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Found 31 results

  1. [ANN][ACC] AdCoin - Digital Advertising Currency NEW COIN: AdCoin (ACC) ADCOIN WEBSITE · FACEBOOK · TWITTER · SLACK · GITHUB · TELEGRAM · MINING POOL · EXPLORER What is AdCoin? Advertising in regular currency is cost intensive and publishers are just getting paid a few pennies a click. By introducing AdCoin cryptocurrency both parties can profit and save costs at the same time using AdCoin's potential. Giving real value to the online marketing world AdCoin is primarly founded by people with economic and finance backgrounds. We create value with AdCoin by partnering up with advertising platforms, which will represent a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mille (CPM) value based on the current AdCoin value. Pre-mine: different from others! We pre-mined 70 percent of the total market cap of 100 million AdCoins. Sixty percent of the pre-mined coins will be distributed to AdCoin advertising partners, which will represent a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-mille (CPM) value based on the current AdCoin value. The other 10% is distributed in 4 equal sized wallets and will be used to further develop and market AdCoin as a currency. All wallets containing pre-mined coins will be posted for full transparency. Crypto Info Algorithm Scrypt Type PoW RPC port 19500 P2P port 19499 Block reward 25 coins Block halving 600000 blocks Total coin supply 100000000 coins Coinbase maturityt 20 blocks Target spacing 5 minutes Target timespan 10 minutes Transaction confirmations 6 blocks Seednodes & Wallets Windows wallet: Linux wallet: Pools We are currently supported by the following pools: AdCoin "-o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet> -p x" 0% pool fee, payout every 30 minutes with no coin minimum for payout after block is confirmed (6 blocks) OnePool "-o stratum+tcp:// -u <wallet> -p x" 1% pool fee, payout every 10 minutes with 1 coin minimum for payout after block is confirmed Explorer Exchanges We are currently listed on the following exchange(s): CoinsMarkets Social Twitter Facebook Roadmap March 10, 2017 Started development. April 1, 2017 First meetings with interested parties (advertisement agencies). July 1, 2017 Completed setting up infrastructure. July 5, 2017 Pre-mined and launch. July 14, 2017 Introducing AdCoin the public and sending applications to trading and exchange platforms. July, 2017 Blockchain Explorer available. August 1, 2017 First collaboration with advertising platform. October, 2017 Launching mobile wallets. > October, 2017 To be determined. Contact Contact us through slack: Or email us at PRESSRELEASE_2172017.pdf
  2. Eternal advertising banners for ETH Analog of "MillionDollarHomepage" with the using of the cryptocurrency. Get your piece of internet blockchain era! 0.64 ETH per block on
  3. Gridcoin Branding Update - #1 Hey all, I've recently posted an update over on Steemit highlighting the great work currently going on in the #branding channel on Slack in the hopes of gathering wider community feedback. Please feel free to check it out and provide feedback - either on Steemit itself, or through the comments here: Gridcoin Branding Update - #1 It is my hope that this branding update forms the first part of a weekly series on current branding developments. With this being my first foray into Steemit as well, I welcome any feedback on the format, presentation or on content you'd like to see in future episodes! Josh
  4. MetaX

    UNLOCKING THE BLOCKCHAIN FOR DIGITAL ADVERTISING MetaX is dedicated to building blockchain-based protocols and decentralized applications for the digital advertising industry

    Welcome! RushBitcoin offers the perfect solution for both advertisers to boost views/likes and sales in extremely reasonable conditions, as well as for internet-friendly users who like to earn bitcoin online, fast and simple!
  6. BasicAttentionToken BAT Website Whitepaper The Challenge Digital advertising is overrun by middlemen, trackers and fraud. Users are abused. Up to 50% of the average user’s mobile data is for ads and trackers, costing as much as $23 a month. Ads use about 5 seconds of mobile load time on average. Ads decrease phone battery life by as much as 21%. Privacy is violated when large media sites host up to 70 trackers. Malware (malvertisements, ransom-ware) is up 132% in one year. Blockchain Digital Advertising. Introducing a decentralized, transparent digital ad exchange based on Ethereum Blockchain. Stage 1: Brave Browser Brave is a fast, open source, privacy-focused browser that blocks malvertisements, trackers, and contains a ledger system that anonymously captures user attention to accurately reward publishers. Stage 2: Basic Attention Token The Basic Attention Token can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on the Brave platform, as it is exchanged between publishers, advertisers and users. The token’s utility is derived from — or denominated by — user attention. Attention is really just focused mental engagement — on an advertisement, in this case. Stages 1 + 2 = A New Deal The Brave browser knows where users spend their time, making it the perfect tool to calculate and reward publishers with BATs. This service creates a transparent and efficient Blockchain-based digital advertising market. Publishers receive more revenue because middlemen and fraud are reduced. Users, who opt in, receive fewer but better targeted ads that are less prone to malware. And advertisers get better data on their spending. How It Works The Brave browser anonymously monitors user attention, then rewards publishers accordingly with BATs. Measuring Attention Attention is measured as viewed for content and ads only in the browser’s active tab in real time. The Attention Value for the ad will be calculated based on incremental duration and pixels in view in proportion to relevant content, prior to any direct engagement with the ad. We will define further anonymous cost-per-action models as the system develops. Ads are then anonymously matched with customer interests using local machine learning algorithms. This means less irrelevant ads. Brave will work with publishers and advertisers to establish best practices for judging user attention. One potential metric: the number of total views of advertising content for a certain number of seconds. Or, points assigned on the length of a view. Who Gets What? Users viewing ads will be rewarded with BATs. BATs can be used for premium content or services on the Brave platform. Publishers will, as part of this service, receive the lion’s share of the total ad revenue spend. We anticipate the users will also donate back some tokens to the publishers, increasing their revenue. More Privacy, Less Fraud Users’ privacy is protected through the use of the ANONIZE algorithm. And ad fraud will be prevented or reduced by publication of source code and cryptographically secure transactions. Parts of the Solution are Code Complete Much of the infrastructure required to deploy BAT at the back end is “code complete,” meaning it’s currently in place and being used to distribute donations to publishers based on customer attention. This code will be leveraged to deploy BAT as soon as possible.
  7. Digital advertising is broken. It is a market filled with middlemen and fraudsters, hurting users, publishers and advertisers. The Basic Attention Token (BAT) was developed to address this. BAT, an ERC20 token built on top of Ethereum, will be the token of utility in a new, decentralized, open source and efficient blockchain-based digital advertising platform. In the ecosystem, advertisers will give publishers BATs based on the measured attention of users. Users will also receive some BATs for participating. They can donate them back to publishers or use them on the platform. This transparent system keeps user data private while delivering fewer but more relevant ads. Publishers experience less fraud while increasing their percentage of rewards. And advertisers get better reporting and performance. The first part of the solution, the Brave browser, is already operational. Brave is a fast, open source, privacy-focused browser that blocks ads and trackers, and contains a ledger system that anonymously measures user attention aggregate to accurately reward publishers. The next step is introducing BAT.
  8. Portal Hello. We want introduce portal Prototype new version. Is such a development necessary?
  9. Qchain

    The next generation of web advertising and analytics. Qchain is a decentralized advertising and analytics platform built on blockchain technology for flexible and efficient transactions between advertisers and publishers. We offer an open and transparent solution for encoding cost-per-click and cost-per-impression transactions in trustless smart contracts.
  10. is manual traffic exchange where members earn credits by viewing others website and in return they can advertise their websites for free. Also they earn upto 10 satoshi for each website surf. Not only that, members will also earn up to 50% Referral earning even if their referrals click, upgrade or purchase credits. Special Point system: Points system is just like a pool system. The whole revenue of is shared with members according to the points they have. SIGN UP HERE Proof Of Payout:
  11. Dear Gridcoiners, we have been contacted by Elissa via Facebook to talk about a cooperation with the browsergame . I think it is a great chance to get in touch with a new commmunity and activate new channels of distributing our idea of what cryptocurrency should look like. The facts so far: We are talking about a one time payment of 1000 GRC. Here is the chatlog: I am not asking of whether we should take this chance, I will donate the 1000 GRC myself, but maybe we find other possibilities for cooperation, like a steady stream of GRC flowing to their users. Maybe a kind of ingame currency? I am just swapping around ideas. Kind Regards, Quez
  12. AdsCash,worlds first secure and decentralized currency for the advertising industry Launching the 24 March 2017 Name of the Coin= ADSCASH Symbol= ADS Estimated Total Adscash coin= 168150937.5 AdsCash Foundation= 3 million coins premined. Number of years in which Adscash will be mined=3 Years Time period in which reward for mining become half= 0.25 years Time in which new block is mined or created= 12 seconds. Smallest unit of Coin= 2 places of decimals. Algorithm for Hashing= Dagger-Hashimoto Register here to win 100 ADS ! After been registered you can access to : -online adscash wallet increased of your first 100 ADS -read, download presentation and whitepaper -marketing tool to manage your referral link, banner and mail ADSCASH Presentation ADSCASH Whitepaper I'm not the dev of this cryptocurrency but i found the idea pretty interresting, the website seem to be of quality and they use ethereum smart contract for the coming ICO. For tansparency the link on this page are my referral link, you're free to use it or not for your registration.
  13. (Not an admin) New Bitcoin revenue sharing start will launch on March 04, 2017 . "AdsCrypto is a Global and Digital Advertising Platform which delivers very thigh quality targeted traffic to your online advertisement needs. If you an online entrepreneur or marketer looking for leads and sales generation for your online offline programs, products; Look no further, AdsCrypto is the solution! We also offer cryptocurrency based revenue sharing platform on advt pack purchases which benefits you as a reward. The advertising plans are prepared with lots of calculations in view of long term sustainability to the site with stable and productive earnings to its members. High quality traffic sources and residual earnings this site can offer you. " 1) Only Bitcoins accepted 2) Sharing rewards upto 125% 3) stable outside income source (crypto trading will be used to generate up to 80% of revenue ) 4) 5% referral commission on cash purchases 5) 2.4X max withdraw limit Future plans 6) earn as a free member from cash links (50% sponsor bonus) Highlights: * 100% Bitcoin RevShare * A Rev Share where inflows is greater than outflows * A Rev Share with perception "It's not late to join" * A Rev share with Mathematically proven stable plans * Member to Member Balance Transfer * Commission, Repurchase and Earning Balance Withdrawable * Internal Revenue Source from all types of Advertising * External Revenue Source from Crypto Currency Trading with Pool of Experienced Bitcoin and Altcoin Traders * 2nd Phase: Integration of Cash Link Ads, Solo Ads, Rotator Ads, Advt pack purchase Ads, Withdraw Ads, Logout Ads, Affiliate Programs, Google AdSense, * * * Currency Exchanges * Live Chat Support Offers For Advertisers * Affordable and Quality Advertising Packages * 24/7 Live, Round-the-clock visibility * Targeted, Guaranteed High Quality and Quick Traffic * Traffic from External Sources * Tailor made Advertising Packages Offers For Members * Up to 125% activity rewards on advt pack positions with quality crypto currency user traffic * 5% Referral Commission on Cash Deposits * 0.01 BTC Minimum Deposit and No Max limit * 0.01 BTC Minimum Cash Out and 0.25 BTC Max Cash Out Per Day (Mon-Fri) * Fast Payouts (Auto / Manual) * Earnings from Cash Link Ads, PTC Ads * No Repurchase Rule - Members can withdraw or compound all their Earnings * Daily Revenue Share from advt packs starts at 1.5% up to 2.5% * 240% Withdrawal Limit on Total Cash Deposits (2.4X) Member Tools: * URL Rotator * URL Shortener Ad Pack Costst Ad pack 1: 0.006BTC Ad pack 2: 0.012BTC Ad pack 3: 0.024BTC Ad pack 1: 0.036BTC JOIN ADSCRYPTO IN PRELAUNCH HERE
  14. The Advertising Engine To Drive Marketing Into the Future A new approach to marketing called Programmatic advertising helps automate the decision-making process of media buying by targeting specific audiences and demographics. Programmatic ads are placed using artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) for online display, social media advertising, mobile and video campaigns, and is expanding to traditional TV advertising marketplaces. Nearly all stakeholders including strategists, planners, buyers and operational teams across the digital ecosystem are embracing programmatic advertising and building on its potential for value creation. With only 13% of advertisers, 8% of publishers and 7% of media agencies claiming that they are not using programmatic technology, the study shows that almost everybody in the industry is now deploying some form of programmatic advertising. hubDSP is a demand-side platform (DSP), system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through one interface. Real-time bidding for displaying online advertising takes place within the ad exchanges, and by utilizing a DSP, marketers can manage their bids for the banners and the pricing for the data that they are layering on to target their audiences. What’s more, hubDSP is the first demand-side platform giving a special focus and attention to the crypto advertisers and their ever increasing in size audience, demand-side platform - is the new word in crypto-advertising. HubDSP helps you, the advertiser to earn more, with less cost! Feel free to ask us in this topic! Follow us for latest news and updates Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn
  15. Speaking of which, instead of advertising, pixel “owners” can set their own prices if they are looking to resell their spots. As more advertising space is sold, the demand for pixels may continue to go up. That would be an opportune time to sell some remaining pixels, and eventually make a profit while doing so. This platform creates quite an attractive investment model that embraces decentralized technology at every turn.
  16. Promoplugs automates your Twitter Bounties. You define Actions. It verifies users, records actions, and exports a report for easy payout! Features Records a coin address for all completed twitter actions (Follow, Tweet, Retweet) Exportable payment report of coin addresses for easy payouts Control your message! You define exactly what each Tweet should say, or what tweet to Retweet. Set a Required Follower Count Filter out fake accounts using various Authentication Techniques Offers a Simplified, Professional user experience for Bounty participants All actions can be completed from one page, just one button click each! This increases Participation! Viral Twitter Bounties can now go Viral! Simply make one of your actions tweet a link to the Bounty homepage. How it works Fill out a simple form Share a link to the Bounty to your Community[/li] Bounty Participants visit link and get Authenticated Bounty Participants Click a button for each action Export Bounty Particpant Report and Payout Coins! PromoPlugs Homepage: PromoPlugs Example Campaign: Our first Campaign is coming to a close tonight, and it was a major success with over 864 Actions completed! CBX gained around 300 new followers, and had around 600 new tweets/retweets from our campaign! Great exposure!
  17. Bitcoin super-team creates MASS: Blockchain-based solution to online advertising inequity Consumer disaffection with irrelevant and obtrusive ads has resulted in the rapid growth of ad-blocker adoption.This fact is making data-tracking nearly useless and threatens the entire online advertising business model as a result. The industry’s current solution is an arms race of anti-blockers versus anti-anti-blockers and in some cases alliances with the ad-blockers, themselves. This inefficient counter-productivity inevitably leads to a dead-end. To solve this problem, ad industry and Blockchain experts have combined efforts to create The Mass Network—a Blockchain-based solution aimed at fixing the imbalance of power between the online advertising industry and internet users who unwittingly provide the ad machine its revenue source: data. Mass users benefit from contributions by Colu (assets protocol) and Mycelium (wallet component). Two other top Bitcoin giants are also in talks about how they can best contribute to Mass. The Mass proposition is to exchange this wasteful battle for a mutually beneficial, proactive commerce by creating a Blockchain-based marketplace for consumers, webmasters, and data management platforms. Here, the industry pays a fair, market-determined rate to users for their data and attention. This voluntarily provided user information exchanged for compensation presents truly valuable data to the industry when compared to the current ill-gotten and often misinterpreted data harvested at present. To power this network and to create a stable method of exchange Mass will release Mass Coin to the public via a one-time only offering. Once live, average internet users within the system will be paid Mass Coin in exchange for their attention. Mass Coin lives on the Blockchain. It has the same transparency, fluidity, and security of Bitcoin without the dramatic price volatility. Mass paves a way to the monetization of our everyday online experience while improving consumers’ attitudes toward brands, publishers and making advertising more efficient to the benefit of all parties involved. In a world where people's lives are becoming more and more digitized Mass provides a safeguard from exploitation by improving access, integrity, and trust. To learn more please visit
  18. Cryptocointalk ADVERTISING Cryptocointalk welcomes any advertiser who wishes to purchase advertising space on Cryptocointalk doesn't endorse any advertiser. Expose your quality products and services to Cryptocointalk's large audience today! INQUIRY Please use the links below to contact the Jimmy about pricing and availability. Ad spots are limited. When contacting please include: State what ad space your interested in. Total time you want to run the ad. Number of spaces you want. PM: Email: cryptocointalk [at] DETAILS Banner only ads (JPG / PNG). Ads must run for 1 month or longer. Weekly ads have been discontinued. Most ad spaces rotate between advertisers. You can bid on multiple spots. Four ad zones to choose from: Under Chatbox, Under first post on every thread page, Above reply on every thread page, and Sidebar. Unlimited clicks / impressions. Flexible running times. Main site only. Not displayed on the mobile website at this time. Cryptocointalk reserves the right to refuse / reject any ad or advertiser. Once payment is received the ad will start running. NOT INTERESTED IN ANY TRADES AT THIS TIME. PROHIBITED ADS Hardcore Porn / Pornography NSFW Forums dealing with anything crypto related. Malware / Virus websites. Illegal File Sharing websites. Anything that violates the existing site rules. Any website related to recreational drug use but not sites which are promoting a drug cause, movement, or political viewpoint. Any website which promotes violence. AD ZONES Each Ad Zone has 10 Ad Slots. Meaning there will be a total of 10 ads per ad zone. 1. MAIN PAGE BELOW CHATBOX The main page below chatbox banner consists of 10 ad spaces which rotate between the 10 advertisers. SIZE: 728 x 90 FORMAT: PNG or JPG 2. BELOW FIRST POST ON ALL THREAD PAGES The below first post on all thread pages consists of 10 ad spaces which rotate between the 10 advertisers on every thread / post page. SIZE: 728 x 90 FORMAT: PNG or JPG 3. SIDE BAR BOX The side bar box consists of 10 ad spaces which rotate between advertisers. The side bar boxes are located below the information on the right sidebar. The sidebar only appears on the main page of SIZE: 240 x 400 FORMAT: PNG or JPG 4. ABOVE REPLY ON ALL THREAD PAGES The above reply on all thread pages consists of 10 ad spaces which rotate between the 10 advertisers on every thread / post page. SIZE: 728 x 90 FORMAT: PNG or JPG 5. ABOVE THREADS ON ALL TOPIC PAGES The above threads on all topic pages consists of 10 ad spaces which rotate between the 10 advertisers on every thread / post page. SIZE: 728 x 90 FORMAT: PNG or JPG 6. BELOW THREADS ON ALL TOPIC PAGES The below threads on all topic pages consists of 10 ad spaces which rotate between the 10 advertisers on every thread / post page. SIZE: 728 x 90 FORMAT: PNG or JPG 7. CUSTOM AD SPOTS Custom ad spots are available for a premium price. Please contact me for details. Custom ads will be created at my discretion depending on the spot, size, price offered, etc. DISCLAIMERS / NOTES / RULES All ad spaces are non-refundable once payment is made. Ads which link to virus / malware / illegal websites will be removed and advertiser will not be refunded the cost of the ad. Cryptocointalk doesn't endorse any ads which run on this website. CRYPTOCOINTALK IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DOWNTIME. Refunds will not be issued for site downtime do to DDoS attacks, Server downtime, Server issues which take the site offline, etc. Though, I will try to add additional time if there is an issue. Ads placed, on, for organizations which are terminated, cease to exist / operate / function, are offline, run scams, are closing their business / organization, etc will be terminated without notice or refund. If an organization is closing for a period of time, but expects to resume operation at a later date, please contact us about receiving a credit for future ads. VIRUS / MALWARE NOTICE Any ad link which points to a virus, malware, phishing, Google flagged, etc. will be removed without refund.
  19. Hi all, I wonder what we can do to advertise gridcoin? I've been using Boinc (on and off) for a decade and i saw reference to gridcoin by accident, I mean not a real advert. And month later i am hooked! I live in Israel and i bought and also opened a local Facebook page in Hebrew. I've been looking at the stats ( and i wonder if there is a way to send messages and invates through the stats websites? All the users are listed anyway. As desktop's are rare in our days i think that Boinc projects are suffering, gridcoin is a great opportunity for everybody to gain. Any ideas? Daniel
  20. RaiBlocks is working to help content creators increase revenue by letting creators remove ads for a visitor in exchange for a direct micropayment. By removing the overhead and annoyance of web advertisements they can offer a better user experience while also increasing revenue. Try a live demo: Why RaiBlocks? No fees: The RaiBlocks network has no notion of fees. Low latency: Transactions are natively processed instantly giving a responsive experience. Scalability: Micropayments require a system capable of significant scalability Simplicity: Users have a simple experience without technical jargon. Follow us on Twitter: @raiblocks
  21. Brave, a new open source internet browser, was made to compete with the likes of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, but does away with the existing advertising economy, replacing it with a new one that works quite differently, running on Bitcoin. “The new Brave browser blocks all the greed and ugliness on the Web that slows you down and invades your privacy. Then we put clean ads back, to fund website owners and Brave users alike. Users can spend their funds to go ad-free on their favorite sites.“ - Brave Software Brave co-founder, Brendan Eich, wrote JavaScript for the Netscape Navigator Web browser in April 1995, while working at Netscape Communications. He went on to co-found the Mozilla project, the Mozilla Foundation, and the Mozilla Corporation, serving as the chief technical officer and CEO. He currently serves as Brave Softwares CEO and president. Read More
  22. I've created a button for whitelisted BOINC projects to add to their websites. Projects that add this icon to their website show their support for Gridcoin. Here are some of the current examples: If anyone has better ideas for a better button, please do post! Once we decide on a good button, we should try to get all whitelisted BOINC projects to add this to their site. This will provide continuous advertising for Gridcoin. Thoughts?
  23. Crypto PTC Crypto PTC is a new PTC website that uses HTML5 as it's currency of choice. Advertisers can place their ads at a price of their choosing and Viewers can get paid for viewing these ads. For a limited time Crypto PTC is offering 10 free ad links to users. All you have to do is post the link you want advertised below. This giveaway will function on a first come first serve basis. NSFW links will not be accepted, please keep it PG-13. It would be appreciated if you would register on the site and click some ads but it is not necessary to receive your free ad space. Visit Today, Spots; 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  24. Promote your referral links on top network ad spaces within the cryptocurrency industry for FREE! This faucet allows you to claim free network advertising credits, once every day. All you need to do is click on the Claim now button and complete a captcha to confirm that you are human. Your free network advertising credits will then be added to your account balance so you can use them to promote your faucets links, websites etc, displaying your ads on the most visited websites from the network ad spaces . Possible claim amounts: 5,000 satoshi 10,000 satoshi 100,000 satoshi (* 5,000 satoshi is the minimum amount required for a 5 day network campaign) Claim Your Credits Now Additionally, you can earn 50% lifetime commission for any new accounts that you refer. P.S. If you'll like to give me credit for sharing this information, please signup using my link.
  25. Backpage hosts online classifieds, much like the ever popular Craiglist, and is the second largest provider of this service in the US. On the site people buy and sell items such as furniture, cars and other items. However, the site has come under fire for its adult service section. The site became the market leader in adult service advertising after Craigslist was pressed into shutting down its adult division in 2010. Backpage became the new go-to for the sex trade, and it did not go unnoticed. Read the full article on BNC News here