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  1. ROOT https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/2149-diverse-community-helper-thread/ # Welcome all. We are part of a society which enjoys times at home thinking about spirits. Peace be upon him, the lord Jesus. And I do think Jesus is the real spirit in our hearts sometimes. It's a great thing to have a community which is involved worldwide who understands. I am part of the ideas that the Lord Jesus is a thing which is not just a Man, but something more. Much more. And to commercialize the whole thing might be wrong, ... so let's hopefully take it a notch down. Let's look at places which are fun to visit or possibly a worship center. I dunno. If I am mistaken worshiping or putting religion into context of anything worth spending money on is not bad. So use your creativity. Let's not forget that tomorrow we should try to remember good values, things which make sense, and things which help us be better human beings. Try to enjoy. I have no affiliation to any cults, worship churches, or anyone paying me to say this. Thanks! RISK NOTICE: Generally you are free to use coins to trade for services. However, in some jurisdictions, including specifically only CHINA currently you may not start these business models. Please refer to any advisories for information if uncertain. https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/2149-diverse-community-helper-thread/
  2. Certainly the broader spectrum of companies, individuals, or little businesses such as one-off 'marketplaces' as I call it ... or temporary fun places have to deal with coins & the issue of relevance. Of course, a bakery for instance... if I may use the example, might offer cakes & doughnuts for sale. It as a business entity might sale these for some x-factor cost ... perhaps accepting a range of coins. Trading coins at a point of purchase is fairly non-technical today. Promotional paths & technologies to get started are only a step away. So, if I were to ask you ... what did you have in mind for producing business? Perhaps it was something along the lines I've described. There are so many new coins emerging and today & tomorrow will be a wave of innovations. There are so many smart people on this site. You should look into these ideas & re-connect back with prospective ideas going beyond your wallet concept there. This is because customers rolling into any business out there could immediately today implement coin purchase systems to enable more profitable relationships. This is now. Hopefully in 2014 more so with folks like you helping. If possible. Bitzone1
  3. YAHTZEE'S FRIEND +++++?~$~+IO~+++++++,,,,,?~Z~+7D~+,,,,,,~~~~~?~Z~+7O~+~~~~~~.....I=Z=?78=?...... +++?~O~DZO7D~8~?++++,,,I:8~MO8$M~D~?,,,,~~~I~O~DZO7D=8~?~~~~...I=8=NO8$N=D=I.... ++~O~~I++++$~~~~~O++,:~8~~7++++Z~~~~~8,,~=~O=~7++++$~~~~~O~~.,=8==7???+Z=====O.. +=Z~~~D++?++O~~~O~++,~O~~~M++?++8~~~8~,,~=Z~~~N++?++O~==O=~~.=Z===N??I??O===8=.. +=~~~~?$D+=+7~~~~~=++~~~~~?ZM?=+$~~~~~=,+=~~~=?$N?=+$======~?=====IZN?+?$=====+. I=~~~==??+7IZ~~~=~~+7~~~~~=??+$IO~~~~~~,7=~~===??+7IZ=====~~7+====+?I?$7O======. Z~7~~$~?8Z=+7~~~~~=+O~$~~Z~?NO=+$~~~~~~,Z~7~~$~?8Z=+$======~O=$==Z=IDO+?$======. +~~~~~$?+=8=~~~~~~+++~~~~~Z?+=N=~~~~~~+,+=~~~~Z??+D+~~~~==+~?=====ZI?+D+======?. +Z=~~88~7D=DD~~~==++,O~~~ND~$M=MM~~~~=,,~Z=~~88~7N+DD~~===~~.O===D8=$N+NN====+.. ++7==~=~O+?+=?Z=~+++,,7~=~=~8+?+=?O~~,,,~~7==~==O+?++?Z=~~~~..$++=+=8?I?+?O==... +++=~=?I?++7I?++++++,,,=~=?7I++$I?++,,,,~~~===?II++7I?++~~~~...+=+I7I??$7I??.... +++++++Z~=~?++++++++,,,,,,+O~~~?+,,,,,,,~~~~~~+Z===?+~~~~~~~......?Z===I?....... IIIIIIIII$IIIIIIIIII++++++++IOI+++++++++IIIIIIIII$IIIIIIIIII:::::::::7~::::::::: IIII7?OD~I8D~~+IIIII++++=?==~=====?+++++IIII7?OD~I8D~~+IIIII::::7?OD~I8D~~+::::: IIO=$~~D7+?I=~~~OIII++Z==~~~?~~~~~~?Z+++IIO=$~~D7+?I=~~~OIII: :=$~~D7+?I=~~~O::: I==~~~8?==+?:~~~8+II+===$~~~=~~~~~~~O?++I==~~~8?==+?:~~~8+II:==~~~8?==+?:~~~8+:: I~~~~~I$II+==~~~~8$I7~+++ZO8~==~I+7~~=?+I~~~~~I$II+==~~~~8$I+~~~~~I$II+==~~~~8I: =~~~~~Z$MI7+I~~~~~ZI$D+==+?+??=+Z8?=OO?+=~~~~~Z$MI7+I~~~~~ZI=~~~~~Z$MI7+I~~~~~Z: ?=~~~~~????ZD~~~~~~I=O7=?N+=??+$??+=O=++?=~~~~~????ZD~~~~~~I?=~~~~~????ZD~~~~~~: $Z$:~7N?=+?+~~~~~~II87+$+=+?+?I+?+++D~I+$Z$:~7N?=+?+~~~~~~II$Z$:~7N?=+?+~~~~~~I: =~~~~~O?=+?+~:~~O~~I=Z$?+D~~7Z?8?O++~~++=~~~~~O?=+?+~:~~O~~I=~~~~~O?=+?+~:~~O~~: I=~~:==OI=+?+:~~~8II+III?~7~=~===~~~~I++I=~~:==OI=+?+:~~~8II:=~~:==OI=+?+:~~~8:: II+=+=+=??$????~+III++=~~~~~~=====$:++++II+=+=+=??$????~+III::+=+=+=??$????~+::: IIIIN~I=Z$?MNI8IIIII++++7=======O?7+++++IIIIN~I=Z$?MNI8IIIII::::N~I=Z$?MNI8::::: IIIIIII++8?=IIIIIIII++++++?=IZ?+++++++++IIIIIII++8?=IIIIIIII:::::::++8?=~::::::: ++++++++?+++++++++++MMMMMMD?D8D+8MMMMMMM++++++++?+++++++++++~~~~~~~+?+++~~~~~~~~ ++++I~Z~:7:D?O$+++++MMMM$+O?$I?DDI+NMMMM++++I~$~~I~8?Z7+++++~~~~I~Z~:7:D?O$~~~~~ +++~~~Z~+I?+$~DZ++++MM?+?++??I7???I=ZMMM+++~~~$~+I?+7~8$++++~~+~~~Z~+I?+$~DZ+~~~ ++8~~~?$MM++M~~~~Z++M?===++ZD++$?==+=IMM++O~~~+7DD++D~~==$++~+8~~~?$MM++M~~~~Z~~ +~~~~~+??Z+OI~~~~~~+++===~OII+77====$=+M+~~~~~++?$+ZI=~====++~~~~~+??Z+OI~~~~~~~ $~~~~=8I?I7+7~~~~~I+ZI7~=$ZI+I+$======IM7=~~~=OI?I7+I=~~==I+$~~~~=8I?I7+7~~~~~I~ I~~~~~~I???I+~~~~~~+I+=====II?IZN======M?=~~~~=I????+=====~+I~~~~~~I???I+~~~~~~~ =~~~~~O?+??~~~~~~~8+?=====ZID?7?O+====$M==~~~~Z?+?+~~~~~~=Z+=~~~~~O?+??~~~~~~~8~ I~~~~N=+?+=?~~I~O~$+M+====7ZI7?++====ONMI=~~~D++?+=?~~I~Z=7+I~~~~N=+?+=?~~I~O~$~ +=~~M===~8?~I?~~~+++MI====I7I+?I===+7?MM+==~N+==~O+~??~==+++~=~~M===~8?~I?~~~+~~ ++8=I===~?+$8N?~Z+++MMN=8==O$?I8====MMMM++O=I==+~?+$OD?~$+++~~8=I===~?+$8N?~Z~~~ ++++=++??N+7O~=+++++MMMM8$OD=IO8=?DMMMMM+++++++??8+7Z~++++++~~~~=++??N+7O~=~~~~~ +++++++++?++++++++++MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM+++++++++?++++++++++~~~~~~~~~?~~~~~~~~~~ IIIIII?$===I?IIIIIII++++++?7~~~?++++++++~~~~~~?7~~~?+~~~~~~~++++++?7~~~?++++++++ III+Z===NN$=D8=?IIII++++Z~~~MM$~DD~+++++~~~+Z~~~MM$~DD~+~~~~++++Z~~~MM$~DD~+++++ IIZ?==N?+7?ZI==$=III++Z?~~M+=I+ZI~~$~+++~~Z?~~M+=I+ZI~~$~~~~++Z?~~M+=I+ZI~~$~+++ IO?===7I???+N=====II+O?~~~II+++=M~~~~~++~O?~~~II+++=M~~~~~~~+O?~~~II+++=M~~~~~++ +=====I?N+??7+=+==+I=~~~~~??N=++I=~=~~=+=~~~~~??N=++I=~=~~=~=~~~~~??N=++I=~=~~=+ O=====$???I87=+===+IO~~~~~$+?+?87~~~~~=+O~~~~~$+?+?87~~~~~=~O~~~~~$+?+?87~~~~~=+ 7+I=$?=$$??7?======I7=I~$?~$$++I+~~~~~~+7=I~$?~$$++I+~~~~~~~7=I~$?~$$++I+~~~~~~+ ?+====???+?8======?I+~~~~~+++~?D~~~~~~?++~~~~~+++~?D~~~~~~?~+~~~~~+++~?D~~~~~~?+ I====8+Z?$??N===?+II+~~~~8=Z+$+?N~:~?=++~~~~~8=Z+$+?N~:~?=~~+~~~~8=Z+$+?N~:~?=++ I7==?+++?+$?IZ==+ZII+?~~?===++$?I$~~=Z++~?~~?===++$?I$~~=Z~~+?~~?===++$?I$~~=Z++ IIID=?I??I+8$???IIII+++D~+?++I=D$?++++++~~~D~+?++I=D$?++~~~~+++D~+?++I=D$?++++++ IIIII?=+?$I$=?IIIIII++++++~=+$?$~+++++++~~~~~+~=+$?$~+~~~~~~++++++~=+$?$~+++++++ IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII++++++++++++++++++++~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~++++++++++++++++++++
  4. Welcome Please note this coin is not listed on cryptocoin talk. I do not have administrator access to this site or restrict coins. Possibly this coin may or may not be ready for prime time. If the community would help, please focus on these tasks: MORE INFORMATION NEEDED ======================= 1. Stability of coin, as far as resources to make it work 2. Developers backgrounds or a description, or template of working processes 3. Links to software source code 4. Perseverance to make coin work Welcome to Cryptocointalk! This thread is open and I'll or others will help to guide or reply to further developments. The sysop may delete this thread without prejudice or otherwise install the coin to the trusted list of coins. Thank you. Bitzone
  5. ROOT https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/2149-diverse-community-helper-thread/ # Do you want to be noticed? Have something on your mind for this evening? Of course, coins are on the upswing. In fact, quite commonly these days people trade coins for other coins. But what about your business? Do you have an activity or game that might be better served with coin transactions? Please post your event schedules here. Be sure to include location, contact info, hours, and which coins are accepted. IDEAS FOR ELDERS ACTIVITY DAYS OR NIGHTS: 1. Romancing the Chef 2. Learning to Cook Part II – ADVANCED 3. Outdoor Golf & Beer 4. Cattle Ranch Training for Us 5. To the Moon, Movie Theater Rental 6. Better Gardening with Talent 7. LEARN TO PLANT QUALITY POTATOES 8. Up in Arms Puzzle Class 9. Pottery 10. More Pottery 11. Pottery Art Lesson II, With your Grand Master 12. Daytime Relaxing with Tea 13. BOOK CLUB 14. NIGHT PARTY 15. Outdoor Frisbee Fun 16. Quality Knitting and More RISK NOTICE: Generally you are free to use coins to trade for services. However, in some jurisdictions, including specifically only CHINA currently you may not start these business models. Please refer to any advisories for information if uncertain. https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/2149-diverse-community-helper-thread/
  6. ROOT https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/2149-diverse-community-helper-thread/ # Greetings: Perhaps you know of a interesting or fun place which is open to everyone ... but has focus on activities and fun daily events for people with disabilities. This is a very broad term which includes everyone. Even if you have a broken arm. What kinds of stuff are brewing? Locations locations locations should be posted here. In the coming years we should see hopefully a thriving and exciting marketplace, including those helpful places we cannot live without. Of course, there are things to know ... post with full event, location, time & additional information to promote the location. For example: NAME OF LOCATION ACCEPTING COINS ACTIVITIES OR DAILY ENROLLMENT INFORMATION HOURS OF OPERATION COINS ACCEPTED [THIS IS IMPORTANT] Thank you! RISK NOTICE: Generally you are free to use coins to trade for services. However, in some jurisdictions, including specifically only CHINA currently you may not start these business models. Please refer to any advisories for information if uncertain. https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/1916-5-dec-2013-china-prohibits-non-virtual-uses-of-cryptocoins/
  7. Y0. You should have received some coins ... for sure. This coin has had a knee jerk reaction from just humming along, to lots of sudden interest. Could you elaborate? You received precisely 10 coins, or absolutely none? Could be a technical problem at your side. I'm not seeing lots of people in your predicament. Bitzone1
  8. Hello from the General Forum! Here you can connect with friends, find your coin destiny ... or just learn about cryptocoins in general! People around the world here are respecting the time we are in now. Cryptocoins are gaining prevalence & popularity. Values have increased for many coins by X+Factor times in the last 30 days. And it's very likely to continue! Extremely likely. Because of this, we all have to raise our aim a bit ... and look for opportunities to connect with people, share ideas, evolve business plans, or help to promote. This can be done by looking for clues or unrealized opportunities. This could be some coin out there without a new post for 30 days. Maybe you can get it moving? It also could be working in synergy with others who are aiming for a goal. Maybe you can add your two coins worth? A good idea, push, diagnosis, or something else will help! Or it could be something else altogether. Best wishes and adventures ahead. 12 December 2013 AD
  9. Probably Cryptsy Co. is experiencing an incredible barrage of customer service requests. If you can imagine, even if they had a million dollars this second, somehow it still is a daunting task to quickly work thru to you! With sudden success as Cryptsy unexpectedly received this is probably normal. Average to overnight super heros must deal with this as quickly as possible or go out of business, or at very least have some interim reputation issues. If you've sent your concern in within the last week I am sure you'll see something soon? If you don't please post an update to let everyone know. I feel for you. Believe me. There is great incentive to keep things on the up & up @ Cryptsy & be fair to everyone. The silver lining probably is your BTC has increased in value since the chance to withdraw it. Hopefully you'll see some in the near future.
  10. I think tro11s are hot. Very Ŭber, like, .... sunshine man

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