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  2. Le bitcoin pourrait générer 200 milliards USD d'économies (Goldman Sachs) http://t.co/DfKHWr8u4v

  3. I have done a pool also here on https://sta.mineoncloud.com Give me your address for donation i will send you few block
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  6. Heard of Bitcoin? TakeiCoin is here and ready to fight for human rights http://t.co/ZcSag0eriX via @PRWeb #takeicoin @takeicoin

  7. RT @coindesk: Former US Treasury Secretary Calls Bitcoin an “Innovative” Solutionhttp://t.co/F0QCs5WCR9

  8. Thanks !! Work !.... https://mzc.mineoncloud.com =)
  9. RT @aantonop: LIVE in a few minutes with a special segment on Gox and bitcoin developments:http://t.co/ZLtPHGiPNW

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