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Found 145 results

  1. Hey, I'm new to GridCoin and do not have the initial GRC needed. Uscore tells you that it will take up to a week. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give 20 or so GRC to me to start mining. I also noticed that there's no thread dedicated to a simple "I need starter coins" type of exchange. I know you can buy them at the exchanges, but with all of the security problems I'm having trouble trusting any of the exchanges atm. So I'm kind of hoping 1. that someone will give me starter GRC and 2. that this thread will become a place for beginners to ask for starter GRC. My address is S4bKZG6UDaYSpGgoTN8HuML9gaBmxjZxdF. Thanks! I'll repay some other beginner once I'm mining.
  2. Gridcoin Startup I'm not sure where to put this but I was wondering if I could please get enough gridcoin to start up a block for solo mining. I really want to do invest mode also but will be saving up enough grid coins earned through bionic solo first. If anyone knows where or could help me get enough coins to start solo bionic and or invest mode I would appreciate it. My GRC: S5QkTrf5zKiq5wwyfjg1ATv21c2jaQZTX6 Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. Pool (beta) This pool is under active development and may have issues/bugs from time to time. However things have been pretty stable and everything, including payments, are working normally. Please leave any issues/bugs you run into here or leave me some feedback! ♥ The front page of the site should have all the info you need to be able to connect to the pool and start researching right away. If anything is unclear or you think something should be added, please let me know! I want to make this as easy as possible! This pool works a little differently then the previous pool. So I will give a brief summary on how it works. Instead of relying on BAM!, I have created my own account manager which will handle attaching the pool's projects to your BOINC client. It will also upload your host information to my database, allowing you to link your host to the pool automatically, you do not have to do anything. I have a script that runs every two hours to pull host RACs from the pool's account on each project. This is then updated in my database and displayed on your profile page. For now payments will be done semi manually, in that, once we stake a block, or once a day, or whenever I feel it should be necessary, I will run a payment script that reads everyone's RAC, compares it to everyone else in the pool and assigns you percents. "Project Percent", which is the percent of your host in that project compared to all other pool members in that project. "Total Percent", which is the percent of your host compared to the entire pool, all projects. Your total percent is now the final percent used against the pool's staking balance. For now, the script crafts a sendmany command that I can use in the wallet's console. (This will be made all automatic once I am happy everything works correctly and is stable) A word about my account manager, this does mean you wont be able to use other managers while using mine, however once you have confirmed your host and projects are showing up on your profile, it would be perfectly fine to stop using the account manager, your RAC is updated independently of the account manager. Just make sure to connect once again if you want to add new projects or change settings. Also, it is possible to research projects on this pool as well as research your own projects. Solo and Pool researching can be done together so long as your wallet is setup to your solo CPID BEFORE you start using the pool. Thank you to everyone on IRC who has helped me test the pool, I wouldn't have been able to get this far without you all. ♥ Pool's CPID: 204d178f9b6d4de25297c99fed0ed860 Projects not currently supported: bitcoin utopia - Pointless without being able to set apps leiden classical - Doesn't support weak auth keys rosetta@home - Doesn't support weak auth keys world community grid - May add in the future yafu - Not accepting new accounts yoyo@home - Doesn't support weak auth keys To-Do: (Updated: Jan 10th, 2016) - Add more info to profile (Last payment date/amount) - Leaderboards and overall pool stats. Updates: (Updated: Jan 10th, 2016) Jan 10th, 2016 - Payments will be sent out more frequently. - New profile/project settings have been added. - Work begins on leaderboards and overall pool stats. Dec 23th, 2015 - First test payment!
  4. Help no reward gridcoin Hi please help Sync wallet staking everyday properly Wallet unblock for staking only I dont have reward since march Magnirude=12, Execute beacon status =succesfull But diagnostics: cpid invalid and verify cpid has rac fail Maybe patient needed becouse magnitude is only 12 This is posible reward once for 6 months with small magnitude?
  5. Gridcoin Research .exe Assertion Failed Hello, I run Windows 7, since I upgraded to the latest Wallet Version, it kept crashing after a few minutes... Since yesterday, it wont start at all, always a Error Message - Assertion Failed. I attach a screenshot of the Error. Every Help is very appreciated! Thx Martin
  6. Project name: Climate Prediction Project category: Physical Science Sponsor: University of Oxford Goals: Climate modelling and prediction Current whitelist status: Whitelisted! SSL quality: NO SSL!! Official website: Team info: Team user rankings: Boincstats link: Server_status link:
  7. How to set gridcoin client to start *and stake* automatically on reboot on windows? My BOINC program runs on system startup, without requiring user-login, on Windows 10. How to get the Gridcoin client to do the same and also to start up in staking mode (wallet unlocked for staking only)? Users on the irc chat suggested this:
  8. Why does gridcoin count go down in the pool mining profile? I noticed this when using I thought the gridcoin count would keep going up as time goes by. But sometimes I found the count goes down. What is the reason behind it? Thanks. Brian
  9. Gridcoin has only 2 Projects? Today, my magnitude went from 60 to Zero. There are only 2 Projects now? Project Name WUs Available WUs In Progress Team RAC Team Users Tn-grid 1,966 42,462 721,333 225 Citizen Science Grid 218 20,530 14,386,460 1221 Gridcoin Hacked? Has this ever happen before, the loss of most all projects, after one supper Block?
  10. Wallet backup is very old; is it possible to recover on fresh Windows install? I forgot to make a fresh backup of my wallet before I wiped my Windows 10 system for a fresh install of Windows 10. My GridCoin wallet is about a year stale, while I had been doing BOINC work and staking GridCoin for most of that time. However, I do have all the GridCoin files available to me in my browsable system backup of the old Windows 10 install. That backup is very recent. Is there simply a list of files I can transfer over to get back to where I was? Or is there at least a relatively simple process to recover? Or have I lost those GridCoins forever?
  11. After some development I have now made my latest Gridcoin Project available. The page is still very much in active development and many of the functions are NOT available yet. The design is not yet fully optimized, but functional. I present to you; --- This page will be a one stop for anyone to track any data on the Gridcoin network. From Blocks and Transaction details to Addresses and CPIDs with Magnitude. I have set this up for optimized uptime possibility with many fail safes to make sure the page reaches as close to 100% uptime without human interaction. It should be a place to be able to rely on. After the last update we are now having many functions for every day usage. Following Functions are running: - Block Details - Transaction Details - Address Details + History - CPID/Magnitude Details + History including Est. Magnitude and Interest - Voting Details - Projects Details - Projects News - Projects WU Status - Historical Graphs for Projects WUs, Magnitude, Wallet Balances etc. - HTTPS Support for the website Planned - My Page; A Place you can track specific addresses and CPIDs. No login required, a unike key will be generated to track changes. - Open API over HTTPS for anyone to request data from; Perfect for Bots and projects that can't run a full wallet. If there is anything specific that anyone would like to see, just give me a shout. ​Donations are greatly appreciated @ SGi9Ap7HcKM7rqHE7CK8tCzJDCgzdDZJj7
  12. why i did'nt have anything in my wallet ? Hello, First of all, sorry for my poor english... I started mining with the 10 days ago and i did'nt have anything in my wallet... Why ?
  13. Project name: LHC@Home Project category: Physical Science Sponsor: CERN Goals: Accelerator Physics Current whitelist status: Whitelisted! SSL quality: T/Mismatch!! Official website: Team info: Team user rankings: Boincstats link: Server_status link:
  14. Project name: Leiden Classical Project category: Earth Sciences Sponsor: Leiden University Goals: Simulations of various molecules and atoms in a classical mechanics environment. In contrast to other projects, Leiden Classical allows volunteers, students and other scientists to submit their personal calculations to the grid. Current whitelist status: Whitelisted! SSL quality: T/Mismatch!! Official website: Team info: Boincstats link: Server_status link:
  15. Problems joining the GridCoin team in BOINC. Hello, Yesterday , as well as today, after I click on "Join This Team", it loads a page with nothing to choose. It's basically a dead end. What do? Regards, K
  16. Simplification of Gridcoin Logo I came across this topic on the GRC subreddit and it was suggested to me in the slack group to post this here as well. A link to the original post: The slack group: So the main idea is that we ought to work on a redesign of the logo and website (simplification and standardization) in order to appeal to a larger audience. While I personally love the design aspects of GRC I agreed that it can be a bit busy at times and I decided to help this idea along. So I submit my current logo designs here for judgment and discussion: The design can be iterated further as far as color and any other small details that everyone agrees should be fixed. (Keep in mind I tried to keep some of the spirit of the original design)
  17. balance is too low hi i need your help please. iam in trouble with gridcoin . i have mined boinc during one year .today i want to earn my one year of mining on gridcoin. the command advertisebeacon do not work because i have only 0.15929 grc my balance is too low i cannot sync to get my coin. thx for your help.
  18. With the new gridcoin client upgrade lost 6 months of coins I have been mining for last whole year. I upgraded the gridcoin client yesterday now I lost all the coins I mined from January of this month till today. I reindexed multiple time and there is none. How do I go back getting them back?
  19. What is Sensor Mining? On it says, "Gridcoin was the first block chain protocol that delivered a working algorithm that equally rewards and cryptographically proves solving BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) hosted work, which can be virtually any kind of distributed computing process (GPU/CPU/Sensor/Etc)." What is Sensor mining? I've never seen this term before. How would I mine GridCoin with a sensor?
  20. Project name: SZTAKI Desktop Grid Project category: Multiple applications Sponsor: SZTAKI, EU FP7 Goals: Mathematics, linguistics, physics, biology related goals. Current whitelist status: Whitelisted! SSL quality: NO SSL!!! Links: Official website: Team info: Team user rankings: Boincstats link:
  21. Gridcoin wallet client not launching Hello, I am running Windows 7 64, and I have installed the gridcoin wallet client from the latest installation file ( I installed it, no problems, but when I launch the wallet, it briefly runs, then it just disappears, the process closes (it's not listed in windows task manager), the icon disappears from the taskbar, and nothing else happens. I have tried running it in safe mode with networking on, and the problem persists. I have tried turning off the antivirus, did not help either. I checked the firewall settings and all permissions are turned on. I have looked in Event Viewer, and as far as I can tell, no event is logged when I try to run the wallet. Help
  22. Seeing Results ??? I have been doing this research for the past year already, on various projects, a majority have been already whitelisted, and I am wondering, how long does it take for this stuff, actually showing you some results? I have this on various devices, on my tablet, on a netbook and a little on my main system. But in all, I also had issues with the actual gridcoin wallet program, not function properly due to certain settings in the configuration settings. The other issue is it not displaying the CPID number, but it has given me in the beginning but no longer displays it. Which brings me to my next issue that when I run the CPID number it always tells me it is invalid, but when I cross reference the numbers they seem to be valid. but look like someone else is benefiting from it besides me. I am starting to think that the gridcoin, bitcoin, all seems to be like a scam, that the little guy really does get the shaft no matter what he tries. Or am I just jumping to conclusions? How soon, should someone see some type of results?
  23. There's a few bloggers in the Gridcoin community that could potentially utilize Steem to potentially draw attention to Gridcoin. What do you think?
  24. Ok, so I think we need to put some of our great minds together and make people more aware of Gridcoin and the science we can contribute with. Making shirts and apparel that are Gridcoin related is a good start I think and thus I have created a shirt on TeeSpring to get this started. The shirt has Pi down to 10 003 digits and has "Gridcoin Rewards Science" on the front and "Join the Science Revolution" on the back. I will use all the possible income from this campaign to support Gridcoin related things, like bounties, project rains, faucets etc. It will all be towards the community in some way. I have no images that are high enough resolutions on that I can use, otherwise I would have added a logo to the shirt as well. It needs to be at least 300 dpi on teespring to work for printing.
  25. GRC Pool

    Gridcoin mining pool.