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  1. Kid, and I hope you are a kid. Did you earn a bounty to post this ? Because did you just check their "website", before to say this ? Me I don't see their anything really help and as according to it they work on this coinfor so long How could they not have already an idea of the network ? You see this, as a lot of other post in most of crypto forum have to get kick from this comuniity. Thank
  2. No reply ? Even not 1 ? Ok, so it's this isn't it ? Cryptocurrency is a fail. You all agree to say it by giving no replies (On 200 views, if I would only get 10 views I would not ask any reply but on 200). So no hope for crypto, it's down? No way to give him a true FAIR chance ? Ok, thank you very much
  3. Are you really selling a coin which is not real ? I mean here is the top, it's even not a bad eth token, no no THE COIN EVEN NOT EXIST. Not 1 explaination about your network. And you work on for so long (according to you platform). Are you kidding ? I just ask because it going to cost you way more than to presentation on a 'summit', we even not know if you are really linked to their team. Thank you
  4. Ok, reviews unfair game is nice but it's give them advertising and they don't diserve it isn't ? (Don't answer please I feel you are going to disappointe me again lol). So what could we do (when I say 'we' I mean me and everyone who are not here, because if they was here they would already reply), all those who are not dev but hope that 1 is going to wake up? It would be so much better to directly talk about this true fair 'skill asking' place (YES, I say 'SKILL' crypto'robbing'community, something you knnow nothing about hahahaha). To present it, show what we should already have, suggest what would make this place really awesome. So let's start about fairness, it seems easier than skill. Please everyone, GIVE SOME SUGESTION (even if I'm pretty sure that no one is going to knock to the door). Tell me, how do you expect it, what, according to you, would make it fair ?
  5. Hello, So, I'm talking about scam in an other topic and that we have to warn others and kick robbers from crypto community so let's start with you. Well such a GREAT presentation, to begin it you achieve to talk 1 min about how great is your platform without talk about it (That is really skillfull and I'm not ironic). Then, it look like it should do everything isn't it ? (Pretty sure that fake trading is also already planned) But what's happen when we go on ? SURPRISE NOTHING IS DONE. Honestly ? What could we expect about a new ICO which is an eth token. For those who don't know if you see eth token it means it's a scam (Not always? Well let's say that sometime 1 is not, but not this one lol). And finally, which is funny, is that you start by saying that your place is unique, so unique that you are not able to have your own coin (yes only true dev deliver true coin, what you are not isn't it ?). So please, even don't start fake buy from your scam project by creating fake eth account and sendind your own token to yourself. JUST LEAVE. But no worry I spotted your scam but it could be the one of someone else. Thank you
  6. It seems that no one did a dream just close of mine. It's really sad. But I would like to be sure if there is no reply or like. Is it because you disagree, you are all scammers, you don't care to get scam or you did' views' for fun? I mean 140 views without 1 reply (except the admin) it's really strange).
  7. Well, I'm free right now, I'm talking about too much unfair and unskill place so let's show you what it means, for me, through this little review (I got invited so nicely by the admin to do some ) about STEEMMONSTERS. So, first lets say that I like very much the fantasy and like collectible it SEEM really great. Only 10$ to start you get a deck of 15 monsters summoners and you only need around 5 by battles (wich mean that you get like 3 deck). So it look like a nice place, cheap, where everyone can give a try and start fairly. You check you monster, they level up each battle which make them stronger, and you can even trade them, pretty good. Unfortunently come the fight when sundently everything stop.WHAT DO YOU MEAN ? A bad bug that they have to fix ? No I mean that suddently you reallise that you lost 10$ because there is not 1 time in the fight where you can do something. Yes you witness you army get 'victimise' by your opponent because not 1 time during this battle skill is needed. Yes for those who don't know it, STEEMMONSTERS is mainly focus on an automatic fight. Which means that each round hapen the same than the precedent until the end of the battle. So of course you can change of monsters between battles but not more. So the best deck will always win, there is not true live tactic, where you can try to trap stronger opponent (with insane tactic) to suddently take the advantage. That is what I call unskiled when you can even not do something during the fight there is no skill. Obviously you could say 'but you have to build your deck', I stop you right now, this could be ok if opponent have pretty close deck, which not happen on STEEMMONSTERS (Don't misunderstand is sometihng great for a collectibles, if this last is GREAT). So as shown before that what is totally unskilled, in my opinion. Then about fairness ? (I said it was, to start) Unfortunently you have booster, 5 monsters summoners by boosters, you are going to tell me 'you have booster in great collectibles', yes but I said 5 monsters for a figth, and then 5 by boosters ? Now you undersand that the 1 who buy a booster get a new deck, so obviously you get too much new VERY STRONG monster by boosters, so more you buy boosters more you have a STRONG army, PAY TO WIN. So, no fairness too? Indeed it's what is unfairness for me. Then I let even you think about an easy trick than the owner can do. If you know before the battle that the best deck win, what's happen i you know the deck of your opponent before the fight ? And now let's say that you have a bot doing this (with obviously a lot of deck, boosters). You uderstood ? You can even not garranty that the opponent is not a cheating bot. So no worry STEEMMONSTERS FAN, it's stay a nice place for fun, but better don't put too much money, then I took him (I was expected a lot from him) but it could be an other. Thank you again
  8. I disagree and it's worry me even more, it's give an apologize to stealer and I can not allow you to say this, it would be to easy to all this scammer to say that if they scam it's because everyone is like this, If all this fake game are not fair it's ok. NO it's not ok, scammer scam because they are unskilled and fake game owner robbe people because owner are lazy , they all both have to get ban from this community. There is still some place where fair and skill are respected, HOPEFULLY. It's time to BRING IT HERE. And me I'm done and want to start today what I do with this topic (ok it's not huge, but it's to start). And I hope than some other will do it too. All this place have to be eradicated and we can do it by kicking them from forums, warn kids (who are too much today in cryptocommunity), talk about it and finally get a true great fair 'skillasking' game to show everyone that is possible. I hope I'm not dreamming too much because if I'm it means (for me) that crypto is a fail (and I can not believe this). Crypto is great so GIVE HIM A TRUE FAIR SKILFULL CHANCE (#fairskill ? Ok it's maybe not the right one lol).
  9. Hello, thank you very much for the reply AND the "like". It's really nice. Yes I agree about this but what worry me is that too much people want to make EASY unlegit money (and none want to have something legit). And we can already see it here on 50+ views (which is great for my first topic) I only have 1 like when talking about fairness and skill. Then about the review, even if it wasn't the main goal (would like to find more opinion first), I could indeed do some reviews. I don't have a lot of time now but if I have I will maybe do it. But if I start a such list it might be faster to just talk about those which are fair and 'skill asking' LOL. Thank
  10. Hello, Sorry if it's not the right place but today I want to cry or yell I'm not sure. Where is it ? Tell me. I wasn't sure to say 'fairness' or 'skill' but I want to talk about both with all this new cryptogames (especially the collectibles) where it say that we can earn with skill, where it say we can have fair fight ? TELL ME where did you see skill there? Where did you see any kind of fairness ? I checked crypto kitties, crypto cuties, steem monsters, megacryptopolis, cryptorome and some other, everdragon, ethermage, ethernalheroes, mythereum and others. So right now if you check this list there are some who are even not online (of course it was scam). For those who are still here I'm mean honestly ? SKILL ? Come one, it's what you call skill ? Don't misenderstand me, some of them or nice but COME ON if it's not a pay to win, it's a random fight and if it's not a random fight, it's even NOT a fight (steemmonster yes I'm talking about you, we can even NOT do something during the fight) and if there is no fight, it's staking. DO IM THE ONLY ONE HERE WHO IS SO DISAPPOINTED ? (please tell me no) So today I calling out the crypto game community, the crypto community, the gamer comunity and everyone else. PLEASE WHERE IS IT ? WHERE IS FAINESS ? WHERE IS SKILL ? Where are you ? DEVS what are you doing ? Is it so hard to give us 1 true skillfull fair place. Where the winner is the best, so 'skill asking' and fair that when someone cheat we spot it easily (Like in tactic games). A place where we are happy to lose because we know that if we didn't achieve to beat the opponent it's because he is obviously better. Where we can tell us 'if I train me I will achieve to win'. A place where there is NO WAY to say 'I'm not sure, is legit ?'. Thank, I hope someone will understand me.

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