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  1. were raising the funds for a exchange can you recomend any
  2. As you are aware guys Amigacoin has been abandoned by the devs and even removed from the only exchange ! We have made a new POW chain with some differences new logos etc block reward is 512 "The ammount of ram these beasts had " Coinbase maturity 10 blocks Target spacing 2 minutes Target timespan 20 minutes Premine - 10% " for giveaways and future developments & possable exchange listing Transaction confirmations 5 blocks RPC port : 43964 we will also have a website up and running soon Please check back soon and we will have all the links & Downloads and more info ready for you Links Website - TBS Wallet Downloads Windows Wallet Source Code GITHUB Explorers EXPLORER 1 EXPLORER 2 Pools More Pools Welcome Exchanges No Exchanges as of yet ! We will try our hardest to get listed maybe open a croudfund to fund a decent exchange If anyone has any input or can contribute in anyway from pools / block explorers etc please let us know

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