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  1. Event types available: Event Name: NUSFM_FY2018_Q1_InnovateAIML Amount: $50 Expires: 28-Feb-2019 Stack-able: x4 per account Price: $6 each Event Name: NUSFMFY2018Q3_Innovate Amount: $50 Expires: 31-Aug-2019 Stack-able: x4 per acc Price: $7 each Event Name:[ NUSFM_FY2018_Q4-AWSome-Day-Online-Conference-1 NUSFM_FY2018_Q4-AWSome-Day-Online-Conference-2 ] Amount: $25 (These are $25 each.. So for both its $50.) Expires: 30-Nov-2019 Stack-able: x4 of $25 i.e $100 per acc Price: $8 for 2 ~ These credits are not Amazon Educate credits ! It's from Amazon AWSome Day ~ My Shop :https://selly.gg/@darkie199 Can also contact me via Skype for discount on Bulk Purchase: darkknightcry0 Proof: https://ibb.co/dfkmShL *Willing to Negotiate if Purchased in Bulks! 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