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  1. Hey everyone! Quick (possibly stupid) question. Do the tasks that are already downloaded for my current NVIDIA gpu need to be run on a NVIDIA card? I currently am using a Quadro K4000, but have a R9 280X on the way. I was planning on swapping the cards, not trying to run both. Should I let the tasks I have downloaded finish before switching cards? Thanks!
  2. It seems to have sorted itself out. I even got my first PoR payment today so it appears everything is working properly!
  3. I am still very new to gridcoin and have a question about what just happened when I sent some coins. Before sending the coins, my Coin Weight was approximately equal to my GRC available. After sending the coins, the Coin Weight dropped way down to 4.38. Can someone explain what is going on? Thanks! Paul
  4. Thank you! I'll probably end up doing that. I thought I might buy some coins to get enough to get started, but having to buy bitcoin first then trading for gridcoin is looking to be a hassle.
  5. Thank you. I will pay it forward. I thought about joining the pool. It may seem silly, but I want my credits to go to my existing seti & milkway accounts. Thanks again!
  6. Hello. I've been a member of [email protected] since 2008 and [email protected] since 2009 and just found out about GRC.I think I have everything set up and would be thankful for some starter coins. SM3w47hoW8hBQDh5baqVynbcBj7utmQjBH

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