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  1. Needless to say that this is a very promising coin. A few things to add: MainNet was launched on 06/25/18. There wasn't and there won't be any AirDrop for BTC holders. They have also completely solved scalability problem and have drastically reduced blockchain size. Every block solved goes along with a haiku, written by IA-driven Emerson. They now have a Discord chan, where is concentrated direct information flow from the team. https://discord.gg/z8DDuYn They also organize a beautiful mining bounty for Christmas. You earn 50 MCM (about 200/250 $ at the moment) if you mine it for 7 days only. You don't need to have hash power at all to do the bounty (you don't need to solve any block at all, only miner IP on Mochimo's network is checked), only 1 computer with NVidia GPU compatible with CUDA drivers (even 6 or 7 years old computers are still OK). Check it on their Discord, it's where everything happens: https://discord.gg/z8DDuYn

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