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  1. Greetings from the GemmyCoin (GMC) team Good News! We are delighted to announce that GemmyCoin (GMC) will be officially listing on ‘BitMart Exchange’, a premier global exchange in the cryptocurrency market. We’re currently discussing the listing dates so that we will announce the dates once confirmed. We will proceed additional listing with 4 or 5 other global and Korea’s crypto exchange. We will be appreciated if you show your attention and love. Please stay tuned. Let us introduce ‘BitMart Exchange’ ▶ Listing on BitMart, Signal entering into Global Market! BitMart Exchange, opened in March 2018 and located at NewYork, is a global crypto exchange and ranked among the top 20 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap, with 100 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum available in its exchange. The total volume is about 8,576,895,600 USD (as of December 4), and the highest 24hour trading volume is 130 million USD. BitMart has over 530,000 users in 180 countries worldwide. BitMart Exchange was officially registered as a Money Service Business (MSB) with U.S. which was described as the greatest achievement. BitMart Exchange >> https://www.bitmart.com/ ▶ About GemmyCoin (GMC) GemmyCoin (GMC) is a global music distribution platform powered by blockchain. We aim to create a virtuous cycle in which values, created by both content creation and consumption, leads to reinvestment of contents. GMC is intended to realize new ecosystem to break high entry barriers for the musician and creators, to protect their copyrights, and to connect creators and fans, without middlemen. We are proceeding ‘Gemmy Star’, a musician debut channel, which will be released in December 11, as well as ‘Music Maker Gemmy (MMG)’, a songwriter & composer debut platform. *Please refer to http://www.gemmymusic.com/main and find all information on GemmyCoin (GMC). *For further details or any enquiries, please contact to “Kakao 1:1 chat (https://pf.kakao.com/_xeFrkC)” -------------------------------------------------------- ■ Official Website : http://www.gemmymusic.com ■ White Paper : http://www.gemmymusic.com/_upfiles/eng/board/pdf/20181126_ed1e4c484128ff8ae77d.pdf ■ Official Telegram : https://t.me/gemmyworld ■ Official Blog : https://blog.naver.com/gmc1101 ■ KakaoPlusFriend : https://pf.kakao.com/_xeFrkC ■ Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gemmyworld/ ---------------------------------------------------------- ATTENTION : AIRDROP will be coming soon. We will let you know once ready We appreciate your continued support and encouragement as always. With your full expectation, GemmyCoin (GMC) shows you the platform revolution reviving the entire content industry beyond the global music distribution platform. Thanks. “ALL MIGHTY GEMMY”
  2. Hello, this is the GemmyCoin(GMC) team. GemmyCoin(GMC) will be listed on each Global Exchange and Domestic Exchange in the December. The listing has been confirmed on Domestic Exchange on December 12. We will announce any updates on Global Exchange upon receipt of any confirmation. <Listing Information of Domestic Exchange > Exchange : UIOEX (https://www.uioex.net/) Listing Date : December 12, 2018 16:00 3. After listing, Transfer Limit of the existing GMC wallet : based on the balance on the listing date * Daily limit : 5% of total amounts of GMC * Monthly limit : 30% of total amounts of GMC 4. 3rd Pre Sale is in progress (closing is before listing date) * 1 ETH / 10,000 GMC + 30% bonus (Bonus to be paid in a lump-sum in 3 months after the 3rd pre sale ends) * Purchase (Participation) of the GMC : https://wallet.gemmymusic.com/ 5. Kindly visit the official telegram and find all news related to GemmyCoin(GMC), https://t.me/gemmyworld 6. For any enquiries, Please contact to KakaoPlusFriend https://pf.kakao.com/_xeFrkC We are always appreciated for your continous support and trust on the GemmyCoin(GMC) -------------------------------------------------------- ■ Official Website : http://www.gemmymusic.com ■ Official Blog : https://blog.naver.com/gmc1101 ■ KakaoPlusFriend: https://pf.kakao.com/_xeFrkC ■ Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/gemmyworld/ ■ Official Telegram : https://t.me/gemmyworld ■ Purchase (Participation) of the GMC : https://wallet.gemmymusic.com/
  3. Bitcoin and altcoins are dropping now..... is it time to invest???? pls advise.

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