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  1. Introduction to Pesobit The Pesobit can be transferred much faster than Bitcoin. You can transfer Pesobit within seconds to one minute, while for Bitcoin any simple or small transfer can take as much as an hour - Bitcoin is being mined using a high cost and wasteful algorithm, Pesobit uses PoS which incurs no waste in electricity. Pesobit offers a faster and cheaper alternative which means that users will get the most out of their money. In addition, they are providing the use of Bitcoin are private companies that are in it for the benefit which is unlike Pesobit. Pesobit has its inflation rate set to 5% per year, which means there will be some new coin that are regularly produced at a low rate of 5% per year. These new coins can even be produced or created by simply keeping your Pesobit in their virtual wallets. You can increase your Pesobits simply keeping your wallet connected, unlocked and online. Pesobit is a coin created with many purposes in mind ... Remittances, freelancing and electronic commerce, while at the same time retaining the normal features of all altcoins trading, and the international community can participate fully at all levels with Pesobit. Pesobit is being created with the objective of maintaining a strong demand, this demand will be coming from the many services that will accept PSB as payment. Also a good trading volume and a low inflation will help maintaining this strong demand. Specifications POW / PoSP • Algorithm: Scrypt • Last block POW: 10,000 (already mined) • Total POW money offer: 32 millions • 5% inflation • 16 million distributed during the ICO period • 800k for bonuses • 200k Pre-ICO Support • 3 million for bounties, aimed at long term development Web Page Wallet Pesobit Online Wallet Windows Mac OS Linux Wallet Android Wallet Stake Online Online Wallet Online Wallet Account Exchanges Market Pesobit Faucets Http:// Http:// Http:// Block Explorer Coin MarketCap Whitepaper Plans Completed Webwallet Block Explorer Windows, Mac and Linux wallets Online staking via poswallet Marketplace Own online staking platform Mobile wallet Pesobit to Philippine Peso conversion site Pesobit Remittance website Plans Pending Pesobit Freelance website Online APIs eCommerce shopping cart payment modules Mobile wallet upgrade to integrate with Social Networking Slack Channel (PM me your email address for invite) Team Pesobit Translation
  2. Website Token Website Facebook Linkedin Whitepaper Terms of Token Sale Our Project Gluon’s platform establishes an interconnected network of vehicles where individuals and businesses can monitor, track, tune, and diagnose the issues on them. Despite recent advances in automotive technologies such as self-parking and self-driving vehicles coupled with the improvement of alternative fuel sources, passenger vehicles have been largely left out of the connectivity discussion. Even with the advent of the Internet of Things, most vehicles today utilize technology to track and report on one vehicle at a time, and only when they are at the repair shop. With Gluon, consumers and fleet managers can connect their vehicles with manufacturers, parts suppliers, and repair shops. They can diagnose their vehicles themselves, order parts, and request bids on repairs. Consumers can tune their vehicles for optimal performance and/or to regulate their use. Repair shops can diagnose vehicles more cost effectively and accurately order the correct parts. They can also promote their shops to new markets. Autoparts distributors can track and distribute parts more efficiently. All of these aforementioned constituents can pay for all this using traditional payment methods and cryptocurrency blockchain payments as well as utilizing GLU Token for rewards and services. Gluon, which has a patent pending, will generate multiple revenue streams including, but not limited to, hardware sales, software subscriptions, advertising, monitoring services, diagnostic services, data services, ecommerce parts sales and blockchain transaction processing. Our Team The team of passionate entrepreneurs and car enthusiasts that make up Gluon has extensive experience in the automotive space. The company’s founders have developed secure, wireless communication devices, payment systems, and cloud servers with banking-level security. They have created and nurtured extensive sales and distribution relationships worldwide. The management team has successfully built and grown several fintech and auto parts distribution businesses with close to $100M exits. Core Team Sameer Misson, CEO is a skilled executive with extensive experience in the automotive industry. He has over a decade of experience in company creation, growth, and strategy optimization. Having worked with start-ups and automotive companies his entire career, he understands the challenges facing the automotive industry and hopes to innovate in order to solve some of them. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and government from the University of California at Davis. He speaks English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Spanish. Hakam Misson, President has over 40 years’ experience creating and growing companies. His companies employ over 100 people worldwide and have generated well over $500M in revenue. Since moving to the United States from India in the 1970s he has become one of the premier entrepreneurs of his generation. Narinder Bajwa, CIO, was CTO and Chief Software Architect at Infonox, a FinTech company specializing in financial payments. He was instrumental in writing Infonox’s payment platform which led to the company’s acquisition by TSYS. He brings his advanced knowledge of banking systems and software to the current secure structure of the Gluon platform. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering and a master’s degree in computer science from the India Institute of Technology. Stuart Hockman, COO. A pioneer in the automotive industry, he co-founded Impac, which was acquired by World Wide Trading and then became part of Worldpac until it was acquired by Advance Auto Parts for $2B in 2013. Pran Haran is Director of Hardware Design. He has extensive knowledge of hardware design and applications, particularly in embedded technologies. He has developed several products from early stage to full production release. He has held VP-level positions with companies such as VuCast Media, Agnity, and Smart Embedded Systems. He holds engineering degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, and from Kansas State University. Sumeet Singh, Sr. Technology Director, is a passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced software architect who serves as Gluon’s Senior Technology Director. He specializes in financial transaction processing and payment applications, financial application security, front-end point of sale applications, and back office applications. He was a software architect at Infonox and TSYS and worked on several projects that revolutionized the payment industry. He holds a computer science degree from Visvesvaraya Technological University. Chris Delano, Marketing Director, is an energetic automotive enthusiast with nearly twenty years’ experience in the development of automotive companies. He is also Vice President at iPD, a performance, genuine, and aftermarket parts retailer. He has broad experience in digital and print marketing and a proven track record in customer acquisition. Sandeep Suryavanshi, Technical Director, is a computer engineer specializing in payment technology. Prior to joining Gluon, he managed teams of 50+ engineers at TSYS and began his career at Infonox. He specializes in payment protocols including legacy protocols for ATM machines and online payment solutions. He drew upon his experience as a web console developer to design the backend system for Gluon. He holds advanced degrees in Computer Science and Chemical Engineering. Ben Wardle, GM of European Operations. A global operations executive, he has over a decade of experience managing and heading development. He is founder and managing director of Shark Performance, a successful vehicle tuning company based in the UK with partners and distributors worldwide. Shark Performance provides aftermarket performance hardware and software for Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, and Volvo vehicles. His experience includes running the global operations of several companies and working with both trade and retail customers. Our Advisors Walt Spevak, Financial Advisor, has over 20 years of experience working with start-ups and public companies in both strategic and tactical roles. He has built financial models and cap tables, performed financial analysis, and raised capital. He has also contributed to project management, producing marketing and improving and managing operational processes. Walt holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA in technology marketing and general management from Stanford University. Blaine Laney, Financial Advisor, has been a commercial lender for 36 years. He has developed an extensive referral network for small and medium-sized minority owned businesses that has generated over $130 million in business in less than four years. He is experienced in commercial real estate, trade finance, letters of credit SBA loans, asset-based lending, commercial lines of credit, selling participation loans, and more. He has lived and traveled throughout Asia, and speaks fluent Japanese. He also has some understanding of Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, French, Hindi, Farsi, and Vietnamese. Robert B. Dellenbach, General Counsel. Since 1989, he has represented hundreds of technology, media, and science-related companies as advisor and outside counsel, helping them to articulate and achieve their business objectives while minimizing risk and transaction costs. He specializes in representing technology startups and venture-backed companies in areas such as intellectual property transactions, financing, and mergers and acquisitions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science (summa cum laude) from the University of Utah, studied economics at Harvard University and earned a JD from Stanford Law School, where he specialized in technology, intellectual property, international trade, and venture capital. Stay Tuned! More information, videos, translations to follow!
  3. The Platform for Tokenizing Revenue Streams Pre-sale: OPEN (Contact for details) Automated Buy Contract: Released no later than June 30, 2017 TokenSale Official Launch: July 17, 2017 Website: TokenSale: Whitepaper: Video: (Coming Soon) Ropsten Testnet Demo: (Coming Soon) Front-end Demo: (Coming Soon) Telegram: Slack: What is MyBit? Mybit makes financing and maintaining revenue streams efficient and automatic. How? MyBit gives small investors new access to revenue streams previously reserved for banks and investment funds. With MyBit, anyone can invest -- or raise capital -- from anywhere in the world…peer to peer, seamless, fast, and secure. By commoditizing solar panel installation and other forms of renewable energy, investors and landowners can crowdfund the coming decentralized energy grid. With Mybit, investors get security on their investment, while landowners get access to investors willing to help in exchange for profit. By standardizing and automating setup, sales, and dividends, Mybit takes you one step closer to an equitable economy. The Future Our 5 year goal is to be at the forefront of commoditizing the coming AI economy. Mybit will be Europe's platform tokenizing any automatable or machine infrastructure. And it will be owned by the crowd. Why Decentralized Energy? Since the current energy structure is not sustainable (scalable at speed), it will require decentralized energy solutions. This claim has been validated by many major utility companies who have recently started researching decentralized grids. However, traditional financing models would only enable a small fraction of the population to own / participate in the decentralized solutions. This creates an opportunity where MyBit can provide immense value. Our Approach MyBit commoditizes decentralize energy infrastructure and takes it down to the micro level (99%) - to the people. Benefits of this approach include: a)Removes financial barrier to entry by crowdsourcing the purchase of decentralized grids in exchange for per-usage revenue sharing b)Enables faster access to capital (than traditional financing mechanisms such as bank loans and other debt instruments) c)This creates a highly scalable (at speed) & sustainable energy model Token Model All transactions on the MyBit platform are assessed a 1% network fee which is distributed to token holders based on their percent stake. Types of transactions include: • Investing in Energy, AI infrastructure, and other revenue generating assets: Funding & Revenue Sharing • Peer to Peer trading (buying and selling) of decentralized energy • Machine to machine payments • Trading on Open Exchanges Graphic Explained: Step 1: Someone who desires sustainable infrastructure to be installed on their premise will select the asset they desire, choose the length of time funding should be active for before automatically terminating if the goal is not reached, and the value that needs to be raised will be automatically populated based on cost of hardware, installation, and the recipients location. Step 2: Via the investment portal, investors will be able to review investment opportunities and filter based on location, cost, forecasted future cash flows, depreciation values, total raised, etc. As much information as possible will be provided to aid the investor. By integrating a machine learning algorithm to record and analyze historic data, we believe that over time data insights will become much more intuitive. Investors will send funds to the smart contract governing the share issuance for the asset and will automatically receive ownership units (in the form of a tradable Blockchain token, governed by Ethereum smart contracts). If the amount needed to fund the asset is not achieved prior to the deadline then all funds will be returned to investors and the contract will be terminated. If the amount is reached prior to the deadline, the contract will not accept additional funds and ownership units will be minted and accessible to the investors to hold or trade as they desire. Step 3: All of the funds sent to invest in an asset are held by a smart contract. This completely eliminates counterparty risk. The MyBit platform has no access to these funds, and neither does the person receiving the asset. Upon total value raised, the smart contract will automatically send the funds to the (highly reputable and vetted) hardware manufacturer/installing party responsible for delivery the final product. Step 4:Once the asset is installed or otherwise up and running, investors will begin to profit from revenue distributions. The investors can choose to hold the tokens and continue receiving shares of the profits, or they can liquidate them at any time on the open market. This creates an immensely powerful tool for investing that provides liquidity from day 1. Go to Market Our strategy to bring the MyBit platform to mainstream market begins with pilots in the German market due to their presence as leader in the renewable energy sector. The MyBit platform involves basic partnership agreements with renewable energy hardware providers and utility companies. The partnership requirements are very minimal to facilitate going to market. To accurately determine usage, MyBit will need access to certain data to create oracles to interact with the DApp. To comply with data privacy laws in the European Union (and elsewhere), consumers will need to agree with disclosing data to utilize the MyBit platform as a financing tool. Utility company partnerships require access to their infrastructure to sell electricity back to grids (and in the future for peer to peer transactions). These partnerships are typically already in place between the renewable energy hardware providers and utility companies so we predict minimal circumstances where we will have to enter into partnerships directly with the utility companies. Our current expansion plans are to focus on one national market (or large regional market with major economic-hub) for our first large production deployment. At this time, we can confidently predict it will be in the German market. After the successful roll-out in a large market, we will begin aggressive expansion plans with the help of our advisors, partners, and employees. Markets where we have conducted preliminary research that appear lucrative consist of: Western to Central Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy), Scandinavian region, Western North America (Canada, California, Mexico), Australia, and Northern Africa. We are still conducting research on the Asian-Pacific and Middle-Eastern regions. Business Model For legal structure please see Section 7.1 of the whitepaper The MyBit platform is designed to facilitate and secure the process of investing in decentralized infrastructure, beginning with decentralized power grids. By enabling investors to easily tap into revenue generating assets that have previously proven burdensome or unavailable, MyBit has the potential to disrupt current models that have limited reach, scalability, and a majority of the money flows to the top. Leveling the “playing field” for everyone is predicted to have extraordinarily advantageous economic and social benefits. After a successful deployment of the initial MyBit core application in the decentralized power grid sector, entities from other verticals may elect to contract the MyBit Foundation or to design, build, and deploy additional industry-specific implementations. If the MyBit Foundation is contracted, bids will be accepted by any company that meets the requirements. The Directors of the Foundation will make the final decision of what company or group of companies will be hired to complete the work. If is approached directly, they will assess the project scope and enter into a contract if they can fulfill all requirements. If requires assistance, does not have the manpower (at time of contract), necessary operating cash, or believes they cannot fulfill the entire project scope, they will forward the request to the MyBit Foundation. Revenue from additional implementations or custom projects after the milestones outlined in the crowdfunding terms are completed will be the property of the entity which completed said work. However, this does not mean network participants will not benefit from future functionality updates or industry integrations. Adoption by other industry-verticals resulting from custom integrations, increased ease of use, or functionality components will result in an increase of network users, transactions, and overall usage which in turn results in revenue growth to be distributed among token holders and an appreciation in token value due to the principals of supply and demand. Technology TokenSale Details Details are available on our website or upon request (for pre-sale discounts). Please monitor for updates. Team Advisors Roadmap Social Linkedin: Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Slack Registration: Slack Channel: Youtube: Telegram: Medium: Translations (Will be added as completed) Bounties For full list please look at the following link: Media As seen on: Direct Links:
  4. [ANN] BitDice - Join The ICO Of The Biggest Crowdfunded Casino With 2300Ƀ PROFIT PROSPECTUS (WHITEPAPER) | ICO WEBSITE | CASINO WEBSITE | SLACK The ICO Begins On August 15, 2017
  5. [ANN] MonacoCoin [MCC] [ POW & POS X11] [MASTERNODE] Block explorer Very good new - NovaExchange add MonacoCoin to vote list ! Vote now for MonacoCoin (MCCx) Many donation for complete vote to 250 in novaexchange ! Now MCC ready to exchange in few day to novaexchange Exchange : Vote complete - MCC add to exchange in few day ! Comming soon First Results 1 days after official post (13/08/2017): - On github download : more 200 wallet's download - Networks connection : more 150 new connections - Difficulty : now 19Gh/z (see block explorer) - Block : 26573 (mining start 1 month's ago) - PoolMining : 4 availables - Exchange : novaexchange add vote systeme Many thank's for your support !! The MonacoCoin project is a world first that aims to integrate cryptographic money secure in an environment of real use. The country of Monaco is a perfect ground for the integration of currencies in small-scale businesses. This project wants to know as much as possible the cryptographic currency and especially its potential usable in our financial exchanges of all days. MonacoCoin aims to federate a large number of Monegasque businesses and provide them with smartphone and credit card applications for end users, as well as payment terminals dedicated to Monegasque merchants. The country of Monaco is part of a safe and reliable exchange process to become a forerunner in the field of blockchain-based technologies. The development of physical means of payments will be financed by the valuation of the currency on the markets finance. The developers of MonacoCoin want to propose a powerful system inspired by an already functional base, therefore they decided to modify the latest version of the DashCore in order to launch a first version secure, reliable and easily usable. Afterwards, the evolution of the code will be detached from the Dash code in order to propose these proposals innovations and especially to adapt to the demand and the observations of the users of this currency in the country of Monaco. The MCC project already has more than 40 servers distributed worldwide with more than 25,000 block already generating A tutorial and technical support are available for technical questions to the masternodes start. English - To thank the contributors of the network, donors will receive (in addition to the 1000 MCC) free VIP entries to the future Cryptography Fair to be held in March 2018 in the Monaco area. ROAD MAP: - Writing ideas - September 2016 - Creation of the MonacoCoin team - December 2016 - Implementation of objectives - January 2017 - Implementation of the website - March 2017 - Configuring Client / Server MCC - March 2017 - Creation of the primary network - March 2017 - Creation of the portfolio - April 2017 - Network Testing - April 2017 - Start of block generation - June 2017 - Activation of masternodes - July 2017 - Activation of sporks - August 2017 - Public launch of the bitcointalk - August 2017 - Publication on social networks - August 2017 - Implementation of the translations on the site - September 2017 - Publication of technical developments - October 2017 - Integration test in real situation - November 2017 - Activations Superblock and Object Governance - January 2018 - Launch of version v2 of mcc March 2018 - International Exhibition of Cryptographic Currency in Monaco - April 2018 Specifications : - Algorithme : X11 - POW & POS - Symbol : MCC - Block time : 120 seconds - Recalculed difficulty : Every block - Max coin available : 20 Millions - Transaction confirmation : 6 block - Mining maturation time: 100 block - P2P port: 24156 - RPC port: 24157 - Masternodes creation : 1000MCC -Masternodes Confirmations : 15 confirmations - Gouvernance Objest : 50 MCC for project send to the networks Networks more informations: - Spork System : Available - Instant X : Available (limit at 500 MCC) - DarkSend Systeme : Available - Gouvernance Object Systeme : Available after block 130000 . Cycle of 21000 Block . Windows payements 100 Block - Superblock System : Available after block 150000 . Cycle 21000 Block - Masternodes System : Available after block 1000 . Reward up after block 131400 (about 6 months) . Progressive increase : every 21600 block (1 month) - Security BIP34 and others BIP : Available after 5000 blocks Start mining now : Pool server : parameter to connect : -o stratum+tcp:// -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=MCC Bounty/Donate: MF4ReKN491YaPHQmUYQt5iytHBut1PJXQu (MCC) Node list: Explorer: ew Mining pool for MCC! - High performance scalable cloud based pool based on the Yiimp platform. ONLY 1% FEE! Use the following for mining. Remember to put your address in your username. -a x11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u [Your Address Here] -p c=MCC Donate Address: MR7r1SF19HMomBu9KaNrMG8HNLBB4uTiTV (MCC) stratum+tcp:// -u YOURWALLETHERE -p x 3 available ports! Port: 7700-- Diff 0.01 Port: 7710-- VarDiff: 0.01-10 (use as default) Port: 7720-- Diff:10(use for hashmining or miningrigrentals) Fees 1.5% Email: tweeter: Block repartition for POW: Block 1 à 7200 – > 8 Millions de MCC forgouvernance Gouvernance division : 20% For networks (dedicated server buy, security of networks …) 30% For communication (social media, publication internet and papers) 10% for devellopeur and technical update 50% for R&D payement terminal for customer and trader Block 7200 a 270000 -> 10 MCC per block (about 12 months) 2.628 Millions MCC Block 270001 à 532800 -> 5 MCC per block (about 12 mois) 1.314 Millions MCC Block 532801 à 1058400 -> 3 MCC per block (about 24 mois) 1.576 Millions MCC Block 1058401 à 1584000 -> 2 MCC per block (about 24 mois) 1.051 Millions MCC After block 1584001 -> 1 MCC per block soit 525600 MCC per years. Block distribution for POS : Generated for masternodes: Until block 131400 : 20% of block (around 2 MCC par block) After 9 months 50 % reward of block. Technologie information : Masternodes: The masternodes are the main actors in the network, maintaining a constant amount of 1000 MCC which enables them to claim a payment of interest to each block generates, the masternodes are randomly and proportionally drawn so that each Masternodes has a payment. It is possible to see the winning masternodes by simply typing in the console "masternodes winners" you will then have the list of MCC addresses for future blocks. The Masternodes also helps maintain a reliable and fast connection network worldwide. Governance System : This system allows a masternodes to present a project on the networks. All masternodes will then be able to vote "yes" or "no" for this project. This project represents a creation of MCC currencies over a period of time, ex "100 MCC per month for 3 months To help an association for buy fournitures". The person who wants to present is project will have to pay a creation fee of 50 MCC (Distributed between the masternodes) The project will have a website motivating each masternodes will be able to decide whether to validate or not. This system creates currency with the agreement of the main actors of the network in order to carry out a specific project. Spork System: The spork system is "soft fork" and "hard fork" compression, which means that MonacoCoin developers can work across the masternodes servers network and change some variable without the client restarting or installing a new version. The variables available and in progress are visible by typing in the console "spork show". These variables do not affect the value of the generation of the currency or the control of the masternodes, but only on variables of programming and maintaining the security of the network, such as the maximum instant send value ... Subsequently MonacoCoin developers will add additional variables in order to make operation even safer and above all more fluid networks. Instant X: You can send funds between MCC wallet faster to the support of masternodes. The validation of the transaction will therefore be faster but limit to about 500 MCC. The transaction cost will be higher than a typical transaction to sponsor the use of the masternodes that have validated the transaction. DarkSend and Mixer: DarkSend and a function that makes anonymous part of your MCC wallet. The parts once anonymize will then be available only on DarkSend networks and can be exchanged anonymously between wallet. The anonymization of the currency involves a variable cost depending on the volume to be processed and take a long time. Last Spork update : SPORK_5_INSTANTSEND_MAX_VALUE = 500 le 05/08/17 Tutoriels and help : For create Masternode : See the tutorial: English - French - For connect your wallet or server to tor proxy : See the tutorial: English - French - Wallet download Follow : Node public DNS : Node public IP : addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= Many thanks to the many messages of support we received while the project was not yet published. Do not hesitate to communicate us your ideas and subjects. This post will be completed in the course of time in order to inform the new information COIN FAUCET : For translate offert 100 MCC per translate (contract team by email) :
  6. Just believe it is true. What we are working on We want to make a perfect sex dating service based on a blockchain. How that can be true? Imagine there are two addresses which are man's and woman’s profiles. Both have an info, for woman it is something like age, body, height, breast, images and so on. But most important is that both have a location, like a city, and a reputation. Man is searching for women near him using a web application, or a mobile phone app. When he is interested in some woman, he transfer SSIO tokens to her in amount she wants for some service like erotic massage, private dance or sex. But these tokens are not in her wallet, but in a two-step contract. What is important, man’s wallet generates access key, which can be used later if service completed. For woman it is a signal the man are interested, have real intense and solvent. They can start a communication using methods they want. Man receive access to private information of the woman, like more photos, name or something she decides, and vise versa. If they make an agreement, they meet (in a public place, for example). So there can be no fraud. If she is not the person at the profile, she wouldn’t get the access key. If he is not the guy she was expected, she wouldn’t proceed with the relationship. They are both in no risk. If they are ready to proceed, she scans the access key, and man gets the service. Otherway contract will be closed automatically in 48 hours, and man will get SSIO tokens back and can start with another try. There will be the same outcome if she will not respond to a request, or they would not meet each other. After that, they both have 24 hours to leave a feedback to each other and gain reputation. It is just one of possible scenarios we will offer. Blockchain transactions explanation come soon. Why it is differs from nowdays type of date and sex services? Both sides have advantages. Men have an access to women with blockchain-proven reputation and protected against money loss with a fraud. There will be real women’s profiles, otherway, they will not get the money. Women get power to choose a partner. She may not allow everyone see her images or private information. Every man is solvent at start, no more time loss. Both get another level of anonymity. All system is decentralized and secure, so you won’t get issues like hackers hacking all accounts of Ashley Madison. Nobody has access to your information, even developers. Is this service for men only? Will the service allow to find gay partner? There will be services for women also. As we say earlier, we have described just one of usage scenarios. Are you chauvinists, sexists, etc? The World is simple, so we are. We want to make life easier for everyone, and don’t want to put labels on anyone. Do you have some kind of work done already? Yes, we have a strong team, and are committed to the project. The service is built on unique multi-sign two-phase blockchain algorithm. We got some DHT-like algorithm, that helps finding local accounts even on lite clients, like mobile phones. blockchain architecture based on two types of nodes: Full Nodes, which support the infrastructure, and Lite clients, who are just the users. We currently use Node.js as computational engine, PostgreSQL + PostGIS as blockchain and profile storage, IPFS storage for images, and html5, js and react for Lite clients. More tech information are on devs webpage, we keep it updated. We also use reputational based PoS algorithm, to fight the “double spending” problem, and make it easier to sign blocks. Mobile applications are in progress. SSIO tokens SSIO tokens is a cryptocurrency supporting communications. Now the SSIO blockchain is in development, and we use SSIO_TEST tokens for testing. More info on SSIO tokens will be uncovered. We also plan SEXS to be traded at coin markets like Bittrex, etc. Pre-ICO Now we have already started pre-ICO campaign, and you are able to join it. Those who participate now, will get twice more tokens as when the ICO starts. Join the pre-ICO at now. Bounties campaign — Contribute in other way If you are encouraged with an idea, but have no possibility to contribute in coins, do it in other way. We need you to tell about us on your blog, website, forums, social networks and more. Remember, it is a social project, and more people know, more comfortable you’ll use it. More info at Women receive bounties now To make women’s interest higher, we offer them to create a profile now and get early profile bounty. Women can participate to earn money for services or just find sex partner by mutual sympathy. See the advantages of, why it is different, create your profile now, and receive bounties: Privacy We will not disclosure any information you provide to third parties. When? We understand it is not good to release the project if there will be not enough girls involved. Service have to be friendly even for housewife. So it can take a time. There are no terms right now, but we are committed to make it real, and a Roadmap will come soon. For now, we need your help, your contribution. Sincerely, team. Updated 06/23/2017 While we are working to make the real, other side is providing clear explanation on how it runs. Checkout the System Architecture page. Updated 06/29/2017 What kinds of transactions keep running SEXS_TEST tokens in our test blockchain: Transactions. Updated 07/01/2017 The Payment transactions with multisignature and timeout described: Seller/Buyer transactions. These transactions makes unique, and we plan to proceed with blockchain real-life services platform later. Such a platform allows to build other services, which require face-to-face communications, like home services, dating in general, repair services, legal services, finance, and much more. Updated 07/13/2017 After few weeks after our announce here at bitcointalk, our idea was stolen. Somebody called like Eros already going an ICO on our idea. Shit happens. Actually, we are not afraid of this, because Eros project is a Scam, here is the proof: Updated 08/04/2017 We have changed token name to SSIO (formerly SEXS). Do you want to know more about SSIO tokens? Important thing that initial token price is $0.85 for pre-ICO period (hurry up and join the pre-ICO now) rising to $10 for 3rd ICO. Meet the token specification: Look how much tokens you will get at pre-ICO period (then rewards will be decreased) as a Bounty for contribution: Updated 08/05/2017 Initial SSIO tokens distribution (ICO) and funds usage — all you want to know is here: Updated 08/08/2017 SSIO is not just about sex workers: Updated 08/09/2017 We are looking forward. Here is the Roadmap: What's next? August: Web Wallet August: Transferring tokens to pre-ICO investors and contributors (bounties) August-September: First ICO ($1.7 per SSIO token) Updated 08/14/2017 We are working on new design ;)
  7. Quick Bet Coin Decentralized sports betting platform Website Twitter Facebook Reddit Slack QuickBetCoin as a solution Current situation The sports betting industry has been around for a while and is extremely big nowadays. Because of the size of the industry, legal and illegal, it is hard for the government to fight corruption. There are different types of regulations, however these regulations have proven themselves to be ineffective in the long run. The regulations are a smokescreen for the bettors, acting as make believe. But in most cases the big corporations have their own people behind the controls, making sure they take home the money at the end of the day. Another dangerous route for the bettor is the underground sports betting industry. This industry consists out of several dangerous elements for the bettor. The underground sports betting industry has a lot of violence and intimidation towards its bettors, and people tend to get trapped in the underground world. QuickBetCoin as a solution With QuickBetCoin we provide a decentralized sports betting platform. Our goal is to take away all of the risks of the current sports betting industry. We depend on our Smart Contracts to verify results and pay out bettors accordingly. There cannot be any middlemen behind the scenes taking their own share, and there are no unregulated places where you, as a user, have the risk of losing your funds. Since the QuickBetCoin platform does not issue any high fees like standard sports betting corporations, we can offer our users higher odds. These higher odds result in higher pay outs for our users.
  8. Grace is a secure fundraising platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, with a unique reward mechanism to organically incentivize charity campaign advocates. The current state of charity fundraising is broken. Regardless of scale, most charities suffer from numerous problems such as fraud, corruption, difficulties in talent retention, and tacit social stigma in resource allocation. The purpose of Grace is to provide a decentralized solution to some of the most pressing inefficiencies. Grace Manifesto - Revolutionizing Charity Fundraising Maximize exposure through economically incentivized efforts. Maximize value output from every unit of charity contribution. WEBSITE · WHITEPAPER · TWITTER · SLACK How It Works Mitigation of Fraud and Corruption All donations on Grace are securely recorded on the blockchain, which are immutable and open to everyone to audit. This reduces the risks of fraud and corruption, and ensures that the much-needed donations go directly to the right hands. Advocate Incentive Mechanism With its Advocate Incentive Mechanism, Grace leverages the power of passionate individuals and economic incentives to deliver the greatest possible social impact. The interest of the Advocates is aligned with the interest of social good. Utilizing social marketing this way, the promotional efforts of charities can scale limitlessly, without incurring marketing costs up front. Freeing Up Resources of Charities, Improved Operating Efficiency Grace allows organizations to delegate promotional work to incentivized Advocates. This frees up time and funds otherwise allocated to recruiting and training marketing talents, so that the charities can focus their limited resources on other important areas. Financially Sustainable Efforts for Contributors Around the world, we have observed a steady decline in volunteering rate as well as the number of hours of volunteer work done. For many people who are passionate about contributing, time is often a limiting constraint and there is only so much sacrifice one can make before having to succumb to the unforgiving reality of daily affairs and commitments. Grace tackles this long-standing problem by establishing a stream of income for Advocates to continue their charitable work in a financially sustainable way. In some cases, Advocates may earn enough from Grace rewards to justify doing good full-time. A truly profound outcome. Token Sale Details A total of 120,000,000 GRCE tokens will be issued. The supply is permanently fixed, making it intrinsically deflationary. 20% of all GRCE tokens issued is withheld and 80% is sold in the token sale. GRCE tokens are sold at an exchange rate of 1 ETH : 3000 GRCE. GRCE Pre-Sale During the pre-sale, purchases are rewarded with 20% extra tokens until the pre-sale period closes or the pre-sale reaches its cap of 20 million tokens. Starts: August 28, 2017 00:00am GMT Ends: September 3, 2017 11:59pm GMT GRCE Sale Starts: September 4, 2017 00:00am GMT Ends: October 16, 2017 11:59pm GMT For more information about GRCE token usage, as well as Grace roadmap, take a look at our whitepaper.
  9. Metagame Platform: A Digital Collectible Trading Card Exchange, CCG Gaming Platform and E-Sportsbook Betting system secured on the Bitcoin Blockchain The physical trading cards of collectible card games (i.e. Magic the Gathering, Pokemon) continue to be tradeable and highly valued items with some selling in auction for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. For decades, these Collectible Card Games (CCG) were played in small groups and in-person. Today, multi-player, online CCGs are taking over and will earn $1.4B in 2017. Players of digital CCGs account for 61% of the worldwide audience thanks to greater accessibility than their physical counterparts. With the enormous rise and success of digital CCG gaming, gameplay participation rates has improved substantially yet the element of rarity and tradeability of the game cards themselves have been completely lost. With the help of Blockchain technology, we now have the ability to create truly unique and tradeable collectible game cards. Just like their real world counterparts, these digital trading cards can be commonly found, rare and limited in series or even mythically rare and highly sought after. There have been recent proven developments* that utilize Blockchain technology to create unique and tradeable digital art assets that have quickly risen in popularity and value. The Metagame platform’s aim is not to co-opt the value of these existing Counterparty assets, but to add increasing value to the protocol by providing an environment that prioritizes ease-of-use and opens the door to established brands and individual artists to submit their concepts and participate in the upcoming explosion of the tradeable digital art assets market. Metagame Platform also prioritizes the value of asset engagement in ways other than only trading. Once assets are owned in a user’s library, it’s playable rules can be customized, added to a custom game deck, engaged in online multi-player CCG gameplay and wagers placed on active games. We are a team of industry veteran game developers and digital artists who are developing an industry-leading, all-inclusive, immersive CCG gaming experience that marries the rapid-fire pace of digital CCG gaming with a truly unique digital trading card market and E-Sportsbook betting system. Profitable earnings coming from the betting system and other sources are re-distributed 100% back to the community of Metacoin ("MTG") Token premium account holders. Every transaction is fair and publicly auditable. The Metacoin ("MTG") Token is the fuel that drives the entire Metagame Platform. An ICO Presale Contribution Period began July 4th, 2017 and will remain open for 41 days or until the Presale funding goal is met. Presale contributor's will be given an allocation of 50,000 MTG : 1 BTC. Minimum contribution amount: .01 BTC. Maximum contribution amount: 300 BTC. All early ICO Presale contributors will be awarded an instant upgrade to lifetime premium account status. Premium status is normally accessible to general platform accounts that achieve a predetermined account level threshold. The time required to achieve premium status is determined by the user's overall level of activity. Premium status also requires a minimum level of activity to be maintained. Premium Account Profits & Interest Distribution Details: Premium accounts are automatically allotted a quarterly profit share in proportion to the user MTG balance. Example: If the quarterly total profit is 1,000,000 MTG, then for a premium account carrying a MTG balance of 5,000 MTG, the account profit share total for that quarter is 40 MTG (based on a total supply of 125,000,000 MTG) Premium accounts are also available to users who purchase and lock a minimum of 30,000 MTG. Locking MTG in this way is known as "Banked MTG". Banked MTG requires a minimum of 30,000 MTG and earns interest known as "Banking Rewards". Banking rewards are a distribution share of newly minted MTG. Unlocking Banked MTG requires a waiting period of 1 week as a measure to maintain price stability. New MTG is minted at a rate of 5,456 MTG for each new block discovered. New Metacoins are distributed to eligible premium accounts in real-time as they are minted. Example: For a premium account carrying a balance of 50,000 MTG with 30,000 Banked MTG, the account distribution of newly minted Metacoin is 1.3 MTG for each new block discovered in addition to the quarterly profit share (based on a total supply of 125,000,000 MTG). Bounty Program Details Follow and share Metagame Platform on social media for a bounty reward of 250 MTG. Each verified social media promotional post will be awarded 1000 MTG. Translated promotional posts into foreign (non-English speaking) markets will be awarded 2500 MTG for each verified promotion. Long-form blog posts to Medium or Steemit and vlog posts to Youtube or Twitch will be awarded 5000 MTG for each verified promotion. MTG tokens will be redeemable at the Public Beta Platform Launch. Access to the provided E-Mail address must be retained and accessible in order to redeem MTG tokens at the time of the Public Beta Platform Launch. To participate in the bounty program visit: To contribute to the ICO Presale visit: Slack: Twitter: *Reference:
  10. [ANN] [Agri Novus] digital currency for Farmers -> AIRDROP Agri Novus Welcome to the program of Agri Novus. The first worldwide based digital currency to improve the overall health of humans by creating a funnel between the actual organic and natural food supply chains and the consumer as end user. What is our goal To start we will create our Agri Novus block-chain. Where after we will create social awareness for our coin project. Then we will give out free tokens to get the first users of the coin. Shortly after that we are going to get ourself on multiple altcoinexchanges to get real value within the block-chain. At this stage our marketeers will switch over and start contacting b2b small and medium sized organic and natural products web-shops to start accepting Agri Novus as payment method. Once we got more and more of those web-shops connected, we should get a viral growth of end users. We will even stimulate this by Organized give aways and discounts based shopping within the b2b connected shops to convince their customers to pay with Agri Novus. Thus the businesses who accept our coin and all end users who use the coin to buy their organic supplies will be the key to create even more awareness to attract more businesses and end users to accept and pay with Agri Novus. Our motivation As Western Europe citizens it's quite normal that we are able to buy good quality organic products. But for lots and lots of other people worldwide it's not. They either do not know about all the benefits of organic products or might think its to expensive, while the number of users will grow, the value will grow along, what should make it cheaper for the end users to purchase organic products over time. Two levels of Give away 1. Social marketing give away to create awareness and the first out of many online end users. 2. Organized give aways and discounts based shopping within the b2b connected shops to convince their customers to pay with Agri Novus. Algo: SCRYPT RPC port 19970 P2P port 19969 Breward 25 coins Max coin supply 500000000 coins Premine percent 20p POS percentage 60% per year POW blocks block 1.25m Maturity 10 blocks Target timespan 1 block Transaction 5 blocks – We ( group of students ) grouped to create a project which should benefit the overall use of healthy organic products. – We agreed with a team of programmers to create a block-chain product. – We chose for the name “Agri Novus”. – Our Design geek started with the overall design. – The devs started with the creation of the block-chain. – Implementing of the block-chain. – Writing and producing of the actual wallets. – Start of the block-chain. – Publishing of the board topic. – Publishing of the airdrop/give away topic for social awareness. – Publishing of our social media channels – Connectivity to several mining pools. – Connectivity to a block-explorer. – Paid submissions to 1 or more bitcoinexchanges for listing. – Launch on the first bitcoinexchange – Launch on the second bitcoinexchange. – Connectivity from our block-chain to a merchant account. – Marketing team working on gathering the first b2b companies to accept Agri Novus coin. – b2c based give away to all their customers to attract them to pay with Agri Novus. – Local initiatives to increase the awareness and value of the entire project to the next level. -> LINUX <-!lfxWgZAY!EQp4TOUL5SeWA76c4MSexBpTzMNQiPmJ1BsuxNeyikA -> WINDOWS <-!9SYgFQYZ!mPgQaDXtrYuFm3UpvM-bz-jtIhj32NOA1Y6cx7-6tYU Our Blockexplorer will follow shortly Altcoin Exchanges will follow soon. Please go to our Airdrop to earn free coins. Will follow soon Per translated topic = 1000 coins, submit the approved to another important BTC forum another 1000 coins. TWITTER FACEBOOK Mining pools are more than welcome! Thanks your watching!
  11. ZeroTraffic - Congestion Management Solution Announcing ZeroTraffic's Upcoming ICO on Sept 5, 00:00 EDT! ZeroTraffic takes control of road traffic problems by adopting a cryptocoin smartphone-based democratic governance model. We use incentives made possible by GPS & Bluetooth and our experiences in building the largest intelligent highway system in Canada to bring you the most reliable congestion management solution. The Solution The main components of ZeroTraffic are the virtual transponder application and the gamification website. Together they provide the means to collect metrics on user compliance with avoiding congestion zones and the incentive scheme to engage and modify driver traffic patterns to achieve the goal of reduced traffic congestion. WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | CROWDSALE | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | BITCOINTALK
  12. [ANN] Ahoolee - first search engine for products. Ahoolee is the world’s first search engine dedicated to online shopping worldwide. Ahoolee uses a decentralized platform for open collecting and indexing information from open sources with confirmation of authenticity based on blockchain technology. WhitePaper: ICO WEBSITE: Product website: The mission of our project is to enable any person to find any product on the Web, see ALL the shops where it can be purchased, and compare them by price. We are for the full openness of information and we believe that information about stores, their prices and price changes should be open. However, we cannot trust any commercial company because it has its own commercial interests, so we store all the data on all the price changes in all online stores in the world in a decentralized way using the Ahoolee blockchain. This instrument makes it possible to analyze the entire e-commerce market fully and it will be available to everyone. In addition, Ahoolee’s own cryptocurrency will enable users to purchase any items in all the stores represented on the platform. At the moment, Ahoolee’s database contains more than 40 million SKUs, and the number grows daily. We plan ICO in 3 steps, like venture investments. We're going to have a traction between all of them and everyone can see, that we make a real product, anyone can use it and may be company even have some revenue already. That's why we don't try to get $50M right now. We don't need them now. This money is necessary for scale and we'll get it when we're going to scale. A total of 100 million Ahoolee tokens will be issued. 20 million will be kept by the Reserve Fund to pay miners and assessors. These tokens will be kept in multi-signature wallets. 10 million will be kept by the Ahoolee Fund for the team and partners and in order to hire new staff and develop the project further over the next 5 years. These tokens will be kept in multi-signature wallets. ICO would be launched in a few steps: 1. Pre-sale (July 2017). On Pre-sale round would be sold 10 million AHT. Cap - $200,000. Price 1 AHT = $0.02 Cash will go to preparation of public launch of Ahoolee search engine and to marketing and preparation of ICO seed-round. 2. ICO seed-round (28th August - 11th September 2017). On ICO seed-round would be sold 25 million AHT. Soft Cap - $1,000,000 Cap - $3,750,000 Hard Cap - $10,000,000 Price 1 AHT = $0.15 - $0.4 Cash will go to development of in-house blockchain as a fork of Ethereum, to wallet development, to mining launch and to product marketing. In 6 months we’ll increase the number of SKUs in the system to 1 billion and the number of stores in the system to 50 000. Also we’ll develop and launch an assessor cabinet to teach machine learning matching algorithms. Not less than 20% of funds will go to product marketing in a few countries. 3. ICO (April 2018). On ICO would be sold 30 million AHT. Cap - $50,000,000. Price 1 AHT = $1.66 Cash will go to global marketing, sales scale to sell premium-accounts and contextual advertising for stores. Ahoolee will start accepting AHT as a means of payment in any stores available in the Ahoolee search engine. Join us at Slack and Telegram. And subscribe at
  13. [ANN] XSPEC Version v1.3 - Unparalleled Anonymity with TOR integration and OBFS4 SpectreCoin (symbol : XSPEC) is the most advanced security and anonymity focused crypto currency, with unparalleled features, including : - TOR integration - OBSF4 layer, making the coin available in countries that block TOR (e.g. China) - Energy efficient Proof-of-Stake PoSv3, with 5% yearly interest - Ranked as 4th best performing ICO in history Version 1.3 Windows 10 (32 and 64bit) wallets available as direct download from : Other OS's : GitHub Trading Exchanges: Cryptopia (main exchange), Livecoin, Novaexchange, CoinGather and Trade Satoshi (others to be added) Website : Slack : Spectre Forum Twitter : #xspecrising
  14. [ANN] [Pre - ICO] Gimli - Decentralized live stream bets and interactions Website | Slack | Discord | Telegram | Facebook | Twitter We are proud, and excited, to present Gimli to the community. What: Gimli is a decentralized platform for eSport streamers and viewers. Streamers can turn viewers into engaged supporters by organizing bets, votes, asking for donations, and creating prize pools for tournaments using the ERC20 Ethereum token GIM. Gimli is provably fair, all functionalities are Ethereum smart contracts tailor made for streamers and stream viewers. Gimli empowers streamers by enabling them to connect directly with their audience, increase and control novel revenue avenues. Who: 14 people strong, including Technology: Ouziel Slama, who co-developed counterparty, Joseph Fiscella who co-founded the Alexandria project Pro gamers: Luffy - street fighter IV world champion , Stefano - Starcraft 2 foreigner world champion Streamers: Thud - CEO ASUS ROG school ; Skyyart, Aypierre Business: cool (!) and experienced team ( some Columbia, Harvard, Polytechnique), and real eSports fans Created by industry insiders and world top professional gamers, Gimli is developing a strong public image in the streamers and gamers community. Why: Streamers have massive audience in the hundreds of millions globally. Yet, streamers monetization of their viewers is low. - Ads-blockers are widespread, limiting advertising revenue - Subscription fees are low compared with traditional sports, with streaming platforms taking a considerable share - Sponsorships are few in a developing industry. - Viewership drops dramatically after each game ends, with volatile audience going to other channels with ongoing entertainment with more than one million Existing streaming partnersPartners and adoption: twitter followers. Streamers set up functionalities and GIM they want to receive when their audience use Gimli on their stream. Thanks to those partnerships and active backing by renowned streamers, Gimli will be promoted to millions of viewers and prospective users worldwide, with the goal of viral and exponential adoption. Tokens: Try our working PoC GIM tokens are required to run all functionalities including donations, votes, bets and custom contracts. Each functionality is a run by a trustless Ethereum smart contracts tailor-made for streamers. No token creation will happen after the initial sale ends. The total supply of GIM is fixed at 150 million tokens. Tokens are ERC20 compliant and will be transferable and listed on exchanges once the initial sale is completed. Crowdsale details: Accepted currencies: During the initial sale, buyers will acquire GIM in exchange for Ether (ETH), the sale will be administered by an Ethereum Smart Contract which code is public on GitHub Exchange rate: The price for one GIM is fixed at 1 ETH = 1,000 GIM. This may change with the ETH/USD exchange rate and will be fixed ahead of the sale. Maximum financing: The number of GIM sold during the sale is capped at 80 million to the general public and an additional 10 million to eSports insiders. Launch date and time: To be announced. A block number anticipated to be close to the launch time will be provided. Duration of the sale: 7 days Token launch completion: The sale will end when either all the GIM tokens have been sold or the 7-day period is over. Unsold tokens: Should the sale end without selling the full 90 million GIM, any remaining tokens will be transferred to Gimli reserve fund. No U.S.Purchasers: GIM Tokens are not being offered to U.S. persons during the initial crowdsale. If you are a citizen, resident of, or a person located or domiciled in the United States of America, including any corporation or partnership created or organized in or under the laws of the United States of America, do not purchase GIM Tokens. ressources: Backend beta White Paper Team
  15. [ANN] Fupoof coin photo hosting sites Useful coin links Facebook: Youtube: Website: Wallet: Exchange:
  16. DisLedger is pleased to announce our upcoming token launch on September 1. More information will be provided over time through our website, and telegram channel but here is a quick introduction. What it is: DisLedger® is a non-blockchain, distributed ledger technology designed for high-volume transaction processing such as payments and capital markets clearing. DisLedger’s patent pending technology provides a solution for permissioned networks that handle high volumes of transactions, require low-latency, and must maintain data privacy. It is a different approach to the way the data is distributed, more akin to sharding or striping than the massively redundant replication of all data copied to all nodes. DisLedger doesn’t compete with permissionless, completely transparent networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum but offers an alternative where the use-case calls for speed and privacy. What it does: DisLedger creates a private ledger between the counterparties to a trade. DisLedger doesn’t mix every company’s transactions into one common chain, but keeps each counterparty’s transaction in its own distributed ledger called a Counterparty Ledger. This way DisLedger provides the cryptographic benefits of blockchain but also maintains complete privacy of all transactions; allows for net or gross settlement; processes hundreds of thousands of transactions per second; and does not suffer from latency issues. The architecture provides the immutable, Golden Record of transactions, reduces clearing time to free up collateral, and supports large-scale, low-value payments such as Internet Of Things (IOT) micropayments. DisLedger provides definitive final settlement for capital markets; processes hundreds of thousands of transactions per second; and supports the regulatory required central clearing parties in the financial market infrastructure. DisLedger is scalable for definitive, final settlement of hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. Whereas latency, lag and a lack of finality are noted deficiencies in blockchain, DisLedger can keep pace with the fastest markets. Cyber security is greatly enhanced by DisLedger because the network is closed and isolated from the internet; transaction data is only shared between counterparties, no third-parties are involved; and the simple governance model makes it easy to upgrade to new encryption standards including future quantum-computer resistant encryption. The transactions are shared with the counterparty directly and are completely private, so competitors will never see the trades. Leakage of business intelligence, the negative consequence of full transparency, is a significant issue in blockchain but is avoided in DisLedger. Business continuity is assured as transactions are processed only by the parties to the trade, so third-party competitors can’t block or delay trades in the system. The inherently private design of the Counterparty Ledgers supports compliance with data privacy regulations. Token Launch: DisLedger is offering licenses for its Intellectual Property to users that want to prototype and build their own production DisLedger systems. Instead of requiring users to purchase an enterprise license the technology is available to license on a per-transaction basis. This way organizations do not require a large capital commitment to build and deploy their DisLedger system and will pay only for their actual usage over time. DisLedger provides a fast, private, cost effective solution for high volume transaction processing. The per-transaction, IP licenses will be issued as ERC20 tokens named ‘DCL’ that can be purchased via the Ethereum network. This is a new use of the ERC20 standard as DisLedger is not offering what most organizations have so far: a coin, ownership in a company, voting rights to a foundation, or security interest. In this case what is being tokenized is a license to use the existing DisLedger technology based on a license agreement that is incorporated within the ERC20 token. Per-transaction technology licensing is a common practice, and tokenization is used in numerous other types of systems. This approach creates a hybrid system where users process their transactions using DisLedger’s high-speed and private technology, and their licenses to use the technology are processed on the Ethereum network. This pragmatic approach capitalizes on the strengths of the public, global Ethereum system as well as the private DisLedger system. The users benefit as they’ll be able to acquire the rights to use DisLedger’s IP easily and with little up-front cost. DisLedger benefits as it simplifies the management of the licenses; eliminates an enterprise license cost which is a barrier to adoption; and broadens the user community to maximize the network effect. Users will register with DisLedger, be verified, then be given instructions how to purchase DisLedger IP tokens during the soft launch/pre-sale and launch. On a monthly basis users will count the number of transactions they processed and submit that number of DCL tokens to DisLedger on Ethereum. More information on the DisLedger technology including a technical whitepaper, slides, and a demonstration of the DisLedger DLT in action is available at DisLedger. Telegram: DisLedger_Official Twitter: @DisLedgerInfo Email A soft launch/presale will be held prior to the launch date, contact us for details. The DisLedger architecture is a very different approach to distributing the data than a traditional blockchain with consensus. Please reach out if you have any questions after reading the technical whitepaper. In the future we'll hold tutorials, webinars, or AMAs to continue the dialog and support the developer community. If you would like to join the organization we're always looking for great talent! But please no translation reservations or bounty requests on this forum.
  17. [ANN] [ICO] BmyBit launches BmyCoin - Early bird and PRE-SALE announcement [ICO] Hello, everyone! thanks to all of you, we’ve been able to reach more than 400 registered users on with 71 already connected with their APIs for trading on the platform! Until the end of the BmyCoin’s pre-sale, all the registered users will receive a referral code: If you will invite a friend to, both of you will receive 10 strategies for free! As well as the crypto space, the team at BmyBit never sleeps! We are carrying the latest tests on our blockchain and we should be ready to start the BmyCoin pre-sale August 15th! PATS The BmyBit's Personal Automated Trading System - PATS - is a cloud-based web application with predictive analytics, interconnected to digital exchanges through APIs. The software is governed by a control panel, which embeds trading functionalities to enhance usability and performance; data analysis; downloadable statements (soon available). From the PATS control panel, users can start automated strategies for trading pairs of currencies and compare the best prices between different markets in order to produce profits by arbitrages. Before the end of September 2017, BmyBit will release its rest APIs. Many new businesses connected with BmyBit’s APIs will hold client funds, therefore, the company has developed an AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Clients) software that uses OCR (Optical Character Reader) technology. The compliance screening will be connected to the BmyBit blockchain (January 2018) and all information will be embedded into dedicated streams. BmyCoin The BmyCoin is a MultiChain based Token that will be used to pay for services on As we are keen of transparency, we are happy to release the preview of the parameters that the BmyBit blockchain will implement: The pre-sale of BmyCoin will start on August 15th and will last 30 days. An equity crowd funding campaign will follow the pre-sale with the full ICO before the end of 2017. During the pre-sale BmyBit will try to sell 1 million tokens at an initial price of US$2.85. The aim is to ICO at $5. The token will be needed to use BmyBit’s Personal Automated Trading System on and will initially be exchangeable only for BTC. We are already accepting Early Bird bids at $2.50. Get the BmyCoin before the pre-sale starts! Rules of the Early BirdEarly Bird will be an opportunity for the users to buy BmyCoin at a lower price. There will be only 50,000 BmyCoins available during the Early Bird stage, for the price of $2.50. To participate in the Early Bird you will need to follow those simple rules: 1) First, you will need to use the provided BTC address to make a payment: 1NHQPsevBf8t7Wtve9xQuL4XKbqs7yezBq 2) The next step will be to send an email to, including transaction ID, amount sent, as well as BmyBit username. After receiving your email we will get back to you with all the supplementary information. The subject of the email should be “BmyCoin Early Bird”. 3) If you do not have BmyBit username you will need to register on the platform at before sending an email with the required information. 4) Alternatively, those who would prefer not to use email will be able to send a private message at to DKREBEL86 with all the transaction details mentioned above, as well as the mentioned message subject. !!THE EARLY BIRD INVOLVES 50,000 BmyCoins ONLY!! You will always be able to check the amount of BmyCoins left for the Early Bird by accessing the following spreadsheet: The spreadsheet will be updated every 6 hours. We will close the spreadsheet when all BmyCoins allocated for the Early Bird will be sold. You may also find BmyBit on: COINDESK YOU TUBE SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook - Twitter - Slack - Medium - Linkedin - Summary of traction BmyBit was founded by Mario Stumpo in December 2015 when the first PATS prototype was introduced and tested, which was further developed and enhanced during the year of 2016. In the first few months of 2017 another prototype was presented, this time of an AML & KYC software, followed by MultiChain technology trials. After revealing the new logo, BmyBit joined Huge Thing, an acceleration programme, in June 2017. During the same month new PATS design was introduced and connected with three exchanges. At the beginning of August, 2017 BmyBit was featured on, with its first press release. Currently, the team from BmyBit is preparing to start the pre-sale of BmyCoin, which will begin on August 15th, 2017. BmyCoin pre-sale will be followed by BmyCoin wallet release, as well as further expansion of the platform's functionalities. It will be enhanced by introducing a mobile version and connecting BmyBit with two additional exchanges. In the coming months, even more exchanges will be connected with the platform (up to 10), while rest APIs, arbitrages strategy, and AML & KYC software will be deployed. By the end of September 2017, BmyBit will end the pre-sale of its BmyCoin, preparing for the ICO which will start in December 2017. Last month of the year will also welcome +4 new trading algorithms. 2018 will be a year of further expansion: in the first quarter the AML & KYC software will be implemented, along with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR). BmyBit will also work on incorporating improvements in accordance with Payment Service Directive EU. The second quarter of 2018 will see BmyBit Digital Asset Exchange implementation, while the in the third quarter the company will face the challenge of introducing APIs Bank… Thank you again, we are looking forward to seeing you join soon. All the best BmyBit team
  18. [ANN] Hero Token [ICO] Coming soon | The Future of Banking in Southeast Asia The Future of Banking in Southeast AsiaHERO's mission is to revolutionize the banking industry to make credit more readily available and affordable for the unbanked or underbanked starting in Southeast Asia. With the launch of its crypto-currency unit called Hero Token, HERO intends to expand into blockchain-based uncollateralized loans. Backed by venture capitalists such as Softbank and Alibaba, we started operating in the Philippines in 2015 and has since helped thousands of Filipinos to obtain access to affordable credit. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++HERO, the future of banking, provides collateralized und uncollateralized loans to the unbanked and underbanked consumer across Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is the world’s fastest growing Internet region. It is the 4th largest Internet market in the world. Yet only 27% of the South East Asian population has a bank account. Most Southeast Asians and Filipinos might be unbanked, but they are tech- savvy digital natives who are ready ripe for an innovative solution. Hero’s mission is to revolutionize the banking industry to make credit more readily available and affordable for the unbanked or underbanked starting in Southeast Asia. Our vision is to disrupt the current financial system that excludes 2 billion people from the banking system by leveraging technology to create a more inclusive system that allows people access to more affordable credit. Backed by venture capitalists such as Softbank and Alibaba, and led by an award winning group of experts, we started operating in the Philippines in 2015 and have since helped thousands of Filipinos to obtain access to affordable credit. In 2015 we launched our first product, the first fully licensed online pawnshop in Southeast Asia. PawnHero essentially turns mobile phones into pawnshops. Because we don’t maintain a physical pawnshop and instead, leverage technology, we are able to reduce interest rates by more than one half, providing access to cheaper credit that improves livelihoods. With the success of our token sale, Hero intends to expand into blockchain-based uncollateralized loans. Hero could drastically lower the cost and significantly lower the barriers to obtaining credit, making loans more accessible and more affordable to those 2 billion people who are currently left behind. And it supports entrepreneurship and participation in wealth creation. Blockchain can enable every person to have a unique and verifiable reputation-based identity that allows them to participate equally in the economy. Imagine a future where the unbanked and underbanked will become increasingly enfranchised as HERO provides them loans that can be tracked in full detail on the blockchain. Every transaction can count incrementally towards one’s reputation and creditworthiness. In this new future, when people repay micro-loans, they are on their way to securing more and larger loans to build their businesses. HERO uses advanced machine learning techniques to build unique identities with a variety of attributes, social media profiles, previous work experience and transaction history among them that enables a far more robust algorithm for issuing credit and managing risk. Users start on the platform with a low credit score but this score can increase, allowing you to build a reputation that shows you are a reliable borrower. Our core team has lived in emerging markets for many years and understands that unless there is an ecosystem in which bitcoin is accepted ubiquitously in an underbanked person’s world and is easily accessible, it will mean very little to those without access to financial services. As such we have a network of over 100,000 partners and vendors to provide convenient cash-in/cash-out options that mainstream consumer can easily understand and trust. We have a strong management team, the necessary licenses to operate this business, a proven track record in Southeast Asia and some of the world’s best investors working with us. In our whitepaper, Hero conveyed a bigger vision and presented a solution that uses Blockchain technologies and crypto currencies to make loans accessible and more affordable to those 2 billion people who are currently left behind, starting in Southeast Asia. Hero tokens have been created to create both financial return and positive social impact. Hero is more than just a token. It’s a technology poised to disrupt the lending industry and help those who need it the most. To learn more about Hero and our token sale visit our website at Bonus tokens will be offered to those who commit early. Bounties are area available as well to those who spread the word. Hero is the Future of Banking in Southeast Asia. The Future of Lending Belongs on the Blockchain. To read more, download the whitepaper here: Token The Hero token sale will start soon. We will offer 80% of all Hero tokens to be created for purchase by the public in the Hero Token Sale under the ticker symbol Hero. The remaining 20% of all Hero tokens will be distributed to bounties, early believers, advisors and founders to ensure long-term alignment of interest and commitment to the tokens and their future value. Each Hero token will be sold for 1/200 ETH, meaning 1 ETH will give you 200 Hero tokens. For each token and cryptocurrency, you will receive Hero tokens in exchange, just as if you bought them with Ether or Bitcoin instead. The exchange rate that will be used to calculate this will be based on the rate of the currency or token you would like to use vis-a-vis Ethereum. Only Only use the wallet address that we make available on our website at prior to the token sale.Token Name Hero Token (Symbol HERO) - The Future of Banking in Southeast Asia The The amount of tokens that are created for the Hero chain are all dependent on how many coins are sold during the token sale. A maximum of 250,000 Ethereum (ETH) tokens will be accepted for the purchase of Hero tokens in this token sale. The maximum amount contributed will in turn represent 80% of all Hero tokens. Since we don’t know the total that will be sold, the token sale operates based off of percentages to ensure fairness for all. Should the maximum amount be reached prior to the end of the sale on TBD, which is 4 weeks after the start of the token sale, sale, we will cut off the token sale. In the event that such maximum amount is not fully funded by the end of the token sale, the percentage of 80% of all tokens will be adjusted accordingly, with the difference between such lower amount and the maximum amount being reserved for future token sales. The Hero Token percentages are as follows: • 80% of available token are for sale open to the public • 3% of available token are for early believers and advisors • 2% of available token are for bounties • 15% of available token are allocated to the founders for long-term alignment of interestsValue to Investors Hero has been created to create both financial return and positive social impact. A Hero token represents the right to receive a reward, which is part of the interest income earned. It does not represent equity in the company nor have any intrinsic value. All All tokens in aggregate will have the right to receive up to 20% of interest income. The tokens will be assigned pro rata to the fund provided during the token sale. Up to 20% of the distributable interest income is transferred to the specific Ethereum (ETH) wallet on a quarterly basis. The ETH is then redistributed to all holders of Hero tokens according to the smart contract conditions (i.e. the stake of interest income is received pro rata the share of tokens owned.) Long term Hero will strive to distribute the rewards in a shorter period of time, with the target of monthly reward distribution. In addition, the company may use a percentage of profits to repurchase Hero tokens from the open market at the prevailing market price, therefore the value of the token should be positively correlated to the success of Hero. Hero are strategically designed to add value to the Hero network: • Reward bearing tokens - like an interest • Social impact of helping underserved access affordable credit • Buy back: The company may use a percentage of profits to repurchase the Hero tokens from the open market at the prevailing market price, therefore the value of the token should be further positively correlated to the success There is no risk of interest default on pawn loans granted by PawnHero. PawnHero withholds the entire interest due over the term of a pawn loan up front by deducting the interest from the proceeds credited to the customer. As an example, a 1,000 Philippine Peso (PHP) loan with a 3 month term and a monthly interest rate of 2.99% would earn 89.7 PHP of interest. PawnHero only releases 910.3 PHP to the customer and thus collects the full 89.7 PHP of interest with no risk of interest default. After the 3 month term of the loan, the customer is required to redeem the loan loan by paying 1,000 PHP. Depending on the underlying collateral PawnHero offers the customer to renew the loan at which point additional interest is due. Investors receive 20% of the interest collected. So that is the 20% of 89.7 PHP. For the quarterly respectively monthly distribution of interest, the sum of all loans released within the period are used. To participate in the Hero token sale you can send the following currencies from a wallet you directly control (do not send from an exchange) to the Hero wallet. • Ethereum (ETH) • ETH Classic • Bitcoin (BTC) • Ripple • LiteCoin • Waves The wallet address will be made available on our website before the actual token sale. Hero token will be delivered to the purchaser after the end of the token sale. Transferability will start from the first day of trading, which is planned to start after the token sale ends in September. After this token sale, no additional Hero tokens will be created.Hero Token Bonus Schedule One (1) ETH is equal to 200 Hero tokens. That means that one Hero token is worth 1/200 ETH. Extra tokens are offered to those who commit early. Please see the table below for the bonus token schedule. • Day 1 (first 3h) +30% token bonus; • Day 1 (3:01h-24h) +20% token bonus; • Day 2 and day 3 +10% token bonus; • Day 4 to day 7 +5% token bonus; • Day 8 to 14 2.5% token bonus; • After day 14 0% token bonus. Bonus tokens are allocated on top of the tokens you are purchasing. For example, if you are planning to buy tokens for 50 ETH within the first 3 hours, you will receive 10,000 tokens plus another 3,000 tokens as a bonus (which represents 30% of your 10,000 token purchase), so 13,000 tokens in total.Hero Token Bounties To further reach unbanked citizens across Southeast Asia, Hero is eager to collaborate with like-minded people who believe in our vision of providing unbanked and underbanked citizens access to affordable credit. Therefore we will issue 2% of all Hero tokens during the sale as bounties to participants in each bounty category. We shall reserve 1,250,000 Hero tokens for everyone who supports Hero token before and during Hero token sale. The Hero project is a collaborative effort from the hardworking team of PawnHero that has been dedicated to bring this into fruition since 2014. And you can become a part of the Hero project by participating through bounties. Detailed information about our bounty categories is listed below. As of now, our bounty campaign is open to everyone who would like to participate, and will end at the end of the token sale. Distribution of all bounties will happen within 1 week of the end of the token sale. As the total count of bounty participants is still unknown, the distribution of Hero tokens will be based on predetermined amount allocated to each group listed below.BOUNTY DISTRIBUTIONRead here for complete details: ( Facebook Likes — 62,500 Hero Tokens Be sure to join to get a part of our Facebook bounty: Share our website publicly on your facebook post with the hashtag #HeroToken : 30 stakes (You can post only once) For every public share you receive from your post, you get rewarded: 15 stakes For every comment you receive from your public post, you get rewarded: 10 stakes For every like/reaction you receive from your public post, you get rewarded: 5 Your Facebook post should be existing publicly until awarding of Hero tokens. For us to track your post, register here: ( You can see list of all participants here: ( Twitter Likes — 62,500 Hero Tokens Be sure to join to get a part of our Twitter bounty: Participants must have 500 followers or more to qualify. Share our website publicly on your Tweet with the hashtag #HeroToken : 30 stakes (You can tweet only once) For every public retweet/quote retweet you receive from your tweet, you get rewarded: 15 stakes For every reply you receive from your public tweet, you get rewarded: 10 stakes For every like you receive from your public tweet, you get rewarded: 5 stakes Your tweet should be existing publicly until awarding of Hero tokens. For us to track your tweet, register here: ( You can see list of all participants here: 3. Hero Thread Campaign Bitcointalk/Reddit — 187,500 Hero Tokens3.A. Bitcointalk Signature You may help Hero Token by spreading the word about us! As reward, you will receive a stake weekly! All you need to do is add our official signatures to your Bitcointalk profile. In order to provide a fair bounty distribution, register with this form ( We will check all our Signature bounty participants once a week randomly, to ensure long-time supporters receive an increased stake. You can see list of all participants here: It’s a list we’re updating regularly. You need to make at least 10 posts a week in order for bounties to count. Signature for Member and Jr. Member. 30 stakes per week. Code: Hero Token — The Future of Banking in Southeast Asia ❘|❘ ICO ❘|❘ DISCUSSION Signature for Full member. 50 stakes per week. Code: Hero Token — The Future of Banking in Southeast Asia ❘|❘ ICO ❘|❘ DISCUSSION Signature for Sr. Member, Hero or Legendary. 80 stakes per week. Code: Hero Token — The Future of Banking in Southeast Asia ❘|❘ ICO ❘|❘ DISCUSSION 3.B. Reddit Reddit (10 Stakes per post, up to 100 stakes per week, per person) Participants must: Use legitimate Reddit accounts with relevant post history. Provide thought-provoking feedback on related Reddit posts. Not spam or offer comments to devalue Hero token or its token sale. Use only one Reddit account per person. Reddit contributions will be limited to 10 per individual, per week. Extra content will not be compensated under the bounty program. Submit your Reddit username and a link to bounty-related posts here: ( You can see list of all participants here: ( It’s a list we’re updating regularly.4. Translations and Forum moderation — 375,000 Hero Tokens If our Hero Token website and white paper ( haven’t been translated into your language yet, you are welcome to contribute with your own translation and earn a stake in return. Please contact us on Bitcointalk or to confirm and reserve your translation. You will receive additional stakes for each post you get in the thread of your translation. Website Translation: 50 stakes Whitepaper Translation: 150 stakes Moderation: 5 stakes per post in your thread If you submit your own translation you also get an invitation to our moderator’s slack or telegram group in which we will help you answer any question for your local community. For English Translation - Download here: Blogs Support — 187,500 Hero Tokens We are distributing 187,500 Hero tokens for blog posts. Blog can be published anywhere on the internet and publicly accessible. It can be written in any language. A blog that counts for Blog bounties must: have 1000 characters or more without spaces need to contain at least 2 links to have unique content (ANN translations do not count) Once you write a Blog post, submit URL to: ( You can see list of accepted Blog posts here: ( 6. Exclusive Support — 375,000 Hero Token This portion of the bounty is awarded to affiliates and individuals with significant contribution to the Hero project. Share your ideas with us to reach more people, email us at It is under the company’s discretion which affiliates and individuals will be rewarded.HOW BOUNTY DISTRIBUTION WORKS Example for Facebook bounties. For the Facebook public post you share and register to our database, you will earn 30 stakes. If you get 1 share for the Facebook public post you registered to us, you get 15 stakes. 10 stakes for a comment, 5 stakes for a like. If for example you posted publicly and registered it to us plus you earned 5 likes, 3 unique user comments and 3 unique user shares, the total stakes you will be awarded is 80. The number of Hero tokens will then be proportionally distributed. Since there are 62,500 Hero tokens dedicated to the Facebook category, those tokens will be distributed between all members participating the bounty campaign according to the amount of stakes they have earned. The same logic applies to other bounties. If you have questions about our bounty campaign, we kindly invite you to join us here in our Bitcointalk thread ( or in the Slack chat ( or in the Telegram chat: ( To be able to receive the bounties, you will need to email us at Here you will be able to claim the awarded Hero token sale after the campaign ends. TRANSLATIONS: Here is the list of reserved translations as of today: CHINESE - (for reservation) JAPANESE - (for reservation) KOREAN - (for reservation) RUSSIAN - Omnicide24 BAHASA - DayX POLISH - Heimer BULGARIAN - MasterZino HINDI - MBworld TURKISH - Polat90 VIETNAMESE - cryptovn83 If you could refer translators for Japanese, Korean and Chinese, it would be great too. Thank you! For other languages not on the list - Comment or message us English Translation - Download here: Hero Token — The Future of Banking in Southeast Asia ❘|❘ ICO ❘|❘ DISCUSSION
  19. [ANN] MyShares [Pre Selling] Rebels against expensive FEE for all transaction MyShares is a cryptocurrency based on PoS (Proof Of Stake) algorithm. MyShares aimed to free user from expensive FEE for all transaction as low as 0.1 MYS. What is PoS? Github repo: The different algorithms used allow MyShares users to mine with exponentially less computing power. MyShares uses Proof of Stake (PoS), a concept initially pioneered by Peercoin, rather than Proof of Work, used by Bitcoin and other coins. MyShares VS NXT (Next) All transaction FEE in MyShares is : 0.1 MYS All transaction FEE in NXT : 1 NXT (More expensive compare to MyShares) Asset Issuance FEE in MyShares is : 300 MYS Asset Issuance FEE in NXT is : 1000 NXT (More expensive compare to MyShares) The first asset issuance is ARAGON with asset id: 17014571236887534914 Total MyShares coin supply : 2000000000 MYS Total NXT coin supply : 1000000000 NXT Minimal Forging : NXT : 1000 NXT (effective balance) MyShares : 1 MYS (effective balance) Complete transaction validation is 24hours to get effective balance for doing forging. In order to do forging you need a public IP and set it up at nxt.myAddress config at conf/ All of the coin will be supplied to all first attempt buyer at and ,please stay tuned for more info by watching (press the watch button) at the github repo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Online wallet: English : Chinese : Test Wallet: English : Chinese : Alternate link online wallet: Test wallet: Use this passphrase/password to login into the test account: 'really dot erase awake past blind waste weave human accident reflect ring' (without quote) WARNING: Use IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, DO NOT USE YOUR REAL ACCOUNT INTO TEST ACCOUNT! Or alternatively you can download the wallet at the release tab of this repo: MyShares desktop wallet also supports English and Chinese language. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The exchange is in progress, please stay tuned for more info by watching (press the watch button) at the github repo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Running the MyShares software: Dependencies: Java 7 or later needs to be installed first. Only the Oracle JVM has been tested and supported. There is no installation needed. Unpack the package and open a shell in the resulting mys directory. Execute the script if using Linux, or run.bat if using Windows. This will start a java server process, which will begin logging its activities to the console. The initialization takes a few seconds. When it is ready, you should see the message "MyShares server 1.0.0 started successfully". Open a browser, without stopping the java process, and go to http://localhost:14725 , where the MyShares UI should now be available. To stop the application, type Ctrl-C inside the console window. Customization: There are many configuration parameters that could be changed, but the defaults are set so that normally you can run the program immediately after unpacking, without any additional configuration. To see what options are there, open the conf/ file. All possible settings are listed, with detailed explanation. If you decide to change any setting, do not edit directly, but create a new conf/ file and only add to it the properties that need to be different from the default values. You do not need to delete the defaults from, the settings in override those in This way, when upgrading the software, you can safely overwrite with the updated file from the new package, while your customizations remain safe in the file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enabling Chinese language: at search for chinese language and remote the '#' before nxt.apiResourceBase=html/ui_zh and put '#' before nxt.apiResourceBase=html/ui It should be like below: # Directory with html and javascript files for the new client UI, and admin tools utilizing # the http/json API. #nxt.apiResourceBase=html/ui #for Chinese language nxt.apiResourceBase=html/ui_zh ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technical details: The MyShares software is a client-server application. It consists of a java server process, the one started by the script, and a javascript user interface run in a browser. To run a node, forge, update the blockchain, interact with peers, only the java process needs to be running, so you could logout and close the browser but keep the java process running. If you want to keep forging, make sure you do not click on "stop forging" when logging out. You can also just close the browser without logging out. The java process communicates with peers on port 7874 tcp by default. If you are behind a router or a firewall and want to have your node accept incoming peer connections, you should setup port forwarding. The server will still work though even if only outgoing connections are allowed, so opening this port is optional. The user interface is available on port 14725. This port also accepts http API requests which other MyShares client applications could use. The blockchain is stored on disk using the H2 embedded database, inside the nxl_db directory. When upgrading, you should not delete the old nxl_db directory, upgrades always include code that can upgrade old database files to the new version whenever needed. But there is no harm if you do delete the nxl_db, except that it will take some extra time to download the blockchain from scratch. The default MyShares client does not store any wallet-type file on disk. Unlike bitcoin, your password is the only thing you need to get access to your account, and is the only piece of data you need to backup or remember. This also means that anybody can get access to your account with only you password - so make sure it is long and random. A weak password will result in your funds being stolen immediately. The java process logs its activities and error messages to the standard output which you see in the console window, but also to a file mys.log, which gets overwritten at restart. In case of an error, the mys.log file may contain helpful information, so include its contents when submitting a bug report. In addition to the default user interface at http://localhost:14725 , the following urls are available: http://localhost:14725/test - a list of all available http API requests, very useful for client developers and for anyone who wants to execute commands directly using the http interface without going through the browser UI. http://localhost:14725/test?requestType= - same as above, but only shows the form for the request type specified. http://localhost:14725/doc - a javadoc documentation for client developers who want to use the Java API directly instead of going through the http interface. http://localhost:14725/admin.html - some more commonly used commands, using the http interface. Compiling: The source is included in the src subdirectory. To compile it on linux, just run the enclosed script. This will compile all java classes and package them in an nxl.jar file, replacing the existing one. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently the exchange registration is still in progress. Anyone who can help us to make it at the exchange will be rewarded 50 millions MYS (MyShares) coin. We are selling the coin as low as 1 Doge. 1 MYS = 1 Doge. Please PM me if you want to buy it. Total first initial offering 500000000 MYS. This coin is not created with no effort at all, please support us! thank you.
  20. Zappl Inc aims to be a decentralized front end micro-blogging application similar to twitter and mastodon. Zappl Inc started off originally as an idea which had evolved quickly under the guidance of @thedegensloth. Who is currently holding the seat as CEO at Zappl Inc. Ios Development Teaser: Post found here: Technical: The Zappl website and applications will be running on the steem block chain utilizing community made libraries such as steem-js, steemconnect and much more. Zappl Inc plans to make all of its code on launch open source so the community can branch out and make their own or help with the development of the applications to benefit the community. Zappl Inc Plans to and will filter content that will be shown on the site. We will likely be starting out with a filter method using app: metadata. And will likely go into a system where we use a special metadata like content_id: id. The idea is to have the id stored in a database on submit of the post. Then when we go to read the API data we will likely have a requirement if content_id isn't correct don't display data. It's pretty simple to do and with the developer program we plan to set up, it would go pretty well for bot developers we plan to team with. Zappls technology: Zappl Ios = objective c Zappl Android = Java Zappl website / backend = mean stack Android Development Teaser: Post found here: Zappl Inc's Plan for launch: 210-240 character limit. Profile Feed / Main-Page Follower feed Followers page Following page Categories / tags login Normal login Wallet page Great user ui/ux Promoted system Embedding twitch, youtube and other forms of media Zappl Inc's Plan for after launch: Emoji support? Multi lang support Multi lang special characters support Image uploading Private encrypted messaging system Poll system Tipping system Internal market ? Blocktrades integration ? These are the goals we set at the start so we are doing our best to get as many features from the after launch list in before launch. Some features take up larger amounts of time. So if we don't get everything from the after launch list in before launch we will try to get it in as soon as possible after the launch. Website Development teaser: Post found here: As for our developer program we will be making a post soon. Also if you would be interested in buying stake in Zappl inc please contact us anytime we're currently looking for investors and v/cs to partner with. The Zappl Team Our social media profiles and misc: Twitter | Facebook | Discord | steemitchat | telegram Follow, Upvote, Comment, ReSteem, Share @thedegensloth, @steemitqa , and @zappl
  21. [ANN] Tokensale July 24th- Everex Blockchain-Powered Microfinance & Remittances EVEREX Download OP (PDF) With only 2 weeks of the Token Sale being live, and 3 more to go, Everex has raised 800+ Bitcoins and 26.500+ Ethers! The success of the Token Sale campaign is getting bigger every day and we are really excited to announce that the soft cap to have a solid start of the project has been reached! All the funds raised on the stages following are going to help us to expand Everex and reach new markets. Do not miss the opportunity to join us helping 2 billion people to be included the new digital economy revolution! _______________________________________________ Let's Start This Journey Together We're Adding 2 Billion People To The World Economy Link to Video _______________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Everex does not operate on the basis of P2P loans. Instead, we invest our aggregated Capital to provide microcredit services, accessible globally and instantaneously on Mobile devices. Offering microcredit via smartphones allows Everex to lend at professional levels of risk management. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Everex transactions are settled on the basis of 100%-backed, Ethereum-based Cryptocash currencies. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Everex builds a global network of partners and vendors that accept Everex transactions as payment, while functioning as cash-out stations at which Cryptocash can be redeemed against fiat currency. _________________________________________________ Download EVERX Wallet (Remittance only version) Web version is available at (iOS, Mac, PC) _________________________________________________ In order to make our vision a reality, Everex has developed one of the first mobile Ethereum wallets, capable of hosting and transacting ERC20 tokens and browsing blockchain transactions, as well as acting as a smart contract viewer. _________________________________________________ Use Cases The EVX Token - Token Sale: July 24th The EVX token fulfills a multitude of utility functions on the Everex remittance and microcredit platform: 1. Membership Proof of EVX ownership will be required to access advanced features, such as immediate on demand credit. 2. Tradable Credit Scores & Collateral Accumulation of EVX will allow low rated individuals and small businesses to improve their credit score. Furthermore, EVX will be accepted as collateral, enabling borrowers to access credit at lower interest rates along with other perks. 3. Incentive Mechanism Loans paid back in time will reward users with an EVX bonus, adding to a credit scoring, while late payments will entail an EVX levy, reducing one. 4. Everex Shares Success with EVX token holders Surpluses from successful business activities will be used to launch quarterly buy backs, in which Everex will purchase EVX at market price from EVX holders via “reverse ICO". EVX tokens acquired this way will be distributed among the community for free as a means of user acquisition. For more information please visit our website: Join The Conversation Slack: Telegram: Twitter: WeChat:
  22. WEBSITE | WHITE PAPER | TELEGRAM ICO of German eCommerce Investment Company Secure your part of our market-ready platforms! ICO Start 12 August 2017, 12:00 AM (GMT) STATS: Total Supply: all 49,000,000 tokens sold during ICO will be equated to 95% of all issued ALP One ALP token = 0,001 ETH Ethereum ERC20 standard ICO: 12 August The first 6 hours: 1.5 ALP = 0.001 ETH (+50%) The 1st day: 1.3 ALP = 0.001 ETH (+30%) Days 2-7: 1.15 ALP = 0.001 ETH (+15%) Days 8-30: 1 ALP = 0.001 ETH Token distribution: Token sale - 95% Bounty campaign - 5%
  23. [ANN] [pre-ICO] Appetissimo Crowdfund - in-app features crowdfunding platform Appetissimo is community-driven crowdfunded blockchain-powered mobile apps and games development platform that fills the gap between developers, product managers and end-users and starts a new era of effective product-management and early development funding that brings highest user satisfaction. “Serve your product with features users want and pay for!” After 15+ years of software development, 2,000,000+ apps installations and 30,000+ end-user app reviews, we’re ready to introduce Appetissimo, a community-driven crowdfunded blockchain-powered mobile apps and games development platform that fills the gap between developers, product managers and end users and starts a new era of effective product management and early development funding that brings highest user satisfaction. Appetissimo tokens will be used to help mobile apps and games product teams be extremely efficient and get early user feedback on upcoming features right in end user apps and games, prioritize roadmap paths and crowdfund feature-focused development, which will result in high-quality products and lower prices for end users. Appetissimo crowdsale and Appetissimo token issuance will help fund marketing and branding of the platform and the development of smart contract technology within the platform using the Ethereum blockchain. Website: Twitter: Whitepaper: Pre-ICO: August 14-25, 2017. ------ The Team We have great and relevant experience to finish what we've started. Anton Smirnov Founder and CEO, 15+ years of software development and project management. Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram +79193637753, Twitter:, skype:, e-mail: Max Lapp CTO, 10+ years of high-load systems design and development. Nikolay Veldyaev CFO, 10+ years of international software projects management. Ilya Ledovskikh Head of integration team. Dmitry Podkorytov Head of data team. Roadmap 2015 – idea inception June - July, 2017 – MVP development (ready backend, end-user apps SDK, developers SDK, demo apps). Access to source code repository on request. July 24 - August 11 – collecting feedback, surveys, whitepaper, website, PR August 14 - 25 – pre-ICO. Funding goal is $80,000 August 28 - September 1 – team building, hiring September 4 - 24 – deploying to Google App Engine September 25 - October 6 – Ethereum integration October 9 - 20 – credit cards integration, alpha-testing October 23 - November 3 – ICO. Funding goal is $800,000 November 6 - December 1 – Release