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  1. I may be over stepping here, but claiming to be new and asking for starter coin when you already have seems pretty cheap. And I hope not in keeping with what this community is all about. You have two posts asking for starter coin, https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/profile/29650-chal55rus/ The first from Jan 2016, Not really new to this are you?
  2. I'm pool mining, my problem was Amicable was stuck in a user acct and not attached to the pool. I've fixed it by removing from boinc and reattaching through Gridcoin page and syncing though boinc/grc manager. LOL, opened boneyard closet this morning looking for gpu's to add to my rigs. Found a 1070 no cooler, a 960 and a 750ti. I've a 7700k ready to go and a 6600k that will need a board and ram.
  3. Thank you gentlemen! Now if I can just figure out the whole cross project ID thing, amicable numbers just will not sync for some reason. I'll start a post in the appropriate section after I try a few more things. Once again thank you!
  4. Pretty new to all of this. I have started in a pool and am crunching Collatz on GPU and CPU, so far I have accumulated 32 Grc. Anyway having fun with Gridcoin, but would just like to speed things up a bit! Definitely a pay it forward type. Thanks in advance for any and all help. Address is SBTricN5Cf68MAnFZnMaKVb9tP4k3ohJeb

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