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  1. Do you surprised? I thought this quite oblivious, why do you think people created anonymous cryptocurrencies like Monero and ZCash.
  2. We already at the dip, it doesn't matter if you buy now or little bit later even if we go lower, we would bounce back so quick you will be really surprised
  3. Bitcoin features launch planned at January, at spring SEC approve ETF. Summer will be hot and fall even hotter, and winter i will spend at some nice place like Hawaii. This is my prediction.
  4. Bitcoin is more stable comparing to other cryptos, bright future ahead with lightning network. Ethereum is all about smart contracts, DEXes and token. They both very perspective.
  5. You god damn right i am gonna wait. I definitely stay here till next bull run, this happen next year, after ETF.
  6. I recently played in first assassins creed game and after that this one. First one is better.
  7. It's funny. ZCash don't even have a official wallet, but have a separate forum
  8. Also blockchain.com is a good option.
  9. Yes, but where else you can gain so much profit?
  10. I don't really get it? In the end future contracts is good or bad?

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