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  1. Attention. Exchange MoonDEX officially announced its closure, we advise you to stop trading and withdraw funds in very near future.
  2. Attention. An alleged attempt to split the chain is observed. Please check: https://poolexplorer.com/coin/4810 and make sure you are mining on a pool with the longest chain!
  3. Congratulations to the community RESS with a victory on RESQ Vote platform! The RESQ Swap platform is ready to send for data exchange. Due to the fact that RENT missed the last vote due to the External Swap CTSC, but was technically considered the first - RENT is also considered the winner! Approximate time of data preparation for RESQ Swap platform data is 2 days. The exchange will be available for 5 days. News, discussions and support on RESQ Dicord channel.
  4. On your requests on the channel #coin-nominations RESQ Discord we have added new nominees RESQ Vote Platform: GUT, QUAR, RESS and SMK. The new round of voting will end on December 7 at midnight GMT +0. The winner will be transferred to the RESQ Swap Platform. Current statistics at the moment: Block Count: 62760 POW Reward: 500 RESQ MN Count: 151 Price Ticker Crex24 Price: 0.00000019 MoonDEX Price: 0.00000019
  5. The CTSC external Swap is officially completed. Congratulations to the CTSC community for a successful revival! Immediate plans: now there will be a short break, most likely during the next week the experience will be used to improve the work of the platforms. The standard schedule a vote. In RESQ Discord on channel #coin-nominations accepted proposals of new applicants for the Vote Platform. Perhaps, in parallel with the selection of the project for the standard exchange, External exchanges will also take place, as it was just with CTSC. So far, according to the statistics of choice, RECO is a likely winner for the next exchange. RESQ Swap Platform current information: Coins Have Been Sent In For Swaps - 115696503.81297879 Coins Have Been Sent Out For Swaps 9996503.59717331 Questions and discussion in RESQ Discord
  6. At the moment, the platform has successfully produced a swap in test mode CIC coin, the first exchange using the Voting platform REEFcoin, is now produced by external swap for the CTSC community Information currently platform RESQ Swap: Coins Have Been Sent In For Swaps - 112140395.88817968 Coins Have Been Sent Out For Swaps - 8218449.63477370
  7. LAUNCHED 10/08/2018 4PM GMT WEBSITE | BCT ANN | DISCORD | TWITTER | WHITE PAPER JOIN DISCORD FOR MAINNET LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT AND UPDATES About RESQ Chain was born from seeing a multitude of Dev abandoned projects where communities were trying to take over to regain some value to their investments. Dev abandoned projects are common occurrence in the blockchain space and can happen for multiple reasons (lack of funding, exit scams, personal issues or commitments). While a large majority of coins have no real use case, some of these coins have an underlying potential to succeed with the correct team and funding. RESQ aims to assist by providing funding viable, abandoned projects that show a strong community support in hope that the project can reach its true potential as well as return some value to initial project investors. This will be referred to as RESQ Revival. In circumstances where projects have a strong community, but it is viewed that the project has nothing unique to offer, RESQ would approach the community with an offer for a coin swap to RESQ coin. This will be referred to as RESQ Swap. RESQ Chain’s primary focus is to build and keep communities together to help them succeed, we believe that the value of blockchain technology is derived from the community that is willing to support it. RESQ Chain will not try to recreate the wheel, and in any areas where there may be an overlap of strategy we will look at creating trusted partnerships with other blockchains. CoinSpecs Algorithm: x16s Rewards: See Below Block Time: 150 Seconds Max Supply: 535 000 000 Masternode Tier 1: 300 000 coins Pre-Mine: <5% Founders Reward: 10 Exchanges MCT + Crex24 MoonDEX Wallets Windows Linux Github Masternodes Masternode setup script Road Map

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