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  1. The Platform for Tokenizing Revenue Streams Pre-sale: OPEN (Contact for details) Automated Buy Contract: Released no later than June 30, 2017 TokenSale Official Launch: July 17, 2017 Website: TokenSale: Whitepaper: Video: (Coming Soon) Ropsten Testnet Demo: (Coming Soon) Front-end Demo: (Coming Soon) Telegram: Slack: What is MyBit? Mybit makes financing and maintaining revenue streams efficient and automatic. How? MyBit gives small investors new access to revenue streams previously reserved for banks and investment funds. With MyBit, anyone can invest -- or raise capital -- from anywhere in the world…peer to peer, seamless, fast, and secure. By commoditizing solar panel installation and other forms of renewable energy, investors and landowners can crowdfund the coming decentralized energy grid. With Mybit, investors get security on their investment, while landowners get access to investors willing to help in exchange for profit. By standardizing and automating setup, sales, and dividends, Mybit takes you one step closer to an equitable economy. The Future Our 5 year goal is to be at the forefront of commoditizing the coming AI economy. Mybit will be Europe's platform tokenizing any automatable or machine infrastructure. And it will be owned by the crowd. Why Decentralized Energy? Since the current energy structure is not sustainable (scalable at speed), it will require decentralized energy solutions. This claim has been validated by many major utility companies who have recently started researching decentralized grids. However, traditional financing models would only enable a small fraction of the population to own / participate in the decentralized solutions. This creates an opportunity where MyBit can provide immense value. Our Approach MyBit commoditizes decentralize energy infrastructure and takes it down to the micro level (99%) - to the people. Benefits of this approach include: a)Removes financial barrier to entry by crowdsourcing the purchase of decentralized grids in exchange for per-usage revenue sharing b)Enables faster access to capital (than traditional financing mechanisms such as bank loans and other debt instruments) c)This creates a highly scalable (at speed) & sustainable energy model Token Model All transactions on the MyBit platform are assessed a 1% network fee which is distributed to token holders based on their percent stake. Types of transactions include: • Investing in Energy, AI infrastructure, and other revenue generating assets: Funding & Revenue Sharing • Peer to Peer trading (buying and selling) of decentralized energy • Machine to machine payments • Trading on Open Exchanges Graphic Explained: Step 1: Someone who desires sustainable infrastructure to be installed on their premise will select the asset they desire, choose the length of time funding should be active for before automatically terminating if the goal is not reached, and the value that needs to be raised will be automatically populated based on cost of hardware, installation, and the recipients location. Step 2: Via the investment portal, investors will be able to review investment opportunities and filter based on location, cost, forecasted future cash flows, depreciation values, total raised, etc. As much information as possible will be provided to aid the investor. By integrating a machine learning algorithm to record and analyze historic data, we believe that over time data insights will become much more intuitive. Investors will send funds to the smart contract governing the share issuance for the asset and will automatically receive ownership units (in the form of a tradable Blockchain token, governed by Ethereum smart contracts). If the amount needed to fund the asset is not achieved prior to the deadline then all funds will be returned to investors and the contract will be terminated. If the amount is reached prior to the deadline, the contract will not accept additional funds and ownership units will be minted and accessible to the investors to hold or trade as they desire. Step 3: All of the funds sent to invest in an asset are held by a smart contract. This completely eliminates counterparty risk. The MyBit platform has no access to these funds, and neither does the person receiving the asset. Upon total value raised, the smart contract will automatically send the funds to the (highly reputable and vetted) hardware manufacturer/installing party responsible for delivery the final product. Step 4:Once the asset is installed or otherwise up and running, investors will begin to profit from revenue distributions. The investors can choose to hold the tokens and continue receiving shares of the profits, or they can liquidate them at any time on the open market. This creates an immensely powerful tool for investing that provides liquidity from day 1. Go to Market Our strategy to bring the MyBit platform to mainstream market begins with pilots in the German market due to their presence as leader in the renewable energy sector. The MyBit platform involves basic partnership agreements with renewable energy hardware providers and utility companies. The partnership requirements are very minimal to facilitate going to market. To accurately determine usage, MyBit will need access to certain data to create oracles to interact with the DApp. To comply with data privacy laws in the European Union (and elsewhere), consumers will need to agree with disclosing data to utilize the MyBit platform as a financing tool. Utility company partnerships require access to their infrastructure to sell electricity back to grids (and in the future for peer to peer transactions). These partnerships are typically already in place between the renewable energy hardware providers and utility companies so we predict minimal circumstances where we will have to enter into partnerships directly with the utility companies. Our current expansion plans are to focus on one national market (or large regional market with major economic-hub) for our first large production deployment. At this time, we can confidently predict it will be in the German market. After the successful roll-out in a large market, we will begin aggressive expansion plans with the help of our advisors, partners, and employees. Markets where we have conducted preliminary research that appear lucrative consist of: Western to Central Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy), Scandinavian region, Western North America (Canada, California, Mexico), Australia, and Northern Africa. We are still conducting research on the Asian-Pacific and Middle-Eastern regions. Business Model For legal structure please see Section 7.1 of the whitepaper The MyBit platform is designed to facilitate and secure the process of investing in decentralized infrastructure, beginning with decentralized power grids. By enabling investors to easily tap into revenue generating assets that have previously proven burdensome or unavailable, MyBit has the potential to disrupt current models that have limited reach, scalability, and a majority of the money flows to the top. Leveling the “playing field” for everyone is predicted to have extraordinarily advantageous economic and social benefits. After a successful deployment of the initial MyBit core application in the decentralized power grid sector, entities from other verticals may elect to contract the MyBit Foundation or to design, build, and deploy additional industry-specific implementations. If the MyBit Foundation is contracted, bids will be accepted by any company that meets the requirements. The Directors of the Foundation will make the final decision of what company or group of companies will be hired to complete the work. If is approached directly, they will assess the project scope and enter into a contract if they can fulfill all requirements. If requires assistance, does not have the manpower (at time of contract), necessary operating cash, or believes they cannot fulfill the entire project scope, they will forward the request to the MyBit Foundation. Revenue from additional implementations or custom projects after the milestones outlined in the crowdfunding terms are completed will be the property of the entity which completed said work. However, this does not mean network participants will not benefit from future functionality updates or industry integrations. Adoption by other industry-verticals resulting from custom integrations, increased ease of use, or functionality components will result in an increase of network users, transactions, and overall usage which in turn results in revenue growth to be distributed among token holders and an appreciation in token value due to the principals of supply and demand. Technology TokenSale Details Details are available on our website or upon request (for pre-sale discounts). Please monitor for updates. Team Advisors Roadmap Social Linkedin: Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Slack Registration: Slack Channel: Youtube: Telegram: Medium: Translations (Will be added as completed) Bounties For full list please look at the following link: Media As seen on: Direct Links:
  2. Hi Guys. Here's our offer. GCN. Get G100,000 plus 300 Doge coin to try our site. Post your GCN address and your Doge address here with the filename. The GCN Android and Windows wallet address is below. We will send your funds Both addresses must be sent. Recommend a friend for surprise extra. Best Greg Have you been to The easiest file transfer system in the world. Get free GCN when you do a download. No email and no links. Max 5GB. We have done something similar to Dogecoin at except you can have fun & earn GCN without mining. This is a way in to the Bitcoin world without having tech know how or financial clout. As users earn GCN they will have a direct relationship and an interest. All you need is a PC or a Mobile phone. The door is now open. (Allow 3 hours for the block chain to catch up before play) GCoin is changing name to GCN
  3. Kings of Crypto

    We are a UK based company bringing you the latest Crypto trends from designers around the world. We create products for blockchain enthusiasts whilst promoting the technology to the new generation. We are passionate about the blockchain movement and believe in your right to privacy. All our products are made to the highest standard and shipped worldwide. We accept all major payments as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Altcoins! Building an Empire – Block by Block. Together, people and the blockchain can make the world a better place!
  4. PRIVATE Using Securebitcoin you can choose between transparent and anonymous transactions. Every transaction note can be encrypted and shall be only decrypted by sender and receiver. SECURE Securebitcoin uses the Blockchain like Bitcoin and Scrypt algorithm to secure every transaction. It is secure where it can be fully be used in Tor network. INSTANT New Blocks are created every 60 seconds so the transaction is faster and conformation happens 10 times faster than the current Bitcoin transactions.
  5. Pump Notifications Telegram - Warrior Pump Altcoin Pump Notification Channel (FREE) We are building a strong team atm to pump and dump altcoins on Bittrex exchange. First pump will be on thursday! Join via Telegram We will do our own pumps. Not just copying the links of others a minute later like so many others... Everyone will get the link at the same time. There is no exclusive paid group. Our group is free and always will be free in the future! No donations! No BS!
  7. Bittrex 10x Pump Group This is a pump group for Bittrex. We will be pushing up-to 1000 btc in 30 - 60 seconds.We will only be doing >=10x pumps. We will commence operations once we have sufficient membersJoin and wait, we will give notification before the pump which is planned to happen with 2 weeks.Telegram Group :
  8. IOTA - Next Generation Blockchain THE BACKBONE OF IOT IS HERE Scalable, Decentralized, Modular, No Fees THE ECONOMY OF THINGS As the Internet-of-Things keep expanding, the need for interoperability and sharing of resources become a necessity. IOTA enables companies to explore new business-2-business models by making every technological resource a potential service to be traded on an open market in real time, with no fees. site marketcap Extremely promising coin There are technologies in it that are not enough
  9. Altcoin Notifier Signals by morra A channel for publishing altcoin signals has been created. The signals are free and will be published daily starting from 28.06.2017 The notification will be published at 8.00 p.m Notifications will be available on our Telegram channel:
  10. IOTA Any thoughts on IOTA? It was released this morning on Bitfinex and multiple other exchanges. Looks like it could be the first revolution in the crypto world. Here's a good video I found on it: Youtube Link And another: Youtube Link 2
  11. How to make serious money by investing into Proof-of-stake – PoS Hey guys, I see a lot of threads here about where to invest BTC or how to make BTC. I also get a lot of questions, especially from new crypto issuers, where to invest BTC long term, what is safe and what brings money. So, here is something I have been using for the last 2.5 years and it has brought me nothing but profits – DMD Diamond Proof of Stake system. Before I share this with you, let me say I am a long term DMD holder and I would never share something with people without testing it first with my own money. There are no referral links here, I do want to see DMD Diamond community grow but only because this is very nice coin and even better related services. I do not personally get any fee if u decide to join or not, DMD Diamond represents favorite part of my personal portfolio and I simply would like to share info about it, especially with new crypto users who might be less familiar with PoS. How does DMD Diamond Proof of stake system work? For those of you who might be unfamiliar with PoS, the easiest way to present it is as a form of mining which does not require ASIC, graphic cards of any significant hardware investment. All you need to do is to buy coins, place them in your wallet, let them mature for 9 days and these coins will stake and generate new coins. The current PoS rate is 25%, which means you will get 25% interest for your staking coins. In other words, once you acquire DMD, it becomes interest bearing asset with significant returns. You can find more info on DMD Diamond home page. There are several ways to make money with DMD Diamond and I have personally tested each and every one of them. Simply buy DMD Diamond, put them in your wallet and let them stake at current rate. All you need to do is to unlock your wallet for staking and you will start receiving new coins. This process resembles classic PoW mining, just without excessive heat, noise or electricity bill which generate classic GPU rigs or ASIC machines. All in all Proof-of-stake is much more advanced form of “mining”, that is why Etherum is going to switch to PoS sometime in the future. The main DMD Diamond exchange is Bittrex. Here is DMD Diamond Bittrex page link. DMD masternode system. This is a new DMD Diamond investment option which will become available in the next two months. It requires 10k DMD and a static IP address to be able to get masternode receipts. Once you setup your masternode, you should be getting 10 DMD per masternode per day on average. This system will distribute around 1000 per day between all active masternodes. During the first year or so, DMD team expects to have around 100 masternodes, so this would result in 10 DMD per masternode per day on average. Make sure to understand this is a rough estimate since the system will be active in July/August 2017 when more precise info will be available. Even more interesting option is to set up your masternode and to send receipts from that node to your DMD Diamond staking wallet. This way you get paid from your masternodes and your receipts continue staking and generating even more DMD. All in all, this is again very advanced staking system which is used by several large coins, Dash, for example. It is also significantly more advanced compared to classic mining. Invest into DMD cloudmining. Differently from lots of other cloud mining services we have seen available in crypto economy, DMD cloudmining is a much more superior investment vehicle which grants you regular, hassle free, flowing stream of Diamonds. The system is designed in such way where people who have not reached ROI receive increased DMD Diamond payouts in order to recoup their funds as soon as possible. Once you reach ROI, you will keep receiving DMD payouts at a standard rate. In other words, it is designed to make sure you ROI as fast as possible and then keep earning from your DMD Diamonds as well as your cloudmining shares. This is NOT a get rich quick option, it is a long term investment but it is a one which I have extensively used and I was quite happy with regular payments. DMD Diamond multipool system. If you do have unused rig or a GPU, you can set up your Nicehash miner to mine whatever currency you select, connecting it to DMD Diamond multipool and get paid DMD Diamond to your address. It is very easy to set it up and it is another hassle free mining system which will bring you more Diamonds to stake or use into masternodes. However, if you are a more experienced miner, you can use more advanced mining options if you prefer. The accent here again is on simplicity, DMD Diamond multipool is a set it and forget it option, once you set it up, it can operate hands free for as long as you want. Also, make sure to understand by using DMD Diamond multipool, you again have opportunity to earn from two revenue streams, you get DMD Diamonds from mining via Nicehash and after u get you coins you can send them to your wallet to stake and generate additional income. For more info, you can visit DMD Diamond multipool page. DMD scarcity. The number of DMD Diamonds is limited to 4.38 million and this crypto is very, very scarce. Scarcity combined with all these different way to make money push the price up and limit availability of new coins. I strongly believe this will continue in the future, this coin can go quite high. Finally, DMD Diamond team s extremely hard working and honest group of people. During almost 4 years of DMD development, there has not been a single scam or major crisis. The community is also quite vibrant, we help each other and I invite you to join us whether you decide to acquire some DMD or not. You can find us via DMD Diamond Bitcointalk thread. Another recommended option is to join DMD Diamond slack. Let me know if I can help out in any way. As always, stay safe, protect your portfolio and always differentiate your investments! Cheers! Once more important links: DMD Diamond Home Page - DMD Diamond Bittrex page - DMD Diamond Bitcointalk thread - DMD Diamond slack - DMD Diamond multipool -
  12. Coming to your Altcoin soon: Lack of Capacity Causes Congestion on Ethereum The problem is well known for Bitcoin; there are more transactions than miners can confirm. Now the shortage has reached Ethereum. Especially after popular ICOs, like Status’, the transaction volume is far beyond the network’s capacity. This problem could be easily solved. The miners, however, resist... Read more Here: Follow BTCMANAGER For the Latest on FinTech, Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin!
  13. The numbers in the matrix are correlation coefficients (What's that?). You have to read them in the following way: The closer to 1, the more correlation (prices behave similar) The closer to -1, the more inverse is the correlation (prices move in different directions) Anything close to 0.0 – Either negative nor positive correlation (movements outweigh each other) Statistics are recorded live. The results on this page are refreshed hourly, so they will improve over time.
  14. Streamed live on Jun 19, 2017 tip jar: 19Ky6b1vERt1utVdNdnGg3BA2xmjMB75gV - thank you for your continued support! timestamps: 01:41 - EDG 06:18 - BLK 08:58 - VIA 10:54 - LTC 14:22 - LBC 17:50 - GRC 20:42 - XRB 22:03 - ARK 25:14 - INPAY 28:38 - 1ST 31:10 - MGO/ANS 33:30 - XVG 34:32 - SKY 37:39 - ZEC 42:42 - Guest Updates 45:13 - PBT 47:11 - DOT 47:40 - EQT 49:50 - DOPE thanks to our guests this week, follow them at:
  15. MFHcoin

    What is Mega Financial Holding? The exponentially growing interest to cryptocurrencies results in forking of existing currencies and creation of new ones. This time, another currency has been announced — MFHcoin (short for Mega Financial Holding), or MFH in the traditional format. It is based on already known Scrypt hashing algorithm. This fact makes MFHcoin interesting for both GPU and CPU miners. The maximum number of coins built into the algorithm is 300,000,000 MFH; developers claim 10% premining, or 30,000,000 MFH. The complexity recalculation interval is fixed – every 10 minutes. The reward is 70 MFH per block. Given the current complexity, estimated block generation time is less than 10 minutes.
  16. MOAC

    A REVOLUTIONARY BLOCKCHAIN ARCHITECTURE OUR SOLUTION - MOAC Layered structure, POS on top of POW Asynchronous contract call Sharding solution Pluggable validation scheme Easy deployment of sub blockchains Wider participation in validation process
  17. [ANN] Denarius [DNR] - Tribus PoW/PoS Hybrid Crypto - Ancient money for a new world! Original BitcoinTalk ANN Thread: Denarius [DNR] Ancient Money for a New World Official Website: Windows-QT Wallet Download: Mirror:!vFZ3TAhY!DgVSvoOJWm6dz9-ysGGsdNndXPKgp-aa6RTbhx2Ir1M macOS-QT Wallet Download: Github Source: Tribus CPU Miner Source: (Tested and working on Linux and Windows) tpruvot has kindly updated the CPU Miner Multi Source for Tribus: Tribus CPU Miner for Windows: Tribus GPU Miner for NVIDIA GPUs on Windows: Tribus GPU Miner for NVIDIA GPU Source: Tribus AMD GPU sgminer Source: (Untested and not compiled for Windows, Bounty of 10,000 DNR available) Join us on Gitter to Chat: Join us on Slack!: Denarius Specifications: Denarius is a new cryptocurrency based off the original Bitcoin Core by Satoshi Nakamoto. Denarius features many changes, such as Stealth Addresses, Encrypted Messaging, Tribus a brand new PoW hashing algorithm that is ASIC resistant, and a max of 10,000,000 DNR to be created during the PoW lifecycle of 3 years, which then transitions to Proof of Stake with 6% APR. 10,000,000 DNR Max 10% Premine of 1,000,000 DNR 50% of the premine 500,000 DNR will be going to bounties, promotions, marketing, and services. The other 50% is my personal funding for maintaining and funding the development of this coin. 30 second block times 7 Confirmations 30 Confirmations to mature blocks Tribus Proof-of-Work Hashing Algorithm featuring 3 of the top NIST5 algos (JH, Keccak, and Echo) Proof-of-Stake Hybrid which will fully transition to PoS which PoW ends on block 3,000,000 Block Reward Structure: RPC Port: 32339 Port: 33339 Supported Features: Stealth Addresses Encrypted Messaging Fast Transactions Tribus Proof of Work Algorithm (NEW) Proof-of-Stake with 6% APR after PoW Ends in 3 years. (Launch date 6/14/2017) Bounties: Mining Pool: 5,000 DNR (1 bounty left) Python Hashing Module for Tribus for Mining Pools: 10,000 DNR exmac Denarius Offline Address Generator: 5,000 DNR Denarius Web Wallet: 5,000 DNR Block Explorer: 5,000 DNR (Domain name required) Denarius Faucet: 5,000 DNR Signature Campaign: Coming Soon Twitter Campaigns: Coming Soon DNR Supported Exchange: 5,000 DNR (3 bounties are available) Valid Share Submitting, Windows compiled GPU sgminer for Tribus: 50,000 DNR Windows compiled and Tribus supported NVIDIA GPU Miner: 15,000 DNR tpruvot macOS Wallet-QT Compiled: 10,000 DNR - bumbacoin Language Translations (Chinese needed): 100 DNR (Bounties are subject to change and be added to as expansion progresses) Current Bounties Reserved/Paid: Btc King 1 - French Translation auroburos - Indonesian Translation kutangterbang - Malaysian Translation overloadcoin - Portuguese Translation Anthrogic - 1x Mining Pool (2 bounties still available) mrpd - Windows sgminer GPU Miner Binary' tpruvot - Windows CCMiner NVIDIA GPU Miner Binary albanes - Russian Translation bumbacoin - macOS Wallet .dmg DNR Tribus PoW Mining Pools: Python Tribus Hashing Module can be found at: (Bounty claimed by exmac) DNR Block Explorers: Exchanges: Paper Wallet and Vanity Address Generator for Denarius: Current Build of Denarius is v1.0.0.0 (6/14/2017) Coming Soon/TODO (Subject to change): More bounties Android QT Wallet BitCore Integration More seed nodes Beautify and Fix QT wallet more Make this thread nice Update website More Denarius services Current Developer: Carsen K. (kingcarsen) This thread, the website, and the Github will be updated as development progresses. No new features are currently promised. Continued maintenance and expansion of the Denarius network is. I am going to be working on documentation on the website and the how to (I may even make some videos for you guys), For now though if you need a good denarius.conf file to solo mine with try this: If you are having trouble syncing at all try adding these to the end of your denarius.conf: An example command to solo mine Denarius with the Tribus CPU Miner: if (pindexBest->nHeight == 1) nSubsidy = 1000000 * COIN; // 10% Premine else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= FAIR_LAUNCH_BLOCK) // Block 210, Instamine prevention nSubsidy = 1 * COIN/2; else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= 1000000) // Block 1m ~ 3m DNR nSubsidy = 3 * COIN; else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= 2000000) // Block 2m ~ 4m DNR nSubsidy = 4 * COIN; else if (pindexBest->nHeight <= 3000000) // Block 3m ~ 3m DNR nSubsidy = 3 * COIN; else if (pindexBest->nHeight > LAST_POW_BLOCK) // Block 3m nSubsidy = 0; // PoW Ends ~ 10,000,000 Total DNR Mined via PoW rpcuser=denariususer rpcpassword=xx rpcallowip= rpcport=32339 server=1 daemon=1 listen=1 addnode= cpuminer.exe -a tribus -o -u denariususer -p xx
  18. ScamCoinBot!

    I'm based on Artifical Ignorance solution that provides 100% certified scam news about scamcoins. I'm not responsible if you will lose your girlfriend following me.
  19. About the coin Groestlcoin Is a cryptocurrency utilizing Proof of Work. No ASIC currently exists for Groestl & it is unlikely that one will be developed for it anytime soon. Groestlcoin will be ASIC-free for the foreseeable future. Through these features Groestlcoin embodies the fairly distributed & decentralized nature of Cryptocurrency. Anyone can mine effectively, with minimal resource consumption and nuisance. With the influx of ASICs we thought decentralized mining will soon be dead, with Groestlcoin it is reborn and taken to another level.
  20. This project expands Antonio Vega Macotela’s long-term research into exhaustion as an operation of scarcity and wealth, as well as it sets out an inquiry into the way value is produced within the complex set of interdependent relations that make up our global economy. The existence of “mills of blood” can be traced back to IV A .c in Grece This kind of machine was an apparatus used in places where neither wind nor water were available as means of production, and only labor could be used as source of energy. There were three of these kind of mills in Latin America, all three were used to make silver coins during the Spanish colony. There was one in Mexico, one in Peru and one in Bolivia. The MoB presented at dOCUMENTA 14 in Kassel is a reproduction of the Bolivian MoB. During the 100 days that dOCUMENTA 14 will run in Kassel the MoB will produce as many teios as the audience manages, out of a limited of 30,000 planchets. Each of this teios will in turn mine a crypto-teio. At the closing of dOCUMENTA 14 the production of these coins will stop and there will be no possibility to produce more teios, nor crypto-teios. The MoB will be destroyed. All of the teios produced will be collected, certified and deposited in a safe.
  21. [ANN][ICO] TEIOS - The Mill of Blood The Mill of Blood _____________________________________________________________________________ This project expands Antonio Vega Macotela’s long-term research into exhaustion as an operation of scarcity and wealth, as well as it sets out an inquiry into the way value is produced within the complex set of interdependent relations that make up our global economy. The existence of “mills of blood” can be traced back to IV A .c in Grece This kind of machine was an apparatus used in places where neither wind nor water were available as means of production, and only labor could be used as source of energy. There were three of these kind of mills in Latin America, all three were used to make silver coins during the Spanish colony. There was one in Mexico, one in Peru and one in Bolivia. The MoB presented at dOCUMENTA 14 in Kassel is a reproduction of the Bolivian MoB. During the 100 days that dOCUMENTA 14 will run in Kassel the MoB will produce as many teios as the audience manages, out of a limited of 30,000 planchets. Each of this teios will in turn mine a crypto-teio. At the closing of dOCUMENTA 14 the production of these coins will stop and there will be no possibility to produce more teios, nor crypto-teios. The MoB will be destroyed. All of the teios produced will be collected, certified and deposited in a safe. ICO Distribution _____________________________________________________________________________ During the 100 days that dOCUMENTA 14 will run in Kassel the MoB will produce as many teios as the audience manages, out of a limited of 30,000 planchets. 30,000 more teos will be created by mining in order to maintain the Teios network. Visitors to Documenta art exhibition or this website will be able to buy the tokens generated each week. The number of existing tokens will be distributed in proportion to the invested value in BTC each week from July 1st, 2017. The mill will be the only miner of the network until the end of the ICO and it will be destroyed at the end of the art exhibition as well as the mold used for the physical coins. The reward for block resolution will always be 1 coin and there will be a 2 minutes space between blocks starting at the end of the ICO.30,000 more teos will be created by mining in order to maintain the Teios network. The price of each coin will be determined by the number of coins generated each week (max 300 days), proportionally according to the amount invested. During the Documenta 14 Art Exhibition, the “Mill of blood” will be generating metallic coins that will end up in an armored box placed in the underground of the mill. This box will be kept at Deutsche Bank at the end of the ICO and the physical coins will be used to support the value of the cryptocurrency that is generated each time a visitor spins around the mill making a coin fall into the box. ROAD MAP _____________________________________________________________________________ Look at what our goals are, and how is the progress of production TEAM _____________________________________________________________________________ DOWNLOAD WALLET _____________________________________________________________________________ Save your TEIOS coins in your favorite plattform, MAC, Android, Windows, Linux. PARTNERS _____________________________________________________________________________ The best partners for our project are already with us. CONTACT _____________________________________________________________________________
  22. UNIFY - A UNIFYING CRYPTOCURRENCY! COIN INFORMATION: Coin name: Unify Coin abbreviation: UNIFY Total coin supply: 18,181,818 coins Premined coin percent: 1% (181,818 UNIFY) Algorithm: Scrypt Type: PoW Block reward: 3000 coins Block halving: 3000 blocks Coinbase maturity: 1 blocks Target spacing: 5 minutes Target timespan: 10 minutes Transaction confirmations: 1 blocks Coin launch date: June 14th, 2017 WALLET DOWNLOADS: Unify Wallet for Windows Unify Wallet for Linux WALLET FOR LINUX EXTRA INFORMATION! Running it needs following depencies, at least on ubuntu 16.04 they are following: Code: sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libdb-dev libdb++-dev libboost-all-dev git libssl1.0.0-dbg sudo apt-get install libdb-dev libdb++-dev libboost-all-dev libminiupnpc-dev libminiupnpc-dev libevent-dev libcrypto++-dev libgmp3-dev libqtgui4 MINING INFORMATION: Mining pool #1: Getting started mining on pool #1 tutorial: Mining pool #2: Getting started mining on pool #2 tutorial: No registration needed, just use your wallet adress as username and no password needed. Example for UNIFY stratum+tcp:// -u YOURWALLETHERE -p x 3 available ports! Port: 7911-- Diff 256 Port: 7912-- VarDiff: 8-16194 (use as default) Port: 7913-- Diff:32192 (use for hashmining or miningrigrentals) Fees: 1.5% Mining pool #3: Getting started mining on pool #3 tutorial: stratum+tcp://<--> LowDiff stratum+tcp://<--> VarDiff stratum+tcp://<--> HiDiff 1 minimumPayment 900s payment example for UNIFY stratum+tcp:// -u YOURWALLETHERE -p x Low fee 0.5% Mining pool #4: Getting started mining on pool #4 tutorial: Stratum: Ports: Port: 3008, Diff: 512 Port: 3032, Diff: 10000 Port: 3256, Diff: 32192 The pool has 0.25% fee (LOWEST FEE OF ALL THE CURRENT MINING POOLS). Just use your Unify address as a username on your miner. SOME HELP ON MINING FROM MEMBER onnz423: Quote from: onnz423 on June 16, 2017, 08:43:50 AM Many users have been asking how to mine, so if you wish to use your CPU for mining, i made a ready package with a bat script so the mining is ready go. The bat script uses my pool as default, the port with 512 diff but if you need a lower diff port, let me know and i'll reduce it. You can download the zip on mega. Your anti-virus might get a false detection of the miner, so expect that. You extract the folder from the zip into your desktop or whatever, then edit the bat file and replace "address" with your unify address, it is easy as that. Hope that this was helpful. Edit: just be aware that this should be just for testing mainly, cpu mining and gpu mining on scrypt is not very efficient so if you want to mine this coin, i recommend renting an asic or buying one. EXCHANGES: ! We are now listed on NovaExchange! ! * * * WARNING, DO NOT BUY UNF ON YOBIT IF YOU WANT TO BUY UNIFY, IT'S ANOTHER CRYPTOCURRENCY, WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON CHANGING OUR TICKER TO UNIFY LATER * * * FAUCET: (created by Unify user @JustADreamer, thank you!) BLOCK EXPLORER: UNIFY SOURCE CODE: OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS: OFFICIAL WEBSITE: OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: OFFICIAL TWITTER: OFFICIAL TELEGRAM GROUP: BOUNTIES: SOCIAL MEDIA BOUNTY CAMPAIGN: [NEW REGISTRATIONS TEMPORARY CLOSED] MILESTONES: Complete milestones: 1. Launching an official website. 2. Launching a blockchain explorer. 3. Launching a mining pool. Upcoming mid-long term milestones: 1. Get listed on at least 1 mid volume exchange. 2. Reach daily trading volume of 5000 USD. 3. Get listed on WHITEPAPER / ROADMAP. DESCRIPTION: Unify is a cryptocurrency that was sucesfully launched on June 14'th, 2017. Unify aims at creating a cryptocurrency network that could be used by anyone who doesn't have any knowledge in cryptocurrencies, but wants to be a part of it. Unify is an alternative Bitcoin code based cryptocurrency that works on Scrypt algorithm. Unify uses a "Proof of Work" system, which allows it's users to get rewarded for their mining resources. Unify's reward system for miners is made to be the most rewarding to the early adopters - they will get the highest rewards. Block rewards will be halving every 3000 blocks: .........Block: Reward: 0-3000........ 3000 3000-6000... 1500 6000-9000... 750 9000-12000. 375 12000-15000 187.5 15000-18000 93.75 18000-21000 46.875 21000-24000 23.4375 24000-27000 11.71875 27000-30000 5.859375 30000-33000 2.929688 33001......... Change to POS system. * As an example - Bitcoin reward halving takes place every 210,000 blocks and rewards miners with 12.5 BTC. After 33000 blocks Unify reward system will be changed from "Proof of Work" to "Proof of Stake". Rewards to be announced later. (Estimated date: ~Q1, 2018) ROADMAP: Following milestones are crucial to reach our final goal: 1. Basic coin availability (estimated date Q2, 2017). First goal is a basic coin availability - to launch the coin to the public & to make it tradeable at the exchanges. This goal will be reached by completing following objectives: Creating a Unify wallet for Windows. Creating a Unify wallet for Linux. Making the coin mineable at mining pools. Listing Unify on cryptocurrency exchange websites. Creating other necessary attributes of the coin (block explorer, official website, social network accounts). 2. Extended coin availability (estimated date Q3, 2017). Second goal is to make the wallet easily accessible through all the possible platforms. This goal will be reached by completing following objectives: Creating a Unify wallet for Mac. Creating a Unify wallet for Android. Creating a Unify web wallet. 3. Making the Unify cryptocurrency understandable to those who do not have any experience with cryptocurrencies (estimated date Q1, 2018). Creating a fully functional official website where people could buy & sell the currency simply by using their credit card. Creating a Youtube channel with tutorial videos. Expanding social network accounts (getting bigger audience at Facebook & Twitter). Promoting the coin & learning content through social networks. 4. Making the Unify cryptocurrency adopted by various service providers (estimated date Q2, 2018). Creating a Unify based web marketplace, where people could buy digital & physical goods by paying with UNIFY. Informing service providers, manufacturers & all other companies about the Unify based web marketplace. Offering them to list their goods / services at the Unify based web marketplace. 5. To be announced! As we will complete all the previous goals, we will have a better understanding on what we should do next & we will announce it.