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  1. Currently we do have a contest. Just join and choose on what would be the number on roulette comes out and you will get some mbtc's. Play now on Bitdouble.io
  2. Welcome to the new social gambling game: Bitdouble.io! bitdouble.io What is BitDouble? BitDouble is a platform for unique games to gamble with Bitcoin. We are currently offering two games on our site and are planning on adding more in the future. You can either play versus the house or against other players. BitDouble is a brand new way to gamble with Bitcoin. We are NOT a dice site – instead players deposit Bitcoin and bet those coins on a roulette inspired game, where all players bet on the same results: The five options that players can bet on are: Red 1-7 to DOUBLE your Bitcoin Black 8-14 to DOUBLE your Bitcoin Even Even to DOUBLE your Bitcoin Odd Odd to DOUBLE your Bitcoin Green 0 for FOURTEEN times your Bitcoin It doesn't matter how big your Wallet is, or how much you bet, your odds are always the same. Bets occur in real time, across the entire site, meaning you bet, win, and lose along with other players. All rolls are generated using a provably fair system – ensuring a fair roll each and every time. Screenshot of the game: Features: Provably fair One-click Signup Mobile friendly VIP Levels Autobetting feature Custom Avatars Big chat feature Automatic Deposits/Withdrawals Awesome affiliate system Fast ticket support Come and checkout our amazing game! bitdouble.io VIP System VIP 1VIP Level 1 (Bronze) >0.1 BTC you earn .001btc VIP 2VIP Level 2 (Bronze) >0.5 BTC .005btc VIP 3VIP Level 3 (Bronze) >1.5 BTC .015btc VIP 4VIP Level 4 (Bronze) >5 BTC .05btc VIP 5VIP Level 5 (Silver) >15 BTC .150btc VIP 6VIP Level 6 (Silver) >50 BTC .5btc VIP 7VIP Level 7 (gold) >150 BTC 1.5btc VIP 8VIP Level 8 (Gold) >500 BTC 5btc VIP 9VIP Level 9 (Diamond) >1500 BTC 15btc VIP 10VIP Level 10 (Diamond) >5000 BTC 50btc New PvP Coinflip game Player vs Player duels are 1 on 1 coinflips. You are playing vs another player, not vs the house. Either choose heads or tails and wait for an opponent or join an existing match waiting to start. To get to the game, you login to bitdouble.io. Up above our wheel youll see what looks like a banner. Just click the banner and youre in the PvP arena. There are 2 ways to play. Either start your own duel or join an existing duel. All games results are instant once 2 players are in a duel. We hope everyone likes the speed and gameplay. Good luck and we hope to see you all soon bitdouble.io

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