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  1. I would highly recommend before anyone dives into any coin, to spend at least 3 days studying all the messages. Come on people, it does not take that much effort. At any rate, I believe ... unless I am mistaken, you need to download the blockchain update to kick start things. You'll notice the updates in this thread talk about the problem & I'm sure you'll get it going.
  2. Nope. Just like life, permanently burned into existence.
  3. I can virtually guarantee it. But I do not have connections with, or sponsor any particular exchange. Bitcoin Scrypt will definitely and positively be out there when the time is right.
  4. I can add some thoughts. 1. Profits, or people 'making a buck' will live on forever until the end of time. That is how society works, thrives, and lives 2. People who create new things can do so ... because we are a modern society ... this is OK and will not stop 3. Competition is GREAT ... maybe there will be a Bitcoin 3. Perhaps FREEZE will be #1 later. Perhaps something else. Nobody knows. Hopefully this starts the conversation in a better direction.
  5. Yes! It will enhance or help public perception BTC Scrypt is definately worthy to buy. The idea of some BTC Buy Now trading site like that is cool. I am sure there are people who will purchase 250 coins, 500, etc. at some non-selfish amount in coming months.
  6. There is no real question in there. It's a heated argument. What are you asking?
  7. ok ! thx for reporting that. Omega6 & CaptChadd may want to take notice of artiface's compiling review/result ^ post #197
  8. Understood. This was an issue. Bitcointalk.org has some information about this after the coin was un-banned, regarding the particular concern you have.
  9. That is probably not a constructive statement. Have you downloaded the client app? Are you mining? Do you have a knowledge-base of information, not just on this site ... but others too about BITCOIN SCRYPT? Some people confuse BITCOIN SHA-256 with BITCOIN SCRYPT. But the development team I personally think ... in my humble opinion, has the issue at hand. It's helpful to some extent to see more of these messages pop up. It only helps to reinforce the next roll-out, before it happens. To some people this might be a threat ... to some, it's a cool thing. So, of course, if you support BITCOIN SHA-256, there is a forum for that. If you have questions or concerns about BITCOIN SCRYPT, please articulate those out. What scam? Did you get scammed? Or are you just thinking about it? What other issues do you have with the coin? Did you mine any or thinking about it? Stuff like this ... resolving those questions faithfully or just putting your opinion out there helps. If anyone else wants to ding in on this, please go for it. Good luck & may the coins be ever in your future.
  10. Wrong!! Running any of the Bitcoin2 clients does not nuke wallet.dat. BTC shows up as unconfirmed while BTC2 works, and vice versa. This idea/rumor was picked up/spread at bitcointalk and later TESTED & dismissed there, see https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=292543.120
  11. ok just post what you find with btc2/btc data, when compiling it would be odd to lose blockchain or loss of critical files
  12. Finally worked it out all is running smooth

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