) que existe actualmente en fase beta en Japón. Actualmente SynchroLife es una plataforma de recomendación de restaurantes que permite a los usuarios registrarse socialmente y compartir los restaurantes en los que han cenado y obtener recomendaciones personalizadas mediante inteligencia artificial. SynchroLife está actualmente disponible como una aplicación para los smartphones iOS y Android, con 30.000 usuarios que van aumentado a diario. Con la crowdsale (ICO) del token, planeamos desarrollar y hacer crecer el servicio existente de SynchroLife convirtiendola en la primera plataforma descentralizada de recomendación de restaurantes basada en la cadena de bloques, para proporcionar información y reseñas fiables sobre restaurantes en todo el mundo y a su vez recompensar a los que realizan las revisiones con tokens. Los usuarios serán recompensados con tokens SynchroCoin por agregar información de restaurantes, reseñas y fotos a SynchroLife, y luego pueden usar estos tokens SynchroCoin para comprar cupones de restaurantes, tarjetas regalo y en el futuro podrán usarlas para pagar Comidas en restaurantes. Esto es básicamente el modo en cómo se ganará y se gastará el token. Para obtener más detalles sobre SynchroLife y el token de SynchroCoin, asegúrate de consultar nuestro sitio web oficial ( y el white paper ( Más información en unos días
  11. AlumniCode - Parley Platform - Ethereum Social Media Brisbane, Australia – Australian owned Parley Platform announce today the release of “Parley”, a standalone social media platform built on the Ethereum Network which connects to centralised feeds such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Jonathan Edwards, CEO and longtime blockchain enthusiast, expects the platform to expand rapidly due to the combination of decentralised Parley, optional feed in of existing centralised networks and its ability to leverage advertising revenue, creating an valuable asset for stakeholders. With one login, Parley will access multiple social networks and for businesses, will provide powerful marketing tools for social media. The Parley Platform will be released on 31st July 2017 to holders of PLY – sign up for release notifications and view the whitepaper: About Parley Parley operates from Springhill, Brisbane - Queensland Australia. It is an independent company uniquely run on the Ethereum Network and using only Ether & Bitcoin as its currencies. Parley is currently seeking employees in the technology sector, for more information Parley envisions a future based on Ethereum and is committed to remaining on the forefront of social media and advertising within. Contact To learn more about Parley, please contact: Jonathan Edwards CEO, Parley Platform 477 Boundary St Springhill 4000 Australia Tweet: @jonathanparley Charlotte Davies People & Marketing 477 Boundary St Springhill 4000 Australia Tweet: @charlotteparley Parley Whitepaper.pdf Parley Press Release.pdf
  12. [Trade FLASH on Cryptopia today!] [] [DOWNLOAD FLASH QT wallets today!] [] 900,000,000 FLASHcoin supply ( central service) 300,000 MEGAFLASH supply (locked asset on counterparty) PoW (proof of work)/EC (Electoral Consensus) DPOS planned ZERO coin supply emission ZERO supply inflation ZERO dev slush fund ONE FLASH flat TX fee Original ANN BCT thread Whitepaper Easy to use webwallet (iOS & Android under development)] Github FLASHnet Tech Inc. Block Explorer Blockchain Status Charts # we are aware of the coin supply display issue on charts it is being looked at. Blockexplorer does shows 900M coins creation since genesis block. UPDATE for MAR 18 2017 [HOW TO RECEIVE YOUR FLASHCOIN DISTRIBUTION] We are doing distribution of the remaining FLASHCoins accordingly here. go to login to your account or create one if you have not yet done so. click on "My Account" on the menu tab click on "Account Settings" on the menu tab keep current tab open in a new tab go to and login to your counterparty wallet with your recover seed find your wallet address with MEGAFLASH and sign a message with your address copy your wallet address from account and paste into counterparty wallet signature page leave message format on Base 64 Encoded (Bitcoin Core Compatible) click on "Sign" and a signature will appear leave message format on Base 64 Encoded (Bitcoin Core Compatible) click on "Sign" and a signature will appear POST YOUR REQUEST IN THIS THREAD WITH THE FOLLOWING ex. ======================================= COUNTERPARTY ADDRESS ======================================= MESSAGE ======================================= SIGNATURE ======================================= ======================================= 1EJZ8rX1t2VRawX9N5VVV9PSAVkjAs75Cd ======================================= UYrkQdaDLefJGnNn73jJch57juASJVjApt ======================================= IM89SZXKgx5SmXwp0iDviAUSZJLFgRa+gKAjKkPvddN2MDYHVinBFa74gdtliZJ3JxDUtU+TTqYPkjyGyUsBMfk= ======================================= Await for us to verify your signature and your coins will be on the way! Verify Bitcoin signature here! UPDATE for JAN 18 2017 Hi everyone a quick update on everything so far, this week Bittrex has refunded ALL BTC from the crowd-sale. We have now setup the FLASHFIN sale which you can access from Keep in mind this the the last chance for public to participate before EVERYTHING (MEGA and FLASHcoins) is distributed to the FLASHPRE and FLASHFIN holders. to find out more details please visit or SORRY IF YOU ARE FROM USA, if we detect a USA IP, you won't be able to move forward, apologies. direct link to swapbot here if you aren't from USA. Blockchain Charts Block Explorer website News and media MEGAFLASH available on Bittrex now under symbol MEGA You can use any Counterparty compatible wallet for MEGA There are limited time special bonuses and nice surprises for crowdsale participants as well planned to be announced in the near future. Please note MEGAFLASH is a limited quantity digital asset issued on Counterparty and secured by the Bitcoin network. Only 300,000 MEGAFLASH is ever created, exchangeable with Flashcoin at 1:1,000,000 and vice versa. Flashcoin will not be able to trade directly to BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Only 90,000 MEGAFLASH is available on crowdsale. For more detail info please visit Crowdsale Deck TOTAL AMOUNT RAISED PRE-SALE 101,223,444.44 bits pre-sale has ENDED... Pre-Sale Token info on Counterparty Get Pre-Sale Tokens here FLASHPRE tokens will be redeemable for MEGAFLASH at launch at 1,000,000:1 ICO has been added on WHAT IS FLASH? FLASH is a blockchain based platform that enables users and developers to leverage this powerful technology for social media, websites, blogs and e-commerce sites. As easy to use as webmail, FLASH is a great way to introduce your friends to crypto-coins and to build in rewards to your web pages and services. WHAT KIND OF BLOCKCHAIN IS IT? It’s a permissioned blockchain based on litecoin/bitcoin with a number of real time databases that maintain the permissioned state. WHERE DO I GET A WALLET? You can get a wallet right here at CAN I DO ANY MINING. HOW DO YOU PROCESS TRANSACTIONS? You don’t have to worry about mining, we take care of that and do it very efficiently and fast. This saves a lot of electricity and we think it’s better for the environment. Our Whitepaper goes through some of the technical details. WHY SHOULD I BUY SOME COINS IN THE CROWDSALE? You can get free coins right off the site in limited amounts, but maybe you want more coins for a project you’d like to try or maybe you’d like to send bigger gifts to others to incentivize them to help your web site, or just collect a few more for a rainy day. DO I HAVE TO STORE MY COINS IN YOUR ONLINE WALLET? Yes. This is a permissioned private blockchain and doing things this way makes it much easier for beginning users. We don’t actually store your key, we regenerate it from your password when you login. You also have a way to recover your password. We think these are key features to make crypto more user friendly. WHY CAN’T I GET ANY FLASH IF I’M FROM THE U.S.? Regulations in the U.S. are just too difficult for a start up company to include U.S. users, which is why FLASH is based in Canada. To enforce this policy, we have to check your IP address. We’re very sorry and believe us, we would really like to make Flash available everywhere. If you are outside the U.S., we hope you enjoy using FLASH. If you are inside the U.S., we hope things change and we can serve U.S. users. WHAT CAN I DO WITH FLASH? The first thing you can do is get some free coins. Next thing you can do is send some to a friend, then you can go earn some more. Build an application and get even more. WHO IS BEHIND FLASH? The FLASH team is experienced in large scale social media and web sites, as well as crypto currencies. Chris Kitze - Vinh Vo - Jason King - Made in Canada MEGAFLASH currently available in USA thanks to Bittrex
  13. Synopsis What is the internet full of? Opinion. Comment and thought. On just about anything. From the obscure, such as reviews of garden fencing on Amazon to the more obvious such as the content on YouTube and TripAdvisor. My own personal blend of comment is in the field of automotive writing, and I've been contributing to motoring-related websites for longer than I care to remember. In addition, I've been published monthly in this field for over six years, something I do for the content and not the money as I don't charge for my contributions. The point of all this? Think of all that content, comment and critique. What would happen if people were paid for that content? Those 'likes' and comments? Peer-reviewed potentially, depending upon the platform, but underpinned by a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology specifically intended to enable and support such a requirement. The industry within which SocialCoin will operate is ready made and waiting to benefit. And the anonymity of blockchain technology is such that if one so chooses, rewards can be abstracted away from those who send them. So SocialCoin's aim will be to permeate through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TripAdvisor, online forums such as Pistonheads and so on. Posts which strike a chord with the readers, comment which will otherwise draw a 'like' and YouTube content which impresses the viewer will be rewarded with the payment of SocialCoin from those with the vision to join the network, own the local wallet and so on. The hope would be that this drives quality, as poor comment or content would not be rewarded. This is not a new beginning. But there is no end in sight here, either. I am under no illusion of the challenge here but the effort is worth it in my view. I have a history of seeing things through and will do so here. Sustainability We are working on methods to ensure the coin's circulation continues after the initial premine-funded contributions are paid. The network needs to be self-sufficient. More on this in the ANN. Roadmap Eagle-eyed Bitcoin members may have noticed my Marketplace post on this, here: If not, you will gather from it that I'm looking for a dev as the first action. But this is not necessarily a blocker. I have no immediate issue using the paid option available via Walletbuilders, but at the same time the roadmap and potential future of this coin is such that I do not necessarily want to be encumbered by another organization's abilities, or constraints. So at this point we are intending on building and releasing the coin ourselves. If the Bitcoin community wish to join in this, there will be substantial bounties paid, but more on that in a moment. As for the coin roadmap, we are shortly to reach out to the media contacts of the above named platforms. If this succeeds, I will likely eat my hat. After all, why should they care? #cynical perhaps, we will see. My assumption at this point is that we will need to rely upon strength of networking and the community's ability to spread the word. Hence the lack of ninja release and also the airdrop campaign. More below. I will be using the social media and printed media, plus YouTube channel and websites available to me to spread the word, and keep pushing from there. This is such a fresh idea (if anybody has any info on previous attempts, please post them), it is worth pursuing. I will also be looking to create a Slack group for this. One of the first actions however will be to release the website, shortly to start build. Domain already exists at There is no content on this website, it is brand new and in-build in the background. Twitter presence has already been established @SocialCoinNetwk. Facebook presence also, details of this still being refined. In addition to 1990s websites, iOS and Android wallets are planned, with clear benefits to the true model of social media and networking. Specifics and facts Coin: SocialCoin Ticker: SOC Algo: Scrypt or X11. I want something which is easily GPU mineable Type: PoW Supply: 75,000,000, this may increase but the max would be 100 million. Premine: 1% (750k or 1M). Rationale for this is below. Block reward: 25 SOC Diff retarget: TBC Block time: TBC Maturity: TBC Halving: TBC Exchanges: In due course (see bounties) Pools: In due course (see bounties) Release type There will be no ninja here. We will publicly via an ANN thread linked to this post, confirm a release date sometime in the next quarter (Q3 2017). This post is designed to raise awareness. I daresay there is a risk somebody else would copy the idea(?) but one hopes the community would respond accordingly, also bearing in mind the below bounties. Premine This coin will require a substantial marketing campaign. Because you get nothing for nothing in economics, assume that individuals will do nothing in the initial stages for that which is unproven. Ergo, other than funding bounties and airdrops, 750k/1M is going to go in the first few months on a scaled submission approach which will see contributors paid double or triple before a more permanent reward scheme takes over. The details of these are TBC. We do intend on keeping some of the premine for ourselves, because it would be nice to receive something for the effort other than recognition. This will not be a pump and dump however, and we will stand by that statement. Value increases on the exchanges will not result in offloading the currency as we've seen elsewhere, this we are in for the long haul. I have a public profile which will be linked to this coin. I am putting my journalistic name to it. I do not want it damaged or sullied in any way. Bounties, airdrop :: Bounty :: Dev: 10k SOC. If this is of interest, I need to know by, and have an agreement sewn up by, the end of June 2017. Please PM. First exchange listing: 350 SOC Second exchange listing: 200 SOC Pools: 100 SOC apiece, max of five. Block explorer: Potentially a bounty will also be available for this, details TBC. Those who are interested can post here and I will update the OP. Translations: 300 SOC each for all European languages, plus each APAC language, Indian languages and each LATAM language. 300 SOC also for Russian. For others, PM me please. Again, the OP will be updated for those who respond. Note that some language translations may be peer reviewed for accuracy. Logo design: I am emphatically not an artist. Ergo, logo designs may be submitted via this PRE-ANN and the winner receives 1000 SOC upon launch of the ANN thread. Translations agreed: Vietnamese: Watanabe1505 Dutch: Lemonado Hindi: erikalui Pools agreed: :: Airdrop :: Twitter retweets: 150 SOC Twitter likes: 150 SOC The first 100 people who respond to the ANN (not this PRE-ANN thread) will receive 50 SOCs each. Facebook: Links, wall posts etc, 50 SOC Slack: 50 SOC for those who mention on their Slack. Note that for each of the above, I will require a PM message showing the link and the profile name. Other details Wallets - Github source will be available, with compiled Windows and Linux wallets available via the website. Downloads for these will be on and they will be confirmed as virus free 100%. If Virustotal reports BitMiner I expect the community to appreciate and recognise that. Any questions, feel free to reach out via this thread and I will endeavour to quickly answer them. Or you can also email as below. --------------------------- Mark. @SocialCoinNetwk --------------------------- PRE-ANN revision history 1. June 4th 2017 - Released. 2. June 4th 2017 - Added Indian language bounty, other language confirmations.
  14. Exscudo - Nextgen About Financial Ecosystem Exscudo is the new scaffold between the customary monetary framework and the cryptocurrency advertise. Cryptocurrency market growing day by day very fast and more people joining cryptocurrency community, as with new people join this community also new cryptocurrency in market race. Exscudo is best platform which offers a to make cryptocurrency more realistic. Exscudo comes in cryptocurrency market to solve some issues like illegal trading, slow speed, security, complicated procedures, shopping matter. The main objective of the project is crypto integration with the world of equity and financial markets. We aim to provide professional trading and exchange tools within legal limits and with elaborate technological and legal protection of financial assets. One of the priorities of Exscudo is to provide private and institutional investors access to crypto and fiat currency markets that are in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. This means we integrate our payment system with the bank system. Exscudo offers simple way to analysing even for biginners using charts to technical indicators. It was designed in a way by which anyone can access cryptocurrency market easily and fast. Exscudo team decided to distribute debit card for their users but unfortunately they cancle this decission because of any inner problem. Exscudo for Mobile User. Exscudo offers mobile app wallet top their users. Users can use this app in three ways users can pay the amount, can control the transactions and exchange the EON coins with others also with fiat money so it make users free. Exscudo take small amount of fee for transactions it depends on the reansaction. With exscudo wallet and other basic features exscudo has one very amazing feature that is channel protected messenger.It was innovative step in cryptocurrency market. It helps to instant response between sender and reciever. Exscudo Exchanger The Exscudo Exchange bases all alone restrictive stage that is totally sheltered, quick and completely consistent. The framework meets all global keeping money benchmarks. All exchanges keep running inside the framework without outsider administrations. The Exchange conveys extreme exchanging background because of a versatile UI that is amazingly simple to-use for fledglings yet professionally multifunctional for experienced brokers. EON Blockchain Exscudo offers an extensive variety of items for all said client classes. Every one of these items are associated into a joint budgetary environment. This enables clients of various levels to coordinate effortlessly between each other. For News and Support Contact Exscudo Team via : Website | Slack | Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Bitcointalk Thread |
  15. Download the new wallet here Desktop + mobile/tablet link Check your transactions, The Top 100 and ACP movement here Limited Supply 32 ACP every 180 seconds mined Diff retarget every block with digishield 1,135,048 ACP Burnt in December 2015 - 1111111111111111111114oLvT2 address on block explorer for burnt coins 2,175,480 in circulation after first year of production (Estimated) Algorithm sha256 P2P Port: 11050 RPC Port:21050 iSpace Mining Pools DevMpos Pool C-CEX YOBIT NOVA EXCHANGE CRYPTOPIA Peer to Peer Internet Currency The future of Anarchy Absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal[/size] AnarchistsPrime(ACP)is A currency for those who know the Anarchy symbolism and what it stands for. This is to help aid activists & the individual who need ways of receiving funding worldwide without the need for a fiat deposit. This community based coin aims not only to support activists who need vital funds in organization of events but to give to the people within the [A]narchy movement something they have been wanting for a long time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACP core focus Dedication to long term growth Innovative internet currency Community driven Network expansion Decentralization[/size] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anarchism Anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates self-governed societies based on voluntary institutions. These are often described as stateless societies, although several authors have defined them more specifically as institutions based on non-hierarchical free associations. Anarchism holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, or harmful. While anti-statism is central, anarchism entails opposing authority or hierarchical organisation in the conduct of all human relations, including, but not limited to, the state system. There are many types and traditions of anarchism, not all of which are mutually exclusive. Anarchist schools of thought can differ fundamentally, supporting anything from extreme individualism to complete collectivism. Strains of anarchism have been divided into the categories of social and individualist anarchism or similar dual classifications. Anarchism is often considered to be a radical left-wing ideology, and much of anarchist economics and anarchist legal philosophy reflect anti-statist interpretations of communism, collectivism, syndicalism or participatory economics. Some individualist anarchists are also socialists or communists while some anarcho-communists are also individualists or egoists. Anarchism as a social movement has regularly endured fluctuations in popularity. The central tendency of anarchism as a mass social movement has been represented by anarcho-communism and anarcho-syndicalism, with individualist anarchism being primarily a literary phenomenon which nevertheless did influence the bigger currents and individualists also participated in large anarchist organizations. Some anarchists oppose all forms of aggression, supporting self-defense or non-violence (anarcho-pacifism), while others have supported the use of militant measures, including revolution and propaganda of the deed, on the path to an anarchist society. Anarchism can be seen throughout history in every major political and social change that has occurred not limited to but including the American Civial war the English civil war the French revolution, anarcho-syndicalist labor unions of 1936 and beyond. Various forms of the ideology currently exist and evolve into new forms. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What does this have to do with Bitcoin/Altcoins and the Blockchain ecosystems When "Satoshi Nakamoto" began In January 2009, he embarked on what would spark not only a peer to peer network system of digital currencies aimed at revolutionizing the way the world views and values "money" but he gave the people a stateless network, self governed and void of central authority. This stateless, self governed decentralized network of peer to peer systems is the definition of many anarcho- beliefs, researching into this many may find they themselves hold values close to the anarch philosophy. Bitcoin can be regarded as financial Anarchy against central authority governance and promotes peer to peer decentralized systems & "community". Keeping this in mind, the blockchain has sparked a revolution and has many use cases and communities drawn into this decentralized, self governed system (Altcoins), which in fact can be clearly seen as anarchy against the fiat based systems of centralized governance we all are participating in. Further more, world wide adoption of blockchain technology would be plain Anarchy against the fiat based centralized systems. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACP Dev Team ACP Stabycroc Crayzybill Something the team has been working on New Slots layout theme with enhanced audio update Play here MARKETCAP IN THE MEDIA AnarchistsPrime mention @101:16seconds ACP Faucet ACP Node Statistics AnarchistsPrime Market ACP AnarchistsPrime on Cointopay
  16. What is it? HOdlcoin is just like Bitcoin, but it pays interest on every balance. This is to recognize the importance of HODLers and properly reward HODLing. For Early Adopters Very high interest rates (4000%+ APR) are paid in the first few months to attract early adopters to the project. Wallet Win64 Setup: Win32 Setup: Linux 64: Linux 32: OSX DMG: OSX 64bit: Win64 Full: Win32 Full: Release 1.0.0: Source: Exchanges Paper Wallet Block Explorers Community: Specifications: Ticker: HODL Symbol: Ħ Block Time: 154 seconds Subsidy: 50 HODL subsidy per block Halving: Every 4 years Mining Supply:Total of 81,962,100 HODL will be mined Interest Supply: Between 150,000,000 and 500,000,000 HODL will be paid in interest to HODLers Fair launch: No Premine/Instamine/Ninja/100 initial 1 HODL blocks Port: 1989 RPC Port: 11989 Testnet Port: 8989 Proof of Work: 1GB AES Pattern Search POW Codebase: Bitcoin 0.11.2 Website: (reserved, no content yet) Proof of Work 1GB AES Pattern Search POW. Pattern Search involves filling up RAM with pseudo-random data, and then conducting a search for the start location of an AES encrypted data pattern in that data. Pattern Search is an evolution of the ProtoShares Momentum PoW, first used in MemoryCoin and later modified for use in CryptoNight(Monero,Bytecoin), Ethash(Ethereum). CPU/GPU friendly. Fixed in Nature The POW Algorithm considered a technical detail and is subject to change to favor CPU and consumer grade hardware with the intention of keeping mining participatory and distributed. ALL OTHER PARAMETERS ARE SET IN STONE. There will be no changes to mining subsidies, interest rates, distribution etc. Interest *NEW* Curent Interest Rates and Page - 1. The Standard Interest Rate Interest is paid on regular balances (outputs), on every block, for a period of up to 30 days (561x30 blocks). The rate is 0.0000002384185791015625% (1/2^22). It's compounded every block, so the rate is approximately 5% APR. However, remember there is a maximum of 30 days, so to get that APR, you'd need to log in each month and shuffle the HODL to a new address. 2. Bonus Interest Rates To encourage early adoption, astronomical rates of interest are paid in the early months. The max rate is 0.0000152587890625 (1/2^16). Compounded, the rate is 2174%. It's reduced every block by a multiplier - calculated like this =((409530-X)/409530)^4 (X is the block where the balance is recorded as an output). To calculate your bonus rate, you can use this formula. Principal + (Standard Interest + (Bonus Interest * Bonus Multiplier)) Bonus rates Day 0 ~ 2174% Day 30 ~ 1881% Day 60 ~ 1543% Day 90 ~ 1317% . . Day 660 ~ 0.230% APR Day 690 ~ 0.029% APR Day 730 ~ no bonus 3. Term Deposit Bonus If you lock an amount of HODL as a term deposit, you can also get a bonus on the interest. The longer the deposit, the bigger bonus. The bonus is just a multiplier of the interest, so if you locked up 100 HODL for 1 year, you'd expect a return of 5 HODL. The term deposit bonus for 1 year is about 100% - so at the end of the term you'd have 110 HODL (Capital 100 + Interest 5 + Term Deposit Bonus 5). See the chart for the multipliers, or use this formula - =(1-((409530-X)/409530)^6)*100 (X is the number of blocks to lock for, min 2 days, max 1 year) So to calculate your full bonus return on a term deposit . . . it's Principal + ((Standard Interest + (Bonus Interest * Bonus Multiplier))*Term Deposit Multiplier) Term deposit Rates 1 week term deposit ~ 5.6% bonus on interest 1 month term deposit ~ 22% bonus on interest 3 month term deposit ~ 55% bonus on interest 6 month term deposit ~ 82% bonus on interest 1 year term deposit ~ 98% bonus on interest n.b. When a Term Deposit matures, it stops earning interest - you must move it to start earning interest again. n.b. Bonus rates are paid on regular balances too n.b. The bonus rate is locked at the time of the transaction, the rate you can achieve reduces over time due to the multiplier, but once you're earning that bonus rate, it doesn't reduce. How To Make A Term Deposit: Graphical guide: 1. Go to the Term Deposit tab. It looks like a little bank. (Download the latest version if you don't have a deposit tab) 2. Enter your own address, the amount of the term deposit, and the length you to deposit for. 3. Click HODL A popup will appear telling you how much interest you can expect. Click OK if you want to continue. Another popup will ask your if you're sure, click OK again, and your term deposit instruction will be sent. Remember, once you HODL, those funds are LOCKED until the maturation date. That's the price you pay for the very good interest bonus. Spreadsheets: Bonus Rate Calculation Table Term Deposit Multiplier Table Overall Interest Return Calculator Term Deposit Interest Rate Table Bounties CPU Miner with Pool: Languages Chinese: Spanish: Indonesian: FAQ: Q: What is the official animal of HOdlcoin? The squirrel is the official animal of HOdlcoin. The squirrel is the animal kingdom's natural HOdler. Q: What is the official song of HOdlcoin? "HODL California" is the official song of HOdlcoin. You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave. Q: How do I correctly capitalize HOdlcoin? HOdlcoin. Q: How do I correctly say HODL? HODL. It rhymes with Yodel. Yodeling is also the official musical style of HOdlcoin. Q: What is the smallest unit of HODL? The nut. There are 100,000,000 nuts in one HODL. Q: What is HOdlcoin's official number? 1989. There is a twitter contest to guess why. About Me: My name is FreeTrade and I've previously created experimental coins MemoryCoin, ProtoShares, LottoShares. I have technical chops and wide experience with crypto. If you'd like to get involved, drop me a line.
  17. HISPACOIN HPC SPECIFICATIONS SHA256 900 seconds block target 50 coins per block 3 confirms per transaction. Total about 50 millions coins CONFIGURATION rpcuser=hispacoinrpc rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=9335 port=9336 daemon=0 server=1 addnode= Downloads Windows: Linux: Source Facebook Youtube POOLS OFICIAL POOL 2 POOL Block Explorer Web Site Soon Road Map Android Wallet Exchange More Soon
  18. In an effort to provide more information about Sativacoin, I have compiled this more thorough list of all things STV. If you are looking for a coin that that is truly making progress, then I invite you to join us at Sativacoin. STV has been around since September 2014 and I officially took part in the takeover that November. We are built on a foundation of transparency and steady growth and recently we have been added to numerous exchanges and accepted by numerous services. May the list continue to grow! Specs Coin Total: 10 million Coinbase maturity: 40 blocks Min stake age: 24 hours Max stake age: no max. Target spacing: 60 seconds Last POW block 7200 Pos interest 5% per year Algo : X-13 (Now PoS) Blockreward: 972 Premine: 0.125% of PoW coins No Ico - Windows Wallet Version Check STV Nodes here: EXCHANGES Bittrex Sativacoin/Bitcoin Cryptopia Sativacoin/Bitcoin Sativacoin/Litecoin Sativacoin/Dogecoin Sativacoin/Feathercoin Sativacoin/Popularcoin Sativacoin/Unobtanium Sativacoin/Dotcoin Yobit Sativacoin/Bitcoin SativaCoin Dice CoinGather Sativacoin/Bitcoin Coinbroker Sativacoin/Bitcoin; Sativacoin/Bitcoin CHARTS/PRICE TRACKING Twitter Bot Coinmarketcap Marketcapcoin Worldcoinindex Coinfinance Xcoinx Coingain STV SERVICES Cointopay Cryptocloudhosting PICISI BLOCK EXPLORER GITHUB FACEBOOK TWITTER WEBSITE
  19. Hello everyone. I am Lenore from I have moved my announcment to here aswell and will be following this Ann on both Bitcointalk and Cryptocontalk. This ann has been copied and transferred to here. BURST Coin Asset: Playground Asset Name: Playground Asset Id: 15589285291102307016 Initial Issue: 100,000 Price: 45 Burst 75% Returns to investors Specials for investors Playground is a forum based betting system. Which will contain a variety of games when will include pots that payout in Burst. Games will include sports betting, simple games such as head n tail, guess the price, dice, poker, and various other games. Simple games that payout instantly to games that takes days or even seasons depending on your betting style and conform level. The forum also feature real time chat and chatter box, current Burst and BTC price, Burst news, Burst Mining guides, forum badge system, karma system, instant lottery tickets, and many more features. This asset pays dividends. Each holder will collect dividends threw betting loses paid to the house as well as other investments that will be bought into once a flow of Burst is established. Dividends will also be paid out monthly or once the payout threshold has been met. Payout threshold will be displayed on the forum in the news section as the rate may change from time to time depending on the flow of Burst and investments. Payouts from player loses to the house will be pooled at 25% of all Burst taken in. This will get divided and distributed to all asset holders. The asset once purchased will be put up as house total Burst. When the house loses this will be the guaranteed funds for payouts. As advantages change on certain games. The asset gets invested within the Playground to ensure there is always funds available. New assets will be issued as needed but will be in increments to keep the available low to ensure higher payouts to the asset holders. Reports will be issued once every two weeks for all assets owned. Reports will include, Burst taken in by the Playground, amount in the pool for the dividend payouts, a current and up date list of all investments how they are doing and what the payout rate will be for each holder (at current time of report). This asset was issued before the launch of the playground. To ensure we have a House total Burst for the players. Games are currently scheduled to start January 1st 2016. The address for the Playground will be announced shortly as we are going threw the de bugging process to ensure there are no issues with the forum and that players we enjoy there time playing. If you have an questions or concerns please feel free to ask. If anyone is curious and want to check on who I may be. Please refer to the user name on Lenore. Have fun and hope to see you at the Playground at launch. Our Theory Burst needs movement to increase its price. It needs a way to move from user to user. We believe that HDD mining is going to change the way coins are mined. It already has in some ways. BTC and other coins could only be mined efficiently using ASICs or high end GPUs. Most people can not afford to purchase let alone run these mining rigs because of the cost of electricity. Anyone can mine using there HDD. It doesn’t matter of its only 1GB or 10,000 GBs of storage. Anyone can mine using POC Proof of Capacity with something you already own. As long as you computer is turned on and the miner is running. Your gaining coins. Lets get this coin moving. Lets stimulate the BURST community. Gain more followers. Movement = Burst Excitement = Price Increase = More Excitement = Movement Rinse and repeat. BURST Playground Asset Owners and BURST Coin Flow. Each asset holder will receive 25% of all weekly earnings passed threw the Playground. Another 50% of all weekly earnings will be put into investments for the asset holders. These investments will pay out all investment returns to the investors. House takes no return on investments. Investments will consist of lending with return interest, swings in market value on BTC, ETH, and XMR. And various other investments. The other 25% will be issued to the house to be distributed to Admins, Mods, Bankroll for future wining payouts, and special winnings. Additionally, Burst and Burst Credits will be able to be puchased threw the forum using BTC, XMR, and ETH. As this gives people without BURST the opprotunity to buy into BURST and stimulate BURST using other currencies. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. The Playground will launch January 1st 2016. Edit: The url for the Playground will be released here shortly. Feature testing is almost complete. Here is a list and description of some of the features. Real Time Chat and PM System. Real time imbeded chat to chat with the entire community. Aswell as a buddy system so you can chat 1 on 1 with others. FB like chat system. Instant Lottery Tickets and mini Casino Simple shop with tickets and casino like games. Simple nothing fancy but you can earn Burst Credits which can be traded for BURST Coins. Trade system to trade Burst Credits to any user on the forum. Ticket System For any issues there maybe and also for Burst Credit cashouts to real Burst Coins. As well as the ability to send BTC, XMR, and ETH for Burst Credits or Burst Coins. No Coin Held Server Security Feature No coins will be held on the server. All coins will be held on a local machine. There for no one has access to the coins except for the Admin. This way no coins can be stolen. They can only be transfered between BURST Addresses linked to each individual account profile. Plus all Burst can be tracked on the block chain and all associated Playground addresses with be labeled as such so people can see the transactions and know where your burst is and to track payouts to ensure the winners and losers get a fair chance and arent getting ripped off on there payouts. All transactiins can be seen and everyone will know where the burst is that is being used within the playground. All addresses will be listed and tracable. Asset Holders Benefiets Each holder will have a unique profile compared to players and other members. As well as have a hidden category revealed when they are added to the membergroup. This section will included all asset related dealings as well as asset discussion. All reports and earning will be posted here aswell. Only asset holders will have access to this section. High Rollers High Rollers will have there own membergroup as well. They will have a unique profile as well and access to a high roller category. Everyone will know your a high rokler when you post in any forum. As well as a few other benefiets. No Cheat System Burst Credits are not cheatable. We know the maximum that can be issued daily threw games and all will be tracked to ensure no one can generate there own Burst Credits. Reports will be checked daily and flagged when we see numbers that do not fit within the equation of amount issued daily. There are other features as well these are just a few. At launch or early launch the way we are going you will be able see the other features. Url comming soon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All assets from Phase 1 have sold out. More will be issued for Phase 2 tomorrow at 12pm est. A full description of what the phases are and how the Playground works is below. Please take some time to read threw it. Anyone interested in Burst may love the possibilities of this asset and what returns you may be able to receive as an investor. Remember the Playground launches on January 1st. For all those who arent hung over. LoL We will be on to phase 2. Phase 1 was the initial issue of the asset. Which has sold out. Phase 2 will be another issue of assets. There will be a total of 4 Phases. Each with their own charecteristics. Phase 1 was for bankroll. Phase 2 is for striaght investment returns. Phase 3 is for full lending of BTC, XMR, ETH, CLAM. Phase 4 will support other proven assets I will compose a breakdown of each asset phase. Phase 1 Issue of 100,000 assets @ 45 Burst each Total of 4,500,000 Burst Use: Supply bank roll for the Playground. Revenue made from all players on the Playground would be allocated. 25% to all investors on a weekly basis. 50% of revenue to investments in which all investors would receive dividends on the returns. 25% to devs, admins, and moderators. For a total of 100% of revenue used. Bankroll wil remain for guarenteed payout to winners. These numbers may be changed or allocated differently depending on need. Which all investors will be able to vote on in the Playground Asset Section (only visible to investors). Investors have say in percentage allocations. With in reason. Phase 2 Issue 100,000 assets @ 45 Burst each Total of 4,500,000 Burst Use:Supply for investments. All Phase 2 assets will be used for investments only. Increasing the return to all investors and guarenteed weekly dividend payout to all investors. For all assets owned. Phase 2 will open the possiblility of investors gaining a higher weekly amount depending on the current investment opprotunities. Thus increasing the flow of burst back to the investors and stimulating the Burst community if investors do not plan on holding there coins. However this will give a steady flow of coins threw the markets and threw investors. Phase 3 Issue 100,000 assets @ 45 Burst each Total of 4,500,000 Burst Use: Full lending into other popular coins. BTC, XMR, ETH, and CLAM. Thus increasing the flow of Burst Coins threw the markets into other coins. This is a guarenteed payout to investors. Off a set amount of time at the going interest rates for that coin that we are currently lending. All coins will be exchanged to BTC and sent back into Burst and the investors will be paid out in Burst as with all other payouts. This will be a weekly payout to all investors. Phase 3 will also increase the amount investors receive from phase 1 and 2. Phase 4 Issue 500,000 @ 45 Burst each Total of 22,500,000 Burst Use:Be used to support other Burst Assets that have a proven record. Income, and ByteEnt to name a couple aswell as other proven assets. As to utilize the payouts from other assets threw the Playground asset to all investors. Phase 4 will also fund a miner. All coins mined threw the miner will be distributed to all investors from all 4 Phases. All 4 Phases cover almost ever aspect of a coin. All investors receive payment in Burst coins from many aspects. Phase 1: 25% revenue from the Playground 50% from investments bought from revenue. Once phase 2 has completed there maybe a shift to a straight 75% revenue payout. Depending on investor votes on the Playground. Phase 2: Return on all investments invested in. Phase 3: Moves burst threw other coins and pays out in Burst to all investors. Stimulating the Burst markets while utilizing other coins for guarenteed returns. Phase 4: Helps other assets and increases flow of Burst in the community back to all investors. While asset holders gain Burst flow from other proven assets and gaining a weekly payout from the Playground miner. All in all investors after phase 4 will receive coins from many sources. Mining, Investments, Other Assets, Payments in BTC, XMR, ETH, and CLAM threw the Playground, Playground revenue, and interest from all coins in lending, There is truely no other coin or asset that includes payout from so many sources. While these phases stimulate ever aspect of the community and give Burst more purpose and increasing its visibility and possibly value. As more coins would move threw the markets and increase 24 hour volume getting Burst more attention over time. After phase 4 has completed we would be at a point where other coins notice Burst and Burst gets traded more as it will interact with other coin markets. Which in return will increase volume and price. It should become more popular and there for traded more increasing its price and profits to all investors threw out all 4 phases. As you can see from what all 4 phases include is that the Playground isnt just a gambling forum. But a micro community in itself that interacts with others assets, mining pools, other coins and markets, investors, BTC and other coin holders. The possibilities are numerous for all investors. Aswell as utilizes all the featutes of Burst and its Blockchain. Yes this includes the escrow feature for larger bets on the playground as there are highr roller bets. One more thing to add. After phase 4 all investors are guarenteed a return on there investment in the Playground asset. Even on a bad revenue week or if the betting system were to fail. Investoys will always receive a return. If anyone has any questions on any of this please feel free to ask. I am here for full support. As i know i wrote a small book here. Also all coins received from sold assets I have put into lending until the time of the Playground launch. This will give everyone who owns assets in the Playground an added bonus of a return right after launch. At which time they will be placed back up for the bank roll. Didnt want the coins sitting idle for to long. Get a return back to investors as soon as possible. Returns will be issued right after the launch of the Playground. Thank you all for your time and hope to see you in the Playground ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Playground Phase 2 has been issued under the same name but a different Asset ID Asset Name: Playground Asset ID: 10547676342943478738 Account ID: BURST-PG9F-YS79-NKVM-22TQT Issued: 100,000 @ 45 Burst Please use the asset ID to get the correct issued Playground Asset. 1 is sold out and the other was just issued. Use of second issued Asset: Supply for investments. All Phase 2 assets will be used for investments only. Increasing the return to all investors and guarenteed weekly dividend payout to all investors. For all assets owned. Phase 2 will open the possiblility of investors gaining a higher weekly amount depending on the current investment opprotunities. Thus increasing the flow of burst back to the investors and stimulating the Burst community if investors do not plan on holding there coins. However this will give a steady flow of coins threw the markets and threw investors.
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