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Found 14 results

  1. Bitcoin's "innovation in trust," radical self-reliance, and social scaling. Everyone is following the same consensus rules. It is an emergent model for trust in a decentralised network-centric, game theoretical, market-based security system. We're at the infancy of this technology, so right now it's very difficult for individuals to secure their own bitcoin; this creates a tendency to concentrate funds and rely on third parties. There are two kinds of centralised exchanges: those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked. The problem is a technical skills gap - we need to make bitcoin reflexive and easy secure without centralising it. We don't need perfect security, we need reasonable certainty. The people deeply involved in Bitcoin right now are the lunatic fringe, the "early adopters" are still five years out. If your friends are making fun of you, you're probably doing something interesting. This is part of a keynote talk which took place at the Blockchain Africa Conference on March 2nd 2017 at the Focus Rooms in Johannesburg, South Africa: Watch the full talk here:
  2. Satoshi fund - Trust management! From 100% per month! Not a pyramid! Bomb! :) -Bomb! -Trust management of trade in crypto-currencies -Not a pyramid! -Profit from 50% per month -The last time profit is more than 100% per month :) -Can less from the success of trade -They trade at the stock exchange for you -Total score -Open API -All transactions of purchases and sales can be viewed-Completely opened! You can watch all the deals! -Famous developers and working projects -Everything is tested, everything works -More details on the site (referal link, Referral program 2% of deposit)
  3. TRUSTPLUS TRUST Trust is built Website Block Explorer / Crawler Contact [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script> SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: X11 45 Second Block Time PoW to 30,599,799 coins Estimated 5.6 Day PoW POS INFORMATION PoS is 18% APR PoS to 250,000,000 coins Interest starts after 8 Hours Interest stops after 30 Days BLOCK REWARDS 2 to 50 = 1 51 to 100 = 50 101 to 200 = 100 201 to 400 = 200 401 to 800 = 400 801 to 1600 = 800 1601 to 3200 = 1600 3201 to 6400 = 3200 6401... 12800 = 6400 PREMINE 1,800,000 TRUST split between two devs. All Coins have been distributed. STATS / RANKINGS DOWNLOADS Windows MacOS Linux Android Raspberry Pi (with block chain loaded.) Source Code Sample trustplus.conf server=1 daemon=1 listen=1 rpcuser=MitchellMint rpcpassword=TwoYearsold rpcport=36998 port=36999 maxconnections=8 rpcconnect= PORTS RPC Port: 36998 P2P Port: 36999 POOLS PoS coin... please buy and start staking. EXCHANGES SOCIAL Twitter Facebook Reddit IRC LinkedIN VKontakte SERVICES / OTHER We encourage people to mine and use profits to buy Trust at Our coin is active with many different coins. We use the coins we earn durring launch to PoS (Mint) more coins. We have a GPU farm capable of 800M X11 Hash and soon 1T SHA256 using Solar Power. Our PoS is done on RPi, and we encourage others to Vault all their coins on RPi's. You can buy our hardware at
  4. Why do people trust Bitcoin? Much of the confidence in Bitcoin derives from the fact that he does not require any confidence. Bitcoin's source code is fully open, and the network is completely decentralized. This means that anyone has access to the full source code at any time.
  5. If you need evidence that bitcoin mania is getting extreme, look at the lone investment vehicle available to institutional investors. Grayscale Investments’ Bitcoin Investment Trust, which trades over-the-counter in the U.S. and offers direct exposure to bitcoin, surged 85 percent last week, compared with the digital currency’s 17 percent increase. Those gains brought the fund known by its ticker, GBTC, to trade at more than twice its net asset value, the highest premium ever. That has some long-term advocates of the cryptocurrency pausing. “We took some profits on GBTC for the first time since 2015 because its premium to bitcoin became too extreme,” said Cathie Wood, the New York-based chief investment officer at ARK Investment Management, which oversees the first exchange-traded fund with exposure to the virtual currency. “There’s a scarcity value in GBTC because for us and for other investors, to buy an instrument, it has to be a financial security. The only way we can own bitcoin is through GBTC.” Read more
  6. Hope Everyone is well ! Why is it that difficult to be a man of word , especailly in this area of ours which money is anonymous I was bitten last week I sent 0.1 Bitcoin for something and received nothing , Do you have any idea what I should do ? So now I started to buy ad's and mine and I must say I'm happy with the outcome , for sure the interest is much better then if the money is at the bank ! I can recommend these mining sites and Paid adverts in the following which I've tried and I'm very happy although Surveys are very difficult as I'm not from the US I'm from EU (Malta) :-;93d3cfde86e8c6ada0fa24e35a255395 By clicking on these sites you make money and I do something small aswell , they are all free just income it depends on you if you want to invest or not ! Thanks guys
  7. Cointastic offers 1000 - 5000 (Event! Ends 16.05.2016) Satoshis every 10 minutes (up to 30000 Satoshis/Hour!) + 25% Referral System. Secured with SSL & Crypto! Video (found on YouTube) Withdraw Limit You can apply for withdrawing your balance when you reach 0.006 or more BTC! BTC Rules: BTC - You are not allowed to cheat the system in any way -> If we suspect so we may take the right to suspend your account. - Support & Offers ONLY via. Contact Form on Website. - Join Cointastic and have fun! Happy earning Smiley Payout Proofs!
  8. What would make completing payments more fun and frictionless for you personally? Payment solutions play an integral role in the Fintech industry sector these days, and there is a lot of competition. But then again, just developing a new payment method is no guarantee for success, as consumers are looking for different traits. Popularity is just one driving factor, but without fun and trust, none of these payment solutions will gain major traction.
  9. What does a Fintech company have to do to build a trust relationship in your opinion? Trust is an essential part of any business relationship, and something the traditional financial sector lacks by quite a margin. Now that the Fintech revolution is gaining a lot more positive attention from all over the world establishing this trust relationship will be essential to make a significant impact in the financial sector. But how can Fintech startups go about earning and giving confidence to other partners and potential customers?
  10. To many people, it is hard to imagine how either Bitcoin and its underlying distributed ledger technology could be used for other means than financial purposes With so many misconceptions and skepticism surrounding the popular digital currency, it is not hard to see why people’s judgment would be clouded. But it is not all that difficult to see how the blockchain will transform various aspects of life as finance is just the beginning.
  11. BlockTrust is a Certified Crowd Offering Platform and Project Certification service utilizing MultiSig Escrow and ClearingHouse notarization services As Bitcoin and the blockchain technology is becoming more and more mainstream, there has been a steep increase of clones or next generation coins and services that operate on a blockchain. In the last few years, the crypto community has seen an enormous increase in the amount of new blockchain related projects, part of them being various AltCoins. After a large number of so called "scamcoins" and a series of blockchain related project frauds have appeared in the past, seeing the lack of a service that performs a thorough review of an aspiring new blockchain related project, our ambition is to create a service that will provide a secure and state-of-the-art crowd-funding platform that will be able to filter out possible "scams", and certify existing services with a series of very extensive inspections on multiple aspects of the projects code, in order to provide a peace of mind to potential supporters. Whether it is an Initial Public, Coin, or Token Offering, the community longs for a secure way to support blockchain projects with confidence and the start-ups need a reliable way to access those funds. Services Certified Crowd Offering – high end secure software BlockTrust will host Certified Crowd Offerings for interested parties. In order for a Certified Crowd Offering or CCO to be hosted, the developers of the project will need to have their code analyzed and fulfill the personal authentication process requirements, which will provide assurance to future supporters on the legitimacy of the project. Contributions will be stored in a multi-sig wallet and will be released within either specified time intervals in parts or after 1 week of the CCO completion upon confirming that the project has: Operational Blockchain Explorer The project white paper meets BlockTrust requirements. All advertised features promised at launch are fully operational. All funds will be handled with a Multi-Signature wallet in which each party, and a third-party of the dev's choosing will hold a private key. BlockTrust Certification Service BlockTrust Certification is a validation process, where by interested parties with blockchain related projects comply with several steps to confirm the identity of the owners and/or developers of the project, while also reviewing the integrity of the code. Projects that satisfy our validation process will receive a BlockTrust Certificate, verifying the integrity of the project. Personal Authentication Personal Authentication is a verification process, which will provide proof of a developers and/or development teams’ identity. The authentication will have no rating system, while every developer will complete the same process to meet approval standards. This ensures that developers provide accurate and truthful information Authentication process: [li]Email Address, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn account[/li] [li]Telephone number (which will be verified)[/li] [li]Scan or Picture of official government identification, or passport[/li] [li]Notarized Verification Form[/li] [li]Repository access verification with proof of developer login (including “private view only” access for the BlockTrust code review team, and a commit to the repository of a BlockTrust comment string)[/li] [li]Facial verification/interview with the developer, including a brief introduction to his/her project and personal skills, past projects via Google Hangout or Skype (Interview will be uploaded in an Audio and/or Video format to the Site)[/li] All essential information on the project and it’s developers will be notarized through the ClearingHouse protocol on the Viacoin blockchain. All developers that have direct access to the project repository must complete the authentication process. Code Review The blockchain codebase is the core element that controls a large number of its features. BlockTrust believes it is critical that a code of a future currency is extensively reviewed, as well as the wallet along with any features. BlockTrust requires that notable issues are fixed prior to the launch of the CCO. Code reviews on each project will be posted in extensive articles on the project's featured CCO page. BlockTrust is part of the Arch Network, a venture capital network based on the blockchain, developed by the architect Edgar Soares, which funds innovative solutions and real life applications of the blockchain technology. The Arch Network [ARCH] portfolio include;, a designer modular suite that uses smart property through archcoins blockchain technology;, a merged mining multipool using next generation profit switching algorithm;, a crypto currency factory that makes creating digital tokens as easy as owning a domain; and, an altcoin exchange linked to the coin factory Coinry. As part of the Arch Network, BlockTrust will be offering a free multipool service on iHash to any blockchain project crowdfunded at More information coming soon...
  12. This one is coming up fast so, get ready. We are trying to build a crowd in our IRC channel for an Update Conversation today at 11:00 PM GMT. We ask for your help to crowd source, and will payout bounties. We have an IRC Tipbot that will GiveAWay 25K TRUST Rain and Grand prize 25K TRUST Winner The rain is at 11 GMT, you must attend to win. Approved Re-tweets for 50 TRUST ---> Share on your Facebook page for 50 TRUST --->Facebook Event: PLUS ---> Post your TAddy and we can send you some TRUST <random three dice shake odds 1 to 216> Give A Way ends at 11 GMT Today.
  13. TRUSTplus Give-A-Way and Bounties Post your TRUST Address "Taddy" FIRST!!! Then go back and edit to tell us what you did. We will reply to it with our total and a TXid. <Translations Needed - 100 TRUST for each language> Everyone's Wallet address is entered to win 100,000 TRUST, firefly claimed their 50k. Make sure you post your Wallet Address, and your bounty claims. We will respond to each post. This is out of my stash (MitchellMint), not the pre-mine. We are trying to find a way to send our TRUST Pre-Mine coins to the Doctors in the Countries effected by the Ebola Virus. We are going to stop at 150 Wallets or if no one claims Bounties for 6 hours. First and Foremost: Free 50 TRUST, just post your Address. 5000 TRUST SuperNode Bounty: Make a 500 TRUST Supernode: PM me the proof 5000 TRUST Mining Bounty: Mining on PM me the Payout and we will double it up to 5000 TRUST Trade URO, DRK or NEOS for a 10% more TRUST, with a 5000 TRUST cap. 200 TRUST Voting Bounties: Post a reply on Casheer: Post a reply on Cryptsy: Vote us up on Bter: Vote us up on MintPal: Vote for us on hitbtc: Thank Bittrex for adding us, Retweet: 100 TRUST Wallet Bounties: You can start by selecting a Wallet here When you get your new Wallet Address "TAddy" Reply to this post with the address Add your downloaded wallet to your Torrent (use Magnet), please PM me Proof 100 TRUST Facebook Bounties: Facebook Like: Facebook Share on your Page: PM me your Facebook Page 100 TRUST LinkedIN Bounties: Join the Linked In group: Follow the LinkedIN Page: 50 TRUST Twitter Bounties: Follow @TRUSTplus Re-tweet This GIVEAWAY: Re-tweet Im investing in TRUST: Re-tweet an awesome post: Re-tweet our Wallet Location: Re-tweet our TRUST Faucet: Re-tweet our Monday Announcements: Re-tweet of our TrustPlus on CrunchBase: 50 TRUST Reddit Bounties: Write a new article or comment on another: 50 TRUST to follow our GITHUB:
  14. Crypto-P2Pool A site for mining coins,where Everyone's Welcome! Featured coins: 42 Coin Bitcoin Dogecoin GPUcoin Kittehcoin Litecoin USDe Coin ExeCoin Aurora Coin Bells Coin Pool Information: 0% p2pool node fees (Until June 1st, After introduction period 1% Fee will apply) PPLNS payout with vardiff Direct payouts to your wallet without being held by any insecure pool wallet. Clean and organized front end. Sponsored Sites: If you are a coin dev and would like us to host a pool,please contact us. Donations: BTC:15QFbyshdNsH4myLvhaRNotGUFcjJ8Kka3 LTC:Le8ftUfELbavyRoNo2KVNvN9kAQpsvSkbz Copyright © 2014 @CryptoP2Pool