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Found 12 results

  1. Pump and Dump Bot works with: Yobit, Bittrex, Cryptopia & Poloniex ------------------------------------------------------------------- Video of bot : Free Demo Bot : ------------------------------------------------------------------- The bot includes: AutoTrader Pump and Dump detector AutoTrader & Pump and Dump detector Integration Free Updates on a Bi-Weekly basis ------------------------------------------------------------------- Price: 0.02BTC purchase: or contact me for more information email: Telegram: @cryptopro
  2. [Trade FLASH on Cryptopia today!] [] [DOWNLOAD FLASH QT wallets today!] [] 900,000,000 FLASHcoin supply ( central service) 300,000 MEGAFLASH supply (locked asset on counterparty) PoW (proof of work)/EC (Electoral Consensus) DPOS planned ZERO coin supply emission ZERO supply inflation ZERO dev slush fund ONE FLASH flat TX fee Original ANN BCT thread Whitepaper Easy to use webwallet (iOS & Android under development)] Github FLASHnet Tech Inc. Block Explorer Blockchain Status Charts # we are aware of the coin supply display issue on charts it is being looked at. Blockexplorer does shows 900M coins creation since genesis block. UPDATE for MAR 18 2017 [HOW TO RECEIVE YOUR FLASHCOIN DISTRIBUTION] We are doing distribution of the remaining FLASHCoins accordingly here. go to login to your account or create one if you have not yet done so. click on "My Account" on the menu tab click on "Account Settings" on the menu tab keep current tab open in a new tab go to and login to your counterparty wallet with your recover seed find your wallet address with MEGAFLASH and sign a message with your address copy your wallet address from account and paste into counterparty wallet signature page leave message format on Base 64 Encoded (Bitcoin Core Compatible) click on "Sign" and a signature will appear leave message format on Base 64 Encoded (Bitcoin Core Compatible) click on "Sign" and a signature will appear POST YOUR REQUEST IN THIS THREAD WITH THE FOLLOWING ex. ======================================= COUNTERPARTY ADDRESS ======================================= MESSAGE ======================================= SIGNATURE ======================================= ======================================= 1EJZ8rX1t2VRawX9N5VVV9PSAVkjAs75Cd ======================================= UYrkQdaDLefJGnNn73jJch57juASJVjApt ======================================= IM89SZXKgx5SmXwp0iDviAUSZJLFgRa+gKAjKkPvddN2MDYHVinBFa74gdtliZJ3JxDUtU+TTqYPkjyGyUsBMfk= ======================================= Await for us to verify your signature and your coins will be on the way! Verify Bitcoin signature here! UPDATE for JAN 18 2017 Hi everyone a quick update on everything so far, this week Bittrex has refunded ALL BTC from the crowd-sale. We have now setup the FLASHFIN sale which you can access from Keep in mind this the the last chance for public to participate before EVERYTHING (MEGA and FLASHcoins) is distributed to the FLASHPRE and FLASHFIN holders. to find out more details please visit or SORRY IF YOU ARE FROM USA, if we detect a USA IP, you won't be able to move forward, apologies. direct link to swapbot here if you aren't from USA. Blockchain Charts Block Explorer website News and media MEGAFLASH available on Bittrex now under symbol MEGA You can use any Counterparty compatible wallet for MEGA There are limited time special bonuses and nice surprises for crowdsale participants as well planned to be announced in the near future. Please note MEGAFLASH is a limited quantity digital asset issued on Counterparty and secured by the Bitcoin network. Only 300,000 MEGAFLASH is ever created, exchangeable with Flashcoin at 1:1,000,000 and vice versa. Flashcoin will not be able to trade directly to BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Only 90,000 MEGAFLASH is available on crowdsale. For more detail info please visit Crowdsale Deck TOTAL AMOUNT RAISED PRE-SALE 101,223,444.44 bits pre-sale has ENDED... Pre-Sale Token info on Counterparty Get Pre-Sale Tokens here FLASHPRE tokens will be redeemable for MEGAFLASH at launch at 1,000,000:1 ICO has been added on WHAT IS FLASH? FLASH is a blockchain based platform that enables users and developers to leverage this powerful technology for social media, websites, blogs and e-commerce sites. As easy to use as webmail, FLASH is a great way to introduce your friends to crypto-coins and to build in rewards to your web pages and services. WHAT KIND OF BLOCKCHAIN IS IT? It’s a permissioned blockchain based on litecoin/bitcoin with a number of real time databases that maintain the permissioned state. WHERE DO I GET A WALLET? You can get a wallet right here at CAN I DO ANY MINING. HOW DO YOU PROCESS TRANSACTIONS? You don’t have to worry about mining, we take care of that and do it very efficiently and fast. This saves a lot of electricity and we think it’s better for the environment. Our Whitepaper goes through some of the technical details. WHY SHOULD I BUY SOME COINS IN THE CROWDSALE? You can get free coins right off the site in limited amounts, but maybe you want more coins for a project you’d like to try or maybe you’d like to send bigger gifts to others to incentivize them to help your web site, or just collect a few more for a rainy day. DO I HAVE TO STORE MY COINS IN YOUR ONLINE WALLET? Yes. This is a permissioned private blockchain and doing things this way makes it much easier for beginning users. We don’t actually store your key, we regenerate it from your password when you login. You also have a way to recover your password. We think these are key features to make crypto more user friendly. WHY CAN’T I GET ANY FLASH IF I’M FROM THE U.S.? Regulations in the U.S. are just too difficult for a start up company to include U.S. users, which is why FLASH is based in Canada. To enforce this policy, we have to check your IP address. We’re very sorry and believe us, we would really like to make Flash available everywhere. If you are outside the U.S., we hope you enjoy using FLASH. If you are inside the U.S., we hope things change and we can serve U.S. users. WHAT CAN I DO WITH FLASH? The first thing you can do is get some free coins. Next thing you can do is send some to a friend, then you can go earn some more. Build an application and get even more. WHO IS BEHIND FLASH? The FLASH team is experienced in large scale social media and web sites, as well as crypto currencies. Chris Kitze - Vinh Vo - Jason King - Made in Canada MEGAFLASH currently available in USA thanks to Bittrex
  3. Litedoge hi im just a community member but i think if this coin deserves a little attention it has been through much and we are looking to be relisted back to bittrex if any and everyone could help me get this there thank you
  4. Cryptopia

    Welcome to Cryptopia, your one stop crypto shop. Cryptopia's focus is on a better user experience for crypto-currencies. In order to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone we provide mining pools, marketplace, exchange services and a support framework for each coin listed.
  5. So the news today is that Cryptopia is eliminating several of their base coin markets, including Uno. I've messaged sa_ddam213 & Hex to ask them to consider keeping the Uno markets. The Uno base-markets at Cryptopia have long been plagued with poor liquidity, and some of us here have been working on a plan to help fix this problem. If anyone who trades at Cryptopia would care to, please politely reach out them through their support system and let them know that you would like to see the Uno markets continue there. Tell them the Uno community has a plan to make Uno a more active base market.
  6. Evil coin Always Do Evil Introduction The purpose of this coin is to embrace and inspire evil. FUDers and Trolls are EVIL, so they are welcome here. Pumpers and Dumpers are EVIL, so they are welcome here. Evil coin launched smoothly and wickedly on December 3, 2015 04:00:00 UTC Evil is fun Look for upcoming promotions and more pictures starring our Evil Succubus Bifuri0us! Specifications Coin Name: Evil coin Ticker: EVIL Algo: x11 POS or POW: Both PoS Min Age: 1 Hour PoS Max Age: 720 Hours Mature: 5 Blocks Max Coin Supply: 21024000 PoS: 2 % Block Time: 60 seconds Last PoW Block: 525600 PoS Start after: 525000 Premine: 0 Block 1-525600 x 40 Coins each P2Port: 20001 RPCPort: 20002 Wallets Windows Mac Source (Github) All Releases Web Website: Twitter Mining Pools Lavapit EVIL Pool The Miners Multipool: Block Explorers Iquidus Block Explorer Exchanges Yobit - Trade | Dice | Giveaway Cryptopia - Trade BTC | DOT | LTC | DOGE | FTC | POP | UNO Novaexchange - Trade BTC Trade Satoshi - Trade BTC | LTC | DOGE Faucet Graphic Assets Blood Red EvilCoin Steel EvilCoin Thank You to Tillkoeln for the Coin Giveaway which I have won!
  7. Website New Logo Wallets Social Exchanges Block Explorer / Crawler Mining Pools Contact SPECIFICATIONS Algorithm: Scrypt Block Time: 30 seconds Difficulty Refactor: KGW Max Coins: 100 Billion BLOCK REWARDS 2 test blocks (block 0: 88 NYC and block 1: 907,477 NYC) Block 2-100,000: 1-1,000,000 NYC Block 100,001-200,000: 1-500,000 NYC Block 200,001-300,000: 1-250,000 NYC Block 300,001-400,000: 1-125,000 NYC Block 400,001-500,000: 1-62,500 NYC Block 500,001-600,000: 1-31,250 NYC Block 600,001+: 10,000 NYC Community Donations to Support Development NYC: RWxHkTFLNggTEwaFRmwQZJ2CpoGFRHYH1Q BTC: 1JMoFA4TvMCnXEWhZRn6pd5gTgjgpoGFLc LTC: More info will be added accordingly!
  8. "Your One Stop Crypto Shop" Cryptopia is the land of cryptocurrency for all of your crypto services and needs. Looking for a new beginning or new home for you favorite crypto? Tired of being delisted because of low trade volume? Coin voting at cryptopia offers the community a place to get their favorite crypto listed with a "NO DELIST POLICY"! Sign up, register and submit your coin today. Buy, sell, trade in the open market place. Mine and track your crypto at the click of a button. Exchange and meet new peers in the land of Cryptopia. BUY/SELL/TRADE ​Buy, sell, & trade virtually anything worldwide and pay with your favorite cryptocurrency. marketplace allows you to sell anything from collectibles and art to video games peer to peer for any cryptocurrency available. Free of charge with no transaction fees. Direct transfers allow you to send any amount peer to peer with no fees. MINESHAFT The cryptopia mineshaft has 76 pools with 7 different algorithms and a profit switching pool. Mine one of the top 5 pools on crytopia or point your hash power to one of the featured pools. Whatever you crypto heart desires, let fulfill it. BLOCK EXPLORERS All transaction and blocks can be viewed with block explorers. Are you looking for nodes to sync your personal wallet client? Cryptopias block explorers offer node info for all cryptos available on the site. Rich list and last block info will also be available. EXCHANGE Need a quick and easy way to convert your crypto to btc, ltc, doge, dot or another cryptocurrency? Cryptopias exchange has 968 markets with 8 market pairs to choose from.
  9. Cryptopia Your One Stop Hub for CryptoCurrencies Mining, Trading, a Market Place, Games and More Even Has An Entire POP Market! Click Here!
  10. 020LondonCoin (O2O), 020LondonCoin, formerly known as o2o, has been re-branded for London England as “020LondonCoin”. o2o had originally started out a novelty-coin by its developer for, “online-to-offline” functionality. As the coin was nearing deaths’ door; a group of people came together to form a dedicated team, that breathed new life into o2o. Now, with future plans in mind, the team is striving to develop a strong community with a secure&reliable usability of 020LondonCoin; as a means to better the e-commerce inside of London and around the globe. Advantages: International, we can purchase all O2O services with O2O coins. Fast, the configuration only needs 1 minute.* (Blockchain download will take longer) Dedicated development team and investors looking to see this coin succeed! Old coin/New life, NOT A NEW COIN! ======Introduction====== [O2O] 020Londoncoin Quark, CPU/GPU-only, Large amount, Working on integration with London's markets =========how specification============= Algorithm: Quark Type: POW (in the process of integrating POS into the coin for when it finishes POW) Target of maintaining approximately 140 Billion 020London coins in first year and 200 Billion 020London coins in circulation. Block Time: 60 Seconds however due to the difficulty this may vary slightly (Something that is being worked on since rebranding) Difficulty Retarget Time: 2 hours Premine: 1.5% (for server cost, developing bountray and giveaway coins) As a takeover and rebrand there is no premine on our end as we are reviving a coin... Initially the coin had a 1.5% Premine by the original developers. RPC port: 21720 P2P port: 21721 ========= Block reward strategy: Block 1 - 72000: 1000000 O2Ocoin Reward Block 72001 - 144000: 500000 O2Ocoin Reward Block 144001 - 216000: 250000 O2Ocoin Reward Block 216001 - 288000: 125000 O2Ocoin Reward Block 288001 - 360000: 62500 O2Ocoin Reward Block 360001 - 432000: 31250 O2Ocoin Reward Block 432001 - 504000: 15625 O2Ocoin Reward Block 504001+: 10000 020Londoncoin Reward - This is the current block reward now. Halving is completed. =======website========== Website: ======wallet download========= Windows Wallet is currently available (Mac and Linux to follow suit in the next few days) Here is a pic: Source Code: (SOURCE IS UP! SORRY FOR THE DELAY! The wallet will also be updated shortly to reflect the changes made) BLOCKCHAIN/BOOTSTRAP: =====Mining pools(NEW! 06/28/2015)====== =====Block Explorer(NEW! 06/28/2015)====== =====Exchanges======= 020Londoncoin [O2O] has a permanent home on (Thank you everyone at cryptopia) =======Wallet configuration for Solo mining====== Option 1. Download the new config file instead of manually creating it, Option 2. Put this content into 020londoncoin.conf file and move them into the directory as show below. Code: rpcuser=USER rpcpassword=PASSWD rpcallowip=*.*.*.* rpcport=21720 port=21721 daemon=1 server=1 listen=1 genproclimit=-1 maxconnections=80 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= The configure file is at: for Mac os, "~/Library/Application\ Support/020Londoncoin/020Londoncoin.conf", for Windows 7/8, "C:/Users/your_user_name/AppData/Roaming/020Londoncoin/020Londoncoin.conf", for Linux, "~/.020Londoncoin/020Londoncoin.conf". Please pay attention to replace "user" and "passwd" with your own.
  11. Marketplace for Amateur Radio with HamRadioCoin! & HamRadioCoin staff is happy to announce a big news! By partnering with Cryptopia, radio amateurs can now buy and sell parts of the world amateur radio using directly HamRadioCoin as currency. The online market can be used from the following link (short for convenience): Cryptopia well as having the market for items HAM is also an exchange of digital currencies where you obviously can buy and sell HamRadioCoin and even mine them by the pool inside. Today radio amateurs have a new service for them! A special thanks to Garmin, our co-founder, for this work with Cryptopia!
  12. DOTCOIN DOT Website Block Explorer / Crawler MineManiac DOT Block Explorer Contact SPECIFICATIONS Scrypt Algo - PoW 500 Coin initial block reward Halves every 890000 blocks 30 Second Block Spacing Total of 890,000,000 Dotcoins DOWNLOADS Windows Mac Source Code Cryptopia GitHub Sample dotcoin.conf rpcuser=username rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=19746 port=19745 gen=0 server=1 PORTS RPC Port: 19746 P2P Port: 19745 POOLS Cryptopia DOT Pool EXCHANGES Cryptopia DOT Exchange SOCIAL Twitter Cryptopia Twitter Dotcoin Twitter Facebook None Available. SERVICES / OTHER WebWallet Cryptopia [ANN] Thread