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  1. I have mindmodeling taks every day, maybe you gave it a low priority. I don't think there is a problem with mindmodeling currently. Look at the date on that post, it was over a year and a half ago
  2. It looks like Malariacontrol won't be sending WUs any time soon. It's currently not whitelisted, I but figured that it was appropriate to post this here: http://www.malariacontrol.net/forum_thread.php?id=1472#35686
  3. I noticed that some projects have reappeared in the whitelist that have previously been removed due to vote. These projects need to be removed: [email protected] ([email protected] test project) [email protected] -The Lattice Project In regards to [email protected], as seen here nobody has been completing WUs in months. Check out the RAC of all teams: http://denis.usj.es/denisathome/top_teams.php In a situation like this, I don't think that a vote is necessary and we should be able to remove the project from the whitelist immediately. It has been hurting the entire network's magnitude for far too long. In regards to SZTAKI, I don't think there is any reason that it should be removed from the whitelist. On all of my hosts, both linux and windows, as long as I have set the Resource Allocation to 10000, store at least 1-2 days of work, I have a steady stream of WUs. The scheduler requests work often enough, and downloads a suitable amount to keep the client crunching. However, on my machine that runs GPUGRID I rarely get SZTAKI WUs. The reason for this is because I set to store 0.1 days worth of work, because GPUGRID jobs take between 8-12 hours even on fast cards (I have a 980 ti). GPUGRID grants "bonus" credit for all work returned under 24 hours. If I used a large work buffer, all of my WUs that were turned in after a day of being downloaded were worth roughly 30% credit less. There were some growing pains to maximize my RAC in both GPUGRID and SZTAKI. With that said, I don't think that we need to remove a project because it requires certain client configuration. As long as work is available to a properly configured client for the project, then I don't see a reason that it shouldn't be whitelisted. However, I think that what we need a more elegant, automated solution driven by the Neural Network. The NN will need to check each BOINC project site for available work. If no work is available for x days, decrease that project's weight on a CPID's total magnitude every day until either work is available or 60 days have passed, and the project is automatically blacklisted until work is available again. Variables: ProjectMagnitudeWeight = 1/NumberOfWhitelistedProjects DecayFactor=0.05 * NumberOfDaysSinceWorkAvailable DecayedProjectMagnitudeWeight = ProjectMagnitudeWeight/(1+DecayFactor) Psuedocode: If work is available for project then ProjectMagnitudeWeight = 1/NumberOfWhitelistedProjects Else If NumberOfDaysSinceWorkAvailable >= 1 and DecayFactor < 60 then ProjectMagnitudeWeight=DecayedProjectMagnitudeWeight Else If NumberOfDaysSinceWorkAvailable >= 60 then ProjectMagnitudeWeight=0 With a DecayFactor of 0.05, after 7 days of no work the project impacts a CPIDs magnitude by ~74% compared to if work is available. After 30 days 40% ProjectMagnitudeWeight After 59 days ~25% ProjectMagnitudeWeight After 60 days automatic blacklist, and 0% ProjectMagnitudeWeight
  4. I was in contact with Henri in the past, helping him to setup the Gridcoin wallet over a year ago. Proof that it really is him (got this PM): http://pastebin.com/ZBCX1MYP I will will be voting no to further support of BU, as I have lost all respect for Henri and BU with the way that the project is now being handled. My personal opinion is that BU is headed for destruction with or without us. Henri is expecting people to mine for him at a loss on their electricity/inefficient ASICs and not notice what he's doing. Regardless of if Gridcoin supports BU, I doubt that the BOINC community is going to put up with his behavior. He may not realize it now, but the "trolls" and "spammers" as he likes to call them, aren't going to be contained to just our team. http://pastebin.com/ZBCX1MYP
  5. My personal opinion about the BU debate is that if they aren't going to care about the security of their site (SSL/HTTPS), then we shouldn't trust that someone won't be intercepting plaintext credentials of our users. I would argue that a majority of our users use an account manager such as BAM with the same credentials across multiple BOINC sites. I believe that HTTPS/SSL support on the BOINC project side should be a requirement to be considered for approval on our whitelist. In regards to campaign #7 @ BU, I am against what Henri is doing. Either way, I believe that as the security at a BOINC project isn't taken seriously, that we shouldn't support them. I haven't yet had the time to check all of our whitelisted projects for SSL support, but plan on using https://testssl.sh/ against all of the whitelisted sites later on in the week.
  6. POEM is up right now, and I've been processing work for them for the last few weeks without interruption (Proof). [email protected] should probably be removed from the whitelist as there hasn't been any work available lately. Bitcoin Utopia should support SSL, especially considering that you can get a certificate for free and it is easy enough to setup an automatic renewal via crontab. Security is important, and if the project sites don't seem to care then we might need to stop rewarding work within our network for work done on insecure BOINC sites.
  7. I was trying to figure out what was taking up so much space on my 250GB SSD, and discovered that GridcoinFinance isn't obeying the datadir registry entry. For now I am going to delete all of this, and reattach to the project. I was thinking, since this registry key exists, is there any way that on windows we can set boincdatadir= in gridcoinresearch.conf to automatically be configured to the DATADIR registry key shown below?
  8. Looks like work is once again available - time to crunch a few WUs..
  9. SZTAKI still has work, you just have to set it to high resource allocation (10000 or so) and trust me, your machines will begin to get work. I am constantly working on SZTAKI work on my machines. For whatever reason you don't seem to get work from them unless you set a high resource allocation, and your BOINC client repeatedly tries to get work. Then you seem to get a ton of work, and plenty of new work when you submit complete jobs. DENIS however, has dried up for quite some time. I believe we should temporarily remove DENIS from the whitelist, at least until work is available again.
  10. Feel free to download a snapshot from me, 13mbit upload is all I have to offer so it could get slow if a lot are downloading at once. http://typh00n.net/Gridcoin_Snapshot_02_10_2016.7z
  11. Hey Rob, can you look into credit on my finance account? Thank you! CPID: 07d49f2388664ceb0d517a0d417d4355
  12. Did we have a rollback of some sort? Looking at top users I am no longer one of the top participants, and my alt CPID "BOINCN_In_The_Night" no longer has the name "BOINCN_In_The_Night [Gridcoin]" and is one of the top participants, despite not solving any WUs in over a month. My primary CPID was one of the top users yesterday, and has been constantly solving WUs.
  13. You have time to jog? Is that where you come up with all of your world changing ideas? Happy Holidays Rob - to many more!
  14. Is your clock synced to NTP (in windows this will be known as "Windows Time")? If your clock is out of sync, you will temporarily get banned from other Gridcoin nodes.
  15. The problem that I see with that is "team poaching" - most of these forums have their own BOINC team.

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