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  1. Primary.io


    Nice exchange. With so many solutions and competitors to choose from the decision to choose the right exchange has never been more important.
  2. Looks like a nice exchange platform.
  3. Great exchange platform, and it has a good loyalty program that rewards users who promote the platform.
  4. Really nice explanation, thanks or sharing it.
  5. https://bitcoinist.com/buy-coke-instantly-with-bitcoin-vending-machine-proof-of-concept-using-lightning-network/
  6. Every day more and more blockchain events take place, and it is very good for the blockchain ecosystem and community. These are events that will probably chart the course for the next phase of evolution in the blockchain industry.
  7. People are always hoping to invest in something that might be the future google or facebook. So one of the most important qualities would be to find an project with real product and real purpose. If it has chance to get mass adopted then you probably have an gainer and a potential investment multiplier.
  8. These structures of an KYC were put in place to track terrorism and then the scope got expended to include other heinous crimes, drug trafficking and now even bribes taken by people in power.
  9. Very interesting project. I researched a little bit and i love that unlike many other ICOs, whose returns are dependent on the coins’ trade value as exchange market securities, NOAH is classified as a token coin, one whose primary purpose is something more substantial than a simple trade instrument.
  10. Africa has quite a lot growth potential for the cryptocurrency markets. More and more countries in Africa have started to see the promise of the use of cryptocurrencies and digital currencies as a way forward for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Botswana, Zimbabwe Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria are the main countries to have caught onto the cryptocurrency trend.
  11. Great exchange platform, it has a good loyalty program that rewards users who promote the platform.
  12. AI is an innovation that could change the world, and projects like this are the future.
  13. DeepOnion is a unique cryptocurrency. User’s IP address is never exposed on the network. and it has a lot to offer in terms of security and anonymity.

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