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  1. RT @notsofastcrypto: You obviously haven't seen me and my crew all sporting our #Trollcoin face tattoos $TROLL @trollcoinbase https://t.co/…

  2. Still trollin' hard, trollcoinbase.com twitch.tv/trollcoinbot and dump it all on Bleutrade
  3. RT @notsofastcrypto: 5% of entire #Trollcoin supply is on offer at @Bleutrade for 17 sats.Gonna start chomping it w/ shitcoin profits over…

  4. RT @trollcoinBOT: System will be down momentarily today while we implement a minor bug fix. https://t.co/JGyX9nCkbN

  5. RT @BitOBytes: Big thanks to @O10010110 for helping to identify a bug in @trollcoinBOT - bug fix goes live tomorrow.

  6. Safe travels to you sir, check out TrollCoin instead. Great coin, sexy community. troll.bleufaucet.com trollcoinbase.com

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