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  1. Proof Of Staking Coin! Feel the Power Of Staking! PoS coin will be the first true staking coin where you can stake your coins while you'll get a high interest rate. We choose for a proof of stake of 800% per year. In this first year of PoS coin we want te build and create a review community and website where we, and others, will post about high PoS coins. On this platform we'll only allow transparent reviewers who have the same interest as everyone else who wants to know more about staking coins and where to invest. Join the PoS Coin Server Community at Discord: https://discord.gg/A3FkbZs PoS: The one and only proof of stake coin with wicked daily staking! Specs Name: POS ( Proof of Stake ) Proof of Stake 800% Algorithm Scrypt Hybrid RPC port 21034 P2P port 21033 Block reward 100 coins Total coin supply 10000000000 coins Premine amount 2500000 coins POW blocks 25000 Maturity 4 blocks Target spacing 1 min Confirmations 4 blocks Seednode Exchanges PoS coin is live on My Speed Trade - https://myspeedtrade.com/ Nova Exchange - https://novaexchange.com/ Wallet Windows wallet - https://mega.nz/#!FXZDASyY!JRuG4FOkSX9HO6dzqMp7aV2A6pENeQoW2id538fsStA MAC wallet - https://mega.nz/#!zUoCHQaL!uUSJGPumbBvd6RALoClojkpogmfICFYeejYOsgutDh0 Linux wallet - https://mega.nz/#!pDI1UJDA!JgQekizxxzztneyAI0D0maUvBqlQecVKUnQHff9hFt8 We have the Panda-bot Wallet... An Online Stake-able Wallet at Discord.... Join the PoS Coin Server Community at Discord: https://discord.gg/A3FkbZs Airdrops - Giveaways - Bounty - and much more!!! LINKS PoS Coin Whitepaper - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JF1IA2ewjsS86Td83boGf1tnbAKXskfeqgUm7tItiFw PoS Coin Source Code - https://github.com/posdevv/pos PoS Coin Explorer - https://chainmapper.com/pos PoS Coin Explorer - http://posexp.minor-pool.site:4001/ PoS Coin Telegram - https://t.me/ROI_800_POSCOIN PoS Coin Twitter ( News Feed )- https://twitter.com/scoin800 Newspaper - The PoScoin800 Daily - https://paper.li/scoin800/1534161607#/ PoS Coin YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm8nr5IWec3hDErlwsiR1Pw Join our community Discord: https://discord.gg/A3FkbZs

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